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Strategic Plan Update
The story outside of the
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athletic tradition in Fall 2014.
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also improved the first impression of our campus through a new parking lot and
exploring the development of new ones. Actions steps in this goal directly deal with both recruiting and
and retention of students. To improve retention we've established a Student Success Office to provide academic help for students, implemented
models workplace excellence and
retaining new
functions with accountability, teamwork,
The next theme involves
donors, and
By J. Kevin Ingram '86, President An effective strategic plan does not magically happen. It takes time and commitment from every level of the organization. In fact, for MCC's strategic plan to make a difference, it is important that everyone in our community understand where the college is going and how important their role is in the process of educating, equipping, and enriching Christian leaders who will make a difference for Christ around the world. Synergy ­ the name of our newsletter ­ is the word used to describe what happens when two or more people or organizations come together to produce a result that is greater than they could do alone. It's a great name for our newsletter because there is a lot of synergy occurring on MCC's campus! One of the significant contributors
year, with guidance from consultants from Credo, the Strategic Planning Team made up of a team of administrators, faculty, and staff worked through data received through surveys and focus groups to develop our plan. One thing was evident from the start ­ we had a unified desire to be an institution that thrived, not just survived. From their work five strategic themes emerged to be the focal point of our efforts. Those themes are Campus Culture, Campus Development, Processes and Systems, Resource Development and Strategic Partnerships. We are now halfway through that plan and I want to share with you an update on our progress and key projects under each theme that we have accomplished. It would take this entire newsletter to share all of the action steps we have taken, so I will attempt to give you an overview of some of the major steps we have taken.
and ownership at every level of the organization. The desire was to deepen the heart and understanding of, as well as the commitment to, MCC's mission, vision and values. We've strengthened our monthly TEAM meetings, involved more interdepartmental work on MCC events, developed a History Room on campus, started the Weekly Wire email for campus communication, and many other steps. The goals of the Campus Development theme are exactly as it sounds - we want to develop a campus that has a clear physical identity, has facilities that allow us to expand our current capacity, and provides a positive student experience. We've taken many steps to fulfill this goal such as adding exterior and interior signage, and taking the necessary steps to construct an Activity Center. In addition, we remodeled a new Office Suite, added security cameras to our Residence Halls,
strengthening all of our Processes and Systems so that they perform effectively for all constituents beginning with their first contact with the college. Progress on this theme is a little more unique to measure, but action steps taken to reach this goal include continued training for MCC employees on all our online software programs, beginning the process of evaluating and enhancing the important system to enroll new students, and reorganizing our Financial Aid office to be more student friendly with a new name and focus of Student financial services. Since we have only two sources of revenue ­ students and donors ­ there was a theme related to insuring the Financial Stability of the college called Resource Development. It involved a focus on
new students. Our Advancement team focuses on our donor and alumni relationships. The department has evaluated and strengthened their existing events, as well as launched several new ones ­ the Momentum Seniors Conference and the Vision 360° fundraising banquet. Another important step was launching the Next Generation Campaign to raise the funds needed for the Activity Center and related projects. A key indicator of success in this goal is the seven new endowed scholarships that have been established
teams and established a Retention team to identify needs to help improve student retention. The Admissions team implemented a new recruiting plan which included evaluating and adapting our major recruiting event ­ Timothy Days, as well as hosting regional recruiting events to connect with potential students. We have also reorganized and intensified our LEAD and Online recruiting focus to help our outreach to adults wanting to complete their degrees. One of the most unique distinctives of MCC is our location right across from Kansas State University. Since the late 1960's MCC has had a great partnership with KSU and one of our major themes focuses on Strategic Partnerships. This goal envisions us being involved in strong academic partnerships by further enhancing our current relationships and developing new ones that are mutually beneficial. We continue to host key personnel from our many strategic
to those results is the Strategic Plan we
The Campus Culture theme
and installed the initial component that
strengthening our human resources, as
totaling almost $400,000.
