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Drawn up for The Bewick Society by David Gardner-Medwin. Last corrected 1 March 2010 (see Addenda on page 78).
Preamble Introduction Sources Arrangement of the checklist Codes and markings Abbreviations A note on Bewick's access to books other than his own
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The Checklist Part 1. Books formerly in the possession of Thomas Bewick CLASS I: History, Civil & Literary, Biography CLASS II: Voyages & Travels, Descriptions of Foreign Countries, Geography, County History, British Topography &c CLASS III: Poetry CLASS IV: Natural History CLASS V: Divinity, Sermons &c Lectures CLASS VI: Arts, Sciences, Mathematics, Heraldry &c. A. Arts and Architecture B. Medicine C. Science and Mathematics E. Heraldry Etc. F. Politics G. Miscellaneous CLASS VII: Magazines, Periodical Publications, Catalogues, Maps A. Periodical publications B. Catalogues C. Pocket Maps CLASS VIII: Novels, Fables, Plays, &c School Books
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Part 2. Bewick's copies of Quadrupeds and British Birds
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Part 3. Books (for children) belonging to Bewick's family during his lifetime Page 69
Addenda and Alterations
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PREAMBLE This list has been made because the books owned by Thomas Bewick and his children seem to me to be interestingly numerous and varied. It is certainly incomplete. It has also been only partly checked against the usual bibliographical sources, so that some of the books are not properly identified, let alone adequately researched. In every case however, the information derived from the original source is given, and the source is identified. The list will therefore, I hope, provide a useful resource for those who wish to study the life of Thomas Bewick (1753-1828) or the reading habits of a master craftsman and artist of his period in North-East England. It should be regarded as the skeletal starting point for research projects for other people, not as a completed one of my own. I should be very grateful for corrections or additions. Of the former I expect, and of the latter I hope, there will be many. Further comment on some aspects of the Bewick family library may be found in Bewick Studies (see Gardner-Medwin, 2003 in the reference list below). INTRODUCTION The following checklist contains the books that I have found recorded as being in the personal library of Thomas Bewick or in that of his family during his lifetime. A few books are also included which were strictly the property of the successive engraving and copperplate-printing firms of Beilby and Bewick, Thomas Bewick, or Thomas Bewick and Son, but were evidently used by Bewick in connection with his engraving on wood or on copper, the former particularly in his preparation of his natural history publications, A General History of Quadrupeds and History of British Birds. Sources The sources used are listed here as A-Z, in approximately chronological order. Primarily the list derives from three manuscript schedules of Thomas's books from the 1820s, in the handwriting of his son, Robert Elliot Bewick, now in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California (C-E below). In 1796 Thomas himself had made a similar list of the books bequeathed to him by his brother John (A, below). Further information comes from the catalogue of the sale, after her death, of the property of Isabella, Bewick's last surviving daughter, in 1884 (M below), from the catalogues of other collections, sales and libraries, and from a few publications, including Thomas Bewick's own Memoir, first published posthumously in 1862. Some of his book purchases were also recorded in Bewick's business Cash Books (U below). Occasionally his name is to be found in subscribers' lists (W) and in a few instances books once in his possession and now in theirs have been reported to me by private owners. One potential source that has not been adequately studied is Thomas Bewick's correspondence. There is little doubt that when this becomes available in published form (Bain, in preparation) it will add to our knowledge of Bewick's books and reading habits as it will to all aspects of his life. In 1806 Thomas Bewick's daughter Jane made a list of her books; there are two similar but undated lists in Robert's hand of his books and those of his sister Elizabeth (all in B below) but none for the middle sister or Thomas's wife, both named Isabella, though they certainly owned books. The catalogue of the Bewick sale of 1884 includes a number of children's books, some of which we may assume had been in the family's collection during Thomas's lifetime, while his children were young. All of these books, which seem to have belonged to the young family rather than Thomas Bewick himself, are listed here as a separate part of the checklist (Part 3). They are of interest as an example of an early 19th century children's library. A. Thomas Bewick's list of 1795. "Schedule of Sundry Goods &c left to me by Bror. John" ­ a ms drawn up by Thomas Bewick c.10 December 1795 (Tyne & Wear Archives 1269/258). It was transcribed and published by Tattersfield (2001 pp 204-6). B. Three lists of children's books c.1806. Three ms lists, two in Robert Elliot Bewick's handwriting
and the third in Jane's, headed "Elizh Bewicks Books" (16 items), "R.E Bewicks Books" (9 items), and "July 30th 1806 Jane Bewicks Books" (49 items), all now in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California. Examined on microfilm at Newcastle City Library (Bewick Coll. 545). C. Robert Bewick's list of May 1822. "Catalogue of books belonging to Thos Bewick in drawing room May 19, 1822." Manuscript by R.E. Bewick, now at Huntington Library, San Marino, California, examined on microfilm at Newcastle City Library (Bewick Coll. 545). D. Robert Bewick's list of December 1822. "Catalogue of books belonging to Mr Thos Bewick, Gateshead, Decr 22 1822"; ms as above. This list, alone, is divided into the eight "classes" set out in the list of contents above. E. Robert Bewick's list of 1826. "Books by of Thos Bewick, 1826"; ms as above. F. Jane Bewick's list of 1865. A rough list in Jane Bewick's handwriting, on what appear to be page proofs of Bewick's Memoirs (1862), headed "Chiffonier, Sep 4. 1865"; now in the Huntington Library and on microfilm as in B-E above. (Another list of Jane's which follows this, headed "Sent to Mr Jupp", includes no informative items for our purpose.) The death of Elizabeth Bewick on 7 April 1865 may have led her surviving sisters to reappraise the family collection of Bewickiana. The list may be incomplete since amongst the children's books, at the end of the penultimate page, is written "And a great variety of little books for Children". G. Hugo, T. The Bewick Collector, and Supplement (1866 and 1868). H. Hugo catalogue, 1877. Catalogue of Revd Thomas Hugo's collection, sold by Sotheby, 8th August 1877. (The copy at Pease 213, shows prices paid). This largely duplicates the relevant information in G above. J. Jupp catalogue, 1878. Catalogue of E.B. Jupp's collection, sold by Christie, February 1878 (Pease, 216). K. Kerslake list, 1878. A list of 14 works from the Bewick library "accidentally destroyed", published by Thomas Kerslake, a Bristol bookseller (Kerslake, 1878). The list was reproduced in Robinson's Bewick Memento (c1884, page 7) - the Memento also includes an elaborate reprint of the Bewick Sale Catalogue (M) with buyers and prices (copy in Pease Collection, item 207). L. Library of the Natural History Society of Northumbria, Hancock Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne, including books donated to the Society by Isabella Bewick in 1881. M. Bewick Sale of 1884. Catalogue of a scarce and curious collection of books and engravings, formerly belonging to Thomas Bewick, the eminent wood engraver, ... to be sold by auction, ... by Messrs. Davison and Son, within the Academy of Arts, Blackett Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1884) hereafter "Bewick Sale, 1884". N. Robinson, R. Thomas Bewick, his Life and Times, 1887. The book contains a "Catalogue of the principal works illustrated by Thomas and John Bewick", 45 in number, (pages 274-305) and identifies some items formerly owned by Thomas Bewick. O. Boyd catalogue, 1892. Catalogue of the "Julia Boyd" Collection sold by Davison and Son, Newcastle (Boyd, 1892). Pease 208. P. Barnes catalogue, 1894. Catalogue of J.W. Barnes' collection, sold by R. & W. Mack, May 1894 (Pease, 203). Barnes was an executor of the will of Jane Bewick. Q. Pinkney catalogue, 1895. Catalogue of the valuable library of Robert Pinkney, Esq, of 90 Piccadilly, formerly of Newcastle ..., sold by Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge, 1st and 2nd May, 1895 (Pease 220). R. Newcastle City Library Bewick Collection (including the Pease Collection). The Pease bequest, comprising the majority of the collection, was catalogued by Anderton and Gibson (1904). S. Marshall catalogue, 1909. Catalogue of the John Mitchell Marshall collection (Marshall 1909). The copy in the Newcastle City Library (Bewick Coll. 343) is marked with some prices paid but only occasionally with the buyer's name. T. University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Robinson Library, Special Collections. U. Cashbooks 1777-1828 and other Workshop records. The records of the successive firms of Beilby and Bewick, Thomas Bewick, and Thomas Bewick and Son are in the Tyne & Wear Archives, Newcastle upon Tyne (T&WA 1269) and the cash books (1269/1-10) record a number of identifiable book purchases. Many others must be concealed behind general statements like "Binding 3 Books 2s."
on 2.10.1790 "pd Bell bookseller for sundries Ј4.11.10" on 21.6.1799, "Charnley's Note Ј2.2.3Ѕ" on 2.1.1802, or even "Paid Mrs Kidd for 3 Books of Impressions 15s." on 14.5.1811. Mrs Kidd was the widow of J.A. Kidd, freelance engraver, who had died on 1 May (T&WA 1269/6; see also Tattersfield (1999) p.11). In the ledger T&WA 1269/84 at pp. 103-4, Jane Bewick recorded the sale of some family books to Thomas Kerslake (as in K above) in 1859. One batch included ten copies of British Birds (for Ј9-17-6), a copy of the Vignettes (for Ј1-1-0), a vellum paper family copy of the Quadrupeds (377 below) for Ј21, and `Latin books for Ј7-0-0'. These last were 13 volumes (not all in Latin) such as Gerard's Herbal, Topsell's Foure-footed beastes, Stradanus, a Vulgate, an Ovid etc. Jane wrote later under her list of these books "All these latin books as above were sold to Kerslake for Ј7!!!". Another batch included five works on penmanship, two books on vases, Ricard's work on grotesque heads, all sold for 10s. These books are identifiable in the catalogue below by searching on "1269/84". V. Bewick's Memoir (1975). First published in a heavily edited form in 1862; the original text (Bain, 1975) identifies a few books as in Bewick's possession. Some of these are also cited in his History of British Birds or other publications but only the Memoir identifies them as Bewick's own property. W. Subscribers' lists. Bewick's name occasionally appears on subscribers' lists in published books. Two books to which his wife, Isabella, subscribed were also found. Sources: Romulus Press: Biography Database 1680-1830 (CD) and chance findings. X. John Bell manuscript. An undated manuscript statement reporting the sale of books (and failure to sell others) by John Bell of Newcastle for Beilby and Bewick, probably in about 1797 (ex inf. Iain Bain). For details see under Brisson's Ornithologie (119) below. Y. National Trust's collection, Cherryburn, Northumberland (Thomas Bewick's birthplace). This contains some of the books themselves, coded Y, and also an undated manuscript (catalogued as Schiller 260), probably in the hand of Robert Elliot Bewick, which includes a short list of books owned by Thomas Bewick's children "we had good store of nice little gilt backed books ... to these my uncle [John Bewick] brot us a large addition". Those on this list are coded Ys. Z. Other sources. These are described individually in the entries concerned. Arrangement The checklist is arranged in three parts, but with the items numbered 1-487 consecutively. In Parts 1 and 2 are all of the books known or suspected to have been at any time the personal property of Thomas Bewick. Most of these are in Part 1, including the few copies of the Quadrupeds and British Birds mentioned in Robert Bewick's lists (C-E). In Part 1, the books are arranged according to the eight "classes" used by Robert Bewick in his longest list, that of December 1822 (D). Where he used mixed categories ("Arts, Sciences, Mathematics and Heraldry &c" for example) and the number of items makes for confusion, these subcategories have been separated. An added category of "Politics", not used by Robert Bewick, has been put into Class VI because of the special interest of these books as possible indicators of Thomas Bewick's radical interests. Within these classes and throughout his other lists Robert Bewick seems to have listed the books in a wholly random order without attention to subject matter, date, size, the alphabet, or any other discernible system. They have here been re-ordered alphabetically by author, or by title where no author is identified. Where the title is questionable, that given in the most informative original source is used. Readers interested in the original order which may, for example, have reflected the way the family's books were shelved, will need to look at the manuscript sources. Items for which there is no evidence for or against specific ownership by Thomas Bewick (as opposed to other members of the family) are included in square brackets; and throughout, any books owned by the family but published or known to have been acquired after Bewick's death in 1828 are omitted. The many stock copies of Bewick's own publications which remained in the family's possession and were sold in 1884 are also excluded. The sale catalogue M included many un-named "other" books in several of the lots; some of these may have been books now identifiable only in schedules A-E or that remain unknown.
Part 2 contains all copies of Bewick's Quadrupeds and British Birds (and related books) known to have been at least for a time in Thomas Bewick's personal collection or that of his family during his lifetime, separated from Part 1 only for convenience, because they are so numerous. They are arranged by date of publication. Naturally many other copies of books illustrated by him passed through Thomas's hands, including some copies that he inscribed as gifts to friends, but these are excluded unless they had previously been held in his own library or had been his working copies.
In Part 3 are the children's books listed in B and some from the 1884 sale M, but excluding any where additional evidence indicates ownership by Thomas Bewick (which are in Part 1). As in Part 1 they are arranged alphabetically by author or by title where no author is mentioned.
Codes and markings The sources of information, coded A-Z, are indicated for each title in the checklist. Some marks of unknown significance (=, x or ) preceding many items in list C are reproduced here. These marks appear to have been added after the completion of the list, somewhat untidily and with a different pen, perhaps by another member of the family.
Books in list D are coded D1-D8 according to the class in which they were put by Robert Bewick. Items in the sale and collection catalogues are shown with the lot or catalogue number following the code letter.
Items in Parts 1 and 3 marked * contain illustrations drawn or engraved by Thomas or John Bewick; in the case of John, the JB numbers from Tattersfield's (2001) catalogue are given. Items where there is doubt about the attribution as their personal work or which have a claim to being illustrated by Thomas's pupils or family are marked (*).
"Bewick Library number". In several volumes in the Natural History Society and Pease collections a characteristic number appears on the upper outer corner of the flyleaf or elsewhere on the endpapers (Mrs June Holmes, Archivist to the Natural History Society, kindly drew my attention to these). The handwriting has been provisionally identified by Iain Bain as Robert Bewick's. This suggests that at some time before 1881, and perhaps before 1849 when Robert Bewick died, the books in the Bewick family library were numbered, and that a corresponding list or catalogue may have existed. If so, its whereabouts are now unknown. The sequence of these numbered books does not correspond to any of the Bewick family's lists (A-F). To complicate the situation, a copy of Bewick's Memoir (1862 edition, Pease 188), with manuscript notes by Jane Bewick and inserted proof copies of many Bewick wood engravings, has a detached but probably original flyleaf with a tell-tale `No 3' in a similar hand. Three similarly grangerised copies of the Memoir, numbered 5, 6, and 7, are in the collection of Iain Bain. It cannot be assumed that any such numbering system was used during Thomas Bewick's lifetime, or that the books given such numbers were necessarily ipso facto ever in his own possession. The books in which such numbers have so far been found are those numbered in this catalogue: 46, 65, 69, 117, 120, 133, 136, 144, 342, 357, and possibly 379.
Abbreviations BL ESTC JB Nat Hist Soc n.d. TB T&WA
British Library Catalogue English Short Title Catalogue (for the 18th century) John Bewick, for the numbering of his works given by Tattersfield (2000) Natural History Society of Northumbria (Newcastle upon Tyne) No date ­ i.e. no recorded date of publication. Thomas Bewick Tyne & Wear Archives
A note on Bewick's access to books other than his own In July ­ September 1791 Bewick made good use of the ornithological library formed by the late
Marmaduke Tunstall at Wycliffe in Yorkshire while he was there sketching the birds in Tunstall's museum (see under Buffon Natural history of birds (120) below). He also recorded in his Memoir (1975 edition, pp 116-117) the use or loan of bird books from the libraries of other gentlemen. In 1736 two additional stories were built over the new vestry of St Nicholas Church in Newcastle to house the extensive library donated to the Corporation of Newcastle, for public use, by the Revd Dr Robert Thomlinson, Vicar of Whickham. The collection of more than 1600 volumes (now in the City Library) included many works of natural history and others that would have been of interest to Bewick. The vestry library was half-way between and only a few yards from the two workshops, at Amen Corner and in the southeast corner of the Churchyard, where Bewick worked. However, at that very time, between the late 1760s and late 1820s, the duties of the librarian were frequently neglected and access to the library appears to have been limited, perhaps at times impossible (Mackenzie, 1827). Bewick made no known mention of the library, and it remains unknown whether he made any use of it, even during the short periods when access was improved. Subscription libraries were run by a number of Newcastle printers and booksellers, including Joseph Barber at Amen Corner and William Charnley at the bottom of the Groat Market, both very well known to Bewick. Again he made no mention of using these, evidently preferring as a young man to arrive early in the morning before work at the workshop of the bookbinder William Gray in Pudding Chare, and there to read the "Works of the best Authors" left there by gentlemen for binding (Memoir). In 1799, six years after its foundation, Bewick was elected to membership of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne. At that time the Society's rooms were in the Groat Market, conveniently close to the workshop and to Bewick's home on the Forth. Almost from the beginning, the Society accumulated a library, at first largely scientific in emphasis, and its book stock increased from about 500 in 1796, to 4000 in 1807 and 8000 in 1825 (Parish, 1986). As it grew, the range of subjects rather closely resembled that of Bewick's own library, so it seems probable that it would have been of great interest to Bewick and in view of his habit of making use of books whenever he had access to them, it is difficult to imagine his not making good use of his membership. Nevertheless, once again, in his Memoir he makes no mention of using the library of the "Lit and Phil". THE CHECKLIST PART 1 BOOKS FORMERLY IN THE POSSESSION OF THOMAS BEWICK (EXCLUDING BEWICK'S QUADRUPEDS AND BRITISH BIRDS, UNLESS LISTED IN ROBERT BEWICK'S SCHEDULES C-E, AND CHILDREN'S BOOKS NOT IDENTIFIED AS THOMAS'S PROPERTY) CLASS I: History, Civil & Literary, Biography 1. *Abridgment of English History (D1,?E,?U) "Parcel/ Goldsmith Hisy Engd/ Grafton Picddy 4s.2d." bought on 20.4.1803 (T&WA 1269/5) (U). "English History" (E) Possibly Goldsmith O. An Abridgment of the History of England, from the invasion of Julius Caesar, to the death of George the Second, by Dr. Goldsmith. And continued, by an eminent writer, to the Peace of Amiens, A.D. 1802. Eleventh edition. With heads by Bewick. London: Clarke and Co. Manchester; W. Jones, Liverpool; Hazard, Bath; and Rawson and Co. Hull, 1803, or an earlier edition. Hugo (1866, No. 80) describes the 33 heads of Kings and Queens, as by Thomas Bewick.
2. Beauties of Biography, 2 vols. 12mo, (A,C=,D1) "1 vol Beauties of Biography" (A). "Beauties of Biography 2 Vol. 12/mo" (C) Probably The Beauties of Biography: containing the lives of the most illustrious persons who have flourished in Great Britain, France, ... and other parts of Europe ..., 2 vols. 12mo, London: G. Kearsley, 1777.
3. Biographical Dictionary 1794
"Biographical Dictionary" (A).
"Biographical Dictionary 1794" (D).
(Possibly Strutt, J. A biographical dictionary: containing an historical account of all the engravers,
from the earliest period of the art ..., (London: printed by J Davis for R. Faulder, 1784, 1785, no 1794
edition identified) - as suggested by Tattersfield, 2000.
An alternative is: A New Biographical Dictionary; or Pocket Compendium: containing a brief account
of the lives and writings of the most eminent and remarkable persons in every age and nation. London:
E. Newbery, 1794.) Details taken from an advertisement at the end of The Beauties of History (1796),
see Dodd (5, below). The ESTC gives just eminent persons in the title and lists the publishers as G.G.
& J. Robinson, J. Wallis, J. Scatcherd, and E. Newbery.
4. (*)A Compendious History of England, 1789.
Wood engravings in the 1794 edition are by John Bewick (Tattersfield, 2001, JB11). The copy in A
may have been of this edition.
"Compendious History of England, Wood cuts" (A)
"History of England, with 32 cuts of Kings and Queens (imperfect), 12mo, T. Carnan, 1789." (M13)
Editions: A Compendious History of England, from the Invasion by the Romans, to the present time ... London: T. Carnan, 1789 (illus. 12o); and
A Compendious History of England, from the Invasion by the Romans, to the War with France in
MDCCXCIV. With Thirty-two cuts of all the Kings and Queens ..., London: GG & J Robinson, W Bent
and J Scratcherd, 1794.
(Bought by RG McKenzie in 1884 for 3/-.)
5. * Dodd, Dr. W. Beauties of History, 2nd edition, Vernor and Hood, 1796 "Beauties of History by the late Dr Dodd" (A).
"Beauties of History Vignettes by Bewick 1796" (F).
"Dodd, Dr. W. Beauties of History, 2nd edition, Vernor and Hood, 1796" (M195).
Doubtless: Dodd, W[illiam]. The Beauties of History; or, Pictures of Virtue and Vice: drawn from
examples of men, eminent for their virtues or infamous for their vices. Selected for the Instruction and
Entertainment of Youth. By the late W. Dodd LL.D. The second edition, with considerable additions
and improvements and ornamented with vignettes by Bewick, London: Vernor and Hood, E. Newbery,
and Darton and Harvey, 1796.
(Frontispiece, and vignettes by John Bewick.The vignettes are borrowed from The looking glass for the
mind ... (see Tattersfield, 2000, JB39). The first edition (1795) is unillustrated and the third (1800) has
many illustrations by other artists, with only a few vignettes that are possibly from the Bewick
(Listed as Jane's in 1806. Bought by DC Thomson, for 5/-, 1884.)
6. (*)Dodd, Dr. W. Beauties of History ..., 3rd Edition, 1800;
(Inscribed "The gift of T. Bewick to R.E. Bewick, on the first day of the new Century, 1st January,
1801" in Bewick's hand. Bought by Robert Robinson for Ј1-10-0, in 1884.)
7. Grimston. Historie of the Netherlands, folio; imperfect. Full-length copperplates of Kings and Governors. (As above in K5).
"Histy of the Netherlands ... very imperfect with portraits on wood" (T&WA 1269/84) (U). Probably: Edward Grimstone. A generall historie of the Netherlands: with the genealogie and memorable acts ...: continued unto ... 1608 ..., folio, London: A. Islip & G. Eld, 1608; or a later edition. It is intriguing that Jane Bewick and Kerslake differed as to whether the portraits were engraved on wood or copper.
8. Heylyn, P. Help to English History, 12mo, 1675. (D1,K8,U) "Heylen Help to English History with Arms 1 vol." (D) "A Help to English History B.P. Heyliss[?] D.D. printed for Thos Basset 1675 printed by C. Wilkinson" (T&WA 1269/84) (U). "Help to English History. By P. Heylyn. 1675, 12mo" (K8). (Probably: [Heroologia] Anglorum; or, an help to English History: containing a succession of all the Kings of England ... continued to this present year, 12mo, London: 1675)
9. [Historical Questions
Not identified, possibly something like:
Historical Questions from the Bible, with answers, 3rd edit, Bath: Hazard, 1798; or
An epitome of Scriptural History. To which are added Historical Questions, designed as exercises for
young persons, Newport Pagnell: J. Ward, 1819.]
10. History of the Bastille
Possibly: History of the Castle of the Bastille by one who has been long confined there, Editions 1789
and 1791 (as suggested by Tattersfield, 2001); or
Craufurd, Quentin. The history of the Bastile [sic]: with a concise account of the late revolution in
France ... , London: T. Cadell, 1790.
11. History of [?Horre]
"Mr Scott for 12 Numbers Histy Horre[?] Ј2.14.0" paid 10.4.1811 (T&WA 1269/6).
The scanty clues and illegible crucial word may make this unidentifiable. Nor was there a bookseller
called Scott in Newcastle; an auctioneer in Gateshead, Robert Scott, is a bare possibilty (Mitchell's
Directory, 1801).
12. History of the War of 1741 and Rebellion of 1745 (D1,E) "History of the War of 1741 & Rebelln 1745" (D). "History of the War of 1741" (E). Probably: Voltaire, M. de. The history of the war of seventeen hundred and forty-one; containing the history of that war till the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748. ... to which is annexed a particular account of the rise, progress, and extinction of the Rebellion in G. Britain in 1745 and 1746. Edinburgh: W. Gray, 1758; or the earlier London edition published by J. Nourse in 1756.
13. (*)Hume, [David]. History of England, 16 Vols. 8vo.
"Hume's Histy of England 9 Vols. 8/vo" (C & D) "... 15 Vols" (E)
"Hume and Smollett's History of England, 16 vols., 1803, half-calf, gilt" (M83).
Hugo (1868 No 4152) reports an 8 volume edition of Hume (1803) with tailpieces, some of which he
believed to be by Bewick; probably the 12mo Edinburgh edition of 1803. Numerous editions were
published and many `sets' were a mixture of editions. Hume's volumes covered the period before and
Smollett's that after the revolution of 1688.
(Bought by DC Thomson for 8/6, in 1884.)
14. [Life of John Elwes
Possibly: Edward Topham. The life of John Elwes, Esquire, Member in three successive British
Parliaments for Berkshire, London: Berry & Rogers, 1790.
"The Life of John Elwes 2 books 1s." paid on 13.3.1790 (T&WA 1269/2).]
15. Murray, [Revd J.] History of the American War, 2 vols. 8vo (C=,D1,E) "Murray's American War. 2 Vols: 8/vo" (C & D). Probably the Revd James Murray An impartial history of the present war in America; containing and account of its rise and progress, the political spring thereof, with its various successes and disappointments on both sides, 2 vols. 8vo (Newcastle: T. Robson, Side [and others], n.d. [1778]). A third volume, started by Murray, was finished by the Revd W. Graham (1781). (The Rev James Murray of Newcastle for whom Thomas Bewick engraved a copper plate of the "Theban Harp" as his first job after returning from London in June 1777 (Memoir, p. 77. Accounts of Murray will be found in Welford (1895) and Ashraf (1983)).
16. Narrative of the Rebellion in 1745, 12mo. 1779. (C=,D1) "Narrative of the Rebellion in 1745 - 12mo" (D). Probably: A short and true narrative of the rebellion in 1745 beginning with the Young Chevalier's entry into the West of Scotland, until his banishment out of France, 180p.12mo, Edinburgh: for the booksellers, 1779; but possibly a later edition of: Galloway, Robert. Poems, epistles and songs, chiefly in the Scottish dialect ... narrative of the Rebellion in 1745, Glasgow: R. Galloway, 1788.
17. Pennant, Thomas. The Literary Life of, by himself, 1 vol. royal 4to or Folio, 1793, boards. (C=,D1,F,M131) "Pennant's Literary Life Folio 1793" (C), "4to" (D and F), "royal 4to" (M). No doubt: The literary life of the late Thomas Pennant, Esq., by himself, 4to, London: Benjamin & John White, and R. Faulder, 1793. (Bought by Jarvis and Son for 4/-, in 1884.)
18. [Plutarch Lives, 6 vols. 12mo, half-calf, 1826. (Bought by J Myles, for 5/-, in 1884.)]
19. Richardson, Josh Literary Relics 1 vol. 4to, 1807 (C=,D1) "Literary Relics of late Josh Richardson. 1 Vol 4/to 1807" (C). "Richardsons Literary Relics 1 Vol. 1807" (D). Doubtless: Richardson, Joseph. Literary relics consisting of the comedy of "The Fugitive", and a few short poems, 4to, London: 1807.
20. Robertson History of England, 2 vols. 4to, 1784. (C=,D1,E) Doubtless: Robertson, James. A new and complete history of England, from the earliest authentic records, to the middle of the year 1785. 2 Volumes. Newcastle: Brown and Thompson, 1784 and 1785. (The 28 copperplates have decorative borders somewhat in the style of the Beilby & Bewick workshop, but the single recorded draughtsman, Dodd or Dod, and the three recorded engravers, Cook, Page and Phillips, were not employed there.)
21. *A Sketch of Universal History, (A) Doubtless: A Sketch of Universal History. To which is added, a brief chronology of the most remarkable events in theHistory of England ... London: J. Stockdale, 1789. With 36 wood cuts of the heads of kings by John Bewick (Tattersfield, 2001, JB57).
22. Smollett History of England, 15 vols. 8vo, half-calf, 1758 (C=,D1,E,M79) "Smollett's History of England 15 Vols: 8/vo" (C,D,E) "Smollett History of England, 15 vols. 8vo, half-calf, 1758" (M79) Probably: Smollett TG. A History of England from the Revolution to the death of George the Second: (designed as a continuation of Mr Hume's History), 8vo. (The British Library catalogue records 1757/8 and 1758/60 London (Rivington & Fletcher) editions of 4 and 11 volumes, but none of 15 volumes.)
Smollett's early editions had the title A complete history of England, from the descent of Julius Caesar, to the Treaty of Aix la Chapelle, (eg the London edition of 1748). (Bought by RG McKenzie for 6/-, in 1884. Bewick wrote `I had read Smolletts Works and almost adored him as an Author' (Memoir p. 63).)
23. [Straker Life of Sir Walter Blackett, 1819. (M28) Probably J[ohn] S[traker], Memoirs of the public life of Sir Walter Blackett, of Wallington, baronet: with a pedigree ... Newcastle: S. Hodgson, 1819. (Bought for 9/- by Major Cowen, in 1884.)]
24. Thomson, [the Revd George]. The Spirit of General History, in a series of lectures from the eighth to the eighteenth century: ... , small 4to, Carlisle: printed by F. Jollie and sold by B. Law, London,1791. (C=,D1,E,W) "Thompson's Spirit of General History. 1791" (C). "Spirit of General History by Revd Geo. Thompson" (E). "Mr Thomas Bewick" is one of the 99 Newcastle names in the long list of subscribers.
25. (*)[Thompson] Life of John Thompson, Mariner, ..., 1817. (C=,D1,E,U) "Life of John Thompson, Mariner" (C). "Life of John Thompson" (D). "Life of John Thompson, Mariner 1817" (E). "The Russian Sailor's Book 4s." paid on 8.12.1810 (T&WA 1269/6) (U). (Seven days earlier the cash book records the receipt of Ј8 for "The Poor Russian Sailor ­ John Thompson's" with a marginal sketch of a man with a thigh amputation sitting on the ground ­ presumably the poor sailor in question. The implication seems to be that Bewick had supplied illustrations to the considerable tune of Ј8 and then bought a copy of the book.) No doubt: Life of John Thompson, Mariner, written by himself: also, his Divine Selections in Prose and Verse, from esteemed authors, (the 12mo, 1810 edition was printed by J. Catnach for the author in Newcastle; this seems to fit the copy recorded in the cash book. No 1817 edition has yet been identified). The author says in the opening paragraph that his real name was Godfried Thomas Leschinsky; he was born in Riga. Hugo (1866, No 259) claims it has two tailpieces by Thomas Bewick.
26. Ure, David, AM. History of Rutherglen, 1793. "History of Rutherglen by Davd Ure AM. 1793" (C). "Ure's Dd History of Rutherglen 1793" (D).
Probably: David Ure. The history of Rutherglen and East-Kilbride, published with a view to promote
the study of antiquity and natural history. Illustrated with plates, Glasgow: printed by D. Niven, 1793.
(Bewick mentions Dr David Ure LLD of Glasgow as the first person to embarrass him by praising the
Quadrupeds (Memoir, p.107). The natural history content is slight with the exception of the geology,
especially fossils, and an extensive section on leeches! The quite numerous Newcastle subscribers do
not include Bewick. Both Bewick and Ure (then of Edinburgh) were subscribers to Bonner on
Bee-hives (118 q.v.) in 1795.)
27. Whiston [William] Works of Flavius Josephus, History of the Jews 1 vol. 4to, 1784 (C=,D1,E) "Works of Flavius Josephus 4/to 1784 'Whiston's" (C). "Whiston's Works of Fs Josephus, Histy of Jews 1 Vol 4/to" (D) "Whiston's Josephus (Quarto)" (E). Probably one volume of (or a copy, bound in one volume, of): The genuine works of Flavius Josephus, translated ... by William Whiston, 2 vols. Newcastle upon Tyne: Printed by L. Dinsdale and sold for him and T. Angus, 1784.
28. Yate On parliamentary reform, 2 vols. 8vo 1812 (C)
"Yate on Parliamentary Reform, 2 Vol. 8/vo 1812" (C). No doubt: Yate, W.H. Political and historical arguments, proving the necessity of a Parliamentary Reform, and pointing out the means ... 2 vols. Edinburgh: printed by A. Balfour for M. Jones, Simcoe, etc (London) and many others including Charnley & Son (Newcastle), 1812.
CLASS II: Voyages & Travels, Descriptions of Foreign Countries, Geography, County History, British Topography &c
29. (*)An Account of the Great Flood in the River Tyne, on Saturday Morning, Dec. 30, 1815. To which is added, A Narrative of the Great Flood in the Rivers Tyne, Tease [sic], and Wear, &c. on the 16th and 17th Nov. 1771 With an account of the Eruption of Solway Moss, Newcastle: John Bell, 1816. (M164) "An Account of the Great Floods, 1771-1815, printed for John Bell, on the Quay, Newcastle, 1816" (M164). Hugo (1866, No 345) states that four engravings are by Thomas Bewick. (Inscribed 'To Mr. Thomas Bewick, from his friend John Bell'. Bought in a lot together with Bell's Figures in Rhyme, A Right Merry Garland, and A Garland of Bells, for 12/- by R. Donkin, in 1884.)
