Tags: Jeanne Goessling, Donated, Bruce Beck, Caxtonian dinners, Marvin Bolt, Kim Coventry, C. Hesterberg, Thomas Bewick, Northwestern University Library, CAXTON INVITATIONS, CAXTON CLUB, printed invitations, R. Hunter Middleton, Caxton Videographer Dorothy Sinson, Bill Hesterberg
Content: BOOKS WE FINISHED XI The Caxton Club Annual Auction December 16, 2009 *-possible live auction item If you are reading this online, absentee bids will be accepted if submitted before midnight, Tuesday December 15 by phone or by email at the Caxton office (312-255-3710 or [email protected]) People calling at 11:59 P.M. Tuesday are being too literal, but we'll do our best. ART & ARCHITECTURE 1. Henry Adams MONT ST.-MICHEL AND CHARTRES Houghton Mifflin, 1925 Donated by David and Minna Novick 2. Richard R. Brettell MONET TO MOORE Yale, 1999 The Sara Lee Collection as the Millennium approached Donated by Kathryn Tutkus 3. Clarence Brigham PAUL REVERE'S ENGRAVINGS Atheneum, 1969 This is the revised edition Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 4. Jon Cormin PAINTER'S CREDO Stone House Press, 1985 Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 5. ESTELLE DOHENY COLLECTION: GLASS PAPERWEIGHTS AND DECORATIVE ARTS Christie's, 2001 If you have a Gutenberg Bible, the rest of your household ought to reflect that. Here is how Estelle Doheny set the stage 6. Katou Fournier and Jacques Lehmann ALL OUR CATS Dutton, 1985 English translation of a catalog (pun accidental) of French primitive cat paintings Donated by Bernie Rost 7. Barbara Dayer Gallati WILLIAM MERRITT CHASE: Modern American Landscapes Brooklyn Museum of Art, 1999 Donated by Kathryn R.J. Tutkus
8. GUIDE TO DENVER ARCHITECTURE, WITH REGIONAL HIGHLIGHTS Westcliffe, 2001 A hefty guide prepared by the Denver Foundation for Architecture Donated by Rick Ashton 9. THE HOUSE OF THE SINGING WINDS: The Life and Work of T.C.Steele Indiana Historical Society, 1966 Painter Donated by R.R. Donnelley 10. Richard Hampson Jenrette ADVENTURES WITH OLD HOUSES Wyrick, 2000 Jenrette's restoration of six old homes Donated by Bernie Rost 11. David Naylor AMERICAN PICTURE PALACES Prentice-Hall, 1981 An examination of movie theaters in the day when opulence and grandeur were the going style Donated by Bernie Rost 12. Joseph Pennell ADVENTURES OF AN ILLUSTRATOR Little Brown, 1925 Beautiful copy of the first trade edition of the autobiography of an elegant artist Donated by Adrian Alexander 13. Rainer Zerbst ANTONI GAUDI Taschen, 1991 Donated by Bernie Rost AUDIO-VISUAL 14. BOOKS IN THE BLOOD: The Story of a Legendary Irish Book Store American version of a video on Kenny's Bookshop in Galway Donated by Anthony J. Mourek 15. SCROOGE Unopened videocassette of the Albert Finney version, in which Ebenezer sings of cretinous wretches who earn whatever their sweatiness fetches: surely one of the neatest rhymes in the genre Donated by a Scrooge fancier
BOOKS BEAUTIFULLY MADE 16. Dale DeArmond SUN SIGNS FROM A POLAR STAR Old Harbor Press, 1993 1 of 1000 copies printed at this fine press in Sitka, Alaska Donated by Susan Hanes 17. Henry Fielding TOM JONES Limited Editions Club, 1952 1 of 1500 copies, signed by T.M. Cleland, who illustrated this edition. This copy has been beautifully rebound in red morocco, with gilt lettering Donated by James Donnelley\ 18. Gwen Frostic THOSE WHO SEE Presscraft, 1965 Early publication by the now widely imitated poet who founded this Press in Benzonia, Michigan Donated by Richard Lamm 19. A KEEPSAKE IN CELEBRATION OF THE PRINTING OF Sir John TENNIEL'S ALICE ILLUSTRATIONS BY JONATHON STEPHENSON AT THE ROCKET PRESS The Rocket Press, 1989 1 of 200 copies, includes a print of the Mad Hatter also printed by Stephenson at The Rocket Press Donated by Mary Konstant 20. Robert Louis Stevenson FAMILIAR STORIES OF MEN AND BOOKS Chatto and Windus, 1888 Large paper edition listed to 100 copies, of which this is "A Presentation Copy", uncut, unopened; essays on authors and books Donated by Tom Joyce *21. Franz Weisse THE ART OF MARBLING Bird & Bull, 1980 #38 of 300 copies With beautiful examples Donated by Tony Batko and Alice Schreyer BOOKS: THEIR DESIGN, PRODUCTION AND COLLECTION 22. Kerstin Abukhanfusa MUTILATED BOOKS: Wondrous Leaves from Swedish Bibliographical history Medeltidsmuseum, 2004 Taking a leaf from the Caxton Club's book, so to speak
Donated by an Anonymous Non-Mutilator of Books 23. THE ADVERTISER'S HANDBOOK International Textbook, 1922 Includes a discourse on the effect of type in an advertisement Donated by Jeanne Goessling *24.Nicholas Basbanes A GENTLE MADNESS Holt, 1996 And PATIENCE & FORTITUDE Harper, 2001 Two of the Basbanes books on bibliomania, filled with references to Caxtonians. The second is inscribed to the Caxton president at the time of publication, in gratitude for his reception at a Caxton Club dinner Donated by James S. Tomes 25. Robert Birley PRINTING AND DEMOCRACY Monotype, 1964 Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 26. BOOKS & NATIONAL INSTITUTIONS triad Michael Olmert, The Smithsonian Book of Books Smithsonian, 1992 And Le Livre Biblotheque Nationale, 1972 And Daniel J. Boorstin, The Republic of Letters Library of Congress, 1989 Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 27. DUO ON THE BOOK TRADE Frank Mumby, Publishing and Bookselling Jonathon Cape, 1989 And Merwin Mondlin and Roy Meador, Book Row Carroll & Graf, 2004 Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 28. Edmund Fry SPECIMEN OF MODERN PRINTING TYPES, 1828 Printing historical Society, 1986 Elegant reprint of this classic Donated by Tony Batko and Alice Schreyer
