Say it like Obama, S Leanne, H Sơn

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Spring 2009
SAY IT LIKE OBAMA The Power of Speaking with Purpose and Vision Shelly Leanne
OCTOBER McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Leadership Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 208 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-161589-1 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-161589-X $21.95 Rights: World
Persuasive presentation and communication techniques from a precedent-setting, history-making leader From individual emails, to town hall audiences of under thirty, to rallies of more than 20,000, Barack Obama's speeches, letters, and webcasts have "fired up" more new supporters than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history. But his innovative communication techniques aren't only usable in politics--they can be tapped to motivate and mobilize teams, companies, and organizations of every size. From constructing effective arguments and facing tough issues to inspiring a workforce to new levels of productivity, Say it Like Obama has tools for managers and executives to instill positive change at every level of their organization. · Using excerpts from Obama's campaign speeches and public remarks, this book dissects his techniques of articulating, inspiring, and translating a vision into action · Leanne is president of the Wilshel Corporation, which has a client list that includes Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Goldman Sachs, the Vanguard Group, Citibank, Fidelity Investments, General Electric, General Motors, Dell, Bank of America and PepsiCo · Dr. Leanne's insights have been cited in and the Wall Street Journal Dr. Shelly Leanne (Fullerton, CA) gained experience working for McKinsey & Company and for Morgan Stanley in New York and London. She subsequently served as a full faculty member at Harvard University from 1997-2001, where she taught courses on social entrepreneurship and organizational design. Related McGraw-Hill Title: Harari: Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell Paperback · $16.95 978-0-07-141861-4 · 0-07-141861-X
McGraw-Hill 5 BAILOUT NATION How Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World Economy Barry Ritholtz
A Wall Street insider's look at how the Fed shifted risk to taxpayers, rewarded reckless risk, and damaged the economy Years of trying to control the economy with easy money has finally caught up with the Federal Government, and now its practice of repeatedly rescuing Wall Street is under acute scrutiny. In Bailout Nation, financial heavyweight and industry pundit Barry Ritholtz connects the dots to reveal how corporations were allowed to act irresponsibly, and why the consumer is left suffering in an economy of bubbles, inflation, and a devalued dollar. · Barry Ritholtz is a weekly guest on CNBC's "Kudlow & Company" and is a highly regarded money manager and industry analyst with a huge following · (formerly, the author's website, gets 1.5 million views each month, and his "RealMoney" column is one of the most popular at · Foreword by Bill Fleckenstein, author of Greenspan's Bubbles Barry Ritholtz (New York, NY) is CEO and director of equity research at, an online quantitative research firm. He regularly appears as an expert on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox, and PBS, and he is the author of the topranked financial weblog,The Big Picture, hailed by The Wall Street Journal as "what the in-crowd knows." Related McGraw-Hill Title: Fleckenstein: Greenspan's Bubbles Hardcover · $21.95 978-0-07-159158-4 · 0-07-159158-3
NOVEMBER 2008 McGraw-Hill · Business Hardcover · 5Ѕ Ч 8Ѕ · 208 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160905-0 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160905-9 $24.95 Rights: World
Spring 2009
FOURTH EDITION How to MAKE MONEY in STOCKS William J. O'Neil Praise for previous editions "The most useful stock market book in years." --Management Accounting "In O'Neil's opinion, a stock isn't unlike a car or a set of golf clubs-- you have to pay for quality.A winning system." --Personal Investor "A superb book, spelling out his investment strategies in plain English and O'Neilisms." --San Francisco Business Times "His very good advice comprises a mixture of three parts common sense and one part technical knowledge." --The American Spectator
The bestselling guide to buying stocks, from the founder of Investor's Business Daily--now completely revised and updated When it was first published, How to Make Money in Stocks hit the investing world like a jolt, providing readers with the first in-depth explanation of William J. O'Neil's innovative CAN SLIM investing method. This technique, based on an exhaustive study of the greatest stock market winners dating back to 1953, is a straightforward, seven-step process for minimizing risk, maximizing return, and finding stocks that are poised to perform. Five years later, O'Neil, founder of the industry icon Investor's Business Daily, revised his classic text and provided readers with a glimpse on how the average investor can make money in today's equities market. This fourth edition of How to Make Money in Stocks has been revised and updated with new chapters designed to help investors increase their performance in a turbulent economic climate. New discussions include: · Greater clarification of the key CAN SLIM investment strategy · New models of the greatest stock market winners that provide more basis for the ongoing effectiveness and superior performance of the CAN SLIM strategy · Fresh stock charts featured in two colors for easier analysis of trends · An invaluable guide on how to maximize both Investor's Business Daily and to find winning stocks · Real-world success stories from investors who have used this system · New information on portfolio management and the impact of hedge funds
McGraw-Hill 7
The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and USA Today business bestseller!
Released to coincide with the 25th anniversary celebration of Investor's Business Daily
William J. O'Neil (Los Angeles, CA) is the founder and chairman of Investor's Business Daily, one of the world's leading financial newspapers, and is internationally regarded as a foremost source of investment research and advice. He is also founder of William O'Neil + Company, a leader in equity market information and data research for more than 400 major institutional money managers worldwide.