29a. A map of England and Wales, topographically illustrative of national & civil history. A folding
map, forming the frontispiece to (Anon.) An accompaniment to the topographical map of England and
Wales, interspersed with poetical quotations. Newcastle: E. Charnley; Baldwin, Craddock and Joy,
London; and other booksellers, 1823.
See also 294, possibly the same.
(Inscribed on the title page "The Gift of Thomas Bewick. Engraver. Newcastle to his Daugter [sic]
Isabella Bewick, 17 March 1824". It looks as if "Thomas Bewick. Engraver. Newcastle" may have
formed his own ownership inscription before the other words were added. In publisher's boards with
later paper spine. Map lacks its lowest one third. No "Bewick Library number".)
30. American Geography, 1792.
"American Geography 1792" (D)
Probably: Moise, Jedidiah, The American geography; or, a view of the present situation of the United
States of America: ... Second edit. London: John Stockdale, 1792.
31. [Baillie] An impartial history of the Town and County of Newcastle upon Tyne and its vicinity, Newcastle: Vint & Anderson, 1801. (D2,E,W) "Vint's History of Newcastle 1 Vol. 8vo" (D). "Vint & Anderson's History of Newcastle" (E). (Bewick appears twice in the alphabetical subscriber's list, as "­ Bewick, engraver, Newcastle" and as "Thomas Bewick, Newcastle". The identity of Baillie's history and Vint's is supported by the date and publisher, the absence of Baillie's name from the title page (or elsewhere in the book), failure to identify any such book with Vint or Anderson as authors, and the fact that a definite excerpt from Baillie's history is in The Reports, Papers, Catalogues &c of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne, collected by Anthony Hedley (Newcastle: printed by T. & J. Hodgson, 1801) where it is given the contemporary handwritten title `An account of the Literary and Philosophical Society and Thomlinson's Library from Vint and Anderson's History of Newcastle'.) 32. Cole, B[?]. History of Ecton in Co of Northampton, 1825. (E) No doubt: Cole, John. The History and Antiquities of Ecton: in the County of Northampton, Scarborough: John Cole; London, Longman [and others], 1825; (ill. three leaves of plates). (John Cole, bookseller and antiquary, came from Northamptonshire but later opened a bookshop in Scarborough (Oxford DNB). His diaries, in York Minster Archive, refer to a visit by Bewick to Scarborough, as follows: 'In July of this year (1827) that celebrated Engraver Mr Thomas Bewick paid
Scarborough a visit, when I had the pleasure to enjoy much of his company & conversation. He was accompanied by two of his daughters. ... Mr Bewick remembered Oliver Goldsmith well... One morning during this visit he presented me with a proof ... of the blue throated Robin ... .' Bewick accompanied Cole to the opening of the Cliff Bridge, Scarborough on 19 July 1827. Cole may well have presented the Ecton book to Bewick on this occasion (information kindly supplied by Mr Rodney Ingram). Cole and Bewick may have been acquainted before 1827, however, since two of Cole's books were said to be illustrated by Bewick, according to F.G. Stephens's A collection of drawings and woodcuts of Thomas Bewick exhibited at the Fine Arts Society's rooms in 1880 ... also a complete list [of TB's works], London: Fine Arts Society, 1881. The two are: A bibliographic and descriptive tour from Scarborough to the library of a bibliophilist in its neighbourhood by J. Cole. 8vo. Scarborough, 1824, with a woodcut on the title page, and "Cole's Catalogue [ie A Descriptive Catalogue of a Select Portion of the Stock of John Cole, Bookseller, Scarborough'] Scarborough, 1825, with one cut". The initial is badly written, though not like a J. 33. *Consett, Matthew. A Tour through Sweden, Swedish-Lapland, Finland and Denmark, 4to, London: J. Johnson, W. Goldsmith, T. Lewis and R. Christopher, 1789. (?F,M174,O910,R23,Z) (Seven copperplates, lacks frontispiece; inscribed "A Gift from T Bewick to his daughter Jane 1823" in Bewick's hand; inscriptions on several of the plates by Jane Bewick. She states that Thomas Bewick engraved all the plates present, and also drew the plate of the reindeer, in 1786. A partly effaced pencil inscription records that the antlers of the reindeer [drawn during life at Ravensworth] afterwards ornamented [Bewick's house on the Forth] in 1805. The statement was later updated in ink, when the antlers ornamented the Bewicks' kitchen in Gateshead. M174 notes the missing frontispiece, and that an extra proof impression of the "Kader" and a drawing of the Lapland women in Indian ink were inserted. These points are not mentioned in the Pease catalogue. The proof of the Kader (Capercaillie) is now missing; the drawing of the women is present (entitled "SIGRE and ANAAEI [sic] two Lapland Girls") and may be the work of Consett; it shows the same costumes as Bewick illustrated in his copper-plate but the postures of the women and the background are different. The existence of such a drawing is mentioned in the text at page 149. The Bewick Memento (n.d., c 1884) records the sale of this copy to W.T. Johnson at the Bewick Sale in 1884, for Ј1-12-6. Miss Boyd loaned the book to the Bewick Exhibition (1886 ­ item 102) (Z). The catalogue (Pease 208) of the sale of the Julia Boyd Collection (1892) - Lot 910 - notes the inserted drawing, and confirms "Purchased at the Bewick sale in 1884". The sequence of owners is thus established - Thomas, Jane, and Isabella Bewick, Johnson, Boyd, Pease, City Library.) 34. Cook's Last Voyage, 4 vols., 8vo. (C,D2,E) ("Cooks last Voyage 4 Vols. 8/vo" (C) "Cooke's last Voyage 4 Vols. 8vo" (D) "Cookes last Voyage 2 Vols: 8/vo" (E) Possibly: An abridgement of Captain Cook's last voyage: performed in the years 1776,1777,1778, 1779 and 1780 ... London: G. Kearsley, 1787 (5th edition, or another); or Compendious history of Captain Cook's last voyage ..., (edition London: J. Fielding & J. Stockdale, ?1785). But these were not issued in four volumes. 35. [Cook Voyages, plates, 4 vols. bound in two, 8vo, 1784. (M26) Possibly: A compendious history of Captain Cook's first and second voyages ... 2 vols. London: G. Kearsley, 1784. (Beilby and Bewick engraved copperplates for a later edition of Cook's Voyages, printed by M. Brown of Newcastle in 1790 (see Pease 54). The 1784 edition may have been obtained by Bewick during the preparation of these plates. Bought for 6/6 by R Robinson, in 1884.)] 36. Feldborg, A. Denmark Delineated 3 vols. 8vo. 1821-1824 (C=,D2,E,M73) "=Denmark Delineated Part 1. 8/vo 1821" (C) "Denmark delineated [blank] Vols 8vo 1821" listed twice (D).
"Denmark delineated 3 Vols" (E) "Feldborg (A.) Denmark Delineated, royal 8vo, plates, half-calf, 1824" (M73) Probably: AA Feldborg. Denmark delineated: or sketches of the present state of that country ... illustrated with engravings from the designs of eminent Dutch artists, 8vo, Edinburgh, [1821-]1824. (Bought by Mrs Jobling for 5/-, in 1884.)
37. Howlett Select Views in the County of Lincoln
"Howletts Select Views in County of Lincoln" (D).
"Select Views County of Lincoln" (E).
Probably: Howlett, Bartholomew. A selection of views in the County of Lincoln: ... with plates, London:
W. Miller, 1805 or 1813.
38. [Hutton, William. History of the Roman Wall, plates, 8vo, 1802. (M154) Probably: William Hutton The history of the Roman wall: which crosses the island of Britain ... London: J. Nichols and Son, 1802. (Bought by the Rev JF Bigge for 9/6, in 1884.)]
39. *[Lingard, Rev. John. The Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church, Second Edition, 8vo, Newcastle:
Edw. Walker, 1810.
With two wood engravings by Thomas Bewick.
(Bound in half-morocco, bought by WJ Haggerston for 10/6, in 1884.)]
40. Mackenzie, E. An Historical, Topographical, and Descriptive View of the County of Northumberland ..., 2 vols, 8vo, Newcastle: Mackenzie and Dent, 1811. (D2,M80,U,W) (Hugo (1866, 464) claims the woodcuts in the second (1825) edition for Thomas Bewick; the name of Thomas Dick appears as engraver on most of the copperplates. In the first (1811) edition the plates are mostly attributed to R. Scott and may all be his work.) "Mackenzie & Dent for Histy Northd Ј1.8.0" paid 9.4.1813 (T&WA 1269/6) (U). "Mackenzies History of Northumberland 4 [sic] Vols 8vo" (D) "Mackenzie, E. History of Northumberland, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, 1811." (M80) (The list of subscribers includes `Thos. Bewick, Engraver, Newcastle' and `R. Beilby, Spital Place'. Bought by a Mr Lamb for Ј1 in 1884.)
41. Martin Geography, 2 vols. 4to. (D2) "Martin's Geography 2 Vols 4to" (D). Possibly: Martin, Benjamin. Philosophia Britannica, or, A new and comprehensive system of the Newtonian philosophy, astronomy and geography ... 3 vols. London: M. Cooper, 1759 (or other edition).
42. Morrison Views and Description of [?Seats near] Edinburgh,
"Morrison's Views & Descripn of S??ts ??t?ar Edinburgh" (D).
(The two almost illegible words in the title look like "Siuts" and (probably) "near" written over "at".
Could Morrison have been the publishers "Morrisons, booksellers of Perth" who commissioned Robert
Johnson to engrave copies of portraits "in the collection of the Earl of Breadalbane at Taymouth" in
1796 (Angus 1993 p.3)? Possibly the book is the same as an untitled portfolio of views of Midlothian
engraved by Robert Scott and published by Morison of Perth in 1795 (copy in Nat. Lib. Scotland).
43. [Paterson, W. Travels, lacking title page and some other prelims. (L) No doubt an edition of: Paterson, Lieutenant William. A narrative of four journeys into the country of the Hottentots and Caffraria: in the years one thousand, seven hundred and seventy-seven, eight and nine. London: J. Johnson, 1789 [1st edition], or 1790 [2nd edition]. (Inscribed on one of two blanks inserted between pp. vi and ix, "R.E. Bewicks Book Forth Newcastle". Listed in the 1916 catalogue as in Isabella Bewick's donation to the Nat Hist Soc of August 1881. Later
rebound using the old boards. The address "Forth" (occupied by the Bewicks 1781-1812) indicates that R.E.Bewick owned it in his father's lifetime. Hancock Museum accession number NEWHM.2002.H1055.)]
44. Pennant, Thomas. Some Account of London, 3rd edition, 4to, London: Robert Faulder, 1793. (M69,R) "Pennant, Thomas. Account of London, 4to, plates, morocco, 1793. Inscribed `The gift of Isabella Bewick to her daughter Elizabeth'." (M69). (Found in the reference section of Newcastle City Library and transferred to the Bewick Collection, July 2004. Bound in late 19th century blind stamped dark red morocco, all edges gilt. Inscribed on a flyleaf "To the ingenious Mr Bewick with the author's compliments. June 14th 1798" in Pennant's hand, and on the title page "The bequest of Isabella Bewick to her Daughter Elizabeth" in Thomas Bewick's. Referred to in a letter from Pennant to Bewick dated June 28 1798 "I sent last week a copy of my History of London, the best edition, to Mr. White, bookseller, Fleet Street, to be delivered to your order. May it prove some amusement to you" (Fox, 1827, p.25). Bought by R Robinson for 18/-, in 1884 (M69). Inscribed on verso of t.p. "Mawson Swan 1/10/4 S/O/l" (presumably sold by this Newcastle firm in October 1904) and with the bookplate of the City Library of about that date. The ownership between 1884 and 1904 is the only period unaccounted for. Probably rebound by Robinson. No Bewick library number.)
45. Salisbury Guide, (A,D2,E) (Identified by Tattersfield (2001) as by James Easton, with editions 1769 - 1800).
46. Sibbald, Sir Robert, M.D. The History, Ancient and Modern, of the Sheriffdoms of Fife and Kinross ... with an account of the natural products of the land and waters, A new edition, 8vo, Cupar - Fife: R. Tullis, 1803. (C=,D2,L) "Sibbalds History of Fife, 1 vol. 8vo. 1803" in C and D (double entry in D). (Inscribed "Ja. Wemys" in an unknown hand, and "to Thomas Bewick" in his; "Bewick Library number" "No 33" on flyleaf. Donated to Nat Hist Soc by Miss Isabella Bewick, August 1881. On 22.5.1804, not long after its publication, Bewick received from "Lt Col Wemyss 7s.6d." (T&WA 1269/5) and five weeks later he "Paid Jopling for cutting Col. Wemyss, landscape stone 3s." (ibid). At about this time also Bewick may have undertaken an engraving of the arms of the ancient Earls of Fife (Rush, 1987); but this was not published in the book. In the Memoir (page 181) Bewick describes "my gallant friend Coll.Wemys, of Wemys hall in Fife Shire formerly of the 11th Regt of foot & afterwards Coll. of the Fife Shire Militia" who spent some time in Newcastle "ardent in his pusuit after mechanical knowledge". See also item 301.)
47. *Trusler, Dr. The Habitable World Described, 12 vols. 8vo, plates, some designed by John Bewick,
1787, half-calf.
(Tattersfield, 2001, JB24, records that John Bewick contributed illustrations to six of the first ten
volumes of what became a twenty volume series. He quoted a letter of JB to TB saying that he stopped
subscribing by 1795 - presumably after 63 parts had been issued, comprising 12 volumes. Only M gives
the date as 1787. Tattersfield gives 1788-91 for J Bewick's contributions, in volumes II, IV, V, VIII-X.)
"Trusler's Habitable World Described 63 Numbers Compleat" (JB24) (A)
"Trusler's Habitable World 12 vols: 8/vo" (C)
"Trustler's Habitable World Described 12 Vols 8vo" (D).
(Bought by R Robinson for 8/6, in 1884.)
48. Vint Geography, 2 Vols. 8vo.
"Vint's Geography 2 Vols. 8/vo .geo:" (C)
"Vint's Geography 2 Vols. 8vo-" (D).
(".geo:" after 8vo in C, may indicate shelving under "Geography"; it appears to have been written in a
different hand.)
No doubt: Vint, John. A concise system of modern geography, or, a description of the terraqueous globe, exhibiting a distinct view of all nations; in which is given an historic account of their origin, their relative situations, their political constitutions, their laws, their religions, their natural productions, their arts, [etc] to which is prefixed a large introduction [in Volume 1] ... Enriched with every natural occurrence in Cook's Voyages Round the World ... and subjoined, a Complete History of the French Revolution, including all the events of the present war [in volume 2], 2 vols Newcastle: Vint and Anderson, 1800, 1801. ("Vint's History of Newcastle 1 Vol. 8vo" (D). "Vint & Anderson's History of Newcastle" (E). See Baillie's Impartial History ... (31), above.)
[CLASS III:] Poetry
49. Anderson, R. Cumberland Ballads, woodcuts, 12mo, 1808. (E,M101) "Ballads in Cumberland Dialect" (E). Possibly: Anderson, Robert. Ballads in the Cumberland Dialect, by ... With notes, ... and a glossary of words; and a life of the author, (Alnwick: Davison, nd); or: Anderson, R. Ballads in the Cumberland dialect, chiefly by ... Wigton: printed by R. Hetherton for B. Crosby & Co., London; F. Jollie and Sons, Carlisle, 1808. (Thomas Bewick's autograph on title. Bought by JW Martin for 12/6, in 1884. The Wigton imprint has a few small woodcuts, somewhat in the style of the Bewick workshop. See Relph's Poems (100), below, for the Cumberland connection.)
50. (*)[Beattie Minstrel, plates, 12mo, 1817. (M106) (Possibly James Beattie The Minstrel; or, the progress of genius ... with designs by Mr. Thurston: and engraved on wood by Mr. Clennell, Alnwick: Catnach and Davison, 1807; or possibly the London: J Sharpe, 1817 edition. Hugo (1866, No 223) asserts that Thomas Bewick had a hand in the 16 cuts in the 1807 Catnach and Davison, Alnwick, edition; this may be incorrect. (Bought by Julia Boyd at the Bewick sale (bound in half-morocco) for 1/6, in 1884, but it is not identified in Boyd (1892).)]
51. "Bedingfield and Pickering. Poems by.., 8vo, 1815, boards."
"Poems by Bedingfield & Pickering 1815" (E).
Probably: Poetry fugitive and original by ... Thomas Bedingfeld [correctly] ... George Pickering,
Newcastle: 1815.
(Bought by R Robinson for 4/6, in 1884. Bedingfeld and Pickering were lawyers and approximate
contemporaries of Bewick's in Newcastle. The consistent misspelling of Bedingfeld's name suggests
the received pronunciation of the day.)
52. ["Bell, John. Figures in Rhymes, 1814, two copies." (M164) Possibly H[enry] R[obson]. Figures in rhymes, or, metrical computations addressed to Northumbrians, Newcastle: [J. Bell], 1814. (Bought in a mixed lot by R Donkin for 12/-, in 1884 (with the next two and An Account of the Great Floods ... . Bell was the publisher, not the author.)]
53. ["Bell, John. A Garland of Bells, 1815." (M164) Probably: A garland of Bells: wherein each rings to its proper tune, Newcastle: printed by George Angus for John Bell, 1815. (Bought in a mixed lot by R Donkin for 12/-, in 1884. Bell was the publisher, not the author.)]
54. ["Bell, John. A Right Merry Garland of Northumberland Heroes." (M164) Probably: A right merry garland of Northumberland heroes, Newcastle: J. Bell, 1814. (Bought in a mixed lot by R Donkin for 12/-, in 1884. Bell was the publisher, not the author.)]
55. Blair, Robert. The grave, a poem. By Robert Blair. Illustrated by twelve
etchings executed from original designs. Small folio. London: printed by T. Bensley, Bolt Court, for
the proprietor, R.H. Cromek; and sold by Cadell and Davies, J. Johnson, T. Payne,
J. White, Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, W. Miller, J. Murray, and Constable and Co, Edinburgh,
The additional engraved TP says `Illustrated by twelve etchings executed by Louis Schiavonetti, from
the original inventions of William Blake'.
Hugo (231) claimed the frontispiece and cuts as Thomas Bewick's. "Blakes Illustration of Blair's Grave JB* have 2 Copies 1808" (C)
"Blake's Illustrations of Blair's Grave, 2 copies" (D,E).
"Mr. Thomas Bewick" is in the list of subscribers to the above very superior edition (copy
examined currently in the Trevelyan library at Wallington Hall, Northumberland, the property
of the National Trust). (W).
Jane Bewick (C) mentions two copies. Possibly the other may have been the locally published:
Blair, Robert. The Grave. A Poem. By Robert Blair. To which is added Gray's Elegy in a
Country Churchyard, 12mo, Alnwick: W. Davison, 1808; but this is speculation. Nevertheless
it would be remarkable if Bewick owned two copies of such a grand and expensive book. *JB forms a monogram, the J and B share the vertical stroke, exactly in the manner of Thomas Bewick's
TB monogram. The date of publication excludes John Bewick and makes it very likely that this is Jane
Bewick's monogram. The note may have been added by her at a later date.
56. Burns, R. Poems, 2 vols. 12mo. Berwick, 1801. (C=,D3,E) "Burns Poems 2 Vols: 12/mo. Berwick 1801" (C) "Burn's Poems 2 Vol. 12/mo 1801" (D) "Burns Poems 2 Vols. (2 copies of it) common" (E) No doubt: Poems chiefly in the Scottish dialect. In two volumes. By Robert Burns. Berwick: H. Richardson, 1801; or one of the variants of this edition ­ Egerer (1964) 53.
57. Burns, R. Poems, 4 vols. (Bj,M81,U) "4 vols of Burns Poems 12s." bought 1.7.1801 (T&WA 1269/5) (U). "Burns's Poetical Works, 4 vols., 8vo, cloth" (M81) Probably: The works of Robert Burns; with an account of his life, and a criticism on his writings ... . 4 vols. 8vo, 2nd Edit. London: Printed by R. Noble for T. Cadell, Jun. and W. Davies, Strand, and W. Creech, Edinburgh [and others], 1801 (Egerer 61); or, the first edition of this work printed in Liverpool by J. McCreery for the same publishers, 1800 (Egerer 50). Jane Bewick's list of 1806 included both "Burns Works 4 Volumes" and "A Small Edition of Burns" (Bj). Evidently Burns was popular with the Bewick family. (M81 bought by J. Myles for 11/, in 1884.)
58. (*)Burns, R. The Poetical Works of ...; with his Life. Ornamented with Engravings on Wood by Mr. Bewick, from original designs by Mr Thurston, 2 vols. 12mo, Alnwick: Catnach and Davison, 1808. (M194,U) "Burns Poems from Davison & Co Alnwick Ј1.1.3" paid 16.2.1808 (T&WA 1269/6) (U). "Burns (Robert) Poetical Works ..., 2 vols. 12mo, half-morocco, Alnwick, 1808" (M194). (Egerer (1964) 107. Isabella Bewick's copy with autograph. Bought by D Croal Thomson for Ј5, in 1884. An edition was published by Davison of Alnwick in the same year, but presumably after 19 May 1808 when his partnership with Catnach was dissolved (Hunt, 1975); Bewick had bought his copy in February.)
59. (*)Butler Hudibras, with Grey's notes, 2 vols. 8vo, 1799. (Cx,D3,E,M70,U) Plates and woodcuts by C. Nesbit. "pd Charnley for Grays Hudibras Ј1.1.0" on 7.6.1799 (T&WA 1269/5) (U). "xButlers Hudibras 2 Vols with Cuts 8/vo 1799 Poem" (C). "Hudibras 2 Vols:" (E). "Butler's Hudibras, with Grey's Notes, plates and fine woodcuts by C. Nesbit, 2 vols., 8vo, cloth ... 1799" (M70). Probably: Samuel Butler Hudibras: in three parts, written at the time of the late wars ..., with notes by Zachary Grey, 2 vols. London: Printed by T. Bentley for Vernor and Hood, 1799. (Bought by Mrs Jobling for Ј1-1-0, in 1884.)
60. *Cheviot, a Poetical Fragment, 1818.
Probably Cheviot: a Poetical Fragment, by R.W. [Richard Wharton] (Newcastle: S. Hodgson
(Newcastle Reprint Series), 1817.
(Hugo (1866, No 351) makes no claim for TB's work in the 1817 edition, but the title page vignette (St
Nicholas Church seen through the arch of a gothic ruin) is sometimes attributed to the Bewick
workshop. No 1818 edition found to date; an error is possible in R.E. Bewick's reading of the not very
clearly printed date MDCCCXVII.
61. Coldwell,W. Fables and Moral Poems, (D3) Probably: William Coldwell. Fables and moral poems, 12mo, Halifax: for the author, 1818.
62. [Cowper [William] Poems, 2 vols, 32mo, 1818, red morocco.
Editions were published in 1818 at Durham; London (by J. Bumpus); Edinburgh (in 2 vols. by Blair);
and Chiswick (in 2 vols. by R. Jennings); as well as several in America.
(Bought in a mixed lot by E Robson for Ј1, in 1884.)]
63. Cromek Reliques of R. Burns,
"Cromek's reliques of R. Burns" (D).
Probably: R.H. Cromek Reliques of Robert Burns: consisting chiefly of original letters, poems, and
critical observations on Scottish songs, Editions: London: T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1808; London:
printed by J. McCreery, 1813, 1817, etc.
(Bewick paid carriage on "Parcel of Books from Cromek London 3d." on 2.9.1808 (T&WA 1269/6)
which may have included this book).
64. (*)[Cromek, RH. Select Scotish Songs, Ancient and Modern; with critical observations and
biographical notices, by Robert Burns, 2 vols, London: Cadell and Davies, 1810.
"Cromek Select Scottish Songs, Ancient and Modern, with woodcuts, 2 vols. 1810, half-calf." (M96)
Hugo (1866, No 261) - who says the portrait of Cunningham is by Thomas Bewick.
(Bought by R Forrester for 7/6, in 1884.)]
65. Cunningham, John. Poems, chiefly pastoral, by John Cunningham. The Second Edition. Newcastle and London: printed by T. Slack, 1771. (C=,D3,F,M63,Z) "Cunningham's Poems 1771" (C & D). "Cunninghams poems 2d Ed: 1771" (F). (Signature of Thomas Bewick at the top of page 1 and "Bewick library number" "No 52" on the front paste-down end-paper (Z). Bought by Major Cowen for 13/-, in 1884 (M63) with his signature in pencil on the t.p. Purchased some decades ago from R.D. Steedman in Newcastle, it remains (2005) in a private collection there (Z). Of the frontispiece to the 1st (1766) edition, drawn and engraved by Isaac Taylor of Holborn, Bewick wrote "at the time my friend Pollard & myself thought it the best thing that ever was done" (Memoir, p.76).)
66. *Dovaston, JFM. Poems, Legendary and Humorous, post 8vo, 1825. (?F,M121-123) "Dovastons Poems - 1825" (F). With a fine cut by Thomas Bewick, boards. 3 copies, one a presentation copy to Bewick. Probably: Poems legendary, incidental and humourous, Shrewsbury: W. Morris, 1825; both the 2nd and 3rd editions were 1825. (The three copies were bought at the 1884 Bewick sale, by EB Mounsey for Ј1-1-0, by D Croal Thomson for Ј1-1-0 (presentation copy), and Major Cowen for 14/-, respectively. The presentation copy is now in the collection of Mr N. Tattersfield, pers. inf. 2003.)
67. [Dovaston, JFM. Scraps of poetry, 1822, calf.
Possibly: The dove. Scraps of poetry, selected by J.F.M. Dovaston ..., for The Oswestry Herald, 1822.
(Bought by D Croal Thomson for 4/-, in 1884.)]
(*Fabliaux or Tales, abridged from French manuscripts of the XIIth and XIIIth centuries by M. Le Grand ...) See 80, Le Grand, below.
68. (*)Fisher's Spring Day, 1 vol. 8vo, 1803. (C) Probably A Spring Day: or, contemplations on several occurrences, which naturally strike the eye in that delightful season, by James Fisher, Edinburgh: printed for the author by T. Turnbull, 1803. Hugo (1868, No 4187) records "four very beautiful cuts by Thomas Bewick" in the 1806 edition.
69. *Gay, John. Fables by the late Mr. Gay, 12mo, Newcastle: T. Saint, 1779; (D3?,P160,R4) Frontispiece an engraved copperplate by Ralph Beilby, 33 vignettes and 67 cuts by Thomas Bewick. The Pease catalogue states that the woodcuts are by Thomas and John Bewick, but Tattersfield (2001) implies that John was not involved until the 1788 edition.) "Fables by John Gay" (D) (Autograph "Thomas Bewick May 4, 1780 - Price 3/6", on a piece of a discarded endpaper, pasted inside front cover. "Bewick Library inscription "No 80" on a surviving flyleaf of the same paper. Inscribed by JW Barnes "Purchased of Miss Bewick". P160 records that Pease paid Ј3-3-0 at the Barnes sale for this book together with a copy of Select Fables, 1784. Rebound for Pease by Waters.)
70. [Gay, John. Fables, 24mo, London, 1805, with rude woodcuts.
Possibly the edition published in London by J. Brambles, A. Meggitt and J. Waters, 1805.
(Bought, together with Bunyan's Divine Emblems, by M Mackey for 14/6, in 1884. In the Bunyan (q.v.)
Mackey wrote ".. a Gay's Fables of No Value".)]
71. [Gay Poetical Works, Cooke's Edition, 2 vols. 18mo, 1818. (F,M120) Probably a later edition of: The poetical works of John Gay. With a life of the author by Dr. [Samuel] Johnson. 2 vols. 12vo. London: C. Cooke, 1804. No 1818 edition yet identified. (Bought by R Robinson for 2/-, in 1884.)]
72. Gerrond, John. Poems, 1802.
"Poems by John Gerrond. 1802" (C).
"Poems by J Gerrond" (D).
Probably: John Gerrond. Poems on several occasions, chiefly in the Scottish dialect ..., Glasgow:
printed by Chapman and Lang, 1802.
73. *[Goldsmith] The Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith M.B. ... with a life of the author. Embellished
with vignettes & tail-pieces, designed and engraved on wood, by T. Bewick, 8vo, Hereford: printed by
D. Walker and sold by J. Parsons, London, 1794.
"Goldsmith's Poetical Works with Cuts 12/mo JB three Copies 1794" (C). [The date is difficult to read
and could be 1774, but no such edition has been traced. For the JB (Jane Bewick's) monogram, see note
under "Blake's Illustrations of Blair's Grave"; here she may have corrected Robert Bewick's list. There is no reason to think that here the JB refers to John Bewick who seems not to have illustrated this work.] "Goldsmith's Poetical Works Cuts 12/mo 3 copies" (D). "Goldsmith's Poems. /duodecimo cuts" (E) "Walker of Herefords Ed: of Goldsmith 1794" (F). "Bewick (T.) Goldsmith's Poetical Works, with 6 beautiful vignettes, 24mo, Hereford, 1794" (M193) (M193 coy bought by R Robinson for Ј1-5-0, in 1884.)
74. Goldsmith Poetical works, woodcuts by Austin, 12mo, 1804. (M103,Z) Probably: The poetical works of Oliver Goldsmith, M.B. with some account of his life ... embellished with engravings on wood, by Austin, London: H.D. Symonds, 1804. (With autograph of Thomas Bewick. Bought by WT Johnson for 10/-, in 1884. `Goldsmith's Works (Bewick's own copy)' was lent to the Bewick Exhibition (1886 ­ item 92) by JG Watson, Esq. and may well have been the same copy. (Z).)
75. *[Goldsmith, Oliver and Parnell, Thomas.] Poems of Goldsmith and Parnell, London: Bulmer, 1795. (Cx,D3,E,F,R61) The wood engravings are by by Thomas Bewick except for one by John Bewick. "Poems by Goldsmith & Parnell Cuts 1795" (C,D) "Poems by Goldsmith & Parnell (2 copies)" (E). "Goldsmith Traveller & Parnells Hermit with portrait of Bulmer copper - 1795" [and another copy] (F). (One of the 2 copies in E and F is probably R61 which contains manuscript instructions from Bulmer to Bewick and was later inscribed "R.E. Bewick to his Sister Jane".)]
76. [Harvey, Jane. Poems on various subjects, Newcastle: printed by D. Akenhead and Sons [no
publisher named], 1797.
("Mrs. T. Bewick" appears on the subscribers' list, presumably TB's wife Isabella.)]
77. [Heron, Mary. Miscellaneous Poems, Newcastle: 1786. (W) ("Mrs. Bewick" appears on the subscribers' list, probably TB's wife Isabella; they were married on 20 April 1786.)] 78. Hogg, James. The Queen's Wake, a poem, 5th [or 6th?] edition, Royal 8vo, 1819. (Cx,D3,M76,W) "Queen's Wake a Legendary Poem by James Hogg 1819" (C). "Hogg, James. The Queen's Wake, 5th edition, Royal 8vo, 1819, `Mr Bewick's subscription copy', with autograph of the poet" (M76). "Thomas Bewick, Esq. Newcastle" is on the list of subscribers to this work published in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine No. XXV April 1819, Vol V. The 5th edition was printed in Edinburgh and published in London in 1819, the sixth was published by Blackwood in Edinburgh in the same year (BL catalogue). (T. Bewick's subscription copy, was bought by R Donkin for 16/-, in 1884.)
79. (*)"Lay of Reed Water Minstrel. 1809" (D3) Doubtless: The Lay of the Reedwater Minstrel ..., By a son of Reed [Robert Roxby]. Newcastle: Printed for the author by D. Akenhead & Sons, 1809. Hugo (1866, No 243) reports "a beautiful woodcut by Thomas Bewick on the title".
80. *[Le Grand] Fabliaux or Tales, abridged from French manuscripts of the XIIth and XIIIth centuries by M. Le Grand, selected and translated into English Verse, translated by G.L. Way, with notes by G. Ellis, 2 vols. super royal 8vo, London: Bulmer, 1796 & 1800. (Cx,D3,M162,R73) "Fabliaux or Tales of the 12th & 13th Centuries Cuts 1796 2 Vols" (C and D). With 52 cuts, including about six completed by John Bewick and others engraved or finished by
Thomas. Bain (1972) says "The blocks are not all of the first rank but they are a valuable example of the skills of the Bewick workshop as employed for a straight-forward commissioned work and a number exhibit all the best qualities of the master". M162 has the note "A fine and interesting copy. Under each cut the name of the artist is neatly written. Many were designed and engraved by John Bewick on the occasion of his last visit to Northumberland, shortly before his death. In others he was assisted by his brother, and the initials of Clennell and Nesbit are attached to not a few." (Jane Bewick's copy with her annotations and autographs "T Bewick's" pasted into each title page. Bought by R Robinson for Ј2-8-0, in 1884.)
