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Content: Department of English University of South Carolina Columbia, SC 29208 803.777.4203 [email protected]
ED MADDEN curriculum vitae Home Address: 1906 Melissa Lane Columbia, SC 29210 803.731.5280 / 803.445.4129 (cell) [email protected]
CURRENT POSITION Associate Professor of English, University of South Carolina Interim Director, Women's & Gender Studies Program, USC · Research interests: late 19th-century and 20th-century British and Irish poetry, British and Irish modernisms, Irish culture, sexuality studies · teaching experience: 19th and 20th-century British literature, Irish literature (including study abroad in Ireland), sexuality studies, literature and AIDS, creative writing, pedagogy EDUCATION · Ph.D., English, University of Texas, Austin, TX, August 1994 Dissertation: "Lyrical Transvestism: Gender and Voice in Modernist Literature" Major field: late 19th- and early 20th-century English poetry Director: Elizabeth Cullingford · B.S., Biblical Studies, summa cum laude, Institute for Christian Studies (now Austin Graduate School of Theology), Austin, TX, 1992 · M.A., English, University of Texas, Austin, TX, 1989 Thesis: "Fetish, Space, Boundary: Theories of Textual Desire and Sharon Olds's Poetic Practice" · B.A., English and French, summa cum laude, Harding University, Searcy, AR, 1985 PUBLICATIONS Books · Tiresian Poetics: Modernism, Sexuality, Voice 1888-2001. Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2008. · Nest [poems]. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland: Salmon Poetry, 2014.. · Prodigal: Variations [poems.] Maple Shade, NJ: Lethe Press, 2011. · Signals: Poems. Winner of the 2007 South Carolina Poetry Book Prize. Forward by Afaa Weaver. Columbia, SC: U of SC Press, 2008. Finalist for the 2009 SIBA Book Award in poetry. Edited collections · Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio [collection of radio essays]. Edited with Candace ChellewHodge. Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Press, 2010. Winner of the 2010 IPPY Bronze. Selected for the American Library Association's 2011 Over the Rainbow list. Selected for First-Year Reading at USC-Upstate, fall 2013. · Irish Studies: Geographies and Genders. Edited with Marti Lee. Newcastle UK: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008.
Madden 2 Work in progress · Quare Fellas: Marginal Masculinities in Irish Literature and Film. Book-length study of masculinity and homosexuality in Irish literature and film. Current research project. · "Bachelor Trouble, Troubled Bachelors," essay for Ireland and Masculinities in the Longue Durйe, edited by Rebecca Barr, Sean Brady, and Jane McGaughey. Book proposal under review. · "The Irish Queer Archive: Institutionalization and Historical Narrative," essay on politics of archival cataloguing, submitted to Radical History Review for special collection on queer archives. Articles and book chapters · "Transnationalism, Sexuality, and Irish Gay Poetry: Frank McGuinness, Cathal У Searcaigh, Padraig Rooney," accepted for Irish Transnational Literatures, edited by Amanda Tucker and Moira Casey. Forthcoming from Cork University Press, 2014. In press. · "Fellow Feeling: or Mourning, Metonymy, Masculinity," in Peter Fallon: Poet, Publisher, Editor, and Translator. Richard Russell, ed. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2013. 107-133. · "Get Your Kit On: Sexuality, Nation, and the Emerald Warriors" [on Irish gay rugby], Йire/Ireland 48:1&2 (spring-summer 2013), special issue on sport and Ireland, co-edited by Michael Cronin and Brian У Conchubhair: 250-285. · "Queering Ireland, in the Archives," Irish University Review 43.1 (2013), special "Queering the Issue" issue, edited by Anne Mulhall: 184-221. · "Queering the Irish Diaspora: David Rees and Padraig Rooney," Йire/Ireland 47.1&2 (springsummer 2012), special issue on "New Approaches to Irish Migration," guest editors Tina O'Toole and Piaras Mac Йinrн: 173-200. · "'Gently, not gay': Proximity, Sexuality, and Irish Masculinity at the End of the Twentieth Century," Canadian Journal of Irish Studies 36.1(spring 2010, published spring 2012), Queering Ireland special issue, guest edited by Sean Kennedy: 69-87. · "Exploring Masculinity: Proximity, Intimacy, and Chicken." In Irish Masculinities: Reflections on Literature and Culture. Caroline Magennis and Raymond Mullen, eds. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2011. 77-88. · "`Here, of all places': Geographies of Sexual and Gender Identity in Keith Ridgway's The Long Falling," South Carolina Review 43.1 (fall 2010), Writing Modern Ireland: 20-32. · "The Buggering Hillbilly and the Buddy Movie: Male Sexuality in Deliverance." In The Way We Read James Dickey: Critical Approaches for the Twenty-First Century. William Thesing and Theda Wrede, eds. Columbia SC: U of SC Press, 2009. 195-209. · "The Anus of Tiresias: Sodomy, Alchemy, Metamorphosis" [on Marcel Jouhandeau], French Literature Series 34 (2007), Queer Sexualities in French and Francophone Literature and Film: 113-127. · "Penetrating Matthew Arnold." In Michael Field and Their World. Margaret D. Stetz and Cheryl A. Wilson, eds. High Wycombe: Rivendale Press, 2007. 83-95. · "Spectral Youth: Gay Literature, Irish Studies, Queer Theories," Foilsiъ: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Irish Studies 4.1 (spring 2004): 95-108. · "Immersive Pedagogies, or `Can you feel it, Joe?'" [on teaching AIDS literature], Queen: A Journal of Rhetoric and Power, based on 2002 conference on Rhetorics of Healing, online publication, n.p. · "Gospels of Inversion: Literature, Scripture, Sexology" [on Radclyffe Hall and Havelock Ellis]. In Divine Aporia: Postmodern Conversations about the Other. John Hawley, ed. Lewisburg PA: Bucknell University Press, 2000. 74-103. · "The Language of the Graveyard: Polemicizing the Poetic in Tony Harrison's 'V'." In Caverns of Night: Coal Mines in Art, Literature, and Film. William Thesing, ed. Columbia SC: U of SC Press, 2000. 126-151.