Also from William J. O'Neil: 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success Paperback · $10.95 978-0-07-135754-8 0-07-135754-8 The Successful Investor Paperback · $14.95 978-0-07-142959-7 0-07-142959-X
APRIL McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Personal Finance/Investing Paperback · 6 Ч 9 · 288 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-161413-9 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-161413-3 $16.95 Previous ISBNs: 2002 978-0-07-137361-6 · 0-07-137361-6 Rights: World
Spring 2009
A PAPERB ACK ORIGINAL INVESTING IN Gold Mine HOUSES How to Uncover a Fortune Fixing Small, Ugly Rental Houses and Apartments Jay P. Decima, bestselling author of Investing in Fixer-Uppers
J A N UA RY McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Real Estate Paperback · 6 Ч 9 · 256 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160834-3 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160834-6 $21.95 Rights: World
The smartest investing options for today's market from a rental property expert Buying and renting out property can generate steady, reliable income year after year. No one knows this better than "Fixer Jay," the legendary house-fixer and do-it-yourself investor with more than forty-five years of experience. His step-by-step guide shows investors how to find the right property, fix it up, rent it out, increase income by 50 percent, and retire in style. · "Fixer Jay" is a famous real estate pro with his own website,"fixer" camps, newsletters, seminars, and home study products · Decima's previous books, including the bestselling Investing in Fixer-Uppers (McGraw-Hill, 2003), have sold more than 125,000 copies · Because it demonstrates a proven system to profitably renting houses in any market, this title is perfectly timed for today's economy · Decima is one of only a handful of real estate instructors to receive the coveted Recommended Rating from veteran landlord book writer and national rating expert John T. Reed Jay P. DeCima (Redding, CA) is best known as "Fixer Jay," the real estate developer who shares insider secrets in his popular House Fixer Camps, Trade Secrets newsletter, lectures, and home study training products. Also by Jay DeCima: Investing in Fixer-Uppers Paperback · $18.95 978-0-07-141433-3 · 0-07-141433-9 Start Small, Profit Big in Real Estate Paperback · $19.95 978-0-07-144380-7 · 0-07-144380-0
CATS The Nine Lives of Innovation Stephen C. Lundin, bestselling co-author of Fish! Foreword by Tony Buzan, originator of Mind Maps®
McGraw-Hill 9
The purrfect path to innovation by the coauthor of Fish! Everybody's heard the expression: Curiosity killed the cat. But every successful businessperson will tell you that curiosity is the key to innovation.This book pounces on the subject of innovation like a cat on a mouse (who's still trying to figure out who moved its cheese). In Cats, Lundin explains the four challenges to innovation that are found in every business and organization. Then he reveals the nine "lives" of innovation, offering practical ways to unleash it in our everyday lives. Unlike other books, which talk about innovation in the abstract, Cats! is down-to-earth and playful, designed to spark creativity companywide. Once employees discover the joys of innovation, the fur will fly! · A cat's eye view of innovation--from the coauthor of the 5 million-copy bestselling Fish! · Cats was a number-one bestseller in Australia and New Zealand · Innovation is the most talked about and important subject on the organizational landscape.There is universal agreement about its importance · Lundin will be promoting the book at dozens of CATS events throughout 2009 Stephen C. Lundin (Vero Beach, FL) is a writer and filmmaker with a background in business, management, and education. His bestselling book, Fish!, has appeared continuously on the Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek bestseller lists, and has been published in 34 languages. Related McGraw-Hill Title: Hurson: Think Better Hardcover · $25.95 978-0-07-149493-9 · 0-07-149493-6
J A N UA RY McGraw-Hill · Business Hardcover · 5 Ч 8 · 192 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160221-1 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160221-6 $19.95 Rights: World exluding Australia/New Zealand
Spring 2009
OFFSHORE INVESTMENTS THAT SAFEGUARD YOUR CASH Learn How Savvy Investors Grow and Protect Their Wealth Erika Nolan and Shannon Crouch,The Sovereign Society
J A N UA RY McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Personal Finance/Investing Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 224 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-162114-4 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-162114-8 $29.95 Rights: World
A guide to growing and protecting wealth like the super-rich Published in partnership with The Sovereign Society, Offshore Investments That Safeguard Your Cash connects novice and experienced investors with the brightest minds in the offshore world. Readers learn how to open the perfect offshore account, safeguard all their assets in one structure, legally slash tax bills, and grow wealth in the world's best performing, most protective, and most profitable markets. · With a foreword by Bill Bonner, bestselling author of Financial Reckoning Day, Empire of Debt, and Mobs, Manias, and Markets · Once exclusively used by the very wealthy, offshore financial institutions now offer everyday investors financial benefits that aren't available domestically. · The Sovereign Society, is a membership organization founded in 1998 with a mission to provide proven legal strategies to help individuals protect and enhance their wealth and privacy, lower their taxes, and improve their personal freedom and liberty · The Sovereign Society and its parent company, Agora, will execute a promotional campaign that will reach more than 2.1 million readers of their e-letters and many more people through subscriber databases, other publications, and worldwide conferences Erika Nolan (Baltimore, MD) is executive director of The Sovereign Society, an offshore, asset protection and international finance organization. Shannon Crouch (Baltimore, MD) is an associate publisher for The Sovereign Society. Related McGraw-Hill Title: Tharp: Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Second Edition Hardcover · $34.95 978-0-07-147871-7 · 0-07-147871-X
M c G r a w - H i l l 11
NEW EDITION SOROS The Life, Ideas, and Impact of the World's Most Influential Investor Robert Slater, author of Jack Welch and the GE Way The bestselling biography of a legend--now fully revised with exclusive insights on Soros's political and economic influence
Includes an exclusive interview with George Soros!
This completely updated edition of Robert Slater's 1996 biography features an array of new material, addressing the ever-widening circle of Soros's influence. It includes exclusive new interviews with Soros and his closest advisors detailing their investing strategies in the coming years of liquidity and instability in the credit markets. It also examines and reports his thinking on his role in the 2004 U.S. elections, his infamous 2006 New York Times ad assailing General Petraeus's handling of the Iraq War, and his future plans for grant giving and political activism.
Arguably the most successful financial investor in the world, and a symbol of liberal political activism, George Soros is one of the most fascinating, and polarizing, figures of our time. He first gained fame through his phenomenal investing success--which made him known for his money management and financial acumen. In the last decade and a half, Soros has focused his abilities on the global political realm. "An in-depth look into the mind of the master investor." --Library Journal · Includes a brand-new interview with Soros · Completely updated edition of a bestselling classic that covers major developments in his life and influence since the last edition was published · Original edition sold more than 20,000 copies worldwide and garnered wide acclaim
J A N UA RY McGraw-Hill · Business Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 272 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160844-2 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160844-3 $27.95 Previous ISBNs: 1997 978-0-78-631247-4 · 0-78-631247-5 Rights: World
Robert Slater (Jerusalem, Israel) is the bestselling author of 18 books profiling American business icons such as Jack Welch, GE, and Microsoft.
Also by Robert Slater: Jack Welch and the GE Way Hardcover · $24.95 978-0-07-058104-3 · 0-07-058104-5
Spring 2009
The classic guides to getting the best deal-- from America's #1 real estate expert · More than 500,000 Tips and Traps titles sold · Fully updated with strategies to get the best deal on a sale in the current market · Tips & Traps When Selling a Home and Tips & Traps When Buying a Home have become the number-one guides on these subjects · Irwin is the author of more than 50 books, including The Real Estate Investor's Checklist (0-07- 145646-5, 2005) Robert Irwin (West Village, CA) is a successful real estate professional and author, as well as a consultant to lenders, investors and brokers--and one of the most recognized experts in the field of real estate.
Each book: J A N U A R Y · McGraw-Hill · Real Estate · Paperback · 6 Ч 9 · 224 pp · $18.95
Tips & Traps When Buying a Home, Fourth Edition gives first-time and experienced home buyers practical information on proven home buying strategies, in the current market.
This latest edition of Robert Irwin's classic Tips & Traps When Selling a Home brings new and experienced home owners up to speed on the recent changes, regulations, and trends in real estate.
ISBN-13: 978-0-07-150841-4 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-150841-4 Previous ISBNs: 2003 978-0-07-141829-4 · 0-07-141829-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-07-150839-1 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-150839-2 Previous ISBNs: 2003 978-0-07-141830-0 · 0-07-141830-X
M c G r a w - H i l l 13 Real Estate Guides That Never Lose Their Value!