81. McCreery, J, The Press, a Poem, cuts,
"Carriage of a Book (The Press) McCreery 3s.6d." paid on 10.4.1804 (T&WA 1269/5) (U). The price
seems very high for carriage alone and may well include the cost of the book.
Probably: John McCreery. The press, a poem: published as a specimen of typography ..., Liverpool:
Cadell and Davies, 1803; or another edition.
82. McDonald, P. A | Collection | of | Highland Vocal Airs, | Never hitherto published. | To which are
added a few of the most lively | Country Dances or Reels | of the | North Highlands & Western Isles: |
and some Specimens of Bagpipe Music | By | Patrick McDonald | Minister of Kilmore in Argyleshire.
| Edinburgh Printed for the publisher, and to be had at the Music Shops | of Corri and Sutherland Bridge
Street, and N: Stewart Par[liamen]t Square [n.d. 1784 generally accepted].
(Private collection)
[I am indebted for the following notes to Mr Iain Bain. `The tunes were collected by Joseph McDonald,
but published after his early death in India, by his brother Patrick. The date of publication is given on
the evidence of a contemporary advertisement of 7 May 1784: 'tomorrow will be published'; others
have advanced 1781 as issued to subscribers, with a later issue of 1784 published without the list of
subscribers. Not fully corroborated. At the back of the book is pasted the following note:
"Mr Blackadder presents Comps to Mr Bewick ­ The Book of Highland airs which
accompanies this, having been in his possession upwards of ten years, without his being able to find any
use for it ­ He would much gratified by Mr Bewick's acceptance of it. ­ Mr B. understands it has been
long out of print, & contains a number of original Airs. ­ There is another Collection published by
Captn Fraser, [probably Simon Fraser, The Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland
and the Isles, 1816. Did TB buy it???] within these few years, which contains a great number of original
airs some of them reckoned very beautiful ­ It may be had of any of the Music Shops. ­ Mr Blackadder
trusts that Mr Bewick will excuse the freedom of presenting these Airs -- Broughton Place 14 18 Augt
A letter of Jane B to her sister Elizabeth (18 August 1823 ­ the very day of Blackadder's note ­ Bain
collection) tells her that their father had been searching Edinburgh for tunes for Robert without luck.
'Messrs Blackadder' were at a tea party (8 to 10 pm) given by Professor Jameson for TB. In his 1825
Journal, Dovaston records his having been lent the book by TB; Dovaston still had the book at the time
of TB's death, and it was sold at auction by the Dovaston family in 1966. The dealer, Roger Warner of
Burford, who acquired it, eventually put it into Sotheby's rooms ... .']
83. Marshall, George. Epistles in verse, between Cynthio and Leonora, in three cantos, descriptive of a voyage to and from the East Indies ... Newcastle: Printed for the author by Preston and Heaton, 1812. (W) The copperplates are all drawn by Thurston and engraved mainly by Branston, but with a few by others including Clennell, White, Nesbit and "Bewick". The last named is evidently simply from the workshop. (The extensive subscribers list of eight pages in triple columns, quarto, includes "Thomas Bewick, Newcastle".)
84. Marshall The Village Paedagogue, a Poem. "Village Pedagogue a Poem by Marshall" (D).
"Village Paedagogue" (E). No doubt: Marshall, John. The village paedagogue: a poem, and other lesser pieces; together with a walk from Newcastle to Keswick, by a country schoolmaster. Newcastle: Printed for the author by Preston & Heaton, 1810; or the 2nd edition, with additions and improvements, 1817.
85. Milton, John. Paradise Lost, 12mo, Glasgow 1750. (Cx,D3,F,M133,S260) "Milton's Paradise Lost 1750" (C,D) "Paradise Lost Glasgow - 1750" (F). "Milton (John) Paradise Lost, with autograph signature of T. Bewick on half-title, Glasgow, 1750" (S260). (With Thomas Bewick's autograph. Bought by Jarvis and Son for 16/-, in 1884; and sold with three other items in a mixed lot for 9/- at the Marshall sale, in 1909.)
86. Milton, J. Paradise Regained,
(An edition was printed in Alnwick by Catnach in 1793, but we have no evidence of which edition was
owned by Bewick.)
87. Mitchell Thoughts of One that Wandereth, (D3,E) Not yet identified.
88. Moore, Edward. Fables for the Female Sex, plates, 1771. (D3,E,M52) "Plates" mentioned in E and M52. "Moores Fables for Female Sex" (D). "Fables for the Female Sex Plates" (E). Probably: Edward Moore. Fables for the female sex ..., 4th edition, London: T. Davies and J. Dodsley, 1771. (Bought, together with Wilkie's Fables, by R Robinson for 3/6, in 1884.)
89. The Muses Companion, 1794,
"Muse's Companion" (Bj).
"Muse's pocket companion TB auto" (F).
"Muses The, Companion, 1794, with autograph of Mr Bewick" (M).
Probably a later edition of: The muse's pocket companion: a collection of poems, by Lord Carlisle [and
others] ..., Carlisle: J. Milliken, 1785.
(Bought with others in a mixed lot by E. Robson for Ј1, in 1884.)
90. [Music books
"A Music Book for Robt of Mr Atkinson 1s." bought 7.9.1798 (T&WA 1269/5). "Music Book & mending Bellows for Rob.t - 2s 4d" paid 15.6.1799 (ibid.)
(RE Bewick was 10-11 years old, and learning to play the Northumbrian smallpipes. He was not
apprenticed to his father until 1804. "Mr"Atkinson, though clearly written, may have been Elizabeth,
widow of Joseph Atkinson , book- and music-sellers of Groat Market, Newcastle (Hunt, 1975). It is
possible that the books were blank ones for writing music. But see also 82 McDonald, above, and 96
Peacock, below.)]
91. Musical Budget, (D3) Not yet identified.
92. The Northern Minstrel (U) Bought on 17.1.1816; "Paid for the Northern Minstrel 10s.6d." (T&WA 1269/6). Probably: The Northern Minstrel: or, Gateshead Songster. Being a choice collection of the most approved modern songs: ... Newcastle: printed by J. Marshall, [1806].
93. Odes of Anacreon of Teos, 1824. (E,M15) "Odes of Anacreon of Teos 1824" (E). "Anacreon, Odes of" (M15). Probably: The odes of Anacreon of Teos. Translated by William Richardson [of Tynemouth], London: G. and W.B. Whittaker, 1824.
94. [Ovid] Iohan. Posthii Germershemii Tetrasticha in Ovidii Metamorph. ..., oblong 8vo, Francofurt.,
1569; old forrell.
178 woodcuts, 2 of them coloured.
As above in K7.
"Johan Postii Latin & German MDLXIX Autogra Robert Hutchinson" (T&WA 1269/84) (U).
(NB "forel", "forell" or "foril", a cheap parchment for covering books.) According to Jackson and Chatto A Treatise on Wood Engraving (2nd edit 1861 pages 483-4 and 407) it was from this edition that
Bewick copied his vignette published in History of British Land Birds 1797 page 330.
95. Ovidii Metamorphoses, Tomus 2dus. Lips. 1621. Many woodcuts. (A,E,K7,U) As above in K7. "Ovid's Metamorph" (A). "Ovidii Metamorphosis [sic], 1521 [sic]." (E) "Ovidii Nasonis Metamorpho MDCXXI Lipsiae (complete)" (T&WA 1269/84) (U). (John Bewick's copy, inherited in 1795 by his brother, recorded with the family books in 1826, sold in a batch of "Latin books" by Jane Bewick to Thomas Kerslake in 1859 and destroyed by fire in his Bristol shop, with others including 94.)
96. *[[Peacock, John] A Favorite Collection of Tunes with Variations adapted for the Northumberland Small Pipes, Violin or Flute. Pr 2s 6d. Newcastle: W. Wright, [n.d. c.1800]. (Gateshead Central library collection) (In the Gateshead library are parts of a copy formerly owned by Robert Elliot Bewick. John Peacock (musician of Manor Chare, Newcastle, in the 1811 directory) also gave R.E. Bewick lessons on the small pipes. The cash books contain many relevant entries, often illustrated with thumbnail portraits (e.g "3 June 1799, p.d Peacock for teaching Robert Ј1-0-0" ­ T&WA 1269/5). Note supplied by Iain Bain: "On 21 June 1800 TB charged Wright a guinea for engraving `Frontis for music Books', and 3s 4Ѕd for printing 225 of them. I like to think this is the title for Peacock. The style of the writing engraving betrays TB's hand. 1800 brings forward the hitherto conjectural date for the introduction of the keyed chanter c.1805. The tune book was reproduced by the Northumbrian Pipers' Society in 1980. A copy REB had, he cut up in order to paste the fingering chart into one of the MS books now in Gateshead.")]
97. Phillips, WJ. Poems,
"Poems by W J. Phillips" (D).
"Poems by Philips autographs - 1760" (F).
Possibly: Philips, John. Poems: viz. an ode to Lord Bolinbroke ... . Glasgow: Robert Urie, 1760.
98. Polite Singer,
12mo (E,M38)
Not yet identified.
(Bought with Scots Songs (103) below by R Robinson for 6/-, in 1884.)
99. Pomfret, Revd. J. Poems, 1766. (D3,F,M11) "Poems by Revd J Pomfret" (D). "Pomfrets poems TB's autograph 12th Ed 1766" (F). No doubt: Pomfret, the Revd John. Poems upon several occasions ... 12th edition. London: J. Rivington,R. Baldwin, [and others], 1766. ("With T. Bewick's autograph, 1766" in M11. Bought, together with Belisarius (1781), by D Croal
Thomson for 7/-, in 1884.)
100. *Relph, J. Poems by the Rev. Josiah Relph, of Sebergham. With the life of the author. Embellished with picturesque engravings on wood, by Mr. T. Bewick, of Newcastle, [2nd Edition], demy 8vo, Carlisle: J. Mitchell, 1798; (?Bj,F,P148,R108,U) Containing 18 cuts by Thomas Bewick. "Relph's Poems of Mitchell 3s.6d." purchased 11.3.1799 (T&WA 1269/1) (U). "Poems of Revd Josah Relph Gift to Isabella 1798" (F) (Inscribed on title page "The Gift of T. Bewick to his little Daughter Isabella. Newcastle 14 April 1799." "Relph's Poems", perhaps another copy, was listed with Jane's books in 1806. Bought by Pease at the Barnes sale for 5/-, in 1894. Then in original boards; since rebound by City Library. No "Bewick Library" number. Some of Relph's poems are in Cumberand dialect. Bewick's mother had been born in Ainstable, about 12 miles from Sebergham, and he had visited his uncle there, and explored the district in June 1776, so he may have felt an affinity with Relph. He may also have felt an affection for the Cumberland dialect which his mother presumably spoke. See also Anderson's Cumberland Ballads (49), above.)
101. *[Ritson, J.] Robin Hood: a collection of all the ancient poems, songs, and ballads, now extant ... , 2 vols. post 8vo, London: T. Egerton and J. Johnson, 1795. (D3,E,?F,N25,R65) 58 cuts by John and Thomas Bewick. "Robin Hoods Songs by Ritson" (D). "Ritson's Robin Hood 2 vols" (E). "Robin Hood first Edn. Cuts Ritson Bewicks 1795" (F). (Bookplate with autograph "R.E. Bewick" and autograph of "Isabella Bewick, Gateshead" in each volume. R. Robinson's copy "bought of Miss Bewick", later rebound for Pease by Waters. No "Bewick Library" number.)
102. Sanderson, Thomas. Original Poems, by ..., 12mo, Carlisle: printed by F. Jollie for W. Clarke, J. Robson, and R. Faulder, 1800. (Bj,R506,W) ("Mr. Thomas Bewick" is listed among the Newcastle subscribers. Autograph "The Gift of Thos Bewick, Engraver to his Daughter Jane Newcastle, 1800" on title page. Listed as "Sandersons Poems" with Jane's books in 1806. City Library, not Pease, Collection. Rebound with new flyleaves. No "Bewick Library" number.)
103. Scots Songs, 1769.
"Scotts Songs" (E).
"Scot's Songs, 1769" (M38).
Possibly "Nicholson ­ covers for Scottish airs Ј3.3.0" refers to the same item; an expensive repair to
a much used book? Paid on 6.4.1804 (T&WA 1269/5) (U).
Not yet firmly identified. Possibly: Herd, David. The ancient and modern Scots songs, heroic ballads,
&c: now first collected ..., Edinburgh: Martin and Wotherspoon, 1769.
(Bought with the Polite Singer (98) above by R Robinson for 6/-, in 1884. "Songs in the Scottish
Dialect" (477, q.v. in Part 3), presumably but not certainly a different work, was listed among Jane's
books in 1806.)
104. [Scott, W. Lay of the Last Minstrel, 8vo, 1807. (M19) Possibly the 6th Edition: London: [no publisher identified], 1807.]
105. *Somervile, William. The Chase. A Poem, royal 8vo, London: Bulmer, 1796; (D3,?F,R68) (Woodcuts drawn by John Bewick and engraved by Thomas Bewick (one by Charlton Nesbit). "the Chase a Poem by W Sommerville [sic] Cuts" (D). "Chase Somervile - 1796" (F).
(Inscription to Bewick from Bulmer and portrait of Bulmer, both on blue paper laid down (R68).)
106. *Somervile, William. The Chase. A Poem, royal 8vo, London: Bulmer, 1796.
"Somerville's [sic] Chase" (A)
(Evidently a second copy, this one from John Bewick's bequest.)
107. Stagg, J. Minstrel of the North. (D3) "Minstrel of the North by J Stagg. Esqr" (D). No doubt an edition of: Stagg, J. The Minstrel of the North; or, Cumbrian legends, being a poetical miscellany of legendary, Gothic and romantic tales. Editions London: for the author, 1810; and Manchester: for the author, 1816.
108. [Steven's songs (U) "Book Steven's songs 3s.6d." bought on 17.2.1802 (T&WA 1269/5). Possibly: Stevens, George Alexander. Songs, comic and satyrical. London: G. Kearsley, 1788; or, London: Vernor and Hood, J. Cuthell, J. Walker, and Otridge & Son, 1801; or another of several song books by the author.]
109. Thomson, James. Poetical Works, 1773 (F) "Thomson poet works - Vol II auto 1773" (F). Probably: The poetical works of James Thomson. Edinburgh: J. Balfour and W. Creech, 1773. ("Auto" probably indicates Thomas Bewick's autograph.)
110. *Thomson, James. The Seasons, embellished with engravings on wood by Bewick, from Thurston's Designs, 12mo, London: J Wallis, 1805; (D3,E,M173) The note on this edition at R115 suggests that the cuts were apprentice work. "Seasons by James Thompson [sic]" (D) "Thompson's Seasons. With Plates/duodecimo" (E) (Inscribed "The gift of Thomas Bewick to Robert E. Bewick, 12th December, 1806" (M173); this copy may not have been that recorded in TB's possession in 1822 & 1826. Not listed among R.E.B.'s books in c1806. (A copy of "Thompsons Seasons. Cookes Ed." was listed with Jane's books in 1806.) The M173 copy was bought by R Donkin for Ј2-4-0, in 1884. Robinson (1887, p.173) reported that Thomson was Bewick's favourite poet; Bewick himself called him `the naturalist's poet' and wrote that `The "Seasons" by the inimitable Thomson had charmed me much' (Memoir, p.81).)
111. Thomson, James. The Seasons by ...: to which is prefixed a life of the author. Together with illustrative remarks on the Seasons. By the Rev. J. Evans, A.M., London: printed by J. Cundee for T. Hurst [and others], 1802. (M105,Y) "Thomson, James. The Seasons, 24mo, a neat edition" (M105). (Inscribed "The gift of Thomas Bewick to his Daughter Elizabeth, 1st Jany, 1828" in Bewick's hand. Bought by the Revd Boyle for Ј1-7-0, in 1884 (M105). Inscribed on a flyleaf "I bought this book at the sale of the remnant of Thos. Bewick's library, at Newcastle, on 5th February 1884. The note on the title page is in the handwriting of Thomas Bewick. J.R. Boyle" and "In lot 105 first day's sale. J.C." Later bookplate of J. Cresswell and ownership signature "Ella F. Robson Novr 14th /09". Uncut but with a later binding (probably for Boyle or Cresswell).
112. (*)Visions in Verse, for the entertainment and instruction of younger minds, 12mo or 24mo, London: Vernor and Hood, and others, 1798. (Bj,M104,R110) Plates by Thurston and Ridley; and two woodcuts doubtfully attributed to Bewick. (M104 gives "24mo", R110 "12mo". (Inscribed on the title page "The Gift of TBewick to Jane Bewick 1st Jany 1800". Listed with Jane's books 1806. No "Bewick library number". Bought, with Sterne's A Sentimental Journey, by R Robinson for 18/- in 1884.)
183a. (Watts Hymns (D3) Duplicated in Divinity (183), q.v.)
113. ["Welsh Melodies"
Possibly: Parry, John. Welsh melodies. A selection of Welsh melodies with symphonies and
accompaniments by Parry ... , London: 1822.]
114. Wilkie, W. DD. Fables, 1768. (D3,F,M52) "Fables by W Wilkie DD 1768" (D). `Wilkie's Fables designd by Wale "JB - 1768" ' (F). `Wilkie's (Dr. W.) Fables, plates, 2 vols. 1768' (M52). Probably: Wilkie, William. Fables. London: E. & C. Dilly, and A. Kincaid & J. Bell, 1768. (If the placement of the inverted commas in (F) is taken at face value, there appears to be an inscription by John Bewick written at the age of 8 years. The book does not appear in (A). An alternative is that it is that of John Bewick senior, father of Thomas and John. But this must be speculative. Bought, together with Moore's Fables for the female sex, by R Robinson for 3/6, in 1884.)
[CLASS IV:] Natural History 115. Angling in the River Trent, 12mo, 1801. (M100) Probably: [Smart [or Snart], Charles.] Practical observation on angling in the River Trent, by a gentleman resident in the neighbourhood. Newark: S. & I. Ridge, Robinson, ... and Crosby and Letterman (London), 1801. (Inscribed "The gift of Chas. Smart Esq., to Thomas Bewick" in Bewick's hand (M100). Bought by J Myles for Ј1-14-0, in 1884.) Bewick, T. Only those copies of the following two works recorded in his own lists are briefly listed here; fuller details of these and the other family copies are in Part 2 with the numbers given here. 383. *Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Fifth Edition, Imperial 8vo, 1807. (C,D4,E,R34) 385. *Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Fifth Edition, Imperial 8to, 1807. (E,P187,R35) 391. *Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 2 vols. Royal 8vo. Newcastle: Printed by Hodgson for Beilby and Bewick, 1797, printed by Edw. Walker for T. Bewick, 1804. (C,D4,E,H232) 115a. Bewick, Thomas. Untitled notebook, [1781], with TB's handwritten records from Wycliffe. (U) Tyne & Wear Archives 1269/54. 116. *Bewick, Thomas. Sketch Book, 1792-3, containing upwards of 30 original pen and pencil drawings and impressions, &c, many proofs". (P154) (Bought at the Barnes sale by EB Mounsey, for 56 gns.) Recorded in the lot description as 1792-98, but more probably as 1792-3 in a news cutting in the catalogue, Pease 203, from which the name of the buyer is also taken. 117. (*)Billington, William. A series of facts, hints, observations, and experiments on the different modes of raising young plantations of oaks ... , London: Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, 1825. (L,W) (Inscribed "Thomas Bewick" on title page, and annotated on page 322 in Bewick's hand (on the
blackening of teeth by bramble juice only if handled with iron). "Bewick Library number" "No. 104" on the half-title. `Bewick, Mr. Thomas, Newcastle' is in the subscribers list.) Bound with Billington, W. How the Royal Forests have been ruined: a letter, to Alexander Milne, late Commissioner of Her Majesty's Woods and Forests on the system pursued in the Forest of Dean and Chopwell Woods, London: Longman & Co. & Ridgway, 1854; inscribed "Bewick May 1854" probably in the hand of Jane Bewick. Hugo (1866, No 465) claims that the 19 cuts are by Thomas Bewick. It may be doubted whether Charnley at this date would have published Bewick's highly prized work without mentioning it in the book. Billington dined with Bewick (and met John Dovaston) in August 1825 and may perhaps have presented him with his new book on that occasion (Williams, G. Bewick to Dovaston: letters 1824-1828. London: Nattali & Maurice, 1968, pp 133-4). (Presented to the Nat Hist Soc by Miss Isabella Bewick, August 1881. Hancock Museum Accession "NEWHM.1997.H92".) On the title page of the 1825 work, the author is said to have superintended the "enclosing, fencing, draining, and planting of 11,00 Acres ... in the Forest of Dean and about 900 Acres at Chopwell [County Durham], ... belonging to His Majesty".
118. Bonner, J. A new plan for speedily increasing the number of bee-hives in Scotland ... , 1 vol. 8vo, Edinburgh: printed by J. Moir, 1795. (C=,D4,L,U,W) "Mr Bonner's book on bees 4s.6d." paid for on 6.3.1797 (T&WA 1269/4) (U). "Bonner on Bees 1 Vol. 8/vo - Edinburgh 1795" (C). "Bonner on Bees" (D). ("Messrs Beilby and Bewick, Newcastle" are on the list of subscribers. Title page inscribed "Thomas Bewick, Engraver, NEWCASTLE 1796" in his hand. Presented to the Nat Hist Soc by Isabella Bewick, August 1881. Hancock Museum accession NEWHM:1997.H88.)
119. Brisson MJ. Ornithologie, ou methode contenant la division des oiseaux en ordres, sections, genres, especes & leurs varieties. ..., 6 vols. Paris: CJB Bauche, 1760; 261 plates by Martinet; or the 1788 edition. (U,X) "J. Todd of York for Brisson's Ornithy Ј9.9.0" bought on 28.6.1792 (T&WA 1269/3 ­ also recorded for this date in T&WA 1269/135). The carriage paid on June 23 on "Brisson works from York" (1269/135) or "Box from York with Brisson" (1269/3) was 2s 8d.). An undated ms note on a fragment of paper reads as follows: "Books sold by J Bell, for Beilby & Bewick: Brisson's Ornithologie Ј9: 9: -; Whites Voyage Ј1: 12: 6; Goldsmith 8 Vols Ј2: -: -. [Total] Ј13: 1: 6 Disct. at 10 per cent Ј1: 6: -; [Amount payable] Ј11: 15: 6. Buffon's Quadrupeds 9 Vols. Hist of Birds 3 Vols. not sold." (Ex inf. I. Bain.). Evidently these books were sold at the break-up of the Beilby and Bewick partnership in 1797, the Brisson being the first item to appear on the "Contra Cr" list balancing the "Expenses of `History of Birds'": "1 Feb 1797. By cash for Brisson's Ornithy - Ј9-9-0" (T&WA 1269/135) (U). See note under Buffon below.
120. Buffon, GLL de. Natural History of Birds, translated by W. Smellie, 9 vols. 8vo, London: A.
Strahan, T. Cadell, and J. Murray, 1793.
"1792 July 26. Ft [Freight] of Buffon by Sea ­ 3s." and "1797 Aug 2d . Buffon's Histy of Birds -
Ј3-15-0" (in the list of "Expenses of `History of Birds'" (T&WA 1269/135). (U).
"=Buffon's Natural History of Birds 9 Vols. 8/vo 1793" (C).
"Buffons Nat History of Birds 9 Vols:" (D).
("Bewick Library number" "No. 26" on the flyleaf in Vols. 2-9. Isabella Bewick donation, August 1881
to Nat Hist Soc. Hancock Museum accession NEWHM:1997.H91. Tipped into Vol. 1 is an undated
[probably ca. May or June 1792] autograph copy letter from T. Bewick to an unnamed bookseller (almost certainly J. Todd of York): "I recd one of your sales Catalogues last night for which ... thanks
...I had not an opportunity of looking at it till this morning - then not in time to send you this by post. If
Buffon No 390 is not sold - I wish much to have it - I saw it at Wycliffe and esteem it as one of the first productions of its kind - but if you have sold it [you] may send me Brisson's No 896 ...". He adds "I know you have got some very curious books on natural history from Wycliffe" and asks if he has Salerne on Birds or JL Frisch. Evidently he missed the Buffon (probably the Planches Enluminйes, cited in History of British Birds), but acquired the Brisson (see under Brisson (119) above). There is no evidence that he obtained the other books. Amongst the workshop notebooks is Bewick's pencilled record of books seen at Wycliffe in 1791, including the note "Buffon's Histy Quarto 35 Vols sent of[f] to Mr Todd of York" (T&WA 1269/54); this would have been the Planches Enluminйes. The Buffon here recorded is the much less expensive translated edition, and was evidently purchased in 1797. In summary: Bewick saw Buffon's Planches Enluminйes in 1791 at Wycliffe; tried to buy the Wycliffe copy from Todd of York in May or June 1792, failed, and in July borrowed a copy from Michael Brain in London, returning it in 1804. In August 1797 he bought the cheaper 9 volume Smellie translation, which was still in his possession in 1822 and remained in the family until presented to the Natural History Society in 1881.) Salerne, M. L'Histoire Naturelle, eclaircie dans une de ses parties principales, l'Ornithologie, qui traite des Oiseaux de terre, de mer et de riviere, ... traduit du Latin du Synopsis Avium de Ray, augmente ..., Paris: Debure, 1767. This work has 31 copperplate engravings of birds. Possibly his Vorstellung der Vogel in Teutschlands (1733-?1743) with 103 plates, or the fuller Vorstellung der Vogel Deutschlandes ... (1733-1763) with 256 plates, but perhaps more likely the 1817 Berlin edition of the plates of the latter. The Planches enluminйes was loaned to Bewick by Mr Michael Brian of London (Memoir, p.116 probably the `Buffon' shipped from London in 1792) and returned in 1804 ­ "Pd Freight of a Box Mr. Bryans Buffon 4s.6d." on 7 August (T&WA 1269/5).
121. ["Buffon's Quadrupeds 9 Vols." (X) Possibly: Buffon, GL Leclerc Conte de, Natural History general and particular 9 vols. London: Cadell, 1781; or a French Edition of The Natural History of Quadrupeds. It is also possible that the bookseller inadvertently transposed the numbers of volumes of the Quadrupeds and the "Hist. of Birds" (see note) and that the former consisted of three volumes taken from a larger work and the latter was the Natural history of birds in 9 vols. (see previous item). (See also the note under Brisson (119) above. "Buffon's Quadrupeds 9 Vols. Hist of Birds 3 Vols. not sold." No other mention of this work has been found and it may have remained the property of Beilby after the break-up of the partnership.)]
122. *[Buffon, GL Leclerc Conte de] The system of natural history, written by M. de Buffon, carefully abridged: and the natural history of insects; compiled chiefly from Swammerdam, Brookes, Goldsmith, &c. embellished with elegant engravings on wood, 4 Vols. Alnwick: W. Davison, 1814. (D4,E) "Buffons Nat: History abridged 4 Vols" (D). "Buffons Natural History (with Cuts) Davison Alnwick" (E). Hugo (1866, No 283) claims the 236 cuts for Thomas Bewick. Bain (1972) quotes Davison's letter to Bewick (referring to the separate parts, published in the previous year) to prove him wrong: "Respecting the copying of Animals from your History I do assure you I never Intended it or neither had I any Idea that such a thing was done ..." (11 May 1813) The series of seven little children's books The Natural History of Water Birds [Foreign Quadrupeds, Fishes etc] later issued by Davison with no date are sometimes bound with a catch-all title which credits Bewick: The Natural History of Birds, Quadrupeds, Fishes, Reptiles, Serpents, Butterflies and Insects, with 153 engravings on wood. By Thomas Bewick, of Newcastle upon Tyne (Printed at the Apolo [sic] Press, by and for W. Davison, 1819.
123. Bullock, W. Companion to the London Museum, plates, 8vo, 1813.
"Bullocks compann to London Museum" (D). "Bullock (W.) The London Museum, 8vo, plates ... 1813" (M155). No doubt: Bullock, W[illiam]. A companion to the London Museum and Pantherion: containing a brief description of upwards of fifteen thousand natural and foreign curiosities, antiquities, ... 15th edition. London: printer for the proprietor by Whittingham and Rowland, 1813; (includes 34 leaves of coloured plates). (Bought by J Wright for 4/-, in 1884.) 124. [The Contemplative Philosopher: or, short essays on the various objects of nature throughout the year ... , 2 vols. London: GG and J Robinson, F & C Rivington and others, 1800. (Bj,R524) "Contemplative Philosopher 2 Vol." (Bj) (Inscribed "The Gift of I [?] Bewick to Jane Bewick 1803" on title page, and "I. [?] Bewick's Book, Forth Newcastle" on verso of last page. Listed as Jane's book 1806. Rebound for the City Library, inscriptions cropped so that in both instances only the foot of the initial "I." remains. Presumably this belonged to Isabella (senior) and was later given to Jane when the latter was aged 16. No "Bewick Library number".)] 125. [Daniell's Rural Sports, (M99) "Walton and Cotton's Angler and Daniell's Rural Sports, a set of 28 engraved vignettes, 8vo" (M99). Probably: Daniel, the Revd William Barker. Rural Sports. One of several London editions such as: Bunny & Gold, 1801; I. White, 1805; or, Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme, 1807. (Bought by Major Cowen for 17/-, in 1884.)] 126. Donovan, E. The Natural History of British Fishes, 5 vols. roy 8vo, London: Rivington, 1802-1808. (D4,[L],U) "Cyclopedia's [sic] & Donovans Fishes from Longman 3d." ­ the parcel delivery cost paid on 13.11.1811 (T&WA 1269/6) (U). There is no identifiable payment for the book itself. "Donovan's British Fishes 5 Vols 8/vo" (D). (The copy of this edition donated to the Nat Hist Soc by Isabella Bewick in August 1881 is now missing from the library.) 127. The Florist, containing Sixty Plates of the most beautiful Flowers regularly disposed in their succession of blowing - To which is added an Accurate description of their Colours with Instructions for Drawing & Painting them according to Nature, London: R. Sayer, T. Bowles, J. Bowles and Son, n.d. ca 1760. (A,L) "The Florist" (A). (Bookplate of John Bewick; inscribed on the flyleaf "Thomas Bewick, Newcastle upon Tyne" in an unknown hand, possibly John Bewick's. Bequeathed 1795 by John Bewick to Thomas Bewick (Account Book of J.B., T&WA 1269/258). No "Bewick Library number". Presented to the Nat Hist Soc by Miss Isabella Bewick, August 1881. Accession NEWHM:1997.H89.) 128. Fothergill's Essay on Natural History. (D4) Probably: Charles Fothergill. An Essay on the Philosophy, Study, and use of Natural History, London: White, Cochrane and Co, 1813. Charles Fothergill (1782-1840) corresponded with Thomas Bewick in 1807-1823, mainly about an abortive work on world ornithology and the debt Fothergill owed Bewick as a result. 129. *[Fox, GT. Synopsis of the Newcastle Museum ... , Newcastle: T. & J. Hodgson for E. Charnley and W. Wood, 1827. ([L]) Thomas Bewick engraved the Seal of the Society of Antiquaries and Dr Hutton's medal, both illustrated here. (The copy donated to the Nat Hist Soc by Isabella Bewick in August 1881 is now missing from the
130. Gerard Herbal, 1 vol. Fol. 1597 (D4,E,K6,U) "Gerard's Herbal. 1 Vol Fol. 1597" (D). "Gerard's Herbal (Folio)" (E). "Gerards Herbal Autograph `This curious book belongs to TBewick Engraver Newcastle 1798' (T&WA 1269/84) (U). "The Herball; or, Generall Historie of Plantes, by John Gerarde. 1597. Frontispiece mounted. Portrait engraved by Rogers, also many hundred excellent woodcuts. Folio" (K6). No doubt: The Herball; or, Generall Historie of Plantes, by John Gerard. London: John Norton, 1597.
(K6 records Thomas Bewick's autograph print-hand note "This curious Book belongs to T. Bewick, Engraver. Newcastle, 1798". Jane Bewick's note to the same effect reproduces Bewick's TB monogram initials, and adds the (presumably later) note, "sells now for Ј2-2-0".)
131. Gesner, C. Nomenclatur Aquatilium etc; Icones Animalium; Icones Avium, etc, 1 vol. 3rd edition, Heidelbergae, 1606, vellum. Many hundreds of fine woodcuts. (D4,E,M143,V) "Nomenclatur Aquatilium &c by C. Gesner 1 Vol." (D). "Gesner's Fishes &c &c in Latin" (E). (Probably the copy given to Bewick by Mr John Rotheram, see Memoir page 116. Bought by R Robinson for Ј1-5-0, in 1884.)
132. ["Goldsmith 8 Vols"
Probably: Goldsmith, O. An history of the earth and animated nature, 8vo, 8vols. London: Nourse,
1774, or 2nd edit 1779, or other Dublin or London imprint.