partners on campus to continually
developed in 2012/2013. Throughout that purposed to develop a culture that
provides key card access to buildings. We
well as increasing revenue streams and
The Student Life team has taken
Strategic Planning _ continued on page 4
Page 2 l Synergy
Spring 2016 l Page 3
With Appreciation
Retirements 66 Years of MCC Experience
We thank God every time we remember you. Philippians 1:3
Larry Sullivan Associate Professor of History 1972-2016 What I will remember most about my teaching at MCC is the relationships with students and fellow faculty members. Just about everywhere I go someone tells me that they were a student at MCC and that they took my Western Civilization or HARM class. Some real old-timers had me for Old Testament Survey. The impact of the college continues to grow. Since graduating in 1957, it has been my honor to have played a small part in the ministries of the MCC alumni serving throughout the world. I keep up with many through newsletters and Facebook. I am ambivalent about retirement. My wife and I joke about moving to the farm and raising hogs. My great grandkids would like for me to live on the farm and keep a horse for them to come and ride. Maybe if I had a horse I could indulge my penchant for being a cowboy wannabe. August will be a hard month for me when everybody goes back to school and I don't. But, one thing I will not miss is all the computer stuff that is now a part of being a professor.
Rusty Thornley Associate Professor of InterCultural Studies 1994-2016 Relationships, relationships, relationships, are what I will remember the most about my time at MCC. It is all about relationships beginning with God and reaching to all the students, faculty, staff, family, friends of MCC and the connections made through the years. By faith in Jesus as Lord and Messiah, MCC is a place where God prepares individuals for the rigors of ministry among the lost people(s) of the world. He allows us as staff, faculty, family, and friends to participate with Him. In retirement, Jan and I will strive to do service within God's will to those in need wherever we encounter them. My special interests will always include visiting with people, playing with my grandchildren, and woodworking. I definitely want to thank the many who contributed to the initial event to welcome me and my family into the MCC community. It is obvious that God has blessed us tremendously. I leave now with a strong sense of excitement for the future of the school. MAY GOD BLESS MCC! MCC
Strategic Planning _ continued from page 3 strengthen those relationships, as well as working on developing new partners like the University of Kansas Medical Center, Christ's Church of the Valley in Arizona, Legacy Christian Church in Kansas, and being an initial sponsor of a new accrediting association for Chaplaincy Programs. As you can see, there has been a lot of activity by a lot of people that Page 4 l Synergy
is producing great results on MCC's campus! The synergy that is occurring is inspiring to be around. I am grateful for our faculty, staff and students who are part of the synergy on campus. I am also thankful for the many partners who are helping us produce these results as well. And, bottom line, I am very thankful to God for all He has done to help these results come to fruition. He truly deserves all the glory for the fruit occurring on MCC's campus! MCC
Practicing Appreciation Thankful Thunder Day brings awareness to the MCC campus community about the significant role that donors play in the day-to-day operations of the college as well as the individual investment they make in each student's life-time potential. Donors are the anonymous partners that bring the ministry of educating, equipping, and enriching Christian leaders to life. Without the financial support of churches, individuals, families, and businesses, each full-time student at MCC would pay approximately $5,971 more in tuition and fees each year. These 1,534 stewards combine their resources to underwrite 33% of the annual budget. The Alumni Office highlights this example of giving to mentor and inspire students and faculty about the sacrifices that are being made to keep MCC strong. Even though Thankful Thunder Day is full of special treats and a few prizes, the ultimate purpose is to celebrate donors and to be grateful for their involvement in the outreach of MCC. To make a contribution to the next generation of Christian leaders that will be influencing our communities and our world visit www.mccks. edu/partners/ egifts. Every gift is important. MCC
Kerusso Dayz www.i6eight.org
Front row: Ashley Swartzentruber, Rebekah Zwink, Melanie Montgomery, Carla Ceja, Jenette Follmer, Bethany Jessup Back row: Zach Price, Jennifer Tarbutton, Dacia Whiteley, Collin Schlotfeldt, Blake Brunner, Frederick Isbill, and Seth Dills.
