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Content: Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Northern Areas Council, held in the Council Chamber, 94 Ayr Street, Jamestown on Tuesday 15th April 2003.
Cr. JW Burgess Cr. MJ Catford Cr. DV Clark Cr. LWJ Longmire Cr. DF McPherson Cr. MJ Robinson Cr. FC Sparks Cr. WJ Walden Cr. AG Woolford Paul McInerney
Alan Thomson Ben Coventry Roger Crowley Frank Roberts
Peter Ward Keith Hope
(Chairman) (Deputy Chairman) (Chief Executive Officer) [Entered Chamber at 5:50 pm] (Manager of Environmental Services) (Planning Officer) (Senior Admin Officer) (Manager of Engineering Services) [Entered Chamber at 6:32 pm] (Manager of Finance & Administration) (Community Projects Development Manager)
1. PREVIOUS MINUTES Moved Cr. Robinson seconded Cr. Clark that the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Northern Areas Council held on the 18 March 2003 as circulated, be taken as read and confirmed, with the following alteration: Item 11.1.3 St Joseph's Parish School, Gladstone. Delete the text "CARRIED 3288". CARRIED 3327 2. BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES Nil 3. REVIEW OF APPOINTMENTS AND MEMBERS ALLOWANCES Nil 4. advisory committeeS OF COUNCIL ETC - REPORTS & FINDING Nil 5. QUESTIONS WITHOUT NOTICE Nil
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Clark that the Community Projects Development Manager's Report be taken as read and noted. CARRIED 3328
Since the last report there has not been any determination on any significant funding applications.
Summary of activities to date (statistics cumulative from May 2002):
108 Applications approved* valued at 8 Funding submissions pending valued at 34 Funding applications missed valued at 162 Funding applications written valued at** * includes applications for neighbouring communities ** includes applications resubmitted
938,105 118,565 960,940 2,289,665
46% 6% 48%
Of all applications determined: 108 approved 34 declined 142 total
Success Rate 76% 24%
The Centre for Lifelong Learning & Development has submitted a draft report of their survey to establish a Centre for Lifelong Learning & Development at Jamestown. A copy of the Report's Executive Summary and Recommendations provided for information. A full copy of the Report is available for perusal.
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Clark that Darryl Dymock from the Centre for Lifelong Learning & Development be invited to meet with Council Members on Tuesday 17 June 2003 at 4pm, to provide an overview of the report findings and explain in more detail options for Council. CARRIED 3329
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
In accordance with Council's wishes, letters have been written to the Premier, Minister for Health and the Member for Frome expressing our concern at implications for country hospitals from recommendations to be put to the Government by the Generational Health Review team. A copy of the letter addressed to the Minister for Health was provided for information.
A sub-committee of NAC YAC has been tasked with preparing a report on the need for a skate park in Jamestown. We are awaiting their report.
Council sought funding from FRRR (Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal) last year to pilot a number of projects supporting young people to initiate their own businesses in the region. Council was successful in attracting a $25,000 grant which has subsequently been received. In the application put to FRRR Council proposed the formation of a management committee representing the following local government bodies: NAC, Mt Remarkable, Flinders Ranges, Peterborough and Orroroo & Carrieton. Representatives from those Councils have now met and have agreed to operate the Foundation under an interim controlling authority of a Section 41 Committee of Northern Areas Council. Terms of Reference for considering applications are being developed.
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Walden that Council endorse the formation of a Section 41 Committee as the legal entity to manage the Foundation for Youth Enterprise Development and adopt the following Terms of Reference:
Foundation for Rural Youth Enterprise Development
1 The organisation shall be called the Foundation for Rural Youth Enterprise Development. Any reference to the "foundation" in this Terms of Reference shall mean the Foundation for Rural Youth Enterprise Development. Any reference to "committee" in this Terms of Reference shall mean the management committee of the Foundation for Rural Youth Enterprise Development. Any reference to "Council" in this Terms of Reference shall mean the Northern Areas Council.
2 The Foundation shall operate as a Section 41 Committee of the Northern Areas Council.
3 The objects of the Foundation shall be (but not limited to): · Supporting the (business) aspirations of young people within the local government districts of participating Councils, · Promoting the concept and objective of the Foundation, · Seeking sponsorship funding to continue the work of the Foundation, · Developing a referral group of mentors committed to working with young people within the local government districts of participating Councils,
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
· Developing networks of stakeholders who can maximize the benefits of the Foundation, · Any other activity consistent with the objects of the Foundation,
4 Initial membership of the Foundation shall be representation from the local government bodies of Northern Areas Council, Mt Remarkable Council, Flinders Ranges Council, Peterborough Council and Orroroo & Carrieton Council. The Management Committee at their discretion, by majority vote, may invite representation from other organizations.
5 The affairs of the Foundation shall be coordinated by a Management Committee made up of representation from participating local government bodies. The Management Committee shall elect a Chairperson and nominate a Secretary.
6 Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with procedures under which Council operates.
7 The Management Committee to have power to co-opt services of (other) people as deemed necessary, such co-opted people to have full voting powers in Committee meetings. The Management Committee shall have the power to nominate a person to fill a casual vacancy. The Management Committee may (subject to approval from Council) form sub-committees.
8 Membership on the Foundation shall be for a two (2) year period. The first Management Committee shall hold office until the first Annual General Meeting. Thereafter representatives shall serve a two (2) year term. Committee representatives shall have the right to re-nominate for a further term.
9 The Management Committee may open such bank accounts as deemed necessary from time to time. The Management Committee has the management and control of the funds and other property of the Foundation. Financial reports of the Foundation shall be in such form as required by Council. Annual financial reports of the Foundation shall be audited by Council.
10 The Management Committee shall authorize up to three (3) Committee members (including at least the Chairperson) to be signatories of bank account(s), provided that a minimum of two (2) signatures be required to sign for the withdrawal of funds.
11 The Chairperson shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and the Secretary nominated at the Annual General Meeting.
