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Year 1
January 2018
Dear Parents/Carers
We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and have settled back into the routines of school! I would like to thank you all for your patience during Miss Wyche's unavoidable absence. We hope we shall be able to welcome her back to High Lane in the near future. In the meantime, Miss Booth is thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to teach Year 1 and is really impressed with the children's enthusiasm for learning. Once Miss Wyche is back, I am sure she will want to write to you in person, but in the meantime, here is some information about what the term will include.
Maths The maths this term will continue as last term with a daily maths lesson, which includes mental work, written recording and problem solving activities. The areas we will be covering include ordering and comparing numbers; counting; addition and subtraction; pattern; money; measure; shape; time; halves and quarters; and division by sharing.
Please continue to practise number bonds with your children as this will reinforce learning in school to develop quick recall of number facts and to build confidence.
Language and Literacy The focus this term is on children becoming independent writers, writing from their own experience and checking through their own work making sure that they are using the skills we are learning to make their work the best it can be. We will start by looking at writing simple recounts of recent events, moving onto Creative Writing and finally exploring different types of information texts. Work done in the Autumn Term will be extended by introducing more detailed sentence work and looking at the structure of different narrative texts.
The handwriting focus will be to write in a cursive style ensuring that the formation of all letters is accurate and that each letter is of a consistent height. As the children continue to learn and practise the formation of all letters in the alphabet, they will now be expected to transfer this into their written work. To ensure that your child uses the correct letter formation in their homework activities as well as their classwork, please continue to use the cursive handwriting sheet which shows the letter formation and height in accordance with the High Lane Primary School Handwriting Policy to help the children to write each letter accurately. If you do not have one of these, please let us know and we will arrange to send one home with your child.
Reading this term will continue as last term with both group and individual reading sessions. The homereader books will be sent out on Tuesday and Friday and must be returned on Monday and Thursday. Spellings associated with the sounds we are covering in phonics will be sent home on Wednesdays in the homework logs. Children will be tested on their spellings the following week.
Phonics All the letters and sounds that your child has been working on over the Autumn Term will be reinforced this term through both reading and spelling. We are now working on Phase 4 and 5 of the Letters and Sounds programme. The main challenge in this phase is to help children to blend and segment words with adjacent
consonants e.g. truck, help. These adjacent consonant phonemes can both be heard when you say the word which makes them different from a digraph where there are two letters that make just one sound. Children with speech and language difficulties can find Phase 4 very tricky. If children struggle to hear all the sounds in a word encourage them to think about the movements that their mouths are making. Looking in mirrors can help with this. The interactive resources on the website Phonics Play will be used to support work in class and again it will help consolidate your child's learning by letting them use the resources at home. We have received great feedback from the parents that have used and subscribed to the site. I feel the site is great at informing parents about how phonics is delivered and taught at school, the terminology used and teaching sessions are structured. It is not necessary to subscribe, there are plenty of free resources but thank you for all the positive feedback and support to date for the way phonics is being incorporated into Year One both in school and at home. Science & Topic The first half term our topic will be `We are Master Builders' incorporating the scientific study of different everyday materials and their properties. The children will be creating their very own `Cloud Cuckoo Land' in our investigation area and any donations of unwanted building toys e.g. Lego, Duplo, mega blocks would be greatly appreciated. Your children will be given the opportunity to build and create to help them become resilient learners when trying different building methods, as well as having lots of fun along the way! Homework The homework grid will continue to go home on a Wednesday to be returned on a Monday. Thank you to those parents who add a comment to the work; the comments are very informative and help us to decide how to support your child in class. Homework is always linked to classwork so that it allows your child to practise learnt work, but also gives you an indication of what they are learning at school. As with the last two half terms, the homework can be completed at your own pace, but ideally should all be completed by the last Monday of the half term. Please tick completed tasks off with green good ticks, even the ICT related tasks. General P.E. days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please make sure your child's P.E. kit is in school and that any long hair is tied back on these days or a spare bobble is provided. Please ensure a warm outdoor PE kit to wear over the top of the t-shirt and shorts along with trainers is brought in on Fridays as we always try to complete this session outside. These kits can be taken home every weekend if needed. It will be very helpful for your child to learn to write their surname as well as their first name. Please encourage your child to do this often. Please ensure that children can zip their coats up as some children do not wear them as they find them to `tricky' to zip up. As always, if you would like more details of what we are doing, or you have any queries about your child's work, please make an appointment to come in and see the teacher or myself. The classroom is always open for children to invite their parents in to come and see their work, as you have probably gathered we like showing off in Year One! Thank you again for all your support. Your positive feedback has made a massive impact and your help and support really does mean a lot. Yours sincerely Mrs A Humphries Headteacher

MN Lane, RG Beckwith

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