29. Ralph Ginzburg AN UNHURRIED VIEW OF EROTICA Helmsman, 1958 Classic slipcased account of the history of erotic publishing, by the Editor and publisher of Eros, fact, and Avant Garde Donated by Ron Offen 30. James J. Gibson THE PERCEPTION OF THE VISUAL WORLD Houghton Mifflin,. 1950 Donated by Bruce and Margaret Beck 31. Lawrence and Nancy Goldman SLIGHTLY CHIPPED: Footnotes in Booklore St. Martin's Press, 1999 Tales of the book and the people who buy books, to say nothing of the people who sell books Donated by Wendy C. Husser 32. J. Barcham Green Paper MAKING BY HAND IN 1967 Maidstone, 1967 #325 of 1000 copies on handmade paper Donated by Bob Karrow *33. HISTOIRE DE L'EDITION FRANCAISE Promodis, 3 volumes Over 1700 pages on the history of the book in France from the Middle Ages to the Belle Epoque Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 34. Dard Hunter MY LIFE WITH PAPER Knopf, 1958 No jacket Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 35. INSIDE THE BOOK : DUET John Hollander, Types of Shape Yale, 1991 (expanded edition) And Five Decades of the Burin: The Wood Engravings of John DePol David R. Godine, 2004 Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 36. Ruari McLean VICTORIAN publishers' BOOK BINDINGS IN PAPER University of California, 1983 (Honest, that's the title) Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko
37. Douglas McMurtrie INITIAL LETTERS Bridgman, 1928 Some damage to spine Donated by Bruce and Margaret Beck 38. Stanley Morison SELECTED ESSAYS ON THE HISTORY OF LETTER-FORMS Cambridge, 1981 Slipcased 2-volume collection of the essays of one of the giants in typography Donated by Steve Tomashefsky 39. Percy Muir VICTORIAN ILLUSTRATED BOOKS Batsford, 1985 Donated by Bernie Rost 40. PERCY H. MUIR, 1891-1979 Elkin Mathews, 1979 Memorial book catalog of Children's Books and Games Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 41. PRINTING ARTS MAGAZINE First four issues of this magazine from 1973 (2 copies each of issues 2 and 3) plus their 1974 Annual: Charles Knight and Printing in the Early 19th Century Donated by Bob Karrow 42. PRINTING AT THE WHITTINGTON PRESS Grolier Club, 1984 Donated by Tony Batko and Alice Schreyer 43. PRINTING HISTORICAL SOCIETY BULLETIN, 1-31 (EXCEPT 21) And PRINTING HISTORICAL Society NewsLETTER, 22-50 (EXCEPT 35, 40) Donated by Bob Karrow 44. Paul Standard CALLIGRAPHY'S FLOWERING, DECAY, AND RESTORATION STA, 1947 Donated by Bruce and Margaret Beck 45. Vincent Starrett PENNY WISE & BOOK FOOLISH Covici Friede, 1929 Columns on the joys and folly of bibliophilia, by an expert Donated by Ron Offen 46. Edwin Sutermeister THE STORY OF PAPERMAKING S.D. Warren, 1954
Donated by R.R. Donnelley 47. THE TRIAL OF 6 DESIGNERS Hammermill, 1968 Six designers--George Salter, P.J. Conkwright, Merle Armitage, Carl Zahn, Joseph Bluemnthal, and Marshall Lee--design editions of Kafka's The Trial, with an essay by Kenneth Rrexroth, #1037 of 2500 copies (dedicated to Salter) Donated by Bernie Rost 48. TYPOGRAPHY DUET Roby Roy Kelly, American Wood Type Da Capo paperbacks, 1977 And Christopher Burke, Paul Renner: The Art of Typography Princeton Architectural press, 1998 Donated hy Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 49. D.B.Updike PRINTING TYPES Harvard, 1923 2d ptg. Donated by Bruce and Margaret Beck 50. Aldren A. Watson HAND BOOKBINDING: A Manual of Instruction Reinhold, 196e Donated by Ron Offen 51. Dayton Whitehill THE MOODS OF TYPE Barnes & Noble, 1947 Or the "feelings of fonts", the emotional and intellectual associations of material printed in various typefaces Donated by Jeanne Goessling CARTOGRAPHY 52. CHICAGO IN 1833 Chicago Tribune, 1933 A deluxe, slick version of the map the Tribune printed during the Century of Progress Exposition Donated by a Shy Maplover 53. THE INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL, CLASSICAL & HISTORICAL ATLAS Putnam, ca. 1879 62 two-page maps Donated by Roger S. Baskes 54. Diego G. Lopez Rosado ATLAS HISTORICO GEOGRAFICO DE MEXICO, 1940 Delicately and subtly colored maps
Donated by Roger S. Baskes CAXTONIANA 55. John Adlum MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF JOHN ADLUM IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR Caxton Club, 1968 The tar and feathers episode has been reprinted in some history texts Donated by Jeanne Goessling 56. CAXTON INVITATIONS, ART An assortment of printed invitations to Caxtonian dinners, often chatty or humorous in their own right, especially those written by Caxtonian Harry J. Owens These deal with talks on artistic subjects: Joel Spitz's print collection (1946), Our Navy in Old Prints (1955), Contemporary Drawings from 12 Countries (1952), Prints at the New York Public Library (1952) Donated by the Caxton Club 57. CAXTON INVITATIONS, LIBRARIES AND BOOKSTORES An assortment of printed invitations to Caxtonian dinners, often chatty or humorous in their own right, especially those written by Caxtonian Harry J. Owens This assortment covers The Houghton Library (1952), King Gustav VI's library (1951), The Lilly Library (1956), The Northwestern University Library (1954), The University of Chicago Library (1954), Dick Banta's Bookstore (1957), The National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum (1953), and the Hermon Dunlap Smith map collection (1956) Donated by the Caxton Club 58. CAXTON INVITATIONS, THE CIVIL WAR An assortment of illustrated invitations to Caxtonian dinners, often chatty or humorous in their own right, especially those written by Caxtonian Harry J. Owens These handle Lincoln and the Civil War from assorted angles: Literary Cornerstones of the Confederacy (1950), Lincoln in Sharper Focus (1953), Give a Man a Horse to Ride (1954), and Lincoln as A Writer (1946) Donated by The Caxton Club 59. CAXTON INVITATIONS, LITERATURE An assortment of printed invitations to Caxtonian dinners, often chatty or humorous in their own right, especially those written by Caxtonian Harry J. Owens These cover a number of literary interests of Caxtonians: With Henty in the Mifddle Ages (1953), Illinois Poets (1951), Moby Dick (1950), Browning 1950 (1950), Browning, Baudelaire and the Ugly (1946), My Life with the Thrales (1977), Collecting James Joyce (1953) Donated by the Caxton Club 60. CAXTON INVITATIONS, ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS An assortment of printed invitations to Caxtonian dinners, often chatty or humorous in their own right, especially those written by Caxtonian Harry J. Owens The interests of Caxtonians can go back centuries, as noted in An Old Master Restored (1955), Adventures in Translating An old Tale (1947), and The Manuscripts from the Dead Sea (1956) Donated by The Caxton Club
61. THE CAXTONIAN A run of about 45 issues from the first seven years, including the first issue and the August, 1999 issue, both of which are now out of print Donated by Jeanne Goessling 62. Henri Joutel JOUTEL'S JOURNAL OF LASALLE'S LAST VOYAGE Caxton Club, 1896 The Caxton Club's first major publication, map supplied in facsimile Bookplate of Caxtonian Walter Brewster Donated by Adrian Alexander 63. R. Hunter Middleton ALPHABET IN PROCESS Caxton Club, 1985 A special print pulled by R. Hunter Middleton at the Turtle press, a keepsake for pre-publication buyers of the festscrhift RHM. Although 275 copies were planned, Middleton was able to sign only 140 before entering the hospital; a copy of Bruce Beck's letter to the membership explaining this is laid in Donated by Mary Konstant 64. NECKTIE Caxton Club, ca. 1993 Donated by Jeanne Goessling 65. Frank Piehl THE CAXTON CLUB, 1895-1995 The Caxton Club, 1995 This is one of an unspecified number of signed proof copies of the Centennial history by our late Historian Donated by The Caxton Club 66. TEN YEARS OF BOOKS WE FINISHED A retrospective list, with prices realized, of the modern era of Caxton Club Auctions Donated by the Compiler (oh, guess) 67. THOSE MEETINGS YOU MISSED Caxton Videographer Dorothy Sinson will prepare DVDs of three dinner or luncheon speakers you want to hear again or missed hearing the first time. (Limited to those talks available in digital form, of course. Don't you have a copy of the catalog?) Donated by Dorothy Sinson CAXTONIAN CREATORS (Books produced by current Caxtonians or the spouses thereof) 68. Bartholomaeus Anglicus OF WINDES Madison, WI: Boreas press, 1971 1 of only 25 copies of this medieval treatise on wind Donated (and illustrated, bound and printed) by Robert W. Karrow
69. Thomas Bewick A BEWICK TRIO Hesterberg press, 2007 Three of Bewick's immortal vignettes, including a cat and one of his popular pigs Donated by Wm. C. Hesterberg *70. Steve Bogira $144 A MONTH: LIFE IN THE SAFETY NET Sherwin Beach Press, 1993 Designed by Robert McCamant, handset and printed by Martha Chiplis, bound by Trisha Hammer; #52 of 200 copies. The Sherwin Beach Press is known for the skill and beauty of its productions, the daring of its choice and design of material, and its protective nature toward its books. This is the first time a Sherwin Beach Press book has been released for a fund-raising auction Donated by Bob McCamant 71, Marvin Bolt TELESCOPES THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Adler Planetarium, 2009 A signed copy of this catalog from the exhibit you saw if you attended the November dinner Donated by Marvin Bolt 72. Bruce Hatton Boyer THE SOLSTICE CIPHER Lippincott, 1979 Gives new meaning to the term "I Spy"; this copy will be inscribed to the buyer Donated by Bruce Boyer 73. Robert Cotner PILGRIMING Tate, 2008 Spiritual musings by the founder of the Caxtonian Donated by Robert Cotner 74. Kim Coventry and Arthur Miller WALTER FRAZIER, FRAZIER, RAFTERY, ORR & FAIRBANK ARCHITECTS: Houses on Chicago's North Shore, 1924-1970 One of 399 copies Produced by Kim Coventry, designed by Hal Kugeler Donated by Kim Coventry 75. Dan Crawford COLLECTION Another lot of materials written by the General Manager Donated by the Orther 76. Dan Crawford