TIPS & TRAPS WHEN BUYING A CONDO, CO-OP, OR TOWNHOUSE, SECOND EDITION Paperback · $16.95 978-0-07-146795-7 · 0-07-146795-5
TIPS & TRAPS WHEN MORTGAGE HUNTING,THIRD EDITION Paperback · $16.95 978-0-07-144892-5 · 0-07-144892-6
TIPS & TRAPS FOR GETTING STARTED AS A REAL ESTATE AGENT Paperback · $16.95 978-0-07-146336-2 · 0-07-146336-4
TIPS & TRAPS WHEN NEGOTIATING REAL ESTATE Paperback · $16.95 978-0-07-145286-1 · 0-07-145286-9
Spring 2009
INSIDE THE MIND OF THE TURTLES How the World's Best Traders Master Risk Curtis M. Faith, bestselling author of Way of the Turtle
J A N UA RY McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Personal Finance/Investing Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 240 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160243-3 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160243-7 $24.95 Rights: World
The eagerly anticipated follow-up to Way of the Turtle Bestselling author and financial expert Curtis Faith gathers his fellow Turtles and investment leaders to discuss strategies for seeking out, investigating, and managing risk.Through the wisdom of these masters, serious traders and investors can cure themselves of the four biggest cognitive biases and overcome fear, calculate risks, learn from their mistakes, and focus on decisions, not outcomes. · Faith's first book, Way of the Turtle, has sold over 60,000 copies internationally and has been translated into 11 languages · Features interviews from such investing icons as Turtle founder Richard Dennis, fellow Turtle Jerry Parker, creator of Super Traders Van Tharp, "WallStrip" founder Howard Lindzon, and venture capitalist Dr. Paul S. Kedrosky · Behavioral finance and trading psychology are critically important topics for traders and investors Curtis M. Faith (New York, NY) earned more than $30 million for Richard Dennis as a member of the Chicago trading group known as the Turtles, while still in his early twenties. He has founded several software and high-tech startups, including one public and one Inc. 500 company. Also by Curtis Faith: Way of the Turtle Hardcover · $27.95 978-0-07-148664-4 · 0-07-148664-X Related McGraw-Hill Title: Tharp: Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Second Edition Hardcover · $34.95 978-0-07-147871-7 · 0-07-147871-X
M c G r a w - H i l l 15 PROFIT-DRIVEN MARKETING A Proven System for Maximizing Creativity, Accountability, and ROI Leslie Moeller and Edward Landry
The first system to solve the age-old problem of measuring marketing ROI Two top partners at consulting giant Booz & Company reveal the results of the firm's proprietary research aimed at maximizing return on marketing investment. These "4 pillars" are the true holy grail of marketing, presented with clear instructional information combined with detailed calculators for implementing them. · The first book to enable marketing professionals to fully track marketing ROI at every point in the everexpanding universe of media platforms · The well-connected authors will leverage relationships with such organizations as the Association of National Advertisers, the Carnegie Council, and others to promote the book · Interest in this topic is at an all-time high; the "4 pillars" method is based on an article that first appeared in strategy + business magazine which set a new record for most downloaded article Leslie Moeller (Cleveland, OH) is a partner at Booz & Company where he leads the consumer and retail practice. He has also headed the firm's customer management effort. Edward Landry (New York, NY) is a partner at Booz & Company with extensive experience in consumer products; his concentration is strategy development and sales and marketing effectiveness for consumer packaged goods and healthcare manufacturers. Related McGraw-Hill Titles: Lenskold: Marketing ROI Hardcover · $39.95 978-0-07-141363-3 · 0-07-141363-4 Ulwick: What Customers Want Hardcover · $24.95 978-0-07-140867-7 · 0-07-140867-3
J A N UA RY McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Marketing Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 240 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-161505-1 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-161505-9 $34.95 Rights: World
Spring 2009
2009 EDITION STANDARD & POOR'S 500 GUIDE Standard & Poor's
J A N UA RY McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Investments & Securities Paperback · 8Ѕ Ч 11 · 1,024 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-161515-0 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-161515-6 $39.95 Previous ISBNs: 2008 978-0-07-159945-0 · 0-07-159945-2 500 illustrations · Rights: World
The facts, figures, and analysis readers need to make informed investing decisions The S&P 500 Index is the most watched index in America--if not the world. For individual investors looking to make a smart stock purchase, executives researching corporate competitors, and job seekers looking for concise and up-to-the-minute overviews of potential employers, Standard & Poor's 500 Guide, 2009 Edition delivers the critical, often hard-to-find information they need. Easy to use and packed with market intelligence on all 500 of the companies listed in the S&P 500 Index, this authoritative reference includes: · The latest information on the bluest of the blue chip stocks, from Abbott Labs and General Electric to Microsoft and Yahoo · Earnings and dividends data, with three-year price charts · Exclusive Standard & Poor's Quality Rankings (from A+ to D) · Detailed data on each stock that makes up the S&P 500 Index Standard & Poor's, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., is the nation's leading securities information company. It provides the respected Standard & Poor's ratings and stock rankings, advisory services, data guides, and the most closely watched and widely reported gauges of stock market activity--the S&P 500, S&P MidCap 400, S&P SmallCap 600, and S&P Super Composite 1500 stock price indices.
