Amelia Peabody's Egypt: A Compendium

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Content: Crime
"where a good crime can be had by all"
Issue #214
November 2003
"The grande dame of historical mystery." - Washington Post Book World
"Between Amelia Peabody and Indiana Jones, it's Amelia - in wit and daring - by a landslide." - New York Times Book Review
AMELIA PEABODY'S EGYPT: A COMPENDIUM Elizabeth PETERS & Kristen WHITBREAD (editors) The Egypt that so enticed and enchanted intrepid archaeologist-sleuth Amelia Peabody in the late 19th and 20th centuries was a place of wonder, mystery, danger and the lure of antiquity. Now, with this monumental volume of Egyptian culture, history and arcana, readers will be able to immerse themselves in the great lady's world more completely than ever before. Journey through the bustling streets and markets of Cairo a hundred years ago. Surround yourself with the customs and colour of a bygone time. Explore ancient tombs and temples and marvel at the history of this remarkable land. Also included are a hitherto unpublished journal entry and intimate biographies of the Emersons and their friends, which provide a uniquely personal view of the lives, relationships, opinions, politics and delightful eccentricities of mystery's first family, as well as unforgettable pearls of wit and wisdom from everyone's favourite fictional Egyptologist herself. Containing nearly 600 black-and-white photographs and illustrations, and articles by numerous experts, this compendium sparkles with unforgettable glimpses of the exotic and the bizarre, the unusual and the unfamiliar. A treasure trove that overflows with Egyptological riches, along with wonderful insights into the culture and mores of the Victorian era. A one-of-a-kind collection that offers endless hours of pleasure for Peabodyphiles and Egypt aficionados alike, here is a tome to cherish; a grand and glorious celebration of the life, the work and the world of the incomparable Amelia Peabody. 336pp Hb $59.95 Peter
Modern Crime Peter ABRAHAMS The Tutor 357pp Pb 19.95 When Scott and Linda Gardner hire Julian Sawyer to tutor their troubled teenage son Brandon, he seems like the answer to a prayer. Capable and brilliant, Julian connects with Brandon in a way neither of his parents can. He also effortlessly helps Linda to salvage a troubled business deal and gives Scott expert advice on his tennis game. Only 11-year-old Ruby, who is funny, curious and devoted to Sherlock Holmes, has doubts about the stranger. But even the observant Ruby is far from understanding Julian's true designs on the Gardners. (American) KEY academic banking canine detectives clerical cosy/malice domestic culinary/food fbi feline detectives forensic horse racing mystery medical military Native American police procedural political/legal psychological private eye romantic suspense sport spy suspense/thriller AUTHOR'S NATIONALITY AT END OF BLURB
338pp Tp 32.95
It is 30 years since Harry Starks and his
gang kept the underworld of Soho under
control, but the consequences of their
brutal reign are still being felt. Moving
focus to the greedy 1980s and 1990s rave
scene, Arnott delivers another hard-
edged novel that David Bowie has called,
"Funny, fast, witty and brutal." (English)
Andrea BADENOCH Loving Geordie 338pp Pb 18.95 August 1960. Glue Terrace, overlooking the River Tyne, is due to be demolished. In the midst of this desolation lives 15-year-old Leslie, who is full of worries about unpaid bills and his vulnerable younger brother Geordie. In a derelict building, identical twins Maureen and Murial are found dead. Suspicion immediately falls on `Geordie the Dafty', who discovered the bodies. A shocking coming-of-age crime story, which is full of wonderful characters. (English)
David BALDACCI Split Second 404pp Tp 30.00 When something distracts Secret Agent Sean King for a split second, it costs presidential candidate Clyde Ritter his life. What stole King's attention? Why was Ritter shot? Eight years later, Michelle Maxwell is on the fast track through the ranks of the Secret Service when her career receives a lethal blow: presidential candidate John Bruno is abducted from a funeral home while under her protection. The similarity between the two cases drives Michelle to re-open investigations into the Ritter fiasco and join forces with attractive exagent, King. Baldacci has created a labyrinthine plot that winds its way through the dark passages of America's legal underworld. (American)
M C BEATON Agatha Raisin and the Day the Floods Came 230pp Pb 17.95 After her husband dumps her for a French monastery and her friend Charles rushes to Paris to marry a tart, Agatha takes a holiday. On her return home, she gets involved in the investigation of a dead bride found floating down a river in full bridal regalia. With the help of her handsome, and single, new neighbour, Agatha sets off to prove the police wrong. (American)
Patti BERG
And Then He Kissed Me
373pp Pb 17.95
She is the blonde
bombshell who once
starred in a string of
low-budget films and
is now a jet-setting,
bestselling author. But
one too many bites of
phone calls from her
jailbird ex and nasty
gossip about her life,
send Juliet over the edge. Disguising her
identity, Juliet runs straight into the arms
of Cole Sheridan, a small town vet with
troubles of his own. (American)
378pp Pb 17.95
When architect Holly Fairfield
lands a dream job renovating a posh San
Francisco restaurant, she discovers
nothing has happened by chance. Soon
she is caught in a dangerous game
between Cutty family rivals and a dark
legacy of obsession with murder.
