Anti-bias education for young children and ourselves, L Derman

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Content: CDEV 1240 Working with Diverse Families & Children
Memo From: Lynn Michel, Instructor spring semester 2014
Welcome to CDEV 1240 ­ Working with Diverse Families & Children ­ it will be my privilege to coordinate your Learning activities for this course as your instructor.
Let's cover a few start-up details so your online learning through South Central Online is a rewarding experience. The course begins on January 13, 2014, and it is necessary that you begin participating at that time.
Here are some things I want you to know before we meet online.
Textbook information:
TITLE: Author: Publisher: ISBN:
Anti-Bias Education for young children and Ourselves Derman-Sparks, L. & Olsen-Edwards, J. NAEYC, 2010 9781928896678
Instructor contact information: Throughout the semester, contact me privately using Desire2Learn's mail feature that will send an e-mail to my South Central College e-mail account ([email protected]). Use this same e-mail address if you need to contact me before the start of the semester. You may also contact me by phone at 507-389-7325 (office). I will try to answer all course e-mail quickly. However, I urge you not to save questions until Friday nights. My office is located in room C-140 on the North Mankato campus.
You need access to a computer to participate in this course. Your computer will need:
access to a computer with an Internet connection current, supported web browser... Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or newest version of Firefox check for complete technology specs
Course access: You will have Internet access to the course content through Desire2Learn. Set your URL to to Login and you'll reach the course information. Courses will be available January 13, 2014.
Your login information is based on your SCC Student ID. Go to for access to many more online help provided by South Central Online.
Again, WELCOME. I'll see you on the Web!

L Derman

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