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Content: De La Salle University-Manila Library Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. XXXIX - No. 11-12 November - December 2008
An Assessment of the Instructional Media Services Facilities By Jocelyn T. Balangue
The Instructional Media Services (IMS) of the De La Salle University Library aims to support the academic community by providing the following services: 1) consultation services in support of teaching and learning; 2) research information services in support effective instruction; 3) provision of instructional resources in support of teaching and learning; 4) materials preparation; and 5) dissemination of online information on available materials, resources and technology. Aside from these, the IMS also takes charge of circulating the audiovisual collection and offers other services such as video/ audio/graphic arts and multimedia production for DLSU faculty and students. In order to effectively carry out the above functions, the IMS maintains facilities and makes it available to students and faculty requiring audiovisual or instructional technology support. These facilities An assessment...see page 7
T Tereso Lara Seminar Room PHINMA E-classroom
Ariston Estrada Seminar Room Waldo Perfecto Seminar Room
2 Library Director Attends the Fifth AUNILO... New Faculty Librarians ... 3 Remembering Ms. Julie ... 4 Library Approves Revised Policies LMC Members Present Assessment Studies
F. Bongalos Presents Paper ... 5 J. Ladlad Attends PLAI Semi- nar ... 6 PNU-LISAA, Inc. Board Elects J. Ladlad... J. Bundalian Joins Sagada Tour 2008 Advent Recollection ... 9 Himig ng Paskong Lasalyano
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Library Director Attends the Fifth AUNILO Committee Meeting
Ms. Ana Maria Fresnido, Library Director, represented the DLSU Library to the Fifth AUNILO Committee Meeting held in Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on November 06-08, 2008. The meeting was attended by representatives from all member libraries (except for Myanmar), including the new member library which is the Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University. The keynote address entitled Integration--Trends and Issues for Academic Libraries was delivered by Ms. Patricia Oyler, Professor of Simmons College and Chair of the Committee on Continuing Professional and Workplace Learning of IFLA. Institutional reports on the theme library services of AUNILO: Towards Integration were presented by the delegates after the keynote address. A. Fresnido's report
entitled Consortia and Linkages: the DLSU Library's Experience focused on the library's active involvement in the following consortia/linkages: The South Manila Inter-Institutional Consortium (SMIIC), Department of Science and Technology, Engineering and Science Education Project (DOST-ESEP), European Studies Consortium in the Philippines, Inter University Consortium (IUC), American Studies Resource Center, and the LibraryLink. It also reviewed the accomplishments of the AUNILO and proposed ways on how to further strengthen ties with member libraries. Based on the institutional reports presented, it was concluded that all member libraries have participated in collaborative programs, have planned and/ or implemented digitization of library materials, while others have already established institutional repositories.
The meeting proper was held on the second day where the University of Malaya, acknowledging the importance of establishing institutional repositories, picked up the project of holding the Seminar-Workshop on Institutional Repositories and volunteered to shoulder the cost of hosting the activity, specifically the venue, the speakers, and accommodation of the participants. It was also reported during the meeting, that the AUNILO portal now provides links to the websites of the member libraries as well as and their WebOPACs. To further enhance the portal all papers presented during the last 5 meetings will be uploaded and made accessible to the public through the portal. The 6th meeting will be held in Indonesia in November 2009, with the theme ASEANA collections.
New Faculty Librarians Join LMC
Juliet Olivar Three (3) Academic Service Faculty (ASF) librarians joined the DLSU Library Management Committee (LMC), namely: Bob Cauilan, Juliet Olivar, and Karen Cecille Victoria effective 2nd term of school year 2008-2009. Bob Cauilan, who joined the DLSU Library as library clerk at the Circulation Section in 1997, passed the Librarians' Licensure Examination in November of the same year. He finished his Bachelor of Science in Education in 1994 and Certificate in library science from the Philippine Normal University (PNU) in 2000. He was promoted as as-
sistant librarian in November 2001 and was assigned at the Acquisitions Section until 1st term of this school year. Bob is now assigned as head of the Filipiniana Section beginning 2nd term. He is at present pursuing his master's degree in Library and Information Science at the University of the Philippines. On the other hand, Juliet a graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Library Science and minor in English Bob Cauilan
2 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008
Karen Victoria at the National Teachers College (NTC) in March 1990. Her career as a librarian began at the De La Salle University Social Development Research Center (SDRC) in September 1994. In May 2001, she was hired by the De La Salle Professional Schools as a librarian for its extension campus at the Graduate School of Business-RCBC campus and later became a regular librarian in December of the same year. She passed the Professional Board Examination for Librarians in December 2000 and finished her Master of Science, major in Library Science in April 2008 from the Manuel L. Quezon University New Faculty...see page 6
Remembering Ms. Julie W. Arcilla
As a tribute to Ms Julie Arcilla, who passed away last November 8, 2008, here are some testimonies from people whose lives, in one way or another, she had touched. "Julie was a very thoughtful person. She would always have something for you "kahit na maliit na bagay" after coming back from a place she visited. Actually hanggang ngayon ginagamit ko pa rin yung necklace that she gave me when she came from Boracay. For me, she was really a friend. She will always be remembered saying "You are barking at the wrong tree" kung uutangan mo siya. I know she will lend money if she really has something to give to you. And I just recently learned that she has a lot of people whom she really extends a hand (yung mga pamangkin niya). I really miss Julie. May she rest in peace with the Lord! ­ Rolly Masindo. "Working with Julie for more than a year has given me the chance to know her better. I can say that she was really a good and sweet person. She was always happy to treat us whenever she had extra money. Every Christmas, she would give us small presents. I will truly miss her for Christmas is nearly approaching. Honestly, sometimes we had misunderstandings but after talking with her, it would be all right. Even if Julie was more experienced than I am at the Filipiniana Section, she has regarded me with respect and I really appreciated that. Whenever Julie arrives in the office she would say "Hello" with a sweet smile. Julie, wherever you are, we love you very much"-- Annabelle Aliwalas. "Julie was such a jolly person
and fun to be with, and the one
thing I admired most about her is
that she speaks her mind out...!"
Bing Dancalan
"I remember the first
time I met her was in PWU,
where she took her undergradu-
ate course.