Nero BLANC A Crossworder's Holiday 193pp Tp 32.00 Here are five short tales for a long summer day on the beach. There are crosswords included plus a bonus recipe. (American)
Barbara BLOCK Rubbed Out 352pp Pb 15.95 Sleuth and pet storeowner Robin Light tackles Syracuse cold, a pernicious smoking habit and a missing wife case. The missing wife turns into much more: a lying lawyer who steals from murderously vindictive Russian employers. (American)
Kathy BRANDT Swimming with the Dead 258pp Pb 15.95 An underwater investigation. This is the first in a new series starring Hannah Sampson, who heads the Dive and Recovery Team of Denver's homicide division. Margaret Coel calls her "a likeable, exuberant heroine". (American)
Christopher BROOKMYRE A Big Boy did it and Ran Away 500pp Pb 22.95 Back when they were students, Ray Ash and Simon Darcourt had dreams about what they would do when they grew up. In both their cases, it was to be rock stars. 15 years later, new father Ray takes refuge from his responsibilities by living a virtual existence in online games. On the other hand, as his coping strategy, Simon uses serial murder, mass slaughter and professional assassination. (Scottish)
489pp Pb 18.95
Dale Brown's Dreamland. Piranha, an
underwater robot capable of surveillance
and attack, opens its career by
outmanoeuvring a naval carrier. It
quickly graduates from the testing phase,
however, when a crisis in the China Sea
erupts. The simple mission heats up
when the Dreamlanders get into a fray
with the Chinese, who are anxious to test
some secret machinery of their own.
Sandra BROWN Mirror Image (1990) 442pp Pb 19.95 After the crash of a Dallas-bound jet, Avery Daniels finds that plastic surgery has given her the face and the identity of Carole Rutledge, wife of famous senatorial candidate Tate Rutledge. As Avery falls in love with Tate, she is startled to discover that someone plans to assassinate him. In order to save the life of the man she loves, Avery resolves to live Carole's life, and risk her own. (American)
Paul BRYERS The Used Women's Book Club 282pp Tp 29.95 On the night the Book Club meet to swap novels and exchange literary views, the husband of one of its members is being brutally murdered. Literary threads interweave this tense thriller. Virginia Woolf stalks its pages along with Jack the Ripper, a crazed police detective and the spectre of an Avenging Angel. The individual members of the Used Women's Book Club - Jo, Meg, Liz and Amy - each have good reasons for feeling as used as the books they swap. (English)
Jan BURKE Hocus (1997) 449pp Pb 17.95 An Irene Kelly novel. Her detective husband Frank is missing, an ominous bloodstain in the trunk of his car and a warning left on the rear-view mirror. Irene must determine who has kidnapped him, and why, so that she can find him before they kill him. (American)
590pp Pb 19.95
On the heels of her soaring bestseller
Flight (Pb 19.95), Edgar Award-winning
author Burke reaches new heights of
suspense in this ingenious novel of hard-
hitting justice and cold-blooded murder.