(See note under Brisson (119) above. The books sold by J Bell for Beilby & Bewick, at the break-up of
their partnership in 1797, included "Goldsmith 8 Vols Ј2" (X) and "1 Feb 1797. By [Cash] for Goldsmith
- Ј2" (T&WA 1269/135) (U). Without further evidence, firm identification is impossible, but from the
context a work of natural history is likely and this work in eight volumes is consistent with this. The work
is included in brackets as it evidently belonged to the Beilby & Bewick workshop.)]
133. Heysham, John. A Catalogue of Cumberland animals, in Hutchinson, William. Additional
Ornaments and Natural History to Hutchinson's [History and Antiquities of] Cumberland, Price Two
Shillings", (on half-title) Carlisle: F. Jollie, 1797.
A separate; more usually found, variably bound in either volume, in Hutchinson's Cumberland. The
earliest account of all the birds (or vertebrates) of any British county. Also included in the separate are
W. Richardson Botany and W. Hutchinson Fossils.
(Inscribed "Brewer at Halston, Norfolk" in an unknown hand, and "The gift of J. Bewick to T. Bewick" in Jane Bewick's hand; "Bewick Library number" "No 29" on half-title. Presented to the Natural History
Society by Isabella Bewick, August 1881. Hancock Museum accession "NEWHM:1997.H93")
135. Hill, Dr John. History of Animals, with fine engravings of Birds, Beasts, and Fishes, by B. Cole,
1 vol. Folio, 1752; uncut.
"Paid Do [F. Coates - bookseller] for Hills Animals 15s." on 21.1.1800 (T&WA 1269/5) (U).
"Hills History of Animals 1 Vol Folio" (D).
Probably the third volume from: Hill, John, M.D. A General Natural History: or, description of the
animals, vegetables and minerals of the different parts of the world: ... 3 volumes, folio. London:
Thomas Osborne, 1748-1752. This 1752 volume has the separate title An history of animals, containing
descriptions of the birds, beasts, fishes, and insects, of the several parts of the world; and including
accounts of the several animalicules, visible only by the assistance of microscopes ... Illustrated with
(Bought by R Robinson for 9/6, in 1884. Robinson (1887, p.xvi) speculates that the 28 copperplates
signed "B. Cole sculp" may have been engraved by the Mr. Cole with whom Thomas Bewick worked
in London in 1776. The dismal illustrations of birds are derived mainly from Willughby's Ornithology and must have been a great disappointment to Bewick.)
136. [A History of the Earth and Animated Nature: from M. de Buffon, Goldsmith and others. Embellished with upwards of one hundred elegant copper-plates engraved on purpose. Representing some hundreds of Figures. In two volumes. Alnwick: printed at the Apollo Press, by and for W. Davison, 1810; publisher's boards. (T) Some of the the illustrations of quadrupeds may be derived from Bewick. The birds are variously more akin to those in Albin, Edwards and Willughby. (On the front cover of Volume 1 is a typical "Bewick Library Number" "No 2".). No other indication of Bewick ownership. Number 295 in the Burman Alnwick Collection, University of Newcastle upon Tyne Library. Attribution to Bewick's Library must be tentative. Albin, E. A Natural History of Birds (London: Innys and Manby, 1731); Edwards,G. The Natural History of some Uncommon Birds ... (London: for the author, 1743-51) and other works; Willughby, F. ... Ornithologiae libri tres ... (London: Martyn, 1676).]
143a. History of Insects, Latin Folio, A.D 1634.
(Surely identical with Moufet (see 143 below) but separately listed as this in D.)
137. *Hudson, John. The Florist's Companion ... , Newcastle: J. Hudson, [1794].
With ten woodcut devices and vignettes, at least one by Bewick. "The wood-cuts are by Thomas
Bewick" wrote William Garret on the flyleaf of the copy in the Hugo Collection (Hugo 1866, No 74).
"2 Florists Companion 5s." bought 22.1.1794 (T&WA 1269/3) (U).
(The Natural History Society's copy is inscribed on half-title "Isabella Bewick's Book 1798" in Thomas
Bewick's hand. His daughter Isabella was then eight years old. No "Bewick Library number". Presented
to Nat. Hist. Soc. by Miss Isabella Bewick, August 1881. Hancock Museum accession
NEWHM.1997.H90. A copy was listed with Jane's books in 1806, possibly accounting for the two
copies bought new in 1794.)
138. *Hudson, [John]. Florist's Companion, [Edition not recorded]. (?Bj,M163,?U) (Autograph of Elizabeth Bewick. Possibly the copy was listed with Jane's books in 1806, and later given to Elizabeth. Bought, together with Dodd's Beauties of History, by R Robinson for Ј1-10-0, in 1884.)
139. Latham, John. Synopsis of Birds, 3 vols. 4to, London: B. White, 1781-2 (Vol. 1) and London: Leigh and Sotheby, 1783-5 (Vol. 2). (D4,[L],U) "Lathams Synopsis of Birds 3 Vols 4/to" (D). "1797 Aug 2d. Latham's Synopsis - Ј9-03-06" is entered in a list of "Expenses of `History of Birds'", started in 1792 (T&WA 1269/135) (U). "13.1.1829. [Paid] Brown, Bookbinder for binding Latham's Birds Russia Ј4-4-0" (T&WA 1269/9) (U). (The binding seems to have been ordered almost at the end of Bewick's life, and paid for two months after his death. Listed in Isabella Bewick donation to the Nat Hist Soc August 1881. Sold by the Society to Quaritch as a duplicate in 1973 (Quaritch catalogue No 924) where it was described as `With 119 coloured plates and extra illustrated with 2 title pages and 314 wood engravings from Bewick's History of British Birds (1825, 4to edition).')
140. Latham Supplement to Synopsis of Birds, 1 vol. Supplement I (1787). "[Lathams] Suppt to Do 1 Vol" (D). (As 139 above, and also sold to Quaritch.)
141. (*)[Lawrence, John. The History and Delineation of the Horse, Folio, London: Albion Press for James Cundee, 1809. (L)
Hugo (1866, No 234) states "With many beautiful vignettes, most of them by Thomas Bewick". (Isabella Bewick donation to the Nat His Soc August 1881. Later new spine and endpapers. No remaining sign of Bewick ownership.)] 142. Montagu, G. Supplement to the Ornithological Dictionary, Exeter: printed by S. Woolmer, 1813. (D4,[F]) "Montagu's supplement to Ornithl Dictionary" (D). (Listed in the Isabella Bewick donation to the Nat Hist Soc, August 1881. Sold as a duplicate in 1973.) 143. Moufet [Moffet] Thomas. Insectorum sive Minimorum Animalium Theatrum, folio, London: Thom. Cotes, 1634. (D4,L) Apparently duplicate entries: "History of Insects.. Latin folio A.D 1634" and "Insectorum sive Animalium Theatrum" (D). (Inscribed "James Calthorpe May ye 8th 1638 - pre[?] 6s" and "T. Bewick 1780". Presented to the Nat Hist Soc by Isabella Bewick, August 1881. Hancock Museum accession NEWHM.1997.H139. Subsequently repaired with new spine and endpapers. No "Bewick Library number".) 144. Pennant, Thomas. Arctic Zoology, 2 vols. 4to, London: H. Hughes, 1784 and 1785. (C=,D4,L,U) "Pennants Arctic Zoology 2 vols 4to 16s.6d." purchased on 8.5.1792 (T&WA 1269/3 and 1269/135, in the list of "Expenses for `History of Birds'"). "Pennant's Arctic Zoology 2 Vols 4/to 1784" (C). (Inscribed with "Bewick Library number" "No 65" on the flyleaf of each volume. Donated to Nat. Hist. Soc. by Miss Isabella Bewick, August 1881. Hancock Museum accession NEWHM:1997.H96.) 145. Pennant, Thomas. British Zoology, 3 or 4 vols. 8vo. London: B. White, 1768, 1769 (and 1777?). (D4,L) "Pennants British Zoology 5 Vols. 8/vo" (D). (Comments (only on birds) are inscribed in pencil and ink and in Bewick's hand in Vols. 1 and 2. At p.415 in Vol. 2, one of these is in pencil overwritten in ink somewhat in the manner of Jane Bewick preserving her father's inscriptions. The Isabella Bewick donation to the Nat Hist Soc in August 1881 included only the first 3 volumes (1768-69) of this work (accession number NEWHM.2002.H1054). All three volumes were later rebound with new spines and endpapers; there is no remaining proof of Bewick ownership, other than the inscriptions in the text. (Volume 4 (1777), in the Society's library, on Crustacea, Mollusca and Testacea, not part of the same bequest, was donated by Joshua Alder.) The fifth volume (1770) appears below as "Pennant Zoology". On 1 June 1810 the Cash Book records "Pennants Water Birds to Mr Allen ­ carriage 4d." (T&WA1269/6). Possibly Bewick loaned one of these volumes to an unidentified Mr Allen; or had borrowed a volume of another edition from him, perhaps from Mr George Allan of Darlington, and was now returning it. The cash books, for example have an entry "Paid for Carr. of Mr Allans 2 Books 1/1" on 29 Jan. 1801 (T&WA 1269/5).) 146. [Pennant Zoology, 1 vol. 1770. ([D4],M17) No doubt Thomas Pennant's British Zoology. Illustrated by plates and brief explanations, 8vo, London: B. White, 1770. This was issued to "supply the deficiency of plates in the first three volumes", those of 1768-9. The present volume would make the edition up to the five volumes mentioned under British Zoology (145) above. This volume is not named Volume V on the title page, is often found separately from the others, and was perhaps overlooked in Isabella's donation to the Nat Hist Soc described above. (It was bought, together with a copy of Reynold's Discourses, for 4/-, by Major Cowen at the Bewick sale in 1884.)] 147. Pennant, Thomas. Genera of Birds, 1 vol. 4to, London: B. White, 1781. (D4,L) "Pennants Genera of Birds 1 Vol 4/to" (D).
(Donated to the Nat Hist Soc by Miss Isabella Bewick, August 1881. Later rebound preserving presentation bookplate. Flyleaf inscribed "No 25". Hancock Museum accession NEWHM:1997.H95.)
148. Pennant Synopsis of Quadrupeds, Chester: J.Monk, 1771. (D4,L) [Pennants] "Synopsis of Quadrupeds" (D). (Several ink and pencil annotations in the hand of Thomas Bewick. Presented to the Nat Hist Soc by Isabella Bewick, August 1881. Later rebound, lacks half-title, original endpapers and presentation bookplate. No "Bewick Library number". Hancock Museum accession NEWHM:1998.H140.)
149. [Pierre, St., 4 vols. 8vo, 1801, cloth.
Probably: Sainte-Pierre, J.H.B.de. Studies of Nature. Translated by Henry Hunter. 4th edit. London: G.
Mawman, 1801.
(Bought for 3/- at the Bewick sale in 1884, buyer not recorded.)]
150. Skrimshire, Fenwick. A series of essays introductory to the study of natural history, 12mo, 2 vols, London: Johnson, 1805. (D4,U) "Skrimsher's Essays on Natural History 7s." bought on 30.11.1805 (T&WA 1269/6) (U). "Skirmshire's [sic] Essays on Nat History" (D). Skrimshire was an Edinburgh medical graduate (Dissertation 1798 ­ De Assimilatione).
151. Stradanus, Jo. About 100 plates of Hunting etc, engraved by Galle etc., oblong folio, used. (K13,U) "Stradano's Book of Beasts etc 10s.2d." bought on 7.5.91 (T&WA 1269/2) (U). "Johannes Stradanus ... wanting Title page & 1st plate vellum back" sold to Kerslake 1859 (T&WA 1269/84 pp103-4) (U). Not yet identified. The same artist and engraver/publisher seem to have collaborated in Jan van der Straet's Encomium musices quod sacris litteris concinabat Philip Gallaeus. Icones exprimebat pictor celeberrimus Io. Stradanus ... Antwerp: P. Gallaeum, c.1600.
152. *Thornton, Robert John. A New Family Herbal ... The plants drawn from nature, by Henderson: and engraved on wood, by Thomas Bewick, London: R. Phillips, 1810. (D4,[L]) "Thorntons Family Herbal" (D). (A copy donated to the Nat Hist Soc by Isabella Bewick in August 1881 is now missing from the library, the Society does however have the proof copies of the wood engravings made by his apprentices with Thomas Bewick's autograph comments and suggestions for modifications.)
153. Topsell History of Foure Footed Beasts. (D4,K4,U) "Topsells History of four Footed Beasts of J.A. Kidd 6s." bought 14.12.1805 (T&WA 1269/6) (U). "Topsell's History of Foure footed Beasts" (D). "The Historie of Foure-Footed Beastes (and Serpents). By Edward Topsell. Iaggard, 1607. Full of woodcuts. Folio. Used copy and not quite perfect" (K4). "Gesners Nat. Histy of four footed Beastes with autograph Thomas Bewick Book 1795" (T&WA 1269/84) (U). No doubt: Topsell, Edward. The historie of foure-footed beastes: describing the true and lively figure of every beast, with a discourse ... collected out of all the volumes of Conradus Gesner, and all other works to this present day, London: printed by William Iaggard, 1607. (Autograph on title "Thomas Bewick's (Vign.) Book 1795". The significance of "Vign." is unknown. Perhaps Bewick used it as a source of ideas for his vignettes, though the original woodcuts are on a large scale.)
154. Walton, I. & Cotton, C. The Complete Angler; ... with lives of the authors, and notes ... by Sir John Hawkins, Sixth Edition, 8vo, London: F. & C. Rivington, [and others] 1797. (E,M97,R169) "Complete Angler, I Walton &" (E)
(Inscribed "The Gift of Thomas Davidson, Esqr. C.P. to Thomas Bewick, Engraver Newcastle" in Bewick's writing. Bought by R Robinson for Ј1-10-0, in 1884. Half-calf. Top of inscription cropped by a binder.) 155. [Walton, I. and Cotton, C. Complete Angler, Major's fine edition, woodcuts, post 8vo, 1823, calf, gilt. (M98) Probably: The complete angler of Isaak Walton and Charles Cotton ..., London: Major, 1823. (Bought by J Myles for 16/-, in 1884.)] 156. [Walton and Cotton's Angler. (M99) "Walton and Cotton's Angler and Daniell's Rural Sports, a set of 28 engraved vignettes, 8vo." (It is not clear whether these are three items in the lot, or a single item, a nonce set of vignettes from the two books. See also 125 above. Bought by Major Cowen for 17/-, in 1884.)] 157. [White's Voyage. (U,X) "Pd Charnley for White's Voyage Ј1.11.6" on 4.4.1792 (T&WA 1269/3). "1792 Apr 4. Wm Charnley White's Voyages Ј1.11.6" is entered in a list of "Expenses of `History of Birds'", which started with this item in 1792. However it was promptly sold once the Land Birds was completed and is the second item in the "Contra Cr" list: "1 Feb 1797. By cash for White's voys Ј1.12.6" (both in T&WA 1269/135) (U). Probably John White, MD. Journal of a voyage to New South Wales with sixty-five plates of non-descript animals, birds, lizards, serpents, curious cones of trees and other natural productions. London: J. Debrett, 1790. An interesting acquisition, the only known specifically Australian source in the possession of Beilby and Bewick. However, several Australian animals were well illustrated in the first edition of Quadrupeds in 1790, two years before the White was purchased. It was sold by J Bell, for Beilby & Bewick "Whites Voyage Ј1: 12: 6", at the break-up of the partnership in 1797 (X, see under Brisson's Ornithologie, 119).]
[CLASS V:] Divinity, Sermons &c Lectures
158. "Apocrypha", (D5)
159. *[A Curious Hieroglyphic Bible, or, Select Passages in the Old and New Testaments, represented with Emblematic Figures ..., third edition, 12mo, London: T. Hodgson, 1785. (?A,Be,F,M175) "Hieroglyphic Bible" (A). "Hieroglyphic Bible 1785" (Be). "Hieroglyphic Bible 3d Ed. Hodgson 1785" (F). N.B. Tattersfield (2001) records that the first four editions, 1783-87, were illustrated with cuts from the Beilby-Bewick workshop in Newcastle. John Bewick first "improved" the cuts for the 1788 edition (JB13) which is not identified among Thomas's books. (Listed with Elizabeth Bewick's books in c1806 (Be). Lot M175 contains two complete copies, of 1785 and 1815 (below), and "part of another early edition". The lot of three copies was bought by JJ Hall for 19/, in 1884.)]
160. [*A Curious Hieroglyphic Bible, ..., ninth edition, London: T. Hodgson, 1791. "Hieroglyphick Bible 9 Editn 1791" (F).
(The Cherryburn copy (Y) is inscribed on the second flyleaf "Robert Bewick's book 1795" in a juvenile
hand and "The gift of Miss Bewick to John Hancock". On the first flyleaf is written "D. Croal
Thomson. The Bewick Family copy & begun to be coloured ­ like the Bewick Quadrupeds; also of the
Family", which presumably refers to items 379, 379a and 382 below. However the quality of colouring in this book is not up to that standard and consists only in quite neat "colouring in" of parts of a small number of images using similar watercolours to those used in the Quadrupeds. It was presumably done by Robert Bewick himself; he would have been about seven in 1795. Original half calf and marbled boards.)]
161. [*A Curious Hieroglyphic Bible, ..., 13th edition, 1796. (F) "Hieroglyphick Bible 13 Ed: 1796 assigned [sic] copy" (F). Presumably "a signed copy" was intended.]
162. *Curious Hieroglyphic Bible, etc, with woodcuts, Arlis's Edition, 12mo, 1815. (D5,M175,?U) Duplicate entries: "Hieroglyphic Bible with Cuts / Arliss" (under Divinity) and "Arliss Hieroglyphic Bible" (under Novels etc) (D). Probably the same as the "Hieroglyphic Bible [purchased] of Charnley 1s.6d." on 30.1.1817 (T&WA 1269/7). (Bought, together with the 1785 edition and another, by JJ Hall for 19/-, in 1884.)
163. * The Holy Bible; or, Christian Library ... with practical observations on each chapter, by the late
Rev. Mr. Ostervald ... , folio, Newcastle: printed by Thomas Lawson, 1782.
Frontispiece possibly by Bewick. "Holy Bible by Revd F Ostervald with Commeny" (D).
(Bewick Family Bible with the marriage and deaths of Thomas and Isabella, and the births and deaths
of their children. Accession NEWHM:1997.H42 Hancock Museum).
The Revd Jean Frederic Ostervald (1663-1747) was a Swiss Protestant divine whose French translation
of the Bible was retranslated into English and, as "Ostervald's Bible", was popular in Britain in the late
18th century. In later editions of Ostervald's Bible, and possibly in this one, the plates attributed to
Beilby and Bewick were in fact engraved by Philip Loudon Slager (Tattersfield, 1999, p. 11).
164. Holy Bible, 8vo. (A,D5,E) "Octavo Oxford Bible" (A) "Holy Bible Octavo 1782" (E)
165. "Icones Historica Novi Testamenti. Cuts." (D5)
166. Nouveau Testament, 1785. (A,D5) "French Testament" (A)
167. Vulgate. (D5,E,K1,U) "Vulgate Latin Bible" (D). "Vulgate Latin Bible date 1573 wanting Title" (T&WA 1269/84) (U). "Old Vulgate Latin Bible, with Woodcuts. 8vo., no title. Old stamped binding, 1573" (K1).
168. Addison, J. Evidences of the Christian Religion. (D5,E) Possibly: Joseph Addison. The evidences of the Christian religion by ... ; to which are added, several discourses ..., London: J. Tonsin, 1730; or a later edition.
169. Bradley, James. A course of Thirteen Lectures, on the most important Theological Subjects, By
James Bradley, Minister of the New Jerusalem Church, Newcastle upon Tyne. Newcastle upon Tyne:
Printed by Edward Walker for Messrs Clarke & Co., Manchester, H.C. Hodson of Hatton Garden and
T. Goyder of Westminster, 1821=65 [sic].
(In the Newcastle section of the subscribers list is "Mr Thomas Bewick".)
170. Bunyan, J. Divine Emblems: or, temporal things spiritualized. Fitted for the use of boys and girls.
London: C. Dilly, 1790.
"Divine Emblems by J Bunyan" (D).
"Bunyan's Divine Emblems, curious woodcuts and portrait, 1790, with autograph of Thomas Bewick"
(M102). (Autograph of Thomas Bewick on the flyleaf, and his note on the pastedown `Paid Mrs. Mitchell 1s for
this Book July 1809'. She may have been the wife of John Mitchell, bookseller of Dean Street ­ a few
yards from the Bewick workshop (Hunt, 1975). Bought, together with Gay's Fables, by M Mackey for
14/6, in 1884 (M102). A note (presumably in his hand, with his price code) on the pastedown `Bought
at the Bewick Sale Feb 5/84 Lot 102 ­ along with a Gay's Fables of No Value Cost TN/E.' Also `15/-
Mackey Sale' in another hand; the sticker of RD Steedman, Bookseller, Newcastle; and the bookplate
(on the flyleaf) of King's College, Newcastle upon Tyne with on it the handwritten note `Presented by
"A friend of the College" 1945'. Now in the Bradshaw-Bewick collection, Robinson Library,
University of Newcastle (T). It was displayed at the Bewick Exhibition (1886 ­ item 46) (Z).)
171. Bunyan, J. Pilgrim's Progress, cuts, 1806. (D5,E,M27) "Bunyans Pilgrims Progress Cuts" (D & E) "Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, woodcuts, 1806" (M27). Hugo (1866, Nos. 238, 239) claims that the cuts in two 1809 editions were by Bewick after designs by Thurston. An edition was published in Boston by J. Bumstead in 1806, though there may have been others in that year. (Bought with 4 others for 5/- at the Bewick sale in 1884, buyer not recorded.)
172. Collyer Sacred Interpreter, 2 vols. 8vo. (D5) "Collyers Sacred Interpreter 2 Vols 8/vo" (D). Possibly: David Collyer. The sacred interpreter, or, a practical introduction towards a beneficial reading and a thorough understanding of the Holy Bible ..., 1st edition, 2vols. London: T. Astley, 1726-7; or another edition, perhaps the Carlisle imprint printed by F. Jollie for C. Law (London), 1796.
173. Cotes, the Revd Henry (of Bedlington). Sermons on the Return of Lazarus, 1822. (C=,D5) "=Sermons by Revd Heny Cotes. 1822" (C). "Sermons by Revd H Cotes, of Bedlington on Rn of Lazarus" (D). Cotes is acknowledged by Bewick to have proof-read the text of the first edition of Bewick's "Water Birds" - The History of British Birds, vol. II, 1804. See a fuller account in Tattersfield (1999).
174. Durer, A. (?A,K2,M342-349,U) "Book Wood Prints by Albert Durer" (A) "Albert Dьrer ­ Scripture prints on wood, Adam & Eve, 26 pages vellum back & 5 duplicates" (T&WA 1269/84) (U). "Albert Durer's Woodcuts of the Passion. 1510. 35 cuts, with five duplicates loose in the cover. This copy is printed on blank paper, without any letterpress or inscriptions of any kind. 4to, old vellum." (K). "Engravings on wood by Albert Durer" (M342-349). At the 1884 sale (M), six years after the destruction of Kerslake's books (K,U), 22 Durer prints were sold in eight lots to five buyers (J.Price, J.J.Hall, E.Pearson, E.B.Mounsey and R.Robinson). Some carried Durer's monogram, and all were stamped "T. Bewick". It is unknown whether the destroyed prints or those that survived to be auctioned were the ones that T.B. inherited from his brother John (A). At the end of her list of books sold to Kerslake (T&WA 1269/84, p103-4) Jane Bewick later wrote "Wm Harvey told me that Albert Dьrers prints are now bringing high prices. Oh Silly Jane Bewick".
175. Emblems, quaint woodcuts, 1626. (E,M61)
"Wood Cut Religious Emblems" (E). (Bought by RG McKenzie for 7/-, in 1884.)
176. Hurd Religious Rites and Ceremonies, 1 vol. 4to, 1812. (C=,D5,E) "=Hurd's Rites & Ceremonies 1 Vol 4/to 1812" (C). "Hurd's Religious rites & Ceremonies" (D). "Hurd's Religious Rites &c" (E). Probably: William Hurd. A new universal history of the religious rites, ceremonies, and customs of the whole world: or, a complete and impartial view of all the religions ... designed to form a complete family library for Christians of all denominations. Newcastle upon Tyne: printed by K. Anderson [no publisher given], 1812.
177. Murray, Revd J. Murray's Lectures, 1777. (D5,E) Duplicate entries: "Murrays Lectures by Revd J Murray 1777" and "Lectures by Revd J Murray 1777" (D). "Lectures by Revd J Murray" (E). Probably: The Revd James Murray of Newcastle, Lectures upon the most remarkable characters and transactions recorded in the Book of Genesis, 2 vols. Newcastle: printed by T. Angus, Trinity Corner, St Nicholas Churchyard, 1777. Murray published other volumes of lectures, but in different years.
178. [Pleasures of Hope, 1817. (M37) Possibly an edition of: Thomas Campbell. The pleasures of hope, with other poems, (another imprint at Edinburgh: Mundell, Doig and Stevenson, 1810). (Bought with another for 3/- at the Bewick sale in 1884, buyer unknown.]
179. Porter Sermons. (U) "Ѕ Subscription to a vol. of sermons (Mr. Porter) 2s.6d." paid on 1.2.1806 (T&WA 1269/6). Not identified. Several authors named Porter published sermons before 1807.
180. Reflections on incredulity. (A,D5,E) "Reflections on incredulity" (A,D). "Reflexions on incredulity" (E). (Probably: [Anon.]. Remarks on the Religious Sentiments of Learned and Eminent Laymen; viz. Sir Isaac Newton, Hon. Robert Boyle, Locke, Sir Matthew Hale, Addison, with Occasional Reflections on Incredulity, London: Robinson; Cambridge: Merril and Lunn; Oxford: Fletcher, editions 1790 and 1792.)
181. Remarks on Comparative Theology, manuscript, 4to, calf. (A,C=,D5,E,M48) "MMS Remarks of Comparative Theology" (A). "Remarks on Comparative Theology. Manuscript" (C). "Remarks on Comparative Theology, Manuscript Copy" (E). "Manuscript: Remarks on Comparative Theology, 4to, calf." (M48). (Bought by WT Johnson for 5/-, in 1884, present whereabouts unknown. Tattersfield (2001; p.239, appendix note 3) suggests that this was perhaps John Bewick's commonplace book, now in the collection of the Natural History Society of Northumbria (NEWHM: 1966: H22). However the 12-leaf commonplace book in a contemporary paper cover shows no sign of having ever been bound and, despite a few devotional entries, could scarcely justify the title given. Its provenance is also inappropriate ­ it was donated by the descendants of Thomas Bewick's brother William, farmer of Cherryburn.)
182. St Augustine, Confessions.
"St Augustins Confessions" (D).
183. "Watts Hymns". (Bj,D5) (Duplicated in D in Class II - Poetry) No doubt: Watts, I[saac], D.D. Hymns and spiritual songs. In three books. [Numerous editions from 1720]. Of the many editions, one possibly more likely than the others to be in Bewick's collection was printed in Alnwick by W. Davison in 1822. But a copy of some earlier edition ("Watts Hymns 2 vol") was among Jane's books listed in 1806.)
[CLASS VI:] Arts, Sciences, Mathematics, Heraldry &c.
A. Arts and Architecture
184. Architecture with Wood Prints, (A)
185. "Bewick's collection of old engraved writing books in 5 volumes, folio, and various others of his shop pattern books". (K14,U) Jane Bewick identified these volumes, sent to Thomas Kerslake of Bristol on July 14 1859, listing them in a Bewick Workshop ledger (T&WA 1269/84) as follows:
185a. Penman's Repository by Miln & Ashby published by J. Walker 1795" (U).
185b. "Butterworth & Sons Universal Penmanship, RE Bewick autograph cost 10/6" [or 18/6: not clearly legible] (U).
185c. "Kirkwood & Wilde penmanship Engraved by Ellis" (U).
185d. "Tomkins beauties of writing 1777 Engraved by Ellis" (U).
185e. "The penmans Employment ­ Champion & Howard" (U).
185f. "New Book of Vases, Laws delt, published by Isaac Taylor 30 Holborn near Chancery Lane & engraved by Wm Darling Newport Street 1773, 6 pages complete" (U). 185g. "New Book of Vases published by Ackerman, 6 in number, complete Haworth invt & fecit" (U).
185h. "Domenico Francisco Ricard D.D. [D.D. written above the name] Frontispiece & 4 pages Grotesque heads ­ well drawn & Engraved" and "Grotesque heads Blane" (U).
186. Bewick, Thomas. Memorandum Book (S314) "Four leaves of Thomas Bewick's Memorandum Book, contains two small portrait heads of Cicero and another, in pencil, small portr. of Frederick the Great ... group of small heads, with leather cover. Presented by Jane Bewick to E.P. Jupp Esq. June 1869, in gilt frame glazed" (S314).
187. Book van Slechem's[?] Wood Cuts,
(or possibly van Skechem's). Not identified.
188. Books of wood cuts
"2 Books of Wood Cuts from Vernon 4s.10d." bought on 17.3.1801 (T&WA 1269/5).
189. Book of Wood Prints - Vignettes &c French,
190. [Burnett, J. On Light and Shade in Painting, 4to, boards, uncut, 1826.
Probably Burnet, J. Practical hints on Light and Shade in Painting, London: James Carpenter & Son,
(Bought by R Robinson for Ј1, in 1884.)]
191. [Burnett, J. On Composition in Painting, 2nd edition, 4to, 1827. (M66) Fine etchings, boards, uncut. Probably: John Burnet, FRS, A practical treatise on painting ... consisting of hints on composition, chiaroscuro, and colouring ..., London: 1827. (Bought by R Robinson for Ј1-15-0, in 1884.)]
192. Carey, William. Critical Description of "Death on a Pale Horse" by West, pamphlet, 1817. (D6,M35) "Critical description of Death on Pale Horse". (D). Probably: William Paulet Carey, Critical Decription and Analytical Review of `Death on a Pale Horse', painted by Benjamin West, PRA ..., London: 1817. (This, together with the next item, bought by D Croal Thomson for 5/6, in 1884.)
193. Carey, William. Critical Description of Chaucer's "Canterbury Pilgrims", pamphlet, 1818. (D6,M35) "[Critical description] of Procession of Chaucer's Pilgrims" (D). Probably: William Paulet Carey, Critical Decription of the Procession of Chaucer's Pilgrims to Canterbury, painted by Thomas Stothard ..., 2nd edition, London: 1818. (This, together with the previous item, bought by D Croal Thomson for 5/6, in 1884.)
194. Compendious Treatise of Anatomy.
Possibly: John Turner, A Compendious Treatise of Anatomy, adapted to the Arts of Designing, Painting
and Sculpture, on eight folio copper plates, in which the external muscles of the human body are
represented as they appear in the best chosen attitudes ..., London: Robert Sayer, 1762 (or 1772
imprint); or,
as Tattersfield (2001) suggests, The Artist's Pocket Companion; being a Compendious Treatise of
Anatomy, Second Edition, London: J. Walker, 1787).
194a. Cop[e]land, H. A New Book of Ornaments, London: Cop[e]land and Bucksher, 1746; and Lock, M. and Cop[e]land, H. A New Book of Ornaments 1752. (M392) A total of 20 loose plates from these two editions were sold at the 1884 auction (purchased by E. Pearson for 10s.). "For sometime after I entered to the business, I was employed in drawing Copelands Ornaments, and this was the only kind of drawing upon which I ever had a lesson given to me from anyone" (Memoir (1975) p.39).
195. "Description of Drawings by Mr Haydon & Pupils",
Probably: Description of the drawings from the cartoons and Elgin marbles, by Mr Haydon's pupils,
now exhibiting in the Great Room, No. 29 St James's Street, London: 1819
196. Drawing Book of Deer (M390,U) "Paid for Drawing Book of Deer from [?]Ridinger 1s.6d." on 3.7.1818 (T&WA 1269/7) (U). "Ridinger's Book of Stags, six plates engraved by Roberts, stamped with T. Bewick's name. Five engravings of goats." Sold for 12s. to R. Robinson in 1884 (M). Possibly: Ridinger, J.E. Abbildung der jagtbaren Thiere ... , Augsburg, 1740; or a later reprint. The title has not been firmly identified, but the illustrator Johann Elias Ridinger (or Riedinger) was probably the man named here. He was active in the 1740s-60s in natural history drawing, for example illustrating a book on elephants in 1744, and one on horses in c1760, in addition to the illustrations of
game animals in 1740, quoted above. Whether the loose prints by Roberts auctioned in 1884 were taken from the work bought in 1818 or were different is not clear. The last two letters are not clear.
197. *Emblems of Mortality; representing, in upwards of fifty cuts, Death seizing all ranks and degrees of people; ..., small 8vo, London: T. Hodgson, 1789. (E,F,N10,R25) Wood engravings by John Bewick; Hugo and Tattersfield (2001) state that Thomas Bewick assisted in the work. "Emblems of Mortality with cuts 1789" (E) "Emblems of Mortality pb Hodgson Clerkenwell 1789" (F). (Autograph "Thos Bewick. NEWCASTLE" on title page (also recorded in N10). Rebound for Pease, no "Bewick Library number".)