Madden 3 · "Dream Boy: Jim Grimsley's Gothic Gospel," North Carolina Literary Review no. 9 (2000): 111-129. · "Austin Clarke's `Tiresias' and the Aisling Tradition," South Carolina Review 32.1 (fall 1999): 59-69. · "Cars Are Girls: Sexual Power and Sexual Panic in Stephen King's Christine." In Imagining the Worst: Stephen King and the Representation of Women. Kathleen Margaret Lant and Theresa Thompson, eds. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998. 145-160. · "Say It With Flowers: The Poetry of Marc-Andrй Raffalovich," College Literature 24.1 (Feb 1997): 11-27. · "The Well of Loneliness, or The Gospel According to Radclyffe Hall," The Journal of Homosexuality 33.3-4 (winter 1997): 163-186. Reprinted in Reclaiming the Sacred: The Bible in Gay and Lesbian Culture. Raymond-Jean Frontain, ed. Binghamton NY: Haworth Press, 1997. 163-186. · "Learning and Desire: A Pedagogical Model." In Situating College English: Lessons from an American University. Evan Carton and Alan Friedman, eds. Westport, Conn: Bergin and Garvey, 1996. 165-173. · "Women, Gods, and Monsters: Using Hypertexts in the Literature Classroom," CWRL: The Electronic Journal for Computers, Writing, Rhetoric, and Literature 1.2 (summer 1995): online publication, n.p. · "Against Transcendence: AIDS and the Elegy," Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review no. 3 (fall 1993): 81-93. Encyclopedia articles · "South Carolina," in Proud Heritage: People, Issues, and Documents of the LGBT Experience. Chuck Stewart, ed. Santa Barbara CA: ABC-CLIO, 2014. In press. · "Ireland," in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of LGBT Issues Worldwide, vol 2. Chuck Stewart, ed. Santa Barbara CA: Greenwood Press / ABC-CLIO, 2009. 235-249. · "Marc-Andrй Raffalovich," in The Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender. Fedwa Malti-Douglas, ed. Detroit: Gale / Macmillan Reference, 2007. 733. · "Michael Field." Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century British Women Poets. William B. Thesing, ed. Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol. 240. Detroit: Bruccoli Clark Layman / Gale Group, 2001. 61-68. · "Michael Field." Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers. Abigail Burnham Bloom, ed. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 2000. 181-184. · Entries (4) on "Flowers and Birds in Gay Culture," Marc-Andrй Raffalovich, Frederick Rolfe (Baron Corvo), and "Uranianism." In Gay Histories and Cultures: An Encyclopedia. Vol. 2 of The Encyclopedia of Lesbian and Gay Histories and Cultures. George E. Haggerty, ed. New York: Garland Publishing, 2000. 331-334, 733, 750-751, 907-908. · "Paul Monette." In Contemporary Novelists. Susan Windisch Brown, ed. Sixth edition. Detroit and London: St. James Press, 1996. 716-718. · "Jeanette Winterson" (with Lyn Pykett). In Contemporary Novelists. Susan Windisch Brown, ed. Sixth edition. Detroit and London: St. James Press, 1996. 1063-1064. · "Charlotte Mary Mew." In Gay and Lesbian Literature. Sharon Malinowski, ed. Detroit and London: St. James Press, 1994. 262-264. Reviews, notes, essays, other publications · "James Dickey: In Touch with Darkness," in The Limelight: A Compendium of Contemporary Columbia Artists, Vol. 1. Cynthia Boiter, ed. Columbia: Muddy Ford Press, 2013. 13-24. To be reprinted in the James Dickey Review spring-summer 2014.
