Deep Ecology and Development of Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation, SI Kretov

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Content: Sergey I. Kretov Dr.Sc.(Econ) Russian Academy for Entrepreneurship, Research Center, Head Deep Ecology and Development of Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation Key words. humanistic social-economic formation, productive forces, production relations, superstructure, paper laws, humans' activity motivation, autopoiesis, complexity theory, innovations, complex systems, subsystems, associated property, pattern, theoretical model, bifurcation point, Kondratiev's technological waves, capitalitarism. F.Fukuyama was, to some extent, right with slogan: "The end of History". The history of capitalitarizm is really ending. So called "market economy" had transformed to the forced monopoly of dozen transnational corporations and extreme financizm. For the TNC's national borders, governments, elections and so on are of no sense and value. Profit, profit and capitalization on the desert of the destroyed Nature. "Deep ecology" by F.Capra (Berkley) is the science of survival of Humanity. Current civilization crisis exerts its influence actually on all spheres of human activities here are: economic and ecological crisis, ideological crisis, educational, scientific and demographic crisis as well... This list can be continued virtually endlessly. 1
As the historical analogue of the unfolding crisis one might regard the crisis of the brilliant Greek-Romanian civilization and the follow-on uncontrollable submerging of the European population into the darkness of the medieval world for long centuries. Just a very few people are aware, that this crisis was not the first one of this scale. When people mainly survived by hunting in early prehistoric period, they nearly exterminated all big animals (including the famous mammoths) which resulted in terrible hunger. There are some estimates that human population fell down as low as several tens of thousands species. After that people began cattle breeding and farming agriculture and in the final count a sequence of the well-known socio-economic formations ­ slavery, feudalism, capitalism were formed. Galbraith J.K. in his "The New Industrial State" (8, 130-131) vividly showed that the main driving force in the development of mankind during these periods was the contradiction between owners and laborers. In Mark's words the domination of the population minority over the majority of demos, guarded by artificially created and being transformed into the "sacred" status so called "paper laws", which fixed different forms of social injustice and inequality. It is worthy to remark that demos' dynamics of fighting for its rights throughout the history was positive. And just this fighting in the dark kingdom of exploitation is the bright sunny ray showing human civilization the way to the world of humanism and prosperity. This process is based on the consciousness evolution which nobody used to take into account while thinking about past, nowadays and future. Apologetic support of the private-share principle of appropriation of the product manufactured by the public labor in global scale by world Ruling System creates historically inevitable and objective condition for the formation of revolutionary situation and spontaneous demolition of the main constructive frameworks of every next formation based on principles of exploitation and fetishism. On the top of our society are not the best out of the best by wisdom, bravery, honor etc, as described by Confucy, but the biggest shareholders and fantasists. Everybody knows the famous phrase of billionaire-shareholder: "I can explain each single dollar I had made, provided you will not ask me about my first million." Now it is difficult to find the thinker who is more independent of power, as used to be P.G.Prudon. His ideas about natural law of Universe "Do not steal", long before the above cited picturesque phrase of the billionaire, allowed to formulate after Cesaurus the Geisterbach (His formula was much more strict: "Each reach one is either thief or his ancestor") the famous aphorism "Property is theft". This is true since the rest of living creatures are developing for million years without juridical legalization of property rights and, probably due to this phenomena, do not start world wars for the redistribution of the property "by law". The shareholding leaders (TNC's benefit owners) of contemporary world cannot get out of the frameworks of their own and their countries' egoistic economic interests. Barak Obama, addressing to the US Congress on January 24, 2012 outlined the specific features of current crises and called to transform world economy in such a way, that the incomes of citizens should be tied up to their contribution to creation of public product. He consciously did not say a word about the necessity of humanistic distribution of product, created by global economy. All realistically thinking politicians and scientists today come to recognition, that financial markets turned from the driving force of development into the parasite-killers, who in order to save their short time profits are ready to sacrifice whole global economy. Political leaders of contemporary world cannot reach agreement on any serious problem. For example, in November 26, 2012 the XVIII Conference on Climate Changes was held with the aim of adopting the new environment protection treaty. This summit has brought nothing, but disappointment. Neither USA nor their satellites are not only unable to offer the world any optimistic and overwhelming idea but they even cannot property explain how it is possible under the market economy conditions with profit maximization by all means to preserve the environment for whole mankind. The principle destructive force of contemporary civilization is not the terrorism. It is financial capital, which lost all connections with the problems of human survival on Earth and drove all the developed countries into permanent and endless debt crisis. For more than a century 25, so called, developed countries boasted their high living standards draining through artificially 2
