China and the Open Door Policy, KB Bucknall

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Content: China and the Open Door Policy Kevin Barry Bucknall, Ph.D. ISBN: 978-0-917990-72-4 The areas of foreign trade, foreign investment, economic aid, and special economic zones are examined in detail and the rapid improvement in the economy after the adoption of the Open Door policy is explained. After Mao's death in 1976, followed by the rapid overthrow of the Gang of Four, the way was open for his successors to choose which path to follow. This book examines the reasons for the complex series of changes in policy after 1949, demonstrates why the Cultural Revolution itself led to a need for major change, reveals the political and economic options open after the death of Mao, and shows why the Open Door policy was finally chosen. The factors involved in this decision include the backward state of the domestic economy, the struggles and infighting within domestic politics, and the wider sphere of international relations. China became communist in 1949 and following the lead of the Soviet Union, the leading communist nation of the day, established a centrally planned economy. Cracks in this soon began to emerge and by the mid 1950s a debate began about what was the proper way forward. Politics and economics became intertwined. The failure of the Great Leap Forward (1958-60) led to major economic problems and some starvation, and a more liberal political and economic line was adopted. The Great Leap Forward was the brainchild of Mao and its failure resulted in him being forced from centre stage. However, he fought back into power and initiated the Cultural Revolution in 1966. This period, exhilarating for some both in China and the West, had major negative effects on the economy and on much of society in general. BOSON also offers Japan: Doing Business in a Unique Culture and Chinese Business Etiquette and Culture by Kevin B. Bucknall. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Coyote Hunter's Guide Randy D. Smith ISBN: 978-0-917990-71-7 Well-known outdoor writer, Randy D. Smith, draws on over 40 years of coyote hunting experience to explain the mystery, challenge, and successful tactics of calling and hunting one of nature's most intelligent and illusive predators. Smith believes that the better an animal is known and understood, the stronger the chances for hunting success. He has often acted as a judge in state, national, and world predator calling contests. Smith discusses the four elements of coyote callinghabitat, stealth, variety, and patience. He explains the importance of understanding the annual life cycle of the coyote and how that knowledge will make you a more productive hunter. He explains how to pattern coyote behavior and to discern whether or not coyotes are the real culprits of many rural and urban predation problems. Smith draws on years of wildlife call consulting and experimentation to explain the different call patterns as well as how to use a wide variety of electronic and mouth calls. He discusses how to deploy the various types of rifle, bow, handgun and shotgun loads, and tactics to be most efficient. He examines the importance of camouflage, scent, and movement when engaged in any predator hunt. This is not a "gimmick or product" book but rather a complete guide into the world of coyote calling written by someone who knows what he is talking about. Cover art by Jen Julian BOSON BOOKS offers several novels by Randy Smith about the Old West. They are listed under Westerns on our Fiction page. We also offer nonfiction books titled Heroes of the Santa Fe Trail and Hunting Modern South Africa with Powder and Ball. You can find them on our Nonfiction page. Sunday's Colt and Other Stories may be purchased also in a print edition at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell's. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
You're So Lucky to Find Me! Nancy McAllister and Ann Mound ISBN: 978-0-917990-26-7 Making a serious romantic connection is the subject of this book. ·How to do it ·Where to do it ·How it happens ·How others did it ·How to take care of it If you are "looking" - as thousands are today - this book may help you conclude your search. If you are happily married or happily single and thus not looking, we are sad to say that your situation may be only temporary. Three C's - creativity, concentration, caring. What does it take to keep your serious romantic connection alive and well? To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
The Writer's Guide to Self-Marketing Using Social Networking Sites Kristin Kirkland ISBN: 978-0-917990-81-6 The birth of the Internet has created a global community of buying, sharing, and selling goods­texts among them. As an author today, it is important for you to self-market and promote your books if you want your work to be recognized out in the reading world. Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Blogger, provide an online space for authors to connect with and expand their audience no matter where the members of that audience reside. Instead of flying across the country to meet with fans, sign books, and give readings, an author can now interact with fans across the globe by "Tweeting" on Twitter, posting videos on Facebook, or blogging on Blogger. In addition to providing an avenue of constant contact and update with his or her fans, social networking sites can also help an author promote public appearances and events he or she is a part of, making them more successful because of a larger turnout. This guide will offer creative and innovative ways for authors to network and connect with their audiences using social networking sites. Each chapter introduces an author to a different social networking site and provides guidelines for setting up profiles, interacting with fans, and using special features, such as Visual Bookshelves, Event Calendars, and Search functions. