Biopsychosocial perspectives of coronary heart disease in Northwest India, S Chopra

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Content: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS "Acknowledgement and celebration are essential to fueling passion, making people feel valid and valuable, and giving the team a real sense of progress that makes it all worthwhile" - Dwight Frindt Its a myth that thesis is solely a contribution of the researchers time, hard-work, dedication, toils and tenacity. Rather, a lot many people conspire, encourage, scream and push a researcher towards goal. I want to thank all the people who conspired to do so for me. At this moment of accomplishment, I would like to extend deep gratitude to my esteemed supervisor Professor K. D. Sharma, Department of Anthropology, Panjab University, Chandigarh, for sharing his knowledge and professional support during my studies. I have been extremely lucky enough to have a supervisor like him who cared for my work and me by responding to every question, queries, and problems so promptly. His positive outlook and confidence not only inspired me, but also gave the privilege and honour to share his exceptional scientific knowledge and above all his extraordinary human qualities. He is both wise and humble, enthusiast and patients, serious and fun, mentor and an inspiration, gentle and kind. When I look back, it is perplexing how he has managed to supervise, advice, motivate and encouraged every bit of me towards each possibilities of life with a smile guiding me towards the correct path. I would never find words to tell what I owe to him, but thank you for everything Sir. Thanks are due to my co-supervisor Professor Y. P. Sharma, Head, Advance Cardiac Center, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research for his important contribution to the design of the research and for methodological inputs. It would never have been possible to take this work to completion without his continuous support and meticulous suggestions. I would like to Thank Professor Abhik Ghosh, Head, Department of Anthropology, Panjab University, and Chandigarh for extended cooperation and guidance during course of the study.
Thanks are also due to faculty of Department of Anthropology Prof Shalina Mehta for the valuable conversation and suggestion and her distinguished helping nature. Thank you Prof A.K. Sinha, Prof. R.K. Pathak, Dr. Maninder kaur for their immense support and valuable suggestions every time I required. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mrs. Neelam Sharma for showering motherly love and affection. Thank you mam for your constant support and motivation in all my efforts. It is pleasant to thank all those people who contributed in many ways to the success of the study and made this an unforgettable experience for me including my friends and well-wishers. Thus, I take this opportunity to acknowledge my punching bags, "my friends". To start with, I would like to mention that my entire journey in Panjab University (hostel and department) was impossible without this special person, my best friend, my soul, Smriti (Simi); I cannot thank her enough for these 9 years journey of ups and downs. Thank you for being there in every situation no wonder how bad or good it was, thank you for all advices, care, support, and guidance through tumultuous times. I thank her for; brandishing a sword to remove the demons of insecurities, a spoon to bake dessert and a real want to bring joy to my life in different ways. Above all, thank you so much for being my best friend and best person of my life. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Gurinder di for her endless support, advice, affection and much love as an elder sister, which helped me out in every difficulty. Thank you for your understanding and encouragement in many moments of crisis. You were always there extending your hands without fail and bearing with me the good and bad times. The discussion and suggestions from you were valuable being a source for moral support that has helped me to stay sane thorough difficult times. I truly appreciate the bond we share and appreciate your belief in me. You are a guiding angel and have been an inspiration for me. I have been lucky enough to have the support of my friends Baljeet Singh (Bali) and Neelam Di for listening, supporting and standing beside me in every problem, especially Bali for the clashes, friendship and support. Thank you for bearing with me and giving me all the encouragement I needed.
My other close friends who cheered me on and celebrated each accomplishment, Aman Di (Ammo), Apneet di (Api) thank you for the wonderful time and memories in hostel life and above all the beautiful friendship we share. I warmly thank Neha Di for her constant support and love. Special thanks are due to Sakshi for being such a sweet, helpful and beautiful person inside out and for her cheerful disposition and friendship. How can I forget to thanks, Vinaysheel for offering me his wise counsel and amity, Shagun Sir for being a finest mentor and a friend indeed. Your support during the thick and thins of life was much more than I can express on paper. Also, I have been fortunate to have childhood buddies Jaskiran (Jassi), Aman Brar, Amarbir who cherish me despite my eccentricities. Thanks are also due to my friends from department specially Vijay, Dinesh, Sarabjeet for being wonderful classmates, Ranbir Sir for being so nice, cooperative and helpful, Manjit for being complaisant, Anu Mam, Sukhbir Sir and Evelyn Di for all the generous guidance. All the laughter and good memories I spent with you will be cherished always. I also want to thanks Giesela, Simone, Kristine, Sophia, Elena, Aamir Uncle for all the beautiful time I spent in Spain. I would also like to extend special thanks to senior residents at Advance Cardiac Centre, PGIMER, Dr. Prafull Sharma, for his unconditional help and cooperation that facilitated my data collection. I would like to take the opportunity to thanks Dr. Krishna, Dr. Sourabh, Dr. Soumitra, Dr. Gaurav, Dr. Naresh, Dr. Ankush, Dr. Jaskaran, Dr. Karthik for making all the facilities available during my fieldwork and research. My heartfelt gratitude to all those who made my life comfortable in hostel special thanks to the Wardens, Dr. Navjot and Dr. Kamla, Urmila Mam for being so helpful, supportive in the hostel, and not to forget Sunita didi for being so bubbly and joyful. Thanks are due to Ashwani Sir, Sunita Mam, Balbir Sir, Mewa Singh Ji, Rakesh, Meekuram, Meghpal Bhaiya for being so helpful and humble.
This may be the last but not the least; I am highly indebted to my parents for inculcating dedication, encouragement and discipline to do anything or whatever I undertake. Words fall short in expressing my heart-felt veneration for my father, Thank you Papa "though not physically present but his presence is always felt and it will remain eternal". I am sure he is watching me and feeling proud of his ,,Shutuu" (I miss to hear this name). I can imagine how happy he would have been at this moment. I always and will miss him. Thank is due to my mother (Mama) for being my strength and for unconditional love. She has been a constant source of encouragement, inspiration and endurance. I owe my life for her constant love, support, encouragement, blessings and above all for being a wonderful mother. Thank you so much for all unspoken, unsaid love and praise. I would like to express my gratitude to my sister Shveta and brother-in-law Mr. Jaswinder Singh for showing faith in me and giving me the liberty to choose what I desired. I would like to address my thanks to all the respondents who shared their thoughts, feelings and fears with me during our interviews, without them this piece of work would not have been possible. From them, I learned about different behaviour and psychology, although in different ways from academic books and articles. I acknowledge the University Grant Commission (UGC) for providing me the necessary funding and fellowship to pursue research. My sincere thanks especially to Prakash Bhaiya, Raju Bhaiya, Ravinder Sood Uncle and rest staff of Mohindra Documentation Centre, Panjab University, Chandigarh for making this thesis presentable and bringing into reality. Finally, I would like to praise the Almighty, God (Sai baba) benevolence and beneficence for granting me merciful and blessed life to proceed and project successfully. Thank you for answering my prayers and giving me the strength to plod on every phase of life. This thesis is only a beginning of new Journey. (SHRUTI CHOPRA)

S Chopra

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