made finance and exchange instruments from the others all kinds of resources starting from slaves and including gold, oil and pure water. In other words they were not only living at the others' expense but they even were proud of it. Through this point of view the theory of the inclusive and extractive institutions as the key point of the prosperity by Acemoglu D., Robinson J.A., North D.C. and others looks like a bad joke. But any bubble, even as attractive as for instance prosperous consumers' society leaving in debts, sooner or later plunges into the bifurcation point. So it was and so it will be. So are the laws of Nature. If we put aside the historical zigzags, it is clear that the base of the all global crises are sharpening contradiction between the global character of manufacturing and appropriation of the results of this public manufacturing (production) by a few, but incognito, TNC owners. The degree of global character of production is increasing constantly and gradually along with the development of productive forces. The greater part of public product private character of appropriation by the narrow layer of world oligarchs was subjectively fixed by "paper laws". Initially these were the laws of slavery, later the feudalism and now these are the share laws of died Roma. All the difference between former and latter ­ is the degree of cynicism. The economical and social development is slowed down by these laws, they are responsible for crisis including current civilization crisis, masked by the "principle shareholders" as debt crisis. But as it was once formulated by 16th US President A. Lincoln: "You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time". Besides the eternal laws, which can be found, for example, in religious books, all other paper laws are easily being changed in the interest of each historically new just coming to power ruling elite1 (subsystem of a larger complex system ­ current socio-economic formation as theoretically possible model of human society existence at given stage of technological development i.e. phase of Kondratiev's waves). Periodically passing through crises, the system of paper laws is not self exterminating, but it is developing towards better harmonization with the laws of Nature. Paper laws in no way can be the base for evaluation any process from the stand point of its justification, initiated by people at least for two reasons. First is their targeting or principle task of paper laws. The ruling subsystem require from their obedient supporters-lawmakers and layers to reach the main goal: to create for their existential paradigm of majority peoples' exploitation the new cover of paper laws in such a way, that rank and file people could not discover the cynicism of this situation as long as possible. This is just one of the causes which defines the duration of natural existence of one or another model of each new socio-economic formation, At the end of each of the system enters the point of structural crises and eventually transforms into another form with new paper laws. Another reason is the creators of these paper laws. The existing system of law-makers selection is in deep contradiction with formation principles of Confucy's "team of noble men", who should forget about their personal selfish interests, when entering the public service, and start to serve their nation. Superposition of these two "democratically perverted" principles makes all efforts of any honest, just and noble man, who tries on functional level to correct methodological faults in relations between the ruling subsystem and the guided one, absolutely deprived of even slight perspective.2 In modern history, only a single personality, contrary to the objective laws of capitalitarism (as we discovered, capitalism and "real socialism" in 20th century were nothing else but only two theoretically possible models of the same pattern of the industrially developed society existence)3 and regardless on the efforts of "democratic world" to put hands on Russia's natural resources4 had managed with the help of paper laws' system to create and show the world principally new type of society ­ the Soviet society. Throughout years of its survival, humanity has created more than 30 million of "paper laws" to reach the realization of 10 godly commandments, but failed. Historical experience shows, that the process of laws' development was a logical evolution from slavery to more 3
progressive social-economic formations on the way to harmonization with the laws of Nature (Deep Ecology). If we speak about essence of biological life on Earth, it can be characterized by 3 components: - First of all it is a matter and methods of different natural transformations of energy according to the laws of thermodynamics. This component is being researched by all natural sciences about "artificial", including physics, chemistry, mathematics and others. - Secondly, it is a cell, as a complicated micro component, capable for self organization and self development in direction opposite the second law of thermodynamics. The cell, moving away from thermal balance increases its degree of order, i.e. decreases entropy. - Thirdly, it is a macro process of "blind" species evolution, which is the key to integrated understanding of the biological life on Earth in its current form of organization and development essence. Biological species Homo Sapience received at least 4 unique qualities: independent will, self consciousness, imagination and dignity. These qualities and according to some experts estimations' 14-120 unique gens differ a Man from other Fauna representative of the Planet. The counted unquestionable advantages created the opportunity for the people to communicate by language. Animals' language is a language of relations. Its role is to demonstrate relations between species and do not allow to lie. Human's language is symbolic. Its inbuilt character and possibilities allow to deliver only part of information, to distort, it and simply lie. Biological life on Earth as complex and complete system is based on the principles of collectivism and cooperation. Humanity is only a small part of Nature and it cannot conquer the whole no matter what "paper laws" it conceived. Scientific and technological achievements are only the process which provides more resources, accessible for future generations, as it used to be in Nature all previous 2 billion years. F.Capra is teaching his 3-6 year old students to fight with the present day practice of destroying environment in return of enlarged profits of minority. God help him. And the process leading to exhaustion of recourses and polluting environment accelerated by mankind in the past few centuries of life existence on Earth can only be called regress. Regress of humanity is brightly illustrated by the authors of Report "Interdependence of Great Britain". If the world could consume as much as Americans, 5 planets resources were not enough for us. Now, after the disappearance of the Soviet Union, the Americans, who speeded up the flywheel of consumption during the race of two systems, do not need any more to increase consumption of their population further to provide the gap from the growing level of living standards in the USSR. So, under the ideological mask of the global structural crisis antisocial forces of Western countries­debtors make cuts on salaries and pensions of the men from the street; cancel all the privileges and benefits avoiding to touch the interests of the main initiators of current civilization