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Madden 7 · "Inferno" will be in published Grit Po: Rough South Poetry, edited by Daniel Cross Turner and William Wright. Short prose: fiction, nonfiction, memoir, commentary · "Coming Out on a Christian Campus, Then and Now," Religion Dispatches 31 March 2011, online publication, n.p. · "Beast," Icarus no. 8 (spring 2011): 7-10. · "Room 208," South Carolina Fiction Project, winners of the 2008 SC Fiction Project short story contest, special section in Charleston Post and Courier, 21 Sept 2008: 8, 21. · "The Grounds On Which We Met: Friendship and the Possible," in On the Meaning of Friendship Between Gay Men. Andrew Gottlieb, ed. New York: Routledge, 2008. 39-45. · "Queer Eye for the Straight Bride" [commentary on same-sex marriage activism], All Things Considered, National Public Radio, broadcast 29 March 2004. Originally published as "Queer Eye for the Straight Bride," Free Times 25 Feb 2004: 10. · "Entertaining Angels" [memoir], in Uncommon Threads: reading and writing about Contemporary America. Robert Newman, Jean Bohner, and Melissa Carol Johnson, eds. New York: Longman, 2003. 161-172. · "June 26: The Day South Carolina Was Changed" [on the death of Strom Thurmond and the Supreme Court decision on sodomy laws], Free Times 2 July 2003: 4. Published as "The Day We Changed," Front Page [Raleigh NC] 4 July 2003: 13. Reprinted on []. · "Calling: Conversion, Coming Out, and Community," in The Emergence of Man into the 21st Century. Eds. Patricia Munhall, Ed Madden, and Virginia Fitzsimons. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett (with the National League of Nursing), 2002. 171-177. · "Confederacies of Desire" [essay on gay men and the Confederate flag controversy], The Gay and Lesbian Review, Worldwide 8.3 (May-June 2001): 31-33. Published in a slightly different form in The Point (Columbia SC) winter 2001: 6, 19. Earlier version published as "Living in Confederacies of Desire" in The Front Page (Raleigh NC) 19 Jan 2001: 18-19. Other creative work: museum work, art collaborations, exhibits · My Father's House, orchestral and choral performance based on and including poems by Ed Madden, Tapp's Art Center, 7 Nov 2013. Music by Patrick Dover, poetry by Ed Madden. Includes over 40 musicians, a chorus of 16, and visual art installation. · "Saint Sebastian: From Martyr to Gay Starlet," artist collaboration and gallery show, Friday Cottage Art Space, 1 Sept 2011. Included two film collaborations: "Prick" with Santiago Echeverry (online at and "Red Star" with Betsy Newman (online at · "Silver" and "Glowworm," Medical University of South Carolina Poetry Project, 2008-2009. Poems selected for display in public spaces of MUSC, 2009. · "Conversion," Blanton Museum of Art, Austin TX, for ekphrastic poetry project, displayed in museum with Daniele Crespi's The Conversion of Saint Paul, 2008. · Devotions and Desires, poetry and visual art collaboration with Matt Moffatt. Exhibited at the Hunter-Gatherer May 2002. Reception and reading 13 May 2002. Work collected and published in Devotions and Desires [chapbook] by Skyscraper Studio, Columbia SC, 2002. · "The moment it turns to color," poetry and visual art collaboration with James Steven, USC Department of Art. For exhibit "James M. Steven: New Work and Collaborations," McKissick Museum, Columbia SC, 17 October ­ 5 December 1999.
Madden 8 Reviews, profiles, and interviews (recent and selected) · "The Only Thing That Matters," review of Prodigal: Variations by Phebe Davidson, Asheville Poetry Review 20.1 (issue #23, 2013): 107-116. · "My Father's House Explores Final Days Between Father and Son: Poetry-Based Musical Performance Part of First Thursdays on Main," by Rodney Welch, Free Times 6 Nov 2013: 26. · "An Arkansas Omnibus?: Reflections on a Poetics of Place in Contemporary American Poetry" [on Ed Madden, Lea Graham, and Greg Brownderville], by Michael C. Smith, Arkansas Review 44.1 (spring / April 2013): 3-9. · Review of Prodigal: Variations, by George Klawitter, Arkansas Review: A Journal of Delta Studies 42.3 (Dec 2011): 226-227. · "'Nothing is lonelier here than attention': An Interview with Ed Madden," with C. L. Bledsoe, Arkansas Review 40.3 (winter/December 2009): 175-182. · Interview by Danielle Sellers, Country Dog Review, fall 2009, online publication, np. [] · Review of Signals, by C. L. Bledsoe, Arkansas Review: A Journal of Delta Studies 40.3 (winter/December 2009): 233-235. · "The Weight of Beauty," review of Signals by Carol Peters, Yemassee 16.2 (spring 2009): 109112. · Review of Signals, by Dan Vera, White Crane: Gay Wisdom and Culture 80 (spring 2009): 27-28. · Review of Signals, Cider Press Review vol. 10 (2009): 134-135. · Interview on Your Day, SC ETV-Radio and Clemson University, with Dyana Daniels, aired 19 March 2009. · Interview on Walter Edgar's Journal, SC ETV-Radio, with Walter Edgar. Interview 17 Dec 2008, aired 30 Jan 2009. HONORS, FELLOWSHIPS, AWARDS Grants and fellowships (external) · Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties, $750, for performance of My Father's House, awarded May 2013. · Irish American Cultural Institute Visiting Research Fellowship in Irish Studies at the Centre for Irish Studies, National University of Ireland in Galway, for research semester at NUIG, spring 2010. · IES Abroad Dublin and London Faculty Seminar, Institute for the International Education of Students, Contemporary Theatre in Dublin and London, fellowship for attending seminar on contemporary theatre, 19-28 Sept 2008. · Funding Exchange Media Justice Fund, Community Media Collaboration grants, $8000 for Rainbow Radio, community GLBT radio program, 2007. · Freeman Foundation, secured matching grant to fund Rainbow Radio programming, 2007. · C. P Snow Fellowship for science and literature, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin, for travel and residency at HRC, awarded April 1999. Project: "The Poetry of Austin Clarke: History, Sexuality, and Nationalism." · Westmont College and the Council of Christian Scholarly Societies, fellowship for participation in seminar, "The historical Jesus Across the Disciplines," Westmont College, Santa Barbara CA, 21-26 June 1999.