Los Angeles County Homicide Detective
Alex Brandon lives to
bring killers to justice
but when unknown
systematically killing
the FBI's Most Wanted
suspects, Alex sees no
cause for celebration.
Stella CAMERON Sheer Pleasures 384pp Pb 17.95 Attorney Wilhelmina Phoenix embarks on a dangerous search for a missing friend, who disappeared from a private pleasure club in Washington State's Cascade Mountains. However, the sexy Roman Wilde, a former Navy SEAL working undercover, complicates her quest. (American)
Vicki CAMERON More Clue Mysteries 224pp Tp 25.00 15 more Whodunits to solve in minutes. These taut tales feature familiar characters from the classic Clue board game, introduced in 1949. Set in fictional Tudor Hall in 1926, these stories give readers an opportunity to sleuth out the culprit among Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Mrs Peacock and the others in all manners of shady intrigues. (American)
Meg CHITTENDEN More than you Know 294pp Pb 15.95 Maddy Sloane is waiting for her husband to pick her up at the entrance to Pike Place Market. Unaware FBI Special Agent Nick Ciacia is watching her, she waits patiently at first, then begins to worry that perhaps Bart has been involved in an accident. Ciacia approaches her and offers his help. She does not recognise him, but he convinces her they have mutual friends. It is not long before she realises that he has a deadly agenda all his own. (American)
Tom CLANCY The Teeth of the Tiger 431pp Hb 49.95 In the Brave New World of terrorism (where anybody with a spare AK-47, knowledge of kitchen chemistry, or simply the will to die can become a player), the old rules no longer apply. No matter what new governmental organisations come into being, the only truly effective ones are quick and agile, free of oversight and restrictions and outside the system. Way outside the system! (American)
Carol Higgins CLARK
322pp Pb 17.95
Savvy young Los Angeles PI Regan
Reilly faces an unusual challenge when
she gets an urgent call from Lilac Weldon,
co-owner of the run-down California
winery, Altered States. Lilac asks Regan
to find her actress daughter, Whitney, in
time to attend the wedding of Lilac's
wealthy aunt, Lucretia Standish, a 93-
year-old silent film star. The Weldons
have learned, from a secret source, that
each family member will receive a gift of
$2 million from Lucretia, but only if they
all attend. (American)
3 Peter CLEMENT Critical Condition 363pp Pb 19.95 When renowned geneticist Kathleen Sullivan is stricken by a brain haemorrhage, she is rendered completely paralysed but still utterly aware. Trapped inside her body like this, she becomes Chief Neurosurgeon Tony Hamlin's passive test subject. Descending into a nightmare, she is subjected to sinister stem cell experiments while trying to register her fears to her lover, ER chief Richard Steel. (American)
Anthea COHEN Angel and the Deadly Secret 239pp Hb 42.95 Agnes Turner's boring life in her retirement flat changes when she spots Amy Horrocks running down the road in terror. Agnes takes her in. Amy fears for her life and reveals her terrible secret: a mercy killing, for which she is now being blackmailed. (English)
David COLE Dragonfly Bones 252pp Pb 16.95 Cloaked in the WWW's anonymity, part-Hopi computer hacker Laura Winslow is hiding from her past, but it has found her in the Arizona Desert. The daughter she lost years ago is now an angry young woman serving prison time. But Spider's agreement to help the authorities uncover an identity theft ring, in exchange for leniency, has led the police to a secret burial ground near Casa Grande Monument. (American)
CSI: Miami
269pp Pb 14.95
Florida Getaway. Book 1. Lt Horatio
Caine leads a crack team of forensic
scientists who investigate crimes amid
the tropical surroundings and cultural
crossroads of Miami. Together, they
collect and analyse the evidence to expose
the truth and to bring justice to those who
often cannot speak for themselves: the
victims. (American)