crisis ­ 1% of principle shareholders. In not so long ago prosperous countries the movement "Grab the Wall-street" and the slogan "You are 1%, we are 99%" appeared. The essence of these protests is simple. The "paper laws" of private appropriation the results of public labor designed to serve the interests of 1% of the Ruling subsystem came into irreconcilable antagonistic contradiction with global character of material values manufacturing. Consequently, the "paper laws" worshiping physical domination of a person over another person were ousted: slavery and feudal dependence. Now the laws of market economy are approaching the end of their potentiality for the development. This is the main cause of current civilization crisis. Scientists, states, political and public figures, as well as businessmen, are all finding it hard to understand that the present economic crisis is the continuation of a longstanding world crisis of industrial and capitalist civilization. Oswald Spengler predicted today's situation in 1918, in his famous bestseller "Decline of the West". About capitalist industrialism, he said: "nothing stays forever, all things must pass". The "Long Depression" (1870-1900) and Great Depression (1929-40) were another cycles in the same crisis; today, we 4
are truly in the agonies of an aged economic civilization. The end of the new bifurcation point is near. Once again in human history public (global) character of production fell into uncompromising contradiction with private (by TNC's beneficiaries) character of appropriation the other's people labor by minority of population. One can argue on the information published by different sources on the point that the World is run by 300, 100 or 50 companies, or a single one in which 30% of shares belong to the Rotchilds and 70% of shares belong to the Rockfellers. But this is not crucial. In any case it is clear, that only a small group of people far less than 1% of population imposes its rules on the World in the form of "paper laws". And the more global the World is becoming, the less is the percentage of these principle shareholders. World community has to keep in mind that technological progress allows nowadays less people in absolute and relative proportion to work at production sectors of economy. In other words the industrial majority radically decreases in quantity in connection with economy innovation progress. Industrial revolution era proletariat looked like numerous grave digger for capitalism, but failed, because due to technological progress, the productive sectors of economics demanded more and more well educated people ­ engineers and technician and less physical labor. The non-productive sectors also demanded more and more educated people. So decreasing in its numbers working class gave birth to more powerful social force ­ well educated demos, whose mind, after having received knowledge and thus having got the impulse for their brains, can never stop thinking further. Sooner or later this thinking brain will discover the injustice of the social life in the world and definitely will start thinking how it should be corrected. Educated people are increasing in numbers ­ absolutely and proportionally. Our civilization can not survive without educating people, educated people inevitably start thinking - thus international intellectual vanguard, is being created which will definitely master surely bloodless intellectual revolution and will boost the construction of humanistic relations not only on professional matters, but other things including social life ­ this process is going on all over the world. So the moment came when the natural process of market's economy laws demolition had begun, and the social machinery objectively necessary for transition to the new progressive Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation (HSEF) starts to form. Of course, tremendous efforts are exerted by the Ruling subsystem in order to distract peoples' interest to understand realities of social life. First of all, so called Western system of education always was orientated to give deep but very narrow knowledge to people, so that they will not be interested in anything, but their professional field of activity in difference, for example, to the Soviet educational system. Nowadays, former Soviet system of education in Russia is being dismantled in order to give people only functional knowledge, trying to avoid by all means the awakening of their thinking on the problems of justice in social life. Modern literature producing piles of fantasy books full of fairy tales personages, films, completely out of any relations with our reality, strange public movements, senseless and aimless, information distortion, withholding and many other things are designed to prove that current way of life will exist eternally and there is no any alternative to it. This is supported by certain "scientists" trying to prove the point: quote "Unfortunately, we can hardly imagine our future in all its technological glory. Scientists continue to debate the form our future will take. However, we should discount nothing since all things are possible. The future is steadily making its way towards every one of us". Which is the right path - one that will prevent holocaust and wasted effort? Surely, it is that which is logical and draws from past experience5, world history has much to teach us regarding the past, present and future. The history of humanity derives from the history of human development: science, technology, national identity, economics, legal, politics and spiritual culture. It is easiest to discuss logical theories where there is a scientific base and where we accept that the spheres of science, technology, national identity, economics, politics, legal and spirituality are 5
interconnected. Science finds application in technology and the form of the technology preconditions the development of society - such is the objective logic of world history6. If we understand the objective logic of world history, we can comprehend the overall strategy of human development. We can correctly evaluate our past, present and future while scientifically determining the historical place of our modern global economic depression. We can then visualize how to overcome it. To our deep regret, it's impossible to identify the objective logic of world history in terms of science. Our lack of knowledge concerning this logic has scientists from all over the world unable to formulate a strategic CONCEPT of world society development (and how it is used by the Ruling subsystem to direct actions). American sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein states: "It seems to me that we roam a somber forest, not understanding which direction to follow. I deem that we need to discuss our path together as soon as possible at world level".7 The words of the great 