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Books for Young children about the Creative Arts
About Painters and Other Artists The Art Lesson. T. dePaola. 1997. Puffin reprint. An autobiographical exercise for the child with a single-minded interest or special talent. Ages 4­8. The Art of Eric Carle. E. Carle. 2002. Philomel. A journey into the creative mind of a children's book illustrator. Ages 4­8. A Bird or 2: A Story about Henri Matisse. B. Le Tord. 1999. Eerdmans. Depicts Matisse painting with bright, bold colors. Ages 4­8. Camille and The Sunflowers: A Story about Vincent Van Gogh. L. Anholt. 1994. Barrons Juveniles. A young boy and his family befriend a lonely stranger and admire his unusual paintings. Based on true story. Ages 4­8. A Child's Book of Art: Great Pictures, First Words. L. Micklethwait. 1993. DK Publishing. Themes place artworks in contexts familiar to children (family, pets, colors, opposites, work, and play). Simple words and short phrases accompany each painting. Ages 4­8. David's Drawings. C. Falwell. 2001. Lee & Low. A shy African American boy makes friends with his classmates by drawing a picture of a tree. Ages 4­8. DaVinci. M. Venezia. 1989. (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists series.) Children's Press. Traces the life of the artist whose knowledge of nature made his paintings seem alive. Ages 4­8. Diego Rivera (Life and work of . . . ). A.R. Schaefer. 2003. Heinemann. A look at the life and work of the twentiethcentury Mexican painter. Ages 4­8. Dinner at Magritte's. M. Garland. 1995. Dutton. A young boy escapes from boredom to the neighbors' house where he is introduced to the worlds of Salvador Dali and other surrealist artists. Ages 4­8. Sandi Collins is associate production coordinator for Young Children.
Compiled by Sandi Collins Dreaming pictures. J. von Schemm. 1997. Children's Book Press. (Adventures in Art series.) Prestel. Explores the paintings of artist Paul Klee (1879-1940) and his dream world. Ages 4­8. Family pictures/Cuadros de familia. C. Lomas Garza. 1990. A series of paintings of the author's childhood in Texas near the Mexican border is narrated in English and Spanish. Ages 4­8. Frida. J. Winter. Illus., A. Juan. 2002. Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic Press. An exploration of the work of twentieth century artist Frida Kahlo. Ages 4­8. Frida Kahlo: The Artist Who Painted Herself. M. Frith. Illus., T. dePaolo. 2003. Grosset & Dunlap. An introduction to the avant-garde Mexican painter, told from the viewpoint of a girl doing a report. Ages 4­8. Grandma Moses (Life and work of . . . ). A.R. Schaefer. 2003. Heinemann. Examines the life and work of the twentieth-century American folk painter. Ages 4­8. Harold and the Purple Crayon. C. Johnson. 1981. 50th anniversary ed. HarperCollins. A small boy goes for a walk--crayon in hand--and draws himself some wonderful adventures. Ages 4­8. Harriet and the Promised Land. J. Lawrence. 1997. Aladdin reprint. This tribute to Harriet Tubman introduces the work of African American artist Jacob Lawrence (19172000). Ages 4­8. Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors. J. O'Connor. Illus., J. Hartland. 2002. (Smart about Art series.) Grosset & Dunlap. Done in the style of a grade-school report, the book covers the Fauve movement and Matisse's shift from painting to cut-paper collage. Ages 4­8. I Can Draw a Weeposaur and Other Dinosaurs. E. Greenfield. Illus., J.S. Gilchrist. 2001. Greenwillow. Poems depict a young girl drawing the sleeposaurus and other imaginary dinosaurs. Ages 4­8.