Junk, Miscellaneous graphics, 2009 And Just a Light Snack, Miscellaneous graphics, 2009 A poem (illustrated with photographs by Don Doty) and a tale of a young bookworm, designed, illustrated, sewn, bound, and who knows what all else by Muriel underwood Donated by Muriel underwood *77. A FEW QUOTATIONS ATTRIBUTED TO MR. LINCOLN Miscellaneous Graphics, 2009 In honor of the Bicentennial of the 16th President, a miniature collection of quotations illustrated with Lincoln stamps and a Lincoln penny; #1 of 12 copies Donated by Muriel Underwood (who also designed the printed the book, besides buying the stamps) 78. Bernice Gallagher ILLINOIS WOMEN NOVELISTSD IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY University of Illinois, 1994 The Columbian Exposition gave women who wrote, particularly Illinois women who wrote, a chance to exhibit their work. Dr. Gallagher set out to trace these women and their books. Donated by Bernice Gallagher 79. THE GROLIER CLUB CREATES Grolier Club, 2009 An exhibit of book arts produced by members of the Grolier, in honor of their 125th anniversary: just so you can see what they're doing in the other henhouse Donated by Anthony J. Mourek 80. Susan Hanes WILKIE COLLINS'S AMERICAN TOUR, 1873-1874 Chatto & Pickering, 2008; SIGNED If you didn't get enough information during the December luncheon talk, here's a chance to sit down with the story Donated by Susan Hanes and George Leonard 81. Neil Harris BUILDING LIVES Yale, 1999 Signed copy of this consideration of the life of a building compared to the life of a human being Donated by Neil Harris 82. Wm. C. Hesterberg BEWICK'S JAY, with Its Much-Traveled History Hesterberg Press, 2002 The story of a 1797 Thomas Bewick block, with a print pulled from it in 2002 Donated by Wm. C. Hesterberg 83. William C. Hesterberg
PORTRAIT OF HOME Hesterberg Press, 1983 A photographic study of the people of Norborne, Missouri, #404 of an edition of 900, 405 copies of which were destroyed because of dissatisfaction with the offset printing; the first publication of the Hesterberg Press Donated by Bill Hesterberg 84. Susan Jackson Keig RACING SILKS & WINNING COLORS Beckett Paper Co., 1987 Written and designed by the donor, this is an illustrated collection of some of the history and lore of horse racing Donated by Susan J. Keig 85. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow HIAWATHA'S CANOE Grey Goose, 2002 This excerpt from Hiawatha is #44 of 60 copies bound in birchbark (no living birch trees were harmed in the production of this binding) Donated by Jeanne Goessling 86. Lise McKean DIVINE ENTERPRISE: Gurus and the Hindu Nationalist Movement University of Chicago Press, 1996 The more decorative paperback edition Donated by Lise McKean 87. James D. Nowlan GLORY, DARKNESS, LIGHT Northwestern, 2004 History of the Union League Club of Chicago, Book and cover designed by Matt Doherty Donated by Matt Doherty 88. Frank Piehl THE CAXTON CLUB, 1895-1995 The Caxton Club, 1995 Copy # 480 from the edition of 1000 copies of the regular slipcased edition of this masterwork Donated by Steve Tomashefsky 89. Robert Pinsky SHIRT Vixen Press, 2002 The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire is the starting point for this work, signed by Robert Pinsky, Louise Gluck (who wrote the foreword), and Caryl Seidenberg, who designed and printed the book. The late Bruce Beck was the source of the Vandercook press and the Caslon type used for the project. 1 of 135 copies. Prospectus included Donated by Caryl Seidenberg 90. Suzanne Smith Pruchnicki
TRIO OF MINIATURES Anna Pavlova, Queen Of The Dance, 2009, #30 of 40 Five Visits to Haworth, 2007, #36 of 40 Moliere, Actor Who Made the King Laugh, 2009, #34 of 40 Three of the delicate miniatures from the Bronte press, written and illustrated by the printer Donated by Suzanne Smith Pruchnicki 91. S: THE LONG AND THE ROUND Miscellaneous Graphics, 2009 A miniature history of the two forms of the letter S seen in English; #1 of 17 copies Donated by Muriel Underwood 92. Rima L. Schultz and Adele Hast WOMEN BUILDING CHICAGO 1790-1990 Indiana University, 2000 Donated by Mary Ann Johnson 93. Art Shay ANIMALS, University of Illinois, 2003 SIGNED and COUPLES, University of Illinois, 2002 SIGNED Two books of great images from the photographer responsible for Nelson Algren's Chicago as well as Chicago's Nelson Algren Donated by Florence Shay 94. Don Terras THE GROSSE POINTE LIGHTHOUSE, Windy City Press, 1995 and LIGHTHOUSES OF CHICAGO, Windy City Press, 2006 Donated by Donald Terras 95. James S. Tomes THE MEANINGS OF GENEALOGY FOR SCIENCE AND RELIGION Privately Printed, 2008 and SERENDIPITY Privately printed, 2008 Designed and produced by Hayward Blake, AND printed by Allegra, which prints the Caxton Club stationery Donated by James S. Tomes 96. Kathryn R.J. Tutkus NOT A SHOE FETISH 2009 1 of 10 copies of a salute to shoes; Caxtonian Martha Chiplis was one of the foot models Donated by Kathryn R.J. Tutkus CHICAGO & illinois
97. James Ballowe A MAN OF SALT AND TREES Northern Illinois U., 2009 Life of the founder of the Morton Arboretum, by a man who will be speaking to the Club in February, 2010 Donated by Dorothy Sinson 98. Richard Cahan, Michael Williams, and Alexander Vertikoff EDGAR MILLER AND THE HANDMADE HOUSE Cityfiles Press, 2009 The artistic and architectural triumphs of "Chicago's Forgotten Renaissance Man" Signed by both authors and the photographer Donated by Bill Locke 99. Claudia Cassidy LYRIC OPERA OF CHICAGO Lyric Opera of Chicago, 1979 With foreword by Saul Bellow Donated by Bernie Rost 100. THE CHINESE LAMA TEMPLE: Potala of Jehol Century of Progress International Exposition, 1933 Foreword by Sven Hedin Donated by Bernie Rost 101. A CONCERT IN HONOR OF THE 75TH BIRTHDAY OF SIR Georg Solti CSO, 1987 A deluxe production with a biography and many pictures of Solti, as well as an insert inviting the concertgoer to champagne afterward Donated by Celia Hilliard 102. CUBS playing cardS 1992 unopened pack from that year we said "Wait `til next year!" Donated by an Eternal Optimist 103. Grace Dixon LETTER, LIBERTY LOAN CAMPAIGN, 1918 Letter from the Director of the Director for Women to Henry L. Stuart, on his role in the Liberty Loan Campaign, dated May 6, 1918 Accompanied by material dealing with the history and significance of the Liberty Loan Campaign and Henry L. Stuart in the war effort and in Chicago Donated by Richard Lamm 104. Elmer Gertz TO LIFE
