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Content: Maine Educational Opportunity Association Exec Board meeting September 17, 2012 University of Maine, Orono, Me 10:00am ­ 2:00pm Present: Shawn Graham Jess Berry Chris Turner Margaret Irving Elyse Pratt-Ronco Sarah Henry Steve Visco Alan Parks Angela Theriault Karen Keim Sarah Henry Dave Megquier Call to Order- Shawn Graham Action: Approval of Agenda Motion to accept: Jess Berry Second: Alan Parks All in favor Secretary's Report Action: Acceptance of June 2012 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Motion to accept: Jess Berry with change to spelling of Dave Megquire's name. Second: Alan Parks All in favor Treasurer's Report -Angela sent a report and request for reimbursement to Heath, but has not heard anything from him. - Made a deposit for the conference. -We are in a good place financially. Motion to accept as file for audit: Steve Visco Second: Jess Berry President's Report · Executive Committee & Committee Positions o Our committees are full, except for Hall of Flags. Betty was going to do it, but given some changes in staffing in her office, she has withdrawn. o We lost Betty from our Strategic Planning Committee as well. o Karen as agreed to be the Fair Share coordinator as well. o This is now updated on the website as well.
· Meeting Dates and Locations o Everything has been arranged and scheduled. · State Association Report Card o COE would like one submitted at the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year. o Some data should be easy to grab and some is a little more subjective. Membership and Recruitment - Start with how many programs and how many projects. We need to figure out what an ideal target is. We should base it on what we have had. -We could send out a survey to the directors to get a list of how many staff members: full time, part time, etc. -Margaret and Steve are going to work on the survey to get a baseline. -It isn't clear what type of memberships they are asking for. -We are working on updating our strategic plan right now. To be presented at MEEOA in January for feedback and then for a vote at NEOA. Sate Meeting/Conference - Inviting leaders and non-Trio presenters -The committee is working on including all of these leadership development - We have three people going to the Leadership Institute. -We can work on recruitment efforts to produce a full slate by the NEOA conference. -Steve and Sara's leadership institute is a step in the right direction. Alumni Development -Events- we tried to do one last year at the conference -Karen recommends hosting an alumni event when the NEOA meeting comes to Maine June 6-7. -Can we count things that are happening at the program level? Alumni development and media coverage usually come from the individual programs. -Maybe we need a liaison who can help -Mass. has an alumni chair on their exec. board. Maybe we should contact this person to see what they do. -It may not be the time to add a new role, when we have trouble finding core leadership. -Add to the website a list of alums who have gone to Policy seminar and what year and program they were from. -Could post any alumni events on upcoming events Fund Development - Shawn is looking into our 501c4 status and if that is sufficient for COE because they want it is be 501c3.
- Exceeded our Fair Share goal. 164% -fundraising efforts through conference and auction and On Course. Government Relations - Hall of Flags -Inviting legislators to the conference -Planning to attend breakfasts -The survey could ask if any government "big wigs" visited their programs -Alumni development can tie in to advocacy P.R. and Marketing - Our "press room" tab on the website is underutilized. It would be great if people could send all press to Casey to post on the website. -We could then track best practices, based on ways others have done things. -If we can remind programs to send their media articles to Casey for the website. -Need to update the 1 page Fact Sheet-Steve is working on that. -We need a fact sheet for the association as a whole. · Alumni Nominations for Policy o Last year we tried to get a little ahead and we tried in November and we didn't get any. Should we try in October? o It is a noncompetitive year, so we don't need a representative from a specific program. o President elect is usually in charge of sending that out. · professional development Fund Request Policy and Form o We have a line item in our budget for professional development funds. There is a form from UMFK that would be easy to modify. Shawn will bring it next time to show everyone and see if we want to go with it. o Angela is going to work on a policy for us to follow. o Dave suggested that we make professional development funds dependent on the person being BOTH an individual member and an institutional membership. o We are going to discuss this at the next meeting. · State Initiative Grant o The COE grant is out with a December deadline. o NEOA will be coming out soon.- We did not use some of our NEOA money last year because of the factbook that was not printed. o Sara and Steve would like to submit one for their leadership conference (MELI). o We could potentially bundle some of the efforts together with mostly new efforts. o COE is a matching grant, so Steve will write for NEOA funds to be the match. · Transitional Plan