Expert advice for savvy fixed-income investing--updated and expanded All About Bonds, Bond Mutual Funds, and Bond ETFs, Third Edition, gives readers everything they need to understand bonds, from basic characteristics (yield, liquidity, duration, and valuation) to detailed descriptions of individual fixed-income investments.This practical guide offers tools for allocating, building, and managing bond investments for a stronger, more diversified portfolio. · New sections on alternative investing options, including individual bonds, bond mutual funds, and bond exchange-traded funds · Includes new buying strategies for today's market conditions Esme Faerber (Rosemont, PA) is a professor of business and accounting at Rosemont College. She is the author of All About Stocks (0-07-149455-3), and All About Investing (0-07145752-6). More titles in the All About series: McCafferty: All About Options, Third Edition Paperback · $18.95 978-0-07-148479-4 · 0-07-148479-5 Ferri: All About Asset Allocation Paperback · $19.95 978-0-07-142958-0 · 0-07-142958-1 Durbin: All About Derivatives Paperback · $18.95 978-0-07-145147-5 · 0-07-145147-1 Masonson: All About Market Timing Paperback · $18.95 978-0-07-141331-2 · 0-07-141331-6 Jaeger: All About Hedge Funds Paperback · $18.95 978-0-07-139393-5 · 0-07-139393-5
F E B R UA RY McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Personal Finance/Investing Paperback · 6 Ч 9 · 352 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-154427-6 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-154427-5 $19.95 Previous ISBNs: 1999 978-0-07-134507-8 · 0-07-134507-8 Rights: World
Spring 2009
A PAPERB ACK ORIGINAL MOTIVATE LIKE A CEO Communicate Your Strategic Vision and Inspire People to Act! Suzanne Bates
J A N UA RY McGraw-Hill business communication Paperback · 6 Ч 9 · 240 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160029-3 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160029-9 $22.95 Rights: World
Secrets for communicating strategy in a way that motivates others and drives results In this follow-up to Speak Like a CEO, Suzanne Bates helps leaders at every level become a "force of influence" within their organizations, generating excitement and instilling accountability that culminates in superior results.The author offers key advice on how to articulate a vision in a way that motivates people to act. · The eagerly anticipated follow-up to Speak Like a CEO · Bates has been quoted in hundreds of publications, including the New York Times, New York Post, Investor's Business Daily, and the Boston Globe · Bates is a media savvy author who was named a Top Ten Coach by Women's Business Journal · In-the-trenches advice and anecdotes from senior executives illustrate how leaders must behave if they wish to move their organizations from inertia to outcomes Suzanne Bates (Wellesley, MA) is an executive coach, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and former award-winning television news anchor. As president and CEO of Bates Communications, she shows leaders how to get business results through better communication. Also by Suzanne Bates: Speak Like a CEO Hardcover · $21.95 978-0-07-145151-2 · 0-07-145151-X Related McGraw-Hill Title: Toogood: The Articulate Executive Paperback · $14.95 978-0-07-065338-2 · 0-07-065338-0
M c G r a w - H i l l 19 LEADERSHIP WITHOUT EXCUSES Ordinary Employees, Extraordinary Performance Jeff Grimshaw and Gregg Baron
Warning:This book will change the way managers lead and succeed. No excuses. In every company there are employees who are star workers, some who barely scrape by--and then there are those with true potential that's just waiting to be tapped. Using case studies, Leadership Without Excuses divides workers into three groups,"Saints," "Sinners," and "Save-ables." It then provides simple strategies to inspire the best in the Save-ables--the ones who can grow into powerfully productive assets to any company. Filled with Fortune 500 examples and backed by measurable results this proven system will help managers lead their teams to quick, effective, and continually-growing success. · A practical solution to the universal problem of accountability · Features real-life insights, examples, and lessons learned to illustrate the book's coaching points in action · Includes case studies and contributions from thought leaders at top companies Jeff Grimshaw (Berwin, PA) is a partner at CRA, Inc., who has consulted senior leaders at State Farm, McDonald's, Kaiser Permanente, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and other companies. Gregg Baron (Tampa, FL) is a certified management consultant with more than two decades of experience. Related McGraw-Hill Titles: Wooden: Wooden on Leadership Hardcover · $24.95 978-0-07-145339-4 · 0-07-145339-3 Bryan and Joyce: Mobilizing Minds Hardcover · $29.95 978-0-07-149082-5 · 0-07-149082-5
F E B R UA RY McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Leadership Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 320 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160004-0 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160004-3 $29.95 Rights: World
Spring 2009
CUSTOMER-DRIVEN OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Aligning Business Processes and Quality Tools to Create Operational Effectiveness in Your Company Christopher K.Ahoy
F E B R UA RY McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Management Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 300 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160831-2 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160831-1 $34.95 24 diagrams and charts Rights: World
A complete user's guide to top management tools that maximize the effectiveness of customer operations Christopher Ahoy's uniquely developed approach will maximize the efficiency of customer-driven operations management in any organization. By combining years of research with today's best practices, Ahoy's system creates alignment throughout an entire organization, which in turn increases productivity and profit. With this system, organizations of every size can deliver goods, products, and services better, cheaper, and faster than the competition. · Ahoy is an award-winning speaker and innovator who teaches his theory of "World Class Operations" to major companies throughout the world, including Oracle, Nationwide Insurance, Ames Laboratory, and 3D/I · Ahoy has also been a featured speaker on quality and innovation at major universities including Purdue,The University of Glasgow, Notre Dame,The University of Dublin, University of Arkansas, Colorado State, and many others · The author has won several top-tier awards, including the prestigious State of Iowa's "Top Level" Silver Award · One of the only guides to combine Six Sigma, Baldrige, Balanced Scorecard, and other popular management tools into one fully integrated system Christopher K. Ahoy (Ames, IA) is the associate vice president for facilities planning and management at Iowa State University and a global consultant. Related McGraw-Hill Title: George: Lean Six Sigma for Service Hardcover · $34.95 978-0-07-141821-8 · 0-07-141821-0
M c G r a w - H i l l 21 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DEMYSTIFIED A Self-Teaching Guide Bonita K. Kramer and Christie Wilson Johnson
More than a million Demystified books sold! Designed for the reader with little or no accounting or business experience, Financial Statements Demystified explains in a clear, easy-to-understand way how to read a financial statement and use it effectively in making investment decisions.The book describes the four types of financial statements: income statement; balance sheet; statement of owner's equity; and statement of cash flows. Bonita K. Kramer, Ph.D. (Bozeman, MT) is a professor of accounting in the College of Business at Montana State University in Bozeman. She is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Certified internal auditor. Christie W. Johnson, MBA (Bozeman, MT) is a CPA and an associate professor of accounting at Montana State University in Bozeman. Demystified Finance and Investing! Frush: Commodities Demystified Paperback · $19.95 978-0-0-7-154950-9 · 0-07-154950-1 Lim: Investing Demystified Paperback · $19.95 978-0-07-144412-5 · 0-07-144412-2 McCafferty: Options Demystified Paperback · $19.95 978-0-07-145415-5 · 0-07-145415-2 Frush: Hedge Funds Demystified Paperback · $19.95 978-0-07-149600-1 · 0-07-149600-9 Adair: Corporate Finance Demystified Paperback · $19.95 978-0-07-145910-5 · 0-07-145910-3 Hart: Accounting Demystified Paperback · $19.95 978-0-07-145083-6 · 0-07-145083-1
F E B R UA RY McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Personal Finance/Investing Paperback · 7 Ч 9ј · 320 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-154387-3 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-154387-2 $19.95 50 b&w charts · Rights: World
Spring 2009
THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN THE CORNER OFFICE The Secret to Total Life Prosperity Lamar Smith
MARCH McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Motivational Hardcover · 5 Ч 8 · 160 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160930-2 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160930-X $17.95 Rights: World