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Creative Arts
I Spy an Alphabet in Art. L. Micklethwait. 1992. Greenwillow. Readers interact with 26 classic paintings that pair the I Spy game with the timeless works of art. Ages 4­8. In the Garden with Van Gogh. J. Merberg. Illus., S. Bober. 2002. Chronicle. Van Gogh's sleepy trees, golden haystacks, and juicy fruits are paired with playful rhyming text. Ages infant­preschool. Katie and the Mona Lisa. J. Mayhew. 1999. Orchard. At the art museum, Katie steps into the famous painting where she and Mona Lisa meet characters from four other wellknown Renaissance paintings. Ages 4­8. Katie and The Sunflowers. J. Mayhew. 2001. Orchard. Katie steps in and out of five paintings by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Cezanne. Ages 4­8. Katie Meets the Impressionists. J. Mayhew. 1999. Orchard. Katie climbs into five impressionist paintings. Ages 4­8. Landscapes. C. Delafosse. Illus., T. Ross. 1996. (First Discovery Art series.) Scholastic. Die-cut pages, interactive transparent overlays, and factual text help introduce the paintings of landscape masters. Ages 4­8. The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush. T. dePaola. 1996. Puffin reprint. The tale of how the Indian paintbrush, the state flower of Wyoming, first bloomed and how a young Indian dreamed of creating a painting that captures the beauty of a sunset. Ages 4­8. Liang and the Magic Paintbrush. Demi. 1988. Henry Holt. A Chinese folktale in which a beggar boy's wit and art help him thwart a greedy emperor's plan. Ages 4­8. A Magical Day with Matisse. J. Merberg. Illus., S. Bober. 2002. Chronicle. Music, color, bobbing sailboats, tickled toes, and rhyming text. Ages infant­preschool. Marianthe's Story: Painted Words and Marianthe's Story: Spoken Memories. Aliki. 1998. Greenwillow. Two stories based on the author/illustrator's childhood experiences. Although Mari starts school knowing no one and unable to speak or understand the language, she expresses herself and her feelings through art. Ages 4­8. Mary Cassatt: Family Pictures. J. O'Connor. Illus., J. Kalis. 2003. (Smart about Art series.) Grosset & Dunlap. The life and the work of the American Impressionist painter, as told from a child's point of view. Ages 4­8. Masterpiece of the Month. J. Thomas. Illus., B. Apodaca and T. Wright. 1998. Teacher Created Materials. Explores artistic concepts through great works of art and followup activities. Michelangelo. M. Venezia. 1992. (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists series.) Children's Press. Describes the life and art of the Italian Renaissance painter/ sculptor. Ages 4­8. My Name Is Georgia: A Portrait by Jeanette Winter. J. Winter. 1998. Silver Whistle. Evokes the uniqueness of
American painter Georgia O'Keeffe, starting with her views of the world as a child and following her dreams throughout life. Ages 4­8. No Good in Art. M. Cohen. Illus., L. Hoban. Greenwillow. A first-grader is convinced he can't draw, but when encouraged, demonstrates he can. Ages 4­8. No One Saw: Ordinary Things Through the Eyes of an Artist. B. Raczka. 2001. Millbrook. Looks at individual modern painters and the special way in which we all see the world. Ages 4­8. Paintings. C. Delafosse. Illus., T. Ross. 1996. (First Discovery Art series.) Scholastic. Presents famous paintings from around the world, using die-cut and transparent pages. Ages 4­8. Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail: A Story about Pablo Picasso. L. Anholt. 1998. Barrons Juveniles. Shy Sylvette gradually begins to gain self-confidence during the summer she models for the renowned artist. Ages 4­8. A Picnic with Monet. J. Merberg. Illus., S. Bober. 2003. Chronicle. Claude Monet's light-filled paintings take children on a picnic in the countryside. Ages infant­preschool. Pictures for Miss Josie. S. Belton. Illus., B. Andrews. The story of Josephine Carroll Smith (Miss Josie) and a young artist who became one of her friends. Ages 4­8. Portraits. C. Delafosse. Illus., T. Ross. 1995. (First Discovery Art series.) Scholastic. Introduces famous portraits through interactive overlays and die-cut pages. Ages 4­8. The Starry Night. N. Waldman. 1999. Boyds Mills. A boy and Vincent Van Gogh embark on a tour of the museum. When the artist's painting disappears, the boy is inspired to create his own copy of it. Ages 4­8. Vincent Van Gogh: Sunflowers and Swirly Stars. J. Holub. Illus., B. Bucks. 2001. (Smart about Art series.) Grossett & Dunlap. Explores the ups and downs of Van Gogh's life and art, pairing funny cartoons with reproductions of classic paintings. Ages 4­8. What Is an Artist? B. Lehn. Photog., C. Krauss. 2002. Millbrook. Ages 4­7. Explains what artists do and shows children engaged in those activities. When Pigasso Met Mootisse. N. Laden. 1998. Chronicle. When conflicts arise, a talented pig and his artistic bull neighbor build fences that ultimately become modern art masterpieces. Includes biographies of real-life artists Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. Ages 4­8. Willy's Pictures. A. Browne. 2000. Candlewick. Willy the chimp paints pictures that are tributes to art masterpieces. Ages 4­8. The Year with Grandma Moses. W. Nikola-Lisa. and G. Moses. 2000. Henry Holt. A collection of paintings and memoirs by the folk artist describing the seasons and related activities in rural upstate New York. Ages 4­8.