Southern Illinois University, 1990 This edition includes a new afterword; this copy is inscribed by the author, the lawyer (and Caxtonian) who took up the mantle of Clarence Darrow Donated by Robert Cotner 105. Sydney J. Harris STRICTLY PERSONAL Henry Regnery, 1953 Essays by one of Chicago's favorite columnists. Henry Regnery was a Caxtonian, by the by Donated by Jeanne Goessling 106. Celia Hilliard PROVIDING A HOME.... Old People's Home of the City of Chicago, 1983 Especially poignant, as it comes from the library of The Admiral Donated by Evelyn J. Lampe 107. Caroline Kirkland A MATCHLESS OUTLOOK Pvt. Ptd, 1927 A small book reprinting a piece from the Tribune about the beauties of Lake Shore Drive Donated by Jeanne Goessling 108. Cathy Jean Maloney CHICAGO GARDENS: THE EARLY HISTORY University of Chicago, 2008 The state of gardens in the "City in a Garden" from its settlement through the Century of Progress Exposition Donated by Adrian Alexander 109. John Bartlow Martin ADLAI STEVENSON Harper, 1952 Donated by Jeanne Goessling 110. DAVE MATHEWS BAND MAGIC BROWNIE ICE CREAM Ben & Jerry, nd An empty container, in remembrance of the incident under the Michigan Avenue Bridge (which involved a full container) Donated by Helen Sclair 111. J.B. McClure ENTERTAINING ANECDOTES Chicago: Rhodes & McClure, 1880 A collection of stories and reminiscences, including one about the Fort Dearborn Massacre. Frontispiece shows a phonograph, invented only two years earlier Donated by Jeanne Goessling 112. NEWBERRY LIBRARY BOOK FAIR 2009
To celebrate its 25th annual Book Fair, the Newberry Library produced a poster based on one of its vintage Newberry postcards. They liked the result so much that this version, which shows more of the picture and leaves out much of the prose, was produced in a limited edition of 200 copies. Designed by Dakotas Brown and built up from seven individually printed layers of color by the Sonnenzimmer Print Collective Donated by The Newberry Library 113. OFFICIAL MAP OF ILLINOIS HIGHWAYS Illinois State Department ­ Automobile Department, 1934 Includes a small map of Chicago and Vicinity, safe driving tips, and a condensed version of the Motor Vehicle Code Donated by Bernard Rost 114. Pauline Palmer LETTERS M.T. Train, 2005 Collected letters from the heights of high society in Chicago Donated by Adrian Alexander 115. Milton Rakove DON'T MAKE NO WAVES...DON'T BACK NO LOSERS Indiana University, 1978 As it was in the days of Daley the First Donated by Bernie Rost 116. Henry Justin Smith CHICAGO: A PORTRAIT Century, 1937 Illustrated by E.H, Suydam Donated by David C. Meyer CHILDREN 117. Ralph Henry Barbour BASES FULL! Appleton, 1925 A sports book (if you hadn't guessed) from the heroic age of sports Donated by Rick Ashton 118. DETECTIVE TALES Franklin W. Dixon, The Secret of the Canoes, Grosset & Dunlap, 1929 (later ptg.) And Wilson Gage, The Secret of Crossbone Hill, Weekly Reader Book Club, 1960 And Jerry West, The Happy Hollisters and the Secret Fort, Doubleday, 1955 Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear! Donated by Kathryn R.J. Tutkus 119. Brian Selznick THE INVENTION OF HUGH CABRET
Scholastic, 2007 Thos innovative combination of prose novel and graphic storytelling won the Caldecott Award Donated by Dorothy L. Sinson 120. George Otis Simms EXPLORING THE BOOK OF KELLS O'Brien Press, 1988 Children's introduction to this classic of beautiful book production Donated by Bob Karrow HISTORY 121. Winston Churchill HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLE Houghton Mifflin Donated by Jim Tomes 122. Winston S. Churchill THE SECOND WORLD WAR Houghton-Mifflin Boxed set of this Nobel-winning account Donated by James S. Tomes 123. THE DISCOVERIES OF JOHN LEDERER University of Virginia, 1958 Donated by Roger S. Baskes 124. THOR HEYERDAHL COLLECTION Erik Hesselberg, Kon-Tiki and I Rand McNally, 1950 And Thor Heyerdahl, Kon-Tiki Pocket Books, 1984 And The Ra Expeditions Interwest Films, nd An "enriched classic' version of the Kon-Tiki adventure, an illustrated account by the navigator on the same adventure, and a souvenir program for the film version of another of Heyerdahl's excursions Donated by Dorothy Sinson 125. LAKESIDE CLASSICS 2003-2009 A complete set of the bright green Lakesides, including the latest volume (if the latest volume is not ready on the night of the auction, it will be mailed to the winning bidder.) Donated by Susan Levy 126. Mark Mathabane KAFFIR BOY