Max Allan COLLINS The Million-Dollar Wound 335pp Pb 16.95 The Frank Nitti trilogy #3. From a foxhole on Guadal Canal to the glitzy underworld of Hollywood in the 1940s, Nate Heller fights his memories and the Mob. Something happened at the canal, something Heller's blocking out. What he cannot block, though, is the wound he received, the million-dollar wound that got him home. Back in Chicago, he becomes involved once again with Frank Nitti during the gang boss's last violent days, and with the gangland attempts to take over the movie unions. (American)
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Michael CONNOLLY (editor)
The Best American Mystery
328pp Tp 32.00
The Best American series 2003. This 7th
instalment boasts pulse-quickening stories
from all reaches of the genre. Authors
included are James Crumley, Pete Dexter,
Brendan DuBois, Elmore Leonrad, Walter
Mosley and others. (American)
Thomas COOK The Interrogation 292pp Pb 17.95 Albert Jay Smalls is the prime suspect in the investigation into Cathy Lake's murder. The cops have no evidence or witnesses, but they are convinced he is hiding the truth and they have got just 12 hours to find out. Cook's skill at delving into the psychological depths of his characters turns an otherwise ordinary police procedural into a tense, haunting and resonant novel. (American)
Cleo COYLE On What Grounds 273pp Pb 15.95 A Coffeehouse mystery #1. This is a delightful new series featuring Carolyn Cosi, manager of the historic Village Blend coffeehouse. Carolyn arrives at work to discover the assistant manager dead in the back of the store, coffee grounds strewn everywhere. Two detectives investigate. But when they find no sign of forced entry or foul play, they deem it an accident. Still, Carolyn is not convinced. And after the police leave, Carolyn cannot help wondering, if this was an act of murder, is she in danger? (American)
Michael CRESPY Head Hunters 264pp Pb 22.95 "Your career profile could be of interest to us. Would you please get in touch?" Jerome Carceville finds it impossible to resist this e-mail and applies. Simulated economic warfare and the necessity for eliminating competitors makes it clear that this is no ordinary recruitment drive. Author Crespy is professor of sociology at the University of Montpellier. This novel won the Grand Prix de Literature Polici. (French)
Deborah CROMBIE A Share in Death (1993) 275pp Pb 17.95 The first Kincaid and James mystery. A week's holiday in a luxurious Yorkshire time-share is just what Scotland Yard's Superintendent Duncan Kincaid needs. But the discovery of a body floating in the whirlpool bath ends Kincaid's vacation. One of his new acquaintances at Followdale House is dead; another is a killer. Despite a distinct lack of cooperation from the local constabulary, Kincaid's keen sense of duty won't allow him to ignore the heinous crime, impelling him to send for his enthusiastic young assistant, Sgt Gemma James. (American)
Fire Ice
434pp Pb 19.95
A Kurt Austin adventure. On the
shores of the Black Sea, the NUMA team
discover an abandoned submarine base,
commandeered by a mining tycoon who
claims Romanov ancestry. Backed by his
incredible wealth, the tycoon has
proclaimed himself Tsar of Russia and is
determined to overthrow the already
shaky Russian government. Also, he has
a terrifying surprise in store for the
Americans, which will ensure they do not
interfere. (American)
Mary DAHEIM Silver Scream 356pp Pb 16.95 A Bed and Breakfast mystery. Filmdom's most sparkling glitterati have brought their limos and their egos to Judith Flynn's Hillside Manor for a gala preview of the latest epic monstrosity from genius super-producer Bruno Zepf. Her B&B is a far cry from Hollywood, but then BZ's cinematic spectacular is a far cry from good. Bruno hopes his new film is to die for and, unfortunately for him, it is. And since the only species in Tinseltown more numerous than Oscar seekers is attorneys, Judith could quite possibly lose Hillside Manor in a wrongful death suit. Unless, of course, she can prove it was murder! (American)