I was then a student assistant
at the library. That is the rea-
son why when I started working
here, she became my friend. For
the past 20 years, I have known
her for being so nice, helpful in Julie delivers the welcome remarks for the
her own ways and a very thoughtful
2007 Library General Assembly
person. She always give something
on Christmas and souvenirs whenever to get along with and you can count
she attends seminars from far places. on her in times of need. She was very
Although she would have mood swings generous, basta meron lang siya di ka
at times and would shout at you pag may mapapahiya. Others say that mahirap
sumpong, she was most of the time jolly. daw siyang pakisamahan pero sa nag-
For me she is one of a kind...Julie iba ing pagsasama namin ng almost 8 years
ka!!! We're praying for you and you will hindi kami nagkaroon ng malalim na di
always be in our hearts, Julie we will pagkaka-unawaan . You will never know
miss you..." ­ Beth Padilla
her better unless makasama mo siya sa
"I met Julie at PNU when I was araw-araw. As a sister, she was a very
still an undergarduate student and she good confidante, nahihingahan ko siya
was already employed here at DLSU but ng payo about my personal life, prob-
was taking her specialization in Library lems that I've encountered and vise ver-
Science. I will always remember her as sa, nakakahugot ako ng lakas sa kanya
someone who would laugh at everything. after confiding with her, she lifts me up,
She was really so funny that she would ika nga. Marami pang memories kaming
laugh even if she was mad. She was well pinagsamahan ni Ate Julie at habang
loved by the Library staff who would ako'y buhay mananatili ito sa aking
always tease her dahil game lagi yan. I puso. I really miss her but I know kung
miss her malutong na tawa"-- Ana F.
saan man siya naroon ngayon tapos na
"I will always remember Ate rin lahat ng paghihirap niya at payapa
Julie as an officemate, a friend and a na siya sa piling ng ating Poong Mayka-
sister. As an officemate, she was pro- pal." ­ Jo Maghari
fessional in her work and in dealing
"All I can say is that Julie was
with people. As a friend, she was easy so sweet and thoughtful. She would give
Julie (1st from right) with library staff during the 2007 Library Gen- eral Assembly
Julie (3rd from left) poses with co-Medrano awardees
Julie (1st from right) with friends Remembering...see page 5
DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008- 3
Library Approves Revised Policies
As decided during the Library Management Committee (LMC) meetings held on October 7 and 9, 2008 the following revision on existing policies were approved: On the Access, Use, and Photocopying of Undergraduate and Graduate Theses Beginning 3rd term of SY2008-2009, undergraduate students need not present referral/recommendation letters from their faculty advisers/
department chairs in order to use and access the undergraduate theses. Such will only be required should they find the need to access graduate theses. Aside from these, photocopying of certain portions of theses for research purposes specifically the Introduction, Scope and Literature survey; the Methodology; and the Bibliography may also be permitted. On Accommodating Visiting Users In response to the increas-
ing demand to accommodate visiting users (both paying and non-paying), even during summer, it was decided by the LMC that beginning 3rd term of SY2008-2009, the period when visiting users will not be accommodated will be limited, that is, only from the first day of final exams until the last day of the term and during term/summer breaks. Moreover, alumni who are holders of valid alumni cards may also be allowed to access the resources of the GSB-RCBC and AGH libraries.
LMC Members Present Assessment Studies
Library Management Committee members, namely, Ms. Cynthia Cordova, the Andrew Gonzalez Hall librarian, Ms. Willian Frias, Collection Development Librarian and Head of the Technical Services, Ms. Yolanda Odsinada, the Information-Reference Librarian and Ms. Marita Valerio, the Bibliographic Control Librarian served as resource speakers in the seminar on Assessment of Library Collection & Services and Information Literacy sponsored by the Holy Angel University, Angeles City on November 26, 2008. Objectives of the seminar were as follows: a) to introduce information literacy as a powerful tool in the discov-
ery for best practices in enriching customers' library experience; b) to apply professional assessment procedures in upgrading customers' information literacy; c) to create relevant library information literacy plans and packages; and d) to present results and recommendations of assessment studies conducted by DLSU librarians in SY 2007-2008. Titles of the assessment studies conducted and presented by the DLSU librarians were: Assessment of the DLSU Filipiniana Collection (by C. Cordova); A Comprehensive Assessment of the DLSU Library Print Reference Collection (by W. Frias); An Assessment of the Collection and Usage
of the Instructional Media Services' Video Recordings (by M. Valerio); and An Assessment of the Reference Services at the De La Salle UniversityManila : Implications for Enhancing the Delivery of Reference Services (by Y. Odsinada). Ms. Elvira Lapuz, the Acquisitions Librarian and Senior Lecturer of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, was also one of the resource speakers and discussed on Information Literacy Planning and Power Packages. In attendance were librarians and information professionals from Central Luzon.
F. Bongalos Presents Paper, Attends Round Table Discussion on Paper Conservation
FlorBella S. Bongalos, assistant 2008. Intended and primarily designed librarian and member of the National for all the archdioceses, dioceses and reCommittee on Archives of the National ligious institutions in Western Visayas, Commission for Culture and the Arts the seminar-workshop introduced the (NCCA-NCA), presented a paper enti- participants to a new archival experitled, Records and Archives Management ence throguh on-board/off-board lecProfessions: An Overview, aboard the tures and actual visits to the different St. Peter the Apostle Vessel of Negros archives, libraries, conservation laboNavigation on November 13, 2008, dur- ratories and museums in the University ing the not-so-ordinary 4-day on-board/ of the Philippines, University of Santo off-board seminar-workshop on the Tomas, Arzobispado de Manila and Intheme Enhancing the Role of Archives tramuros Heritage sites. The event was in the Life of the Church: Archives as sponsored by the Society of EcclesiastiWord-Event held on November 12-15, cal Archivists of the Philippines, Inc., in 4 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008
cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the CBCP-Permanent Committee for the Cultural Heritage of the Church. On a separate occassion, Ms. Bongalos also participated in the Round Table Discussion on Paper Conservation on November 25-26, held at The National Library which was organized by the Goethe-Institut Manila and The National Library. Mr. Reinhard Feldmann of the University of Mьnster, Germany, was the resource speaker.
