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Content: Consumer Price INDICES We are now resuming publication of the variations in the consumer price indices, which had to be interrupted at the end of last year. May we remind you that the Geneva consumer price index is calculated by the Cantonal Office of Statistics. The Federal Office of Statistics also publishes a consumer price index, applicable to the whole of the Confederation, every month. The abbreviations for these two indices are GE and CH. GE is a basic factor in setting : the salary index for the Geneva civil service ; one of the parameters used for the CERN salary index.
CH is used in setting the salary index for the federal civil service. The international press has revealed a distortion in the calculation of the CH index, resulting in the revision of the methods of calculation as from January 1983. The Cantonal Office of Statistics in Geneva has been taking steps to prevent this kind of distortion since 1978, and therefore the GE index used in calculating the CERN index cannot possibly be regarded as exaggeratedly high. The graph also shows that prices are rising to a lesser extent in Geneva than in Switzerland as a whole. This trend dates back four years. The GE index for June 1982 is almost down to half the CH index (variation in relation to the previous month).
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Fйlicitations aux 8 йquipes qui ont bravй les in-
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Une idйe а reconduire 1Tannйe
Programme du samedi 31 juillet
Rendez-vous, soit а 14h.30 а la Piscine de Ferney-Voltaire, soit а 14h.50 au feu rouge entre Meyrin et le CERN pour une sortie tranquille de 35 kms. Direction : Russin, Avully, Soral, Aпre-la-Ville.
Programme du dimanche 1er aoыt
Although the number of entries was less than had been hoped, the competition for the J.P. FILLETTAZ Cup was keen and produced several exciting games. Geoff PRICE came from behind to beat Paul BRACE in an "all DT's" final. With 7 teams entered for MAX1s CUP, the games schedule has been revised. The draw produced the following ties : 1st round - Thursday 5 August 8 pm Dog-Ends v Pom-Pom Boys 9 pm Flighty Pieces v Can-Can Boys 10 pm Antoine's Team v Thfankers bye : Horns
Pique-nique dans le Jura, chez nos amis Grenier, а "La Sauvagиre", 3 kms aprиs Lajoux, direction Saint-Claude. Auparavant, 2 parcours а choix, dйparts de la Sauvagиre а 09h.00 pour 50 ou 70 kms.
The semi-finals and final will be played on Thursday 12 August from 8 pm. All games to be played at the Cafй de la Place, Meyrin.
No. No. 31 / 1982
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