A business parable that strikes the balance between personal fulfillment and career success Many people equate prosperity solely with financial wealth and business success. However, total life prosperity involves success in all areas of life, not just one. There's More to Life Than the Corner Office shows readers how to find intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and financial balance in their lives. Written as a business parable, the book recounts the story of a young, rising executive and his mentor, a wise CEO who teaches him the true meaning of success. Filled with insights and advice, There's More to Life Than the Corner Office will motivate readers to make important changes that transform their lives in order to find joy, purpose, and lasting significance. · Lamar Smith is former CEO of First Command Financial Services, a retail brokerage company with more than 300,000 client families · The book's core message--striking a balance between private and business life--is an "evergreen" subject among business people · Smith will leverage his contacts within his industry to develop an extensive publicity campaign Lamar Smith (Fort Worth,TX) is a decorated combat pilot, a financial advisor, and former CEO of First Command Financial Services. Related McGraw-Hill Title: Morrison: The Other Side of the Card Hardcover · $19.95 978-0-07-147940-0 · 0-07-147940-6
M c G r a w - H i l l 23 STRATEGIC FORECASTING A Structured Approach to Shaping the Future of Your Business Dr. Simon Ramo and Dr. Ronald Sugar
A proven four-point system for predicting the future of your business In Strategic Forecasting, two giants of the aerospace industry offer executives in all fields a proven strategy for successfully guiding their businesses.This practical guide provides a qualitative system of measuring possibilities that will help leaders devise better business forecasts and achieve remarkable growth and profits. Strategic Forecasting also covers why predictions are sometimes wrong and how to use extrapolation to gain a competitive advantage. · Dr. Ramo has been founder and principal executive of several successful high-tech companies and a global forerunner in his field for his contributions to the invention of radar, GE's electron microscope, the first American spacecraft, and much more · Dr. Sugar is the chairman and CEO of Northrop Grumman Corporation, one of the world's leading defense and technology companies and played a key role in the early development of advanced spacecraft and electronic systems; he now oversees a $33 billion company with 120,000 employees worldwide Simon Ramo (Los Angeles, CA) is a pioneer in electronics research and development and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He is the author of Introduction to Microwaves (McGraw-Hill), one of the all-time most influential books on communications electronics. Ronald Sugar (Los Angeles, CA) is chairman of the board and CEO of Northrop Grumman Corporation. Related McGraw-Hill Titles: Bryan and Joyce: Mobilizing Minds Hardcover · $29.95 978-0-07-149082-5 · 0-07-149082-5 Liker: The Toyota Way Hardcover · $27.95 978-0-07-139231-0 · 0-07-139231-9
MARCH McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Management Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 256 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-162126-7 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-162126-1 $34.95 Rights: World
Spring 2009
THE SEVEN RULES OF WALL STREET Time-Tested Investment Strategies that Beat the Market Sam Stovall, Chief Investment Strategist, Standard & Poor's Equity Research
MARCH McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Personal Finance/Investing Hardcover · 5 Ч 7 · 250 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-161517-4 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-161517-2 $21.95 Rights: World
From Standard & Poor's chief investment strategist of equity research--21st century investment strategies behind Wall Street's eternal truths As January goes, so goes the year. Let your winners ride, but cut your losers short. Sell in May, and then walk away.They're commonplaces familiar to every investment professional.Yet, until now, nobody has bothered to subject these old adages to scientific scrutiny. In this short, accessible investment guide, investing guru Sam Stovall proves that there's more than a little wisdom in those old saws. Drawing on nearly a 40 years' worth of data, he provides individual investors with easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance on how to take full advantage of the sound investment strategies contained in those sayings. · One of the most well-known investment strategists provides sound, practical, non-esoteric advice and proven strategies for investing in stocks and ETFs · A very mediagenic investment personality, Stovall has made over 400 appearances in recent years on CNBC, Bloomberg, Nightly Business report, BBC, and TV Tokyo, to name just a few · Stovall has a huge international following from his weekly Stovall's Sector Watch, and his column "Sam Stovall's Sector Watch," on Sam Stovall (New York, NY) is Standard & Poor's chief investment strategist of equity research serving as analyst, publisher, and communicator of Standard & Poor's outlooks for the economy, market, sectors, and stocks. Related McGraw-Hill titles: O'Shaughnessy: What Works on Wall Street, Third Edition Hardcover · $36.95 978-0-07-145225-0 · 0-07-145225-7 Ellis: Winning the Loser's Game Hardcover · $24.95 978-0-07-138767-5 · 0-07-138767-6
M c G r a w - H i l l 25 PANDERER TO POWER The Untold Story of How Alan Greenspan Enriched Wall Street and Left a Legacy of Recession Frederick J. Sheehan
A critical look at the man behind the bubble economies of the last two decades In his critically acclaimed Greenspan's Bubbles, coauthor Frederick J. Sheehan exposed the starring role played by former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan in virtually every economic calamity of the past 19 years. Now Panderer to Power reveals the mix of towering ambition and poor judgment that compelled Greenspan to set policies that enriched Wall Street at the expense of the American economy. · Greenspan's Bubbles has been a runaway success, with consistent coverage on business media, including TV: Fox Business Channel, CNBC's Closing Bell, CNN, ABC This Week with George Stephanopolous, CNBC's Fast Money, Bloomberg News, and Marketwatch; Radio: NPR's Brian Lehrer Show, Lou Dobbs Radio, and ABC Radio; Print Media: Forbes, US News & World Report,Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, Barron's, BusinessWeek, New York Post, and Fortune · Reveals how Greenspan consistently set policies designed first and foremost to enhance his political capital · Based on decades of research into its subject's life and career--and delves into Alan Greenspan's personal life Frederick J. Sheehan (Braintree, MA) is a former director of asset allocation services at John Hancock Financial Services. He has written for Marc Faber's Gloom, Boom & Doom Report,Whiskey & Gunpowder, and the Prudent Bear websites. Related McGraw-Hill Title: Fleckenstein and Sheehan: Greenspan's Bubbles Hardcover · $21.95 978-0-07-159158-4 · 0-07-159158-3
MARCH McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Economics Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 400 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-161542-6 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-161542-3 $29.95 Rights: World
Spring 2009
TOYOTA SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT A Strategic Approach to the Principles of Toyota's Renowned System Ananth V. Iyer, Sridhar Seshadri, and Roy Vasher
MARCH McGraw-Hill Business and Economics/Management Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 272 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-161549-5 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-161549-0 $32.95 Rights: World
A Toyota insider and two supply chain experts reveal the top management secrets behind one of the most successful operations in the world "Supply chain excellence" has become a hot-button phrase among managers in high-production industries. Few organizations have a more efficient supply chain than Toyota, which makes them the perfect model for today's business leaders.This step-by-step guide gives readers an inside look at the company's proven operational methods that connect offices, plants, facilities, and vendors around the world. · Toyota is one of the most compelling examples of corporate success to date, especially on the subjects of manufacturing and supply chain management · Includes insider tips from a former Toyota executive--and offers hands-on guidance for improving production and operations · Iyer and Seshardi are esteemed business school professors with vast experience in manufacturing and management issues Ananth V. Iyer (West Lafayette, IN) is a Susan Bulkeley Butler Chair in Operations Management at the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University. Sridhar Seshadri (Fresh Meadows, NY) is associate professor at the Stern School of Business, New York University. Roy Vasher (Delray Beach, FL) is a retired senior executive from Toyota Motor Manufacturing, North America. Related McGraw-Hill Titles: Liker: The Toyota Way Hardcover · $27.95 978-0-07-139231-0 · 0-07-139231-9 Liker: The Toyota Way Fieldbook Paperback · $29.95 978-0-07-144893-2 · 0-07-144893-4
