Research Methods Business in Studies. Edition 4, SN Aisyiyah

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MADM 525A Research Methods and Quantitative Analysis
Russell. J
Title: Research Methods Business in Studies. Edition 4 Author: Pervez Ghauri, Kjell Gronhaug Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780273712046
MBU 324 Strategic Management Practices
Austin. D
Title: Strategic Management: Concept and Cases Author: David Publisher: Pearson ISBN: 9780134167848
MBU 356: international business MBU 505 project management MBU 505A Project Management MBU 514A Leadership Foundations MBU 516A-D1 Managing People & Performance
Brito. G Kushner. M Weiner. J Stacy. K Stacy. R
Title: International Business : A Managerial Perspective Author: Ricky W. Griffin, Mike W. Pustay Publisher: Prentice Hall ISBN: 9780133506297 Title: Project Management Author: Michael P. Kushner Publisher: MCG ISBN: 9781308822051 Title: Project Management Author: Larson Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies ISBN: 9780078096594 Title: Leadership: Theory and Practice Author: Peter G Northouse Publisher: SAGE Publication ISBN: 9781483317533 Title: Fundamentals of Management Author: Robbins Publisher: PESRSON ISBN: 9780134237473
MBU 516A-D2 Managing People & Performance MBU 533 Human resource management & Strategy MBU 533A HR Management & Strategy MBU 543A Labor Management Relations MBU 564A Compensation and Benefits MBU 594-01 Advance Topics in Project Management MBU 619A Strategy Plan & Implementation
Stacy. K Henderson. J Henderson. J Stacy. R Viehmyer. L Vargas. D Stacy. R
Title: Fundamentals of Management Author: Robbins, Stephen P., David A. DeCenzo, Mary Coulter Publisher: Pearson ISBN: 9780134237473 Title: Human Resource Management: An Experiential Approach Author: H. John Bernardin and Joyce E.A. Russell Publisher: McGraw-Hill ISBN: 9780078029165 Title: Human Resource Management: An Experiential Approach Author: H. John Bernardin and Joyce E.A. Russell Publisher: McGraw-Hill ISBN: 9780078029165 Title: Labor Relations and collective bargaining: Private and Public Sectors Author: Michael Carrell, Christina Heavrin Publisher: Pearson ISBN: 9780132730013 Title: The Handbook of Employee Benefits: Health and Group Benefits 7/E Author: Jerry Rosenbloom Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing ISBN: 9780071745987 Title: Strategic Compensation: A Human Recourse Management Approach Author: Joseph J. Martocchio Publisher: Prentice Hall ISBN: 9780133457100 Title: Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme Author: Robert K. Wysocki Publisher: Wiley ISBN: 9781118729168 Title: Strategic Management: Concept and Cases Author: David Publisher: Pearson ISBN: 9780134167848
MBU 630A Management of HR in the federal government MBU 635A Performance Mgt-Federal Sector MBU 652 Managerial Decision Making: Budgeting and Finance MBU 652A Managerial Decision Making: Budget and Finance MBU 667 Leading Organizational Change MBU 673/674 Master's Capstone MBU 673A/674A Master's Capstone MHU 152 Research and Composition
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MHU 363 African American Literature MHU 490 History of Media in the United States MID 100 Critical Thinking MID 464-01 Sociology
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MID 494-02 Management and Org Behavior MID 499 Senior Seminar MIS 107 Microcomputer Applications II MIS 240 management information systems MIS 431 Database Management Systems MIS 457 Emerging Environments MPH 303 Biomedical Ethics MPH 350 Philosophy of Religion MPH 490: Special Topics - Metaphysics MRE 275 The Medieval Christian Tradition
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MRE 490 Christology: Who Is Jesus MSM 514 Leadership Foundations MSM 533 Human Resource Management & Strategy MSM 566 Human Resource Training & Development MSM 619 Strategic Planning and Implementation MSM 667 Leading Organizational Change
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MSO 340 Human Service Administration MSO 384/584 Princ & Pract of Soc Entr MSO 450 Crisis Intervention MSO 490 Catholic Social Justice
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SN Aisyiyah

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