19th Century Russian dramatist Alexander Ostrovsky ring true for our times: "Sure, we move forward, and we find ourselves somewhere, but we - like those who lead us - don't know where. What will be the result?" It is a classic truth". Unquote. But this is not true, and nobody can deceive all for all time. Sooner or later and we hope that it will rather happen sooner, people will see this real alternative ­ emergence of humanistic social economic formation. At that, it is necessary to keep in mind that basic vital requirements of a man little changed in historical perspective. Vital needs do not tend to unlimited growth that is why their satisfaction cannot be the reason for ecological crisis. The main part of energy and material growth in the innovatively developed societies are connected with consumption items of ceremonial and prestige character. In this sphere the products most often wear out not materially, but morally, and the growth of consumption is theoretically unlimited. This growth became one of the main driving forces of contemporary ecological crisis. To describe the snob consumption (this is consumption initiated by the wish to dominate over the other people by demonstration of capital and things) yet in the last century the term "wasting" was introduced. This accumulation of useless items, transformation of grain into alcohol with the follow on excessive ritual drinking, pompous ­ monumental construction, arms race, wars etc. The purpose of innovation activity is the satisfaction of peoples' vital needs by the most effective means. Snob consumption of the modern society and the connected with it industry of excessive production of "goods for prestige" causing harm to Nature are not a priori the progress of civilization. With the development of productive forces more and more people on the planet get their means for living from scientific, cultural, educational, medical activities and other services in the process of material values redistribution, produced in material production sphere. The task of forming modern paradigm of fairer appropriation and redistribution of public labor products is a key factor to the conscious and bloodless way-out from the global civilization crisis. It is worth paying attention on the following. Antagonistic slave society got lost in history, both slaves and slave' owners disappeared. They were dismissed by the feudal lords and peasants, who in turn, lost their grounds to bourgeois shareholders and "salary paid" proletariat. However, as a result of Russian October Revolution, the new actors did not appear on the historical scene. One of the two antagonists namely the working class took over and made an attempt to build new society, physically having attempted to exterminate his adversary. Theoretically the idea was not so bad, but it failed, because the ancestors of those who took the power in October, already in the third generation have become the bourgeois themselves through the social mechanism of bureaucratic state apparatus. They would like to appropriate all what was created by the society during previous 70 years. The result of social experiment when working class was acting in the absence of its antipode was historically depraved of perspective because as Russian proverb says: "Sacred spot cannot be empty for long time". So similarly as in ancient times in one of the states on the territory of modern China the slaves exterminated all slave owners, took power and inevitably under the irresistible pressure of historically predetermined interaction between 6
productive forces, production relations and political structure, themselves became slave owners, the follow-on development of the Soviet society gave birth to "new Russians" of modern times. It is clear now from the stand point of Complexity theory that it could not be otherwise since both systems (capitalist and socialist) were rooted on the same technological base. Hence capitalism is autopoiesisis system and socialism is not. That is why capitalism turned out to be more vital at this stage. According to the Kondratiev's theory of technological waves, the aggregate of new productive forces based on the integration of Chrono, Nano, Bio, Info, Cognitive and Gravity technologies will create the base for coming new socio ­ economic construction of future Human civilization on Earth. The sixth technological mode will start influencing the life processes on Earth already in 5 ­ 10 years. The scientists named it NBIC ­ convergence, i.e. convergence of Nano, Bio, Info and Cognitive technologies. Here the term "Nano" in general characterizers future deepening knowledge of matter structure. The "Bio" component opens up the break troughs in life research. The "Cogni" component is responsible for research into the enigma of intellect. "Info" component of the future convergence describes new methods of information interchange, unthinkable even in futurological prognosis. It is necessary to underline specially, that this generally, accepted formulae of the 6-th technological mode is not complete from our standpoint. We think that one of the main component of the future technologies would be "Chrono" component (as well as Gravitation nature), which might be able to open for humanity the new understanding of the time, as the change of matter towards the chaos (positive time) and the developing of essence of all living things ­ the cell in the opposite direction (negative time). This new understanding might change our views on metric and topologic structure of space and time and would define the progress of all the other components. Chrono ­ Gravity - NBIC ­ convergence apart from purely technological innovations will change considerably philosophical, cultural and social paradigm of society. fundamental concepts: nature, existence, life, human being, intellect and many others will be radically revised. Therefore the 6-th technological mode might well be regarded as humanitarian mode. This mode will basically change the relation between human beings and Nature. Its development within the frameworks of the market paradigm ­ to get the maximum profit by all means is impossible a priori, because profitable strategies are linear, but living process can not be described by linear functions.8 At that, one has to take into consideration, that innovative development might give birth to the phenomenon of so called Technological Singularity, when innovative perfection and technological growth of complexity leads to the creation of biotechnical systems whose intellectual potential exceeds that of a human beings not only in the information processing, but also in the sphere of euristic (hruristic?) generation of the new knowledge. Computers contrary to the intentions of their creators might get on the basis of their uncontrollable complexity growth, their own form of "consciousness". So, the newly emerging