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Creative Arts
Music Ah, Music! Aliki. 2003. HarperCollins. Aliki shares her insight about music and its themes and variations. Ages 5 and up. Aпda. L. Price. Illus., L. & D. Dillon. 1990. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Leontyne Price retells the famous opera about the beautiful princess of Ethiopia. Ages 4­8. Animal Orchestra. I. Orleans. Illus., T. Gergely. 2001. Golden Books reprint. A rhyming story about an animal orchestra and its hippo conductor. Ages infant­preschool. Carnival of the Animals: classical music for Kids (with CD.) C. Saint-Saens, with B.C. Turner. Illus., S. Williams. 1999. Henry Holt. A musical joke by composer Camille Saint-Saлns, the Carnival of the Animals. introduces classical music through whimsical illustration, text, and melodies. Ages 4­8. Charlie Parker Played Be Bop. C. Raschka. 1992. Orchard. A picture book about legendary jazzman Charlie Parker (1920-1955) and his cat. Ages 4­8. Hip Cat. J. London. Illus., W. Hubbard. 1996. Chronicle. A naive saxophone-playing cat journeys to San Francisco to live his dream of being a jazz musician. Ages 4­8. The Jazz Fly (with CD). M. Gollub. Illus., K. Hanke. 2000. Tortuga. While seeking directions to town, a fly picks up the rhythm of the answers he gets from a frog, a hog, a donkey, and a dog and then uses the sounds to jazz up his band's music. Ages 4­8. John Coltrane's Giant Steps. C. Raschka. 2002. Atheneum. A visual deconstruction of the jazz saxophonist's composition. Ages 4­8. M Is for Music. K. Krull. Illus., S. Innerst. Harcourt. Playful text introduces the world of music. Ages 4­8. Max Found Two Sticks. B. Pinkney. 1997. Aladdin. Max doesn't feel like talking, but he responds to questions by drumming on various objects, including a bucket, hat boxes, and garbage cans, echoing the city sounds around him. Ages 4­8. Meet the Orchestra. A. Hayes. Illus., K. Thompson. 1995. Voyager. Poetic descriptions and illustrations portray the sounds and imagery of the orchestra. Ages 4­8. Music, Music for Everyone. B.B. Williams. 1992. Greenwillow. Rosa plays her accordion with her friends in the Oak Street Band and earns money to help with expenses while her grandmother is sick. Ages 4­8. Musical Instruments from A to Z. B. Kalman. 1997. (AlphaBasiCs series.) Crabtree. A broad assortment of instruments and their history are introduced through a question-and-answer format. Ages 4­8. My Family Plays Music. J. Cox. Illus., E. Brown. 2003. Holiday House. A picture book that explores 10 different types of music through the eyes and ears of a young African American. Ages 4­8.
Perfect Harmony: A Musical Journey with the Boys Choir of Harlem. C.R. Smith Jr. 2002. Hyperion. Playful poems for musical inspiration. Ages 4­8. Shake, Rattle, and Roll: The Founders of Rock and Roll. H. GeorgeWarren. Illus., L. Levine. 2004. Sandpiper. Ages 4­8. Presents illustrations and descriptions of early rockand-rollers, such as Bill Haley and Buddy Holly. The Story of the Incredible Orchestra: An Introduction to Musical Instruments and the symphony orchestra. B. Koscielniak. 2000. Houghton Mifflin. A look at the history of the orchestra and its instruments. Ages 4­8. A Tisket, A Tasket. E. Fitzgerald. Illus., O. Eitan. 2003. Philomel. A picture book rendition of Ella Fitzgerald's (1917­ 1996) musical reworking of the nursery song. Ages 4­8. What Instrument Is This? R. Hausherr. 1992. Scholastic. Ages 3­8. Photos introduce children to 18 instruments of the orchestra. When Marian Sang: True Recital of Marian Anderson. P.M. Ryan. Illus., B. Selznick. 2002. Scholastic. A tribute to the gifted singer who broke racial barriers to become a world-renowned performer. Ages 4­8. Woody Guthrie: Poet of the People. B. Christensen. 2001. Knopf. A biography of folk legend Woody Guthrie and a Social History of the challenging times he lived in. Ages 4­8. Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin. L. Moss. Illus., M. Priceman. 1995. Simon & Schuster. A counting book that introduces the orchestra through rhyme and artwork. Ages 4­8. Sculpture/Architecture Alexander Calder (Life and Work of...). A.R. Schaefer. 2003. Heinemann. Examines the life and work of the twentieth-century American sculptor. Ages 4­8. The Buffalo Nickel. T. Morrison. 2002. Houghton Mifflin. Depicts the history and making of the buffalo nickel through the story of its creator, American sculptor James Fraser. Ages 4­8. Dream Carver. D. Cohn. Illus., A. Cordova. 2002. Chronicle. Tells of Mateo, a young woodcarver who bravely breaks with a generations-old artistic tradition. Inspired by the life of Oaxacan carver Manual Jimenez. Ages 4­8. Gugu's House. C. Stock. 2001. Clarion. Ages 5­8. In Zimbabwe, Kukamba visits her grandmother, Gugu, who paints and creates clay sculptures. When the art pieces are destroyed by longawaited rains, Gugu shows her granddaughter the beauty that nature has created.