J. Ladlad Attends PLAI Seminar in Davao City, Serves as PLAI
Board Member
Ms. Jocelyn Ladlad, the European Documentation Centre and American Studies Resource Center librarian, attended the Philippine Librarians Association Incorporated (PLAI) sponsored national conference entitled The Multicultural Landscape of Philippine Librarianship on November 20-22, 2008 at Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City. The said conference was held in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Davao Regional Librarians Council (DLRC) and Davao City government. The conference objectives were: a) to re-examine libraries' position in a multicultural community; b) to be enthusiastic in building and rebuilding library collections reflecting on the cultural groupings of the libraries being served; and c) to re-program libraries' activities and services toward all cultural groups. Invited as conference keynote speaker, was Davao City mayor, Hon. Rodrigo Duterte. The first lecturer, Dr. Andre San Agustin, an independent education management professional talked on indigenous knowledge System while Atty. Antonio Santos, Law Librarian at the College of Law, University of the
Philippines, discussed on Managing Multicultural Resources. Ms. Prudenciana Cruz, the National Library of the Philippines director, on the other hand, shared on Managing Multicultural Resources: the National Library Perspective. On the second day of the conference, Dr. Resil Mojares, professor emeritus of the University of San Carlos, discussed on Redesigning Libraries for Multicultural Population: Collections while Mr. Marcelino Escalada, the Acting Assistant City Planning and Development Coordinator of Davao City, gave his perspective as a library user. Another speaker, Ms. Agnes Padilla, the Director of Human Resource Development of the Civil Service Commission, emphasized on the need for librarians to update and upgrade themselves to be able to serve the users better while Commissioner Ruth Padilla of the Professional Regulation Commission lectured on Reconfiguring Multiple Mindset of Librarians and Information Professionals: Core Values. Ms Lourdes David, the director of Ateneo De Manila Rizal libraries, shared her expertise on Redesigning Libraries for Multicultural Population: Services. The last two
speakers, Ms. Corazon M. Nera, the chair of Board for Librarians and Ms. Susima Gonzales, the PLAI president both talked about Relevant Promoters of Multicultural Librarianship focusing on their respective positions. The PLAI General Assembly attended by 220 librarians and library personnel from all-over the country took place on the last day of the conference where the new set of officers of the PLAI for 2009-2010 were presented to the body. Ms. Ladlad, who happens to be one of the newly elected member of the Board, took her oath in a fellowship luncheon held at Shang-Rila Restaurant in Quezon City on November 29, 2008. The affair was the culminating activity of PLAI-NCR, in observance of the National Book Week being celebrated from November 20-30. The National Library of the Philippines in cooperation with PLAI and other library associations and organizations, sponsored different activities during the celebration such as storytelling, essay writing, poster making contests, lecture series and other related activities on the theme Ang Batang Palabasa Dalubhasa sa Kultura .
Remembering...from page 3 you simple little gifts during Christmas time. I will surely miss that simple remembrances from her whenever she attends seminars from far places. She was not pikon kahit na niloloko ko sya or binibiro ko. In other words, mabait kahit na palaban." ­ Vivian Soriente "Since 1988, when I first met her here in La Salle Library, I've noticed her for being so frank. She would do and say whatever she wanted, even if it may hurt the feelings of others. The good side of it, however, is when she realized her mistakes, she will readily comfort you by saying "Sorry". Julie Arcilla was one friend that I will cherish forever. I will miss her, let's all pray for her." ­ Lito Mabahague "It was a very short span of time working with her as she was one
of my staff at the Filipiniana Section. Barely more than 2 months is quite short to know her deeply. However, I can attest that she was a family-oriented person and I have proven this myself when I visited her once in their house. Personally, what I will miss is her greetings for every time she arrives at the office she would say "Hello Bob" with a sweet smile. May you rest in peace Julie!-Bob Cauilan "Luckily, I had a chance to work with her for two days. I was having my training at the Filipiniana section that time. Being a quiet person that I am, Ms. Julie would always start the conversation, asking me how I was and how Ms. Juliet and I were doing in RCBC. She was always prompt in answering whatever queries I have. For her, that two
days maybe enough to warmly welcome me to the library for she never failed to greet me with a smile whenever she sees me around. ­Karen Victoria "I never had a very close relationship with Julie. But what I can say about her is that she was a very thoughtful and warm person. I have never spent a single Christmas without receiving a little something from her, showing how much she cares. I shall miss a card coming from her this Christmas. Godspeed, Julie! ­ Ian Frias In behalf of the Library Newsette Editorial Staff, we would like to thank you Julie for touching our lives and for giving us the honor of having you as a friend. Godspeed!
DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008- 5
PNU-LISAA, Inc. Board Elects J. Ladlad as President
Ms. Jocelyn L. Ladlad, an alumna of the Philippine Normal University and currently the European Documentation Centre (EDC) and American Studies Resource Center (ASRC) librarian of the DLSU Library is the newly elected president of Philippine Normal University Library Science Alumni Association, Inc. (PNU- LISAA) for 2009. The oath taking ceremony was held on December 5, 2008 at the St. Beatrice
Ballroom of St. Michael's College of Laguna in Binan, Laguna. Ms. Ladlad heads the new executive board composed of other alumni members, namely, Marites K. Chavez (Congressional National High School) as vice-president/conference chair, Noemi B. Cabantog (St. Paul College, Pasig) as treasurer, Arturo O. Morales III (DILG Local Government Academy) as auditor and Liezl M. Dominado (Colegio De Sta. Rosa) as public
relations officer together with 5 board members, namely: Ofel L. Irabon (National Security Council), Medel N. Bautista (Xavier School), Elvira Reyes (St. Paul College-Paranaque), Marifi E. Navarro (Elizabeth Seton School), and Rosalina A. Soriano (Gen. Alvarez School of Arts and Trade). Philip Mark Daiz ( Laguna BelAir School ) will serve as secretary to the 2009 executive board.
J. Bundalian Joins Sagada Tour
The Librarian-Backpackers sponsored a tour with the theme Health of Body, Mind & Soul Through A Sagada Travel, in Sagada, Mountain Province last November 30 to December 1, 2008 with Mr. Jorge B. Bundalian of DLSU Library joining the tour together with 9 other librarians/library staff, teachers, and archivist from different public and private libraries/institutions in Metro
Manila. Part of the itinerary was a book donation activity for remote schools like the Bangaan National High School and Bomabanga National High School. The tour also included a visit to the majestic places of Sumaguin Cave, Bumod-Ok Falls, William Henry Scott Foundation Library, Lake Danum, Echo Valley and Bontoc Museum.
Jorge (1st from right) with the group of Backpackers
2008 Advent Recollection for Faculty and Staff
Library staff namely, Florbella Bongalos, Melton Jo, Rolando Masindo, Antonio Meneses, Ulysses Fadrillan, and Pablito Mabahague responded to the timely invitation of the Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) to attend the annual Co-Academic Personnel (CAP) Advent Recollection which was held on November 21, 2008 at "Balay Indang", Cavite City.
