Getting the most out of college, AW Chickering, NK Schlossberg

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Content: [Read ebook] Getting the Most Out of College (2nd edition)
Getting the Most Out of College (2nd edition)
Getting the Most Out of College (2nd Edition) UM-81536 US/Data/Engineering-Transportation 4.5/5 From 360 Reviews Arthur W. Chickering, Nancy K. Schlossberg DOC | *audiobook | ebooks | Download PDF | ePub 6 of 12 people found the following review helpful. Better spent on beerBy Dave Leeper, Plowshares DirectorLike the other reviewer at the Univ. of Washington, I too was forced to purchase this book for a introduction class. This book was similar to some moron writing a book on how to tie your shoes or how to wipe from front to other words - common sense. I feel nothing but deep sorrow for the loss of trees and oxygen that went into the process of producing this book. Shame on you Chickering!6 of 13 people found the following review helpful. This book was a waste of timeBy A CustomerDuring my freshmen year at the University of Washington, I was forced to read this book(1st edition). It was the most worthless use of my time and money. It is full of suggestions such as "Join a Student Club to meet people" and "Ask your professor for help". The best part of the book was selling it back to the bookstore for $1. This comprehensive, hands-on guide is ideal as a lifelong resource for planning and action that readers can use anytime they move through a significant educational endeavor (not just college). They can use and reuse the guide to help them make the transition into new environments, new experiences, new activities; to maximize their learning in any situation; and to help them move on with their lives in ways that build on their knowledge, competence, and personal growth. Features an abundance of self-diagnostic exercises/planning activities and illustrative case studies. Your Purpose: You Can Learn More than You Think. Taking Stock. What Your Need to Know about Learning. Maximizing Learning from Courses and Classes. Maximizing Learning beyond Courses and Classes. Developing Mature Relationships. time management, Learning, and Test Taking. Taking Control and Keeping It. Seven Principles for Doing Your Best. Where Are Your Going from Here? Taking It with You. For "students" in any learning context.
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AW Chickering, NK Schlossberg

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