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Date 10/02/2014 13/02/2014 05/02/2014 14/02/2014 14/01/2014 24/01/2014
To: All Motorcycling Australia members and Manual of Motorcycle Sport users
Bulletin Number: 5 Date Issued: 4th June 2014
Changes since Bulletin 4: 1 (changes from previous bulletin added to bottom of table on following
Effective Date: Immediately
This document outlines the amendments and updates that have occurred in the 2014 Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MoMS) since the 1st January 2014 for the reference of Manual of Motorcycle
Sport users.
MoMS reference Hall of Fame 2013 Australian Champions 15.1 MX Championships
Content before amendment/update Under 16 125cc Speedway: (2012 podium) MX1, MX2, MXD
Revised 2014 content U16 125cc Speedway: 1st Brody Eves, 2nd Bryce Brigden, 3rd Ben Cook MX1, MX2, MXD, Women, Sidecars (MXD class)
(content not present)
(content not present on moms website ­ relevant to table in moms.org.au only, does not affect pdfs on MA website) All lateral covers/engine cases containing oil and which could be in contact with the ground during a crash, must be protected by a second cover made from composite materials, type carbon or Kevlar, or be fitted with heavy duty crash resistant end cases made from solid metal. Plates and/or bars from aluminium or steel are also permitted. All these devices must be designed to be resistant against sudden shocks and must be fixed properly and securely. Bonding alone is not a suitable method of mounting. 15.1 CATEGORIES FOR SENIOR AUSTRALIAN MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIPS CLASS CAPACITY (2
or 4-stroke)
255cc to 450cc
and over
Up to 250cc
Up to 250cc
(15 years
to under
19) Other than CMX/CDT A chain guard made of suitable material must be fitted in a way to prevent trapping between the lower drive chain run and the final drive sprocket at the rear wheel. Purple Flag Protest flag for all junior competitors (Rule deleted)
MXD (15 16 years to under 19)
Up to 250cc
AUSTRALIAN MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP ELIGIBILITY The MXD Australian Motocross Championship will be for riders from 15 16 years to under 19 years. A rider's age on 1st January will determine their age for the Championship. 15 year olds may participate Riders who turn 16 before the first round of the MXD Australian Motocross Championship may place an entry for the series provided they meet the following criteria. a) Satisfy their state controlling Body of their competence, a) State legislation will override these rules where applicable. Riders who turn 15 before the first round of the MXD Australian Motocross Championship may place an entry for the series provided they meet the criteria above. If they do they will be deemed to have moved up an Age Group. 15 year olds will compete with an endorsed MA national junior licence. Riders who turn sixteen during the series can continue in other relevant competitions as a junior they are competing in the Championship as Juniors.
Motorcycling Australia 147 Montague Street South Melbourne, VIC 3205
P: 03 9684 0509 E: [email protected] W: www.moms.org.au
19/02/2014 24/02/2014 24/02/2014 25/02/2014 25/02/2014 04/03/14
Appendix C item 16 & wrong rule references in pdf on moms.org Section 15c Eligibility 18.5
GST (refers to) e) Eligibility typo with old GCR referring to 8 to under 12 years
13/03/2014 13/03/2014 13/03/2014 02/04/2014
MA Information Commissions section pg 8 25.1 Member Protection Policy 25.4 Privacy Regulation 13.12.13 Stopping Events Note: The addition of this section subsequently altered the numbering of rules 13.12.13-13.12.19
Incorrect information in Dirt Track and Track Commission, Supermoto Commission. Update required by Australian sports Commission Updated Privacy Policy required by Australian Sports Commission (content not present in earlier versions)
5/5/2014 5/5/2014 5/5/2014
Track 21.16.11 Previously
Content under incorrect heading (Sidecar: General) moved to correct heading (Senior Solo). Note: this change has affected the numbering from 21.16.11 ­ 21.16.13) (content erroneously omitted)
Motocross and Supercross No Jump Signals Previously 15.17.2
Content under wrong heading in 15.17.2. Moved to correct location in
5/5/2014 5/5/2014 5/5/2014 5/5/2014 4/6/2014
Historic Road Race Commissions page 8 typographical errors various Dirt Track 15.17.3 Warm Up Lap b) ii) A maximum width of 3.5" (89mm) front and 5" (127mm) rear with maximum 180 section as moulded on the tyre. Supermoto Commission;; 16.16.4; 16.16.5; 23.8.1 Relate to 2 metre max method of sound testing Content under incorrect heading. Moved to correct location15.15.1.6
PAYG Withholding e) (reference changed to) &
Competition Rules 8 9 to under 12 13 years Riders 12 years on 1 January 2014 may continue to compete in this class until 31 December 2014 Updated with correct information.
Policy updated
Policy updated
13.12.13 Stopping Events Where an incident causes an event to be stopped, the Steward or Clerk of Course may declare the event complete if at least 75% of the event distance or time, whichever is the less, has been run. The results so declared will be based on the placings at the finish line of the last full lap completed before the incident but will exclude those competitors who: a) Caused the incident, or b) Having been involved in the incident, could not continue in the event. 21.16.11 Senior Solo ( Riders are eligible to enter one class above capacity of the machine entered for senior riders only.
No Jump Signals a) Yellow flags will be waved in Motocross and Supercross events to indicate immediate danger. When yellow flags are waved competitors must not: i. Jump,
ii. Overtake other competitors,
at the set of jumps where the yellow flags are waved.
b) The penalties for breaching this GCR are: i. First offence, relegation of three (3) places and up to a $500 fine, ii. Subsequent offences in the same year, exclusion and $500 fine. b) ii) A maximum width of 3.5" (89mm) front and 5" (127mm) rear with maximum 180 section as moulded on the tyre. [Deletion effective 24th March 2014]
Supermoto Commission member update.
Errors amended
Content removed ­ 2 metre max method not relevant to discipline. Warm Up Lap During the first lap of any practice yellow flags are to displayed stationary to indicate there will be no jumping.
Motorcycling Australia 147 Montague Street South Melbourne, VIC 3205
P: 03 9684 0509 E: [email protected] W: www.moms.org.au

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