198. *Emblems of Mortality; representing, in upwards of fifty cuts, Death seizing all ranks and degrees of people; ..., small 8vo, London: T. Hodgson, 1789. (Private collection) Another copy, with a hand-printed stamp "TBewick" on the recto of the frontispiece, as illustrated in Tattersfield (1999) page 30, but with no other mark of Bewick ownership (ex inf. I. Bain). (Tattersfield records the use of this stamp on prints and engravings that had been in Bewick's possession (several such are listed in the 1884 Bewick Sale catalogue), but its use in this book appears at present to be unique. Without further evidence it would be idle to speculate about the reason. Nor, strictly, can we be certain that the copy recorded as above in E and F was not this one.)
199. [Malton, Thomas. Complete treatise on perspective in theory and practice, folio, 1776. Plates, calf. (M138) The second edition, A Compleat ... [etc] has a London imprint: Printed for the author and sold by Messrs Robson [and four others], 1778. (With R.E. Bewick's bookplate and autograph. See comment under "Perspective" (201) below. Bought for 11/- by R. Robinson in 1884.)]
200. [Ori Apollinis Niliaci, de Sacris Aegyptorum, 18mo, Paris, 1574. (M60) "Every page illustrated with fine woodcuts, very rare." (M) Doubtless: Horapollo, Ori Apollinis Niliaci, de sacris Aegyptorum notis, ..., Paris: apud Galeotum а Prato, & Ioannem Ruellium, 1574. (Bought by R Robinson for 5/-, in 1884.)]
201. [Perspective, plates and diagrams, folio, half-calf. (M140) Not identified. (In catalogue M, lots 138-140 are four works on perspective published 1765, 1770, 1776, and (this one) n.d. Thomas Bewick's known lack of interest in perspective and RE Bewick's keen interest in this subject suggest the latter was the owner, indeed one contained his bookplate. All were bought by R. Robinson at the 1884 sale, this item together with two in lot 139 for Ј11.)]
202. [Practice of Perspective, 4to, 1765.
Probably: Dubreuil, Jean, A Practice of Perspective: or, an easy method of representing material
objects ... translated by E. Chambers, 4th edition, London: John Bowles and Carington Bowles, 1765.
(See comment on "Perspective" (201) above. Bought with two others for Ј11 by R. Robinson in 1884.)]
203. Rees, Dr Cyclopaedia of Arts, Sciences, and Literature, 45 vols. 4to, 1819. (C=,D6,E,M64,U) "Rees's Cyclopaediae 39 Vols: 4/to 6 Vols: Plates" (C). "... 39 Vol. 4/to & Plates" (D). "Plates. 45 vols., ... half calf" (M64). (Bought by J Myles for 18/- in 1884.) Abraham Rees revised Chambers Cyclopaedia in 1778-88 (5010 pages, 159 plates) in 418 numbers at
6d. each. Bewick evidently bought the reprint, in separate parts. Its acquisition is set out in some detail in the cash books (T&WA 1269/6&7). While it is not always clear that references to "Cyclopedias" and "Encyclopedias" pertain to Rees, probably all of them do. The entries are: 9.1.1810 "pd Charnley Encycloa to vol 13 Part 2 Ј4.1.6" 4.2.1811 "Charnleys Bill for Encyclopedias Ј7.2.0", 13.11.11 "Cyclopedia's [sic] & Donovans Fishes 3d" [delivery charge], 25.11.11 "Freight & Cranage Copper & Encyclopedia 1s.10d.", 23.4.12 "Parcel of Rees's Encyclopedia by Waggon 2s.3d.", 29.9.13 "Ree's Encyclopeadia [sic] from Charnley 1s.", 15.2.14 "Ree's Encyclopedia by Charnley 6d.", 13.4.14 "Cyclopedia from Charnley 6d.", 23 5.14 "Cyclopediae by Charnley 6d.", 1.8.14 "Cyclopediae by Charnley 6d.", 3.10.14 "Cyclopeadie [sic] by Charnley 6d.", 2.1.15 "Cyclopaedia from Charnley 1s.", 24.6.15 "Encyclopaedia pd Charnley 6d." 2.10.15 "pd Charnley for carriage 2 Encyclopedia 1s.", 2.8.16 "No. 62 63 64 65 & plates Rees Cyclopaedia Ј4.15.10", Relatively few purchases of books appear in the cash books after 1812 when Robert Bewick undertook most of the book-keeping, and the encyclopaedia payments form a majority of such entries. It is evident that the number of volumes continued to increase between 1822 (D) and the ultimate sale in 1884 (M), but no identifiable purchases appear in the firm's cash books after 1816. It appears that after trying direct purchase with delivery by sea or wagon the family reverted to accepting Charnley's smaller middleman's charge for delivery.
204. [Reynolds, Discourses, 8vo, 2 vols. 1788. (M17) Probably: a later edition of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Seven discourses delivered in the Royal Academy by the President, London: T. Cadell, 1778. No 1788 edition yet identified. (Bought together with the 1770 volume of Pennant's Zoology, by Major Cowen for 4/-, in 1884.]
205. [Reynolds, Sir Jos. Discourses, 8vo, half-calf, 1788. Another copy of the above. (Bought by D Croal Thomson for 4/-, in 1884.)] 206. Rowlandson "2 large Fols of Rowlandson's Sketches".
(M18) (A)
207. Rusconi, GA. Architettura,
"Archittetura [sic] de GA. Ruscone" (D)
Probably: Rusconi, Giovanni Antonio. Della architettura / di Gio. Antonio Rusconi, con centosessanta
figure dissegnate dal medesimo ; secondo il precetti di Vitruuio, e con chiarezza, e breuit* dichiarate
libri dieci ..., Venetia: Appresso i Gioliti, 1590 [or later edition].
(Perhaps acquired because of Robert Elliot Bewick's interest in architecture, or to help with the design
of classical architectural backgrounds for The Fables of Aesop (1818) and other similar work.)
207a. Savage, William. Practical Hints on Decorative Printing, with Illustrations Engraved on Wood,
and Printed in Colours at the Type Press, London: Published for the Proprietor by Longman, Hurst,
Rees, Orme, and Brown; T. Cadell; J. Booth; J. Major; R. Triphook; and R. Jennings, 1822. 4to.]
Bewick seems to have arranged to receive this book as payment in kind for two that he sent to Savage
in 1817, in effect using them as his subscription to the book: "Mr Savage, Printer Lucas Street Brunswick Square London.
1817 Jan 2
Dt 1 Sett Demy Birds Ј1.6.0. 1 Impl Copy Fables of Major?
Cr By his Book on Decorative printing. [Pencilled note] Failed" (U). (T&WA
1269/83, page 21). Thomas Bewick appears on the List of Subscribers. (Major may have been John Major the London bookseller, one of the publishers of Decorative Printing. His Fables has not been identified. Bewick follows his mention of it with a (reversed) question mark, and fails to give it a price. Perhaps a book of Fables (? Gay's) was to be supplied to Savage in London by Major. There is no certainty that the promised book, published about 5 years after TB sent the Birds and Fables, was ever received. Indeed the later-pencilled "Failed" suggests that at some point Bewick gave up hope of receiving it. It was however published in two parts, the first in 1819 the second in 1822. An apology, dated 25 Nov 1818, and issued by the author with Part 1, expressed the hope that Part 2 would appear before the end of 1819. It may eventually have been received, presumably in 1822, in settlement of the old debt. TB's apprentice Charlton Nesbit contributed two engravings after Thurston (ex inf. Iain Bain). He, Edward Willis and Luke Clennell, and many other Newcastle men, all appear on the List of Subscribers, in addition to Bewick.)]
208. Taylor, Brook. Perspective made easy, 4to, 1770. Plates wanting, imperfect.
Curious frontispiece by Hogarth.
Probably a later edition of: Kirby, John Joshua, Dr. Brook Taylor's method of perspective made easy;
both in theory and practice, ... illustrated with many copper plates, ..., London: for the author and sold by T. Payne [and others], 3rd edition 1768 (other editions 1755, 1765, 1767; 1770 edition not found).
(See comment under "Perspective" (201) above. Bought in 1884 with two others for Ј11 by R
209. [Treatise on Painting in Water colours. (U) "Treatise on Painting in Water colours 3s.6d." purchased 24.9.1828 (T&WA 1269/9). Possibly: A treatise on landscape painting and effect in water colours ... by David Cox. London: S. & J. Fuller [and others], 1813; or later edition. (Entered in the business cash book after Thomas Bewick's retirement and probably bought for Robert Elliot Bewick's use.)]
210. [Winckelmann, John Joachim, Reflections on the Painting and Sculpture. (F) "Abbe Winkelman on paintg & Sculp" (F). Possibly: [Winckelmann, John Joachim,] Reflections on the Painting and Sculpture of the Greeks: ... translated from the German of Abbй Winckelmann by Henry Fusseli, London: for the translator, and sold by A. Millar, 1765; or, London: A. Millar and T. Cadell, 1767; or another edition.]
B. Medicine 211. Acct. of Poisons. (A) Probably Mead, Richard. A mechanical account of poisons, in several essays, editions 1702, 1708, and 1745, with several pirated reprints. (Recorded only in John Bewick's bequest to Thomas; the 1745 edition, in particular, was of possible interest to both brothers for its illustrations of vipers, scorpions and other venomous animals.)
212. Buchan Domestic Medicine, 1 vol.
William Buchan Domestic medicine; or, a treatise on the cure and prevention of diseases, by regimen
and simple medicine; numerous editions 1769-1846, including Newcastle imprints, for example by K.
Anderson, 1812 and Mackenzie & Dent in St Nicholas' Church-yard, 1815. Intriguingly, the first
edition of Buchan's work was translated into French by Jean Paul Marat (1743-1793), the
revolutionary, who practised as a doctor and vet in Newcastle in about 1770-73 and is mentioned
among the radicals of the city, though confirmed details are scanty. Later he went to Edinburgh and
Buchan was one of his two referees for the degree of MD St Andrews (1775); (Nockels, K. "Jean Paul
Marat (1743-1793): scientist and revolutionary", J. Med. Biogr. 2:156-161 (1992); Horsley (1971)
pp.199-217). (Bought in a lot with 3 other un-named works by R Robinson for 1/6, in 1884.)
213. Cornaro, Lewis. Some methods of attaining a Long and Healthful Life, 4th edition, 24mo, London, 1727, calf. (M129,V) (See Memoir (1975, page 49) for Thomas Bewick's account of reading "Lewis Cornaro & other Books which treated of temperance" while an apprentice. Austin Dobson bought Some methods... for 15/-, in 1884 and wrote (Dobson, 1889, page 34) 'A little copy of Cornaro's "Sure and Certain Methods of attaining a Long and Healthful Life," etc, dated 1727, and roughly rebound in sheep, is in the possession of the present writer. It once belonged to Robert Elliot Bewick, and is possibly the identical copy which was his father's companion when wandering on the Town Moor, or in the Elswick fields'. The discrepancy between the "calf" and "sheep" binding may have been the cataloguer's error. On the other hand Cornaro also wrote another work Discourses on a sober and temperate life, (London: B. White, 1768) which seems to fit better with Bewick's own account of what he read.)
214. Green, Dr. The Modern Family Physician. Being Dr Green's Treasure of Health: or, Cabinet of Cures Unlock'd, 1783. (A,C,U) "Dr Greens Treasure of Health" (A) "pd Young for binding Famy Physician 1s.6d." on 5.6.1802 (T&WA 1269/5) (U). "Family Physician. 1. Vol:" (C). Probably: The Modern Family Physician. Being Dr Green's Treasure of Health: or, Cabinet of Cures Unlock'd, [no place or publisher], 1783 (Tattersfield, 2001). James Young, bookbinder, of Queen St, Newcastle, had died in 1801 (Hunt, 1975). Perhaps his successors kept the name of the firm.
215. MacKenzie, [G.S.] Illustrations of Phrenology. 1820.
"Illustrations of Phrenology. 1820" (C).
"MacKenzie's Phrenology", (M9)
Probably: MacKenzie, Sir George Steuart. Illustrations of Phrenology, with engravings by Sir G.S.
Mackenzie. Edinburgh: A. Constable & Co., and Hurst, Robinson & Co., London, 1820. The book
contains a portrait of Bewick (engraved by W.H. Lizars) and a phrenological analysis based upon it.
(Purchaser in 1884 sale not recorded.)
216. Trotter, T. Essay on Drunkeness, (C,E,?M32) "Trotter's Essay on Drunkeness" (C,E). No doubt Thomas Trotter's An Essay, Medical, Philosophical, and Chemical, on Drunkenness, and its Effects on the Human Body, London: Longman and Rees, 1804; or later edition. (Lot M32 includes four works by Trotter, but names only two. If this was one of the others it was bought with them by R Robinson for 6/6.)
217. [Trotter, Thomas. A proposal for destroying the Fire and Choak-Damps of Coal Mines ...
addressed to the Owners and Agents of Coal Works, 1805.
"Trotter (Dr. Thomas) On Destroying Fire and Choke-Damps in Coal Mines, 1805" (M32).
(Bought with three other Trotter items by R Robinson for 6/6, in 1884.)]
218. Trotter, T. On the Nervous Temperament, 8vo, 1807.
No doubt A view of the nervous temperament: being a practical enquiry into the increasing prevalence,
prevention and treatment ..., London: Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme, 1807 or, much more likely in
view of the source in the cash book below, the 2nd edition printed in Newcastle by Edward Walker for
Longmans, also in 1807.
"Paid for Dr Trotters Book to Mr. Walker 7s." on 24.2.1807 (T&WA 1269/6).
(Lot M32 includes four works by Trotter, but names only two others. See 216 above.)
219. [Trotter, Dr Thomas. The Noble Foundling, 1812. (M32) No doubt: Trotter, Thomas. The Noble Foundling; or, The Hermit of the Tweed: a tragedy, in five acts. London: Printed by E. Walker [? of Newcastle] for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1812. (See comments above). Bought by Robinson, 1884. Not medical! but listed here to keep company with the other Trotter works. ]
C. Science and Mathematics
220. Anderson, Dr. Treatise on Peat Moss, (D6) Probably: James Anderson. A practical treatise on peat moss ... for affording fuel, or ... converted into mold ... and afterwards cultivating it as a soil, Edinburgh and London: T. Chapman, 1794; or other edition.
221. Banson, W. Practical Arithmetic. (A,D6) "Practical Arithmetic by Wm Banson NC" (A) "Tutors Assistant. Arithmetic" (D) Probably: William Banson. The schoolmaster and scholar's mutual assistant, or, a compendious system of practical arithmetic, made perfectly easy ..., numerous editions, including London and Newcastle imprints by T. Slack of Newcastle, 1760 and 1767.
222. Bruce, E. and J. An introduction to Geography and Astronomy, by the use of globes and maps. To
which are added, the construction of maps and a table of the latitudes and longitudes ... Newcastle:
printed by S. Hodgson for W. Charnley, Newcastle, and Messrs. Robinson, and Longman & Rees,
London, 1803.
(Mr. T. Bewick" is on the list of subscribers. Edward and John Bruce were brothers who kept a school
at Byker. John later set up the Percy Street Academy in Newcastle; many of his pupils later
distinguished themselves. This book very probably formed an important part of the education of Robert
Elliot Bewick (aged 15 in 1803) and may have influenced his interest in the mathematical aspects of
223. [Cail, William. Astronomical and Mathematical Problems, manuscript with neatly drawn
diagrams, 55 tractates, 8vo, 1793.
(Bought by R Robinson for 14/-, in 1884.)]
224. [Mr Culley's Treatise. (U) "Carr. of Mr. Culley's treatise etc. 4d." paid on 4.12.1788 (T&WA 1269/2). Not firmly identifiable, but quite probably George Culley's Observations on Livestock, containing hints for choosing and improving the best breeds of the most useful kinds of domestic animals, London: G.G.J. & J. Robinson, 1786; a book which made Culley (then a farmer at Fenton, Northumberland) nationally famous as a livestock improver and which Beilby and Bewick would have found valuable in the preparation of A General History of Quadrupeds (1790). Indeed Culley and Bailey were both acknowledged there. This, the first edition, was not illustrated, but the second edition of 1794 contained three engravings (of a shorthorn bull, a ram and a Herdwick ram), drawn and, in at least one case engraved, by John Bailey, estate agent at Chillingham and friend of Bewick. The Herdwick also appeared with other engravings in Bailey and Culley's General View of the agriculture of Northumberland (London: G. & W. Nicol, 1794). The word "treatise" does not appear on the title page, but it is applied to the need supplied by this book in the opening sentence of the preface.]
225. Dodd, R[alph]. Observations on Water, 1805. Pamphlet. (D6,E) "Observations on Water by R Dodd 1805" (D). "Dodd on Water Pamphlet" (E). No doubt: Dodd, Ralph. Observations on water: with a recommendation of a more convenient and extensive supply of Thames Water to the metropolis. London: G. Cooke, 1805.
(Dodd was a Newcastle man, an expert on canals. His memorial is in Newcastle cathedral.)
226. *Furnass, Revd. J. The Practical Surveyor, 8vo, Newcastle; 1809. (D6,M196) The diagrams engraved on wood, and plans on copper by Thomas Bewick, and plans coloured by Miss Bewick (see Hugo, 1866, 236). The Bewick Cash Book (T&WA 1269/6) records on 16.3.1811 "Furnass. Paid Jane, Bell, & Betsy for the colour'd Plans Ј12.8.4". "Furnass's Practical Surveyor" (D). No doubt: Furnass, John. The Practical Surveyor: being a treatise on surveying: designed for the use of schools, 8vo, Newcastle: printed for the author by S. Hodgson, 1809. (Bought for 5/- at the Bewick sale in 1884, purchaser not recorded.)
227. Howard, John. A Treatise on spherical geometry, containing its fundamental properties; the
doctrine of its loci; ... with an application of these elements to a variety of problems, Newcastle: printed
by E. Walker, sold by T.N. Longman, London, 1798.
"Howards Spherical Geometry 1 Vol. 8/vo" (D).
(The subscribers list includes "Mr Thomas Bewick". Bewick mentions Howard in his Memoir (p.113)
as a drinking companion and the author of this book, and that he was buried at St John's church in 1799.
Bewick may have subscribed out of friendship as much as interest, though his son Robert (aged 10) may
already have shown an interest in mathematical drawing. His friend John Bailey, surveyor, engraver
and agriculturist, also subscribed.)
228. [McDonald Dictionary of Gardening, 2 vols. 4to, half calf, 1807. (M21) Probably: McDonald, Alexander [pseudonym]. A complete dictionary of practical gardening: comprehending all the modern improvements of the art ... with correct engravings ... from original drawings by Sydenham Edwards. 2 volumes. London: G. Kearsley, 1807; with plates, some coloured. (Bought by E Howell for 3/6, in 1884).]
229. Martin [William]. New System of Natural Philosophy, 1821.
"Martin's New System of Natl Philosophy 1821" (E).
Probably: Wm. Martin. A new system of natural philosophy on the principle of perpetual motion: with
a variety of other useful discoveries ..., Newcastle: Preston and Heaton, 1821.
[NB William, the brother of the artist John Martin (1789-1854), and of Jonathan Martin, the apparent
schizophrenic, who attempted to murder the Bishop of Oxford and in 1829 set fire to the choir of York
Minster. William himself wrote this strange anti-Newtonian work and wandered the streets of
Newcastle, giving away the pamphlets he had written.]
230. "Newtonian Philosophy".
"The Newtonian System of Phil.y" (Bj).
"Newtonian Philosophy" (D).
"The Newtonian System of Philosophy 1770 to which is prefixed a long list of Books printed for
Carnan & Newbery. London" (F).
[N.B. Bewick illustrated Isaaci Newtoni Opera Quae exstant omnia. Commentariis illustrabat Samuel
Horsley, LL.D. R.S.S. ...(London: J. Nichols, 1779) - see Memoir (1975) pp.54-5 - "the execution of the
whole devolved upon me" - and Hugo (1866, 3761). This work was in 5 volumes, quarto, and it is
clearly not the book listed as above in B, D and F).]
More likely is: "Telescope Tom" [O. Goldsmith, J. Newbery, W. Magnet]. The Newtonian system of
philosophy: adapted to the capacities of young ladies and gentlemen and familiarized and made
entertaining ... by Telescope Tom, 4th edition. London: T. Carnan and E. Newbery, 1770.
(Listed among Jane's books in 1806 and Thomas's in 1822).
231. *[[Reay, Henry Utrick.] A Short Treatise on that Useful Invention called the Sportsman's Friend; or, The Farmer's Footman. By a Gentleman Farmer of Northumberland. With Figures of the Instrument and it Use, Engraved on Wood, by Thomas Bewick, from the Paintings of Joseph Atkinson,
Cattle-Painter, in Newcastle, Newcastle: Printed by Edw. Walker, n.d. [1801].
(Letterpress of the printed pamphlet with ms notes by Jane Bewick on the title page, giving the author's
name, stating that her father both drew and engraved the illustrations, and erasing the printed credit of
Joseph Atkinson - "not so" she writes. On pages 22-23 she has written a statement about the inventors
of the South Shields lifeboat, saying that Greathead unjustly "took the credit, the profit and the ring"
while Wouldhave "died a poor parish clerk"). Loosely inserted are proof impressions, one autographed
by Thomas Bewick, of the two wood engravings illustrating the Sportsman's Friend. Lacks the
copperplate engraving. Hancock Museum accession NEWHM:1997.H74.)]
232. Walker, Adam. An Account of the Eidouranion, or Transparent Orrery, London: 1789. (A,F) "Walkers Eidouranion" (A). "Account of transparent Orrery (London: 1789)" (F). Probably: Walker, Adam. An Account of the Eidouranion, or Transparent Orrery, invented by A. Walker ... as lectured upon by his son, W. Walker [1784 edition, London, printed for the lecturer - 1789 edition not yet identified].
E. Heraldry Etc.
233. Alciati Emblemata, small 8vo, cuts, imperfect. (F,K14,U) Thus in K14. "Andr Alciati Emblemata 1626" (F). "Alciati Emblems [sold] for 5s" to Kerslake in 1859 (T&WA 1269/84) (U). Probably: Andrea Alciati [1492-1550]. Andreae Alciati i.v.c. emblemata: elucidata doctissimus Claudii Minois commentariis ..., [editions include] Lugduni: H.G. Roillii, 1614; and Padua: P.P.Tozzium, 1621. No 1626 edition yet identified, unless it is the Italian translation, Emblemi di A. Alciati ... Padua: P.P. Tozzi, 1626.
234. "Alphabet of Arms in Manuscript".
235. "Arms of English Baronets &". (D6)
236. Barraud Book of Cyphers, Six Hundred, (E,?K11,?U) "Book of Cyphers six hundred by Barraud" (E). "Imperfect book of Monograms" (T&WA 1269/84) (U). "Book of Ciphers, 4to, fragment only" (K11). Probably: Barraud, Phillip. A new book of single ciphers, comprising six hundred, invented and engraved by ..., London, 1782 or London: L.B. Seeley, 1805.
236a. Book of Ciphers, 4to, fragment only. (K11,U) "Imperfect Book of Monograms" (T&WA 1269/84) (U). Probably Barraud; see above.
237. [Catton. English Peerage, 3 vols. Royal 4to, 1790.
"With numerous beautifully engraved Coats of Arms. Calf." (M)
"English Peerage, 1 Vol." (D) (possibly different, recorded also at 240).
No doubt: Catton, Charles. The English peerage; or, a view of the ancient and present state of the
English nobility ... chronological account of such titles as have become extinct ... 3 vols. London:
G.G.J. & J. Robinson, 1790.
(With the book-plate and autograph of Mr. Robert E. Bewick. Bought by J Myles for 14/-, in 1884.)]
238. Coats, James. A new dictionary of heraldry, explaining the terms used in that science ...
containing all the rules of blazon ... illustrated with 196 devices on copper ... 2nd edition. London: J.
Osborn, 1739.
Probably the same as "Dictionary of Heraldry" (D6)
(Inscribed "T Bewick" on title page, probably in Jane Bewick's hand. A note in an unknown hand on
the flyleaf "From Miss Bewick's sale"; but the book is not identifiable in the 1884 catalogue (M). In a
later binding. No "Bewick Library number".)
239. Edmondson, Jos. A Complete Body of Heraldry, 2 vols. Folio, 1780.
Portrait and plates, half-calf. M136 states that this scarce work contains upwards of 50,000 coats of
arms with their crests. "Young for bindg 1st Vol Edmunstone 4s.6d." paid on 6.6.1800 (T&WA 1269/5) (U).
"Edmonstons Heraldry 2 Vols Folio" (D).
No doubt: Joseph Edmondson. A complete body of heraldry: containing an historical enquiry into the
origin of armories, ... 2 vols. folio, London: printed by T. Spilsbury for the author, 1780.
(Bought by R Robinson for Ј3, in 1884.)
Probably James Young of Queen St, Newcastle, who died in 1801 (Hunt, 1975).
240. "English Peerage, 1 Vol.".
Possibly the same as 237 (Catton English Peerage, 3 vols. Royal 4to, 1790), but it would be odd for
only one volume to be present in 1822 when there were three at the 1884 sale.
241. Guillim Display of Heraldrie, Cuts of Arms, 2nd edition, folio 1632, half-calf.
"Guillims Display of Heraldry 1632" (D).
No doubt: John Guillim. A display of heraldrie: manifesting a more easy accesse to the knowledge
thereof ..., 2nd edition, London: printed by R. Badger for R. Mab, 1632.
(With autograph "T. Bewick, Engraver, Newcastle, 1800". Bought by R Robinson for Ј1-10-0, in
242. Kirkwood, Crests.
"Crests by Kirkwood" (D)
"Book of Crests & Map of Scotland from Kirkwood 2s.2d." paid on 23.7.1805 (T&WA 1269/6) (U).
No doubt: Kirkwood, J. Crests of the principal families of Great Britain and Ireland, with explanations
and mottos, engraved by J. Kirkwood and Sons, from sketches by G. Sanders. Edinburgh: W.
Blackwood, and Vernon & Hood, 1805. See 295 below for the Map of Scotland.
243. Nisbet, Alexander. System of Heraldry, with the True Art of Blazon, Edinburgh: 1782 [or 1722]. (D6,M137) "Nisbets Heraldry 1 Vol. 1722" (D). "... plates of arms, Edinburgh, 1782" (M137). (The lot also lists 'and another, imperfect, 2 vols., folio. "Thomas Bewick, Newcastle" written inside of board'. It is not clear whether the imperfect volumes are a copy of this work or another un-named. The lot was bought by J Myles for Ј1-1-0, in 1884.)
244. "Peerage of England". (D6) Possibly: Collins, Arthur. The peerage of England: containing a genealogical and historical account ... also their paternal coats of arms, crests, supporters and mottoes, curiously engraved on copper-plates ..., 5th edition, 8 vols. London: W. Strahan [etc], 1779; or another edition.
245. Peerage of Scotland, 1 vol. 8vo. (D6,M9) Possibly a stray volume of: Douglas, Sir Robert, The peerage of Scotland: containing an historical and genealogical account ..., 2nd edition, 2 vols. Edinburgh: G. Ramsay, 1813; or the London edition of F.C. & J. Rivington, 1812; or another. (Buyer not recorded at the Bewick sale, 1884.)
F. Politics [Not a category used by Bewick in his list.]
246. [Franklin Works, 2 vols, 18mo, 1803, half-morocco.
Possibly: The works of the late Doctor Benjamin Franklin: consisting of his life written by himself,
together with ... , 2 vols. Edinburgh: D. Schaw, 1803.
(Bought in a mixed lot by E Robson for Ј1, in 1884.]
247. Owen, Robert. Report to the County of Lanark, 1821.
"Report to the County of Lanark by Robt Owen 1821" (E).
No doubt: Owen, Robert. Report to the County of Lanark, of a plan for relieving public distress, and
removing discontent, by giving permanent, productive employment, to the poor and working classes, ...
, Glasgow: Wardlaw & Cunninghame [and others], 1821.
248. Paine, Thomas. Rights of Man, 8vo, 1791. (M47) Several editions were published in London by J.S. Jordan in 1791. (With autograph of Thomas Bewick. Bought by R Donkin for Ј1-16-0, in 1884.)
249. [Spence, T. Gray's Elegy. (M141) (This and the following Spence items in this lot were bought by E Robson for 10/6 at the Bewick sale in 1884. Information on Spence is from Ashraf (1983).)]
250. [Spence, T. Humorous Songs. (M141) Possibly Humorous Catalogue of Spence's songs by Mr Evans, usually bound with the three parts of Spence's Songs London: Seale [or Seale and Bates], nd c1807.] (Bought by E Robson at the 1884 sale (M141).)
251. [Spence, T. Spence's Coins etc. (M141) (Probably The Coin Collector's Companion, being a descriptive alphabetical list of the modern provincial, political and other copper coins, 8vo, London: 1795; see also Bell's Books 1860 /4072.)] (Bought by E Robson at the 1884 sale (M141).)
252. [Spence, T. The Constitution of a Perfect Commonwealth, 1798. (M141) Probably: T. Spence, The constitution of a perfect commonwealth: being the French constitution of 1793, amended and rendered entirely conformable to the whole rights of man. ..., Second edition; London: for the author, 1798.] (Bought by E Robson at the 1884 sale (M141).)
253. [Spence, T. The End of Oppression.
No doubt Thomas Spence, The end of oppression; or, a quartern loaf for two-pence; being a dialogue
between an old mechanic and a young one, concerning the establishment of the Rights of Man. ...,
Second edition; London: for the author, nd c1795.
(Bought by E Robson at the 1884 sale (M141).)
254. [Spence, T. The Meridian Sun of Liberty, 1796. (M141)] No doubt: T. Spence, The meridian sun of liberty; or, the whole Rights of Man displayed and most accurately defined, in a lecture read at the Philosophical Society in New Castle, on the 8th of November, 1775, for printing of which the Society did the author the honor to expel him ... , London: 1796. (Bought by E Robson at the 1884 sale (M141).)
255. [Spence, T. The Restoration of Society, 1801.
Thus in M33.
Probably Thomas Spence, The Restorer of Society to its natural state, in a series of letters to a fellow
citizen. ..., London: printed for the author by A. Seale, 1801.
(Bought, with a copy of The Teacher of Common Sense (257), below, by the Revd Boyle for 6/6, in
256. [Spence, T. The Rights of Swine: an Address to the Poor, 1796. (M141) Probably a tract For the Swinish Multitude. The Rights of Swine. An Address to the Poor, originally published anonymously as an article in Spence's periodical Pigs' Meat in 1794 and in the same year in pamphlet form as a separate Stockport edition. Bewick's appears to have been a different, later imprint. (Bought by E Robson at the 1884 sale (M141).)
257. [Spence, Thomas. The Teacher of Common Sense, Newcastle, 1779.
Probably: Spence, Thomas. The Teacher of Common Sense; or the poor man's advocate ..., by a
well-wisher to mankind. (Newcastle, 1779 edition not yet identified.)
(Two copies appeared in different lots in the 1884 sale, this one bought (together with The Restoration
of Society, 255) by Rev Boyle, (M33) and the other by E Robson (M141, below).)]
258. [Spence, Thomas. The Teacher of Common Sense, Newcastle, 1779. See above. (Bought by E Robson at the 1884 sale (M141).)]
259. [Trial of [Thomas] Spence at Westminster Hall, before Lord Kenyon, 1801.
Probably The important trial of Thomas Spence, for a political pamphlet, intitled "The restorer of
society to its natural state," on May 27th, 1801, at Westminster Hall, before Lord Kenyon and a special
jury. (Editions London: A. Seale, 1803, 1807 (?etc)).
(Bought, together with nine works by Spence, by E. Robson for 10/6, in 1884.)]
G. Miscellaneous 260. Grammar of the English Tongue, 1746. (D6,E) Probably: Brightland, John. A Grammar of the English Tongue: with the arts of logick, rhetorick, poetry etc. ... the 7th edition, to which is now added a curious new plate of thirteen alphabets used in writing and printing. London: H. Lintot, 1746. 261. [Bacon, Lord. Essays, 12mo, half-morocco, 1807. (M31) (Bought by a Mr Thomson for 3/-, in 1884.)] 262. Barbauld. Title unknown. (?Be,U,Ys) "Books of [ie bought of] Charnley Barbauld & Mavor 3s.6d." on 5.11.1803 (T&WA 1269/5) (U). "Barbauld" (Ys). Presumably the author was Mrs Anna Letitia Aiken Barbauld (1743-1824), author of works for children and radical intellectual. No other information available on this book. (For Mavor see William Mavor, The English Spelling-Book, (339) below.) Possibly: Lessons for Children 1801 (Be) ­ i.e. perhaps Lessons for children by Mrs. Barbauld ... Illustrated with plates. London: J.F. Dove, (n.d. 18--?) or an earlier edition (first published in parts in 1778 and 1779) q.v. at 452, or a similar work. 263. Callender, Robert. Title unknown. (U) "Subscription to Rob. Callender Book 1/6" (U). (Cash Book entry for 9 Jan. 1800 (T&WA 1269/5). Not yet identified. It cannot be assumed that the
book was ever published.) 264. [Mesnard. Title unknown. (U) "Paid Do [F Coates ­ bookseller] for Mesnard 11s." on 21.1.1800 (T&WA 1269/5). Which of the many pre-1800 Mesnard authors this may have been is not obvious. The most prolific was the obstetrican Jacques Mesnard. A bare possibility is Adresse de M. Mesnard ... a ses paroissiens, sur la declaration de la guerre ... Provins, 1792. A more prosaic explanation is that Coates was not supplying a book but accepting money to be paid to L. Mesnard, a French Teacher of Middle Street, Newcastle (1801 Directory), probably for lessons for the Bewick children (see Jane Bewick's collection of French lesson books, below in Class VIII and in Part 3).]
