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Content: (Read and download) Reclaiming the inner Child Reclaiming the Inner Child Reclaiming the Inner Child SV-60814 US/Data/Self-Help 5/5 From 544 Reviews Jeremiah Abrams audiobook | *ebooks | Download PDF | ePub | DOC 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. Best Resource on Inner Child WorkBy Kindle CustomerI found 'Reclaiming the Inner Child' when I was myself working with Inner Child Recovery and Healing. Next to Stone Stones 'Embracing Our Selves', the present book was an important inspiration for drafting my own approach on healing the inner child.This reader is well edited and presented; each contribution is essential and brings a new insight and perspective for awakening the inner child. Jeremiah Abrams wrote once in a presentation of the book that inner child recovery is a religious quest. I can fully subscribe to this statement, as its in accordance with the oldest of traditions.In fact, the Hermetic Tradition was teaching the dialogue with our inner selves as a path to selfknowledge, and unfortunately this is today forgotten in our rushy and outwardly prosperous culture. Inwardly, most of us are impoverished on the level of soul which is why we have such a high level of depression and resulting Emotional Disorders in our modern international culture.Let me tell you upfront that this book is not about psychiatry. You do not need any psychological knowledge for reading it, and applying its wisdom in your own life. Most contributions, and to mention here especially those of Jeremiah Abrams, Gaston Bachelard, Joseph Campbell and John Loudon expand on the poetic and mythological dimension of a healed and functional inner child.But even those other contributions, written from the pulpit of psychiatric professionals, to mention only John Bradshaw, Nathaniel Branden, James Hillman, Robert M. Stein or Hal and Sidra Stone, do not present inner child healing as a discipline that is strictly speaking to be placed within the closed space of psychiatric hospitals or the coach of the psychoanalyst. Also these contributions are very well readable for the novice and non-professional reader, and they emphasize the poetic, creative and artistic role of the inner child, while they also show what good a functional inner child can do within a healthy and well-composed psyche. The editor elucidates:Jeremiah AbramsIf we are to stop abusive family patterns and not transmit them to the next generation, then the internalized parental image also must be recognized as wounded. Such compassionate awareness is a developing phenomenon in the lives of those courageous adults who are overcoming their shame and pain in order to acknowledge and heal the wounded child within./1681 of 1 people found the following review helpful. AmazingBy lmhgranny2011This collection of "essays"
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J Abrams

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