Thirteen students drove 1,445 miles (25-hours) to Puerto Peсasco, Mexico to spend Spring Break, March 11-19, serving with i6eight Missions. This was the fourth year in a row that MCC has sent a team of students to work with i6eight. "This is always an energizing week for us," says Scott Swartzentruber, Director of i6eight. "The students are full of energy and ready to do whatever is asked of them! The year-after-year consistency gives both the MCC students and the Nationals we work with a chance to build relationships and our ministry is built on relationships." Collin Schlotfeldt, sophomore and leader of the student team, said, "Spending a week in a place that functions very differently than what we are used to is life altering. I know that this trip greatly deepened my understanding of who God is, and my prayer is that the people's understanding of who God is was also deepened through our service there." This year's trip was a first of its kind, for both Manhattan Christian College and i6eight Missions because rather than spending the week constructing a house, the MCC team served the people of Puerto Peсasco in several different ways. The team helped pour the foundation of a current i6eight house for a family in need, led church services within the community, street evangelized in an inner-city park, invited the children of the barrios of
Puerto Peсasco to participate in Vacation Bible School activities such as a slip-nslide led by the MCC team, and worked with Red Light Rebellion (of Phoenix, Arizona) to produce two seminars educating the leaders of Puerto Peсasco about how they can combat Sex Slavery within their community. Sophomore Melanie Montgomery reflected, "The thing that blew me about my trip to Mexico was how deeply I connected with the people there despite the language barrier. I got to see first-hand that nothing will stand in the way of God and that He can truly use the inadequate. Despite how difficult communication was at times, it never prevented Him from working through me. It was incredible to see and reminded me of just how great our God is." Since 1999, the goal for the Kerusso Dayz ministry has been three-fold. First, it is an outreach to proclaim God's love to His people. MCC wants to make an impact in the communities in which they serve. Second, it is a practical hands-on experience for students to take the responsibil-
ity and ownership of planning the trip, training their team, and implementing the mission trip. With a mentor's help, the student leaders learn what it takes to inspire a group of people to work together. Of course ministry highs and ministry lows made along the way, but this learning lab provides valuable experience. Third, it gives all of the students' involved valuable PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in what it takes to finance ministry and how to raise funds to support their future ministry. Ministries interested in having a team of students coming and working with them for a few days should contact Ben Grogg at [email protected] MCC Spring 2016 l Page 5
Extraordinatory Education
Spiritual Formation Emphasis at MCC
· Spiritual Mentoring and Soul Care
Students often take two of these courses as a six hour track to enhance their ministries in other areas. Another popular plan is to combine the spiritual formation emphasis with another emphasis for a more holistic program focusing on life transformation. This emphasis specifically works well with a worship, pastoral, or counseling emphasis. Due to its overall focus on helping others become more like Christ, the spiritual formation emphasis combines well with any other emphasis area offered at MCC.
Current students have chosen spiritual formation as their emphasis for a variety of reasons.
Dr. Brian Medaris is intentional about helping students grow deeper in their relationship with God.
By Brian Medaris In 2012, the Christian Ministry department developed some of the most innovative changes in curriculum at MCC. Students who choose Christian Ministry as their major have several options; giving them the opportunity to choose a course that best fits who God is creating them to be. Among these choices, a new area of ministry emphasis emerged. MCC is now one of only two undergraduate programs in the state of Kansas offering an emphasis in Spiritual Formation. We are excited to be offering a program for students as they prepare for a life of vocational ministry. Richard Foster challenged us over thirty years ago by saying, "the desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people." In a culture that thrives on superficial, immediate gratification, this quote is still true today. We need ministers in our churches who journey with the congregation in developing life habits that grow deep spiritual roots. Our churches today are asking us to send them young people of character even if their skills need improving. Spiritual formation can be a confusing term for some. Historically we have used terms such as "discipleship" or "Christian education." Today
spiritual formation is used as a more inclusive term, reflecting on the diverse approaches one takes in becoming like Christ. Spiritual formation is a growing field of academic study and a highly needed vocational pursuit. We define spiritual formation as the intentional, communal process that places us in a position of transformation by which God is revealed more fully to us, the spirit is allowed to move more fully through us, and the Image of Christ is formed more fully in us. That process takes the form of teaching, mentoring, small group leadership, practicing spiritual disciplines, and any other formative practice that points people toward life change. It is our job at MCC to train students to lead in these areas. The spiritual formation emphasis at MCC prepares students for careers in the church as ministers of spiritual formation, small groups, discipleship, and education. There are a variety of associate minister positions in which our students are prepared to fill. While at MCC, our students take a range of courses helping them minister in the 21st century. Beyond the Christian Ministry core, students take the following four courses: · Movements in Christian Spirituality · Small Group Ministry · Strategies for Spiritual Formation
"I chose the Spiritual Formation emphasis to teach me so I can assist others to experience the wonders of growing in their relationship with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit," senior Patricia Runion said. "This emphasis prepares me to encourage others by incorporating the Church's historical and present practices into our lives which inspires spiritual growth. My heart's passion is to share the Word of God especially with women and encourage everyone to fall more in love with our God. I hope to use my degree to write and share Bible studies with a focus towards women." Junior Jonathan Paden said, "I discovered the spiritual formation emphasis last semester and it just sounded perfect. I plan to use this emphasis after graduating to become an assistant pastor that works as a counselor for the congregation's soul; to help the congregation grow stronger together." "The person who mentored me was huge into spiritual formation practices and that has made me want to pursue a better education in order to impact people and deepen people's faith in the same way that my mentor did with me," said Blake Brunner, freshman. We are excited to offer this unique program for our current and future students. The churches that employ our graduates can be confident that we are focused on preparing graduates to Spiritual Formation _ continued on page 7
Page 6 l Synergy
Spiritual Formation _ continued from page 6 be men and women of character, with developing skills for lifelong transformation. Our graduates will take these skills into the church to assist congregations in becoming the people God intends them to be.