Macmillan, 1986 Autobiography of a black South African Donated by Kathryn R.J. Tutkus 127. Lise McKean DIVINE ENTERPRISE: Gurus and the Hindu Nationalist Movement University of Chicago Press, 1996 The hardcover edition Donated by Lise McKean 128. Frank A. Root and William E. Connelley THE OVERLAND STAGE TO CALIFORNIA Privately published, 1901 Donated by Bernie Rost 129. Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. THE DISUNITING OF AMERICA Norton, 1992 Inscribed copy Donated by Robert Cotner 130. Robert Schultz and James Shell WE WERE PIRATES Naval Institute press, 2009 This copy about a World War II torpedoman is signed by Schultz. It comes with a DVD of his presentation at the Pritzker Military Library, the latest Pritzker Library coin, and a behind-the-scenes tour Donated by Theresa Embrey 131. R.A. Send, and J.V. Gilmour BRINK'S: THE MONEY MOVERS Lakeside Press, 1959 Donated by R.R. Donnelley 132. Susan Tifft and Alex S. Jones THE TRUST: The Private and Powerful Family Behind the New York Times Little Brown, 1999 Donated by Wendy C. Husser 133. Louis B. Wright THE FIRST GENTLEMEN OF VIRGINIA Huntington Library, 1940 Inscribed by the author Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko LITERATURE 134. Bruce Hatton Boyer
THE SOLSTICE CIPHER Dell, 1981 There is a rumor that the author of this book is the secretary of a society dealing with books Donated by Bob Karrow 135. Robert Browning POMEGRANATES FROM AN ENGLISH GARDEN Chautauqua, 1885 Do they GROW pomegranates in English gardens? Or is that the point? Donated by Muriel Underwood 136. Vera Caspary BEDELIA Blakiston, 1945 Reprint edition of this novel by the author of laura Donated by Kathryn R.J. Tutkus 137. Catullus CATULLUS Oxford, 1930 Pocket-sized volume with English translation facing the original Latin Donated by Susan J. Keig 138. Samuel McChord Crothers THE PARDONER'S WALLET Houghton Mifflin, 1905 The last remnant of the Caxton Club/Mid-Day Club Library 139. A. Conan Doyle and William S. Baring-Gould THE ANNOTATED Sherlock Holmes Clarkson N. Potter, 1967 Donated by David and Minna Novick 140. Alexandre Dumas ROMANCES McClure, ca. 1910 The author of some of the most enduring adventure tales of the 19th century wrote more in his lifetime than one person could read in a lifetime (He had help). Of these six volumes, some are from the "Marie Antoinette Series" and some from the "Regency Romances Series" Donated by JoEllen Dickie 141. John Erskine THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HELEN OF TROY Bobbs-Merrill, 1925 The most famous and most entertaining of Erskine's lively takes on ancient stories Have I mentioned that Mr. Bobbs was a member of the Caxton Club? Donated by Jeanne Goessling 142. Jeffrey Eugenides MIDDLESEX Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2002
SIGNED by the Pulitzer winner Dionated by Shawn Donnelley 143. Eugene Field LOVE SONGS ­ OF CHILDHOOD Lakeside Press, 1905 #224 of 500 copies Field, according to the introduction, liked this collection of his poetry so much that he copied it out in longhand to make a special book of it. In 1905, a facsimile of this book, with the introduction by Roswell Field, the spine label, and every other word in the book also offset from handwritten manuscripts, was printed in a limited edition at the lakeside press Donated by Rick Ashton 144. Robert Frost TWO POEMS RECENTLY DISCOVERED Friends of the Amherst College Library, 2006 Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 145. Kent Haruf PLAINSONG Knopf, 2000 SIGNED copy of this well-regarded novel Donated by Shawn Donnelley 146. Thomas Wentworth Higginson AGE Hesterberg Press, 1991 Broadside, 1 of 50 copies, hand-colored and signed Donated by Wm. C. Hesterberg 147. Douglas Hofstadter I AM A STRANGE LOOP Basic Books, 2007 The most recent major work by this featured speaker at the Caxton Symposium on translation Donated by Steve Tomashefsky 148. Homer THE ILIAD University of Chicago Press, 1956 The classic Richard Lattimore translation Donated by Susan J. Keig 149. Wally Lamb I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE Regan, 1998 Donated by Kathryn R.J. Tutkus 150. Ring W. Lardner BIB BALLADS Volland, 1915
Illustrations by Fontaine Fox; a book of verse about children Donated by Rick Ashton 151. T.E. Lawrence SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM Doubleday, 1935 Donated by Ed Quattrocchi 152. Edgar Lee Masters THE HARMONY OF DEEPER MUSIC University of Texas at Austin, 1976 Posthumous poems, inscribed by Masters's daughter Donated by Susan J. Keig 153. H.L. Mencken THE AMERICAN LANGUAGE, SUPPLEMENT TWO Knopf, 1948 First edition in jacket Donated by Donna Tuke 154. H.L. Mencken MY LIFE AS AUTHOR AND EDITOR Knopf, 1993 The Sage of Baltimore is well-represented this year Donated by Bernie Rost 155. Clare Messud THE EMPEROR'S CHILDREN Knopf, 2006 A SIGNED copy of this best-selling novel Donated by Shawn Donnelley 156. George Moore ULICK AND SORACH Nonesuch Press #453 of 1250 copies; signed Donated by Ron Offen 157. Thomas Moore IRISH MELODIES J. Power, 1821 Original leather binding, lacks title page Donated by Susan J. Keig 158. Alan Paton TALES FROM A TOUBLED LAND Scribner, 1961 Donated by Jeanne Goessling 159. Petillon & Rochette SCANDAL A NEW YORK Albin Michel, 2004