superhuman intellect will create on Earth the situation similar to that when human beings appeared. In this case we shall all face at least the necessity of some juridical regulations between these two different types of intellects. Well developed production forces along with fairer form of appropriation and redistribution of the product created by global public labor, will objectively direct our civilization to the stage of the new Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation. The essence of any socio-economic formation just in the same way as biological life on Earth (see above) can be defined by 3 components. These are: - capital infrastructure - productive forces; - economic relations (relations between participants in the process of product manufacturing); - political structure (organizational form of society existence); At any historical stage, these 3 general components of pattern of organization used to be materialized in some specific theoretical models, beginning from slavery to Current Capitalism- 7
socialism (capitalitarizm, as we showed above there is no principal difference between these two). Global historical process has quite an objective character of general and universal law of Nature. Man's consciousness evolution drives him to the designing more and more effective means of "Nature conquest", in principle called productive forces. The ruling caste always tries to channel all benefits of these innovations in its own favor with the help of appropriate paper laws. This inequality is evident in the tremendous gap between level and life standards of Ruling subsystem and the rest of population. When public changes accumulate up to certain volume, the crises between higher and lower levels appears. The Ruling subsystem starts to transform under the pressure of objective changes. It generates for itself the new paper laws and after the period of social turmoil and turbulence typical for bifurcation point, it appears in a new image. Notable, that at each step up the historical chain from slaves to peasants and then workers the Ruling subsystem has to give more rights to laborers. Philosophical assumption of historical experience makes evident that within old ratio between ruling caste and laborers it is impossible to create new socio-economic formation. Never ever an old society divided into two groups ­ the ruling one and the ruled could create a new socio-economic formation, but only by the objective development of the productive forces and follow-on perfection of the economic relations. The new, objectively being born in our world, Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation is the result of previous stages which brought the humanity at the brink ­ further linear development is no longer possible. There must be great leap forward ­ too many educated people, far too great pressure on Nature, too great social inequality, too few people are in position to choose future for humanity with uncertain degree of responsibility and qualification. One of the crucial problems in any socio-economic formation throughout the history of humanity is the problem of property, around which a lot of myths were created. In Nature, the animal's or flock's property for living (vital) resources is defined exclusively by force. It is not inherited and in the most general form serves the prosperity of this kind of species. If one introduced unnatural Human Rights for property in the biological world, the general degradation would not be far away. The nature is too wise and does not allow such stupidity in its fundamental evolutionary solutions, as Human Sapience can afford. A man, whose ancestors won the right for property with their teeth and nails, step by step added to this inventory a knife, javelin, machine-gun, an A-bomb. Physical fight for vital resources with these amplifiers for teeth and nails became very destructive. Therefore human consciousness designed paper laws which basically established rules of comparison the forces in conflict for resources and property distribution in consideration and in proportion with the strength of the parties. Category "private property" is exclusively the result of paper laws application, which are designed to regulate conditions and rules of strength use in a problem of resources distribution. There is no such phenomena in Nature, but there is right of property on the fact of real force manifestation. Natural law for property possession exists billion years on the Planet and there was not a single case of world war in order to redistribute the property. The humanity with its paper laws is always missing something and it constantly and massively exterminates its kind. At that it is worth to underline the wars are going on not for vital resources, which could be somehow justified, but for resources necessary to satisfy snob consumption of the few at the expense of many. If to perform scientific analyses of property forms, it would be the best to use classic methods of historic and logical research. It is agreed, that all the rights for property defined not by the physical strength, but power of paper law are integrally called the rights of private property. Therefore, living aside many historical zigzags, one can form the following hierarchy if property forms. Natural rights of property in living Nature before appearance of paper laws: - individual property of a being by physical strength; - collective property of a flock by physical strength; 8
Property right in human society fixed by paper laws: - individual (private) property; - collective (private) property; - public (private) property; (socialism) - associated (private) property; (future) - planetary (private) property. (long future) According to mathematics rules, the term "private" can be taken away from the brackets, and there is logical chain of property: individual - collective - public - associated - planetary. Hence it becomes clear, for example, the deficiency of Russian reforms. Instead of simplification of public property back to individual one it should have been developed into higher stage ­ associated property. By the way it is distinct trend in the leading Western countries, where concept of private property democratization is developing, especially on the level of big transnational corporations by transformation into public collective property distributing their shares among the population. The concept of mutual, reciprocal and pension funds raises the level of collective security even higher up to global scale of associated property. Nowadays individual property on large scale enterprises is very rare in the Western economy ­ these are the realities of modern world. In quantity small and middle size business look solid, but in resources under their disposal, especially natural and intellectual, millions of small companies are much less than just a few