12 The Annual General Meeting shall be held within 120 days of the subsequent 30 June of each year.
13 The Chairperson shall be required to present an Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting.
14 On the written request of not less than four (4) members the
Secretary shall (within 14 days) call a special General Meeting of
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Secretary shall (within 14 days) call a special General Meeting of the Management Committee. The object(s) of such meeting to be set out in written form to all members. 15 The Chairperson may call a meeting of the Management Committee as required. 16 The Management Committee shall conduct and manage the affairs of the Foundation and (subject to approval from Council) be entitled to delegate any of its powers to a sub-committee. 17 Committee meetings to be held when required with a minimum of four (4) members to be present to form a quorum. Five days notice to be given before each meeting. 18 The Management Committee shall have the power to set, determine and/or amend any policy or procedure deemed necessary for the general operation of the Foundation. 19 Subject to final approval by the Council, this Terms of Reference may be amended only at an Annual General Meeting or a special meeting called in accordance with Section 14. Notice of any proposed amendment shall be given in writing to the Secretary seven (7) day prior to the Annual General meeting or the special meeting at which it is proposed to amend the Terms of Reference. The proposed amendment shall be advertised with the notice of the Annual General Meeting or special meeting.
Council is negotiating with the two Regional Development Boards in preparing Working Towns applications for projects at Jamestown and Georgetown.
The (Federal) Department of Transport & Regional Services has sought Council acceptance of a Variation to the Deed of Agreement which provided for Federal funding for the project (via a Regional Solutions grant). The Variation document amends the final completion date for the project to 30th May 2003.
Moved Cr. Sparks seconded Cr. Catford that Council endorse the use of its Common Seal on the Variation to the Deed of Agreement document. CARRIED 3331
Moved Cr. Clark seconded Cr. Sparks that all Correspondence Reports be taken as Read and noted. CARRIED 3332
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Southern Flinders Tourism Association, Mark Malcolm, Executive Manager.
Re: Southern Flinders Tourism Infrastructure Plan ­ Update of application for Commonwealth Contribution (430.1.3 / I13893)
Moved Cr. Catford seconded Cr. Walden that the matter be deferred until such time as the views of the Southern Flinders Regional Tourism authority and or neighbouring Councils are known. CARRIED 3333
South Australian Tourism Commission, W T (Bill) Spur, Chief Executive
Re: Expressions of Interest ­ Sustainable Tourism Package, "Sustainable Tourism Planning for Regions' Grant Initiative ­ for Council's information.
Hospital Board Meeting NAC YAC Forest Concert Debrief Jamestown Tennis Club Youth Foundation Victoria Park Trust health promotion Centre BRM ACC Gladstone Senior Citizens Southern Flinders Tourism Association
Keith Hope left the Council Chamber at 5:18pm.
Meeting Adjourned
5:19 pm
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Clark that the meeting
adjourn for the Development Assessment Panel meeting.
Meeting Resumed
5:47 pm
Moved Cr. Clark seconded Cr. Woolford that the meeting
11. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES REPORTS Moved Cr. McPherson seconded Cr. Woolford that the Environmental Service's Report be taken as read and noted. CARRIED 3336 Paul McInerney entered the Council Chamber at 5:50pm 11.1 PLANNING OFFICERS REPORT
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
The Draft development plan Review Report has been received from QED. The report outlines the main issues that have been highlighted in the current development plan as a result of the review and this in turn provides the background and basis for the Plan Amendment Report. A copy was provided to all Councillors for review and comment at the meeting to ensure that the entire review process remains on time.
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Sparks that subject to any changes the Draft Development Plan Review Report be adopted and forwarded to the Minister. CARRIED 3337
The Hydrosmart unit has been ordered from Greene Eden, just waiting on Trevor Eden to return from Birdsville to arrange for installation.
Progress report has been received ETSA, provisional costs for power provision to the site should be made available in early May.
I attended the Planning Institute of Australia's National Planning Congress held at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 31st March to the 2nd of April. This conference was very beneficial and covered areas and topics ranging from Planning for Cities of Diversity, Difference and Encounter to Rural Planning and Country Town Needs.
Three letters have been received regarding the rent of several sections of unused road in the Hundred of Tarcowie.
The first letter is from DT Meaney stating that he has sold his property and wishes to cancel the road rent that he has held for many years.
The other two letters are from P Meaney and Mark Noonan who are both seeking to take up DT Meaney's lease, both for different purposes. It is not clear what sections they wish to rent and as a result I have forwarded a map to both parties asking them to highlight the exact areas they wish to rent.
P Meaney has also asked to rent another section of road adjacent to sections 188 and 189 in the Hundred of Tarcowie, this section of road has not been rented in the past, I am pursuing further information on this section of road and will report at the meeting.
(1) Moved Cr. Clark seconded Cr. Sparks that a twelve month road rent for grazing livestock on the section of road adjacent to sections 214 and 216 Hundred of Tarcowie be granted to Mr. Mark Noonan, subject to compliance with Section 222 of the Local Government Act 1999 and until altered, varied or revoked by Council.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
(2) Moved Cr. Sparks seconded Cr. Catford that additional information be sought on the second piece of road being the road adjacent to sections to 188 and 189 in the hundred of Tarcowie as outlined the letter received from Mr. Paul Meaney and that the adjoining landholders be consulted on the potential road rent. CARRIED 3339
A letter has been received from the Yacka Red Cross Branch seeking permission to erect a small Red Cross Sign, 45cm by 45cm, at either entrance to Yacka. Stan Beinke is following this up and should have the signs erected ASAP. Letter was attached.
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Walden that the Red Cross signs provided by the Yacka Branch of the Red Cross be erected in suitable locations at both entrances to Yacka as determined by the Maintenance Manager. CARRIED 3340
Paul McInerney left the Council Chamber at 6:03pm.
A letter has been received from Yackamoorundie Crafts seeking permission to erect a 1 metre square sign at either entrance too Yacka. For future consideration once further information has been received
Marg Thomas, North Paddock Antiques, Proprietor, Laura
Re: A letter has been received from Marg Thomas to erect two temporary signs directing customers to her temporary business while Mid North Builders are building their new hardware store which will also house North paddocks Antiques once completed. (377.2.1 / I13978)
Moved Cr. Sparks seconded Cr. Woolford that permission be granted to Marg Thomas, North Paddock Antiques to erect two temporary business location signs directing customers to her temporary business. Signs to be removed once the new business premises has been completed. CARRIED 3341
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003 The National Trust of SA, Jamestown Branch
Request for a contribution for the installation of new septic tank and connections to the two toilets, laundry, bathroom and kitchen drains at the Jamestown National Trust building.