[CLASS VII:] Magazines, Periodical Publications, Catalogues Maps
A. Periodical publications
265. Almanacks.
Several purchases of almanacks from Charnley, the bookseller, are recorded in the cash books, for
"An Almanack Charnley 8d." on 20.1.1788 (T&WA 1269/2), also:
"Scotch Almanack 4s." on 6.1.1810 (T&WA 1269/6).
266. *The Bee, or Literary Weekly Intelligencer ... , Edited by Dr. Jas. Anderson, 18 Vols. 12mo, Edinburgh: Printed by Mundell and Son, 1791-1794. (D7,M20,U) "The portrait of Count Ankarstrom (vol. 9) is by Thomas Bewick" (M20); Hugo (1868, 4063) says there are "various cuts of animals, plants, etc by Thomas Bewick". "the Bee a Periodical Work by Jas Anderson 18 Vol" (D). "No. of the Bee w cut Jno Anderson 4s.1d." bought on 3.11.1792 (T&WA 1269/3) (U). "Fleming for Binding 14 of Dr Anderson's Bee 14s." on 23.5.1807 (ibid). "The Bee, Edited by Dr. Anderson), 14 Vols. 12mo, (not consecutive), half-calf" (M20). (Bought by A. Gordon for 7/-, in 1884.) Hunt (1975) records a family of Flemings, booksellers and bookbinders in Newcastle, but suggests that the last (Benjamin b. 1720) was out of business by 1771, and none appears in the 1801 or 1820 directories.
267. [Directory of Durham and Northumberland.
A cash book records the purchase of Volume 1 on 12.9.1827 and Volume 2 on 29.7.1828, each at
10s.6d. (T&WA 1269/9). Probably for the workshop.]
268. [Edinburgh Gazetteer. (U) "Edinburgh Gazetteer 3s." bought 31.8.92 (T&WA 1269/3). (This seems to have no connection with the occasions of Bewick's visits to Scotland and may have been for some other Beilby-Bewick purpose.)]
269. "Historical detail of Public occurrences".
Not yet identified.
History of [?Horre] (U) Not identified. See 11.
270. (*)The Ladies' Complete Pocket Book; or, Memorandum Repository. For the year 1778.
Newcastle-on-Tyne: Printed by J. Saint for M. Vesey and J. Whitfield.
(Boyd (1886),
Containing pencil ms notes by Thomas Bewick. (`Inscribed "Robert Elliot, Book 1797" and containing an extensive manuscript account by Thomas Bewick of his itinerary and expenses on a walk to York, Ripon, Penrith and Ainstable in 1780' (Boyd). "A number of pages are filled by his diary ... On two pages is a letter of introduction of himself to a Mr Vesey ..." (S271). Boyd (page 32) and the Bewick Exhibition (1886, item 22) (Z) record that the owner in 1886 was the Revd WJ Townsend. Not in the 1892 Boyd sale. Sold for Ј4-10-0 at the Marshall sale in 1909 (buyer not recorded). Presented to the Newcastle City Library in 1929 by Mr Arthur Rogers, bookseller, of Eldon Square, Newcastle, and currently in the Bewick collection there (item 446). After the printed preliminary matter, the pages for January­June are cut out and the ms begins on the page for late June­early July. The inscription possibly by the publisher Vesey (rather than to him as suggested by the Marshall catalogue) is on the second page of this section. Robert Elliot Bewick's juvenile inscription (see above) appears on both the front and rear end papers.) 271. Literary Annual Register, 1807. (C=,D7,U) "Literary Annual Register for 1807 Periodical" (C) ["Periodical" in another hand.] "Carge of the first vol. Literary Register (a present) 2d." paid on 30.12.07 (T&WA 1269/6) (U). 272. Literary Cabinet (Bj,U) "8 numbers of the Literary Cabinet 2s.4d." purchased 5.3.1803 (T&WA 1269/5). "Literary Cabinet" (Bj). 273. London Magazine, 1 vol. 1765. (D7,M24) (Bought with other "old and curious" magazines by E Howell, for 7/-, in 1884.) 274. Monthly Review (U) "A Monthly Review 2s." purchased on 22.2.1800 (T&WA 1269/5). 275. Monthly Visitor, 2 vols. 8vo, 1816, 1817. (C=,D7) (C gives both dates, D only 1817; both "2 vols.") 276. [Newcastle Advertiser, 1806-11, 2 vols. half-calf. (M148-149)] (Bought for 5/- and 6/6 at the Bewick Sale, 1884.) 277. [Newcastle Chronicle, 1786-1805, 4 vols. folio, half-calf. (M144-147,U)] These two sets of bound newspapers (lacking only 5 numbers in 1804-5) cover the period from the marriage of Thomas and Isabella Bewick in 1786 to their departure from the Forth to Gateshead in 1812. The change from the Chronicle to the Advertiser in 1806 may have been a symptom of the altercation of between Bewick and Sarah Hodgson, publisher of the Chronicle, in 1804-5 (see Memoir - 1975 edition - p. viii). "Mr Brown 1 years News Papers Ј1.6.0" paid on 1.2.1800 (T&WA 1269/5) (U). (Bought for 10/, 6/-, 5/-, and 5/- at the Bewick Sale, 1884.) 278. Newcastle Magazine, Vol.1, 1785. (D7,M25,U) "pd. Mr Thompson 2 sets of the NC Magazine 14s." 6.1.1787 (T&WA 1269/2) (U). "Newcastle Magazine 1785" (D). "Newcastle Magazine, vol.1, plates, 8vo 1785" (M25). (Bought by R Donkin for 7/-, in 1884.) 279. Newcastle Magazine by Mitchell, 1821 & 1822, 8vo, half-calf. (D7,E,M86) "Newcastle Magazine by Mitchell 1821 & 22" (D). "... 1820.21 & foll[owin]g" (E). "... 10 vols. 1820-30" (M86). (With autograph of Mr R.E. Bewick. Bought by R Donkin for Ј2-4-0, in 1884. The final (1830) volume
was paid for on 7 December 1830 "Mr Mitchell 1 Year's Magazine 12s." (T&WA 1269/9)).
280. *Oeconomist (U) With a regular wood engraving by TB on the first page of each issue. "pd Mrs Angas for a year Oeconomist 1s.11Ѕd." on 8.1.1800 (T&WA 1269/5).
281. "Reid's Leith & London Smack Directory 1819". (C)
282. "Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society, Rules and Reports, 1798, 1800-1846 (seven
wanting) A parcel" (M4).
"Reports of Literary Socy of Newcastle" (E).
(Bought by WT Johnson for 4/6, in 1884.)
Containing extracts from Newspapers etc, 4to. (M116)
With views of Bewick's house in West Street, 4to
Containing poetical extracts, and many small engravings etc. 4to, half-roan, gilt. (M118)
(The three lots were bought at the Bewick sale in 1884 by RTJ Usher, WT Johnson and TW Liddell, for
10/-, 11/- and 11/6 respectively.)]
284. Town & County Magazine, 1 vol. 1771. (D7,M24) (Bought with other "old and curious" magazines by E Howell, for 7/-, in 1884.)
285. "Universe Displayed 1 Vol".
286. Weekly Amusement, 3 vols. (D7,M24) (Bought with other "old and curious" magazines by E Howell, for 7/-, in 1884.)
287. [Whitehead's Directory [of Newcastle upon Tyne] (U) The purchases of several editions of this standard directory were recorded in the cash books "Whitehead's Directory 6d." on 1.9.1787; 10.3.88; 26.6.90; 11.4.92; followed by "Newcastle Directory 1s." on 7.2.1795 (T&WA 1269/2&3).]
288. [Wilks' Directory (U) "Wilks' Directory subscription 6d." paid on 25.2.1800 (T&WA 1269/5).]
B. Catalogues
289. (*)A Catalogue of Books, Now on Sale by Emerson Charnley, Newcastle, ... and the finest Collection of Bewick's Works ever offered for sale Newcastle Printed by S. Hodgson, 1816; and later catalogues for 1817, 1818 & 1820. (C=,D7,M34) Hugo (1866, Nos. 349, 3804-6) lists six of Thomas Bewicks cuts in the 1816 catalogue, six in 1817, some in 1818 and four in 1820. "E Charnley's Catalogue 1816, /17, /18. 1820" (C & D). "Charnley's Catalogue of Books, 1816-20, embellished with cuts by Bewick" (M34). (Bought in a mixed lot by JJ Hall for 12/-, in 1884.)
290. "Catalogue of late B Wests Exhibition of Pictures", (D7)
291. "Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 1818". (C=,D7)
292. "Newcastle Exhibition of Paintings, 1822 & 1823". (D7)
293. "Vernon's Catalogue of Prints 1 Vol 4/to 1811" (C=,D7) "Vernon's Catalogue of Prints" (D).
C. Pocket Maps
294. Map of England & Wales, (D7,E,?Y)
("in a Case" in E). See 29a (Y).
295. Map of Scotland (D7,?U)
Possibly this was the map bought on 23.7.1805 ­ "Book of Crests & Map of Scotland from Kirkwood
2s.2d." (T&WA 1269/6) (U). See Kirkwood (242), above.
296. Do Northumberland
297. Map of London
(The last is probably An Entire New Plan of the Cities of London & Westminster, & Borough of
Southwark; the East & West India Docks Regents Park, New Bridges &c.&c with the whole of the New
Improvements, engraved, hand-coloured, scale about 3.75 inches to 1 mile, in slip-case; London:
William Darton, Junr, 1817. (Inscribed "Bewick - Newcastle o' Tyne" on the back of the map in
Thomas Bewick's hand, and "Bewick Newcastle Tyne 9/- 1817" on the slip-case, possibly in Jane's
hand. Accession NEWHM:1997.H49 Hancock Museum.)
298. Map of Edinburgh,
299. "2 Maps of Edinburgh" (D7)
300. "Map of Roads England & Wales, by Cary",
301. "Map presented by Col Wemyss - on silk" (F)
[Wemys lived in Fife (see Sibbald's History of Fife (46) in Class II, above) so the map may have been
of Scotland.]
[CLASS VIII:] Novels, Fables, Plays, &c School Books Aesop's Fables (302-315) 302. Aesop's Fables, translated by Dr. [Samuel] Croxall, woodcuts, 7th edition, 12mo, Tonson, 1760. (M53,F) "Aesop's Fables, translated by Dr. Croxall, woodcuts, 7th edition, 12mo, Tonson, 1760" (M53). "Croxalls Aesop 7th Ed; correcns by T. Bewick 1760" (F). (Bought by D Croal Thomson for 7/-, in 1884.) 303. Aesop's Fables, translated by Dr. S. Croxall, 7th edition, 18mo, printed for and by T. Saint, 1783. (D8,E,?F,M58) "Fables of Esop by T. Saint" (D). "Aesops Fables duodecmo (Saint 1783" (E). "Fables of Aesop & others Saint first Cuts TB 7th Edition 1783" (F). It is not certain that the note in F (above) refers to the same work. If it does, it appears to indicate that Thomas Bewick was responsible for at least some of the cuts in Saint's edition of Croxall's Aesop. But the "& others" and the closeness in date to Saint's edition of Select Fables (1784) may mean that Jane Bewick confused the latter work and Croxall's. (Bought with lot M59 by RG McKenzie for 12/-, in 1884.) 304. [Aesop's Fables, translated by Croxall, 14th edition, 1788. (M55) (Bought by RE McKenzie for 2/6, in 1884.)] 305. [Fables of Aesop, and others, newly done into English, by S. Croxall, D.D., with an application to each fable, illustrated with cuts, 12mo, n.d. (M59)
The number of editions in the Bewick library of Croxall's Aesop confirms the comment in the Memoir (chapter 15) that Bewick "was extremely fond of that book". (Bought in lot M59 by RG McKenzie for 12/-, in 1884.)]
306. "Aesop's Fables with Plates". (E) Not identified. Possibly the same as the following.
307. "Esop's Fables - by Richardson 12/mo". (D8) Probably: Richardson, Samuel. Aesop's Fables: with instructive morals and reflections ... and the Life of Aesop ... 12o. 192 pages, with plates. London: J. Rivington [and others], n.d. c1772; or another edition [the 1st edition was 1739].
308. (Draper, Charles. Fables translated from Aesop, and other authors. To which are subjoined, a moral in verse, and and application in prose, adapted to each fable. Embellished with cuts from the best designs. By Charles Draper, Esq. London: printed for W. Bristow, 1760. Lacks title page.) (M56,R570,V) "Aesop's Fables, with upwards of 200 large oval wood-cuts". (M56) A volume, of Aesop, lacking title page and not identified in M56 or the Newcastle City Library Bewick collection until 2009. I am grateful to Mrs Felicity Stimpson for identifying it as Draper's edition of 1760. Superficially similar to Croxall's editions, but differing in many details, especially in being more succinct (202 fables are contained in 330 pages, compared with 196 in 329 pages in much smaller print in Croxall's 12th edition (1782). The unattributed preface (presumably by Draper) criticises Croxall for prolixity and bigotry, calling his edition "unfit to enliven our youth". The woodcuts are close copies of those in Croxall, but differing sometimes quite markedly in certain details in the background, and some having the same orientation and some being reversed. The oval borders in Croxall are surrounded by rectangular frames but in the present edition have detached spandrels in the four corners instead. (Autograph `T. Bewick, 1771' (written whilst in the fourth year of his apprenticeship), and recorded as `A gift from Thomas Bewick to Robert Elliot Bewick' in M56. It may have lacked its title page when Bewick owned it (though Bewick knew the book's author since he listed Draper among the fabulists inscribed in his headpiece vignette on page ix of The Fables of Aesop in 1818); certainly in the 1884 sale catalogue there was no exact title and it was there described as `curious and very rare'. It was sold there to E. Howell, for Ј1-10-0. It reappeared on 13 May 1974 when it was presented to the Newcastle City Library by Mr W. Masters of Helston, Cornwall. It lacks the title page, begins with the preface (page iii), and has been rebacked retaining the original covers and endpapers. Bewick's autograph is inside the front cover, and on the flyleaf is the autograph `My Father gave me this Book June 16th 1801 R E Bewick'. One of the earliest of Bewick's own possessions to have survived and one of very few to remain almost in its original form.) Mr E. Howell of Liverpool. He bought eight volumes of proof Bewick wood engravings at the Barnes sale for 41 gns (newspaper cutting Newcastle Journal 11 May 1894 pasted in the Barnes catalogue, Pease 203).
309. [Aesop: Select Fables, by Dodsley, engravings, 12mo, 1773.
Probably: Select fables of Esop and other fabulists. In three books. By R. Dodsley. London: Dodsley,
(Bought by Jarvis and Son for 3/6, in 1884.)]
310. *[Fables of Aesop & others Saint first Cuts TB 7th Edition 1783. (F) Possibly the same as Saint's Croxall 7th edition, see 303 above. Not otherwise yet identified.]
311. (*)Beauties of Aesop and other Fabulists, fine woodcuts by Thomas Bewick.
Probably an edition of: Beauties of Aesop and other Fabulists; being a collection of fables selected from Aesop, Dodsley, Gay &c, adorned with cuts by Thomas Bewick. [3rd edition. London: J.
Richardson, 1822].
(Bought by Jarvis and Son for 8/-, in 1884.)
312. Fabellae Aesopicae. Latine. Cum Imaginibus. 12mo, Antv: Raphelengius, 1604. (K9,U) Many good woodcuts. Old vellum (K). "Fabulae Aesopae. Do. [ie Autograph] letter from Owen Rees MDCXXI" (U). (Inscribed on the cover "Present to T. Bewick from Messrs. Longman & Co. Booksellers, June...79.., London" ­K9. Listed by Jane Bewick ­ T&WA 1269/84, pp103-4.)
313. *The Fables of Aesop, and others, with designs on wood, by Thomas Bewick, 1st Edition, Imp 8vo, Newcastle: printed by E. Walker for T. Bewick and Son, 1818; (E) "Bewick's Aesop, 2 Copies Impl." (E) (The copy of this edition in the library of the Natural History Society and the two in the Pease Collection, R138 and R139, show no evidence of Bewick ownership.)
314. Fabulae variorum auctorum, Aesopi, etc, 12mo, Francof. 1660. (K10,U) Many woodcuts. Autograph inscription "T. Bewick, 1770" (K). "Fabulae Variorum. Autograph T. Bewick 1770" (T&WA 1269/84) (U).
315. (*)Fables by John Gay 1812, cuts and Aesop's Fables. (D8,?U) "Fables by John Gay 1812 cuts" (D). "Esop's Fables by Whittingham" (D). (The two works are bracketted in D - perhaps bound together?) Possibly the same item was purchased on 2.8.1816 ­ "Croxal, & Gays Fables 15s.10d." having been delivered 7 months earlier on 2.1.16 "pd Charnley for carriage of Croxall & Gay 6d." (T&WA 1269/6) (U).
(See also under Gay, John (325-6), Locke (336) and Select Fables (357-360), below.)
316. "Les Aventures de Telemaque 1778".
("Avantures" in A)
Probably: Fйnelon, F. de S. de la M. Les aventures de Telemaque, fils d'Ulysse ..., Londres: J. Nourse, 1778; or, less likely, the English translation The adventures of Telemachus, the son of Ulysses ..., 19th
edit. London: J. Buckland [and others], 1778.
(Berquin. See "Friend to Youth"(324) and The Looking-Glass for the Mind (337), below.)
317. [Blind Jack
"2 Books Blind Jack, Knaresbrough 4s." bought 13.9 1796 (T&WA 1269/4).
No doubt an edition of the chapbook: The life of Blind Jack of Knaresbrough, ... ]
318. *The Blossoms of Morality. Intended for the Amusement and Instruction of young Ladies and Gentlemen. By the editor of The Looking-Glass for the Mind. With forty-seven cuts, designed and engraved by I. Bewick, Second Edition, London: E. Newbery, 1796. (A,F,P157,R75,Ys) "Blossoms of morality" (A). "Blossoms of Morality Newbery 2d Editn John Bewick 1796" (F). "Blossoms of Morality" (Ys). Tattersfield (2001; re JB7) records that the cuts were incomplete when John Bewick died [on 5 Dec, 1795] and were finished in Thomas Bewick's workshop. He suggests that the copy bequeathed by John to Thomas was the earlier unillustrated edition of 1789, which may well be so. But this leaves unexplained the inscription by R.E. Bewick in the Pease copy (R75) of the 1796 edition, quoted below. We cannot firmly conclude that the family had more than one copy, but Thomas may have given Robert
(aged 7) a copy of the new illustrated edition, not long after John's death, as a posthumous gift from his uncle, the principal illustrator. (Autograph, on title page `R.E. Bewicks Book Forth Newcastle'. The word `Forth' was afterwards partly erased; and below it was written in a different shakey hand, probably that of Jane or Isabella Bewick in old age, "presented by Uncle John" (wrongly, since John Bewick had died in 1795). Variously on the flyleaves and back of last page: "REB", "Robt Elliot Bewicks Book FORTH NEWCASTLE" and "RE Bewicks". Later inscribed by Barnes "bought of Miss Bewick". Sold, together with The Looking-Glass for the Mind, at the sale of the Barnes collection in 1894 (P157) to Pease (for Ј3-15-0). Rebound for him by Waters. No "Bewick Library number".)
319. "Catechism of Nature", (D8,E) Probably: Martinet, J.F. The catechism of nature, for the use of children ... translated from the Dutch by John Hall, London: J. Johnson, edits. 1794, 1808 etc.
320. Collection of Visions & Allegories for Youth, 1 vol. 12mo. (C=,D8) Probably: A collection of visions and allegories: selected from the most eminent authors, for the improvement of the youth of both sexes, London: E. & C. Dilly, 1772, or another edition.
(Compendium of Useful Knowledge. See Trusler (368), below.)
321. [Counting House Companion (U) "Counting House Companion 6d." bought 18.8.1815 (T&WA 1269/7). No doubt for the workshop.]
322. "English Dictionary - small", (D8)
(Fйnelon. See Les aventures de Telemaque (316) above.)
323. Flora or the Deserted Child, Longman & Rees, 1800.
Thus in (F).
`Flora, the Deserted Child, 1800 [Inscribed] "The gift of Thomas Bewick to his daughter Isabella")'
`Flora, the gift of Thos. Bewick to his daughter, 1800' (Bewick Exhibition 1886 ­ item 23) (Z)
`The Deserted Child' was one of several books in lot M39 ­ (see "Children's Books" (427) in Part 3).
Evidently an earlier edition of: Somerville, Elizabeth. Flora, or, the Deserted Child, London: J. Harris ...
and Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1806.
(It is possible that two copies were involved, but the duplication in lots M39 and M132 may have been
an error as they were bought with a single bid; see The Village School (482), below.)
324. Friend to Youth, 2nd vol. (A,Bj) "2nd vol: Friend to Youth" (A). "Friend of Youth 2d vol" (Bj). [Probably from: Berquin, Arnaud. Friend of Youth, 2 vols. London: J. Stockdale et al., 1788; Tattersfield, 2001; or the edition London: C. Dilly and others, and Edinburgh: W. Creech, 1788.]
325. *[Gay, John. Fables, 12mo, London, 1788; 66 fine cuts by John Bewick. (M191) No doubt: Fables by the late Mr. Gay. In one volume complete. London: J. Buckland and C. Rivington [and many others], 1788. Tattersfield (2001) JB16 calls for 67 woodcuts by John Bewick. He compares this edition with that of Thomas Saint of Newcastle, illustrated by Thomas Bewick, of which no copy seems to be recorded in Thomas's library. (Bought by EB Mounsey for 14/-, in 1884.)]
326. *[Gay, John. Fables, Newcastle: Saint, 1789. (F) "Gays Fables Saint 1789" (F). Not yet found. There is an edition of Fables by the late Mr Gay, Newcastle: Thomas Saint, W. Charnley, and J. Whitfield and Co., 1779.]
((*)Gay, John. Fables, 1812. [See under Aesop 315, above].)
327. Goldsmith, O. Essays. (A) "Goldsmith's Essays" (A). No doubt: Goldsmith, Oliver. Essays by Mr. Goldsmith. Collecta revirescunt. London: J. Parsons, 1794; or one of many other editions.
328. (*)Goldsmith, O. Vicar of Wakefield, woodcuts, 12mo, 1806, morocco. (E,M107) "Vicar of Wakefield by Goldsmith" (E). (The Vicar of Wakefield. A Tale. ... Embellished with Wood Cuts, by T. Bewick", (Hereford: D. Walker, 1798) has cuts engraved by Thomas Bewick, some designed by him and others by F. Eginton.) (Bought by Jarvis and Son for 17/-, in 1884.)
329. *[The History of Little Jack, by the author of Sandford and Merton [Thomas Day]; 22 Woodcuts by John Bewick; Dublin: printed for William Porter, 1789; price 6d. Bound with The Life and Adventures of a Fly, woodcuts by John Bewick, some coloured, 32mo. London, 1790. (M187,O907,Ys)] "Little Jack" is claimed in M187 as "the only Bewick book printed in Ireland" - pirated according to Tattersfield (2001), who records that "The Life of a Fly" was also pirated, by Solomon Hodgson of Newcastle, and given a spurious London 1790 imprint, so this may be such a copy. (Robert Bewick's Cherryburn ms records "Little Jack" as one of the the Bewick children's collection of books (Ys).Bought at the 1884 Bewick sale by Julia Boyd for 17/-. Sold as part of lot 907 at the Boyd sale in 1892.) Another copy of The Life and Adventures of a Fly is at 460, below.]
330. *The Hive of Ancient and Modern Literature: A Collection of Essays, Narratives, Allegories, and
Instructive Compositions ..., Third Edition, Small 8vo, S. Hodgson, 1806.
Woodcuts by Thomas Bewick and Luke Clennell.
"Hive of Modern Literature 4s.6d." bought 11.3.1806 (T&WA 1269/6) (U). "Hive of Modern Literre. autograph 1806" (F).
(Inscribed "The gift of Thomas Bewick to his daughter Jane Bewick". Listed as Jane's in 1806. Bought
by EB Mounsey for Ј1-5-0, in 1884.)
331. "Holland's, Exercises, 1805". (Br,D8,E) "Hollands Exercises 2/mo [sic] 1 Vol" (Br). "Hollands Exercises" (D). "Ph Holland's Exercises 1805" (E). Probably: Holland, Thomas and John. Exercises for the memory and understanding, with a series of examinations, by Thomas and John Holland, consisting of fables and narratives, selections on natural and civil history, ..., 4th edit. London: Bolton, 1805.
332. Johnsoniana or Collection of Bons Mots. (E) Possibly: Johnsoniana; or, a collection of bons mots etc., by Dr Johnson and others. ... London: J. Ridley and others, 1776; or another edition.
333. (*)Kay, R. The New Preceptor, etc, 12mo, 1801; Newcastle, printed by and for M. Angus and Son,
Side, and for W. Charnley, Groat Market, half-calf.
"With a beautiful cut of the Newcastle Arms on the title by Thomas Bewick, and nine other woodcuts."
No doubt: R. Kay, The New Preceptor, or, young lady's & gentleman's true instructor in the rudiments of the English Tongue. Containing ..., Newcastle: M. Angus & W. Charnley, 1801. (Bought by R Forrester for 6/6, in 1884.)
334. "Latin Dictionary".
335. Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim, Emilia Galotti, a Tragedy. (D8,E) "Lessings Emilia Galotti a Tragedy" (D). "Emilia Galotti a Tragedy" (E). (Numerous English editions of the German original (1772) appeared from about 1786.)
336. [Locke, J. Character of Aesop's Fables, 148 cuts, some coloured. (M57) Not identified. Possibly an edition of: Locke, J[ohn], editor. Aesop's Fables in English and Latin, interlineary ... with sculptures ... London: A. & J. Churchill, 1703. Third edition Manchester: 1798. (Apparently unsold at the Bewick sale in 1884.)]
337. [*The Looking-Glass for the Mind; or, Intellectual Mirror ... [by A. Berquin] A New Edition, with
seventy-four cuts, designed and engraved on wood by Bewick, 12mo, London: printed J. Crowder for
E. Newbery, 1792.
Woodcuts by John Bewick (Tattersfield, 2001, JB39).
"Looking Glass for the mind - J. Bewicks 1792" (F) and
"Looking Glass for the mind 1792" (F) possibly a duplicate entry, possibly a second copy.
"The Looking Glass" (Ys).
(Bookplate of John Bewick, autograph "Jane Bewick" on title page. Listed with Jane's books in 1806.
Bought by JW Barnes at the 1884 Bewick sale for Ј2-12-0, and by Pease for Ј3-15-0 at the Barnes sale,
1894. Rebound for Pease by Waters, no "Bewick Library number".). In the Cherryburn manuscript (Ys)
Robert Bewick wrote of this "that still charming book The Looking Glass, of which I should much like
to see a reprint; the cuts were drawn & engraved by John B. & slight though they be, they are unique for
their simplicity & elegance of the design & execution".]
337a. "Macauley's Literary Amusements", (C) Probably: Elizabeth Wright Macauley. Macauley's Literary Amusements; consisting of a variety of original ... pieces ... and a ... selection of the best compositions of our most esteemed writers ... , 12mo, Newcastle: for the author, 1809.
338. Marmontel Belisarius, 1781. (A,C=,D8,F,M11) John Bewick illustrated an edition of Belisarius in 1794 (Tattersfield, 2001, JB6) which may have been the one listed only as "Belisarius" in A, but it is not otherwise recorded as in the Bewick library, and C and F state clearly "Belisarius by Marmontel 1781"; D and M11 state "Belisarius 1781". 1781 edition not identified. Nearly contemporary is: Marmontel, J.F. Belisarius. London: C. Nourse, 1783; and there are several other editions within a few years. (Bought, together with Pomfret's Poems, by D Croal Thomson for 7/-, in 1884.)
(Martinet. See The catechism of nature (319), above.)
339. Mavor Spelling Book, woodcuts, (?Br,M62,?U) Probably: The English Spelling Book, accompanied by a progressive series of Easy and Familiar Lessons, intended as an introduction to the Reading and Spelling of the English Language, Various editions. "Books of [ie bought of] Charnley Barbauld & Mavor 3s.6d." on 5.11.1803 (T&WA 1269/5) (U). (Inscribed "The Gift of T. Bewick to Elizabeth Bewick, 1803". Bought, together with Sabourn's Latin Grammar, by RG McKenzie for 12/6, in 1884. In R.E. Bewick's list of books c1806 is "Introduction to Spelling & reading English", possibly the same. For Barbauld see 262.)
340. (*)"Mavors Spelling" bought on 30.1.1817 (T&WA 1269/7). (U) Clearly a later copy. (Price probably 6d. but it was combined with another item in the cash book. It may have been bought for the apprentices. By this date there was an edition published at Alnwick, by William Davison (nd, Preface 12 February,1806), with "cuts by Bewick" ­ i.e. from the workshop.)
341. The Mirror; or a Looking Glass for young people ... by Mother Goose, 1778 Saint [Inscribed] "Bewick 1784". (Bj,F) Two entries in F, possibly different books, the first as above, the other: "The Mirror; or a Looking Glass for the Mind consistg of a choice collection of Fairy Tales. By Mother Goose, price 1/-" (F). "The Mirror" (Bj). Probably: The Mirror; or a looking-glass for young people of both sexes; to make them wise, good, and happy. Consisting of a choice collection of fairy tales. By Mother Goose. Newcastle: Printed by T. Saint, for W. Charnley, in the Groat Market; and M. Vesey and J. Whitfield, at Tyne Bridge End, 1778. (Listed with Jane Bewick's books, 1806. The inscription "Bewick 1784" predates the birth of Jane, Bewick's eldest child.)
342. (*)Moral Instructions of a Father to his Son, ... and Select Fables on the most important occasions in Life, extracted from Dodsley, and others, adorned with emblematical Cuts, 3rd Edition, 12mo, Newcastle: Thomas Saint, 1775.(D8,E,F,N3,R2) Many emblematical woodcuts by Thomas Bewick. "Instructions of a Father to his Son" (D). "Moral Instructions ... his Son" (E). "Moral Instructions Saint 1775" (F). (The book has several autographs of John Bewick: "John Bewick his Book 1775" and "John Bewick Eltringham 1776" etc, an ink sketch of a sportsman shooting at a bird on a tree, an epitaph in his best copperplate hand "Remember man as thou goes by! As thou art now so once was I! As I am now so must thou be! Remember man that thou must dye" all on the flyleaves, and on the end flyleaf "Thomas Bewick's Book 1776" in John's hand. On the front flyleaf is the "Bewick Library number" "No 188. Robinson's copy (N3) was bought from Miss Bewick and had the autographs of John (1775) and Thomas Bewick (1776), so is evidently identical with R2.) This epitaph, with others, appears again in John Bewick's commonplace book, now in the collection of the Natural History Society of Northumbria (accession NEWHM: 1996.H22). The final line there was deleted and replaced by `Prepare thyself to follow me'.
343. Number unused.
344. More, Sir Thomas. Utopia, 1684. (A,D8) "Sr. T. More's Utopia" (A). "Sir Thos Moores Utopia 1684" (D). Probably: More, Sir Thomas. Utopia ... translated into English [by Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury]. London: Richard Chiswell, 1684.
345. [Morrell] Tales of the Genii, 2 vols.
Probably Morell, Sir Charles, (pseudonym of James Ridley) Tales of the Genii, or, the delightful tales
of Horan, son of Asmar, 2 vols. London: G. & T. Wilkie, 1786; (or another of many editions 1760-1800,
according to Tattersfield, 2001).
346. Murray, J. Travels of the Imagination. "Travels of the Imagination by Murray" (D). "Travels of the Imagination by JM" (E).
Probably: [the Revd] J[ames] M[urray]. The travels of the imagination; a true journey from Newcastle to London in a stage-coach. With observations upon the Metropolis, (edition London: E. & C. Dilly, 1773). The 1828 Newcastle (W. Fordyce) edition has a portrait of Murray, then Minister of the High Bridge Meeting House, Newcastle. The book is an intriguing "stream of consciousness" account of observations and reveries on the journey including a description of how the stage coach crossed the Tyne before the temporary bridge was built (after the flood of 1771), the comparative morals of the breeding birds of Gatehead Fell and the British aristocracy, and the physiology of sleep (with reference to the great anatomists of the day, - "Now Doctors Monro, Hunter, Hewson, and all the lecturers upon anatomy, know no more about sleep, than a sleeping man does. And the reason is, they never anatomised the brain of a sleeping man.").