Madden 9 Grants and fellowships (internal) · Humanities Grant [for research in Ireland], Office of the Provost, USC, 2011. · Carol Jones Carlisle Award for Research in Women's & Gender Studies 2010, USC Women's & Gender Studies Program. For research at National Archives, Dublin, Ireland. · Professional Development Award, 2008, awarded by the USC College of Arts and Sciences. For two-months of archival research in England and Ireland. · Carol Jones Carlisle Award for Research in Women's Studies, 2001, awarded by the University of South Carolina Women's Studies Program. For research at the New York Public Library and the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn. · Research and Productive Scholarship Grant, University of South Carolina, for research at the University of Maryland Barnes manuscript collection, 1994-95. · English-Speaking Union Fellowship, British University Summer School, Oxford, England, 1992. · University of Texas graduate fellowship for summer study in Ireland, 1989. Awards: creative writing · Fellowship in Prose, SC Arts Commission, 2010. · Broadside Poem Contest Winner, "Jubilate," Atlanta Queer Lit Festival, fall 2010. · Carrie McCray Nickens Fellowship in Poetry, South Carolina Academy of Authors, 2010. · First place, Texas Poetry Calendar 2010 Awards, for "Late spring, near Leakey, Texas." Judge: Mark Doty. · South Carolina Fiction Project winner, "Room 208," SC Arts Commission and The Post and Courier, 2008. · "Sacrifice," Open Competition Winner, Best New Poets 2007: 50 Poems from Emerging Writers. Natasha Trethewey, ed. Charlottesville VA: Samovar Press, 2007. · South Carolina Poetry Book Prize 2007, for Signals. South Carolina Poetry Initiative and USC Press. Judge: Afaa Weaver. · Winner, 2005 South Carolina Chapbook Contest, SC Poetry Initiative. · Fellowship in Poetry, first place, South Carolina Academy of Authors, 2000 and 1997. · Adele Steiner Burleson Award, for creative nonfiction, University of Texas, 1993 and 1992. · Roy Crane Award for Creativity in the Arts, University of Texas (the University's annual presidential arts fellowship, for poetry manuscript), 1991. Awards: teaching and scholarship · Lavender Graduation inaugural Faculty/Staff Award, awarded at the 2013 Lavender Graduation and BGLSA Awards, 23 April 2013. · Mortar Board Senior Honor Society Excellence in Teaching Award, USC, 2008 and 1997. · English Department Teaching Award, 1999-2000; finalist 1998-1999. · Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award, USC Graduate English Association, 1999 and 1998. · Finalist, Distinguished Honors Teaching Award, USC, 1996. · Outstanding Dissertation 1994-95, Department of English, University of Texas at Austin. Community Honors · Leadership South Carolina 2011, graduate of statewide leadership and community service program of the Clemson University Institute for Economic and Community Development.
Madden 10 · Midlands Diversity Leadership Academy, graduate of community diversity management program, sponsored by the Riley Institute of Furman University, fall 2007. · Equality Award 2007, to the staff of Rainbow Radio, Human Rights Campaign of the Carolinas, awarded 24 Feb 2007. · Legacy Award, Human Rights Campaign of the Carolinas, for a consistent and significant record of working to improve the lives and visibility of LGBT people in North and South Carolina, awarded 25 February 2006. · Advocate Award, SC Gay and Lesbian Pride Movement, awarded 15 May 2004. First presentation of the statewide award for public and media advocacy of GLBT rights. Award since renamed the Ed Madden Media Advocacy Award. · Thunder and Lightning Award 2003, for outstanding community activism, presented by the South Carolina Progressive Network, April 2003. · Michael Lynch Service Award 2001, presented by the Gay and Lesbian Caucus for the Modern Language Association. Presented at the Conference of the Modern Language Association, New York, 29 Dec 2001. The annual award was created to honor an academic activist and "to celebrate the range, the forms, the energy and the history of queer activism by academics." Cited for "his courageous voice on behalf of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and communities in his home state, as well as in his broader, professional community," and noted for "his generosity of spirit and his passionate dedication to both gay rights and human rights." · Leadership Columbia 2001, graduate of leadership and community service program of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce. Guest Artist, Writing Positions and Residencies · Instructor and guest artist, Tri-District Arts Consortium Summer Program, Columbia SC, summers 2003-present. · Faculty, Hub City Writers Workshop (Writing in Place), July 31 ­ Aug 1, 2010. · Poet in residence, Riverbanks Botanical Gardens, 2004-2009. Sponsored by Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens and the SC Poetry Initiative. · Poet in residence, Keowee-Toxaway State Park, spring 2006. Sponsored by the SC State Park System, Artists in Residence program. · Poet in residence, Fort Moultrie, Sullivan's Island, spring 2005. Sponsored by Fort Moultrie National Park, the SC National Heritage Corridor Poetic Histories Project, and the SC Poetry Initiative. · Visiting professor in creative writing, SC Governor's School for Science and Mathematics, Hartsville SC, January Interim sessions 2004 and 2002. PRESENTATIONS (Conference Papers, Workshops, Readings) Invited Presentations: national/international · "Shunned: Reflecting on Fundamentalism and the Limits of Empathy," Bankart Gender Speaker Series, Wabash College, Crawfordsville IN, 13 Nov 2013. · "The Friends of Rio Rita," invited plenary, Queering Ireland: Queer Irish Diasporas, Buffalo NY, 9 August 2013. · "Get your kit on: Gender, Sexuality, Gay Rugby," invited plenary, New Voices in Irish Studies, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland, 14 June 2013.