Moved Cr. Robinson seconded Cr. Woolford that Council provide materials to the maximum value of $2000, required to install a new all waste septic tank and connect to the common effluent drain at the Jamestown National Trust building. CARRIED 3342 Wattsiana Homes Inc
Re: Vacant Lot 512 Fifth Street Gladstone. The Board wishes to express an interest in obtaining the block of land, for future aged care units, if and when the STED connection goes ahead. (120.7.2 / 13917)
COMMENT Council agreed in principle to Lot 512 Fifth Street Gladstone being made available for residential/aged care subject to the construction of a STEDS scheme in Gladstone. Advise Wattsiana Homes Inc. that once the construction of a STEDS scheme has been finalised and if Council agrees to proceed with the transfer of land to Wattsiana Homes Inc. all fees and charges associated with the land transfer and any other cost should be met by the Wattsiana Homes Inc.
The Scout Assoc. of Australia, 1st Gladstone Scout Group
Re: The railway subway graffiti was shocking. Requesting Council to supply the paint and the Scouts of Gladstone will paint the railway subway as their service to the community. (240.1.1 / I13895)
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Walden that Council provide the Gladstone Scout Group with the materials and paint necessary to remove the graffiti on the Gladstone Subway walls and repaint. CARRIED 3343
Paul McInerney returned to the Council Chamber at 6:13pm. The Scout Assoc. of Australia, SA Branch
Re: Repairs required to the Gladstone Scout Hall. (90.1.4 / I13794)
COMMENT: I have had several discussion and onsite meetings with members of the Gladstone Scout Group regarding the work required on their buildings. Essential repairs were carried out to the timber floor in their main activity room. The remainder of the floor is in sound condition but would need eventual replacement. Council has supplied a variety of materials to the Committee to assist them with general maintenance and minor repairs. The Scouts Committee have identified major work on the building some of which includes re-roofing the building and providing new approved toilet facilities.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Moved Cr. Sparks seconded Cr. Clark that the Scout Association of Australia be advised of local governments reduced funds for community development which may impact on Council's ability to continue to provide funding for community projects and development. CARRIED 3344
Re: Damaged ceiling/stairwell Jamestown Town Hall
Re: Pigeon Control Spalding Oval Buildings
Re: Painting of buildings, ceiling replacement in visitors change rooms, electrical work.
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Walden that the Environmental Services Manager undertake as a matter of urgency an asset management Plan commencing with the following buildings: · Jamestown Town Hall · Spalding Oval Building · Rocky River Historic Society · Gladstone Hall · Gladstone Scout Hall · Spalding Swimming Pool · Jamestown Swimming Pool · Gladstone swimming Pool · Spalding Masonic Lodge and all other buildings owned by Council be submitted as a priority at the June meeting. Asset management plan to be completed within 60 days. CARRIED 3345
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Clark that Council advise the Spalding Community Management Committee that Council will not meet the cost of installing additional power points in the canteen facility at the Spalding Oval. CARRIED 3346
Mr. P. Fountain ­ Vacant Derelict Building, Fisher St. Georgetown
Council has been negotiating the demolition and removal of the vacant dwelling for some time with the owners. Work has commenced on the building, Council allowed Mr. Fountain until the end of March to complete the demolition. No work has been carried out in the last month and as no response had been received from Mr. Fountain Council will now need to consider action to have the building demolished and the site cleaned up.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
In order to ensure that any legal notices served on Mr. Fountain it is necessary to have any delegation issued by Council resolution.
Moved Cr. McPherson seconded Cr. Walden that to commence the procedure required regarding the power to make orders Council delegate pursuant to Section 44 of the Local Government Act 1999 the powers to make orders and take action as outlined in Division 1 Section 254, Division 2 Section 255, 256, 257 of the Local Government Act 1999, to Alan Thomson, Manager Environmental Services. CARRIED 3347
Frank Roberts entered the Council Chamber at 6:32pm Richard Boston, Boston Ford Re: Positioning of new and used vehicle displays on the Ayr Street footpath in Jamestown.
Moved Cr. McPherson seconded Cr. Walden that pursuant to Section 222 of the Local Government Act 1999, Boston Ford be issued with a permit to position vehicles on the footpath protuberance in front of its premises at the corner Dunure Terrace and Ayr Street, Jamestown, subject to the following conditions: · All vehicles to be contained within the protuberance area defined in the permit with no part of any vehicle to project beyond the protuberance kerb or on to the brick paved footpath. · A maximum of three new vehicles, to be positioned during the applicants business hours only. · No advertisements (other than advertising normally affixed to the inside of new vehicles) to be used in the defined area. · The permit will initially be for a period of 6 months and Council reserves the right to revoke the permit at any time prior to the completion of the 6 months trial or thereafter . · Any other condition as determined by the Manager of Environmental Services. CARRIED 3348
Members of Council were satisfied that no apparent traffic sight restrictions would be created at the corner of Dunure Terrace and Ayr Street as result of a permit being issued to Boston Ford positioning vehicles on the protuberance.
12. FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MANAGER'S REPORT Moved Cr. Longmire seconded Cr. Clark that the Manager of Finance & Admin Report be taken as read and noted. CARRIED 3349
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Re: Attached for Council's consideration Bank Reconciliation and the LGFA Balances as at 31 March 2003.
Moved Cr. Sparks seconded Cr. Clark that the Bank Reconciliation and LGFA Deposits report as at 31 March 2003 be accepted. CARRIED 3350
Re: Summary budget comparison for the 9 months ended 31 March 2003 was provided.
Moved Cr. Longmire seconded Cr. Catford that the Budget comparison for the 9 months ended 31 March 2003 be adopted. CARRIED 3351
Re: Cheque listing for March 2003 was provided.
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Robinson that cheques numbered 9415-9472, Electronic Fund Transfers numbered EF2452-EF2536 & National Online transfers (Wages), totalling $335,393.80 be passed for payment. CARRIED 3352
Re: We have re-drawn $100,000 of short term loan facility, and anticipate that we will need to fully draw the entire $300,000 by 30 June 2003. 12.5 NORTHERN AREAS COUNCIL BORROWINGS
Re: Reports were provided showing the principal outstanding on Northern Areas Council loans as at 31 March 2003, the repayment schedule as a percentage of rate revenue for the life of the existing loans, and interest rate charts.
Re: Report detailing the amounts spent on various communities by area, as at 31 March 2003 was provided.
Re: We have drawn down a loan of $50,000 on behalf of the Hydro Pool Committee. $30,000 of this amount represents deficit funding of the Council, following payments of contractors, and $20,000 will be held to meet claims expected this month.