Consider sending someone from your congregation to MCC to specialize in spiritual formation. Your congregation may also benefit from a spiritual retreat. Call us and we will facilitate a retreat experience that fits your spiritual growth needs. We are committed to the
Free Bible Class overall transformation of our students, our supporting congregations, and the Church as a whole. For more information about the Spiritual Formation emphasis contact Dr. Brian Medaris, [email protected] edu. MCC
Community members from diverse backgrounds are challenged to study the Bible for themselves after attending the Free Bible Class.
Try It, You'll Like It
If you want the Bible to be more meaningful in your life, Manhattan Christian College can help you reach your education goals. The Free Bible Class, held annually since 2013, is a unique marketing effort that promotes the LEAD degree completion program, recruits new students, and strengthens Christian leaders in Manhattan and the surrounding areas. Taught by Brody Bliss, Director of adult education, this course gives each student an opportunity to
experience an in-depth Bible study in a format similar to MCC's LEAD program. The class meets one night a week from 6:00-10:00 p.m. during the month of April. This year's exegetical study is The Prison Epistles of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. Other years have focused on the books of Genesis, Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter; 1, 2, and 3 John, Jude, and Basic Christian doctrine. This topical program changes every year and has been very popular and near capacity each time that it has been offered. It is an opportunity for primar-
ily adult learners, but also Kansas State University and Manhattan Area Technical College Students, to see the benefits of an MCC education. It helps participants learn more about the Bible and how to apply it to their daily life. When participants were surveyed at the end of the class, all commented that their expectations were "exceptionally" met through the course which makes them all LEAD recruiters who are willing to tell others about their experience. It is interesting to note that half of the attendees are 46-59 years old and another 22% are below the age of 30. This class is also offered to strengthen individual Christians in the Word of God. Pastors, elders, deacons, and lay volunteers have all been a part of the audience and have been strengthened in their knowledge of the scriptures. When asked if their relationship with Christ was better because of this class, 56% said that their relationship with God grew "extraordinarily" stronger. MCC
Spring 2016 l Page 7
Alumni Association Where are they serving?
We are Proud of You! Alumni stories are an inspiration to current and prospective students. Take the time to send us a head and shoulder picture with the sign or logo of the organization that you are working with in the background or beside you. Be sure to include your full name, name of the organization, and a 1-2 sentence description of how you are serving. Thank you for staying in touch and sending information to Alumni Director Genae Denver, [email protected] MCC
Scott Archdekin '16 Graduate Student Abilene Christian University After adopting Alexa, 6, and Aurora, 3, and being ordained for ministry, the Archdekin family will move to Texas so Scott can pursue a Master's in Theology. Tammy, a registered nurse, will be a full-time mom.
Where Are They Serving?
Kristin Purkey '15 Children's Director SouthWoods Christian Church, Stilwell, KS Overseeing all birth through 5th grade children and the children's ministry volunteers, weekly preparing curriculum and spending quality time with the families of the church.
