Monday 11 December, R VON FRANKENBERG

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Content: SEMINARS SEMINAIRES Monday 11 December EP SEMINAR at 16.30 hrs - Auditorium Threshold measurement of the reaction pp -> ВA at LEAR by R. VON FRANKENBERG / Universitвt Erlangen The experiment PS 185 at LEAR studies reactions of the type pp YY (Y = A, T,\ E + andT,') close to their thresholds. The results of the threshold measurement of the reaction pp -> ВA will be presented, in particular differential cross-sections, differential polarizations and total cross-section data in the region of 0.5 MeV below and 4 MeVabove reaction threshold. Mardi 12 janvier PRESENTATION 9.00-11.30 et 14.30-1700 Bвt.5 rez de chaussйe Le groupe de Traitement des Donnйes Adminis tratives (ADP) prйsente les principaux outils de gestion actuellement disponibles dans les do maines suivants: FDB (Financial Data Base) COPICS Achats et rйception GEP Personnel et Salaires Budget! et People!, interfaces Macintosh et PC pour FDB et GIP » demonstrations individuelles conзues pour secrйtariats,administrateurs, chefs de groupes et responsables d'unitйs toute personne intйressйe est la bienvenue Tuesday 12 January PRESENTATION 9.00-11.30 and 14.30-1700 Bdg 5, ground floor
The Administrative data processing (ADP) group presents some of the management tools currently available in the following areas: FDB (Financial Data Base) COPICS Purchasing and Receiving GIP Personnel and Payroll Budget! et People!, Macintosh and PC front-ends for FDB and GIP » personalized demos aimed at secretariats, administrators, group leaders and unit managers Everybody welcome Wednesday 13 January LEAR SEMINAR at 14.00 hrs - PS Auditorium bldg 6, 2-024 Study of meson resonances from S and P waves in pp annihilation by R. LANDUA / CERN-EP A first generation of experiments at LEAR has investigated the properties of meson resonances as produced from S and P wave proton-antiproton annihilations. In this first LEAR Seminar, the detector (Asterix), the method and the experimental problems will be described. An overview of the main results will be presented. At the start of the seminar the audience will be invited to discuss the scope and frequency of the seminars in this series. Wednesday 13 January THEORETICAL SEMINAR at 14.00 hrs - Theory Conference Room Reconstruction of abstract quantum theory and progress in the theory of original binary alternatives (Urs) by C F . von WEIZSАCKER / Max-PlanckGesellschaft for social science, Starnberg Wednesday 13 January SPECIAL COMPUTER SEMINAR at 14.00 hrs - Council Chamber Fortran 8X - A high-energy physics viewpoint by M. ELLIS / University of Oxford & M. METCALF / CERN-DD A draft proposed standard for a successor to Fortran 77 is now available for public comment. The purpose of this meeting is to prepare the position of the CERN user community. Following a brief presentation of the standard and a reminder of some of the issues involved, the audience will be invited to participate in a discussion which will be followed by a series of votes.
BULLETIN CERN 2/88 - 11.1.88
14.00 Introduction
14.10 Overview of Fortran 8x 14.55 The issues for HEP
15.30 15.50 16.30 17.00
Coffee Discussion Votes Conclusion
M. Sendall (chairman) M. Ellis M. Metcalf
Presentation It is not the intention of this meeting to give a thorough introduction to the topic. Preliminary information has already been announced in the Computer Newsletter: a summary is available as DD/87/1 from the computer science Library; the full language description may be obtained from F. Morice/DD (while stocks last); and an informal version is given in 'Fortran 8x Explained' by M. Metcalf and J. Reid, Oxford University Press, available in the Libraries and at the kiosks. The speakers MILES ELLIS is Director of the Computing Teaching Centre at the University of Oxford. His first involvement with Fortran was in 1965, when he was responsible for the implementation of the prototype APT IV Numerical control system on the English Electric KDF9 computer. Subsequently he was involved in the further development of the APT IV system at IIT Research Institute in Chicago. Later he joined the Computer Service at the University of Sheffield, where he was responsible for all teaching carried out by the Service, before moving to Oxford in 1984 as the first Director of the newly created Computing Teaching Centre. He is the author of a number of books and videotape courses, including the best-selling text-book 'A Structured Approach to Fortran 77 Programming' and the widely used videotape course 'Structured Fortran'. He is a principal member of X3J3. M I C H A E L M E T C A L F is Leader of the DD User Support Group, a principal member of X3J3, and author of many publications on Fortran.
the Government in 1984, after thorough reviews by authorities and experts around the world. Various options for the final repository of high level waste are now being studied and will be presented at the lecture, as well as the other efforts to implement the nuclear waste programme.
Tuesday 19 January
at 09.00 hrs - Theory Conference Room
1. The new NIM Standard FASTBUS routines
2. A digitizer module for the DELPHI HPC
a) The analog input circuit
b) Imbedded microprocessors
by W.T. MEYER / Ames Lab., Univ. of Iowa
3. A flexible Fan-in /Fan-out module, its use in ALEPH
4. The FDDP : A Fast Digital Data Processor for use in
the DELPHI trigger system
/ INFN Torino
Mercredi 20 janvier SEMINAIRE LEP а 14.30 h - Amphithйвtre LEP bвt. 30, 7иme йtage Optimisation des paramиtres d'injection pour le LEP par A. VERDIER / CERN-LEP
Mercredi 13 janvier REUNION OUVERTE DU LEP а 14.30 h - Amphithйвtre LEP bвt. 30, 7иme йtage Le systиme vide de l'anneau principal LEP by H. P. REINHARD / CERN-LEP 1. Rйsumй de l'йtat d'avancement 2. Un film vidйo montre la fabrication des principaux composants, en particulier les йtapes non conventionelles. Thursday 14 January TIS SEMINAR at 11.00 hrs - Education Service hut bldg 593, room 11 Nuclear Waste Management in Sweden by Lars PERSSON / Secretary of the Swedish Consultative Committee on Nuclear Waste Management Nuclear power in Sweden is produced at four sites with altogether 12 units. According to a decision by the Swedish Parliament, originally in 1980, no more nuclear power plants will be built in Sweden. The Swedish Government has now declared a strategy for phasingout of nuclear power. A concept (KBS-3) for direct disposal spent fuel in crystalline rock was approved by
TRAINING AND EDUCATION ENSEIGNEMENT ENSEIGNEMENT GENERAL Tйl. 2844 Jeudi 14 janvier de 13.00 h а 13.30 h - Amphithйвtre Science pour tous par R. CARRERAS La prochaine sйance aura lieu le jeudi 28 janvier car VAmphithйвtre n 'estpas libre le 21 janvier.


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