Re: This STED was established in March 2003, with a Reserve account of $60,000. Halliburton's work schedule totals $52,234, and the balance has been deposited to cover any over-runs. Council will not be out of pocket for any of the preliminary work, regardless of the final cost.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Re: Tanya McKerlie recommenced on 10 March 2003 following her maternity leave, and Kerry Moore will return to the Council on 5th May 2003. Rebecca Honan finished her contract with the Council in February 2003, Kelly Harvie's contract finishes 2 May 2003.
Tanya has resumed the Payroll function. Sue Napper has returned to Reception, but will commence training shortly in the Creditors and Rates functions, as well as provide administrative assistance for the Works Department.
Meeting Adjourned
7:04 pm
Moved Cr McPherson seconded Cr. Woolford that the meeting
adjourn for the evening meal.
Meeting Resumed
8:15 pm
Moved Cr. McPherson seconded Cr. Clark that the meeting be
called back into session. (With the exception of Cr. Sparks, Ben
Coventry and Alan Thomson.)
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Robinson that the Manager of Engineering Services Report be taken as read and noted. CARRIED 3355
The floodway has been fully concreted, and now the road level has been brought up to finished base course levels. Men and machines preparing for tar sealing, surrounding earthworks being levelled. Box culvert extension for next section.
A draft letter that will be sent to Brian Hurn, Chairman Special Local Roads Committee was provided to Members.
Moved Cr. Clark seconded Cr. Walden that the letter to the Chairman of the Special Local Roads Committee applying for additional funds for the Caltowie to Stone Hut Road Project be endorsed. CARRIED 3356
White lining on the new sealed section has been completed. No word yet on the future funding of this project to determine the fate of this road.
Paper work has been submitted to TSA and Council are awaiting final funding.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Earthworks on Stage 1 & 2 now complete. Stage 3 Landscaping preparation works now under construction with riprap structures and creek crossings for footpaths to be completed. Pricing for landscaping requirements have been called for and suppliers will be selected to allow plantings prior to rains. Costings for shelters are being priced in conjunction with the Jamestown Community School making accommodating seating.
G.H.D. Consulting have been informed of their successful expression of interest to undertake the study. A meeting will be arranged with Transport SA in Adelaide, to start procedures rolling. Also hinted on study for Laura.
Work has been completed forming contours in the district. Drive way access has been improved for several properties and clearing work around shed sites. An old rainwater tank was removed from yard and taken to rubbish dump for Mr. Kevin Darling of Spalding. Work completed for Spalding Pistol Club included excavation across north end wall, compacted fill along western wall and spread rubble on access road. Side Tippers hired to R.P.C. roads for work to be completed on Spalding Road and Broughton/Port Pirie Road.
Rubble being carted to Abbeville Road (1.4km) Gulnare has commenced. Resheeting work is progressing on the following sections: Spalding/Bundaleer Road (500m), Belalie East Road (patching), Diagonal Road (1.05km), Wardhill Road (1km), Baderloo Road (1.4km).
It is proposed that work will commence on the following projects: Landscaping to Jacka Creek, Sealing on Stone Hut/Caltowie Road, Continuing brick paving at Laura Parklands, Rubble sheeting on Abbeville Road, Rubble sheeting on Laura/Caltowie Road, Finish sheeting work on Washpool/Bundaleer Road, Sheeting on Bonderoo Road, Oakley Road and Wheal Sarah Road and work to be completed on the road adjoining Red Hill/ Narridy Road and Smarts Road.
Rubble is being crushed in Woolford's Pit, W Bottrall's Pit, Nine Mile Pit, Hagger's Pit, Martin's Pit and Boulton's Pit.
Rubble is being raised in Nine Mile Pit, Martin's Pit, Boulton's Pit and Carmody's Pit.
Letter of request has been sent in for the establishment of a new quarry at Geoff Millard's property near Georgetown. Due to the increased traffic flow on Council's roads a response has been sent re: possible road repair royalties. Please see Correspondence Item 13.23.14.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Moved Cr. Longmire seconded Cr. Walden that the Manager of Engineering Services write to relevant parties regarding subsidising of road repairs caused by mining activities. CARRIED 3357
Cr. Sparks returned to the Council Chamber at 8:38pm
Patrol grading has been limited due to weather conditions. The water truck has been used on dusty sections of various roads. Patching of bad sections on various unsealed roads has been completed as necessary.
All towns subjected to programmed Town Street Sweeping.
Stone Hut
· General slashing
· Correctional services team doing general town tidy works. · Council staff clean up and dust suppressant works in preparation for the Laura Folk Fair. · Large tree in garden Street blown over flattened fencing.
· Mowing · Tree trimming · Town clean up prior to Bundaleer Concert. · Belalie creek pump still having problems but working.
· Pick up of fallen trees and general mowing. · Gladstone Health Centre; installation of entry and exit signs.
· Sprinkler Repairs.
· General mowing. · School oval levelled with sand.
· Mowing · Tree Trimming · Removal of waste oil from dump to Jamestown depot for disposal.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Jamestown Heavy Vehicle Wash down Bay
Bore water still being used for road works, weekly soil trap cleaned out.
General Work Duties
Tar patching, gutter sweeping, tree trimming.
Minor maintenance grading only on back roads due to dry weather conditions.
General bin emptying and litter control for all cemeteries and usual burial duties. Slashing has been completed at Laura cemetery. One burial at Laura and one at Spalding during the month.
Stump muncher to return in the next week.
Letters have been written to clarify the lighting requirements. A meeting will be convened regarding the pavement upgrade at the airstrip.
Dates to be advertised when the program has been finalised.
Speed Reduction Signs from 60km/hr to 50km/hr have been replaced in all townships as necessary.
Awaiting signs for the Gladstone Silo Information.
Work has been completed in Jamestown, Laura (in preparation for the Laura Folk Fair), and at the Bundaleer Forest.