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Into the Light: The Photo League Years Sonia Handelman Meyer ISBN: 978-0-917990-95-3 Into the Light ­ The Photo League Years is a collection of black-and-white photographs by Sonia Handelman Meyer. This collection is based on the catalogue for an exhibit by the same title sponsored by the Hodges Taylor Gallery, September/October 2007 in Charlotte, NC. During the 1940s Sonia Meyer became an active member in the Photo League in New York City. The League offered its members a forum in serious photography, with exhibitions, publications, darkrooms, lectures, and other events. As a photographer, Sonia Meyer dedicated herself to social documentary, taking photographs of local neighborhoods and their citizens with a keen and sympathetic eye for the human condition. Meyer's photographs and street scenes of immigrants, minorities, and children, whether in Harlem, the Village, or Brooklyn, accent the resilience and dignity of those facing economic adversity. Her subjects, which are often children, endure, persevere, and survive, despite the odds. Poor children play and laugh; they find spaces of joy. Meyer's children of the city exist on their own terms. They are free and lively, as they endeavor to live and grow in the midst of towering tenements and poverty. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Armed Love Elia Katz ISBN: 978-0-917990-99-1 Armed Love, first published in 1971, is a description of the author's experience in America's communes. Katz documents the people, the sex, the drugs, and the various organizations of communal lifestyles from New York City to San Francisco. _________________ The best portrayal of contemporary youth in the United States.­New Haven Register Elia Katz...can really write, and not only can he write, he can think, too, and among young writers that is far rarer.­Michael Rogers, Rolling Stone Hilarious, whimsical, much a work of fiction as Thomas Wolfe's Look Homeward Angel, except that Wolfe thought he was writing fiction and Katz knows he is writing nonfiction. Armed Love is within a long literary tradition in American literature, from Natty Bumppo's moving out west to Dean Moriarty's speeding down the highway in On the Road.­New York Herald He began in absolute sympathy with the drop-out children of affluent America...but experience with them forced him to acknowledge that the search for an impossible freedom had shaped them into an incongruous mirror-image of the values they tried to flee...Katz's book is both corrosively funny and serious, and reads with the verve and immediacy of a good novel.­Publishers Weekly Boson Books publishes a novel by Elia Katz, Stengrow's Dad To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Hunting Modern South Africa with Powder and Ball Randy D. Smith ISBN: 978-1-932482-60-7 Randy D. Smith, muzzleloader hunting expert and long-time field editor for Blackpowder Hunting magazine, describes the modern history, equipment, and tactics for black powder hunting in modern Africa. Whether you are interested in reading to learn about modern muzzleloader hunting or strictly for entertainment, this book has it all. Part I deals with the history of the muzzleloader safari, equipment options, muzzleloader recommendations, and the author's preparations. nineteenth century hunters who faced big game with only single-shot and double-barreled muzzleloaders are not only presented, but also the relationships between their experiences and the modern hunter's expectations are described. Part II describes the author's experiences on a plains game safari in South Africa with modern muzzleloading pioneer, Dr. Gary White. The hunt for twelve different plains game animals is accurately described, warts and all. Read of successes and failures to give you an idea of the challenges and rewards of the muzzleloader safari. Part III provides a detailed planning guide for those considering a black powder safari, including South African sources for powder and other supplies. The author includes his recommendations for the best equipment, transportation, rifles, and regulations compliance. The author not only tells you what to expect but how to avoid costly mistakes. This detailed book is a must-have for anyone interested in taking on the Dark Continent with primitive firearms. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Dirty Rotten Recruiter Tricks Elaine Delanna Priestly ISBN: 978-1-932482-37-9 This book is an exposй of unscrupulous recruiters, those who deceive job seekers and cheat client companies. It is a fictive memoir of the author's early years in the recruiting business. And she knows what she's talking about. She's a woman who rose to the top of her profession and learned every deceptive practice and dirty recruiter trick imaginable along the way. Dirty Rotten Recruiter Tricks, dramatized through embellished dialogue, gives you a peek inside the grubby end of the business where recruiting charlatans practice their wily crafts. Honest recruiters who provide genuine services to job seekers and client companies alike find their reputations tarnished by such frauds. At the conclusion of each chapter, you will find Elaine's Diary, a summary of salient points that provide solid advice to help both job candidates and hiring executives avoid the kind of recruiter scams described so graphically in the book. In essence you're getting both an entertaining story along with some valuable advice. For example, you'll learn *why it's vitally important that companies vet their recruiters face to face and not over the phone *why job candidates must keep in touch with hiring authorities of companies during and after the interviewing process, and not rely on what recruiters tell them *why many company executives won't deal with recruiters under any circumstances. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Pink Triangles and Rainbow Dreams: Essays about being gay in the real world John Arthur Maddux, Ed.D. ISBN: 978-1-932482-47-8 This book is intended for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and non-gay readers. It is divided into three sections: "On Being Gay," "On Being Politically Correct," and "On Being Gay in the Real World." Section I, "On Being Gay," focuses almost exclusively on what it means to be gay, the kinds of discrimination gays and lesbians face in their daily routines and lives, and how to face those issues of inequality, discrimination, and bigotry. Section II, "On Being Politically Correct" is directed toward contemporary issues within the gay community and presents a number of controversial topics that are hotly debated among gays and lesbians. Section III, "On Being Gay in the Real World," focuses on issues that affect gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals as they try to live effectually in the prevailing majority community. This section includes several essays that are not necessarily gay-specific, but can apply to people of every orientation. Section III emphasizes that all people, regardless of orientation, race, religion, gender, nationality, or ethnic background share the same hopes, fears, dreams, and desires. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
MAM 2006: Markov Anniversary Meeting Amy N. Langville and William J. Stewart ISBN: 1-932482-35-0 From the Preface: The Markov Anniversary Meeting, June 12-14, 2006 was the fifth in a series of conferences devoted to the Numerical Solution of Markov Chains (NSMC). The prior four NSMC conferences were held in 1990, 1995, 1999, and 2003. The first two conferences were held in Raleigh, North Carolina, the third moved overseas to Zarazoga, Spain, and the fourth was held in Urbana-Champaign, ILlinois. This fifth and most recent Markov meeting occurred sooner than the usual 4-5 year schedule in order to celebrate two very important events: the 150th anniversary of Andrei A. Markov's birth and the 100th anniversary of his work on his chains. This special Markov Anniversary Meeting was held at the College of Charleston in historic Charleston, SC. The scope of the meeting was expanded to incorporate Markov work beyond the usual NSMC topics. Thus, this proceedings contains several papers describing the diverse applications of Markov's chains in diverse fields from web search and telecommunications to population and language modeling. Papers discuss Markov reward processes and Markov bounds, while another group of papers covers the use of chains in queueing theory. A third group of papers examines the techniques for analyzing enormous chains with the help of Kronecker algebra. Such techniques connect nicely with one of today's most famous applications of Markov chains, the PageRank chain used by Google to rank webpages. The proceedings conclude with a section devoted to applications of Markov chains. These proceedings are also available in print, ISBN 1-932482-34-2. You can order them through your bookstore. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Twelve British Statisticians Richard H. Williams, Donald W. Zimmerman, Donald C. Ross and Bruno D. Zumbo ISBN: 1-932482-44-X Twelve British Statisticians provides a description of the lives and scientific contributions of a dozen statistical luminaries. Each statistician is a famous figure, but is especially renowned in Great Britain. Their fields of expertise sometimes include disciplines that depart from statistics and display great versatility. The book is accessible to a wide reading audience. Each of the chapters of the book focuses on the scientific contributions and personal life of a single statistician. Each chapter begins with an overview and contains a rich set of references. Current textbooks in statistics contain little information about the pioneers in the field. This book provides a historical supplement in courses on quantitative methods in the behavioral, social, and biological disciplines. The statisticians and some of their contributions covered include: Karl Pearson: product-moment correlation. R.A. Fisher: analysis of variance and covariance, experimental design, common sampling distributions. Charles Spearman: factor analysis, theory of intelligence, mental test theory. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Except Education Chris Dahl ISBN: 978-1-932482-41-6 Except Education describes what really happens inside of American public high schools. In these pages are the tales of the lawyers who "advocate" for students and threaten to sue any teacher who does not comply. There are also the lost autistic souls who are led from meeting to meeting by guilty parents; there are the young Americans who are chained by behavior contracts and doped up by prescription medicine and then ignored roundly by their parents. Fights, rapes, drugs and stories of ordinary madness are countered by the frustration of educators stuck in terribly tedious, horribly political situations that sap their will to do one of the most noble things on the face of the earth: teach the young. After reading this book, parents will wonder what exactly is going on in their children's schools, and aspiring teachers may well think twice about their career choice. Cover art by Joel Barr. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Heroes of the Santa Fe Trail: 1821-1900 Randy D. Smith ISBN: 1-932482-31-8 Heroes of the Santa Fe Trail is the product of decades of primary research by a writer who has lived all of his life in the shadow the Trail's legacy. This book tells the dramatic story of the men and womenHispanic, Anglo, and Native Americanwho settled the West and provides insights not commonly found elsewhere. From the Hispanic Jaramillo and Chavez families of the Rio Grande Valley to the legacy of Ham Bell, a nonviolent man who made more arrests than any Dodge City lawman, Heroes relates the violent, comic, and often tragic adventures of the pioneers of the early Santa Fe Trail. BOSON BOOKS offers several novels by Randy Smith about the Old West. They are listed under Westerns on our Fiction page. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Japan: Doing Business in a Unique Culture Kevin Barry Bucknall, Ph.D. ISBN: 1-932482-23-7 This book is essential reading for all those managers, investors, and traders as well as government officials who do business in or might in the future have dealings with Japan. More than most people living in a rich, developed country, the Japanese still place great store on traditional values and cling to a culture that is both varied and unique. Business etiquette and general good manners are not only dissimilar, but they are strictly prescribed and adhered to by those with whom you will negotiate and socialise. Getting things right can only help you, but it is incredibly easy to get things wrong and never even know it. Politeness dictates that you will not be told when you make mistakes or irritate people, but when you inevitably do so, the price you pay, as a minimum, can be to suffer slow negotiations with the attendant increased costs in time and money. At the worst, you might lose an entire contract or fail to break into the Japanese market at all. This book will help you to adjust quickly, make friends easily, and interact more effectively; all of these can help you achieve your goals more rapidly, gain repeat business, and generally be more successful. You will learn many of the basic concepts of this fascinating culture that will help you to understand better what is going on. You will discover how the Japanese like to do business, who should be on your team, how you should behave for greater success, what to expect at meetings, and what you should do there. A further chapter covers the important issue of what to do when a Japanese team visits you in your country. Written by Kevin Bucknall who has lived and worked for decades in Asia and Australasia, this book should be a welcome addition to the library of any adult who deals with or works in that fascinating but mysterious country, Japan. BOSON BOOKS also offers Chinese Business Etiquette and Culture by Dr. Bucknall. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
How to Generate Values in Young Children Sue Spayth Riley ISBN: 978-1-932482-27-0 This book is directed to the parents, teachers, and counselors of preschool children. Integrity, Honesty, Individuality, Self-Confidence, and Wisdom: the ingredients for a successful life begin at a very early age. Sue Spayth Riley acknowledges the factors and complexities of modern life that inhibit the development of values in children while stating that we need not surrender to them. Decision-making is the key. Riley demonstrates how the child's ability to make up his or her own mind plays a major role in ethical and moral education. Through examples, anecdote, and clinical observation, as well as theory, Sue Spayth Riley shows how problems such as blanket-weaning, staying dry, hostile behavior, and too much television can be resolved by the child. This book is also available in print. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Pictures From A Distant Country Richard G. Doty, Ph.D., Smithsonian Institution ISBN: 1-932482-15-6 Everyone knows that there is only one form of American currency, the product of a single issuer. The currency is the Greenback, and the issuer is the federal government. But this arrangement has not always been the rule: for much of the nation's history (including what many would see as its most dynamic period of growth) there was no federal currency in circulation. Instead, there were the products of private banks and other businesses, which had or took upon themselves the right and responsibility to issue currency. We call this private money obsolete bank notes, and they form the basis of this book. Over 350 detailed images of these private notes are included as illustrations. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Rogues in the Gallery: The Modern Plague of Art Thefts Hugh McLeave ISBN: 978-0-917990-82-3 Rogues In The Gallery exposes it all: the cozy insurance ransom racket, the professional gangs of art thieves, the specialists, the connections with the international drug racket and the Mafia. Hugh McLeave has researched the whys and wherefores of the question for years, drawing on resources available to him through agencies such as Interpol, the FBI, the French Sыretй, and Scotland Yard. Rogues In The Gallery is a lively and informed account of the causes­and limited cures­of this epidemic. It charts the classic outbreaks, portrays the rich gallery of protagonists, and defines what means there are to combat the disease. But even with sophisticated computers and Interpol, the total elimination of art theft is unlikely. As long as auction prices continue to rise and inflation devalues savings, the theft of precious objects will flourish. The lure of easy money is at the root. This is a serious book on an urgent problem, especially for those who collect art. The book is an updated version of a print book with the same name and author that appeared in 1981. It contains two new chapters that cover the period from 1980 to 2000. Cover Art by Joel Barr To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Diggers: Discovering Artifacts from Two World Wars Viktors Duks ISBN: 978-0-917990-53-3 The snake, half a meter long, was twisted around the handle of the pail from which I had just dumped 10 liters of swamp water and peat moss, as we worked to release a fuselage. I looked at it for a while and then grabbed it by one end and removed it from the bucket. "Guys, look! Aren't these the intestines of the flier?" I said to my colleagues, who were bailing water out of the hole. Their conversation and the splash of water fell silent for a moment. The diggers looked at me. The Classicist, standing at the other end of the ditch, agreed with me. "Those are his intestines. " The Communicator, holding the intestines in his hands, put it more vividly: "He's divided up into molecules here." This book is the story­intimate and moving in the telling­of a group of Latvian men who refer to themselves as the Diggers. This platoon of digger colleagues gathers from disparate fields and disciplines. Digging in the old trenches and sunken bunkers of the Latvian forest, you may find, among others, the Communicator, the Classicist, the Forest Man, Little Spirit, and the venerable Legend.The Diggers are reverent with regard to the materiel. Live ammunition, grenades, and artillery shells demand careful handling. As the author Viktors Duks says, "You have the deepest respect for every land mine and every rusty hand grenade that never did explode."Their human findings­sometimes grisly, and always thought-provoking, are handled as sacred objects. Their reverence extends to the skulls and bones of all the fallen warriors. German and Soviet ammunition and war materiel are so mixed together on some battlegrounds that the Diggers cannot determine whose side they are working on. Human remains are accumulated and reburied in marked graves. Every year bodies identified as Russian soldiers are ceremoniously turned over to the Russian ambassador to Latvia. Diggers was a 2003 Eppie Award Finalist. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
MOPPING TALL!: The Hubby's Guide to Housework and Other Dangerous Jobs - Second Online Edition Lou Delena ISBN: 978-1-932482-09-6 To hear a recording of the author describing his book, MP3 format, 270K, click hereHave you been dissed by dust? Does the thought of cooking dinner turn your stomach instead of turn you on? Are you uncertain as to which is the functional end of a broom? Have you been told that you're short on housekeeping skills? Well, don't just stand there - get TALL! Mopping Tall - The Hubby's Guide to Housework and Other Dangerous Jobs is just what you need to transform yourself from a domestic doormat into a He-man of Home Management. Mopping Tall is an irreverent, informative look at the world of housekeeping and beyond. It is written especially for the novice househusband, particularly those of us who have been victims of the employment crunch. Mopping Tall will help to brighten your day as well as your bathroom bowl. You'll learn many of the facets of domestic superintendence including washing, cooking, cleaning, and, yes, ironing. With this book and some practice, you'll soon be laughing at those tasks that used to send chills down your spine, such as changing closets and washing windows. In addition, Mopping Tall provides you with other valuable information on topics such as time management and dealing with your in-laws, a commodity that cannot be measured in terms of a price tag. Real men do housework, most notably in these changing times of yesterday's traditions on a collision course with today's realities. Why not join in the fun? Grab this book (uh, don't forget to pay for it) and your favorite cleaning utensil. It's time to start MOPPING TALL! This book is also in print To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Chinese Business Etiquette and Culture Kevin Barry Bucknall, Ph.D. ISBN: 1-886420-55-6 In this book, you will be introduced to the basics of Chinese culture. You will discover how to initiate contact, what to expect in meetings, and how to behave there. You will learn the way the Chinese approach negotiations, discover how you can respond to them, and learn how to negotiate a successful conclusion. You will also find out how to socialize for success, how to cope with specific problems of living and working