o Shawn and Jess are going to work on putting together a book similar to what NEOA has produced that has structure, etc. o This is will be done for MELI and for the new Board Members o Karen says that the simple information should not be ignored such as dress for the business meetings, timing of paying membership, do I bring my lunch? Past President Report · NEOA Meeting o Alumni ­ Monda Kelly wants to connect with each program's alumni person to hear what they are doing. After the survey goes out, we may have information. o Newsletter- Oct 5 and January 18. Steve already talked with her about putting stuff in about MELI. Post conference pictures can also go in. It is online now. Before pictures are sent, we need to be sure that we have the release signed by that member. o New people- Reggie would like to know about new people to TRiO. o Remind programs about membership forms. o Karen Madden wants to present at the MEEOA conference about her NSF grant and wants the RFP when it comes out. o Steve was at the Finance Committee meeting and it was very difficult to balance the budget. o Shawn gave his first state report and was "amazing!" Committee Reports Conference Al and Dave are very excited to be co-chairing the conference this year. Al and Dave were the first co-chairs, 30 years ago. Theme: Defending TRiO: Then & Now Advocacy will be an important part Al is doing an Animoto video to Going as green as possible- using USB drives Bangor 4 Points Sheraton at the Airport, $79/night Arnold Mitchem and others from COE may speak Hope to make more money this year Karen wants to add a couple of items to the auction for Fair Share The committee is going to move forward Alumni Will go in the strategic plan. Hall of Flags Shawn is going to send a note out to see if people will be interested in hosting the event. Sara Henry created a document that was passed to Jess and then on to Betty. It is on google docs. Jess will take a look and edit it. It isn't a lot of work other than making calls and putting it together.
Membership In June we talked about increasing membership and the difference between the different types Margaret would like to clarify the benefits of membership: Professional development opportunities List serv Activities- Trio Day, Yearbook, and staff directory Eligibility for professional development? Updates about upcoming events? Institutional Membership benefits: Advocacy- we will advocate on your behalf Hall of Flags? Link on our website? Send someone to Policy Seminar? Last year was confusing to some people when registering for the conference An online form like NEOA might make it so there is less confusion. Casey is working on one for MEOA which will be tied into registration. Clarify that the individual membership is the only thing that entitles you to a discount for conference fee 3 tiers $5 Associate (students) $15 Individual $75 Program SEAOPP just instituted a two-tier system. The Registration Fee is higher and the second tier includes a conference fee discount. Last year we had 13 out of 21 institutional members Margaret would like to take some of our thoughts into consideration The membership application needs to get back up on the website ASAP. The website needs to reflect the new member benefits We should look at increasing the membership fee to $25. Strategic Planning Shawn sent out an email of a brief survey. We now have between 11 and 12 responses. That is 8-10% return. The committee is planning to meet the week after next. Nudge anyone in your office who hasn't taken the survey yet. MELI Zero applications so far. They are hoping that when the conference materials go out, more registrations will come in. Starting 10:00 am on Wednesday of conference Dinner and networking in the evening- maybe have Mitch
Hoping for about 10 people. Sessions: Strategic planning project with Shawn Association Finances with Sara and Steve Contracts for events Advocacy Running a good meeting Yearbook In June the UMFK student could no longer finish. Shawn passed it on to another student and doesn't have anything yet. As soon as APRs come out, they will start getting data, but for some programs, they will start as soon as possible. Other Business · State Leaders Conference ­ Karen Keim o Fair Share- Karen is looking for someone to train o COE had a goal of 20 so the state can get a free policy seminar fee o We are at 164% and New England was !22% o We had $28,000 worth of personal contributions in New England. Karen's goal is $30,000. o As a leader, we need to be able to answer the questions: "What is fair share?" Time, talent, and treasure is what they consider giving. o State Leader's Conference was really great at the beginning of COE. A lot of ideas! It was free. · fiscal policy o Angela is going to look into it and bring it to our next meeting. o We need to have liability insurance. Steve requested bids. We cannot block out rooms at the hotel without it. · Twitter- Steve is going to set up a twitter account for MEEOA. · Continuing Resolution o If we ever have an opportunity to talk to anyone is to fund down the slate and give the money to programs that have lost funding (not fund new programs or give raises). · Awards o We have the Dory award, but we should start doing a "Friends of MEEOA" award. Mitch is going to be retiring soon and should be the first recipient. Should we also name it after him? o Maine was the first state to take out an institutional membership with COE o TRiO Achiever? A natural way to tie into our alumni aspirations. Motion to adjourn: Angela Theriault
Second: Jess Berry All in favor

P Graham, NRG Angrave, E Holmes, R Marks

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