graphic novel en francais Donated by Bernie Rost 160. THE SATURDAY BOOK 29 The 29th annual installment in this series of commonplace books; this issue includes illustrated articles on topiary, fountains, male impersonators, and a photo-essay of orchestral conductors at work Donated by Susan J. Keig 161. THE SECOND BOOK OF MODERN VERSE Houghton-Mifflin, 1919 Dionated by Susan J. Keig 162. William Shakespeare THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Np, nd "Temporary Edition" A perfectly designed cover Donated by The Nameless Stratfordian 163. William Shakespeare THE YALE SHAKESPEARE Yale, 1955 23 volumes of the revised edition of this classic presentation Donated by Ed Quattrocchi 164. Felix Shay ELBERT HUBBARD OF EAST AURORA, NY Wm. J. Wise, 1926 Author, founder of the Roycroft Press, Hubbard is remembered best as the author of the motivational classic "A Message to Garcia" Donated by Jeanne Goessling 165. Laurence Sterne/Jonathon Swift SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY/THE TALE OF A TUB Nimmo & Bain, 1882 Sterne's Sentimental Journey was felt to have one of the most maddening endings of any work in the English Language until the publication of Frank Stockton's "The Lady or the Tiger?" Donated by Susan J. Keig 166. Robert Louis Stevenson TRAVELS WITH A DONKEY Folio Society, 1967 Donated by Hayward Blake 167. James Thurber THE GENIUS OF JAMES THURBER Folio Society, 1997 Elegant, slipcased collection of essays, stories, and cartoons Donated by Hayward Blake 168. Mark Twain CENTENNIAL BOOKLET Hannibal, Missouri, 1935
A tribute by Twain's hometown (and beneficiary of his fame) on his hundredth birthday Donated by Richard Lamm 169. Twain, Mark SIMON WHEELER, DETECTIVE New York Public Library, 1963 Donated by Alice Schreyer and Tony Batko 170. Carl Van Vechten THE TATTOOED COUNTESS Knopf, 1924 Fifth printing. Oh, by the way, not only was Alfred Knopf a member of the Caxton Club, but so was Carl Van Vechten's brother, Ralph Donated by Susan J. Keig *171. P.G. Wodehouse STARTER SET Collection of 38 (or so) books by and about the great humorist; one volume about him is signed and includes some correspondence Donated by John P. Chalmers 172. Linda Wolfe THE LITERARY GOURMET The subtitle says it all: "The great food scenes from World Literature with Menus and the Recipes of History's Master Chefs and Little-Known Culinary Facts". Few books could be more Caxtonian at heart Donated by Evelyn J. Lampe 173. Thomas Wolfe THE HILLS BEYOND Harper, 1935 Donated by Ed Quattrocchi NATURE 174. John Drayton THE CAROLINIAN FLORIST South Caroliniana Library, 1943 Reproduction of the 18th century botanical observations of this governor of South Carolina Donated by Bruce and Margaret Beck 175. Richard Jefries THE STORY OF MY HEART Longmans, 1911 Autobiography of the author of Wild Life in a Southern County Donated by Kathryn R.J. Tutkus SERVICES 176. CHICAGO HISTORY MUSEUM MEMBERSHIP
Good for one year's membership Donated by the Chicago History Museum *177. CUSTOM BOOKPLATE A bookplate designed to suit your collection by Hayward Blake Donated by Hayward Blake 178. DROP-SPINE BOX Made to fit a book of your choosing by the Caxton Club's 2009-2010 Scholarship Fellow Donated by Kelly Parsell 179. ONE STEP CLOSER TO AUTHORSHIP "It was a dark and stormy night...." Have you ever looked at your collection and thought "There's a story in there, I know there is"? Bring your idea, the names of your main characters, and a list of the items in your collection that inspired your story. Riva Feschbach (art historian, librarian, and former Newberry staffer) will produce a research plan that will help you turn your collection into the next great work of historical fiction Donated by Riva Feschbach *180. PUT YOURSELF IN A BOOK WITH ERNEST HEMINGWAY Diane Gilbert Madsen, lifetime Chicagoan, former Director of the Department of economic development for the State of Illinois, and author of a bibliomystery involving a manuscript of Robert Burns, will make you a (pleasant) character in her second mystery novel, Hunting for Hemingway, to be published in September, 2010 Donated by Diane Gilbert madsen *181. PUT YOURSELF IN A BOOK WITH A. CONAN DOYLE Diane Gilbert Madsen, alumna of the University of Chicago, abnout whom more information can be found at, will make you a (nice) character in her planned third D.D. McGil Literati Mystery, The Tin Dispatch Box, which involves Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Donated by Diane Gilbert Madsen 182. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO LIBRARY SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP This comes at the Collectors' Circle ($200) level, and includes a copy of the latest exhibit catalog, The Virtual Tourist in Renaissance Rome Gift of the Library Society at the University of Chicago *183. WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR COLLECTION? Caxtonian Bruce Barnett, antiquarian book dealer (The Book Block), appraiser, estate planner, author, MBA-level finance instructor, and attorney with an advanced degree in tax law, us offering up to two hours of consultation on collections and considerations for their ultimate disposal. (Bruce is currently working with the IRS on new rules for charitable contributions. He has worked in the trust and estates field and has published articles about the disposition of collections.) Donated by Bruce Barnett TOURS 184. Abraham Lincoln TOUR An ever-popular tour of sites in and around Chicago relating to Lincoln and the Civil War
