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Content: Bennington College May 11, 1942
A GRAMMAR OF visual art
In this course the class will be divided into two groups
and will meet twice a week for
hours. Each group will
work with each instructor in the same week.
The class period will be devoted to discussion, to the showing of slides and reproductions and to carrying out set studio exercises. At appropriate times demonstrations will be given by the instructors.
The remainder of the students' time will be utilized for research and written reports. Together with the studio exercises a notebook will be kept by each student. This book will be kept up to date and handed in weekly. It will contain information gained through the discussions, exercises and research and will be used by the instructors as a basis for the final grade or report.
Works of art chosen for consideration in the theory sessions will as closely as possible be directly related to the exercises done in the studio sessionso
Mr. Holt Mr. Smith
1. Line
-2- FIRST SEMESTER FLAT SURFACES Egyptian reliefs. Prehistoric rock pictures (incised). Line drawings and engravings by Picasso , Matisse and other contemporary masters. Colonial weathervanes.
Bibli osraphy Cubism and Abstract Art Prehistoric Rock Pictures The Art of Egypt The Art of Ancient Egypt Egyptian Art etc.
Cat. Museum of Modern Art
tt "
Ross Phaidon Press Worringer
Studio Exercise Line drawing done in various mediums.
2. Line
Mesopotamian reliefs. Anglo-Saxon drawings. The Utrecht Psalter. Line drawings by contemporary masters. Contemporary mechanical drawings.
Bibliography Die Kunst des Alten Orients etc.
.. Schafer und Andrae
Studio Exercise Value - - painting scales.
3. Value Coptic, Celtic and other decorative reliefs. Byzantine capitals of Hagia Sophia and San Vitale. Wood and li n oleum prints . Photographs , photograms. The printed page.
Bibliograph_;y The Gutenberg Bible The Crosses and Culture of Ireland etc.
Studio Exercise Colour - - making (six) colour wheel.
-3- 4. Value Coptic, African and Peruvian textiles. A modern building facade. Designs by Doesburg, Mondri&n and others. Ivlalevich . Drawings by Seurat.
Bibliography Late Antique, Coptic and Islamic Textiles The International Style Modern Architecture etc.
Volbach and Kuehnel Hitch cock Cat. Museum of Modern Art
Studio Exercise Composition -- space division line onlyo
5. Colour Divided colour. Impressionism. Monet, Seurat, Si gnac, Van Gogh and others.
Bibli~graphy Seurat and the Evolution of La Grande Jatte Introduction to Drawing and Painting, Vol. I etc.
Daniel Catton Rich Pope
Studio Exercise Composition -- flat values simple shapes.
6. Line, Value and Limited Colour Persian and Peruvian pottery.
Peruvian and Coptic textiles. Designs and paintings by
Marin. Posters. Cassandre,
McKnight, Kauffer, Lautrec.
Studio Exercise Composition -- flat values and line in simple shapes.
-4- 7. Line, Va lue and Limited Colour Greek vase painting. Etruscan wall painting. Drawings by Rodin.
\ L'Art en Grece
Red Figures Athenian Vases Richter and Hale
Tomba del Triclinio a
Greek Athletics and Festivals
in the 5th Century
M. F. A.
Studio Exercise Composition flat values Black and White and one colour, simple shapes. 8. Line, Value and Limited Colour Egyptian wall painting. Pompeian decorative painting. Cretan wall painting. Bibliograph,y:
Studio Exercise Composition -- flat values black and white and color, textures. 9. Line, Value, Colour Medieval enamels. Stained glass. Roualt. ~Levine. Bloom. ~Bibliography French Cathedral VVindows Stained Glass of York Minster etc. Studio Exercise Composition -- flat values black white and color, patterns.
-5- 10. Line, Value, Colour, Texture Mosaics. Hagia Sophia, San Vitale . Modern Mosaic Stockholm Town Hall . Modern Textiles. Tapestries by Dufy and others. Colonial Textiles.
Bibliography American Index of Design Swedish Architecture of the 20th Century The Mosaics of St. Sophia etc.
Ahlberg Whittemore
Studio Exercise Composition -- flat values black white and color?, textures and patterns. 11. Line, Value, Colour Romanesque all painting in France and Catalonia. Picasso's Guernica . Large paintings by Matisse.
L'Art de la Catalogne
Understanding Picasso
Picasso -- 40 Years of his Art
Studio Exercise Drawing -- simplified human figure in line only, from charts.
12. Line, Value, Colour Persian miniatures . Russian icons. Matisse . Colour prints.
Les Icons Russe s
Murat or
Masterpieces of Russ ian Painting
The Poems of Nizami
Persian Painting
Studio Exercise
( sp?)