Likewise, Ana Fresnido, Elizabeth Padilla, Vivian Soriente and Marita Valerio attended the 2008 Faculty Advent Recollection held on December 5, 2008 at Bukal ng Tipan, Maryhill, Taytay, Rizal. Bobby Quitain, lawyer, Catholic lay evangelist, and author of religious inspirational books served as the recollection master. With the theme Heaven in Our
Hearts, Bro. Bob prepared three talks where he stressed out that human beings were designed for heaven, destined for heaven and therefore, should decide or choose heaven as the final destiny. Participants were made to reflect on what occupy their hearts each day and how prepared they are for heaven, life-after- death, judgment, and eternity.
New Faculty...from page 2
(MLQU). Since the De La Salle Professional Schools Graduate School of Business is now reintegrated to the De La Salle University-Manila, Juliet now works as the GSB-RCBC librarian. Karen Cecille Victoria finished her Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education major in Library Science in 2003 from the Baliuag University in Bulacan. She first served as an elementary school teacher while at the same time function-
ing as a school librarian in the same institution. Since teaching is not really what she wanted, she sought for another job that will provide for more professional growth and fulfillment hence decided to work as full time college librarian in ABE international business School, an AMA Education System in Manila. In the hope to gain more knowledge and experience, she grabbed the opportunity when a room for employment in one of
6 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008
the La Sallian institutions opened where she was fortunately hired for the position of Assistant Librarian at the De La Salle Professional Schools RCBC Graduate School of Business. Like Juliet, Karen was absorbed by the university and was officially hired with the rank of ASF I-1 effective 2nd term of this school year and is now assigned at the GSB-RCBC Library.
An assessment ... from page 1 are vital in providing classroom instructions and aid in the enchancement of the teaching and learning interface between faculty and students. Thus, it is highly important for the IMS to regularly maintain its facilities making sure that its objectives are met. It is in this premise that this study was conducted.
Objectives of the Study This study aims to: 1) Present the users/usage profile of the IMS facilities. 2) Familiarize patrons with the facilities available. 3) Find out the extent of use of all the facilities under IMS for the last 5 years , that is, from SY 2002-03 to SY 2006-07. 4) Compare the booking profile of the IMS facilities, in terms of the number of requests served and accommodated and those cancelled, from SY 2005-06 to SY 2006-07. Methodology The study relied heavily on the IMS usage statistics report which also served as the main source of information. Other reports consulted were the De La Salle University Library's annual reports for the last 5 school years (i.e., from SY 2002-03 to SY 2006-07). Using the reports, data were tabulated and computed according to types of users. Monthly average of the number of users/usage was computed by dividing the sum of the total number of
The Mini e-classroom users/usage in one year by 12 (number of months in a year); while, the average daily user/usage was computed by dividing the annual total by 288 (total number of school days). The overall average was computed by further dividing the average by the number of usage which in this case is 5 years. Summary of Findings 1. Profile of Users/Usage of the IMS Section (refer to Table 1) · The actual number of users served by the IMS for the last 5 school years is 132,560. · All sectors of the academic com- munity are actively using the IMS collections, facilities, and equipment for the last 5 school years. · Faculty members logged the highest number of users/usage making up 48.5% (64,230) of the total users/usage; followed by the undergraduate students recording a total of 49,966 (37.7%) users/usage and CAP log-
Listening and viewing room ging 10,330 (7.8%) users/usage and the graduate students having the least number of users/usage with only 8,034 or 6.0% of the total users/ usage. · The highest number of users/ usage was posted in SY 2005-06 logging 36,945 users/usage with the faculty having the most number of usage while the lowest was posted in SY 2003-04 with only 18,689 users/usage. · Availment of the IMS services was high in SY 2005-2006, having 128.28 average number of users/ usage per day. The IMS' average facility usage for the past 5 years is 92.06. · There is an increase of 30.81% in the number of users/usage between SY 2003-04 and SY 2005-06. It should be noted, however, that the percentage of increase per type of user varies per year. 2. Facilities Maintained/Operated by
Table 1: Profile of Users/Usage of the IMS Section from SY2002/03 to SY2006/07
Users Faculty Graduate Undergraduate Employee/ Staff Total Ave./Year Ave./month: Ave./day:
SY2002-2003 SY2003-2004 SY2004-2005 SY2005-2006 SY2006-2007
18,878 64,230 48.5
5,726 49,966 37.7
2,866 10,330
19,373 1,614.42 67.27
18,689 1,557.42 64.89
29,552 2,462.67 102.61
36,945 3,078.75 128.28
28,001 132,560
An assessment...see page 8 DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008- 7
An assessment ... from page 6 the IMS · Projection/viewing rooms: V-210 or Velasco 210 M-406 or Miguel 406 (now Miguel 410) LVR (Listening and Viewing Room) IVR (Individual Viewing Room) · Multimedia rooms: PHINMA e-classroom Mini e-classroom · Graduate Area · Function/Seminar rooms: William Shaw Theater Waldo Perfecto Seminar Room Ariston Estrada Seminar Room Pablo Nicholas Auditorium Tereso Lara Seminar Room · Others: Teresa Yuchengco Theater Bro. Hugh Wester Seminar Complex Marilen Gaerlan Conservatory Multi-Purpose Room ISR (Intellect Seminar Room) 3. Extent of use of the facilities (refer to Table 2) · Projection/Viewing Rooms
The total number of usage of projection/viewing rooms for the last 5 years is 22,157. M-406 ranked first in terms of usage logging 8,066 usage or 36.4% of the total usage while LVR ranked last with 6,676 (30.1%) The highest usage was posted in SY 2002-03 with a total of 7,056 while the lowest was posted in SY 2005-06 with 3,034. The average usage for the last 5 school years is 15.39 per day. · Multimedia Rooms (refer to Table 3) The total number of usage of multimedia rooms for the last 5 school years is 3,463. PHINMA e-classroom composed 97.31% of the total multimedia room usage, while the mini e-classroom comprised 2.69% The average usage for the last 5 school years is 2.40 usage per day. · Graduate Area (refer to Table 4) The total number of usage for the last 4 school years is 14,964. Heaviest usage was posted
