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Content: Spring 2018
Spring 2018
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Spring 2018
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Spring 2018 Book 1 Gospel of Matthew Relive the Baptism of Jesus, his Sermon on the Mount. His Three Miracles, the Parables and teachings of Jesus, the confession of Peter, and the Passion and Resurrection. Book 2 Gospel of Mark Discover the Bible prophecy of the Messiah. Jesus as a healer and miracle worker. His last days and his crucifixion, his empty tomb, and his promise to meet again in Galilee. Book 3 Gospel of Luke Follow the birth narratives of John the Baptist and Jesus, and have fun word searching this meaningful story of Jesus as he travels from Galilee to Jerusalem, and his fate at the hands of the Romans. Book 4 Gospel of John Join Jesus in Galilee and walk with him on his journey to Jerusalem, see his confrontation in the Temple, join him at the Last Supper, witness his arrest and crucifixion, and join in the First Easter and Ascension. 2
Spring 2018 Book 5 Acts of the Apostles Relive the words of Peter and John to discover the Second Coming Prophecy, the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the resurrection of the dead, and the Signs and Wonders in the Cave of the Patriarchs, then Saul's persecution of the Church and his redemption. Book 6 Romans and Corinthians Be inspired by Paul's ministry and travels, his Apostleship, the Prayer of Thanksgiving and salvation in Christ. Then in Corinthians learn how Paul defends his actions and apostleship, his affection for the Corinthians, and his instructions for collections for the poor. Book 7 Galatians to Hebrews IX Discover what Saint Paul wrote in his Epistles to persuade the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians to restore their faith; and then his wise reassuring words to Timothy, Titus, Philemon, and Hebrews. Book 8 Revelations Do you know how much there is to find in Revelations? How about the Seven Churches of Asia, Seven Seals, Seven trumpets, Seven Spiritual Figures, Seven bowls poured onto Earth. Then the Judgment of the two Beasts, the Dragon and the Dead, New Heaven and of course New Jerusalem, and more ... 3
Spring 2018
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King James Bible
Old Testament
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Spring 2018 Book 1: Genesis 1 to 27 Have meaningful fun word searching the 1st Half of Genesis and discover: Why Adam and Eve were cast out? Why God sent a flood to cleanse the world saving Noah and his family? Then why Abraham was to be the seed of mankind's salvation? And much more in Part One ... Book 2: Genesis 28 to 50 Have fun word searching the 2nd Half of Genesis and discover: Why did Jacob flee to Egypt? What was his dream of a ladder about? and more What were Joseph's Dreams? Who betrayed him? What did the Pharaoh Dream? Would Joe be rewarded or would Pharaoh put him to death? and much, much, more ... Book 3: The Exodus Relive the miraculous story of Moses, and find out: Who set Moses adrift on the Nile? Why Moses killed an Egyptian overseer? Where did Moses flee? Why God sent the plagues to Egypt? Where did Moses lead his people? and much more ... Book 4: Leviticus Join Moses in the desert and wonder about: What happened after they escaped Egypt and reached Mt. Sinai? How they were to conduct themselves while camped around the holy tent sanctuary? What the sin and guilt offerings were?
Spring 2018 Book 5: Numbers Word Search where it all began at Mount Sinai and learn: What laws did the Israelites receive? What were the Israelites to take possession of? Why were they numbered? How did they prepare to resume their march to the Promised Land? And more answers ... Book 6: Deuteronomy The story of Moses continues as you word search his account of the forty years they wandered in the wilderness: What did they have to do to enter the Promised Land? Why did Moses remind the Israelites of the need to stay with One True God? Who broke God's Laws? What would restore the Promised Land to the Israelites? And much more ... Book 7: Joshua Continue with the exciting story of Joshua: How did he lead the Israelites into Canaan? How did Joshua use the Ark to cross into Jordan? What stopped the Sun? How were the walls of Jericho brought tumbling down? And more ... Book 8: Judges Discover what happened after the death of Joshua: Who led the Israelites into battle? When did the Israelites once again turn to sin? How did they fall under the subjection of Mesopotamia? Who was Othniel? Did he become their deliverer? Here come the Judges for better or worse ...
Spring 2018 Book 9: Samuel (Part 1) Continue the saga with Samuel the last Judge. How was the Ark lost? How did Saul became king? Why was he rejected by all? Why did David battle Goliath? Did Saul envy and hate David? How did Saul die? Find out the answers and more ... Book 10 Samuel (Part 2) Continue the saga of King David: What really happened to him? Did David build his city? Did he bring the Ark to Jerusalem? Did Bathsheba really enchant him? who conspired against David? Discover the answers and much more in this epic tale ... Book 11 Kings I What really happened to King David? How did Solomon become king? Why did Solomon ask God for wisdom instead of money? Did Solomon build a new temple? What was Solomon's downfall? Discover the answers to these pressing questions here and more ... Book 12 Kings II As you word search part 2 of the book of Kings, discover the answers to: Where did Elijah and Elisha ascend from? Who campaigned against Moab? What happened at the Siege of Samaria? Who destroyed the Temple of Baal? And even more meaningful Biblical answers to your questions ...
Spring 2018 Book 13 Discover the answers to these questions and more: Who were the 12 tribes of Israel? How did King Saul die? Why did David plan a New Temple? Why did Solomon build it? What sort of King was Solomon? Was Solomon really a fair and Just King? Find out here, and learn more as you have fun word searching ... Book 14 How wise was Solomon? How did Solomon build the temple? Why did Israel split in two? Who revolted against Rehoboam? Who were the captives of Babylon? As you have fun word searching, discover the meaningful answers to your questions and more ... Book 15 Do you know, Who Granted Freedom to the Jews? Who Queen Vashti Refused to Obey? What Esther Accused Haman of? Or what Ezekiel's Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones was? Did you ever read or listen to the beauty of the Song of Solomon? Discover even more in here! Book 16 Do you sometimes feel like Job? If so then find out why God Tested Job? Did God believe Job was sincere, or just faking it? Did Job's friends help him get over the loss of his children, his flocks, his wealth? Did God restore his wealth? Did Job get his children back? Or did he really loose everything? Find out the true meaning of Job here! 8
Spring 2018 Book 17 Psalms 1 thru 77 Did you know that the earliest Christians used these Psalms in worship? It's time to Rediscover: Psalm 22 and Continue to be Faithful Psalm 23 The LORD is My Shepherd, Psalm 51 Have mercy on me O God.
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