Drawing -- still life, flat values, lines black and white .
-6- 13. Line, Value, Colour and use of Metals Early Italian panel painting. The gold ground. Russian Icons. Modig liani.
Bibliography The Book of the Art etc.
Cennino Cennini
Studio Exercise Painting still life flat colors.
14. Line, Value, Colour Medieval Manuscripts. The Book of Kells . The Lindisfarne Gospels. Russians Manuscripts. Miro, Helion and other contemporary painters.
Bibliography The Book of Kells The Gallery of Living Art etc.
Studio Exercise Painting -- ma k ing (twelve) colour wheel.
1. Line in Space
Tubular furniture. Calder, Lipchitz, Rod-
chenko. Drawings by Baroque masters. Klee. Van Gogh.
Bi bl.
Studio Exercise: Line in space.
2. Linear Perspective
Piranesi, di Chirico, Nee- Romantic
painters. Guardi, Caneletto.
Bibl. Space in Medieval Painting and the Forerunners of Perspective
Studio Exercise: Perspective
3. Aerial Perspective
Leonardo, Perugino, Raphael, Dali.
Hellenistic wall painting.
Bi bl.
Studio Exercise: Drawing, solids, values in black and white.
4. Linear Description of Solid Forms
Pollainolo, Chinese and
Japanese painting. Picasso. Degas , Gericault. Gaudier.
Bibl. etc.
Savage Messiah
H. s. Ede.
Picasso -- 40 Years of his Art
Intro. to Drawing and Painting, Vol. 2
Studio 'Exercise: Drawing, solid objects black and white and one colour.
5. Description of Form through Line and Value
German and
Italian drawings and engravings of the 14th and 15th
Centuries. Silver point. Renoir.
Bibl. etc.
North Italian Drawings of the
' uattrocento
Master Drawings
Cat. Buffalo Fine Arts
Six Centuries of Fine Prints
Studio Exercise: Drawing, solids geometric and natural forms.
6. Description of Form through Line and Value
Prehistoric cave
paintings. Daumier. Modern Photography.
Bibl. Prehistoric Rock Pictures art forms in Nature etc.
Studio Exercise: Drawing, drapery in black and white.
7. Description of Form through Colour. Portraits from the Fayum.
Cezanne. Derain.
Bibl. The Art of Egypt Ceza:nne De rain
Phaidon Press
Studio Exercise: Composition solids geometric forms. 8. Form and Colour -- S ace Composition of Figures and ob·ects Renoir. Fragonar , Wat eau. C ardin. Contemporary Americans. The Flemish. Bi bl.
Studio Exercise: Composition -- figures.
-9- 9. For:n and Colour -- Space Composition of Figures and Objects 16th Century Venetians. Poussin. Seurat.
Bibl. Seurat and the E volution of La Grande Jatte etc.
Studio Exercise: Comp osition still life simple forms. 10. Form and Colour -- Space Composition of Figures Rubens. Michelangelo. Bi bl.
· Studio Exercise: Composition -- landscape.
11. Form with the addition of colour.
Medieval polychrome sculpture.
Ship figureheads. Contemporary polychrome sculpture.
Emma Lu Davis.
Bi bl.
Studio Exercise: Composition -- construction in wire.
120 Architectural Forms
Modern Buildings. The tomb. The temple.
The Cathedral.
Bi bl.
Studio Exercise: Comp osition -- simp le sculptural forms.
- 10-
13. Painting and Architecture
Giotto in the Arena Chapel.
Hagia Sophia and i 'ts Mosaics.
Bibl. Hagia Sophia The Mosaics etc.
Swift Whittemore
Studio Exercise: Drawiri_g -- simple architectural forms ..
14. PaintinfS and Architecture. Rivera and Orozco.
Mallacio. Piero della Francesca.
Biblo Portrait of America Portrait of Mexico etc.
Studio Exercise: Drawing -- simple interiors.
The Arts of Painting and Sculpture Vision and Design Art Art Without Epoch The Majority Report on Art Art Now Cubism and Abstract art history of Art History of Art Ar t Through the Age s The Book of the Art Ma terials of the Artist's Craft
Roger Fry Roger Fry Clive Bell Graham Carey Herbert Read Alfred Barr Pijoan Faure Helen Gardner Cennino Cennini Laurie
The Art and Craft of Drawing The Simplified Human Figure A Theory of Pure Design A Color Notation The Natural Way to Draw
Vernon Blake Adolfo Best-Maugard Denman Ross A. H. Munsell K. Nicolad:i!us

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