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Content: The Crowning of the American Landscape Eight Great Spaces and Their Buildings Walter L. Creese "Creese's book is heroic in its ambitions. His erudition--architectural, historiographical, and literary--is astonishing and yet most gracefully and 'organically' displayed. His illustrative materials are exquisitely apt and often very moving." --James Marston Fitch, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University In a book that celebrates the artist -intellectuals who have made our natural spaces particularly intriguing, Walter L. Creese analyzes the historical essence of eight renowned American sites and their architecture. In the first part on large spaces, he demonstrates how designers of unusual sensitivity, Thomas Jefferson, A. J. Downing, and F. L. Olmsted, developed Charlottesville, the Hudson and Yosemite Valleys, and Mount Hood National Forest. The second edition reveals four "hidden," smaller places as solutions to mundane challenges. The analysis of the Boston Fens, a facsimile coastal marsh, Graceland, Chicago's landscaped cemetery, Chicago's enclosed Riverside suburb, and finally, Wright's Taliesin Valley yields new insight into architecture's role in uniting landscape with human goals. 320 pages. 16 color illus., 138 halftones, 8 maps. 7% x 10". $55.00 A t yottr bookstore or 41 William Street Princeton University Press Princeton, NJ 08540
The Public Landscape of the New Deal Phoebe Curler In the first book to examine the landscape architecture of the New Deal era, Cutler provides a lively history of the diverse landscape projects administered by the National Emergency Works Program -- among them Timberline Lodge, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the San Antonio canal system, the San Francisco Zoo, and scores of parks and playgrounds. Her vivid account of the creation of these "artifacts of hard times" provides fresh insights into the rise of the profession of landscape architecture.
Available in paperback Discovering the Vernacular-Landscape John Brinckcrhoff Jackson A pioneer in landscape studies takes us on a tour of landscapes past and present to show how our surroundings reflect our culture. "No one who cares deeply about landscape issues can overlook the scores of brilliant insights and challenges to the mind, eye, and conscience .... It is a book to be deeply cherished and to be read and pondered many times." Wilbur Zelinsky, Landscape
"Delightfully readable .... Adds an important new dimension to the history of the twentieth century." --Barrie B. Grcenbic Io7 illus. $z5.oo
"A vital and seminal text: do beg, borrow or buy it." --Robert Holden, landscape design Illus. $6.95
Yale University Press Dept. ISO 92A Yale Station New Haven, CT o65zo
HUMANSCAPE: Environments For People by Stephen Kaplan and Rachel Kaplan
HUMANSAPE provides a unique perspective on humans and their relationship to the environment. It provides an informantion processing point of view, but one that is more synthetic than is traditional. Here, territory and privacy, stress and coping, even aesthetics, are related within an informational framework. HUMANSCAPE deals with the uncertain environment in which humans find themselves and views this uncertainty as both a problem and a challenge. For while uncertainty brings with it the threat of confusion, it can also provide the opportunity to test one's skills, to, venture, to explore. To order, send $15.95 plus $2.00 for postage and handling. (Check, MasterCard or Visa) Ulri(:h's Books, In(:. 549 E. University Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48104
ECOSYSTEMATIC DESIGN case studies The 606 Studio in the Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly, Pomona, has engaged in 60 case study landscape planning and design projects over the last decade. In response to requests, reports on several of these projects are now available to interested parties: Ї LAND TENURE ADJUSTMENT STRATEGY for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (incorporates: Desert Slope: A Case Study in Water Management for Arid Lands), 1978. Land management strategies for the Mojave Desei't. Ї PALM CANYON LAND MANAGEMENT AND DESIGN ALTERNATIVES for the City of Palm Springs, 1981. Design for a unique (native palm) environment in the low desert - Palm Springs. Ї MIRACLE MILE PEDESTRIAN STUDY for the Los Angeles City Planning Department, 1983. Urban design for the Miracle Mile section of Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Ї WESTWOOD BOULEVARD URBAN DESIGN STUDY for the Los Angeles City Planning Department, 1984. Design for a commercial and residential neighborhood and the implications of the urban ecology. Ї LANDSCAPE DESIGN GUIDELINES FOR WATER CONSERVATION IN THE CHINO BASIN for the San Bernardino County Flood Control District, 1984. Water management and practices for an urbanizing region. Ї IRVINE LAKE AREA CONCEPT PLAN for the Irvine Company, 1985. Landscape