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Content: Harvey Glatman "Glamour Girl Slayer"
Information researched and summarized by Heather Martin, Jeremy Bower, Tabatha Dobbins, Jacqueline Parker, Amanda Peacock, Martha Phillips, and Lauren Przepiora Department of Psychology Radford University Radford, VA 24142-6946
Date December 10, 1927 1930 1931 1932 1938 1939
Life Event
Harvey was born in the Bronx, New York to Ophelia and Albert
Glatman, a Jewish couple
Harvey was committing a crude form of sado-masochism (he tied a string
around his penis and placed the loose end in a drawer and then leaned
back against the string.)
His favorite past time was typing a rope around his neck, looping the free
end over a pipe or rafter and yanking the rope with one hand while
masturbating with the other.
Tonsils and adenoids removed. Mother describes him as a healthy and
normal child with usual childhood sicknesses
11 Parents came home to find his neck swollen and rope burned. They
move to Denver, CO. His father caught him masturbating and he
warned him that it caused acne. Convinced that he was "queer" because
he masturbated
12 Harvey entered junior high school. Children continued to make fun of
him for his acne, buckteeth, and overdeveloped ears. Harvey feared girls;
he turned red and felt inadequate when he was around them. Began
breaking and entering of private residences. He would take something,
anything from each residence. He took a .26 caliber handgun from one
home. He would sometimes follow a woman home, force her into her
May 18,1945 17
May 21,1945 17 June 18, 1945 17
August 1945 17
September 1945 17
December 1945
August 1946 18
October 1946 18
bedroom, and gagged her with a cloth, while tying her arms with his rope. He also unbuttoned their shirts and skirts and fondled them. He became more comfortable with touching women. In March, Harvey graduated from Junior High. Transferred to Grove Junior High. Starts bondage games-favorite method is tying a rope around his neck, getting in to the bathtub while choking himself, climbs into the attic and strings himself from the rafters. Went to A psychiatrist, given pills. Begins high school, above average student, not very athletic. Involved in Boy Scouts, music, photography, becomes a delivery boy. Begins creeping around apartments, stole a .38 revolver. Begins stopping females on the street by threatening them with his gun. Began partially disrobing them. Took money from one girl. Police caught him in the act of breaking into an apartment of Elma Hamum through a window. In his pockets, they found a length of rope and .25-caliber pistol. While under interrogation he confessed to a number of burglaries but left out the ones with forced sex. Charged with first degree robbery-parents posted bail He abducted a well-built woman, Noreen Laurel, from her neighborhood and after binding her, he drover her out of town to Sunshine canyon. He touched her but no rape. He then returned her home. She went to the police where she looked at a series of mug shots and identified him. He was re-arrested and this times no bail pending. Graduates from high school in the upper one-seventh of his class. Dr. Hilton diagnosed Harvey as schizophrenic or at that time, split personality. Described as sullen, morose, and disrespectful. Felt everyone was against him. Arrested, no charge was listed. Remained in jail until November Pleads guilty to first-degree robbery, spends his eighteenth birthday in prison. Diagnosed as having psychoneruosis-Compulsive or anxiety type with depression, no evidence of schizophrenia Harvey approached Thomas Staro and Doris Thorn. He ordered them into the dark under trees and took Staro's wallet. He tied Staro's legs together and molested Thorn by threatening to kill her with his cap gun, which looked real. Harvey then went to Albany. Late August, Glatman followed a nurse, Florence Hayded, who he attempted to sexually assault. Luckily, she got away. Then, he found Evelyn Berge and Beverly Goldsten. They also got away and reported the incident to the Albany Police Department. Within two days, he was in custody and Glatman confessed to the attack of Florence Hayden. Mom and Dad Glatman were shocked at the actions of Harvey. Convicted of assaulting Hayden. Accepted guilty plea reducing charge. He was sentenced to five to ten years at the Elmira Reformatory Dr. Ralph Ryancale diagnosed Harvey with a "psychopathic personalityschizophrenic type having sexually perverted impulses as the basis of his criminality." He was sent to Sing Sing, a maximum-security prison to complete his prison term. At Sing Sing, Glatman was described as being "psycho-educated and if still anti-social should be segregated even if schizophrenia does not seem developed." Paroled from prison. He was noted as being a model prisoner with a high IQ, who "demonstrated ability and eagerness in his prison duties and responded positively to medical exams." Under parole conditions
October 1952 24
January 1957 30
November 1957 30
March 1958
December 1958
December 15, 31 1958
Glatman was to return to the care of his mother, get a full-time job, and be under court observation for four and a half more years. Harvey returned to Denver, CO. He lived with his parents until his father's death. Harvey's father dies from Diabetes. Dr. Ralph Ryancale diagnosed Harvey with a "psychopathic personalityschizophrenic type having sexually perverted impulses as the basis of his criminality." He was sent to Sing Sing, a maximum-security prison to complete his prison term. At Sing Sing, Glatman was described as being "psycho-educated and if still anti-social should be segregated even if schizophrenia does not seem developed." Arrived in Los Angeles. He picked up an old hobby, photography. Pornography became popular with women who were willing to pose, clothed. August-Called Judith Dull regarding a photo shoot. She agreed to do a photo shoot that afternoon. He told her to wear a tight skirt and sweater. They left her apartment and went to his "studio." They began shooting bondage photos. Glatman pulled out a .32 Browning automatic and began shooting photos of Dull in bondage with the gun. He then raped Judy and made her