in China, and the best way to treat Chinese visitors to your organization. You are given practical advice throughout on business etiquette, and on how to fit into Chinese cultural expectations in order to achieve your goals. An appendix briefly explains Chinese history, and then considers recent economic, political, and social changes. "Invaluable!! If you ever need to do business in China then don't start anything until you've read this book. It will save you time, money and your sanity! After reading this book we took advice from it and saved a valuable business deal by using some of the knowledge Kevin Bucknall has compiled from his time spent there. This is a seriously good book even if you just want to travel in China as it tells you all you need to know to get the best from your time there." - Shanghai Expat This book is also in print. BOSON also offers Japan: Doing Business in a Unique Culture by Kevin B. Bucknall. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Hitler Made Me a Jew Nadia Gould ISBN: 0-917990-19-6 Nadia Gould's narrative is like her paintings. Both are strong, witty, rich in detail, and thoroughly engaging. Nadia Gould writes of her early years in Europe, of leaving her mother and father, fleeing the Holocaust, and growing up in New York City. Her paintings illustrate her book and provide the cover image. ­The Publisher. "In the evening they took us to the railroad station. They told us not to speak to anyone or even to one another. We were mute and deaf. There was a notice with our passports that explained we could not speak. This was the most excruciating train ride. We had to keep from talking and giving ourselves away. Every time someone opened the door of our train compartment I died of fright. This feeling has remained with me, and anything that has to do with telling an untruth to an official causes me anxiety, as if my life depends on the lie. I still fear I will be found out, uncovered and shot on the spot." I wrote this book seven years ago. At that time there was much controversy over whether the Holocaust had really happened. I was so upset by articles denying that the Holocaust had happened that I decided to put down my experienceseven if my experiences were light in comparison to the horrors that went on in the concentration camps. Not one day goes by that I don't think about the Holocaust in Germany, Poland, and other countries, and about the silent people who let it happen. I feel grateful to the scholars who are gathering the data of what happened during those years and particularly in 1940 because it was the year that Hitler made me a "Jew." This book is also available in print. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
From Hitler to Trujillo Alfredo F. Vorshirm ISBN: 978-1-886420-92-2 From Hitler to Trujillo by Alfredo F. Vorshirm is a memoir by a Holocaust survivor. The gripping story embodies the Jewish European experience during and after World War II and dramatizes the events that impelled Vorshirm to the Dominican Republic at the height of the Trujillo dictatorship. Living in a country other than the one of his birth when World War II broke out, Vorshirm found himself first imprisoned by the European Allies because he was an Austrian-German enemy and then imprisoned by the Germans when he was caught in a raid without legal identification papers and in possession of illegal foreign currency. After being held and tortured in a Gestapo jail for nearly a year, he joined the Italian partisans where he was wounded. Eventually, he served with a unit of the US 82nd Airborne Division and took part in the liberation of Europe. After the war, searching for a homeland, circumstances caused him to choose residence in the Dominican Republic Cover art by Joel Barr To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
The War Against Epidemics in Colonial Guatemala, 1519-1821 Lawrence H. Feldman, Ph.D. ISBN: 1-886420-60-2 Using colonial tax and census records, scholars think the indigenous population dropped at least 90% in the first 160 years after the European conquest. Mismanagement, drought, famine, flood, earthquakes, and even volcanic eruptions all had their victims but the chief cause of death were none of these. In colonial Guatemala the pests, the epidemics, were the greatest killers. There are many books on medicine in colonial Guatemala. What makes this work different is that it is neither a broad history of the colonial era nor restricted to a single ethnic group or profession. Instead, it seeks to answer the question: What happened when an epidemic struck? To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Motagua Colonial Lawrence H. Feldman, Ph.D. ISBN: 1-886420-51-3 The Classic era centers of Quirigua and Copan are the eastern most outposts of early Mayan civilization. The Middle Motagua served as the source of Mesoamerica's most precious material. It was the home of the jade that was so highly valued by ancient peoples. With the fall, close to 1000 A.D. of Quirigua, Copan and their satellite communities, the lands of the Motagua drainage descend into an ahistorical void . Not until the end of the Hispanic colonial era do these lands receive any but the most cursory historical treatment. It is the intention of this book to explore this unknown time between the fall of the ancient cities and independence of Guatemala from the Spanish Crown. By using the earliest documents we can look at the end of prehistory, the culture that the Spaniards found upon their arrival among the Toquegua of the Motagua delta. The colonial era was neither a static backwater nor a time of uninterrupted prosperity (or disaster). Administrative papers tell of conditions in the towns along the busy riverine route between Spain and the Guatemalan capital and life in the tobacco and cacao lands that surrounded the old site of Copan. The story of this past, and looking for information on this past, is the subject of this volume To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