347. "The Negro, translated from French, 3 Vol. 12/mo 1790". (A,C=,D8) "3 vols Negro" (A). "The Negro, translated from French, 3 Vol. 12/mo 1790" (C). "The Negro 3 Vols" (D). [Probably Lavallee, Joseph. The Negro as there are Few White Men, transl. by J Trapp, 3 vols. Editions - London: White and Son, 1790 and London: G.G.J. & J. Robinson, 1790.]
348. "New Spelling Dictionary",
Possibly: Entick, John. Entick's new spelling dictionary: teaching to write and pronounce the English
tongue with ease and propriety ... Editions ­ Dublin: 1767 and London: C. Dilly, 1780-91 etc.
349. (*)Northcote, James, R.A. One Hundred Fables, original and selected, by ... . Embellished with two hundred and eighty engravings on wood, Crown 8vo, London: Geo. Lawford, 1828; cloth. (M93,R162) Fine cuts drawn on the wood by William Harvey. (With two inserted letters from the publisher, one to Mr. Bewick dated Feby 6th 1828, praising William Harvey, the other to Mr Green asking him to send the book to Bewick. Bought by R Robinson for Ј2-10-0, in 1884.)
350. Pia Desideria "Thomas Bewick". (F) (Thus in F - presumably implying that it contains TB's autograph inscription.) Probably one of many editions of: Hugo, Hermannus. Pia desideria: or, Divine Addresses, in three books, ... Englished by Edm. Arwaker. London: R. & J. Bonwicke, 1690, 1712 etc., etc., some illustrated with copperplates.
351. Polite Secretary or Letter Writer. (A) Probably: A Complete Letter Writer, or, Polite English Secretary: containing familiar letters on the most important occasions in life: ..., 18th edition, London: S. Crowder, 1788; or another edition.
352. Porny's Practical French Grammar.
"Porney's French Grammar" (A).
"Practical French Grammar by M Porny - 1786" (Br).
No doubt an edition of: Porny, Marc Antoine (pseudonym of Antoine Pyron de Martre). The Practical
French Grammar, [7th edition. London: G.G.J. and J. Robinson, 1793].
(Listed among R.E. Bewick's books in c1806.)
353. Porny M. Syllabare Francois or French Spelling Book 1786. "French Spellg. Book" (A).
"Syllabare Francais or French Spelling Book by M Porny 1786" (Br).
Probably: Porny, M.A. Syllabaire Franзois, or, a French spelling-book, containing ... , 1786 [publisher
not identified. The London 1788 edition was published by C. Nourse and others].
(Listed with Thomas Bewick's legacy from his brother in 1795 and among R.E. Bewick's books in
c1806.) 354. Puckle, James. The Club: a Dialogue between a Father and a Son, Royal 8vo, half bound, 1817. (M72) "Woodcuts, after designs by Thurston" (M72). No doubt: Puckle, James. The Club; or a Grey-cap for a Green-head, in a dialogue between father and son. Edited by Edward Walmsley. London: printed by John Johnson for the proprietor, and sold by Longman, Hurst (and others), 1817. ("Mr. Bewick's subscription copy" (M72), but a subscription list for this date has not yet been identified (some early 18th century editions - 1723 and 1737 - had subscribers' lists). Bought by JJ Hall for 17/-, in 1884. ) 355. School Horace, no cuts. (K12,U) As above in K12. "Quintus Horatius Flaccus wanting title" (T&WA 1269/84) (U). 356. *Scotland's Skaith; or, The History o' Will and Jean, An owre true Tale ..., 10th Edition, 12mo, Newcastle: J. Mitchell, 1800; original paper cover. (G153,H74) With a wood engraving "Bewick fecit" for the frontispiece, and a vignette (Hugo, 1866). `Scotland's Skaith Will and Jean, Newc. 1800' (H74). The author was Hector Macneill. ("This copy belonged to Bewick himself, who has written the title on the cover, and a note at the foot of page 4 ..." (G). Sold in 1877 in a mixed lot with 25 others to Molini for Ј1-6-0. See also another copy (475) in Part 3.) 357. *Select Fables, 2nd Edition, [Second Impression], cuts by Bewick, Newcastle: T. Saint, 1784. (D8,E,F,P158,R12) "Select Fables. Cuts by Bewick" (D) "Select Fables - Cuts" (E) Three copies are listed in F: "Select Fables - Saint R.E B's auto pt[?] 1784" (F), "Select Fables a good copy Saint 1784" (F), and "Select Fables - not so clean/ Saint 1784" (F). (Autographs "R.E. Bewick's Book Forth NEWCASTLE upon Tyne" on a flyleaf and (omitting "upon Tyne") on page 1, and his note "My Father Gave me this Book March 30th 1801" at the back of the book. "Bewick Library number" "No 96" on the same flyleaf. "Bought of Miss Bewick" is inscribed inside the front cover by J.W. Barnes. Bought at the Barnes sale for [?]Ј6 by Pease (full calf. Rebound for Pease by Waters.) 358. *Select Fables, 2nd Edition, cuts by Bewick, Newcastle: T. Saint, 1784. (?Br,M176) M176 is recorded as having very fine impressions of the cuts by Thomas and John Bewick but as beginning at page 134, printed on one side of the paper only and otherwise imperfect. This must differ therefore from the copies in M12 or N7. Bought by R Robinson for Ј1-10-0, in 1884. It may be the book listed only as "Select Fables (Imperfect)" among R.E. Bewick's books in c1806.) 359. *Select Fables, A new edition improved, [second impression] 12mo, cuts by Bewick, Newcastle: T. Saint, 1784. (N7) Robinson makes it clear that this is a second 1784 impression, with the same title page but altered vignettes and changes in the text. (Inscribed on the title page "The Gift of T. Bewick to his little daughter Elizabeth, April 2, 1801" and "Presented by I. and E. Bewick to Mr. R. Robinson, May 15, 1877".) 360. *Select Fables; with cuts, designed and engraved by Thomas and John Bewick, and others,
previous to the year 1784: Together with a Memoir; and a Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of
Messrs. Bewick, Imperial 8vo, Newcastle: E. Charnley, 1820. "=Select Fables. Pubd by Mr Charnley 1820" (C). "Select Fables Pubd by E Charnley 1820" (D).
"Bewick Select Fables, 1 Vol Impl. Pubd by E Charnley 1820" (E).
"Charnley's beautiful reprint of the edition of 1784, with a few notes by Miss Jane Bewick. Portrait and
woodcuts. Boards, uncut." (M167) The catalogue entry for P15 calls the notes "copious marginal notes
and criticisms" which is more accurate than "a few notes". In many cases pencilled notes are
overwritten in ink. Some of Jane Bewick's comments on the portraits of her father are sarcastic. Her
opinion probably echoes her father's, whose entries in lists C-E reiterate "published by Mr Charnley"
etc, his only use of this phrase, and seem to distance him from the enterprise.
(There is no "Bewick Library number". Bought by R Robinson for Ј12-12-0, in 1884, and presumably
from him by Pease.)
361. Spectator, 8 vols. 8vo, 1776.
"=Spectator - 8 Vols 8/vo 1776" (C).
"Spectator 8 Vols. 1776" (D).
"Addison, Jos. The Spectator, 8 vols., 12mo, calf, 1776" (M16).
The 1776 edition was published in Edinburgh.
(Bought by H Watson for 6/-, in 1884.)
362. Shak[e]speare, W. Plays, woodcuts, 11 vols. 8vo, 1805; calf.
A 10 volume 8vo edition of "Shakspeare's" Plays, edited by A. Chalmers, was published in London by
F.C. & J. Rivington, in 1805. No 11 volume edition of this date has yet been identified.
(Inscribed "The gift of Thomas Bewick to his daughter, Jane Bewick". Bought by Major Cowen for
Ј2-4-0, in 1884. Not listed with Jane's books in 1806.)
363. [Shakespeare, W.] Merry Wives of Windsor, Bell's Edition, 1785. (Br,D8) "Merry Wives of Windsor" (Bj). "Merry Wives of Windsor, Bell's Edition, 1785" (D). No doubt: The Merry wives of Windsor by Will. Shakspere ... London: J. Bell, 1785.
364. Smollett, T. Roderic[k] Random, 2 vols. 12mo, 1778.
"Roderic Random 2 Vols. 12/mo 1778" (C).
"Roderic Random 2 Vol." (D). No doubt: the 10th edition, London: J. Gardner and R. Gray, and others, 1778.
(Somerville. See Flora, or, the Deserted Child (323) above.)
365. (*)Spence, T. Dictionary, (D8) Probably: Thomas Spence, The Grand Repository of the English Language: containing, besides the excellencies of all other dictionaries ... pronunciation ... a new alphabet ..., Newcastle upon Tyne: printed by T. Saint for the author, 1775. (Bewick is said to have made the blocks for the additional phonetic letters used in this book. If so, it would have been in his last year of apprenticeship (to October 1774) or during his subsequent period of independent work at Cherryburn.)
366. [Sterne, L.] A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy. By Mr. Yorick, 12mo, London:
Vernor & Hood, 1804, half-calf.
Fine cuts by Austin. "Sternes Sentiml Journey (Cuts" (E).
(New endpapers at some stage. No "Bewick Library number". A finishing tool used on the spine is
identical to one used on The Complete Angler (P169), but on no other book in the Pease Collection.
They may have been bound thus while in Bewick's possession. It was sold in the same lot as Visions in Verse (R110) at the Bewick Sale in 1884 and they were bought (as was The Complete Angler) by Robinson, for 18/-, from whom Pease presumably obtained all three books.)
367. *Tales for Youth; in thirty poems: to which are annexed, historical remarks and moral applications in prose ... [by JH Wynne] ornamented with cuts, neatly designed and engraved on wood, by Bewick, 12mo, London: E. Newbery, 1794. (A,F,N21) With 30 wood engravings by John Bewick (Tattersfield, 2001, JB61). "Tales for Youth" (A) 'Tales for Youth "Isa Bewick 17998" 1794' (F). (Inscribed "Isabella Bewick, 1798" on the fly-leaf. Bought from her by R. Robinson.)
367a. Tales of the Hermitage. (Z) `Tales of the Hermitage with the following inscription by T. Bewick "New Year's Gift to Isabella Bewick, January, 1809" Lent by M. Mackey, Esq' (Bewick Exhibition, 1886; item 52). (Z)
(480. Trimmer, Mrs [Sarah], An easy introduction to the knowledge of nature and reading the Holy Scriptures. Adapted to the capacities of children. London: Longman and Rees [and others], 1799. (Be,Y) Inscribed by Bewick. See part 3, below.)
368. [Trusler] Compendium of Useful Knowledge Trusler.
No doubt: Trusler, John. A compendium of useful knowledge: containing a concise explanation of every
thing a young man ought to know to enable him to converse on all general topics: addressed to the
youth of both sexes, ... London: printed for the author and sold by R. Baldwin, 1784; or a later edition.
369. *Trusler, Dr. Honours of the Table, 12mo, 1788, woodcuts by John Bewick.
"Art of Carving...Cuts b Dr Truster [sic] 1788" (C).
Probably: Trusler, John, The Honours of the Table, or, rules for behaviour during meals; with the whole art of carving, illustrated by a variety of cuts ... for the use of young people, 12o, (London: for the
author at the Literary Press, 1788). The wood engravings are by John Bewick (Tattersfield, 2001;
(Bought by TJ White for 6/-, in 1884.)
370. *Trusler, Revd. Dr. The Progress of Man and Society. Illustrated by upwards of one hundred and twenty cuts. ..., 12mo, London: Trusler, 1791. (A,N19,R55) Woodcuts by John Bewick (Tattersfield, 2001, JB51). "Progress of Man & Society" (A). "Progress of Man & Society Trusler John B[ewick] 1791" (F - listed three times, possibly in error). (Autograph of "Thos Bewick, NEWCASTLE" on the half-title page. This "fine paper copy, with picked impressions" was bought by Robinson from Miss Bewick. It was rebound for Pease by Waters of Newcastle. No "Bewick Library number".)
371. *Trusler, the Revd J. Proverbs Exemplified, and Illustrated by Pictures from Real Life ... designed as a succession book to Aesop's Fables, 12mo, London: J. Trusler, 1790. (A,F,N13,R51) With 50 wood engravings by John Bewick (Tattersfield, 2001, JB52). "Old Proverbs by Trusler" (A) "Proverbs exemplified (Auto. T Bewick) 1790" (F). (Autograph "Thos Bewick, NEWCASTLE" on title page, also book-plate of John Bewick. Copy bought by Robert Robinson from Miss Bewick, and later rebound for Pease by Waters of Newcastle. No "Bewick Library number".)
372. *Trusler, the Revd J. Proverbs Exemplified, and Illustrated by Pictures from Real Life ... designed
as a succession book to Aesop's Fables, 12mo, London: J. Trusler, 1790. (F) "Proverbs exemplified Jane Bewick 1790" (F - apparently a different copy, presumably with Jane's ownership inscription). 373. *[Trusler, Revd. J. Proverbs Exemplified, and Illustrated by Pictures from Real Life, 12mo, 1790; with 50 wood engravings by John Bewick. (M188) (Bought by EB Mounsey for Ј1-1-0, in 1884. The lack of mention of inscriptions suggests that this was a third copy.)] 374. Union English Dictionary, 1800, calf, (D8,[L],M114) "Union Dictionary - by Sheridan &c" (D). "Union English Dictionary" (M114). Probably: Thomas Browne, L.L.D. Union Dictionary, containing all that is truly useful in the dictionaries of Johnson, Sheridan, ... and Walker, 501pp., 8vo. London: G. Wilkie, E. Newbery, G. Kearsley, and West & Hughes, 1800. (Inscribed "Thomas Bewick, Engraver, Forth, Newcastle" (M114). Bought at the 1884 Bewick sale by W. Porteus for 16/-. It was donated to the Nat Hist Soc in 1898-9 by Robert Grey, Esq. (Nat. Hist. Trans. Northumberl. Durh. Newcastle upon Tyne, XIV: 50; 1903) but is now missing from the library.) 375. "Young Gent. & Ladies Polite Secretary - 1785". (C) Probably: The young gentleman and ladies' polite secretary, to an epistolary correspondence in business, friendship, love, and marriage. Carlisle: F. Jollie, 1785. 376. (*)Youth's Instructive and Entertaining Story-Teller: ..., 3rd edition, Newcastle: printed by Thomas Saint for W. Charnley, M. Vesey and J. Whitfield, 1778; 37 woodcuts. (?Bj,C,E,F,M161) "Story Teller.-" (C). "Youth's Story Teller ... by Saint" (E). "Storyteller 3d Ed: T Bewick's Cuts Saint 1778" (F). M161 describes this (inaccurately) as "the first book known to be illustrated by Thomas Bewick", and also as "very rare". (Bought by EB Mounsey for Ј3-5-0, in 1884. "Story-teller", probably the same copy, was listed with Jane's books in 1806 (Bj). The first edition was published by Saint in 1774 (12o).
377. Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Royal 8to, Newcastle: S. Hodgson, R. Beilby and
T. Bewick, 1790.
(See R26 and R223,U)
(The Pease volume (R26) is one of four copies of the First Edition printed on "thick atlas vellum
paper". In it is a loosely inserted ms quoting a Thomas Bewick letter dated [26 May] 1824 about
another such copy he had given to his wife, Isabella. The original letter is now in the Huntington
Library (microfilm copy in Newcastle City Library Bewick Collection 545): "I often wished my wife
to allow me to give hers away to Bibliomanists to whom I thou't I owed obligations - but she always
expressed her unwillingness, & she still has it in her possession". Later, in 1861, Mrs Bewick's copy
was sold for Ј20 (or Ј21) by her daughters Jane and Isabella to T. Kerslake, a Bristol bookseller. He
sold it for Ј26. At that time the 1824 letter from Bewick was tipped in, and an autograph note by
Thomas Bewick on the title page recorded that only four such copies were printed. It next appeared in
the Whitehead (1877) catalogue (R223, item 13), and was sold to Toovey, a London bookseller, for
Ј30-9-0. Another of the four copies, that formerly owned by E.P. Jupp, is now in a private collection in
Newcastle. Jane Bewick's record of the sale to Kerslake is: `Vellum Quadruped / autograph letter to Pollard. Bequest of Mother to Jane. Ј21 "Bequest of Isabella Bewick to her Daughter Jane Bewick" written in Title page by Thomas Bewick. I wonder who bought it', and later, at the end of the list of books sold: `Kerslake's premises at Bristol were burnt / he wrote to me that the Vellum Copy was saved with the letter; and was sold at [long blank] sale London for Ј26/10/-' (T&WA 1269/84, pp 103-4).)
378. Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, 1788 and 1790; set of "upwards of 187 proofs on
strong laid paper", some coloured by the Bewick children.
(According to the Hugo sale catalogue, a special set of proofs made for Thomas Bewick's children to
colour. Sold to Quaritch for Ј2-8-0 in the sale (August 1877). It may be the "Color'd Quadrupeds" listed
with Jane's books in 1806.)
379. Bewick, T. A bound selection of 27 proof wood engravings from A General History of Quadrupeds, hand coloured by Thomas Bewick and inscribed by him "A Gift to R.E. Bewick, Forth NEWCASTLE 1st Jan.y 1800". (Private collection) (Currently in a private collection in Newcastle. "No. 246" written on a corner of the front flyleaf cannot be firmly identified as (but may be) a "Bewick Library number".
379a. Bewick, T. A selection of 28 proof wood engravings from A General History of Quadrupeds, hand coloured by Thomas Bewick and inscribed by him "A Gift to Jane Bewick NEWCASTLE 1st Jan.y 1800". (L) In card covers with marbled paper externally. With the bookplate of John Bewick and a later inscription by Jane Bewick `Coloured by Thomas Bewick, to please his Children'. Hancock Museum accession number NEWHM:1997.H54. The 28 engravings in this copy are the Racehorse, Hunter, Black Horse, Common Carthorse, Ass, Zebra, Lancashire Ox, Zebu, Ibex, Chamois-goat, Springer, Elk-antelope, Hart-beest, Cameleopard, Rein-deer, Stag or Red-deer, Axis or Ganges Stag, Fallow-deer, Shepherd's dog, Cur dog, Greenland dog, Bull-dog, Mastiff, Greyhound, Terrier, Large Rough Water-dog, Small Water-spaniel and Mouse. (See number 382, below, for Elizabeth Bewick's equivalent copy and 379b for Isabella Bewick's. Careful comparison, in May 2004, of 379a with 379 and 382 shows them to be identical in the form of the inscriptions, the choice of animals, the palette of colours used and, in the case of 379 and 379a, the order of the animals and the pattern of the marbled-paper covers. 379a differs in having 28 animals while the others have 27 (the zebu being the extra one). In 382 the animals are arranged in a different order, starting with the dogs. In a few images there are ink or pencil additions to the backgrounds, usually just at the edges (eg in the images of the bulldog and red deer) but in 379 and 382, but not 379a, for example, a line of distant hills has been drawn in on the images of the elk-antelope. Some trivial differences in colouring are seen in a minority but for the most part the details of the colouring are identical and very skilled. It seems almost certain that Thomas Bewick himself coloured all the images in all three copies.)
379b. Bewick, T. A selection of 26 [?] proof wood engravings from A General History of Quadrupeds, hand coloured by Thomas Bewick and given by him to his daughter Isabella Bewick, 1st Jan.y 1800. (N). Robinson (1887, page 89) describes how "twenty-six" proofs of the blocks for Quadrupeds were printed "at the office of Thomas Angus" and later coloured by Bewick for his children. Robinson himself owned the copy presented to Isabella in 1887, but its subsequent whereabouts are unknown. If Isabella's copy contained only 26 animals they were fewer than in the other copies.
380. Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Third Edition, demy 8vo, 1792. (G49,H258) ("Thomas Bewick's copy, with several autograph additions and corrections" (G49). Sold ("Cloth, soiled") at the Hugo sale (1877) to Howell for 11/-.)
381. Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Imperial 8vo, 1800. (P185) (Inscribed on title page "Presented by T. Bewick to his daughter Jane" in her hand.)
382. Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, 1800. "Colored Quad: Eliz.th Bewick Cold by TB. 1800" (F).
In the album of the Charnley and Robinson Collection (Pease 172), on pages 107-121, are
`Twenty-seven cuts of animals described in J.W. Pease's writing as having been "given by T.B. to his
daughter E. [Elizabeth] and coloured by T.B. in 1800."' (R172). The inscription by TB in R172 is `A Gift to Eliz.h Bewick NEWCASTLE 1st Jany 1800'. The animals
selected are the same as in item 379a (above), omitting the Zebu. The collection has been broken up
into individual pages and laid down, usually two to a page, in the album.
[If the item described in F is a copy of the book itself, it is remarkable that no other record has been
found of this copy, apparently hand coloured by Thomas Bewick.It seem far more likely that F refers to
the item in Pease 172, a selection of proof wood engravings, similar to numbers 379 and 379a above,
rather than a complete copy of the 1800 edition. Three pages from Pease 172 are reproduced in colour
in Glendinning et al. (2003).]
383. Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Fifth Edition, Imperial 8vo, 1807. (C,D4,E,R34) "[Bewick's] Quadrupeds Imperial. 1807" (C) "[Bewick's] Quadrupeds" (D) "Bewick's Quadrupeds (Impl Octavo 2 copies" (E). (R34 has an inscription "The GIFT of Thomas Bewick Engraver NEWCASTLE to his Daughter Isabella, 10 Feby 1816". The same book was item 631 at the sale of T.W.U. Robinson's collection (Robinson, 1890; R221); it was sold to Barlow for Ј10-10-0.)
384. Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Fifth Edition, Imperial 8to, 1807. (P186) (Inscribed on the title page "The Gift of Thomas Bewick to his daughter Jane, 10th February, 1816" in his hand. This or the next may have been the other of the "2 copies" recorded in E. Sold at the 1894 Barnes sale, for Ј15 or Ј20, to EB Mounsey (Pease 203 - Pease's annotation suggests Ј15, a news cutting pasted in, states Ј20.).)
385. Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Fifth Edition, Imperial 8to, 1807. (E,P187,R35) (This or the last may have been the other of the "2 copies" recorded in E. Bought at the 1894 Barnes sale by Pease for Ј17-0-0 (P187). Inscribed "The gift of Thomas Bewick, Engraver, Newcastle, to his daughter Elizabeth, 10 Feby. 1816".)
386. Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Seventh Edition, Extra Imperial 8to, 1820. (R39) With additional laid down proof impressions of most of the beasts and tail pieces. (Inscribed in her hand "Isabella Bewick Gateshead June 1821. The proof impressions were given her by her father, Thomas Bewick".)
387. Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Seventh Edition, Extra Imperial 8to, Newcastle: Edward Walker, 1820. (R40) (Autograph inscription "Elizabeth Bewick".)
388. Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Eighth Edition, demy 8to, 1824. (N16) (With additions and corrections in ms by Thomas Bewick for the intended next edition, including "a minute account of the Wombach". In the collection of R. Robinson (1887, page 283), sold to him shortly before her death (1883) by Isabella Bewick.)
389. [Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Eighth Edition, Royal 8to, 1824. (F) "Histy of Quadrupeds Royl perft 1824" (F).]
390. [Bewick, T. A General History of Quadrupeds, Eighth Edition, demy 8to, 1824. ([L]) (The copy of this edition donated to the Nat Hist Soc by Isabella Bewick in August 1881 is now missing from the library.)]
391. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 2 vols. Royal 8vo. Newcastle: Printed by Hodgson for Beilby and Bewick, 1797, printed by Edw. Walker for T. Bewick, 1804. (C,D4,E,H232) "Bewick's British Birds 2 Vols. Royal 8/vo 1797" (C). "Bewick's British Birds" (D) "Bewick's Birds 2 Vols. Royal. 1804" (E) (The copy of Land Birds, 1797, recorded in H232 as Thomas Bewick's copy may have been one of these volumes. It was sold (bound in white vellum, gilt, probably for Hugo) at the Hugo sale to Quaritch for Ј3-3-0.)
392. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 1797, proof sheets of nearly the whole of Land Birds, with
autograph corrections by Thomas Bewick.
According to Hugo (1866, 104), these proofs showed that Bewick's amendments and additions to Ralph
Beilby's text were "numerous, and very frequently most important".
(Inserted was a manuscript memorandum of agreement between R. Beilby, T. Bewick and J Johnson,
1797. Bought by Hugo from William Garret, bookseller of Newcastle, having been "happily preserved
by some one in the Printing Office"; and at the Hugo sale by Rimell for Ј1-2-0, in 1877. Sold at the
Pinkney sale in 1895 for Ј30, to Edwin Pearson, and in 1909 at the JM Marshall sale for Ј12-10-0,
buyer not recorded.)
393. [Bewick, T. Figures of British Land Birds ..., (Newcastle: Hodgson, Beilby, Bewick and
Mawman, 1800.
"Land Birds without Letter press 1800" (F).]
394. Bewick, T. British Birds and Supplements, 3 vols. Imperial 8vo. 1797, 1804, [?1821]. (J22) (Each volume inscribed in Thomas Bewick's hand "The bequest of Isabella Bewick to her daughter Isabella Bewick". Evidently Jupp obtained this personal copy from Miss Isabella Bewick. It was sold at the Jupp sale to Robinson for Ј35-10-0 in 1878. The nature of the "Supplements" is not clear. The two Supplements to the Land Birds and Water Birds, bound in one volume, were not published until 1821. Possibly Isabella's copy included this volume, or possibly a volume of additional material added to late impressions of the 1797 and 1804 editions was specially bound for her. The dates given in the Jupp catalogue were only 1797 and 1804.)
395. [Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 2 vols. 1797, 1804. (J17) (Jane Bewick's copy, with some woodcuts coloured by her. It was sold at the Jupp sale to Swinburne for Ј2-2-0 in 1878.)]
396. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 1797 and 1804; proof cuts of the first editions. (H261) (Stated in H261 to be Thomas Bewick's own copy. Sold at Hugo sale, 1877, to Joly, for Ј10-0-0. This may be the copy now in the Pease Collection, R102 (see 411 below), with the revised date of ?1805.)
397. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, Vol. 1 Land Birds, Royal 8vo, 1797. (G4420,H230) (With MS notes by Thomas Bewick and Richard R. Wingate. Both Hugo sources record this as Thomas Bewick's office copy, given by him to Richard Wingate [d. 1859] who coloured several of the birds. Bought from E. Pearson by Hugo for Ј5 in Feb 1868. At the Hugo sale (1877) it was sold to Walford for 14/-.)
398. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, Vol. 2 Water Birds, Royal 8vo, printed by Edw. Walker for
T. Bewick, 1804. Vellum.
(The second volume of Hugo's copy of British Birds of 1797 and 1804 (Hugo 1866, 100) was "Bewick's
own copy, and contains various additions and corrections in his handwriting". This copy has not been
identified in the Hugo Sale catalogue of 1877 (H).
399. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, Vol. 2 Water Birds, proofs [1804]. (S211) ("Proofs (printed on one side of the paper) of T. Bewick's Water Birds, one of six copies only, from the Hugo collection, original boards uncut, Presented by Thos. Bewick to Ralph Beilby his old master, and partner in business - Extract from note on flyleaf" (S211). Sold at the Marshall sale for 36/-, buyer not recorded.)
400. [Bewick, T. History of British Birds, two vols in one. 1797, 1804. (F) "Histy of Birds demy 1797, 1804 - 2 Vol in one" (F). [This book may have been specially bound thus for the family, there is no such edition in Roscoe (1953) who gives 1809 (Roscoe 20) as the first one-volume edition.]
401. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 2nd Edition, 2 vols. royal 8vo, Newcastle: Edward Walker,
1805. Red morocco, gilt.
(Inscribed "The gift of Thomas Bewick to his Daughter Isabella Bewick, 1st January, 1814" on the title
pages. MS note inside cover of vol.1 "Copy of 'Birds' - my sister's long cherished edition, 1805, which
is now ready to send you ... I am Dear Sir, yours very truly, Jane Bewick" (recipient not named). Sold
at the Marshall sale for Ј8-5-0, buyer not recorded.)
402. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 2nd Edition, 2 vols. royal 8vo, Newcastle: Edward Walker, 1805. (P189,R81) (Inscribed "The gift of Thomas Bewick to his daughter Elizabeth, 1st. of January 1815" in Bewick's hand on the title page of vol.1. Bought at the Barnes sale by Pease for Ј12-16-0. No "Bewick Library number". The other sisters may also have been given copies of this edition. A memo written by Jane in April 1870 records "Isabella sold her royal Birds red morocco 1805 to Mr. Ford of Enfield for Ј10:10:0" (City Library microfilm Bewick Coll. 545; from the original in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California).)
403. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 4th and 3rd Editions, 2 vols. dmy 8vo, Newcastle: Edward Walker, 1809. (F,?M182,Z) "Bewick's Birds demy soiled 1809" (F). "... Boards. Fine impressions of the cuts but an indifferent copy of the work. 1809" (M). A copy of the 1809 edition of the work offered for sale at McNaughtan's Bookshop, Edinburgh, in June 2005 is probably identical with the one noted by Jane Bewick in 1865 (F) and sold in 1884 (M). It is soiled internally with ink smears and fingermarks on many pages, but finely bound (presumably after 1884) with inscriptions on the flyleaves of both volumes: `William Chipchase Henderson, Bought at "The Bewick Sale" January 1884' and in a different hand (perhaps Robinson's) in volume 1 `The note on p. 25 [ie xxv] of the Introduction is in the handwriting of Thos. Bewick, the Author 14th June 1884 Robert Robertson'. In the Land Birds volume, five notes definitely in Thomas Bewick's hand are manuscript drafts in ink or pencil of changes, some of them made in the "1814-16" edition of Land Birds (Roscoe 21) and others in the 1816 edition. It seems that neither Jane nor the 1884 auctioneer noticed these annotations by Bewick; and it is curious that Robinson himself seems to have noticed only one of them. There are also many notes in both volumes concerned with pagination and signatures, in the case of Land Birds relating variously to one or the other of the two subsequent editions, which may be Bewick's or an assistant's. Robinson bought the book at the sale for Ј2-4-0 (M), possibly on Henderson's behalf, and probably recorded the one annotation before selling the book on. Henderson perhaps commissioned the fine binding through Robinson (this would account for the latter's note on
the new flyleaf). Although this copy contains Bewick's notes of many of the revisions of the text that appeared in the 1814-16 edition of Land Birds and in the 1816 editions of both volumes (see Roscoe), it does not include them all; in particular the new material on the Peregrine Falcon and the `second Pied Flycatcher' is not present. 404. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 4th Edition, 2 vols. dmy 8vo, Newcastle: Edward Walker, 1816. (J32,R86) (Contains the corrections in Bewick's hand, made for the 1821 edition. Bewick inscribed the copy "T. Bewick to William Procter, 29 Augt, 1823" on the title page of vol.II. Sold in a lot with a copy of the 1820 Quadrupeds at the Jupp sale in 1878, to Rutland, for Ј5-10-0. There are also a few annotations by Proctor.) William Proctor (sic) is identified by Anderton and Gibson (1904) as the curator of University of Durham Museum. 405. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 4th Edition, 2 vols. dmy 8vo, Newcastle: Edward Walker, 1816; with Supplement (1821) and ? Addenda (1821 or later) or Additamenta (1826). (F) "Birds demy 2 vol. with Supt & the Addita 1816" (F). 406. [Bewick, T. History of British Birds, Woodcuts without letterpress, 4to, Newcastle: 1817. (P167) (Autograph of Robert Elliot Bewick on title page. Sold for Ј10 at Barnes sale, buyer not recorded.)] 407. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 2 vols. 8vo, 1821; boards, uncut. Bound with Supplement of 1821. (M183, Victoria & Albert Museum) (Interleaved copy with Thomas Bewick's pencilled explanations of a large number of the tail-pieces, overwritten in ink by Jane Bewick. Bought by EB Mounsey for Ј105, in 1884. With the bookplate of James Rolt of Workington. Currently in the Special Collections library of the Victoria and Albert Museum (shelf marks RC.n.2 & 3). There is another source of Jane Bewick's comments on the vignettes, a notebook of hers in Iain Bain's possession, from which they were reproduced by him in his Vignettes (1979).) 408. Bewick, T. History of British Birds, 2 vols. 8vo, 1826. (L) (With ms. annotations by Thomas Bewick and a note by Jane Bewick. Loosely inserted is an extra copy of the Contents, inscribed in the hand of R.E.Bewick "July 19 1830 Began to Print 7th Edition of Birds". Some of the numerous pencilled annotations in Thomas Bewick's hand, are overwritten in ink (see Robinson 1887, p. xi). In addition there is a single untidy pencilled note in the hand of John Hancock, initialled by him, in vol.II page 194. The notes on the flyleaf of Vol.I in Jane Bewick's hand are "I have gone over my Fathers corrections in pencil with a crow quill fearing his remarks might be obliterated. Jane Bewick Oct 11th 1849. He looked over this book every morning after breakfast, from its publication, to within ten days of his death. He appeared to have great pleasure in doing so JB" and later "The corrections made by my Father were done with a view to the next Edition. Jane Bewick." The subsequent edition was seen through the press by R.E. Bewick and published in 1832. Donated to the Natural History Society by Miss Isabella Bewick, August 1881. Hancock Museum accession "NEWHM:1997.H43".) 409. Bewick, T. A Supplement to the History of British Water Birds, 8vo, Newcastle: Printed by Edward Walker, n.d. [?1821]; printed on office paper, unbound and uncut. (G108,H248) (Thomas Bewick's own copy with his autograph note, 3 lines at page 5, a sketch of birds on page 11, and ms corrections for the press. Sold to Pearson for 9/-.) 410. [Bewick, T. A Supplement to the History of British Birds, 2nd Edition, royal 8vo, Newcastle: Edward Walker, 1821; largely unopened. (M179,R95) (Inscribed in an unknown hand (perhaps Robinson's) "From the Bewick Sale - Feb 5th 1884"; no other
identifying marks. Bought by R Robinson for Ј2-7-6, in 1884. No doubt acquired from him by Pease.)]