13.16 waste management
All tips have been pushed and tidied. A thorough clean up has occurred at the Spalding Rubbish Dump Site and the gates repositioned.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
· Electrical works throughout the depot 70% completed including bulk fuel tank, security lighting, electrical items of plant. · Vehicle service pit hazard barriers completed. · Hazard marking for service pit, walkways not done · No storage for ropes, slings, chains, at new depot. · Oil shed needs finishing, (no loading pad out the front for fork lift access) · Transfer of remaining plant and equipment from the old depot to the new depot needs high priority to avoid assessing and maintaining 2 places, and to identify all requirements for weather proof storage. · Sign storage, shift to new depot. · Roof and under floor flashing on office and lunchroom not done · Bulk fuel storage tank cannot be used, safety barriers, bunting, safety signage and the correct placement of fire extinguishers has been completed. Power is connected however there is no fuel in the tank. · Site security = No fencing/gates on Reservoir Terrace.
training courses
Safe work in confined spaces:
Stan Beinke, David Cowin, Michael Lambert, Anthony Kenning, Rob Lock.
· Unit 140 ­ John Deere Loader · Unit 188 ­ Toyota Landcruiser
Caltowie Playground rejected by Local Government Risk Officer. Meeting of local committee to be held to determine the appropriate age group and type of replacement needed.
· Engaged on floodway at Stone Hut works. · Extending box culvert on Stone Hut/Caltowie Road. · Street sweeping all towns. · Tree removal in Garden Street, Laura. · Tree trimming in Narridy streets.
No staff changes
· Lindsay Harvey · Gavin Cleggett · Les Haynes
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Requested road closures for the Laura Folk Fair for the 5th and 6th of April.
Gladstone Caravan Park Management Committee, Colin Raison, Secretary.
Re: Request to supply 3 picnic tables for Gladstone Caravan Park. (100.1.2 / I13554)
COMMENT: Until the Jamestown high school students build more tables there is 1 only remaining and that would be available for the Gladstone Caravan Park.
Moved Cr. Robinson seconded Cr. Woolford that Council provide the Gladstone Caravan Park Management Committee with one picnic table for use at the Gladstone Caravan Park. CARRIED 3358
R.A. McLeod, 68 Cockburn Road, Jamestown, Resident.
Re: Upgrading and dust condition of Jones Street, Jamestown. (375.11.2 / I13869)
Gladstone Kindergarten, Bev Hennessey, Secretary Governing Council
Re: Request to remove trees hanging over the fence line at the back of the Kindy (375.5.1 / I13898)
COMMENT: Tree removal was completed by Shane Gill on 8th April 2003.
AG Wilson, Glenmore Pty Ltd, Laura
Re: Request assessment of the road in front of our property, Section 352, Hundred of Caltowie. (375.11.2 / I13847)
COMMENT: A letter of reply has been sent, advising that an inspection of the road would be undertaken by Council staff. David Cowin and I have inspected the area of concern.
The works will involve slight truncation (squaring off the corner) of the corner and raising the profile of the road. To maximise site distances, the adjoining owner has indicated that there would be no cost to Council for the minor realignment. Earthworks will be undertaken as soon as practicable.
Moved Cr. Catford seconded Cr. Clark that Council undertake the required minor realignment and associated earthworks near Section 352, Hundred of Caltowie, as soon as practicable. CARRIED 3359
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Spalding Community Management Committee, Rosie Gore, Secretary
Re: Requesting further information regarding the future of the Spalding Rubbish Site (450.3.2 / I13858)
COMMENT: Letter has been forwarded to the Spalding Community Management Committee advising that preparation of a plan for the proposed extension of the site is currently underway to submit to the Environment Protection Authority. Copy attached.
VR Williams, 23 Bourton Street, Jamestown
Re: Clarifying location of trees for maintenance in Bourton Street (375.5.1 / I13795)
COMMENT: Paul Fahey has cut some of the problem branches off the two trees, however Council's Maintenance crew will follow up with the clearing away of some of the bushy, smaller undergrowth.
Gladstone Community Development and Tourism Association Inc, Sam Smith
Re: Town Entrance Signs (377.1.1 / I13768)
COMMENT: Verbal contact has been made with Sam Smith, Gladstone Community Development and Tourism Association concerning the abovementioned signs. Confirmation of the artwork has been made with Sam and the appropriate signs ordered. I would expect the signs to be in place prior to the Council meeting.
Mace Engineering Services, TK Mace, Manager
Re: Caltowie to Stone Hut Road ­ Additional Project Costs (375.1.3 / I13905)
Caltowie Corridors of Green, Cathy Williss, Secretary
Re: Garden Area in Front of Child and Youth Health Centre, Jamestown (375.5.1 / I13940)
Moved Cr. Clark seconded Cr. Robinson that Council approve the request to plant native plant species and the maintaining of the garden area in front of the Child Youth and Health building at Dunure Terrace, Jamestown, by Caltowie Corridors of Green, and that an onsite meeting of representative from Caltowie Corridors of Green, Council and Glenys Lee, CYH Nurse be held onsite as soon as possible to discuss the project. CARRIED 3360
13.23.10 Trend Drinks, Gladstone, R Casey
Re: Request to either plant some low shrubs or place some large pots between the edge of the footpath and the kerb outside the factory on the Sixth Street side. (155.1.2 / I13925)
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. McPherson that Council approval be granted to Trend Drinks subject shrubs being planted in pots and a safety inspection being undertaken by the Works Manager. CARRIED 3361 13.23.11 Reinhold Wehrmann, Jamestown Re: 100 meters of Boonderoo Road worn down to red clay (375.11.2 / I13919) COMMENT: Re-sheeting is expected to be carried out in June 2003.
South Australian Farmers Federation, Richard Way, Chair ­ community services Committee
Re: B-Double Access on Council Roads (375.11.8 / I13961)
COMMENT: Mike Mundy from Transport SA has addressed Council on the need for assessments of Council roads prior to the issuing of the Permit for RAV's. Assessments were undertaken during May 2002, and a list of Council roads forwarded to Transport SA. At the time of writing, nothing further has been heard. One verbal conversation with Transport SA indicated that some of the inspected roads were in need of upgrading, however the cost of bringing all Council roads up to the correct Engineering and Australian standards (including TSA roads) would be insurmountable.
Moved Cr. Robinson seconded Cr. Clark that as Council roads have not been formally assessed by Transport SA, Council's intention is to continue to issue its standard RAV permits until 31 January 2004. CARRIED 3362
Georgetown Community Development Association Inc., Josie Smallacombe, Secretary/Treasurer
Re: Request that the road past Georgetown Cemetery be formed and bituminised. (375.1.1 / I13778)
COMMENT: A letter has been forwarded to the Georgetown Community Development and Tourism Association, acknowledging their request.