planning and design for a major portion of the Irvine Ranch lands. Ї wind energy STUDY, for the Angeles National Forest, 1983. Planning and environmental analysis for wind energy generation on National Forest lands on the edge of an urban area. Ї DESIGN FOR SANTA CATALINA ISLAND WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT for the Southern California Edison Company, 1985. Water conservation and management techniques for a unique Southern California environment. Ї SANTA MARGARITA RIVER: LANDSCAPE DESIGN FOR WILDLIFE HABITAT ENHANCEMENT for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, 1985. Design and management of riparian wildlife habitat. Reports may be purchased for $20.00 postpaid. Please make checks payable to the Graduate Landscape Architecture Development (GLAD) Fund. Write to: 606 Studio Publications Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 3801 West Temple Avenue Pomona, CA 91768
Journal for Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning This review is the leading monthly magazine in Europe for landscape architects. Internationalization and the resultant co-operation of nations, the "look at the other side of the fence" that is necessary today, commissions from foreign countries, and the tasks faced by landscape planners in less developed and underdeveloped countries demand an extensive, internationally oriented store of information. GARTEN + LANDSCHAFT is the leading monthly magazine in Europe for landscape architects, architects, engineers, and all involved with authorities in landscape architecture, environmental planning and management. The chief themes covered are town and open space planning, project planning, historical gardens, competitions, plants and their uses, details-and constructions, and questions of professional training. GARTEN & LANDSCHAFT appears monthly in a bilingual edition German/ English and costs DM 34.00 a year, for students DM 24.60 (only in return for a student's certificate). If you like to get a free sample issue, write to the following adress: Callwey Verlag Posffach 800409 8000 Mfinchen 80 West-Germany SUBSCRIBE to LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW to keep up to date with feature articles on landscape architecture in Canada. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW is dedicated to the publication of articles on a wide variety of topics related to the design, planning and management of the Land, and covering a wide range of subject areas including landscape design, construction and history, landscape preservation and rehabilitation, environmental planning and conservation. Published five (5) times yearly, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW is the only landscape architectural publication in Canada, appearing with articles in English as well as French. SUBSCRIBE NOW at the low rates of $18.00 per year in Canada and U.S.A., $30.00 for airmail delivery to other countries. Students in landscape architecture may receive copies at half of the above rates. All subscription rates are based on a calendar year. Please make cheques payable to LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW and send to Landscape Architectural Review, 24 Kensington Avenue, Willowdale, Ont., M2M 1R6, Canada. Landscape Architectural d Architecture de Paysage
Edited by FREDERICK R. STEINER, MRP Associate Professor Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Dept. Washington State University Pullman, WA JOHN THEILACKER, Associate Planner Whitman County Regional Planning Council Pullman, WA
AV1-1984 23 Chapters-312 Pages ISBN-O-87055-452-2 Stock #431 $36.00
Any person involved in studying and researching farmland protection and its corollaries will find this collection of information essential in obtaining an overview of the issues and of current national and international approaches and concerns.
Whose Issue is it? J. Jeffords; 2. Public Involvement in Land-Use Issues, J.B. Jackson; 3. Farmland Protection: Legal and Constitutional Issues, J.C. Keene; 4. The Ethical Dimension of Farmlands Protection,
R.N Sampson; 5. Farming on the Urban Fringe, R. Blobaum; PART II LOCAL APPROACHES FOR FARM-
LANDS PROTECTION 6. Three Guidelines for Communities in Protecting Farmland, W. Toner;, 7. Local Approaches to Farmland Preservation: A Rural Renaissance for Zoning, J. Kartez; 8. King County, Washington's Purchase of Development Rights Program, J. Spellman; 9. AGRICULTURAL LAND Protection in
Whitman County, Washington, W.R. Wagner; 10. Techniques for Protecting Prime Agricultural Land, Zoning
Applications in York County, Pennsylvania, W. Conn; 11. "Corn" Suitability Ratings...A Method of Rating Soils for Identifying and Preserving Prime Agricultural Lands in Black Hawk County, Iowa, L.C. Larson and
S.A. Johansen; PART III STATE APPROACHES FOR FARMLANDS PROTECTION 12. Farmland Conservancies: A Middleground Approach, C. Little; 13. Wisconsin's Farmland Preservation Program, J. Johnson; 14.