M c G r a w - H i l l 27 HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUTUBE® Market Yourself, Reach Your Customers, and Grow Your Business on the World's Most Popular Video-Sharing Site Brad Schepp and Debra Schepp
Tips for capitalizing on the power of YouTube--from the gurus of e-commerce The video sharing website YouTube has changed the way products and brands are marketed. How to Make Money with YouTube shows readers how to harness the website's power and turn a profit. Bestselling authors Brad and Debra Schepp provide indepth coverage on everything from shooting and uploading videos, to fundraising and marketing, to building buzz and getting videos noticed.The book is filled with valuable advice and practical tips to help readers maximize their earning potential with YouTube. It's an ideal resource for business owners and individuals looking for a unique and profitable marketing tool. · More than 75 million videos are featured on YouTube; when these videos go "viral," they can get up to 50 million hits each · Harnessing the power of the internet is one of the hottest trends in marketing · Authors are recognized experts in the e-commerce field · The book is part of the successful "How to Make Money with . . . " series Brad Schepp and Debra Schepp (Middletown, MD) have written fifteen books, including the eBay PowerSeller Secrets, which sold nearly 35,000 copies.Their work has been featured in Newsweek, Life, and the Chicago Tribune. Also by Brad and Debra Schepp: Schepp: eBay PowerSeller Secrets, Second Edition Paperback · $24.99 978-0-07-149816-6 ·0-07-149816-8 Related McGraw-Hill Title: Forrester and Powell: How to Make Money with Your Blog Paperback · $21.95 978-0-07-150857-5 · 0-07-150857-0
APRIL McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Entrepreneurship Paperback · 6 Ч 9 · 240 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-162136-6 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-162136-9 $21.95 Rights: World
Spring 2009
APRIL McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Careers Paperback · 6 Ч 9 · 200 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-162138-0 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-162138-5 $14.95 Previous ISBNs: 1997 978-0-07-043146-1 · 0-07-043146-9 Rights: World
The job seeker's guide that "shows them the money" This timely new approach to job hunting in today's market covers everything from preparing for the first interview to accepting that final offer. With invaluable advice from career expert Lee Miller that bolsters job search, interview, and negotiating skills, Get More Money on Your Next Job--In Any Economy also includes "can'tmiss" techniques, bargaining tools, benefits options, internet negotiating tips, and more. · An evergreen topic, with need-to-know, up-to-date information for today's job-seekers · Miller is well-known as the cohost of the "Your Career Doctors" Radio Show and author of the biweekly Career Column for New Jersey Star Ledger · Author's previous book, A Woman's Guide to Successful Negotiating (0-07-138915-6), was one of Atlanta Woman magazine's "50 best books for professional women," and was featured on "CBS Early Show" and "Good Morning America" Lee Miller (Morristown, NJ) is the managing director of with offices in the United States and Asia, and a senior consultant with The Cabot Advisory Group. Also by Lee Miller: A Woman's Guide to Successful Negotiating Paperback · $16.95 978-0-07-138915-0 · 0-07-138915-6
CEO MATERIAL How to Be a Leader in Any Organization D.A. Benton
M c G r a w - H i l l 29
A world-renowned executive coach shows how to motivate, empower, and lead like the best CEOs New York Times bestselling author D. A. Benton outlines proven prescriptions for building a reputation as a topnotch leader in any company or industry. CEO Material describes the core skills and competencies to cultivate, the critical relationships to build, and the key actions to take in order to get noticed by those who matter. · Offers a unique insider's view of what strategies are important to Fortune 1000 Boards of Directors, executive search firms, and CEOs · One of the top five executive coaches to have on speed dial, according to Conde Nast Portfolio · Internationally renowned "CEO Whisperer" Benton has been featured in the New York Times,Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and on "Today," "Good Morning America," CNN, and "CBS News" · D. A. Benton's books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide D. A. Benton (Livermore, CO) has authored seven books and numerous articles for leading business publications. Her clients have included American Express, United Airlines, McKinsey & Company, Comcast, Kraft, Hewlett-Packard, and Lockheed Martin. Also by D.A. Benton: How to Act Like a CEO Paperback · $16.95 978-0-07-141294-0 · 0-07-141294-8 Related McGraw-Hill Title: Bates: Speak Like a CEO Hardcover · $21.95 978-0-07-145151-2 · 0-07-145151-X
APRIL McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Leadership Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 256 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160545-8 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160545-2 $24.95 Rights: World
Spring 2009
JEFFREY IMMELT AND THE NEW GE WAY How Immelt Rose to the Top and Positioned GE for the Challenges of the 21st Century David Magee
APRIL McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Management Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 272 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160587-8 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160587-8 $25.95 Rights: World
Groundbreaking leadership lessons from a legend in the making The story of Jeffrey Immelt's leadership at GE is a uniquely instructive one. Following in the footsteps of a legend, he led his company to 8 percent annual growth during a time of unprecedented challenges. For the first time, Immelt has allowed an author full access as he goes about reshaping one of America's most venerable companies. Jeffrey Immelt and the New GE Way shows readers how to apply his highly original leadership and management practices to their own business. · The first book on Immelt and his tenure at GE, this is a management handbook for the 21st century · Magee examines recent media and investor criticism of GE · A seasoned, media-savvy business author who appears regularly on Fox Business News, Bloomberg, CNBC, and AP radio David Magee (Chattanooga,TN) is the author of How Toyota Became #1 (Portfolio, 2007); Turnaround: How Carlos Ghosn Rescued Nissan (Harper, 2002); The John Deere Way (Wiley, 2005); and Ford Tough (Wiley, 2004). His books have been reviewed in the Wall Street Journal,The Harvard Business Review, and Newsweek. Related McGraw-Hill Titles: Lane: Jacked Up Hardcover · $26.95 978-0-07-154410-8 · 0-07-154410-0 Slater: Jack Welch & The GE Way Hardcover · $24.95 978-0-07-058104-3 · 0-07-058104-5 Krames: Jack Welch and the 4 E's of Leadership w/CD Hardcover · $21.95 978-0-07-124903-4 · 0-07-124903-6
M c G r a w - H i l l 31 TURN SMALL TALK INTO BIG DEALS Using 4 Key Conversation Styles to Customize Your Networking Approach, Build Relationships, and Win More Clients Don Gabor
A revolutionary behavioral approach to a timeless business topic--networking Many people fail in business because they apply a onesize-fits-all approach to the networking process.The true secret to effective networking is to tailor the process to suit each individual situation. Using a Jungian behavioral approach to networking, Turn Small Talk into Big Deals reveals four distinct conversation styles that people use: competitive, amiable, supportive, and serious.The book teaches readers how to customize their business communication for maximum results. · Bestselling Track Record:The author's previous book How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends (Fireside 2001) has sold over 350,000 copies · Don Gabor is a well-known communications expert with a busy speaking schedule; he has been featured in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Men's Health · One of the most important career-building skills, networking continues to be an issue of great interest to readers Don Gabor (Brooklyn, NY) is an author and communication trainer who teaches professionals from all industries how network more efficiently. His books have been covered by "60 Minutes With Andy Rooney," "Good Day NY," and Entrepreneur. Related McGraw-Hill Title: Maggio: The Art of Talking to Anyone Paperback · $16.95 978-0-07-145229-8 · 0-07-145229-X
APRIL McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Business Communication Paperback · 5 Ч 8 · 288 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-159965-8 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-159965-7 $16.95 Rights: World
Spring 2009
Take the mystery out of
More than one million Demystifieds sold
effective, fear-free public speaking
This latest book in the Demystified series takes the confusion out of preparing for and delivering speeches and presentations. Public Speaking and Presentations Demystified walks readers step-by-step through the fundamentals of the subject and provides them with techniques for effective speaking, avoiding common errors, and overcoming stage fright.
