Bats of the Rocky Mountain West: natural history, ecology, and conservation, RA Adams

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Content: Bats of the Rocky Mountain West: Natural History, Ecology, and Conservation Author: Rick A. Adams Publisher: University Press of Colorado, 2004 Website: Abstract Since antiquity, bats have been misunderstood and shrouded in mystery. Given misnomers such as fledermaus ("flying mouse") and murciegalo ("blind mouse"), these nocturnal flying mammals were even classified as primates by the great Carl Linnaeus, based on his knowledge of the anatomy of large Old World fruit bats. In this beautifully illustrated volume, bat specialist Rick A. Adams delves into bats' true nature and the roles these fascinating ledurblaka ("leather flutterers") play in the natural history and ecology of the Rocky Mountain West. Bats of the Rocky Mountain West begins with a general discussion of bat biology and evolution as well as regional physiography and zoogeography. In addition, Adams describes--based on the results of extensive research--the behavior and ecology of the 31 species of bats found in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Naturalists and biologists alike will benefit from the detailed species descriptions, color photographs and illustrations, distribution maps, and echolocation sonograms. Bats of the Rocky Mountain West are a unique and valuable reference for professional bat biologists, naturalists, and wildlife enthusiasts interested in the conservation and ecology of bats in the region.
Table of Contents Acknowledgments Introduction Physiography and Zoogeography of the Rocky Mountain Region Evolutionary Origins and Adaptations of Rocky Mountain Bats Bats in Rocky Mountain Ecosystems Rocky Mountain Bat conservation strategies Accounts of Species Selected References Bat Conservation Programs Agency Reports by State Glossary Index

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