Oregon's Agricultural Land Protection Program, R. Eber;, 15. Protection Efforts in the Northeastern States, M. Lapping; 16. State Tax Relief Programs to Preserve Farmlands, R.W. Dunford; PART IV FEDERAL INVOLVEMENT IN FARMLANDS PROTECTION 17. The Changing Role of the Federal Government in
Farmlands Retention, W.W. Fletcher; 18. Evolution of Land-Use Policy in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, IVA. Berg and W. Zitzmann; 19. The National Agricultural Lands Study (NALS), R.J. Gray; 20. SCS Important
Farmlands Mapping Program, R. Diderikson; PART V EUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL FARMLANDS PROTECTION EFFORTS 21. Canadian Provincial Farmlands Protection Programs, C.R. Bray;, 22. The
European and International Experience with Farmland Protection: Some Inferences, D. Miner, M. Chorich and M.B. Lapping; 23. The Protection of Farmlands in the Netherlands, F.R. Steiner; ANNOTATED
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U.S. 40 Today THIRTY YEARS OF LANDSCAPE CHANGE IN AMERICA Thomas R. Vale & Geraldine R. Vale In 1953, George Stewart published a compelling photographic record of his cross-country journey from Atlantic City to San Francisco. US. 40 was immediately acclaimed as a minor classic, unique in conception and important in its penetrating analysis of America's natural and Cultural Landscape. Now, thirty years later, geographers Thomas R. Vale and Geraldine R. Vale have retraced Stewart's probing tour across the highway, documenting their own voyage of discovery with an updated series of photographs teach, paired with Stewart's original, shot from the same location} and commentary. The result, as keenly observed and recorded as the original, is both a perceptive assessment of landscape changes in the United States over the past three decades and a spirited, inspiring, and distinctly American travelogue. We follow the Vales' progress- from Atlantic City through Baltimore, Columbus, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Reno, finally reaching land's land highway'st end at San Francisco--with pleasure and involvement, partners in a rediscovery of a transformed, yet sometimes mysteriously immutable, America today. Thomas R. Vale is Professor of Geography at the University of Wisconsifi-Madison. He has contributed articles on American ecology and landscapes to a number of scholarly and environmental journals. As evidenced by this work, he is an inveterate traveler, an accomplished photographer, and a sharp observer of the American landscaPe. Geraldine R. Vale is a teacher of English and geography in the Madison public schools. Her work has appeared in the professional literature. 1983. 208 pages, 147 illus., maps. Cloth $27.50; paper $14.95 University of Wisconsin Press 114 North Murray Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53715
ASLA Publishes: Perspectives: An Effective Design Tool PERSPECTIVES: AN EFFECTIVE DESIGN TOOL By James E. Hiss, ASLA The presentation of Technical Guidelines in this book is made in an informal and lighthearted nature with graphics that clearly communicate the concepts without losing technical effectiveness. This unusual book presents new perspective concepts through simple graphic associations while it builds the reader's understanding with familiar, yet challenging drawing techniques. It differs from any other book on the market in three important ways because it represents: Ї a highly effective light technical approach to the basics of perspectives Ї a new and remarkable simplified system for preparing accurate perspectives an essential strategy for increasing efficiency and graphic impact in professional design presentations ASLA Book Examines Energy Efficient Design
Edited by E. Gregory McPherson Produced and Published by The Landscape Architecture Foundation and The American Society of Landscape Architects I ncorporating a decade of technical advances and experience in this developing science, eleven experts in landscape architecture, architecture and planning have recently released the findings of their research and practice in a remarkable volume entitled Energy Con- serving Site Design. Though most landscape architects are familiar with the basic strategies for energy-conscious site development, this new work provides a single source of information on the subject which until now has not been available. Energy Conserving Site Design is organized in four major sections which address the broad aspects of development benefits, site analysis, landscape design and community planning strategies for the future.
