Object-oriented data warehouse design: building a star schema, WA Giovinazzo

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Content: [Read download] Object-Oriented data warehouse Design: Building A star schema
Object-Oriented Data Warehouse Design: Building A Star Schema
Object-Oriented Data Warehouse Design: Building A Star Schema NE-33963 US/Data/Computers-Technology 5/5 From 676 Reviews William A. Giovinazzo audiobook | *ebooks | Download PDF | ePub | DOC 26 of 26 people found the following review helpful. Get It Right The First TimeBy A CustomerIf you are just playing at Data warehousing, then get yourself a copy of one of those "The Doofus' Guide To Whatever" books. But, if you want to successfully implement an enterprise-level, mission-critical data warehouse, this is one book you will definitely want to have. "Object-Oriented Data Warehouse Design: Building A Star Schema" presented me with a new look at the whole Business Intelligence field. I am not even half way through and I can already see why some past projects ran into trouble and how I can avoid similar problems in the future.And this is not one of those unreadable academic tomes that you put on your bookshelf to impress your boss. I have to agree with Bill Inmon's foreword that Giovinazzo "strikes a fine balance between theory and practicality. Theories are explained in the cloth of practicality. rules of thumb and practical realities always have a touch of theory to explain the underlying philosophy." This is a very readable book with lots of immediately useful information without resorting to that "cookbook" approach. I especially enjoyed the discussion in Chapter 4, The Implementation Model, on multiple dimensions and translating them into a star schema. The whole object oriented approach to star schema design seems so logical, now that I have had it explained in such a clear, concise manner.BTW, the other book I wouldn't be without is Ralph Kimball's "The Data Warehouse Toolkit". But if you can only get one, get this one. (And if you manage a DW, I'd seriously consider investing in a copy for every person on the project. I think you'll be glad you did.)4 of 5 people found the following review helpful. A good difference that sets it apartBy Paulo C. Rios Jr.This is the one book that will explain to you what data warehouse design is all about. Many books have been written on relational Database Design. Many other books have been written on Data mining. And so many others on data warehouse design. Yet data warehouse has been so little understood. It may be because there are too many good books on Relational Databases and not so many good ones in data warehouse. With this one book the scenario may change. Finally people will
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WA Giovinazzo

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Title: Object-Oriented Data Warehouse Design: Building A Star Schema
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