Madden 11 · "Queering the Irish Diaspora," Humanities Institute of Ireland, University College, Dublin, Ireland, 22 March 2012. · "Bachelor Trouble," University College Cork, Ireland, 3 Oct 2011. · "A Bachelor Gay Am I: Irish Bachelors and Bachelor Trouble," University of Mary, Bismarck ND, 10 March 2011. · "Queer Histories in the Archives," Roundtable Discussion with Eibhear Walshe (University College Cork) and Mark Phelan (Queens University, Belfast), Centre for Irish Studies, National University of Ireland- Galway, 15 Apr 2010. · "Gay Ireland," Seminar in Texts, Contexts, and Cultures, Moore Institute for the Humanities, National University of Ireland Galway, 9 March 2010. · "'Gently, not gay': Performing Masculinity in Mark O'Rowe's Howie the Rookie," IES Dublin and London Faculty Seminar in Contemporary Theatre, IES-London, 24 Sept 2008. · "A Literary Conversation with Mark Doty," onstage interview with poet Mark Doty, Language of Healing: Renewal and the Spirit, Third Annual Festival Institute Poetry Celebration, James Dick Foundation for the performing arts, Round Top, Texas, 1 May 2004. · "Queering the Aisling: Irish Gay and Lesbian Literature," Irish Studies Colloquium Series, University of California Davis, 3 May 2001. · "Art, AIDS, and Empathy: Teaching Medicine and Literature" [invited plenary], Understanding Meaning When the Center Won't Hold, 7th Annual International Conference of the International Institute for Human Understanding (IIHU), Miami, 8 March 2002. Invited Presentations: regional/local · "How To Lift Him," TedXColumbiaSC, 20 Jan 2014. · "Out Loud: Telling Our Stories." presentation for USC Upstate Preface [first-year common reading program], in conjunction with selection of Out Loud as common reading, USC Upstate, Spartanburg SC, 8 Oct 2013. · "Fag Hags: A Cultural History," lecture to precede screening of Pie in the Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story for SC Pride Week, Columbia Museum of Art," 16 Oct 2012. · Readings from Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio, 4th Annual Bodies of Knowledge Symposium, USC Upstate, Spartanburg SC, 28 Oct 2010. · "Quare Fellas: Marginal Masculinities and Contemporary Irish Culture," invited lecture, Gender Studies Program, Davidson College, Davidson NC, 23 April 2009. · "Sex and Politics in Austin Clarke's Last Poems," invited lecture, Irish Studies Program, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro GA, 24 Feb 2009. · "Creating Change: Thoughts on Leadership on Campus and in the Community," USC BGLSA second annual Youth Pride Conference, for the USC Bisexual Gay Lesbian and Straight Alliance, University of South Carolina, 24 March 2007. · "The Language of Flowers: A Cultural History," lecture for Riverbanks Botanical Gardens, Columbia SC, 15 May 2006. · "Michael Field's Tiresias and the Sexological Moment," plenary address for the NineteenthCentury Literature Graduate Conference, Nineteenth-Century Literature and the Cultural Moment, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC, 1 April 2006. Conference Papers and Presentations: national/international · "The Irish Queer Archive: Institutionalization, Archival Practices, and Historical Narrative," Scaling Queer Archives, American Historical Association, Washington DC, 3 Jan 2014.
Madden 12 · "Bachelor Trouble, Troubled Bachelors," Irish Masculinities in the Longue Durйe, National University of Ireland ­ Galway, 17 Aug 2013. · "Queering the Irish Archive / Archiving the Irish Queer," New Directions in Irish Studies panel, American Conference for Irish Studies, Chicago, 13 April 2013. · "Irish Queer Studies and the Archive," Queer Studies and Ireland Roundtable, American Conference for Irish Studies, Chicago, 11 April 2013. · "Troubled Bachelors in Ballybunion and Mullingar: Queer Sexuality, Reproductive Nationalism, and the Cultural Figure of the Bachelor," VIA 2012: Irish Drama / Drбmaнocht na hЙireann, University of Notre Dame, 27 Sept 2012. · "The Irish Queer Archive: Institutionalization and Historical Narrative," International LGBTI Conference of Archives, Libraries, Museums, and Special Collections (ALMS), "On the Future of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Histories," IHLIA-homodok (Internationaal Homo/Lesbisch Informatiecentrum en Archief and the Amsterdam Public Library, Amsterdam, 1 August 2012. · "Rugger Buggers: Queering the Athletic Body in Irish Gay Rugby," Bodies--Systems-- Structures: Masculinities in the UK and the US, 1945 to the Present, Technische Universitдt Dresden, Dresden, Germany, 13 June 2012. · "Get Your Kit On: Ruby Slippers, Rugby, and the (Self-)Representation of the Emerald Warriors," Irish Masculinity and Popular Culture Conference, National University of Ireland ­ Galway, 25 Sept 2011. · "Intimacy, Affect, and Masculinity in Ireland, 1998-2001," Masculinities Between the National and the Transnational, 1980 to the Present, An International Conference," Kent State University with Technical University of Dresden,, Kent OH, 6 Aug 2011. · "Staging Hate: Aodhan Madden's Sea Urchins," Queering Ireland 2: Coming Out in Contemporary Ireland, University College ­ Cork, Cork, Ireland, 26 July 2011. · "Austin Clarke's Washroom Encounter," Queering Ireland panel, Modernist Studies Association, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 12 Nov 2010. · "Sexual Citizenship, Gay Politics, Transnational Poetries: Padraig Rooney's The Escape Artist," International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Maynooth, Ireland, 28 July 2010. · "Tabhair Dom do Lamh: Austin Clarke's Washroom Encounter," Symposium on Ireland, Modernism, and the Fin de Siиcle, University of Limerick and Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland, 16 Apr 2010. · "Proximity, Masculinity, Marginality, Intimacy: Barry Dignum's Chicken," Irish Masculinities, Institute of Irish Studies, Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 27 Feb 2010. · "The Language of Flowers: Teaching the 1890s," Modernist Studies Association conference, The Languages of Modernism, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 7 Nov 2009. · "Proximity, Masculinity, and Sexuality in Contemporary Irish Culture," Queering Ireland: An International Interdisciplinary Conference, St. Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 18 Sept 2009. · "`Gently, not gay': Masculinity and Sexuality in Contemporary Irish Culture," American Conference for Irish Studies (with Second Galway Conference of Irish Studies), National University of Ireland ­ Galway, 12 June 2009. · "The Buggering Hillbilly and the Buddy Movie: Male Sexuality in Deliverance," Modern Language Association, Chicago IL, 28 Dec 2007. · "Scabies, Matt Dillon, and the Fighting Beta: Economies of Masculinity in Mark O'Rowe's Howie the Rookie," American Conference for Irish Studies National Meeting, City University of New York, New York NY, 20 April 2007.