really big corporations, whose capitals are split in millions shares which belong directly or indirectly to millions of people. So, the trend is evident. In Russia, the situation is more complicated nowadays. Generally speaking, USSR as whole and its economy in particular, were the biggest in the world capitulatory joint stock enterprise "USSR", and its citizens were its shareholders. But it was totally destroyed during Gorbachev's perestroyka and following "historical treachery" of Eltsin's era. Its capitalization decreased by several thousand times and the property was returned on the lower level of individual private property. (Though, it was done on the base of newly created paper laws in a very big hurry. As a result, a critical fault was made in the process of so called "privatization" in Russia in early 90th, which makes all this undertaking illegal). It is clear now, after just so few years past that the state property should have been developed into higher stage ­ associated property. This can easily be seen from the brief analyses of the property essence9. Without going into the depth of epistemology10, we state that pattern (subconscious image) of property relations for people generally consists of 3 components: possession, usage and disposal. In simple words the owner has all these 3 rights simultaneously. If one of these components is missing, one cannot call owner the person who has only the other 2 components. Since historically these universal and unitary pattern components of property took different possible forms, the current ruling subsystem created different theoretic models of property relations corresponding to historical moment. In Russia, during privatization, only rights of usage and disposal were conveyed to the new owners. But in no way the right of possession was transferred from shareholders of JSC "USSR" to any of so called "new Russians". In any case, all indicators of property relations development under the conditions of modern global civilization crises11 and analysis of previous historical trends unquestionably show that both Russian property on paper law as well as individual private property became the obstacle for economic development on the way to sixth technological mode in the interest of financial speculations of separate individual and even certain countries. But property in the world becomes more and more public, takes associative character, which corresponds to the level of productive forces development. So, we close this item by description of those components of subconscious image which in general is called associated property of citizens. It is a basic category of future humanistic model of vital consumption economy: - "possession" ­ this is the result of property rights and interests restoration for people, who where unjustly deprived their individual shares of private collective property on natural resources and productive forces; 9
- "usage" ­ this is the process of voluntary delegation by citizens their rights to the most qualified managers who are acting in the interest of citizens-owners and under their tight scrutiny. Associated citizens property (ACP) guarantees free and equal access of all citizensowners to the results of ACP functioning, including dividends and if necessary the opportunity to become one of its managers; - "disposal" ­ this is the method of solution the task of gradual life level improvement which does not allow the jobs liquidation without creation of the new more productive jobs. Main governing body of such an establishment is the Council, elected by associated owners. Democratic character of the decisions, taken in a process of management is unquestionably following the principle "won-won". In other words, all owners in case of any changes in a system (reforms) should not loose but win. Historical mission of contemporary politicians and scientists is to transfer current public protest of millions of peoples into the progressive movement on the way to create Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation (DOBROSTROY) on Earth. The inevitable and objective process of markets laws of appropriation by the minority the results of the majority labor demolition started now. In order to solve the accumulated problems shortly mentioned above the new socioeconomic formation has to have the following specific features: Productive forces ­ these are already so well developed that only minority of Earth population is required in the sphere of material production. Majority of people work in the sphere of redistribution the product, in non-material sphere, so the needs for public control and regulation in this sphere increase considerably. Economic relations of the Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation will provide fairer distribution of the created public product, not with the help of "invisible market hand", but on the basis of scientific Theory of Optimal Functioning of Economy (for the development of which the American economist of Russian origin V.V.Leontiev and the Soviet scientist L.V.Kantorovich were awarded the Noble prize) realized in practice with the help of modern supercomputers and other technologies of the sixth technological mode. At that, the well being of the majority of people will improve in one leap because of the new conditions for public product distribution optimization, while pressure on planet environment will considerable lessen due to optimization of production and consumption. Political structure of Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation for the first time in the history of mankind will be developed by the humanistic paper laws into the institutions designed to serve not the elite groups but majority of population. The stages of conscious and controlled transition from current global crisis to the future Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation in the most general features one may express the following way: - first stage: there are poor people on the Planet, but there are no hungry ones; - second stage: there are poor people on the Planet, but there are no hungry and homeless ones; - third stage: there are no poor people on the Planet. This is realistic and reachable even without further growth of production, only due to restructuring of the production in accordance with the vital goals and fairer distribution of products created by public labor. All the objective conditions for mankind to take the new humanistic line of progress are evident. The material prerequisites for quick, step by step transition to the Humanistic SocioEconomic Formation are created by humanity. It seems that a rather numerous social force is being formed as well. This is intellectual vanguard of human beings who could enter the scene as the "new historical personality" capable to take the responsibility for creation and further movement forward of the new Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation. The most educated, moral and responsible part of society should take this role. Confucy called them "noble men". It's difficult to formulate more precise. 10