Adam Herbert '14 Director of Student Ministries Westview Community Church, Manhattan, KS Engaging students in God's love through relationships that will inspire life change in the next generation of leaders.
Jordan Shelton `14 Associate Mobilizer Christian Missionary Fellowship Recruiting individuals whom God has called into ministry, matching their skills and passions with one open around the world, and then helping them get started in their new role.
Elise Drennan '12 Student Ministry Director The Point, Raleigh, NC Overseeing the student ministries and the discipleship of students in middle and High School in five locations across the triangle (Raleigh, Chapel Hill & Durham).
Austin Rupe '13 Integration Architect Cerner, Kansas City, KS Facilitating the relationship and communication between the client hospitals and Cerner to achieve peak efficiency and stability with software solutions.
Leah Scanlan '14 AmeriCorps Manager and Administrative Coordinator Kansas City, MO Managing the programming, writing service learning curriculum, and coordinating office operations for Youth Volunteer Corps.
Kristal Kleiner '07 English Teacher, Debate/Forensics Manhattan High School, Manhattan, KS Teaching English, coaching Debate and Forensics, finishing Masters at Fort Hays State University, and fostering the education of future teachers at KSU as a cooperating teacher. Page 8 l Synergy
Derek Birney '15 Associate Pastor Outreach and Small Groups New Community Christian Church, Salina, KS Pastoring the small group leaders and working to create the local outreach ministry of the church.
Robin Diehl '15 Worship Leader Rockhills Church, Manhattan, KS Leading and serving with the ministry team of this new church plant that officially began in September of 2015 and blessed to see God's mighty work already.
Adam Evans '13 Associate Pastor Youth and Worship Haverhill Christian Church, Haverhill, KS Coming alongside youth and their families, pointing them toward God, and discovering what it means to be a Christ follower and helping the senior minister plan the worship services. Spring 2016 l Page 9
A New Baseball Culture
In addition to coaching and recruiting, McDonald is working on campus in the Student Life Office with intramurals and housing. He also preaches two-three times each month for churches in the area that need pulpit supply. Thunder pitching coach, Tom Lemke, who was also recruited by McDonald last summer, works off-campus in a couple of part-time positions that give him the flexibility he needs to be free for afternoon practices, games, and travel.
Back row: Emmanuel Otero #12, Gerardo Questell #45, Seth Throckmorton #20, Jacob Johansen #42, Coach Tom Lemke #30, Coach Jimmy McDonald #27, Coach Aaron Lassley #44, Kellen Quick #33, Landrey Anders #32, Joshua Sanabria #37, Jamison Huffman #31 Front Row: Matthew Zecha #23, Alex Lopez #3, Isaiah Kathrein #11, Harry Rodriguez #5, Ben Rankin #10, Carlos Perez #4, Kyle Wechsler #2, Kenneth Torres #8, Steven Paniagua #24, Jan Elias #21
AThunder baseball revival is happening under the young, energetic influence of Head Coach Jimmy McDonald. With a young squad that is 85% freshmen, the team has turned around and started winning. Ben Rankin, the only senior on the team and one of the pitchers, is excited. He says, "As a leader on the team, I want to show and teach the younger guys how to not only play the game, but how to get the most out of their experience. I met my best friend through baseball and my time on the MCC team has helped me develop many authentic and lifelong friends that I consider my brothers." Coach McDonald, who joined the program in June 2015, had his work cut out for him to just field a team. With only three returning players, he had three months to recruit the 17 needed to fill the roster. Using the baseball connections he had made at baseball camps over the years, Jimmy spread the word that he was looking for players. His recipe for success was simple: Share the vision with lots of players, tell the story about the MCC program, and then let God bring them here. After talking to 200 prospective players, he had enough commitments for a team.
consequences are simple: miss a class, miss a game." Learning teamwork is a process, but this unit is guided by Philippians 2:3-5 which says, "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." After getting beat 20-2 in their first game, the players came together without the coaches, talked it out, and then pulled it together to win the next four games straight.
"I truly believe that ministry is wherever you are," McDonald says. " I tell the guys all the time, God has you here at MCC so bloom where you are planted. If you don't like your playing time, work hard and change it. If you don't like your grades in class, do what it takes to change them." MCC Ben Rankin from StoneBridge Christian Church in Omaha, NE, is leading the team in pitching appearances and holds a .308 batting average. As the team's only senior, he strives to lead by example both on and off the field. He will graduate with a B.S. in Bible and Leadership with Christian Ministry with emphases in Counseling and Family.