SV DATE Black Sunshine 305pp Pb 17.95 The wildest and most lethal political campaign in Florida history unfolds before the astonished eyes of the country. This novel is a rogues' gallery of characters and a wonderfully funny gutting of campaign dirty tricks, 21st century style. (American)
Dee DAVIS Dancing in the Dark 294pp Pb 17.95 Two years after the accidental death of her husband and son, Sara Martin is still wearing her wedding band, using it as a shield against a future without love. Then a persistent prank caller shatters her fragile peace of mind and brings detective Eric D'Angelo into her life. Eric reminds her of the passion she never thought she would feel again and the idea of surrendering to it scares her. But Sara will soon discover that she never knew the meaning of the word fear, until now. (American)
Cyclops One
371pp 17.95
This is a complex and intricately
plotted story that skilfully combines a
military techno-thriller with a classic
whodunit. (American)
4 Deborah DONNELLY May the Best Man Die 319pp Pb 15.95 Carnegie Kincaid plans weddings, not stag parties. When a client asks Carnegie to manage a pre-wedding blowout, complete with a stripper, she tactfully refuses the job. However, that does not stop her spying on the party through her binoculars, watching her own significant other. When the body of the groom's best man is pulled from the canal the next day, critical questions arise. (American)
Cold Slice
263pp Pb 15.95
A Working Man's mystery #1. This is the
story of a six-foot-five-inch, crime-
busting, heart-of-gold, ponytailed, ex-con
pizza delivery guy: His name is Terry
Saltz. (American)
Christine FEEHAN Shadow Game 342pp Pb 17.95 A man and woman possessed of telekinetic powers. She is the doctor. He is the experiment. What comes between them is a terrifying secret history that could save or destroy them. (American)
Dan FESPERMAN The Small Boat of Great Sorrows 348pp Tp 29.95 The eagerly awaited second novel by the author of the CWA John Creasey awardwinning Lie In The Dark (Pb 18.65), described by Ian Rankin as "a humane and moving book, a great war novel, a great crime novel. A great novel, period." Vlado Petric, former detective in war-torn Sarajevo, has left his beloved homeland to join his wife and daughter in Germany, where he scratches a meagre living in the building sites of the new Berlin. This book is a wonderful, thought-provoking and gripping novel; crime, in so much as it needs a label; international thriller in its scope and narrative drive. Fesperman moves seamlessly between time schemes as the past informs and impacts on the present and nowhere is this more evident than in the Balkans with its traumatic history. (Serbian)
Katy GARDNER The Mermaid's Purse 309pp Tp 29.95 Cass Bainbridge is impelled to leave London and the comfortable home she shares with her partner, to take up a lecturing job on the south coast. But Brighton is not the natural choice for a woman with a long-standing fear of the sea. And dealing with some of the students on her course (surly, difficult or just plain odd) against the backdrop of a series of attacks on campus, means Cass is soon finding elements of her new life distinctly disturbing. (English)
Lee GOLDBERG Diagnosis Murder 296pp Pb 15.95 The Silent Partner. Dr Mark Sloan is assigned to LAPD's unsolved homicide files. As he reopens one case, on the murder of a woman whose killer currently sits on Death Row, Sloan learns that the wrong man was charged. And the real killer is still at large. (American)
The World's Finest Mystery and
Crime Stories 638pp Tp 40.00
4th Annual Collection.
Edgar winners from
the USA, Silver Dagger
winners from the UK
and stories from
together here in a
bountiful crop of
great stories by the
best in the business.
The authors included
are Lawrence Block, Jon Breen, Stanley
Cohen, Bill Crider, Jeffery Deaver,
Jeremiah Healy, Clark Howard, Susan
Isaacs, John Lutz, Sharyn McCrumb,
Ralph McInerny, Anne Perry, Bill
Pronzini, Donald Westlake and many
others. This book's a killer! (American)
Heather GRAHAM
370pp Pb 14.95
Matt Stone does not believe in
ghosts. But there are those who are
convinced his home, a historic Virginia
estate that dates back to the
Revolutionary War, is haunted.