Madden 13 · "The Anus of Tiresias: Sodomy, Alchemy, Metamorphosis," 2006 French Literature Conference, Queer Sexualities in French and Francophone Literature and Film, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC, 24 March 2006. · "First-Year Experience, Cultural Awareness, Summer Study Abroad: A Tour of Ireland," 20t International Conference for the First Year Experience, Big Island, Hawaii, 10 July 2007. · "Skinheads, Lintheads, and the Smallest Who in Whoville: A First-Year Writing Class on Community," 18th International Conference for the First Year Experience, June 2005, Southampton, England. · "Topping the Top's Bottom: Queering the Act of Union in Gay Irish Literature," American Conference for Irish Studies, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis MN, 6 June 2003. · "Spectral Youth: Gay Literature, Irish Studies, Queer Theories," 5th Annual Grian Conference on Irish Studies, "Irish Studies: Forged/Forging Youth," New York University and Glucksman Ireland House, 9 March 2003. · "sexual orientation and First-Year college students," Fifteenth International Conference on the First-Year Experience, Bath, England, 3 July 2002. · "Immersive Pedagogies, or `Can you feel it, Joe?'" [on teaching AIDS literature], Rhetorics of Healing conference, sponsored by the Claremont Centre for Rhetoric and Hermeneutics and the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity, with Queen: A Journal of Rhetoric and Power, University of the Redlands, CA, 25 Jan 2002. · "Austin Clarke's Irritated Penis," American Conference for Irish Studies, Fordham University, New York, 8 June 2001. · "Homo-colonialism as Historical Fantasy: David Rees and The Hunger," American Conference for Irish Studies, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland, 1 July 2000. · "Strange Angels: Conversion and Coming Out," Gay Spirit 2000, International Conference on Gay Spirituality, Gay and Lesbian Community Center, Los Angeles, 20 May 2000. · "The Tiresian Soundtrack: T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land," Modern Language Association, Chicago IL, Dec 1999. · "The Gospel According to Radclyffe Hall," Modern Language Association, San Francisco, December 1998. · "Singing the Spirit Electric: Hymns to Technology," Modern Language Association, San Francisco, December 1998. · "Carolina Spectators, or How National Agendas Translate into Local Harassment,'" Modern Language Association, Toronto, 29 Dec 1997. · "In the beginning was the telephone: The Telephone and Modernity," Mixed Messages: Images, Text, and Technology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Oct 1997. · "Austin Clarke's 'Tiresias': History as Homosexual Panic," American Conference for Irish Studies, Albany NY, 18 April 1997. · "Strange Angels: Conversion and Coming Out," Modern Language Association, Washington DC, Dec 1996. · "`Pen Is Lifted': History as Homosexual Panic in Austin Clarke's `Tiresias.'" Conference of the Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society, GEORGE WASHINGTON University, Washington DC, November 1996. · "Narrative Assumptions: Metalepsis, Conversion, and Coming Out," National Symposium on Gay Spirituality in Literature and the Media, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, April 1995. · "Conversion and Coming Out: The Evidence of Experience and the Experience of Evidence," Conference on College Composition and Communication, Washington DC, March 1995.
