A thematic study of the fiction of Angela Carter, JA Mhetre

Tags: Angela Carter, Theme, Objectification of Women, Doctor Hoffman, Dystopian Romances, Synopsis, Infernal Desire Machines, Thematic Significance, Gender Violence, Anti-essentialism, contents
Content: IX
Chapter 1 II III
Introductory Pages and contents Introduction
1.1. Emergence of Angela carter Canon
Thematic Beginninqs in Carter's Early Fiction: Bristol Triloav and The Maaic Tovshoo
11.1. Brief Synopses of the Early fictional works
11.2. Female Gothic
11.3. objectification of women
11.4. Substitution of Terror for Love
11.5. Theme of Patriarchy
11.6. Theme of Female Empowerment
11.7. Theme of Sexuality
Themes in Angela Carter's Dystopian Romances
111.1. A brief Synopsis of Heroes and Villains
111.2. A Brief Synopsis of Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman
111.3. Theme of Reason and Passion
111.4. Theme of Patriarchy and Misogyny
111.5. Subversion of Utopian Myths
111.6. Theme of Objectification of Women
111.7. Subversion of Genre
111.8. Theme of Sexuality
111.9. Theme of Complicity of Women in Their Suffering
111.10. Theme of Pornography
Page No. i-x 01-44 45-80 81-135
IV Themes Related to Female Identity and gender violence
IV. 1. A Brief Svnopsis of The Passion of New Eve
IV.2. Theme of IVIaternity
IV.3. Theme of Anti-essentialism
IV.4. Theme of Sexuality
IV.5. Theme of Sexuality
iV.6. Theme of Freudian View of Femininity
IV.7. thematic significance of Beulah and Zero
IV.8. Theme of Sadomasochism and Pornography
Themes of illusion and reality, Theatricality and Gender/Class
V.I. A Brief Synopsis of Niahts at the Circus
V.2. A Brief Synopsis of Wise Children
V.3. Theme of Reality and Illusion
V.4. Theme of History
V.5. Debunking the Patriarchal Myths
V.6. Thematizinq the Readina of Niahts at the Circus
V.7. Theme of theatricality
V.8. Theme of Anti-Patriarchy
VI The Conclusion
VII Select bibliography
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