· Hundreds of thousands of students and professionals need guidance with public speaking and presentation skills
· Readers work at their own pace and Hands-on Exercises let them gauge their progress
APRIL McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/Business Communication/Meetings & Presentations Paperback · 7 Ч 9ј · 384 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160121-4 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160121-X $19.95 Rights: World
Melody Templeton (Kimberton, PA) has served on the faculties of the Wharton MBA and Executive MBA programs. She has lead thousands of seminars with Fortune 500 companies, industry organizations, and College Students. Don't miss these other titles: Perlman: Perfect Phrases for Executive Presentations Paperback · $9.95 978-0-07-146763-6 · 0-07-146763-7 Matthews: QuickSteps to Winning Business Presentations Paperback · $19.95 978-0-07-226263-6 · 0-07-226263X Pincus: Boost Your Presentation IQ Paperback · $14.95 978-0-07-145898-6 · 0-07-145898-0 Eidenmuller: Great Speeches for Better Speaking Paperback · $18.95 978-0-07-147229-6 · 0-07-147229-0
Professional Business
M c G r a w - H i l l 33
THE LSTA'S COMPLETE CREDIT AGREEMENT GUIDE Richard Wight,Warren Cooke, and Richard Gray
The definitive guide to managing the credit agreement process for bank and operations professionals The credit agreement is considered the heart and soul of the loan market, yet it remains a complex document that professionals in the loan industry struggle to master. The LSTA's Complete Credit Agreement Guide goes far beyond the basics to provide a comprehensive discussion of every aspect of the credit agreement--from negotiation and execution to managing the process throughout the life of the loan. · No other reference on the market covers the subject in such depth · Readers will find solutions to real-world scenarios in which things don't go according to plan · The book will full support from the Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA) Richard Wight (New York, NY) has been a partner in the Global Finance Group of Milbank,Tweed, Hadley & McCloy since 1985. A resident in the firm's New York office, he has extensive experience representing banks and other institutional investors in complex financing. Warren Cooke (New York, NY), a partner at Milbank since 1980, practices in principally transactional work on behalf of U.S. and non-U.S. financial institutions. Richard Gray (New York, NY), a lawyer with Milbank since 1981 and a partner since 1990, has specialized in banking transactions for more than 25 years. Related McGraw-Hill Title: Sansone: LSTA Handbook Hardcover · $129.95 978-0-07-146898-5 · 0-07-146898-6
J A N UA RY McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Investments & Securities Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 400 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-161511-2 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-161511-3 $99.95 Rights: World
Spring 2009
Professional Business
health care INVESTING Profiting from the New World of Pharma, Biotech, and Health Care Services Les Funtleyder, Health Care Strategist, Miller Tabak + Co, LLC
J A N UA RY McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Investments & Securities Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 304 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-159748-7 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-159748-4 $49.95 Rights: World
An industry insider shares his strategy for investing in this high-growth industry Health Care Investing couples strategies for making money on the future growth of the health-care industry with insightful coverage of the people and events that have shaped it. Readers will find valuable information about the issues health care professionals face today; examinations of patterns, policies, and future predictions in the market; and practical approaches to investing in pharma, biotech, and managed care. · Investors are flocking to the $2.5 trillion health care market · Features 14 questions to help readers decide when to invest in health care as a piece of a larger portfolio or as individual investments · Funtleyder's experience includes directing clinical and business research at Innovative Health Solution and consulting for Coopers & Lybrand and Health Strategies Group Les Funtleyder (New York, NY) manages a multimilliondollar health care fund at Miller Tabak and is frequently interviewed on such networks as CNBC, Bloomberg, and NPR. Miller Tabak + Co., LLC, is a 24 year-old institutional trading firm specializing in the discrete handling of stock purchases and sales, portfolio re-balancings, and listed options. Related McGraw-Hill Title: Hoover: Stock Valuation Hardcover · $70.00 978-0-07-145224-3 · 0-07-145224-9
Professional Business
M c G r a w - H i l l 35
THE VaR IMPLEMENTATION HANDBOOK Financial Risk & Applications in Asset Management, Measurement, and Modeling Greg N. Gregoriou
The latest strategies for applying the new science of risk management The VaR Implementation Handbook examines the latest strategies for measuring, managing, and modeling risk across a variety of applications. Packed with the insights, methods, and models that make experienced professionals competitive all over the world, this comprehensive guide features cutting-edge research and findings from some of the industry's most respected academics, practitioners, and consultants. · Professional interest in the subject has risen sharply in conjunction with the methodology's growing position in the industry · The personal experience and expertise of an international team of 40 contributors make this resource globally relevant · Material is applicable to a broad array of areas--from equity to operational and structured products (including derivatives) Greg N. Gregoriou (Plattsburgh, NY) is professor of finance in the School of Business and Economics at State University of New York (Plattsburgh). He has published 25 books and is coeditor for the peer-reviewed Journal of Derivatives and Hedge Funds and editorial board member for the Journal of Wealth Management, Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions, and Brazilian Business Review. Related McGraw-Hill Title: Jorion: Value At Risk, Third Edition Hardcover · $85.00 978-0-07-146495-6 · 0-07-146495-6 978-0-07-126047-3 [IE]
MARCH McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Investments & Securities Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 528 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-161513-6 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-161513-X $95.00 Rights: World
Spring 2009
Professional Business
SECOND EDITION BUILDING FINANCIAL MODELS The Complete Guide to Designing, Building, and Applying Projection Models John S.Tjia
APRIL McGraw-Hill Business & Economics/ Investments & Securities Hardcover · 6 Ч 9 · 304 pp ISBN-13: 978-0-07-160889-3 ISBN-10/MHID: 0-07-160889-3 $79.95 Previous ISBNs: 978-0-07-140210-1 · 0-07-140210-1 Rights: World
The most up-to-date guide available for designing, building, and implementing valuation projection models Building Financial Models has been widely acclaimed by accounting and finance professionals for its insight into determining a company's current value and projecting its future performance. Building on this tradition, the updated and expanded Second Edition helps readers develop a financial model, complete with entirely new material on discounted cash flow (DCF) modeling. Professionals will find this guide invaluable for both its practical, step-by-step approach to creating a core model and its broad coverage of model mechanics and foundational accounting and finance concepts. · This new edition features 40 percent new material, including Excel formulas for making powerful calculations within the spreadsheet · Provides in-depth explanations of both the principles and mechanics of projection models · A special website will provide customizable spreadsheets John S.Tjia (Pleasantville, NY) is a founding partner in TMG Associates, LLC, a consulting firm with investment and commercial banking clients that specializes in financial modeling for corporate finance. A former vice president at JPMorgan Chase, he has taught modeling and valuation classes to hundreds of analysts and associates.