ASLA Members $17.95 Non-ASLA Members $21.95
[] Perspectives: An Effective Design Tool--Excellent NEW resource for all design professionals ($27.95) $22.95
[] Energy Conserving Site Design-latest developments in site planning ($21.95) $17.95
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Multidisciplinary Landscape Architectural Design at the University of Michigan The School of natural resources is offering two and three year programs leading to the Master's in Landscape Architecture degree, as well as a Ph.D. program in Landscape Architecture. The programs of study will equip graduates with skills and experience for effective contributions to the profession. Coursework will include rigorous training with an emphasis on integrative multidisciplinary problem-solving. Students from a diverse range of academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. For an application and program description write to: Coordinator Office of academic programs School of Natural Resources The University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1115 The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.
Graduate Studies In Los Angeles
Landscape Architecture in The City Architecture in The Urban Landscape Building Science and Technology
The University of Southern California Director of Graduate Admissions School of Architecture University of Southern California Uni versi ty Park Los Angeles, CA 90089-0291 For further informantion call collect: (213) 743-2723
An environmental approach to planning and design is the philosophy guiding the GRADUATE PROGRAM IN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE at the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY The program offers a Ph.D. degree in environmental planning and an MLA degree in three areas of specialization: environmental planning, urban and community design, and landscape design and site planning. For further information contact:Graduate Assistant Department of Landscape Architectu re College of Environmental Design University of California Berkeley, CA 94720 (415) 642-2965 Application deadline: February 1, 1987 GRADUATE STUDY IN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Particularly designed for those with academic backgrounds in the LIBERAL ARTS, SCIENCES or FINE ARTS Ours is a 3-year fully accredited professional Master's Degree Program. Our purpose is to prepare students from diverse academic backgrounds for entry into the profession and eventual leadership in the field. Admission with Advanced Standing is available for students with professional degree backgrounds in architecture and landscape architecture. For an application and graduate catalog write: Division of Landscape Architecture School of Architecture Campbell Hall University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 For further information call: 804 924-3957
SCHOOL OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE GRADUATE PROGRAMS The Master of Landscape Architecture program at Louisiana State University provides preparation for a professional career in landscape architecture. The program is directed towards advanced study and specialization in design and research. Study tracks are offered for either a first professional degree or study beyond the accredited program degree. L.S.U. is the center of academic research and Advanced Studies in Louisiana. The MLA program at Louisiana State University has been selected for The Southern Academic Common Market offering students from five Southern states resident tuition. L.S.U. is located in the heart of Louisiana's rich historical, cultural, and natural landscape. Study opportunities are available to accommodate a range of individual student interests. Assistantships and other financial aid are available to qualified applicants. For further information contact: Daniel W. Earle, Director Graduate Studies in Landscape Architecture School of Landscape Architecture Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803
The Department provides educational opportunities for individuals interested in careers in site planning, design, and management of town, rural, and wilderness environments. The Department offers two graduate degrees: Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Science in Town and Regional Planning. The Department also offers a fully accredited undergraduate program in landscape architecture.
MLA--Advanced Professional Degree: A two-year program of self-directed study requiring a high degree of personal and professional motivation.
MLA--Basic Professional Degree: A three-year program available for candidates with a previous baccalaureate in a field other than landscape architecture.
M.S.--A two-year program emphasizing planning for large areas with dispersed populations and an economic base in agriculture, energy development and natural resources.
Formal areas of specialization are provided in conjunction with other colleges and departments on campus. These are: Land Rehabilitation/Revegetation, Water Resources, Public Lands and Recreation, Small Town Rehabilitation, and Academic/Research Practice.
For complete program descriptions and application, write to: Application deadline for scholarship consideration is March 1.
Graduate Program Coordinator LAEP Department, UMC 40 Utah State University Logan, Utah 84322

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