in SY 2004-2005 with 35.6% of the total usage; while the lowest was posted in SY 2006-2007 with 14.9% of the total usage. The average usage for the last 4 school years is 12.99 usage per day. · Function Rooms (see Table 5) The total number of usage for the last 5 school year is 7,038. The heaviest usage was recorded in SY 2005-2006 with 32% of the total usage; while the lowest usage was logged in SY 2002-2003 comprising only 9.2% of the total usage. The average usage for the last 5 school years is 4.89 usage per day. 4. Booking of IMS Facilities (refer to Table 6) The total number of bookings of the IMS facilities is 12,267. Among the facilities, the viewing rooms logged the highest number of usage which is 6,733 or an average of 11.68 per day; while e-classrooms recorded the lowest which is 1,509 or an average of 2.62 per day. Booking requests for viewing rooms that were served and ac-
Table 2: Usage of Projection Services/Viewing Rooms From SY 2002-03 to SY 2006-07
Total %
Viewing Rooms
SY2002-03 SY2003-04 SY2004-05 SY2005-06 SY2006-07
1,066 6,676 30.1
1,083 7,415 33.5
1,260 8,066 36.4
3,409 22,157 100
11.84 15.39
Table 3: Usage of Multimedia Rooms from SY 2002-03 to SY 2006-07
Multimedia rooms PHINMA E-classroom Mini E-classroom Total Average/day
SY2002-03 SY2003-04 SY2004-05 SY2005-06 SY2006-07
712 3,370
737 3,463
2.56 2.40
% 97.31 2.69 100
8 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008
An assessment ... see page 10
Himig ng Paskong Lasalyano
Joining the group of choir members representing the Academic Service Faculty (ASF) sector for the 2nd year launching of the Himig ng Paskong Lasalyano, a 40-minute caroling composed of the different groups of the Lasallian academic community, were members of the Library Management Committee (LMC) namely, Ana Fresnido, Elizabeth Padilla, Vivian Soriente, Marita Valerio and Purisima Fernando, together with other ASF from the Information Technology Center (ITC), the Student Financial Assistance Office (SFA), the Social
The ASF Choir The CAP Choir
Development Reseacrh Center (SDRC), and the DLS Philippines. Library staff, on the other hand, who joined the Co-Academic Personnel (CAP) choir, were Avelino Dancalan, Melton Jo, Josephine Maghari, Rolando Masindo, Catherine Cabonegro, Jojie Gonda, Ulysis Fadrillan, Roderick Borjal, Pedro Pelonio and Julius Abanez. Both groups sung popular Christmas carols during the activity held at the DLSU Central Plaza last December 4 and 11, 2008, respectively. A repeat of the performance of the ASF Choir was held during the Institutional Christmas Party on December 18, 2008.
Library Personnel Win Contests, Sweep Major Prizes in
Christmas Parties
The "stars" of the University Library shone brightly when in two separately held Christmas parties on December 4 (for faculty members) and December 12 (for the co-academic personnel (CAP)), major prizes in contests and raffle draws were won by the Library personnel. During the FA Christmas party held at the Marilen Gaerlan Conservatory (North Wing), Ms. Agnes Barsaga of the Cataloging Section, bested other contestants and won the Best Attire (Women's category) for this year's party theme Let's Groove It where attendees were requested to party wearing fashion of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Agnes won portraying the looks of the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Likewise, Mr. Renato Abellera of the Instructional Media Services
who won major prizes on raffles were Mr. Rey Matias, Mr. Allan Tan, and Mr. Jose Perdigon. The occasion was graced by Ms. Agnes G. Yuhico, Vice Chancellor for Administration, who gave the opening remarks. Invited judges for the night were Mr. Voltaire Mistades, Dean of Student Affairs, Atty. Emmanuel Sales and Reynaldo Jimenez, Head and media specialist of the IMS. The party was hosted by two of the most popular personalities of the University Library-Mr. Avelino "Bing" Dancalan, library information assistant, and Ms. Vivian
Soriente Circulation-Reserve librarian. Agnes Barsaga (left) and Renato Abellera (right) in their winning attires
(IMS) won the Best Cowboy costume
during the CAP's party with the theme
Cowboy Style Western Christmas Party
held at the ground floor of the Yucheng-
co Building. A dance number, which
included Catherine Cabonegro and Lo-
relyn Esguerra won first prize. Others
Bing and Vivian serve as emcees
DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008- 9
An assessment ... from page 8 complished summed up to a total of 6,443 or an average of 11.19 per day; e-classroom bookings, on the otherhand, totalled to 1,464 or an average of 2.54 per day while booking for function rooms was 3,600 equivalent to an average of 6.25 per day. In terms of cancelled requests with notification, function rooms logged the highest number of cancellations with 371 or an average of 0.64 per day while e-classrooms got the lowest with 43 or an average of 0.07 per day. Likewise, statistics of cancelled requests without notification for function rooms recorded the highest from among the facilities having 54 cancellations out of the to-
tal 4,025 bookings (or an average of 0.09 cancellations per day) while eclassrooms logged the least number of cancellations without notification with only 2 or an average 0.01 per day. The average number of bookings for IMS' facilities is 21.29 per day. Conclusions: Based on the summary of findings, the following conclusions are drawn: 1. The academic community makes good use of the IMS facilities. 2. The IMS provides facilities and services fit to answer the varied needs of the academic community. 3. Some facilities are not maximized
to the fullest. 4. Some requesters are not responsible enough to inform the IMS regarding cancellation of reservations depriving others to make use of the supposed to be available facilities. Recommendations: To further improve the delivery of service, the following are being recommended: 1. Continue promoting use of the facilities to maximize its use. 2. Device a feedback mechanism to facilitate cancellation and changes in reservation schedules. 3. Implement policies that will reprimand requesters who fail to notify the IMS in advance, should booking request be cancelled.
Table 4: Usage of Graduate Area from SY 2002-03 to SY 2006-07
Graduate area Graduate area Percentage Average/day
SY2003-04 3,107 20.8% 10.79
SY2004-05 SY2005-06
SY2006-07 2,230 14.9% 7.74
Total 14,964 100% 12.99
Table 5: Usage of Function Rooms from SY 2002-03 to SY2006-07
Function Rooms Function rooms Percentage Average/day
SY2002-03 SY2003-04 SY2004-05 SY2005-06 SY2006-07
1,350 7,038
19.2% 100
4.69 4.89
Table 6: Bookings of IMS Facilities from SY 2005-06 to SY 2006-07
IMS Facilities Viewing rooms E-classrooms Function rooms Total (Daily Ave.)
Accomplished Requests
2005-06 2006-07
3,034 727 2,250 6,011
3,409 737 1,350 5,496
Total (Daily Ave.) 6,443 (11.19) 1,464 (2.54) 3,600 (6.25) 11,507 (19.98)
Cancelled Requests (with notification)
2005-06 2006-07 Total (Daily Ave.)