Madden 14 Conference Papers and Presentations: regional/local · "Emerald Warriors: Intersections of Gender and Sexuality in Irish Gay Rugby," Transitions and Transformations: 2013 USC Women's & Gender Studies Conference, USC, Columbia SC, 1 March 2013. · "Creating and Accessing Special Collections and Archives Relating to Gay and Lesbian Studies," panel on GLBTQ collections at USC with Henry Fulmer and Jeffrey Makala, South Carolina Archival Association fall meeting, Thinking Outside the Archival Box: Expanding Our Reach to Underserved and Underrepresented Groups, Columbia SC, 4 Oct 2012. · "Gay Ireland: Culture Appeals, political discourse, and the 2009 Pride Film Contest," American Conference for Irish Studies ­ Southern Region, Savannah GA, 19 Feb 2011. · "One of the Flower Men: Reading Marc-Andre Raffalovich," Victorians Institute Conference, Converse College, Spartanburg SC, 17 Oct 2009. · "James Brennan's Seaman: The First Modern Gay Irish Novel?" American Conference for Irish Studies ­ Southern Region, Chattanooga TN, 20 March 2009. · "Poetry and Karaoke: Masculinity and Emotion in Jimmy Smallhorne's 2x4," American Conference for Irish Studies ­ Southern Region, Winthrop University, Rock Hill SC, 9 March 2007. · "GLBT Social Justice Activism in South Carolina: The Fairness for All Families Amendment Campaign," Community Panel on Social Justice Activism in South Carolina, 20th Annual USC Women's Studies Conference, "Feminisms and Justice," University of South Carolina, Columbia SC, 1 March 2007. · "Colm Toibin's The Blackwater Lightship as AIDS Melodrama," American Conference for Irish Studies ­ Southern Region, University of St. Thomas and the Warwick Hotel, Houston TX, 26 Feb 2005. · "Staging a Hate Crime: Aodhan Madden's Sea Urchins," "Real Ireland," American Conference for Irish Studies ­ Southern Region, Emory University, Atlanta GA, 6 March 2004. · "Queering `The Dead': Desmond Hogan's `A Poet and an Englishman," American Conference for Irish Studies ­ Southern Regional Meeting, Chattanooga TN, 28 Feb 2003. · "Here, of all places: Topographies of Memory and Loss in Keith Ridgway's The Long Falling," American Conference for Irish Studies ­ Southern Region, Young Harris College, Young Harris GA, 23 Feb 2002. · "Coming Out as Irish: Diasporic and Queer Irish Identities in the Work of David Rees," American Conference for Irish Studies ­ Southern Region, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL, 24 February 2001. · "Austin Clarke's `Tiresias' and the Aisling Tradition," American Conference for Irish Studies ­ Southern Region, Clemson SC, 27 Feb 1999. selected workshops and Panels · "Leaps, Shifts, Turns: Exploring Poetic Structures," ARTWorks, Beaufort SC, sponsored by the Poetry Society of SC, 13 Sept 2008. · "Learning Poetry from the Inside Out: the Split P Method," with Ray McManus (founder Split P Poetry), SC Conference for Teachers of English, Kiawah Island SC, 29 January 2008. · "Finding a space for healing through art: Exploring Nickel Run by Cindy Nord," panel presentation on art and healing. USC Arts Institute and the Nurturing Center. McKissick Museum and The Inn at USC, 30 Sept 2006.
Madden 15 · "Poetry, Art, and Urban Landscapes: a Workshop for Teachers" (writing workshop tied to the exhibit "Edward Hopper and Urban Realism"), with Christy Friend and Charlene Spearen, Columbia Museum of Art, 15 Nov 2003. · "Writing and Healing: Telling Our Stories, Changing Our Lives," National Gay Men's Health Summit: Creating a Multi-Issue, Multicultural Gay Men's Health Movement, Raleigh NC, 8 May 2003. · "Gerard Manley Hopkins: Seeing God's Glory in Mortal Things," directed two-day series of workshops on poetry and theology, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Lenten Retreat, White Oak Conference Center (Winnsboro SC), 1-2 March 2002. Invited and guest artist readings · Meacham Writers Festival, University of Tennessee ­ Chattanooga, 27-29 March 2014. · Round Top Poetry Festival, Festival Institute, Round Top TX, 4 May 2012. · Irish Literature and Culture Seminar Series, University of Limerick, Ireland, 4 Oct 2011. · Delta Blues Festival (Delta Symposium XVI: Region and the Politics of Culture, 7-10 Apr 2010), Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR, 9 April 2010. · Salisbury University, Salisbury MD, 6 May 2009. · Arkansas State University, Arkansas Review reading series, Jonesboro AR, 8 April 2008. · Guest artist, Austin International Poetry Festival, Austin, TX, 20-23 April 2006. Readings (recent and selected) · Salmon Poetry Reception and Reading (launch of spring poetry collections), AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Conference, Seattle WA, 28 Feb 2014. · Wabash College, Crawfordsville IN, 14 Nov 2013. · Writers' Forum, St. Andrews University, Laurinburg NC, 17 Oct 2013. · South Carolina Book Festival, Columbia SC, 18 May 2013. · SC Center for the Book, with Jonathan Green and Charlene Spearen, reading from Seeking: Poetry and Prose Inspired by the Art of Jonathan Green, 28 Feb 2013. · South Carolina Book Festival, Columbia SC, 19 May 2012. · Arkansas Literary Festival, Little Rock AR, 14 April 2012. · Southern Festival of Books, Nashville TN, 15 Oct 2011. · Tongue Box, Dublin, Ireland, 27 Sept 2011. · Atlanta Queer Lit Festival, Atlanta GA, 15 and 16 Oct 2010. · Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, New Orleans, 15 May 2010. · Over the Edge poetry series, Galway, Ireland, 11 Feb 2010. · South Carolina Book Festival, Columbia SC, 28 Feb 2009. · Georgia Southern University, Statesboro GA, 24 Feb 2009. · Atlanta Queer Lit Festival, Atlanta GA, 18 Oct 2008. · Southern Festival of Books, Nashville TN, 10 October 2008. · Poetry Society of SC, Charleston SC, 12 Sept 2008. · Round Top Poetry Festival, Round Top TX, 3 May 2008. · Newport High School, Newport AR, 9 April 2008. · Missouri State University, Springfield MO, 7 April 2008. · Arkansas Literary Festival, Little Rock AR, 6 April 2008. · University of Tulsa, Tulsa OK, 3 April 2008. · Catawba College, Salisbury NC, 1 April 2008.