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Creative Arts
Henry Moore: From Bones and Stones to Sketches and Sculptures. J.M. Gardner. 1993. Simon & Schuster. An exploration of the British sculptor's creative process as he progresses from sketch to model to monument. Ages 4­8. Maya Lin. A. Stone. 2003. Raintree. Presents the life of the young architect-sculptor who designed the Vietnam War Memorial. Ages 4­8. The Wonderful Towers of Watts. P. Zelver. Illus., F. Lessac. 1994. William Morrow. Describes how Simon Rodia, an Italian immigrant with no art or architectural training, created three tower masterpieces in his inner-city Los Angeles backyard. Ages 4­8. Dance Baby Dance. A. Taylor. Illus., M. van Heerden. 1999. HarperFestival. A playful poem with father and child dancing across the pages. Ages infant­preschool. Baby Danced the Polka. K. Beaumont. Illus., J. Plecas. 2004. Dial. Ages 4­8. Barnyard Dance. B. Boynton. 1993. Workman. Singing and dancing farm animals. Ages infant­preschool. Dance Me a Story: Twelve Tales from the Classic Ballets. J. Rosenberg. 1993. Hudson. Retells 12 ballets as fairy tales. Ages 4­8. Dancing with Degas. J. Merberg. Illus., S. Bober. 2003. Chronicle. Toe shoes, tutus, and elegant ballerinas shown in the works of Edward Degas. Ages infant­preschool. Giraffes Can't Dance. G. Andreae., Illus., G. Parker-Rees. 2002. Orchard. A rhyming tale of inclusion for those who march to the beat of a different cricket. Ages infant­preschool. The Little Ballerina. H.L. Ross. 1996. Random House. A dancer practices the five basic positions, works at the barre, and struggles to do a perfect pirouette while preparing for a recital performance. Ages 4­8. Maria Tallchief, Prima Ballerina. V. Browne. 1995. Modern. Tells the story of the Native American who danced to fame with the New York City Ballet. Ages 4­8. My Mama Had a Dancing Heart. L.M. Gray. Illus., R. Colon. 1996. Orchard. Recounts the memories of a ballet dancer whose mother celebrated the wonders of the natural world through dance. Ages infant­preschool. On Your Toes: A Ballet ABC. R. Isadora. 2003. Greenwillow. A diverse group of girls and boys prance and pose through the alphabet, demonstrating the grace, drama, and dedication required for ballet. Ages 4­8. Rap A Tap Tap: Here's Bojangles--Think of That! L. Dillon. and D. Dillon. 2002. Blue Sky Press. A tribute, in the style of Harlem Renaissance artist Aaron Douglas, to African American tap dancer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson (1878-1949), who "danced in the street" and "made art with his feet." Ages 4­8.