115 276
11 43
117 371
243 690
Cancelled Requests (without notification) 2005-06 2006-07 Total
Total (Daily Ave.) 6,733 (11.68) 1,509 (2.62) 4,025 (6.99) 12,267 (21.29)
10 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008
Library Holds General Assembly, Sponsors Mass
The Instructional Media Services Unit spearheaded this year's Library General Assembly and Christmas Party with the theme "Kahit Anong Mangyari, Tuloy Ang Pasko." The activity started with the blessing of the University Library building by Fr. Froilan Briones, SSS, which was followed by a thanksgiving mass held at the Chapel of the Pearl of Great Price. The general assembly came next which turned out to be a bonding moment for all the University Library staff. Group presentations high-
lighted the event where the Technical Services Unit won 1st prize, the Reader's Services Unit gained the 2nd prize and the Archives Unit, won 3rd prize. The singing contest was also won by a Technical Services Unit staff, Pedro Pelonio. A group picture taking concluded the activity.
The Library Staff
Fr. Froilan blesses the Library building
Pedro Pelonio champions the singing contest
The TS all male performers win 1st prize
A short play by the RSU gets 2nd prize
The Archives' musical performance earns 3rd prize
Library CAP Join the 6th Animo 5-kilometer Race Run
Jorge Bundalian, Lorelie Es-
under the DLSU category and ranked
guerra and Joji Gonda participated in
7th out of the 18 DLSU faculty and
the 6th Animo Run
staff with the time of
hosted by the DL-
31:01 minutes while
SU-Manila Run-
Lorelie and Joji, both
ning Club which
first-time runners,
was held on No-
finished the 5-kilo-
vember 23, 2008
meter race in less
at the IMAX Park-
than an hour.
ing Area of the SM
Jorge Bundalian
Proceeds of
Mall of Asia. The activity was suc-
Lorie Esguerra
cessfully held and
participated by more than 1,500 runners
from both DLSU and Open categories.
According to the Animo Run unofficial race results, Jorge finished the 5-kilometer race ranking 26th out of the total 134 runners
Jojie Gonda
the activity will go to a non-government organization (NGO)
called the Sun of Children.
DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008- 11
Visitors November 7 - Marissa Acosta, La Union Provincial Library, San Fernando City, La Union -Daisy Sayangda Olivar, Municipality of Santol, La Union 20 - Lito Cariсo, DLSU-M Alumni 27 - Nicole Laurel Asensio, DLSU-M Alumni 28 -Emil Asuncion, Ligaya Miranda and Meldy Marana, St. Pedro Poveda College, EDSA cor. Poveda St., Q.C. December 16 -Jennifer Kerster, University of California
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An atlas of world affairs. Andrew Boyd and Joshua Comenetz. G1046.F6 B6 2007. 2nd floor, Information-Reference.
The DLSU-M Library would like to acknowledge with great appreciation the following donors: Alternative Forum for Research in Mindanao Asian Development Bank Discipline Office Kalaw, Jose Laurel, Celia Macaranas, Federico Management and Organizational Development for Empowerment Inc. Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research 1. Books AG ­ Dictionaries and general reference books
HB ­ Economic theory. Demography A concise guide to macroeconomics : what managers, executives, and students need to know. David A. Moss. HB172.5 .M67 2007. 2nd floor, Information-Reference. The dismal science : how thinking like an economist undermines community. Stephen A. Marglin. HB724 .M37 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation. Economic theory and cognitive science : micro explanation. Don Ross. HB71 .R67 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation. Handbook of entrepreneurship research : interdisciplinary perspectives. Edited by Sharon A. Alvarez, Rajshree Agarwal and Olav Sorenson. HB615 .H345 2005. 2nd floor, InformationReference. Intermediate public economics. Jean Hindriks and Gareth D. Myles. HB846.5 .H56 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.
The facts-finder. Ernesto "Ernee" Lawagan. AG106 .L38 2006. 2nd floor, Information-Reference.
Macrofinancial risk analysis. Dale F. Gray and Samuel W. Malone. HB172.5 .G7 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
BF ­ Psychology
HC ­ Economic history and conditions
A guide to teaching research methods in psychology. Bryan K. Saville. BF76.5 .S29 2008. 2nd floor, Information-Reference.
Asia's new regionalism. Ellen L. Frost. HC412 .F767 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
Handbook of multicultural assessment : clinical, psychological, and educational applications. Lisa A. Suzuki and Joseph G.
Bayesian methods in finance. Svetlozar T. Rachev ... [et al.]. HC106 .B39 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
12 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008
Catch-up industrialization : the trajectory and prospects of East Asian economies. Akira Suehiro ; translated by Tom Gill. HC460.5.Z9 I57713 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
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Does ethics have a chance in a world of consumers?. Zygmunt Bauman. HC79.C6 B388 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
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O'Callaghan and Steven C. Roach. JZ1160 .G74 2008. 3rd floor, mize economic development in a TRIPS-plus era. Edited by Dan-
iel J. Gervais. K1401 .I588 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
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floor, Circulation.
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The new Asian power dynamic. Editor, Maharajakrishna Rasgot- floor, Circulation.
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Legal terminology. S. Whittington Brown. KF240 .B76 2006.
2nd floor, Information-Reference.
NGOs as advocates for development in a globalising world. ed-
ited by Barbara Rugendyke. JZ4841 . N14 2007. 3rd floor, Cir- KNC ­ Law of Asia
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Hall Library.
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al.]. LB1737.U5 K56 2004. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.
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2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
drew Gonzalez Hall Library.
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18 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008
2008. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.
LC ­ Special aspects of education
Online learning and teaching in higher education. Shirley Bach, 7 steps to success in dual language immersion : a brief guide for
Philip Haynes and Jennifer Lewis Smith. LB2395.7 .B34 2007. teachers & administrators. Lore Carrera-Carrillo & Annette Rick-
Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.
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20 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008
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TJ ­ Mechanical engineering and machinery
TS ­ Manufactures
Marks' standard handbook for mechanical engineers. Eugene A. Encyclopedia of statistics in quality and reliability. Editors-in-
Avallone, Theodore Baumeister, III, Ali M. Sadegh, [editors]. chief, Fabrizio Ruggeri, Ron S. Kenett, Frederick W. Faltin.
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Strategic defense in the nuclear age : a reference handbook. Sanford Lakoff ; appendix by Richard L. Garwin. UG743 .L34 2007. 2nd floor, Information-Reference.
Z ­ Libraries and library science
Crash course in collection development. Wayne Disher. Z687.2.U6 D57 2007. 2nd floor, Information-Reference.
Crash course in library supervision : meeting the key players. Dennis C. Tucker and Shelley Elizabeth Mosley. Z682 .T84 2008. 2nd floor, Information-Reference.