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Walden that Council investigate and prepare costs to bituminize approximately 1 kilometre of road past the Georgetown Cemetery and that this report be presented to Council for Preliminary Budget considerations. CARRIED 3363
Primary Industries and Resources SA, Tracey Simmons, A/Deputy Mining Registrar
Re: Mining Lease application received from Geoffrey Millard. (375.1.2 / I13797)
COMMENT: Mining leases come up from time to time in Council area. There are no direct royalties available to Council at present. The damage caused to minor Council roads and the possibility of RAV's being used in the industry will mean the haulage roads will need upgrading, with more regular maintenance routines, all of which puts a strain on the works programs of Councils. There
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
should be, prior to an application being approved, at least some sort of "Gentleman's Agreement" on a maintenance program.
See Council resolution at Item 13.5.1.
Laura Community Development & Tourism Association, Rod Taylor, Chairman
Re: Laura Parkland and Councils contribution (110.1.3 / I13949)
Moved Cr. Walden seconded Cr. Woolford that the Manager of Engineering Services seeks the views of the Laura Sporting Reserve Committee on the appropriate quantity of water required and best times for watering the Laura oval to minimise water and power costs. CARRIED 3364
Local Government Association, Executive Director, Circular 15.6.
Re: Review of 110km/h Speed Limits in South Australia (375.11.7 / I13997)
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Walden that a submission be made to Transport SA seeking to keep 110 km/h speed limit for roads throughout the Council area and that more funding for construction and maintenance works should be made available to enable roads to be at a standard to allow safe driving at 100km/h. CARRIED 3365
Transport SA, Jeff Lane, Regional Manager, Mid North Region
Re: Review of 110km/h Speed Limits in South Australia (375.11.7 / I13952)
Refer to Council resolution at Item 13.23.16
14.1 Spiny Daisy Officer's Report
Although it was anticipated that the Recovery Plan would have been signed off on by Environment Australia by now some changes in protocol have delayed this. The main features of the recovery plan remain unchanged so despite no final Federal adoption of the plan the recovery team continues to implement the recommendations therein.
As local liaison officer I facilitated our first recovery team meeting for the year on March 3. A number of actions from the recovery plan were initiated from this meeting.
There has been approval of the proposal to establish four demonstration plantings and work to provide suitable protection and signage as these sites will ensue, hopefully working towards a handover in June or July. Two of these sites are in the Northern Areas Council.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Last week a controlled burn was carried out at the Yangya Rd site and we will expect to see a big improvement in the quality of the native grassland habitat there in the coming months. Many thanks to the Laura CFS and Paul Slattery. The Threatened Plant Action Group and Greening Australia / Bushcare will conduct a training day on weed control and other aspects of managing threatened species sites on July 23rd. This should be of interest to APCB and council workers as well as some members of the general public. The Spiny Daisy Recovery Team invites the council to nominate relevant workers to attend. There will be more details closer to the date. We are very happy to welcome Cr. Don McPherson to the recovery team. Peter Ward left the Council Chambers at 9:12pm. 16. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER'S REPORT Moved Cr. Walden seconded Cr. McPherson that the Chief Executive Officer's Report be taken as read and noted. CARRIED 3366 16.1 ELECTIONS At the close of nominations at 12 noon on Thursday 27 March, 2003 the following nominations had been received: Jamestown Ward (4 required) Malcolm John Catford Frederick Charles Sparks Mervyn John Robinson Denis Vincent Clark Rocky River Ward (3 required) Wallace James Walden Allan Glen Woolford Donald Francis McPherson Dennis Thomas Wheatley Georgetown Ward (1 required) Jeffrey William Burgess Spalding Ward (1 required) Keith William Pluckrose Geoffrey Dean Scott Therefore, elections (by postal voting) will take place in the Rocky River and Spalding Wards. Ballot material will be dispatched to electors from Tuesday 22 April, 2003 to Monday 28 April, 2003. Close of Voting (Polling Day) is 12 noon, Monday 12 May, 2003.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
The anticipated date of the May meeting will still be set for the third Tuesday 20th May, 2003, commencing at 5pm.
A meeting of the working party of participating Councils was held at Gladstone on Friday April 4th, 2003.
The Working Party subgroup presented the review of the various options and this was distributed at the Working Party members. The final recommendations are contained in a late letter of Correspondence in the General Section of the Agenda (Item 17.1.5).
Moved Cr. Clark seconded Cr. McPherson that Council set aside in its preliminary budget for 2003/2004 an amount of $70,000 towards the replacement of the existing Mobile Library Truck and that the recommendations of the Board be endorsed as follows:
1. That the Flinders Mobile Library Board develops a tender specification for the following: a. A total truck and body unit to replace the existing unit that meets Occupational Health & Safety & Disability Access Legislation. b. That a variety of truck options be submitted by tenders, including the use of a second hand cab chassis of a high standard. c. That the tender document stipulates the provision of Information Technology requirements be included in the design and space allocation and that these are costed separately.
2. That in tandem with the tender process that collaborative work with Lynn Makin of the Upper Murray Regional Library continue on the development of a joint project to obtain Federal funding to assist with the capital costs of the new vehicle. And that Keith Hope, Northern Areas Council, be approached to draft the Commonwealth government funding Application on behalf of the Board and the three Councils.
3. That Council's budget for the equivalent of $220,000 (GST excl.) in the 2003/2004 budget in the following proportions using the current library funding breakdowns.