One of the big mistakes of the USSR leadership was the persistent ignoring the fact of serious social changes taking place in the Soviet society after the World War II. The agricultural population drastically decreased, higher educational establishments were preparing averagely up to one million of highly qualified specialists. Inevitably, along with the growth of complexity and development of the Soviet economy, the number of people engaged in the process of management was growing. But Soviet CPSU leaders persistently kept to the dogma: "for one intellectual we have to admit to the ruling party two workers". It was done in proportion for Party membership, and without this membership the career growth looked very dubious. Although, who are, in fact, a man in charge of the automatic programmable Machine Tools line at the factory or an engineer in one of the departments of any industrial branch Ministry of the USSR or a technician working in one of the USSR space centers? These are exactly the representatives of this forming new social force - intellectual vanguard. Just the noblest men, the intellectual vanguard of society where the principle of meritocracy is realized i.e. the personality is valued by its personal merits and not by the heritage, relations, shareholding capital or degree of devotion to the higher chef, should take the burden of responsibility for transition to and further smooth development of this new socio-economic formation. The essence of social and political machinery functioning of Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation as the civilization of the Future one can outline in the following the most general and inseparable principles: - Morality is more valuable than material side of life; - Future survival is more important than the current profits and benefits; - Public ideals are more significant than individual and private interests; - Any Faith is more considerable than its absence; - Justice is more preferable than paper laws; - Family with children is more natural than isolated individualist; - human responsibilities are more significant than rights of individuals. The mission of intellectual vanguard, as the society-leader, must become the following thesis: the honest, wise, just, whole hearted and naturally non aggressive essence should be demonstrated with the same energy, pressure and attacking style as the adepts of totalitarian shareholding slavery are imposing on us destructiveness, deficiency, fetishist ideals and the consumption ideology. If intellectual vanguard do not demonstrate his dignities, nobody will ever learn about them. Ideas of Deep Ecology will be covered by tar and burned in the furnace of history, speeding up the projects "Anti Demos" and pushing it further to degradation and destruction. Historically self formed social machinery and methods of controlling society, already do not satisfy the current demands and challenges. They are only capable to support their own homeostasis, exceptionally at expense of complete destabilization of the system under control, i.e. society, having pushed it into political and economic dead-ends, depriving it any of perspective for further development. The new Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation being born should bring around the new form of informational civil society which in turn will build conceptually new humanistic state unique and unprecedented in its significance and essence. The new social force ­ intellectual vanguard will be responsible for the solution of the crucial policy and economy problems of the new state. Just the intellectual vanguard of the civil society will be forming the state of new type, will define the optimal parameters of social and political relations; will establish humanistic norms of behavior and consumption of its members according vital demands and Earth possibilities. The unique opportunity for decision-making by all members of the society will emerge under the conditions of intellectualization and humanization of mass media on the bases of uniform information space, which functionally, by definition, cannot be controlled by any elite group, class or authorities' structure (or criminal family), as is the case nowadays with many mass media and internet recourses. 11
Just in this case the term "democracy" will obtain its real sense because only the people, and as matter of fact each and every citizen of such state will not only have the right, but real opportunity personally to realize their right to participate in decision making in the most important public and state affairs, no matter whether these are adoption of the main laws of the state, or principles and strategies of the state policy or elections of any state functioneers. All the peoples' political will, states and their leaders, all UN member states is needed in order to humanize our relations according to the well known principle: "Man to man is friend and brother". We are at first the Earthlings and only then Canadians, Russians, Indians, Chinese, Americans, Africans etc. There is complete confidence in inevitability and expediency of conscious transition to the Humanistic Socio-Economic Formation in order to avoid for humanity many centuries of dark medieval period at the time of information revolution. We have consciously assessed it and our offer is to think about: "What Motherland we want to see for our children and, for grand children?" Literature 1. Aristotel, (2002) Politics. Translation S.A. Jebelova M.: Moscow. 2. Bateason G. (2002) Mind and Nature: a Necessity Unit. Hampton Press, Inc.,Cresscill, New Jersey,. 3. Bell, D., Kristol, I. (eds) (1981) The Crises in Economic Theory, New York: Basic Books. 4. Capra F. (1995) Web of Life. Anchor Books. A Division of Random Housr, inc., New York. 5. Chigirin I.I. (2008) White and dirty dots of history. J.V.Stalin's death enigma and some details of his rule. "Velikie Luki". 6. Eichner, A.S. (1984) Why economics is not yet a Science in Eichner (ed.). London: Macmillan. 7. Encyclopedia of economics. Political Economy. Publishing House "Soviet encyclopedia", Moscow, 1979. 8. Galbraith J.K. (1967) The New Industrial State, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. 9. Henry D. F. (1980) `Econometrics ­ Alchemy or Sciences?', Economica 47: 387-406. 10. Kara-Murza S.G. (2011) Soviet system collapse causes: preliminary analyses' results, Moscow, Scientific expert. 11. Kirby, M. W. (1992) The Intrinsic Limits of Modern Economics Theory: The Emperor has no closes, Economic Journal 99 (395). 12. Kretov S. I. (2012) Innovations as a Form of Evolution of Consciousness (Complexity Theory). Germany, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. [] 13. Maliavin V. (2007) Confucy, Publishing House "Molodaya Gvardia". 14. Marx K., Engels F., Politizdat, 2-nd edition. 15. Ormerod, P. (1994) The Deth of Economics, London: Faber and Faber. 16. Oz A. (2005) Story of love and darkness. Tel-Aviv, Ediot Ahronot. 17. Prigogine I., Stengers I. (1984) Order out of Chaos. 18. Fursov A.I. (2007) On the eve of millennia storm http:/ 19. VEDOMOSTI daily, "And three worlds are not enough", 72(1599), 24.04.2006. 20. Ward B. (1972) What's Wrong With Economics? London: Macmillan. 21. Weeks F. John. (2014). Economic of the 1%. How mainstream Economics serves the rich, observes reality and distorts policy. L., - N. Y.: Anthem Press. 22. Wiles, P. and Routh, E. (1984) Economic in Disarray, Oxford: Basil Blacwell. 12