IMS Resources
TP ­ Chemical technology
Encyclopaedia of industrial chemistry. Shahzad Ahmad. TP9
.A35 2008. 2nd floor, Information-Reference.
10 units Portable Wireless PA 31 units Laptop (from GSB) Archives Resources
Handbook of fuels : energy sources for transportation. Edited by A.
Barbara Elvers. TP318 .H36 2008. 2nd floor, Information-Ref-
TR ­ Photography
Faculty Papers Acelajado, Maxima J. Using internet : a teaching strategy for sketching graphs of equations (report)
Adobe Flash CS3 professional how-tos : 100 essential techniques. · Mark Schaeffer.TR897.7 .S385 2008. 2nd floor, Information- -
Agudon, Rita G. Mga paunang kaalaman ng mga estudyante sa paksa
22 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008
Alcantara, Danniel
the future of their members and the co-operative
Constituent structure for Filipino : induction through
probabilistic approaches
Learning translation rules for a bidirectional English- ·
Caballero, Rhodora S.
Filipino machine translator
International students' campus guide
Ruel extraction applied in language translation
Cacho, Rebecca
Alcantara, Norberto T.
Re-articulating soteriology using ginhawa (total well
Synthesis of Sn02 nanomaterial on silicon (100)
being of persons) as a model of an inculturated
theology of salvation for Filipinos
Ambata, Leonard U.
Catapang, Christopher Dennis
Background change detection using wavelet transform -
A strategic plan for Lyceum Institute of Technology
Apolo, Maria Aileen
Cauilan, Bob P.
The art of podcasting and vlogging, search engine
The changing role of libraries and librarians
marketing blog marketing
Collection development policy for the Trade and
Industry Information Center, Department of Trade and
Asenjo, Genevieve
Padumdum sa manugpanglugayaw
Comparison between the inter-institutional consortium
Pagbagad sa tag-irinit
and the European studies consortium in the Philippines
Sila at ang nagligad
In-house subject headings, volume 1, A to C
Procedure in claiming missing/unsupplied serial issues
Barrios, Maria Nenette G.
using the claim mode of the millennium library
Managing for society. ISO 26000: focus on social
integrated system
responsibility of business (Part 1)
Procedure in creating serials check in card using the
serials module of the millennium integrated library
Bautista, Cirilo F.
Breaking signs. The advantage of solitude
Procedures in entering budget for serials using the
Breaking signs. The importance of perseverance
acquisition module of the millennium integrated
Breaking signs. Literature and sorrow
library system
Breaking signs. Same old story
Proposed Records Retention and Disposition Schedule
Breaking signs. The theme All Saints' Day
Breaking signs. What is reading?
Who are you and what do you want?
Cejuela, Maria Gina G.
Integrating lasallian retreat manual (updated August
Bautista, Marc
Greenlight. Capital anchors and the law of large
Chua, George S.
Free enterprise. Weathering the economic storm
Bautista, Rena Angela S.
Product criteria development
Clarin, Ma. Katherine de Jesus
Behind the drama of Filipino entertainers in Japan
Bazar, Aquiles P.
Migrants rights lobby scores victory
Are there serial verb constructions in Filipino? a
preliminary study of Filipino SVC
Concepcion, Antonio V.
A study of co-subordination construction in Filipino
The view from Taft. The Delphi method
Borra, Allan
Concepcion, Rene F.
FiSSAN : Filipino sentence syntax and semantic
Greenlight. A new deal today
Cruz, Elfren
Bugador, Roderick
Framework. Credit derivatives
Member participation in co-operatives : antecedents, -
Framework. Debating economic philosophies
research propositions, consequences and managerial -
Framework. Great family businesses
Framework. Time to take MBA
University co-operatives in Japan : building bridges for
DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008- 23
Cruz, Genaro G.
Festin, Fr. Lorenz Moises, Jr.
Ang lumang aparador ni lola
The ergon-energeia perspective in the interpretation of
Si Nanay Mining at ang tatlong kuting-gintong salakot
Aristotle's eudaimonia
Ang sulatan
The fundamentality of the praxis-poiesis distinction in
Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics
Cruz, Isagani
Rediscovering the sense and role of common good in
Mini critique. Book finalists
the globalized society
Mini critique. Dubious reference material
Rediscovering the sense of pleasure in morality
Mini critique. Flawed nursing curriculum
Trinity and creation : the significance of the
Mini critique. National Book Award finalists
Neoplatonic and Aristotelian perspective
Mini critique. Remembering artists
Fortaleza, Criselda R.
De Viana, Augusto
Answers E-mail inquiries sent to help desk and thru
Filipino natives in seventeenth century Marianas : their
online problem report
role in the establishment of the Spanish mission in the -
Facilities orientation for new faculties and new
graduate students
In the far island
Handles the IT hardware and software requirements
Juan de Santa Cruz and the establishment of the
of the academic community
Spanish mission of the Mariana Islands in the 17th
Francia, Jekyll Jona S.
e-Journal design International student guide web site
The Pampangos in the Mariana Mission, 1668-1684
Office signages
The story of the capture of the koga papers and its
Search engine optimization and image editing
effect on the plan to retake the Philippines in 1944
The undersea highway : the role of American
Gaerlan, Marianne Jennifer
submarines in the Philippines during the Second World -
The imagery of Angela Manalang-Gloria : a
stylistic analysis
Dela Cruz, Rena O.
The view from Taft. Causes, consequences, cure
Diaz, Angeli R.
The postcolonial context of computed-mediated
communication use in the Philippines
Dy, Regina
Greenlight. Achieving English proficiency
Gamayo, Delford S.
Procedure for repair motion analysis server PC in IE
Procedure for tests, repairs, installs or configures
computer units and other IT related peripherals
Garabiles, Jermelyn V.
AUN-QA training and awareness program
Graduate studies enrollment process involvement
Preparation for AUN-QA label application
Echavez, Evelio G.
Managing for society. Education : the great equalizer ·
Garcia, John Addy S.
Parental influence on high school students career
Espina, Desiree A.
Enjoy, not endure : taking control of one's stressors -
Rationalizing identities and natural learning practices
in College (Program Development Relport)
in adult learning and teaching : a review of What is
the difference? : a new critique of adult learning
Espiritu, Benjamin A.I.
The view from Taft. Managing the crisis
and teaching
Running head : desirability and controllability in
trait evaluation
Fabian, Giovanni L.
Computer numerical control machining workbook ·
Garing, Arnel Roland T.
for the surface machining workbench of
Configuring WiFi
CATIA V5 R16 (core mould)
MDF and ID inventory
Fernando, Purisima B.
Geronimo, Mary Rose L.