Coach McDonald loves the game and wants to use athletics to disciple young men, just like his baseball mentors poured into him. "We are creating a culture of accountability and discipline," he says. "It starts with the life skills of hustle, being on time, and attending class. The team
Non-traditional students Rosa Hill, Lorraine Murphy, and Jimmy Wilson became friends and study partners when they met in class as freshmen. Although each came to MCC in a different way they are all following God's call on their life. Rosa wants to help bridge the gap between kids and parents in hurting families. Lorraine's plan is to work Helping children and Jimmy is looking forward to working with soldiers who have PTSD. MCC
Page 10 l Synergy
MCC Thunder Thunder Basketball
Dalton Miller, a junior from Tuttle, OK, just completed his first season of Thunder basketball. A transfer student from Southwestern Christian University (SCU) in Bethany, OK, he was introduced to MCC through a couple of his past teammates who had played against MCC.
He chose to come to MCC to finish a degree in pastoral ministry with an emphasis in youth because he would like to get a Masters in coaching and work full-time as a youth pastor and basketball coach. "God opened the door financially and it seemed to be a good fit with the team so after a lot of prayer and talks with my parents I made the decision to come play basketball for the Thunder," said Dalton. "I have known that I wanted to go into ministry since the summer before my senior year of high school. My youth pastor and role model, Jeremy Wallace, has always told me that God has something planned for me and I just need to trust and follow him and see where he will take me."
Coach Shawn Condra says, "From the first time I talked to Dalton I thought he was a sharp kid that that he would be a great fit here both academically and athletically. He did a great job for us stepping into a starting role and being a key contributor to our team, and he was a good mentor to several of our younger players."
As a shooting guard, Dalton's role for the team to be successful is to score, but he takes his leadership responsibilities beyond the court. "I want to be the best teammate I can be both on and off the court," says Dalton. "I concentrate on encouraging those around me because I want to help the team stay positive through adversity. When things don't go our way, I want to help us come together and bounce back."
This year's basketball team finished with an overall record of 27-10, the second most number of wins in a single season. After winning both the Conference and Regional Tournaments, they went on to finish third at the NCCAA National Tournament which tied the highest finish for men in MCC history.
Dalton appreciates the time that he gets to spend with the team whether it is practices,
morning runs, road trips, or the big wins. It is all important to being part of a team. He
gives credit to his
dad for mentor-
ing him and
always pushing
him to do his
best. "My dad
believes in me.
He is my biggest
fan," Dalton
says. "But, I tell
everyone who
will listen to get
ready to fill the
stands for the
games next year
because we will
be back strong
and hopefully
will make it all
the way to the Coach Shawn Condra earned his 450th career win at MCC this year.
He is an 8-time Central Regional Coach of the Year as well as the
ship." MCC
2004 NCCAA DII National Coach of the Year.
Synergy Manhattan Christian College About the cover: Kerusso Dayz team serving in Puerto Peсasco, Mexico over spring break. MANHATTAN CHRISTIAN COLLEGE 1415 Anderson Avenue Manhattan, KS 66502 785-539-3571 www.mccks.edu Educating, equipping, and enriching Christian leaders since 1927. Accreditation: The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools 230 South LaSalle Street, Ste 7-500 Chicago, IL 60604 800-621-7440 Association for Biblical Higher Education 5850 T.G. Lee Boulevard, Ste 130 Orlando, FL 32822 407-207-0808 Stay in touch with MCC: @KIngramMCC #mccks Help us communicate more effectively with you. Send address corrections, cell phone number, and e-mail address changes to [email protected] Manhattan Christian College is supported by the Christian churches and the Churches of Christ. "We are so glad that we can say with utter honesty that in all our dealings we have been pure and sincere, quietly depending upon the Lord for His help, and not on our own skills." -2 Corinthians 1:12 TLB Spring 2016 l Page 11
MANHATTAN CHRISTIAN COLLEGE 1415 Anderson Ave. Manhattan, KS 66502 w w w. m c c k s . e d u
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