Library Reserves Council Contributions
$60,000 $160,000
Mount Remarkable Council Northern Areas Council Pt Pirie Regional Council
$78,400 $68,800 $12,800
4. That the recommendations throughout the report be noted and endorsed. These are:
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
a. The opening of the Gladstone Office for public access to be investigated in 3 years time by the Flinders Mobile Library Board as part of the strategic plan for the future of the Library and that the options and costs of doing this be fully investigated at that time. b. The use of a smaller vehicle on the lines of a Mercedes Sprintz be used to extend the services currently provided by the Library be investigated. A possibility that this could be considered in the future by the Regional Councils to be used to extend the service in combination with the Home Assist program, and/or the passenger transport network. The vehicle being run as a service for less mobile/active members of community with other Hospital and Community Services. CARRIED 3367 16.3 SPALDING HOUSE The settlement date has been pushed back a week (now Friday 11th April, 2003). A "Licence to Occupy" has been signed with the purchaser to allow her to undertake some painting, furniture relocation, cleaning etc, a week earlier than the new settlement date. The purchaser is Mrs Clarice Verran, from Brinkworth. 16.4 geographic information SERVICES OFFICER (Replacement for Technical Services Officer, Ms Kellie Talbot) Applications for the above position have been of a high standard and 7 people will be interviewed this Friday 11th April, 2003. We would be hopeful to have a decision made within a number of days after conducting referee checks. 16.5 NEWSLETTER Residents should have received their Council Newsletter at the time of writing. Any feedback on the format would be appreciated. I have had a number of positive comments from electors on the format and also detail of information provided. 16.6 JAMESTOWN SALEYARDS ­ MID NORTH REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT BOARD Please find attached to this report a copy of the draft scoping study that is being put to the State Government for funding approval prior to being put to selective tender by the Mid North Regional Development Board. Proposed funding arrangements are State Government (Primary Industries) $10,000, MNRDB $5,000, Northern Areas Council $5,000. The scoping study proposes a number of detailed tasks associated with looking at the needs of the livestock industry in the northern part of the State. Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Clark that Council endorse the scoping study for release to selected tenders. CARRIED 3368
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
16.7 RURAL TRANSACTION FACILITIES Council is examining the possible need to introduce small scale rural transaction facilities within local Post Offices in the Council area and has commissioned Adelaide firm Dakima Consulting Pty Ltd to survey residents about their current, and possible future usage of certain services. I would encourage as many residents as possible to respond, to give as accurate picture as possible of requirements. These surveys are to be returned in the reply paid envelope no later than 25th April, 2003. 16.8 COUNCIL WEBSITE The development of Council's Website (with funding assistance from "Networking the Nation") is progressing well under the guidance of Tim Froling. Tim has held an initial information session with some staff, to look at how the Website will be set up and the type of information required. Since then information has been forwarded to Tim for inclusion. It is hoped to have the Website on-line by June 2003. Anyone with suggestions for the Website is asked to contact Roger Crowley on 86641139 in the first instance. 16.9 BELALIE BROOK RESTAURANT Gavin Mannix will be attending to a valuation of the toilet improvements at the Belalie Brook Restaurant during this week. 16.10 PASSENGER TRANSPORT BOARD Phil Saunders of the Passenger Transport Board has advised me that negotiations with companies to provide passenger transport services in the Gladstone, Crystal Brook, Jamestown corridors (and north south) are nearing the final stages. Once negotiations have concluded with a successful party then the next stage is to seek the approval of the Transport SA Purchasing Unit who check that all legal processes have been adhered to and then a formal approach to the PTB would be made for funding of the new services. It is expected that the above processes would be completed by Mid May, 2003 with new services commencing on or around mid July, 2003. These services will be a completely new concept for our region and the integrated local, regional approach would seem a very positive step forward for our many communities. 16.11 POLICY MANUAL REVIEW ­ MAY 2003 At the first meeting of the Council it will be necessary to review the Policy Manual. I believe that a major revamp of this should take place to streamline
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
wording and presentation particularly as the lengthy document will soon be accessible on the Council Website.
I will be updating the manual in the next fortnight and will provide a copy to members in due course.
The Northern Areas Council along with a number of South Australian Councils is involved with the Local Government Association of South Australia review of its Future Directions Smarter Governments Working Together Program. This is an important review process. Our role is to participate with a review of Objective 2.
Objective 2.
To bring about more effective engagement of the
community in governance processes and government decision
Proposed Initiatives
2.1. Continue to promote open and accountable approaches to, and structures for, decision making in Local and State Governments (including the role of information and communications technology).
2.2. Negotiate with the State Government to use Local Government and its knowledge of local communities to undertake/support consultation and representation of community views to inform decisions made in this State.
2.3. Review the status of governance in the South Australian Local government sector and develop practical guidelines and case studies to assist its continuous improvement. The LGA and peak Local Government professional organisations (LGMA and Metropolitan CEOs Association) to be responsible for this review.
2.4. Actively promote community participation in debates regarding State Parliamentary and Constitutional reforms and prepare a Local Government submission on these matters.
2.5. Seek agreement with the State Government to introduce ways to promote better civic education and community understanding of the roles and functions of the three spheres of government, especially among youth, Indigenous communities and multi-cultural groups.
Pete Ward, Sue Napper, Michael Lambert, Roger Crowley, Gabby Swearse, Bernadette Swearse, Alan Thomson, Debbie Kelly ­ LGA Workers Compensation Scheme, Corporate Health "Stretch for Life and Mobility", Positive Thinking and Attitude", Jamestown Administration Centre, 2 hours, 26/3/03.
Ben Coventry ­ PIA Congress, Adelaide Convention Centre ­ Topics including Metropolitan strategic planning, Sustainable Water Use, Rural Planning and Country Town Needs, Planning for an Ageing Population, 31/3, 1-2/4/03.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
16.14 DRAFT ORDER MAKING POLICY Re: The Order Making Policy is required to be reviewed and evaluated in accordance to the provisions of the Local Government Act, Council's Public Consultation Policy and the Order Making Policy. Copy enclosed. Moved Cr. McPherson seconded Cr. Woolford that the Order Making Policy as presented be approved for public consultation in accordance with Council's Public Consultation policy. CARRIED 3369
Cliff Pinhorn, Spalding Resident
Re: Planting trees in the Freshwater Creek, Spalding Township. (I13811 / 320.2.1)
Moved Cr. Robinson seconded Cr. Clark that appropriate people from Landcare/Waterwatch be contacted regarding initiating a management plan for the Freshwater Creek in the township of Spalding. CARRIED 3370
The SA History Trust, Jamestown Branch, JA Humphris, Branch Secretary
Re: Requirements for a purpose built archive facility. (300.4.1 / I13972) Also see item 17.1.3
National Trust, David Box, Chairman, Jamestown Branch
Re: Old primary school Building (300.4.1 / I13974)
Moved Cr. Clark seconded Cr. Woolford that Council acknowledges that the preferred position for archival storage/community history storage in the former Jamestown Primary School Building and that a sub committee comprising Jamestown Ward Councillors and the CEO meet with a sub committee of the History Group to finalise a concept/management plan for consideration by Council CARRIED 3371
Department for Environment and Heritage, Karen Hubbard, Property Officer, Crown Lands SA.