cuddle with him while he watched television (comedies). Later, he took her past Thousand Palms. He lassoed her neck, shoved her to her knees, pushed her down and took the other part of the rope around her ankles. He pulled her body up and she was dead. Heads back to Colorado because he loses his job and his mother asks not questions Heads back to Los Angeles, rents a Bungalow Harvey met Shirley Ann Bridgeford at the Patty Sullivan Lonely Hearts Club. They planned to eat dinner and drive to Sun Valley. He pulled out his .32 caliber and demanded her to undress. He raped her then demanded her to pose for pictures. He garroted her, killed her, and then took pictures of her dead body in positions. Found the Diane Studio, a modeling agency. Lorraine Vigil, a first time model, agreed to pose for him at a studio. He claimed that Lorraine was getting on his nerves, so he tried to tie her up, but she fought. She finally kicked the door of his car open. She ran to the light and much to her relief, two police officers were found. They began questioning him about the other victims. They insisted that he was the one who killed the other girls. Harvey finally confessed that he had indeed killed them. He said that there was no way they would know unless they had found his toolbox...What toolbox? Harvey further explained the toolbox with the pictures of the dead bodies. He was arrested. He took the officers to the dead bodies and then taken to the San Diego County Courthouse. Glatman arraigned. He was then interrogated. He confessed, on tape, to each of the murders in detail. Later that month, Ophelia, 69 years old, visited Harvey. She argued to the press that Harvey was sick. Dr. C.E. Lengyel found no evidence of psychosis and said Harvey knows right from wrong. Court day. Harvey had plead guilty by reason of insanity. The next phase was sentencing-either death or imprisonment. The taped confession was played. Judge Low imposed the death penalty on Glatman. Transferred to San Quinten Prison.
September 18, 1959
Harvey Glatman was executed by inhaling cyanide and died within 12 minutes (10:12 a.m. Harvey was dead) .
General Information
Sex Race Number of victims Country where killing occurred States where killing occurred
Male White 13 United States New York, Yonkers, Denver, Albany NY
Childhood Information
Date of birth Location birth order Number of siblings XYY? Raised by Birth category Parent's Marital status Family event Age of family event Problems in school? Teased while in school? Physically attractive? Physical defect? Speech defect? head injury? Physically abused? Psychologically abused? Sexually abused? Father's occupation Age of first sexual experience Age when first had intercourse Mother's occupation Father abused drugs/alcohol Mother abused drugs/alcohol cognitive ability Highest grade in school Highest degree Grades in school IQ Work History Served in the military? Branch Type of discharge Saw combat duty Killed enemy during service? Applied for job as a cop? Worked in law enforcement?
December 10, 1927 Bronx, New York Only child None No Both parents Only child Married Dad died October 1952 25 None, he excelled in every subject Yes, he was called chipmunk or weasel No None None None, but he did tie a rope around his neck He would abuse himself with a rope started at age 4 No No Milliner in garment district of Bronx 18 when he sexually molested Noreen Laurel 30 Not known No No 12 Diploma from High School Excelled in school 130, 90, 140 N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a N/s
Fired from jobs? Types of jobs worked Employment status during series Relationships Sexual preference Marital status Number of children Lives with his children Living with Triad Animal torture Fire setting Bed wetting Killer Psychological Information Abused drugs? Abused alcohol? Been to a psychologist? Time in forensic hospital? Diagnosis Killer Criminal History Committed previous crimes? Spend time in jail? Spend time in prison? Killed prior to series? Age? Serial Killing Number of victims Victim type Killer age at start of series Gender of victims Race of victims Age of victims Method of killing Type of serial killer How close did killer live? Killing occurred in home of victim? Killing occurred in home of killer? Weapon
N/a Television repair man and "photographer" Posing as a photographer Hetero Single, never married None None Mother and father None None None No No Yes No Diagnosed with different problems: Psychopathic personality, schizophrenic, having sexual perverted impulses, psycho-educated and if still anti-social should be segregated even if schizophrenia does not seem developed, psychoneurosis-Compulsive or anxiety type with depression, no evidence of schizophrenia Yes No Yes No 32 models and 1 "good girl" Young Women 30 Female White 19, 24, 24 Killed victims using a rope around their neck Disorganized, lust killer Walking distance, drove to crime No No, actual killing occurred in Anza State Park and in a desert Killer brought with him a rope
Behavior During Crimes Rape? Tortured victims? Stalked victims? Overkill? Quick & efficient? Used blindfold? Bound the victims? After Death Behavior Sex with the body? Mutilated body? Ate part of the body? Drank victim's blood? Posed the body? Took totem ­ body part Took totem ­ personal item Robbed victim or location Disposal of Body Left at scene, no attempt to hide Left at scene, hidden Left at scene, buried Moved, no attempt to hide Moved, buried Cut-up and disposed of Moved, too home Sentencing Date killer arrested Date convicted Sentence Killer executed? Name and state of prison Killer committed suicide? Killer killed in prison? Date of death
Yes No No No Yes No Yes No No No No Yes, before and after the death No The rope used to kill each woman No N/a N/a Buried all three in the desert N/a N/a N/a N/a July, 1958 November 3, 1958 Death penalty Yes San Quinton, California No Yes, inhaled cyanide @ 10:12 a.m. September 18, 1959 References
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Glatman Victims
Judy Dull
Shirley Ann Bridgeford The remains of Ruth Mercado

H Martin, J Bower, T Dobbins, J Parker, A Peacock

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