411. Bewick, T. British Birds: the figures engraved on wood by T. Bewick [Figures of British Land and
Water Birds], 2 vols demy 8vo, in green boards, [? 1805].
(Collection of proofs, with pencilled dates on the title pages "1797" and "1804", but probably from the
1805 edition, said to have been Thomas Bewick's own set (see note in R102). There are two letters
dated 1851 from the bookseller William Garret to the Revd Thomas Hugo in a pocket in the back cover.
This may be the copy recorded as dated 1797 and 1804 at H261 (see 396, above.)
412. [Bewick, Thomas. Vignettes, 4to, Newcastle: Edw. Walker, 1827. (G119,H234,Q193) (Loose sheets, inscribed "For Home, perfect" by Miss Bewick, and "Bought of the Misses Bewick, June 1850" by Hugo. Inserted invoice for Ј6-4-0, dated 11 June 1850, signed by Miss Bewick. Bought at the 1877 Hugo sale for Ј13-15-0 by Rimell. Sold at the 1895 Pinkney sale, buyer not recorded.)]
413. Age of Chivalry (Bj) Possibly: S.F. Genlis, Comtesse de. The age of chivalry, or, friendship of other times; a moral and historical tale ... abridged by C. Butler, London: Peacock & Booker, 1799.
414. Baskervilles Dictionary. (Bj) Probably: [Baskerville, John ­ supposed author]. A vocabulary, or, a pocket dictionary: to which is prefixed a compendious grammar of the English language. Birmingham: printed by John Baskerville and sold by Messrs Dod, Rivington (etc), London, 1765.
415. Be Merry & Wise; Jests by Tommy Trapwit adorned with cuts.
Probably: Be merry and wise: or the cream of the jests, with the marrow of maxims, ... by Tommy Trapwit, adorned with cuts. London: for the author, 2nd edition, 1756 or another edition.
Hugo (1868) records 6d. editions by Carnan (London) and T. Wilson and R. Spence (York).
416. Beauties of the Poets 1799.
Probably: The beauties of the poets. Being a collection of moral and sacred poetry from the most eminent
authors. Compiled by Thomas Jones. London: Darton & Harvey, GG & J Robinson, E Newbery, G
Wilkie, Vernon & Hood & others, 1799.
417. Bisset Juvenile Reduplication(s) 1800. (Be,F) "Juvenile Reduplications 1800" (Be) "Bissets Reduplication 1800" (F) Probably: Bisset, J. Juvenile Reduplications, or, the new House that Jack Built ... Birmingham: [no publisher listed],1800.
418. (*)[Bloomfield, Robert.] Farmers Boy. (Bj) "Farmers Boy" in (Bj). No doubt an edition of Bloomfield's The Farmer's Boy: a rural poem. London: Vernor & Hood, 1800. (Illustrated by John Anderson at the Bewick workshop.)
419. The Bullfinch. (Bj) Not yet identified. Possibly something like:
Cleaver, William. Two elegies. I. The Bee. II. The Bullfinch. London: R. & J. Dodsley, 1763.
420. "A small edition of Burns" (Bj) Listed with Jane's Books 1806.
421. Cambray's Reflections. (Bj) No doubt one of many editions of: Fйnelon, F. de S. Pious reflections for every day of the month: translated [by John Clowes] from the French of Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray ... [for example the] 12th edition. London: J. Bailey [n.d.]; or, Manchester: G. Nicholson, 1797; or, Ludlow: printed by G. Nicholson for T. Knott and Champonte & Whitrow, 1799.
422. Chambaud, Exercises by (Bj) No doubt an edition of: Chambaud, Louis. Exercises to the rules and construction of French speech, consisting of passages extracted out of the best French authors ... London: P. Vaillant and others, (14th edition 1795; 16th, 1799).
423. Chambaud's Grammar. (Bj) Probably an edition of either: Chambaud, Lewis. A grammar of the French tongue ... 11th edition, London: T. Longman, B. Law, 1794; or his The rudiments of the French tongue, or, an easy and rational introduction to French grammar ... 4th edition, London: P. Vaillant and others, 1791.
424. Chambauds Treasure &c. (Bj) No doubt an edition of: Chambaud, Louis. A treasure of the French and English languages ... vocabulary ... common forms of speech ... a collection of proverbs ... 9th edition, London: P. Vaillant, 1794.
425. Charms for Children, York, 1806.
Probably Charms for Children. Contained in the histories of ... with cuts by Bewick, published in a 4d.
edition in York by T. Wilson and R. Spence, 1806, see Hugo (1868).
(Bought with Goody Two Shoes by JJ Hall for Ј1-4-0, in 1884. There is a copy at Cherryburn.)
426. The Charms of Literature.
Probably an edition of: Charms of Literature: consisting of an assemblage of curious, scarce, and
interesting pieces in prose and poetry ... embellished with engravings on wood by Bewick etc, 3rd edit.
Newcastle: J. Mitchell, 1805.
427. [CHILDREN'S BOOKS: unidentified. (F,M39) `CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Village School, 2 vols.; The Happy Family; Sandford and Merton; The Deserted Child; Mrs Norton's Story Book; Poetical Flower Garden; Kings of England, 1795; etc (nearly all imperfect), a parcel' (M39). `The Fairing or Golden Toy ­ And a great variety of Little books for Children' (F). See under individual titles for the named books. But it is evident that many others, un-named, were in the family's collection. (N.B. The 1806 list of Jane's books also includes "Village School 2 vol", "The Happy Family", "Mrs Nortons Storey Book" and (perhaps one of those unlisted in M39) "Mother Chit Chat's Tales". Elizabeth's list (c1806) includes "Sandford & Merton (Imperfect)" and "Poetical Flower Garden". Lot M39 was bought by WT Johnson for Ј1-10-0, in 1884.)]
428. (*)Death of Abel.
Possibly: The death of Abel. In five books. Translated from the German of Mr [Saloman] Gessner, by Mrs.
Collier. Many editions, including Newcastle: M. Brown, 1787, '88, '90.
Hugo (1868) implausibly believed the "indifferent" copperplate frontispiece in his 1788 Brown edition to
be by Thomas Bewick. Perhaps a more probable contender for Jane Bewick's copy in 1806 is the 12d.
edition with 12 woodcuts printed in York by Wilson, Spence and Mawman (1796), possibly using
"Bewick" blocks bought from Hall & Elliot after the death of Thomas Saint.
429. (*)[Defoe, D.] Robinson Crusoe. (F,?Ys ) "Wonderful Life & surprisg adventures of Robinson Crusoe bound & gilt price 6d" (F). "Robinson Crusoe" (Ys). Probably: The wonderful life and surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe; who lived 28 years on an uninhabited island. With cuts by Bewick. York: T. Wilson and R. Spence, 1802; (price 6d.). 430. (*)The Easter Gift price 2d Saint. (F) A London (Newbery and Carnan) edition of 1770 has the title The Easter Gift; or, the way to be very good. A book very much wanted, and which ought to be read by parents as well as children ... . No Saint copy identified; this may be a copy from a Thomas Saint edition now extinct. Hugo (1868) records a 2d. edition of The Easter Gift: [etc.] Published for the amusement of all the little gentry in Christendom. Embellished with cuts. York: T. Wilson and R. Spence, 1807. He states that one of the 24 cuts is by Thomas Bewick. Possibly the blocks were among those bought by Wilson and Spence after Saint's death.
431. Easy Introduction to Arts & Sciences
Probably an edition of: R. Turner, An easy introduction to the Arts and Sciences ... , [2nd edition] London:
S. Crowder, 1787; [6th edition] London C. Dilly and J. Johnson etc, 1797.
432. (*)Economy of Human Life.
Probably an edition of: Dodsley, R. The economy of human life complete in two parts. Translated from an
Indian manuscript ..., many editions 1770s-1830s; including Manchester: G. Nicholson, and T. Knott and
Champante & Whitrow (London), 1798, with a woodcut on the title page "T. Bewick sculp." (see Hugo
1868; 5378).
433. Enfields Speaker. (Bj) No doubt an edition of: Enfield, William. The Speaker: or, miscellaneous pieces, selected from the best English writers ... with a view to facilitate the improvement of youth in reading and writing ... editions London: R. Dodsley, 1789; London: J. Johnson, [n.d. c 1795] etc. (According to Hugo (1866, 411), the frontispiece of another Enfield work (his An Essay on the Cultivation of Taste ... Newcastle: Printed for I.S., 1818) was by Thomas Bewick.)
434. Extracts from Hervey. (Bj) Possibly: Interesting and elegant extracts from the works of the Rev. James Hervey. Ploughnill: G. Nicholson, 1800. The date of Jane's list (1806) rules out as an alternative: Meditations and Contemplations. By James Hervey... To which is prefixed the life of the author. Gainsborough: H. Mozley, 1812; though Hugo (1866) claims a cut on the title page as Thomas Bewick's.
435. Fairy of Green House (Imperfect).
Possibly: The Wren; or, the Fairy of the Green-House, consisting of song, story and dialogue ... London:
J. Marshall, 1787, or another edition.
436. Fairy Tales imperfect. (F,Ys) "Fairy Tales imperfect" (F). "Fairy Tales" (Ys). Not identified. Possibly the same as 341.
437. La Fкte des bonnes Gens.
Not identified. Presumably one of Jane Bewick's many French lesson books.
438. Fisher's Spelling Book (Imperfect).
Possibly: Fisher, George. The Instructor, or, young man's best companion: containing spelling, reading,
writing, and arithmetic, in an easier way than any yet published ... Glasgow: for the booksellers, 1786; or
another edition.
439. Flights of Fancy.
Not yet identified. Among many pre-1806 titles containing this phrase, one of the less unlikely is a volume
of poems by the Revd Thomas Penrose. Flights of Fancy. London: J. Walter, and J. Willis (Newbury),
440. (*)Flowers of Poesy.
Probably: Flowers of poesy, consisting of elegies, songs, sonnets, etc, Carlisle: J. Mitchell; London: TN
Longman, 1798.
Hugo (1866) claims the title woodcut as Thomas Bewick's.
441. Food for the mind, or a new Riddlebook etc[? - symbol illegible]. (F) Probably: Food for the mind: or, a new riddle-book. Compiled for the use of the great and the little good boys and girls in England, Scotland and Ireland, by John-the-Giant-Killer, Esq., London: Carnan & Newbery, 1778; or York: T. Wilson and R. Spence, [n.d.]; price 6d.; (or another edition).
442. [The Golden Toy.
"Golden Toy adorned with a variety of Cuts bound & Gilt price 6d" (F) and
"The Fairing or Golden Toy - And a great variety of little books for Children" (F).
No doubt one or two editions of: The Fairing; or, A Golden Toy for children of all ages and
denominations: ... adorned with a variety of cuts from original drawings [price 6d.]. London: T. Carnan,
1784; or the 6d. York edition of Wilson and Spence (1805).
(Two copies or two different books with similar titles are listed in F, possibly an oversight. After the
second entry, at the bottom of a page, the "great variety" of other books is mentioned. It is possible that
this refers to a collection of Wilson and Spence editions (see Hugo 1868, Appendix IV) and it may be the
same as the parcel of children's books sold as lot 39 in the Bewick sale of 1884. The following page
continues with further children's books, starting with "The Oracles".)
443. [Goldsmith, O.] Deserted Village. (Bj) The first edition was London: W. Griffin, 1770, followed by many others by 1806.
444. The Happy Family.
"The Happy Family imperfect Marshall" (F).
"The Happy Family" (M39).
See "Children's Books" (427) above.
Presumably: The happy family, or memoirs of Mr. & Mrs. Norton. Intended to show the delightful effects
of filial obedience, Price 6d. London: J. Marshall, [?1790], since Marshall is mentioned. But there is also
a Bewick illustrated title: The happy family: or, winter evening's employment. Consisting of readings and
conversations ... with cuts by Bewick, Price 1/-. York: T. Wilson and R. Spence, 1800 (and reprint 1801).
445. History of Little Goody Two Shoes, London 1796.
"History of Little Goody Two Shoes pr 6d bound gilt" (F). Histy
"Goody two shoes" (Ys).
Among a large number of imprints, none has yet been identified for 1796. T. Carnan and F. Newbery
published a 6d. London edition in 1780, Carnan another in 1783, and Wilson and Spence of York at least
one 6d. edition (in 1803).
(Bought with Charms for Children by JJ Hall for Ј1-4-0, in 1884.)
446. Holiday present imperfect 3rd Ed no date Marshall & Co. (F)
Probably: Pelham, M. [pseudonym of Dorothy Kilner]. The holyday present: containing anecdotes of Mr. and Mrs. Jennett and their little family. By M.P. Price 6d. Third edition. London: J. Marshall and Co., [n.d. c1788]. (Here again a later edition (1803) was published in York by Wilson and Spence, apparently using Bewick's blocks bought after the death of Thomas Saint. But there is no indication that the Bewick family had a copy.)
447. Homer's Iliad 2 Vols. 12/mo.
448. [Janes, Revd T. Beauties of the Poets, 1799,
"Beauties of the Poets 1799" (Be). "Beauties of the poets Revd T. Junes [sic] 1799" (F).
Probably an edition of: The beauties of the poets: being a collection of moral and sacred poetry, from
the most eminent authors. Compiled by the late Rev. Thomas Janes, of Bristol. London: J. Scatcherd
and J. Whitaker, [editions found for 1790, 1795, 1806 etc, but not yet for 1799.]
(Listed with Elizabeth Bewick's books c1806.)]
449. Juvenile Preceptor 1800.
Possibly: The monthly preceptor, or, juvenile library. Lectures adapted to the capacities of young
persons, on natural and experimental philosophy. London: [publisher un-named], 1800.
450. (*)Kay's New Preceptor 1801. (Be) Probably Kay, R. The New Preceptor, or, young lady's & gentleman's true instructor in the rudiments of the English tongue: containing rules for the pronunciation ... adorned with emblematical cuts. Newcastle: M. Angus and W. Charnley, 1801. (Hugo (1866) claims the woodcuts for Thomas Bewick. They may be by his apprentice nephew, William Bewick.)
451. *Kings of England, 1795.
See "Children's Books" (427) above.
Probably: Characters of the Kings and Queens of England: selected from the best historians ... with
heads, by T. Bewick, Newcastle. Price 2/-. London: E. Newbury [sic, i.e. Newbery], Vernor & Hood,
452. Lessons for Children 1801.
Possibly: Barbauld, [Mrs. Anna Laetitia nйe Aikin]. Lessons for children by Mrs. Barbauld ... Illustrated
with plates. London: J.F. Dove, [n.d. 18--?] or a similar work. See also 262.
(Elizabeth Bewick (b. 7 March 1793) would have been aged 8 in 1801; unless she was delayed in learning
to read, Barbauld's Lessons, which were aimed at children up to the age of five years, would have been
rather elementary for her.)
453. London to Holyhead.
Thus in Bj.
"p.d Baker for his Views on the Road from London to Holywell 6s." on 7.6.1799 (T&WA 1269/5) (U) ­
possibly the same? No "Holywell" title has yet been identified.
Not yet identified. Possibilities include:
Anon. [attrib. to W.F. Mavor]. The traveller's companion from Holyhead to London. London: T. Longman, J. Egerton, and P. Broster (Chester), 1793; or Paterson, D. Ibid. 2nd edit, 1796; or
Baker, James. Multum in parvo. Fashionable tours, from London, to the pleasant parts of Lancashire,
Yorkshire, Westmoreland, Cumberland etc, etc and the northern coast of Wales, as far as Holyhead. The
whole embellished with from three to four hundred engraved miniature sketches ... . London: H.D.
Symonds, 1802.
If the last-named book is the one referred to in U, presumably Bewick bought the set of "Views" before
publication. Could they by 1799 have extended only as far along the road as Holywell in Flintshire, or was "Holywell"a clerical error?
454. Mentoria or Young Ladies Instructor, 1785.
Probably: Murry [sic], Ann. Mentoria: or the Young Ladies Instructor, in familiar conversations on moral and entertaining subjects ... . 4th edition. London: C. Dilly, 1785.
455. Mother Chit-Chat's curious tales & puzzles, 7th edition, enlarged, (Newcastle: S. Hodgson, 1787). (Bj,F) "Mother Chit Chats Tales" (Bj). "Mother Chit Chats curious tales & puzzles 1787 seventh Ed: enlarged Hodgson" (F).
456. *The Mountain Piper; or, the history of Edgar and Matilda. To which is added a journey to London, A moral tale. (London: Newbery, n.d. c1787). (F, Bodleian Library, Oxford) Illustrated by John Bewick (Tattersfield, 2001, JB42). "The Mountain piper - a journey to London, Edgar & Matilda Newbery price 6d "Gift of John Bewick to his nephew 1792["]" (F). Tattersfield records "T&WAS 1269/84, p.146 shows Jane Bewick sold to collector Edward Basil Jupp, 23 May 1877, a copy of The Mountain Piper inscribed 'The Gift of John Bewick to his Nephew R.E. Bewick, 1792' now Bodl. Harding A239(1)" [Bodleian Library, Oxford]. (Hugo (1868, Appendix II) and Tattersfield record the Newbery edition of The Mountain Piper as a 3d. book. The 6d. edition recorded in F is unexplained. I have not examined the Bodleian copy.) 457. A new Histy of England - price 6d bound. (F) Possibly: Middleton, Edward. A new History of England. London: A. Hogg, 1781; or, Lockman, Philip. A new History of England by question and answer: extracted from the most celebrated English historians ..., for the instruction and entertainment of our youth ... adorned with thirty-two copper plates ... 15th edition. London: H. Woodfall, J. Rivington, J. Newbery (etc), 1768; or another edition.
458. *The New Robinson Crusoe ... (London: Newbery, 1790). (F) Illustrated by John Bewick (Tattersfield, 2001, JB45). Two copies, or one listed twice in F, as "the New Robinson Crusoe", and as: "The New Robinson Crusoe Newbery 1790 - embellished by John Bewick". Hugo (1868) and Tattersfield record the Newbery edition as a 6d. book. It is possible that the other unspecified copy in F was the more expensive (2s/6d) edition published in London by John Stockdale in 1788 (Tattersfield 2001, JB 44) but even the existence of two copies in the Bewicks' collection is speculative. (Tattersfield records "T&WAS 1269/84, p.146, 23 May 1877; Jane Bewick records presenting REB's copy to collector Edward Jupp, described as "Robinson Crusoe/ REB's name written Newbery 1790."'. The 1790 edition was not in the Jupp sale.)
459. Mrs Norton's Story Book, (Marshall, n.d.).
"Mrs Nortons Storey Book" (Bj). "Mrs Nortons Storybook Marshall 6d" (F).
"Mrs Nortons Story book" (Ys).
Probably: Mrs Norton's Story Book, composed for the amusement of children, to which are added
instructions for the proper application of the stories, Price 6d. London: John Marshall, [n.d., c.1790].
See "Children's Books" (427) above.
460. * "Odd leaves of Histy of a Fly John Bewick".
Possibly The Life and Adventures of a Fly ... (London: Newbery, c1788). Illustrated by John Bewick
(Tattersfield, 2001, JB36).
"Odd leaves of Histy of a Fly John Bewick" (F).
"Histy of a fly" (Ys). See also under The History of Little Jack (329) above for another copy.
461. The Oracles: containing some particulars of the History of Billy and Kitty Wilson; ... , 24mo,
London: E. Newbery, n.d.
Wood engravings by John Bewick (Tattersfield, 2001, JB47). "The oracles Histy Billy & Kitty Wilson London printed for Newbery 6d no date "The gift of John Bewick
to his nephew REB 1792" (F).
(Inscribed "The Gift of John Bewick to his Nephew R.E. Bewick 1792" in John Bewick's hand, "Jane
Bewick's Book 1791" (on rear endpaper, heavily erased in ink), "The Gift of Jane & Isabella Bewick to Mr. Robt Robinson May May [sic] 16th 1877" on the flyleaves, and "Robert Elliot Bewicks Book 1792"
twice on the reverse of the prelims. Described by Robinson (1887, page 237). Rebound for Pease by
Waters. Cropped by the binder. No "Bewick Library number". The children's inscriptions seem to reveal
early rivalry over their personal books.
462. Pamela an abridged version.
"Pamela abridged" (Bj).
"History of Pamela adorned with cuts. - printed for the Booksellers in Town & Country price one shilling,
no date "Jane Bewick 1796" at the end. Books printed / or & sold by T Saint / & choice collection of
Hymns & moral songs - &c see the book price 1/-" (F).
Probably both shorthand titles refer to one or two versions of Samuel Richardson's Pamela, or virtue
rewarded (first edition 1740-41).
The ascription in F to Thomas Saint is interesting. No Saint imprint has yet been identified. But Wilson
and Spence of York issued a 12d. edition with the same title, History of Pamela, and may have used
Bewick blocks obtained from Hall and Elliot after the death of Thomas Saint, which would add some
credence to the existence of an earlier Saint edition. "Pamela abridged" (Bj) may be a different book ­ for
example Pamela, or virtue rewarded, abridged was issued in a shilling edition by E. Newbery [n.d.,
(Inscribed "Jane Bewick 1796" (F) and listed with Jane's books 1806 (Bj).)
463. Paul & Virginia. (Bj) Probably: Sainte-Pierre, Bernardi de. Paul and Virginia. Translated from the French ... one of many editions such as London: J. Dodsley, 1789; or, London: Vernor, Hood and Sharpe, 1806.
464. Perrins Elements of French Conv[ersation] .
Probably: Perrin, Jean Baptiste. The elements of French conversation. London: B. Law & Son, 1794; or
another edition.
465. (*)The picture exhibition, original drawgs of 18 little masters & misses price 6d.
Probably: Johnson, Richard. The Picture Exhibition: containing the original drawings of eighteen little
masters and misses: to which are added, moral and historical explanations. London: for the booksellers,
and ?T. Carnan [n.d. c. 1774-1787]; with wood engravings. An edition of "Picture Exhibition" was issued
by Wilson and Spence of York (Hugo, 1868).
466. (*)[Pilkington, Mrs. Historical Beauties for Young Ladies. Intended to lead the Female Mind to
the Love and Practice of Moral Goodness, London: Printed for Vernor and Hood, and sold by E.
Newbery, 1798.
Numerous headpieces and vignettes, some probably by T. Bewick.
(Autograph (part lost) "... Jane Bewick Forth Newcastle" on title page. In the Newcastle City Library
Bewick Collection, not in Pease Collection; cropped by the binder with loss of some words of the
inscription. No "Bewick Library number".)]
467. Poetical Flower Garden. (Be,M39)
Probably: The poetical flower garden: with moral reflections for the amusement of children ... London: P. Carnan, 1778; or another edition. Listed with Elizabeth Bewick's books (Be). See "Children's Books" (427) above.
468. "Pope Vol 1 Cookes Edi".
Probably a stray volume of: The poetical works of Alexander Pope ... embellished with superb engravings.
3 vols. Cooke's Pocket Edition. London: C. Cooke, [1795].
469. *[A pretty book of pictures for little masters & misses; or Tommy Trips History of Birds & Beasts, with a familiar description of each in verse & prose. To which is prefixed the History of Little Tom. Trip himself, of his dog Jowler [sic], & of Woglog the great Giant price 6d bound. (F) A number of editions 12mo with 62 cuts were printed in Newcastle by Saint, from 1779.]
470. Reading made Easy 1799.
Possibly: Reading made Easy: for juvenile learners. London: T. Good, [c.1800]; or,
an edition of: Bolton, C. The Imperial Spelling Book, or Reading made Easy ... London: J. Marshall,
1798; or,
The New Reading Made Easy, consisting of a variety of useful lessons. Alnwick: W. Davison, n.d. (Hugo,
1868, attributes the woodcut on the title page to Bewick).
Though the posssibility cannot be ruled out, this is probably not an edition (there were many) of Hastie,
T. (schoolmaster, Newcastle). The only method to make reading easy (First edition Newcastle: M. Angus, [n.d. c1775], 73rd edition 1839), with early Thomas Bewick woodcut animals illustrating the alphabet.
471. Religious & Moral Tracts 1794. (Br) Not identified.
472. "Robin Hood 1800".
Not identifiable among many editions at this date, but possibly: Robin Hood's garland: being a complete
history ... Newcastle: M. Angus & Son, [n.d. c1800]; or,
Robin Hood's Garland, Price 12d. or Robin Hood, Price 1d. (both York: Wilson and Spence, [n.d.
473. Sabourn, Reay. An Epitome of Grammar or a Short Introduction to the Latin Tongue. In which the Rules of Grammar are render'd so plain and Easy, and at the same time reduc'd to so few in Number, that a Person of tolerable Capacity may, even without any further Instruction, soon arrive at a greater Knowledge in that Art, than he can possibly for many years, with great Toil attain to, by tossing over the Rules of Common Grammar ..., Newcastle upon Tyne: Printed for the author and sold by J.Button, on the Bridge, 1733. (M62,Z) Bought, ("Sabourn (Reay) Latin Grammar, Newcastle: Sold by J.Button, on the Bridge, 1733") together with Mavor's Spelling Book, by RG McKenzie for 12/6, in 1884 (M62). In the John Bell Collection (Newcastle City Library Local Collections), filed with material on the Newcastle publisher, J. Button, is a manuscript transcription of the title page, as above, with the added notes in Bell's hand "In 8vo 88 pages, besides 12 pages of Introduction" and "from a copy belonging to Mr Thos Bewick" (Z).
474. Sandford and Merton.
"Sandford & Merton (Imperfect)" (B and F).
Doubtless one of many editions of: Thomas Day, The History of Sandford and Merton; a work intended
for the use of children (first edition in three volumes 1786-9). A 6d. edition was published by Wilson and
Spence of York (n.d.).
See "Children's Books" (427) above.
475. [*Scotland's Skaith; or, The History o' Will and Jean, An owre true Tale ... 1797, 1799. (F) `Will & Jean, 2 parts 1797. 1799 "Jane Bewick Forth 1799" ' (F) One of relatively few of the children's books where the inscription proves possession during Thomas Bewick's lifetime. See also another copy (356) in Part 1 Class VIII, and The Waes o' War (483) below.]
476. Scots Recueil ou Melange Litteraire.
Probably: Scot, Alexandre. Nouveau recueil, ou, mйlange littйraire, de la Langue Franзoise ... Editions
London: G. Robinson, 1784; London: Robinson, 1798; Edinburgh: A. Neill & Co., 1800; etc.
477. "Songs in the Scottish Dialect". (Bj) Not identified. Possibly the same as "Scots Songs. 1769" (103, q.v. in Part 1, above). Possibly: Boswell, Sir Alexander. Songs, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. Edinburgh: Manners & Miller, 1803; or, Macindoe, G. Poems and Songs chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. ... Edinburgh: [no named publisher], 1805. These titles seem to echo Robert Burns' Poems chiefly in the Scottish Dialect (first published 1786), and indeed a volume of his Songs chiefly in the Scottish Dialect exists, but was not published until 1824 (London: J. Sharpe), too late for Jane Bewick's list.
478. The Sugar plumb [sic] ... a collection of Stories ... adorned with curious cuts price 6d.
Possibly: The Sugar Plumb; or sweet amusement for leisure hours, Newcastle: Thomas Saint, n.d. (see
Hugo, 1868, 4039); or the 6d. York edition of Wilson and Spence (n.d.), but there were other editions.
479. Trimmer, Mrs Fabulous Histories. "Fabulous Histories by Mrs Trimmer" (Be)
"Fabulous Historie Trimmer. EB. 1798" (F)
No doubt: Trimmer, Mrs [Sarah]. Fabulous histories: designed for the instruction of children, see respecting their treatment of animals ... 6th edition. London: T. Longman, G.G.J. and J. Robinson, J.
Johnson, and F. Rivington, 1798. (The "EB" evidently signifies Elizabeth Bewick's copy. By the 13th edition (London: N. Hailes, 1821), the
title page mentions "with wood cuts by Bewick").
480. Trimmer, Mrs [Sarah], An easy introduction to the knowledge of nature and reading the Holy Scriptures. Adapted to the capacities of children. London: Longman and Rees [and others], 1799. (Be,Y) "Introducn to the Knowledge of Nature by Do" (Be). This entry follows the Fabulous Histories (above) in (Be), hence the "ditto". (Inscribed on the front paste-down endpaper, in Thomas Bewick's hand, "Elizabeth Bewick, Forth, NEWCASTLE". In its original sheep leather binding.)
481. [(*)Universal Spelling Book.
"Universal Spellg Book 1s." bought 19.8.1799 (T&WA 1269/5).
Probably an edition of: Fenning, Daniel. The Universal spelling book; or, a new and easy guide to the
English language ... London: A. Millar, W. Law, and R. Cater, and York: Wilson, Spence and Mawman,
(Hugo, 1868, 4074) includes this edition while casting doubt on the attribution of the woodcuts to
482. Village School, 2 vols. (Bj,F,M39,M132,Ys) "Village School 2 Vol. Marshall" (F). "The Village School" (Ys). Probably an edition of: Kilner, Dorothy. The Village School, or, a collection of entertaining histories, for the instruction and amusement of all good children. 2 volumes. London: John Marshall & Co., 1785 (and editions 1787-98). Illustrated with wood engravings. Price 1s. See "Children's Books" (427) above. The apparent duplicate copies of this and Flora; the deserted child
in lots M39 and M132 were probably catalogued twice in error. They were purchased together, apparently in the same bid, by WT Johnson.
483. The Waes of War.
Probably: Macneill, Hector. The waes o' war: or, the upshot o' the history of Will and Jean, in four parts.
Edinburgh: A. Guthrie, 1796; or, the Newcastle edition, printed by J. Mitchell, 1804; or another edition.
See also Will and Jean and Scotland's Skaith (356 and 475).
484. Websters Common Sayings.
Probably: Webster, Noah. The prompter; or a commentary on common sayings and subjects, which are
full of common sense, the best sense in the world ... Many American editions including Philadelphia: M.
Carey, 1796. No British imprint earlier than 1818 yet found.
485. Wonders of a day, price 2d Marshall.
Presumably published by John Marshall in London, but not yet otherwise identified.
486. Young Ladies' New Guide to Arithmetic 1805.
Probably an earlier edition of: Greig, John. A Young Ladies' New Guide to Arithmetic: being a short and useful selection ... by a variety of questions, chiefly on Domestic Affairs ... 7th edition. London: B. & R.
Crosby & Co., 1812.
487. [Zimmerman On Solitude, plates, 2 vols. 8vo, 1802, calf. (Bj,M88) "Zimmermans Solitude 2 vol." (Bj). Probably: Johann Georg Zimmerman. Solitude considered, with respect to its influence upon the mind and heart, 2 vols. numerous London imprints 1790s-1811 etc. (Bought by Jarvis and Son for 5/-, in 1884.)]
ADDENDA AND ALTERATIONS In April 2004, alterations were made to items 115a, 119, 120, 132, 144, 157, 172a, 174, 196, 207a, 379a and 382. In Nov 2004, further alterations were made to items 1, 7, 8, 29a, 44, 83, 94, 95, 111, 115a, 130, 151, 153, 159, 160, 167, 172a, 174, 185-185h, 207a, 233, 236, 236a, 238, 294, 312, 314, 326, 341, 342, 343, 355, 377, 379a and 382, 425, 426, 455, 479, 480. In August 2005, further alterations were made to items 29a, 117, 215, 262, 318, 329, 337, 337a, 403, 429, 436, 445, 452, 459, 460, and 482. In December 2005, further alterations were made to the contents, codes and markings, acknowledgements and references, and to items 32, 33, 55, 65, 74, 170, 270, 323, 367a, and 473. Very minor changes have been made to items 46, 117, 120, 124, 133, 136, 137, 143, 144, 148, 197, 318, 337, 342, 360, 366, 370, 371, 379, and 402. In February 2006, further alterations were made to items 33, 96 and 270. In May 2007 further alterations were made to item 407. In March 2010 further alterations were made in items 20, 24, 262, 194a, 308, 318, 357, 379a and 379b and 404, 452 and the Acknowledgements.
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