Re: Sale of former Jamestown Primary School (300.4.1 / I13878)
Moved Cr. McPherson seconded Cr. Clark that Council borrow $115,000.00 from the Local Government Finance Authority for a term of 10 years for the purpose of short term finance for the purchase of the former Jamestown Primary School on a secured Cash Advance
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Debenture for a floating rate of interest (currently 5.75%), and further that the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer are both authorized to execute the loan documentation under Council seal with the settlement to be set for mid June 2003. CARRIED 3372
Flinders Mobile Library, Cherie Weston, Secretary.
Re: Recommendations for library replacement vehicle. (255.1.1 / I13965) See resolution at Item 16.2
Returned & Services League of Australia, (S.A. Branch), John Hector, Secretary.
Re: Pines Trees Memorial Park, Jamestown (300.2.1 / I13977)
Moved Cr. Robinson seconded Cr. Woolford that Council remove the old pine trees in front of the World War I Memorial, with the exception of the Lone Pine Seedling located on the north eastern side and once the trees have been removed a plan for the upgrading of the footpath and lighting be developed in conjunction with Jamestown RSL sub branch. CARRIED 3373
Jamestown Health & Ambulance Centre, Max Prior, Chairman.
Re: Future control of Jamestown Health and Ambulance Centre (215.6.1 / I14017)
Moved Cr. Sparks seconded Cr. Catford that Council supports the setting up of an advisory committee in accordance with Section 41 of the local Government Act 1999, to advise on the status of health services and manage health services facilities in Jamestown, subject to suitable terms of reference being adopted at a subsequent Council meeting. CARRIED 3374
Northern Animal & Plant Control Unit
Re: Future of the Spray Unit
Moved Cr. Catford seconded Cr. Woolford that Council will support a request from the Northern Animal & Plant Control Board to set up a Committee in accordance with Section 41 of the local Government Act 1999, to operate a weed spray unit, subject to suitable terms of reference being adopted at a subsequent Council meeting. CARRIED 3375
Laura Community Development & Tourism Association Inc., Davydd Williams, Secretary.
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Re: Agenda for Meeting to be held on 27th March, 2003 and minutes from meeting held 27th February, 2003. (110.1.3 / I13859)
Gladstone Senior Citizens Club, Lorene Zanker.
Re: Financial assistance for paper pick up service. (190.1.1 / I13906)
Office for Youth, Stephen Blight, Director
Re: YACfest03 (120.5.7 / I13793)
House of Representatives, Standing Committee on Transport and Regional Services, Ian Beckingham, Inquiry Secretary.
Re: Inquiry into Commercial Regional Aviation Services in Australia and alternative transport links to major populated islands. (210.2.4 / I13792)
State Electoral Office, Steve Tully, Electoral Commissioner
Re: May 2003 Local Government Elections (175.1.7 / I13753)
Local Government Association, Circular 13.1, Executive Director
Re: Council Members' Allowances (145.4.1 / I13904)
Australian Electoral Commission, Bronte Emes, Deputy Returning Officer
Re: Nominations Received for Periodic Elections (175.1.1 / I13891)
Port Pirie Regional Development Board, Diana Dedear, Administration Officer
Northern Areas Council's contribution towards the Southern Flinders Ranges tourism development Initiative project. (188.1.5 / I13879)
Glenn Hammat, Spalding Resident. OAM
Re: Expression of thanks for Council's congratulations. (55.1.4 / I13839)
Local Government Association Mutual Liability Scheme, Mary Mahoney, Scheme Manager.
Re: Recent developments in liability and insurance and impacts on Local Government. (235.2.3 / I13877)
Local Government Association Workers Compensation Scheme, Cr John Ross, Standing Committee Chairman.
Re: Workcover Evaluation of Local Government Association Workers Compensation Scheme (310.3.1 / I13378)
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Northern Areas Council Community road safety Committee.
Re: Meeting held 26th February 2003. (120.3.1 / I13819)
Local Government Association
Re: Index for Report No.11 13 March 2003
Local Government Association
Re: Index for Report No.12 19 March 2003
Local Government Association
Re: Index for Report No.13 27 March 2003
Local Government Association
Re: Index for Report No.14 3 April 2003
Local Government Association, Circular 9.10, Chief Executive Officer
Re: Community Bulk Purchase of Electricity
Cr. Woolford: § Laura Folk Fair § Southern Flinders Tourism Association meeting.
Moved Cr. Woolford seconded Cr. Robinson that Council advise the RAA of the correct road classifications on their road maps and that the RAA should contact the District Council of Mt. Remarkable regarding the accuracy of their roads. CARRIED 3376
Cr. Robinson: § Jamestown Development Association meetings § Prospective Council Candidates Briefing Session § Meeting at Jamestown Primary School with History Group § Mayoral Reception at Port Pirie to introduce Chief inspector Ashley Lange. Speech by Minister for emergency services
Cr. Clark: § Jamestown SA Ambulance meeting § Prospective Council Candidates Briefing Session § Jamestown Development Association meetings
Cr. Sparks: · Jamestown Health Centre meeting
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003
Cr. Longmire: § Spalding Community Management Committee meeting 18.2 CR. LYNDON LONGMIRE ­ RETIREMENT FROM COUNCIL Moved Cr. Catford seconded Cr. Burgess that it be recorded in the minutes a note of appreciation for the valuable service that Cr. Lyndon Longmire has provided to local government and the community over the last 36 years, previously as a Councillor and Chairman of the former District Council of Spalding and during the last two terms as a Councillor with the Northern Areas Council CARRIED 3377 Cr. Catford: § Bundaleer Weekend § Opening of exhibition at Belalie Art Gallery by Minister John hall § Jamestown Health Centre meeting Cr. Walden: § Official opening of the Camp kitchen at Gladstone Caravan Park § Port Pirie Regional Development Board meeting § Meeting with the CEO of the Mid North Regional Development Board Cr. McPherson: · Northern Areas Carers meeting in Gladstone § Official opening of the Camp kitchen at Gladstone Caravan Park · SAMAG meeting in Laura · NAC YAC lock-in at Gladstone Goal (Lions Club volunteer) 19. NEXT MEETING OF COUNCIL Council's Next Ordinary Meeting will be held on Tuesday May 20th 2003, commencing at 5.00pm. 20. MEETING CLOSURE The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 10:50pm
Confirmed at the Ordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 20 May 2003. ....................................................................................... Chairman
Northern Areas Council
Minutes April 15th, 2003

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