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Content: Second language acquisition What Does Not Work! 1. teacher talking! Beginning students cannot understand spoken English at all . . . so Less is More! Keep it Comprehensible!!! 2. teaching grammar! students need to learn useful words and phrases not academic terms like adjectives and adverbs. 3. Lists of Words. studies show they are very inefficient. By the time you get to #7 or #8 the brain has forgotten #1 and #2! 4. Correcting Student Work. It deprives the student of Self Correction which is a big part of discovery and the learning process. Plus it's work for the Teacher & demoralizing for the Student! 5. Silent Reading in the Classroom. Wastes valuable classroom time and is better done at night and on the weekends at Home!!! Sure it works . . . but what's a Teacher for??? 6. asking questions One Student At A Time! Puts one student into High Anxiety and leaves the rest of the class Bored out of their minds! Echo/Chorus Group Work & Pairs/Group Work is much better. 7. Constantly Increasing Vocabulary! Students can end up knowing lots of words before they have mastered the "1000 most frequently used words in conversation" and so they can read but they can not carry on a decent conversation yet! 8. Repeating Material Too Little (or Too Much). It takes 7 to 10 repetitions in a two week period of to get into long term useful memory. After that the brain gets very, very bored with repeated material. 9. Three (3) or more days between Study Sessions! Practice must be everyday with no more than 2 consecutive days away from L2. Classroom plus Homework must be 5 times/week. 10. Material That Is Too Hard or Too Easy! Progress is most rapidly made when the lessons are in the L + 1 zone with just the right "stretch"!

CS Work

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