Abstract. Already for many years human civilization has been submerged into constantly deepening crisis. The most intelligent scientists and politicians start to understand that the way out of it can no longer be reached by the traditional methods. Current crisis' depth and historical retrospective indicate that we reached in our history the new turning point - the nature conquerors' crisis in the frameworks of the market paradigm. What can wait us ahead? There are two opportunities ­ either the world goes the way it goes now and it is becoming clear to every thinking personality that this is the dead end, or some principle backbones, on which the current order of human existence are based, must be changed. This anticipation of an acute need for changes troubles one way or another everybody on Earth without exclusion. Dead end in current paradigm means that in order to continue survival without principle changes in society set up, the population of Earth must be drastically cut down ­ otherwise planetary resources will be exhausted in relatively short time. So under existing laws of private property worshipping, inevitably humanity will be split in two unequal parts ­ those few "who have got", and those who will be allowed to serve the firsts. And their number will be strictly controlled ­ no more than 400-500 million persons. Then such an establishment can exist for quite a long time. But, of course, apart from this dull perspective, the humanity might have much brighter and intelligent future ­ the choice is ours... The subject of this article is the attempt to find and outline in general terms these more intelligent ways for possible future development of human society. We understand, that in principle, any problem has more, then one solution. Moreover so is the one, we are researching here. At the same time, we observe not so many efforts in scientific circles, dedicated to this particular topic, especially in Russia. Sometimes, it looks like as if we really reached the possible top in social development and this is "the end of history" as F. Fucuyama put in. We think that it is simply impossible ­ all history of Humanity proves it. This work is aimed to boost the discussion about the possible ways of our future ­ how it might look, how we can reach what we desire, what forces drive the historic process, who is responsible for the situation etc. Note 1 Remember the movement "We are 99%, you are 1%". 2 Confucy believed, that the ruling subsystem is the godly gift and all have to subject unquestionably. At that, the main laws of relations between people are traditions, which are implicit and obligatory. But his wisdom went further. Now it is called "open management". First tradition stated, that if the Ruler takes care not about the interests of the subsystem guided by him, but about his personal interests, the people could deprive him of life. We can only guess, how the laws generated by the ruling subsystem could change, if people whose rights were violated by the new law would have the possibility to execute such law-makers. 3 The similarity between these two models is evident not only in the superficial details, like socialist competition ­ capitalist competition, cost-accounting ­ profit etc. but in much deeper phenomena. For example both systems had to use for its dynamic industrial development extraordinary measures: colonization of the less developed countries by Europeans with considerable human casualties, virtual extermination of native population, especially in North America, GULAG system in the USSR. 4See in more details: Fursov A.I. Psychohistorical war. Hidden personalities of global management and history faulsification. 5 In the early 1920s, Oswald Spengler - a famous German philosopher, historian and founder of modern philosophy - wrote his world-known best-seller "Decline of the West". He was the first to predict the future with some accuracy. He saw: "It is evident that no one has yet realized a solution to such an immense problem. If they have realized a solution, perhaps they lack the necessary means or have used their resources badly". Spengler understood that the future of European culture would be based on world history. It was not by accident that the Great German posed a question at the very beginning of his masterpiece: "Is there any logic in history?' Unfortunately, the distinguished scholar left no scientific ground for this logic. Objective logic is evident in world historical processes but world history logic lacks a theoretical basis. The future is an uncertain path. This makes it difficult to give scientific explanations for social development - including the global economic depression of today". 6 The logic of history specified by us (via science - technology - society) is abstract. This abstraction chain is the subject for detailed analyses. 13
7 See: I. Wallerstein - "The End of the World as We Know It. Social Science for the 21st Century". - M.: Logos, 2003. 8 Strange attractors and fractal mathematics can explain the Nature processes more or less precisesly. 9 Kretov S.I. "Russian privatization from the complexity theory stand point". Scientific practical revew "Economics and property management", 4, 2013, . 2-13. [], Kretov S.I. "Privatization in Russia: myths and misunderstandings (Complexity Theory)" ( : ( )). Germany, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2015, 146 . []. 10 Epistemology is a classic science which represents the principle methodological base of any scientific research. It is the main instrument for research of complex system, when an observer himself is the participant of this or that scientific historical interpretation. In simple words epistemology is trying to find the answer for the question: "How it becomes possible, that a man can learn anything". 11 On reasons and results of modern crises read in more details: Kretov S.I. "Innovations as the form of consciousness evolution in the light of complexity theory" Germany, LAP, Lambert, Academic publishing, 2012. 14

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