McGraw-Hill Spring 2009 ENTREPRENEUR PRESS
Spring 2009
Entrepreneur Press
THE COMPLETE BOOK OF DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS Money-Saving Strategies the Credit Bureaus Won't Tell You Jason R. Rich A revealing guide to building, managing and protecting personal credit The original title revealed jaw-dropping secrets, strategies and tools to help consumers better manage and understand their credit--the complete book goes even further. Packed with new, timelier, more specific information and tools, this exclusive guide covers important credit information for every life and financial situation including foreclosure, bankruptcy, unemployment, debt, divorce, longterm illness and more. Everyday consumers learn how to increase their credit scores within six to 12 months, remove incorrect and negative information from their credit reports in just weeks, rebuild destroyed credit, and get back in control--ultimately, saving hundreds, possibly thousands! Enlightening, unbelievable, and educational, this guide unlocks the secrets the credit bureaus don't want the public to know. · Provides step-by-step instructions and actionable solutions for solving a myriad of credit-related, issue-specific problems faced by everyday people · Includes checklists, worksheets, sample negotiation and settlement letters, plus exclusive interviews with top credit experts · Today's economy is making it harder than ever to keep a positive credit report, consumers are looking for solutions to help them overcome credit hardships such as loan defaults, foreclosures and credit card debt
Entrepreneur Press
M c G r a w - H i l l 39
Find solutions to credit-related problems faced by everyday people
Jason R. Rich (Foxboro, MA) is the bestselling author of more than 37 books that cover a wide range of topics, including computers, eCommerce, personal finance, career-related topics, travel and entertainment. He also contributes regularly to major daily newspapers, as well as national magazines and popular websites.
Related Title: RICH: DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS: WHAT THE CREDIT BUREAUS WON'T TELL YOU Paperback · $12.95 978-1-599180-14-4 1-599180-14-6
APRIL Entrepreneur Press Personal Finance Paperback · 7 Ч 9 · 221pp ISBN-13: 978-1-599183-43-5 ISBN-10/MHID: 1-599183-43-9 $21.95 Rights: World
Spring 2009
Entrepreneur Press
essential information for starting and running more than 50 of today's hottest businesses Each title this page: Entrepreneur Press · Small Business/Entrepreneurship Paperback · 7 Ч 9 · 200-250 pp · Rights: World · $17.95
A PAPERBACK ORIGINAL START YOUR OWN GREEN BUSINESS ISBN-13: 978-1-599183-39-8 ISBN-10/MHID: 1-599183-39-0 A PAPERBACK ORIGINAL START YOUR OWN PET BUSINESS AND MORE ISBN-13: 978-1-599181-86-8 ISBN-10/MHID: 1-599181-86-X Previously announced. All backorders canceled. START YOUR OWN E-BUSINESS, 2E ISBN-13: 978-1-599181-92-9 ISBN-10/MHID: 1-599181-92-4 Previous ISBNs: 978-1-932156-74-4 · 1-932156-74-7 Previously announced. All backorders canceled. [TITLE CANCELED]
A PAPERBACK ORIGINAL START YOUR OWN HAIR SALON, 2E ISBN-13: 978-1-599183-46-6 ISBN-10/MHID: 1-599183-46-3 Previous ISBNs: 978-1-932156-87-4 · 1-932156-87-9 A PAPERBACK ORIGINAL START YOUR OWN public relations BUSINESS ISBN-13: 978-1-599183-38-1 ISBN-10/MHID: 1-599183-38-2
Entrepreneur Press
M c G r a w - H i l l 41
START YOUR OWN RESTAURANT BUSINESS AND MORE Paperback · $19.95 978-1-599180-20-5 · 1-599180-20-0 START YOUR OWN IMPORT/EXPORT BUSINESS, SECOND EDITION Paperback · $15.95 978-1-599181-08-0 ·1-599181-08-8 START YOUR OWN E-BUSINESS Paperback · [TITLE CANCELED] 978-1-599181-92-9 · 1-599181-92-4 START YOUR OWN BAR AND CLUB, SECOND EDITION Paperback · $17.95 978-1-599180-45-8 · 1-599180-45-6 START YOUR OWN RETAIL BUSINESS AND MORE, SECOND EDITION Paperback · $17.95 978-1-599180-87-8 · 1-599180-87-1
START YOUR OWN BUSINESS ON EBAY, SECOND EDITION Paperback · $17.95 978-1-599180-86-1 · 1-599180-86-3 START YOUR OWN EVENT PLANNING BUSINESS, SECOND EDITION Paperback · $17.95 978-1-599181-27-1 · 1-599181-27-4 START YOUR OWN CLOTHING STORE AND MORE, SECOND EDITION Paperback · $15.95 978-1-599181-25-7 · 1-599181-25-8 START YOUR OWN LAWN CARE OR LANDSCAPING BUSINESS, SECOND EDITION Paperback · $15.95 978-1-599180-89-2 · 1-599180-89-8 START YOUR OWN BLOGGING BUSINESS Paperback · $17.95 978-1-599180-47-2 · 1-599180-47-2
Spring 2009
Entrepreneur Press
APRIL Entrepreneur Press Small Business/Entrepreneurship/Internet Paperback · 7 Ч 9 · 256 ISBN-13: 978-1-599183-42-8 ISBN-10/MHID: 1-599183-42-0 $21.95 Rights: World
Up and running in a few hours with only a few dollars to start From the best in the business, online enthusiasts learn how to create an eye-catching blog that reaps huge financial rewards--all within hours and with little to no financial investment! Following the advice of famous and successful bloggers, aspiring "cyberstars" discover how to create a sticky blog, cost-effectively promote it, drive continuous traffic to it, build profitable advertiser relationships, and more. · Blogs are one of the fastest growing means of communication today--175,000 new blogs and more than 1.6 million blog updates go online daily · Emphasizes earning revenue with little or no financial investment using "pay-per-click" services like Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing · Includes exclusive, in-depth interviews with well-known and successful bloggers who have found fame and wealth on the Web · Covers blog technology like video blogging and podcasting · Covers finding a blogging voice, topics, image and attitude Jason R. Rich (Foxboro, MA) is the bestselling author of more than 37 books that cover a wide range of topics, including computers, e-Commerce, personal finance, career-related topics, travel and entertainment. He also contributes regularly to major daily newspapers as well as national magazines and popular websites. Related Title: Entrepreneur Press and McDougall: Start Your Own Blogging Business Paperback · $17.95 978-1-599180-47-2 · 1-599180-47-2

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