Madden 16 TEACHING EXPERIENCE University of South Carolina · ENGL 825 ­ Seminar in Irish Literature (Gender & Nation, Sexuality & Nation) · ENGL 825E ­ Modernism and British Poetry · ENGL 729 ­ British Poetry since 1900 · ENGL 701B ­ Teaching Literature in College · ENGL 600/601 ­ Seminar in Verse Composition · ENGL 566M / WOST 430M ­ Gender and Film (Sex and Society in American Film) · ENGL 464 ­ Poetry Workshop · ENGL 460 ­ Advanced Writing · ENGL 439V / WGST 430V ­ Gay and Lesbian Literature · ENGL 438C ­ Irish Literature · ENGL 429K, SCCC 457F (honors seminar), ENGL 490 (senior seminar) ­ Literature and AIDS · ENGL 419E ­ British modernist poetry · ENGL 360 ­ Creative Writing · ENGL 289 ­ English literature II (1800-Present) · ENGL 288 ­ English Literature · ENGL 286 ­ Poetry · ENGL 283 ­ Themes in British Lit (including large lecture class) · ENGL 102 ­ Literature and Composition · WGST 499 ­ Community Service Internship / Practicum · WGST 404 ­ Community Activism · WGST 309 ­ Sexual Diversities · WGST 112 ­ Women and Society USC Study Abroad · ENGL 283 / SCHC 352M ­ Irish Literature and Culture (May 2006, May 2008 honors) University of Texas at Austin · ENG 316K ­ Masterworks of British Literature · ENG 309M ­ Writing about Popular Culture (computer-assisted) · ENG 309K ­ Writing about Poetry · ENG 309K ­ Writing about Rural Culture · ENG 306 ­ Rhetoric and Composition (computer-assisted) · Computer Writing and Research Lab: tutor and staff · College of Engineering: writing tutor, teaching assistant in technical writing and ethics courses PROFESSIONAL AND COMMUNITY SERVICE Conferences and Professional Associations · Queering Ireland conferences steering committee, 2011-present. · American Conference for Irish Studies. Book prize committees: Donald Murphy Prize for Distinguished First Book, 2009-2010; Robert Rhodes Prize for Books on Literature, 2010-2011; Adele Dalsimer Prize for Distinguished Dissertation, 2011-2012.
Madden 17 · GLQ Caucus for the Modern Languages, Modern Language Association. President, 2007. As chair of caucus, organized the 2007 MLA conference sessions and wrote the 7-year review of the caucus for the MLA program committee. Vice-President, 2006; Secretary-Treasurer, 2005. · American Conference for Irish Studies ­ Southern Region. President and Southern regional representative to ACIS board, 2001-2005; Secretary-Treasurer, 1999-2001; acting treasurer, 1998-99. Creative Writing · Faculty Director, Adventures in Writing summer program for middle school students, Carolina Master Scholars Adventure Series, University of South Carolina, 2007-2013. · Visiting poet and creative writing instructor, Palmetto Center for the Arts, Richland Northeast High School, Columbia, 2007-2011 · Director, Split P Poetry program, University of South Carolina, 2006-2009. University of South Carolina · Director of Undergraduate Program, Women's and Gender Studies, 2007-2010; 2012. · Guest instructor, "Finding Poetry in Nature," College of Arts and Sciences Alumni and Friends Weekend at the Coast, Baruch Marine Field Laboratory, Georgetown SC, 1-2 June 2012. · Director of Undergraduate studies, Department of English, 2010-2011. · Chair, First-Year Reading Experience Book Selection Committee, 2006-2010. · Advising Assessment Committee, College of Arts and Sciences, USC, 2007-2008. · Fellowships and Scholar Programs Advisory Committee, Mitchell Scholarship Committee Advisor and Chair, Office of Fellowships, USC, 2006-present. · Associate Director of Women's Studies, interim, USC, 2002-2003. · English Department committees: Teaching, First-Year English, Split-P Poetry, MFA program. · Women's Studies Affiliate faculty. Committees: Fellowships and Awards. · Faculty advisor, Bisexual Gay and Lesbian Association student organization, University of South Carolina, 1999-2006. · Faculty advisor, Mortar Board senior honor society, University of South Carolina, 1996-2000. · Community Service Advisory Board, 1998-2000. · Dean's Diversity Advisory Committee, College of Liberal Arts, USC, 1997-1998. Other Professional Service or Experience · National Scholarship Reviewer, PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians And Gays) National Scholarship Program, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013. (In 2008, committee selected 14 students for over $30,000 in scholarships.) · Faculty, National Issues Forums and Public Policy Institutes, USC and Kettering Foundation, 1998-2000. USC delegate to PPI-NIF faculty training conference, Kettering Foundation and Miami University of Ohio, summer 1998. · Assistant editor, William Carlos Williams Review, 1993-94. · Editorial and research assistant to John Ruszkiewicz, The Presence of Others, St. Martin's Press, 1991-1992. Community Service · Judge, Rutledge Scholarship in Creative Writing, SC Department of Education, 2013-2014.
Madden 18 · Board of Directors, SC Equality, 2004-2009; Chair 2006. · Board of Directors, Fund for Southern Communities (regional social justice nonprofit based in Atlanta), 2005-2009; grants committee 2005 and 2006. · Board of Directors, Leadership Columbia Alumni Association, 2002-2007; Chair 2006-2007; Vice President of Programs 2003-2004, 2004-2005. · President, Board of Directors, SC Gay and Lesbian Community Center, 2005. Curriculum Vitae last updated 7 April 2014.


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