Philippine literature classification scheme : Tagalog
AVCAS newsletter [print material]
Flash banners
Help desk bulletin board [print material]
Photo operations for help desk personnel and
24 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008
facilities (Photo coverage, photo operations)
Ignacio, Kristine N.
Student activities program/modules of DLS-PSI
Gojo-Cruz, Genaro R.
Graduate School of Business
Book review. Kuwento ng batang di agad nasundo
Pagpupugay sa aking mga naging guro
Ilagan, Ethel R.
Design of experiments to maximize tensile strength
Gonzalez, Federico C.
and impact resistance of wood tile boards
Jumping the curve. Open innovation platforms
from recycled plastics and bagasses
The efficacy of combined moringa oelifera
Guidote, Lourdes P.
(Malunggay) seeds and alum as substitute for pure
Comparative study on the analysis of lactic acid
alum as coagulant via jar test method
in feminine wash using high performance
liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas
Inventado, Paul
chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) with
DIGMA : a role playing game with agent plan
solid phase microextraction (SPME)
reformulation and situational reassessment
Hernandez, Jose Rhommel B.
Juico, Philip Ella
Ang bagong kasaysayan at ang hamon sa tradisyunal -
Sports for all. Asian beach games taps ex-PSC exec
na pagsasakasaysayan
Sports for all. Canada: Model of sports planning
Mga bagong pag-aaral sa kasaysayan ng himagsikan : -
Sports for all. Learning from other countries
isang pagpapalutang sa "Kalayaan"
sports schemes
Bayan ko : kasaysayan ng isang awit, awit ng isang -
Sports for all. Planning for elite sports
Ang bisa ng bayani sa kasaysayan (perspektibong
Lagera, Roderigo Jose
Timog Silangang Asya)
Business plan for the proposed bloomfield technical
An ethnographic description of the people of Luzon
skills Development Center of Rudlin
by Fr. Juan Ferrando, OP
International, Inc.
Historiyograpiyang positibista : Kahalagahan at
kabuluhan sa pagsasakasaysayang Pilipino
Lagman, Oscar P., Jr.
Isang Aztec-Katolikong codex ng ika-18 dantaon :
To take a stand. Will America be a great nation?
ang Doctrina Cristiana
Kamalayan tungo sa pambansang pagkakaisa :
Lagua, Benel P.
ang hamon ng EDSA 11 at 111
Greenlight. Entrepreneurs and financial institutions
Ang kasaysayan bilang lapit sa pag-unawa ng
Lara, Xavier E.
Kasaysayan ng isang pahimakas, pahimakas ng
Leadership excellence and dynamism program
isang kasaysayan : Ang pamamaalam ni Macario
Leon Sakay (Septyembre 13, 1907)
Lebria, Maureen Grace V.
Ang kasaysayan ng langit bilang talinghaga ng
Product criteria development
pagsasakristiyanong Pilipino
The Katipunan and the revolution, colloquia manilana ·
Liongson, Jose Luis
Ang mga maka-relihiyong kasamaan ng katipunan
Strategic management paper for "Kinder Camp
The making of a nation, essays on nineteenth-century
Learning Center"
Filipino nationalism, colloquia manilana
Ang Muslim sa historiyograpiya ng simbahan sa
Magno, Carlo
Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis of
Pagsasalin bilang pagsasakasaysayan : ilang tala
parental closeness and multidimensional scaling with
tungkol sa pagsasalin mula Espanyol tungong Filipino
other parenting models
Pantayong pananaw : Isang pagpapaliwanag sa panloob
na pag-unawa ng kasaysayan
Manalastas, Pia T.
Ang tala-angkanan ng himagsikang 1896 : isang
Greenlight. Leadership a la Guiliani
panimulang pag-aaral
Mga tala sa kasaysayan ng himagsikang 1896 :
Maridable, Julius B.
ang himagsikan sa Komonwelt ng Pilipinas
Promoting global excellence in engineering education
Ang wika bilang suliranin ng historiyograpiyang
among private institutions of higher learning
DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 11-12 November-December 2008- 25
Mistades, Voltaire M.
See, Solomon L.
High school Physics Teachers' attitudes and beliefs -
Incorporation of wordNet features to N-gram features
about physics and learning physics
in a language modeler
An introduction to the Lasallian philosophy of
Soco, Jonel Ray A.
Ong, Prane Mariel B.
Common printer problems procedure
Surface and elemental characterization of electrodeless
plating of nickel and phosphor on copper substrate
Solapco, Oscar, Jr.
Notes-A short story
Oreta, Andres Winston C.
Safe cities-Quezon City, Philippines
Suleik, Mercedes B.
Business options. The sky is falling down
Ortega, Manuel L.
Capital view. Asia and the current financial crisis
Greenlight. Debate on reproductive health
Capital view. Public hearing?
Capital view. Purgatory
Oscar, Lagman P., Jr.
Greenlight. Sans marketing strategy
Talaue, Antonette
A gastronomic read(ing) : poetics on food in Merlinda
Que, Mary Margaret
Bobis' banana heart summer
Greenlight. SWOT analysis
On life and poetry : a reflection on Rumi
Post-colonial duality : a reading of N.V.M. Gonzalez's
Quesea, Alexander R.
The bamboo dancers
Troubleshooting procedure for power supply &
UPS (General problem)
Tan, Raymond R.
Virus removal procedure (In general process)
Rule-based life cycle impact assessment using
modified rough set induction methodology
Regalado, Maria Ruth
Multigrade instruction of PNU laboratory school
Tan, Vincent Lester
Ama Gua Lai Lo
Resurreccion, Mark Gil F.
Smart card configuration
Tandoc, Edson, Jr.
Troubleshooting procedure for monitor
The pseudo-events paradox : how pseudo-events flood
the Philippine press and why journalists don't
Robles, Henry
recognize it
Prevention, care and management of common sports
risks, pains and injuries of selected universities
The Library Newsette/ BalitangAklatan
Rosal, Joseph R.
is published by the
Outreach process for SC, CSO and other DLSU units
Patterns of fishers' involvement in maternal, newborn,
and child health in Talim Bay, Lian, Batangas (theses)
DLSU-Manila University Library 2401 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila 1004
Rosima, Amor M.
The teaching of folk dancing in public secondary
schools in district V, Malate, Manila, SY 2002-2003 :
a study [theses}
Rubio, Kristina Paula M.
Conducting campus tour effectively
Ruiz, Joel P.
Baby Angelo
Big time
Ang ibang pamilya
Mansyon, sa mata ni Chico, Elvis
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