Drama/Theater All the World's a Stage. R.P. Davidson. Illus. A. Lobel. 2003. Greenwillow. Applauds inspiration, creation, story, and the world and works of William Shakespeare. Ages 4­8. Drama School. M. Manning. Illus., B. Granstrom. 1999. Larousse Kingfisher Chambers. Write a script, learn to act, build a stage set, shoot a movie. An introduction to the basics of theater and film. Ages 4­8. Mouse Theater. M. Cartlidge. 1992. Dutton. A lift-the-flap book follows a troupe of theater mice staging plays from town to town. Ages infant­preschool. Theater Magic: Behind the Scenes at a Children's Theater. C.W. Bellville. 1986. Carolrhoda. Photographic essay on an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Nightingale," describing how the play is planned, designed, cast, and rehearsed. Ages 4­8. The Year I Didn't Go To School. G. Potter. 2002. Atheneum. The author tells of touring Italy, at the age of seven, with her family's tiny theater company. Ages 4­8 Textiles Luka's Quilt. G. Guback. 1994. Greenwillow. Grandma Tutu is hurt when Luka is disappointed with the traditional Hawaiian quilt that Tutu made for her. All ends well though. Ages 4­8. Pieces: A Year in Poems and Quilts. A.G. Hines. 2001. Greenwillow. Nineteen handmade designs are paired with an original poem about the seasons of the year. Ages 4­8. Photography All Around Town: The Photographs of Richard Samuel Roberts. D. Johnson. 1998. Henry Holt. The pride, joy, and strength of a bustling community reflected in the photographs of an African American artist Ages 4­up. Click! A Book about Cameras and Taking Pictures. G. Gibbons. 1997. Little Brown. Introduction to the art of photography. Ages 4­8. My First Photography Book. D. King. 1994. DK Publishing. Advice to help young children take exciting photographs with a simple fixed focus or disposable camera. Suggested at-home projects using developed prints. Ages 4­8.
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Creative Arts
Poetry Bow Wow Meow Meow. D. Florian. Twenty-one poems about favorite animal friends. Ages 4­8. A Box of Animal Crackers. J. Dyer. A set of three board books filled with pictures, poems, and lullabies. Ages 9 months­3. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. B. Martin Jr., John Archambault. 1991. Little Simon. Ages 4­8. Frederick. L. Lionni. 1967. Knopf. A day-dreaming poet mouse stores up something special for the long cold winter. Ages 4­8. Hand Rhymes. M. Brown. Finger plays and rhymes in the tradition of Itsy Bitsy Spider. Ages infant­5. Splish Splash. J.B. Graham. Illus., S.M. Scott. 2001. Houghton Mifflin. Pool poetry. Ages 4­8. The Sweet and Sour Animal Book. L. Hughes. Illus., Harlem School of the Arts. 1997. Oxford University Press. Langston Hughes portrays the alphabet and the animal world with 26 new poems. Ages 4­8. Touch the Poem. A. Adoff. Illus., L. Desimini. 2000. Blue Sky Press. Poems and paintings that reflect on the five senses. Ages 4­8. Visiting Langston. W. Perdomo. Illus., B. Collier. 2002. Henry Holt. A rhythmic tale of a visit by a budding young poet and her father to the Harlem house where poet Langston Hughes (1902-1967) lived. Ages 4­8. Pottery Children of Clay: A Family of Pueblo Potters. R. Swentzell. Photo., B. Steen. 1993. First Avenue. Tells of an Indian family in Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico, who follow the ages-old pottery traditions of the Tewa people. Ages 7 and up. The Pot That Juan Built. N. AndrewsGoebel. Illus., D. Diaz. 2002. Lee & Low. Story of Juan Quezada, master Mexican potter who created a folk art community in his small town. Ages 4­8.
When Clay Sings. B. Baylor. Illus., T. Bahti. 1987. Aladdin. Retraces the life of prehistoric southwest Indian Tribes in the designs of their pottery. Ages 4­8. Museums Art Dog. T. Hurd. 1996. HarperCollins. When the Mona Woofa is stolen from the Dogopolis Museum of Art, a mysterious character tracks down and captures the thieves. Ages 4­8. Museum ABC. Metropolitian Museum of Art. 2002. Little Brown. An alphabet picture book that introduces more than 100 works of art from the museum's collection. Ages 4­8. You Can't Take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum. J.P. Weitzman. Illus., R.P. Glasser. 1998. Dial. Chaos ensues when a girl's balloon gets loose in New York City as she and her grandmother visit the museum. Reproductions of famous artworks reflect the balloon's adventures. Ages 4­8. You Can't Take a Balloon into the Museum of Fine Arts. J.P. Weitzman. Illus., R.P. Glasser. 2002. Dial. A romp through the historical environs of Boston and its renowned museum. Ages 4­8. You Can't Take a Balloon into the National Gallery. J.P. Weitzman. Illus., R.P. Glasser. 2000. Dial. The famed gallery and majestic monuments of Washington, D.C., provide the setting for a collision of art and urban life. Ages 4­8. Copyright © 2004 by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. See Permissions and Reprints online at
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