The Classic STAR TREK Trivia Book John Arthur Maddux, Ed.D. ISBN: 1-886420-39-4 This IS the CLASSIC! If you are a Star Trek addict, this is the book for YOU! The author has dedicated hundreds of hours watching episode after episode, over and over again--at regular speed, in extra slow motion, and in stop action. It contains everything you ever wanted to know (and perhaps some things you don't) about the original Star Trek series. As a Trekkie you can't be without it! Download it NOW. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Writing Fiction and Poetry: Essays by North Carolina Writers Sally Sulllivan, Ph.D. ISBN: 978-1-886420-08-3 "Our meddling intellect misshapes the beauteous forms of things; we murder to dissect," Wordsworth cautioned at the dawning of a new age of science and technology. It is a caution that, in addition to applying to the study of art and nature, might also apply to our investigation of the creative process, which has engaged the meddling minds of many . . .the process involved in literary creation, in particular, has fascinated many ordinary people, as well as a great many psychologists and philosophers, from Plato on . . . . The variety of approach and style in Writing Fiction and Poetry extends also to gender and experience. Writing Fiction and Poetry is a collection of essays by twelve North Carolina writers. The essayists, six poets and six fiction writers, focus on a discussion of their writing processes with an emphasis on revision. Preceding each essay is a biographical sketch and following each is an interview with the writer. The writers are: Fred Chappell; Elizabeth Cox; Candace Flynt; Jill McCorkle; Tim McLaurin; Robert Watson; Betty Adcock; James Applewhite; Kathryn Stripling Byer; Michael McFee; Heather Ross Miller; Shelby Stephenson. Cover art by Joel Barr To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
The Second Oswald Richard H. Popkin, Ph.D. ISBN: 1-886420-27-0 Who killed Kennedy? Many keen minds have their doubts about the findings of the Warren Commission. Could Oswald have fired 3 shots in 5.6 seconds with the inaccurate rifle he had - and hit a moving target? Did he even kill patrolman Tippit (the bullets in the body were smaller than the barrel of his revolver)? Was the brown paper bag made only to attract attention? Was Bullet No. 399 a plant? Suppose there was a Second Oswald- a man very similar physically and an expert marksman? Such a man was seen both before and at the time of the murder. Was there a rifleman on the knoll as well as at the Book Depository window? If so this was one of the greatest - and most successful conspiracies of modern times... The Second Oswald has been called "the first plausible and significant argumentation on the Kennedy assassination." It takes into account the books by Edward J. Epstein, Mark Lane and Harold Weisberg. Too much was attempted too quickly. Professor Popkin believes that Lee Harvey Oswald may have been innocent and no more than a decoy in a plot to kill the President. His job may have been to divert suspicion and be arrested. A startling alternative to the 'Single Assassin' theory. This book is also in print. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.
Tomorrow Finally Came: Experiences as an Agricultural Advisor in Post-Communist Poland Darwin G. Braund, Ph.D. ISBN: 1-886420-33-5 A review from the Penn Stater, Sept./Oct. 1997: . . .Braund's descriptions of his agricultural mission will interest some readers, but many will be more taken with the depictions of an American tackling life in post-Soviet Poland. The conditions may be spartan, but the hospitality of his newfound Polish friends brings a warm glow to the recollections. Along the way, there are some amusing sidelights. (Stopped by the police while driving in one small town, Braund and an American companion repeat over and over that they can't speak Polish. The frustrated police finally let them go, prompting Braund's gleeful companion to yell good-bye--in Polish). . . . those with an interest in agriculture or in the Americans encountering the post-Communist world will find many things to enjoy here. --CB This book shares a former Pennsylvania farm boy's perspective of major multi-cultural international experiences in a country which survived 40 years of communism and is making valiant and remarkable progress toward a market-based economy. It identifies and brings alive real people who've been true survivors of centuries of wars with neighboring countries. It shares lessons learned from being exposed to different ways of thinking and about how slowly, but surely, opportunities arose to seed ideas, ask questions where questions had not been asked before, inject some optimism and stress some possibilities in a society made understandably pessimistic through centuries of domination and a survival mentality. To buy this e-book, go to the URL below or scan the QR code in the lower right.

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