Donated by Brooks Davis 185. NEWBERRY LIBRARY TOUR A personalized tour of whatever facet of the Newberry's collection interests you most (Do you want to look over the First Folio? Road maps of Iowa? Extra-illustrated books? Name it.) Donated by Bob Karrow WORKS OF ART 186. Jack Appleton GLAZED SILO And FARM PORCH Two prints, one of them signed, by the Notre Dame artist Donated by a Print Accumulator 187. Thomas Bewick BITTERN A matted print produced by R. Hunter Middleton in 1949 Donated by Bernard Rost 188. BIRDEVA AND BRUNO A charming Victorian chromo of a girl, her doll, and a St. Bernard, measures, with distressed gilded frame, about 18 x 20 Donated by Tom Swanstrom 189. Corneille TERRE AFRICAINE A signed, number print by Corneille (#35 of 100), from 1959; measures, with frame, ca. 25 x 29 Donated by Tom Swanstrom 190. GEISHA A framed Japanese print, measuring, with frame, about 14 x 18 Donated by Tom Swanstrom 191. Gunning King ENOUGH IS AS GOOD AS A FEAST Framed cartoon (ca. 1910?) Donated by Donna Tuke 192. LEAF FROM BOOK OF HOURS Flanders, ca. 1450 Beginning with the burnished gold C on red and blue, this leagf contains Psalm 97 (King James Psalm 98). The vellum leaf also includes ten illuminated one-line initials alternating in deep blue with delicate red penwork and burnished gold with blue penwork Donated by Junie L. Sinson 193. Rudolph J. Nedved THE CROWN OF NORMANDY And TINTORETTO'S HOUSE
A graduate of the Armour Institute, and later Assistant Professor of Architecture in the School of Design there, Nedved went on to practice both privately and for government institution; he was also president of the Chicago Society of Etchers and a member of the Cliffdwellers Donated by Bernard Rost 194. Audrey Niffenegger CHAMELEONS Signed, numbered broadsheet, #25 of 50 Donated by Susan Hanes and George Leonard 195. PIN-UP, 1917 Holmes Company, 1917 Printed in Chicago, we see a somewhat gypsyish woman with a massive...tambourine Donated by Nerbnard Rost 196. Bartolomeo Pinelli COSTUME DI S. ANGELO, REGNO DI NAPOLI This 19th century print of Neapolitan costume was hand-colored by L. Calapai Donated by Bernard rost 197. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (1940s concept) Airbrush rendition of a Regency/Early Victorian couple, filtered through 1940s eyes Donated by Tom Swanstrom 198. WOMAN IN PURPLE ROBE WITH PARASOL A framed Japanese print, measuring (with frame) 11 x 15 Ѕ Donated by Tom Swanstrom 199. THE WOODS IN AUTUMN A modern color reproduction of a lovely Currier and Ives original, measuring, with frame, about 20 x 25 Donated by Tom Swanstrom MISCELLANEOUS 200. CAVALLINI FILE FOLDERS Two packages of 12 sturdy file folders, decorated with antique posters Donated by Donna Tuke 201. CAVALLINI NOTEBOOK Unused pocket notebook, ornamented with images from vintage correspondence Donated by Donna Tuke 202. Bennett Cerf TRY AND STOP ME Simon & Schuster, 1944 Fifth printing of this classic Donated by Susan J. Keig
203. CHAMBERS'S MISCELLANY OF USEFUL & ENTERTAUINING KNOWLEDGE Vol. 9, ca. 1850 Among the useful and entertaining material in this pocket-sized volume are a translation of the magic Flute (the folktale), Select Poems on Birds, Life of Sir Walter Scott, life of a Negro Slave, and Wonders of the Microscope Donated by Kathryn R.J. Tutkus 204. CHINESE THIN-HANDLED BASKET A fine piece of wickerwork from farmland China Donated by Wendy C. Husser 205. COMPACT OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY This is the two volume slipcased edition which comes with a magnifying glass in its own drawer and yes, this copy does still have its glass Donated by John P. Chalmers 206. Eleanor Follansbee HEAVENLY HISTORY: AN ACCOUNT OF HEAVENLY ARCHITECTURE Pascal-Covici, 1927 Donated by Susan J. Keig 207. Brian Garfield WESTERN FILMS: A COMPLETE GUIDE Rawson, 1982 Besides writing Death Wish, Garfield wrote nearly two dozen western novels, three of which were made into movies by the time he wrote this book Donated by Bernie Rost 208. Hugh Johnson A LIFE UNCORKED University of California, 2005 What goes into the making of a famous wine writer? Hugh Johnson reflects on the wines in his life Donated by Steve Tomashefsky 209. LETTUCE ENTERTAIN YOU GIFT CERTIFICATE Good for $125 worth at any LEYE affiliate, here, in Las vegas, in the Mall of America, etc. Donated by Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises 210. Mel Levine READY OR NOT, HERE COMES LIFE Simon & Schuster, 2005 A SIGNED copy of this book on proper pre-life ( as opposed to pre-col;lege) training for children Donated by Shawn Donnelley 211. THE LORD OF TELEPHONE MANOR The Literary Digest, 1925 William A. Kitteredge's copy; a booklet prepared to show how the Literary Digest worked to make Americans believe in the telephone (so you can guess how well it will work if you buy advertising space here as well)
Donated by R.R. Donnelley 212. MINIATURE BOOK ERASERS Boston College, ca. 2009 3-volume set Donated by Anthony J. Mourek 213. PEN A ballpoint pen of some distinction Donated by Levenger's 214. PEN Another ballpoint pen of some distinction Donated by Levenger's 215. PEN A ballpoint pen of some more distinction Donated by Levenger's 216. PEN A ballpoint pen of too much distinction to lend out Donated by Levenger's 217. Father Benedict Reid, OSB A SPIRIT LOOSE IN THE WORLD Harbor House (West), 1993 Donated by Jeanne Goessling 218. THE GREAT UNKNOWN The Treasure Box, containing items not bid upon in the silent auction GRATITUDINOUS MENTION Must be made of the following, who donated cash instead of books, the better to defray the costs of the auction: Fred Kittle Paul Saenger Every book is a new adventure, a peep into the unknown, while the ham sandwich of ordinary commerce is rather similar wherever you go. On the other hand, you can enjoy a ham sandwich when the electricity's off. Edgar Softe


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