Pressured to get at the truth about some
strange happenings at Melody House, he
agrees to let Harrison Investigations
explore the house. But is he ready for
beautiful, intriguing paranormal
Ellen HART Death on a Silver Platter 332pp Pb 17.95 A culinary mystery. Far from being the idyllic home Carl Veelund envisioned when he built the grand mansion years ago, Prairie Lodge has become the keeper of many dark and terrible secrets. Now family members are dropping like flies. When restaurant reviewer-cum-sleuth Sophie Greenway stumbles upon an old diary, she has no idea it will toss her into the centre of the tragedies unfolding at Prairie Lodge. In a recipe that calls for murder, deceit, sibling rivalry and old grudges, Sophie finds herself the main ingredient. (American)
Michael HAWLEY
Silent Proof 373pp Pb 17.95
25 years ago, a
murdered in a Seattle
park. The crime went
homicide detective
Leah Harris and her
Milkovich, the only
possible suspect is
Clifford Bakerman, a
career criminal about
to be released from prison on an
unrelated rap. They have 36 hours to
make another charge stick and keep him
where he belongs. But startling new
evidence, and a shocking new murder,
plunge Leah and Frank into an ordeal
with a deadly opponent. (American)
342pp Tp 29.95
Freshly promoted to the elite
Major Crimes Unit, Faraday is thrown
into the deep end with the investigation
into the murder of prison officer Paul
Coughlin. Was the violent Coughlin
killed by a recently released con he
brutalised in prison? Or is his death a
legacy of a wider, more savage violence
from 20 years before? In this novel,
Hurley has focused on Portsmouth's
ambiguous relationship with the Royal
Navy. (English)
447pp Pb 19.95
When her father decides to run for
governor of Oregon, Claire St John is
forced to confront long-buried secrets
from the past as she copes with
unexpected feelings for Kane Moran, a
handsome journalist with a grudge, who
threatens to bring old scandals to light.
Jonnie JACOBS Cold Justice 403pp Pb 17.95 After the murder of her best friend, which bears a strong resemblance to the victims of the recently executed Bayside Strangler, lawyer Kali O'Brien must reopen a case (thought to be solved) in order to catch the real killer. (American)
J A JANCE Lying in Wait (1994) 386pp Pb 18.95 A JP Beaumont mystery #12. Beaumont investigates the brutal murder of a former lover's husband, as the woman's dark and deadly secrets threaten him and his new partner, Sue Danielson. (American)
5 Stuart KAMINSKY A Few Minutes Past Midnight 233pp Pb 17.95 A Toby Peters mystery. Charlie Chaplin has cause for alarm. A sinister visitor wielding a large knife has not only rudely paid the movie legend a midnight call but also threatened him with death. Chaplin has been warned, too, that he had better stay away from one Fiona Sullivan. Or else. Fiona, of course, is Toby's only lead. What ensues proves to be constantly surprising, grandly wacky, increasingly suspenseful and frequently hilarious, not unlike a Chaplin movie. (American) John KAYE The Dead Circus 323pp Tp 34.00 It is 1986. Gene Burk is an ex-cop, fanatical record collector and PI. Devastated by the death of his fiancйe, he becomes obsessed with an unsolved mystery from his days with the LAPD: the death of rockabilly star, Bobby Fuller, in the late 1960s. As he attempts to reconstruct the circumstances that led to Fuller's demise, a survivor of the Manson Family unexpectedly contacts him. As he travels back in history to the moment Manson partied alongside Bobby Fuller and the Beach Boys, the author spins a masterful, disturbing portrait of 20 years in Los Angeles, of the promise of the 1960s and the hellish realities of the morning after. (American) Kate KINGSBURY Paint by Murder 215pp Pb 15.95 A Manor House mystery #5. In WWII England, the quiet village of Sitting Marsh is faced with food rations and fear for loved ones. But Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton, lady of the Manor House, stubbornly insists that life must go on, except for her kindly tenant, who has been murdered. (American) Dean KOONTZ By the Light of the Moon 471pp Pb 19.95 When Dylan O'Connor pulls into a motel off the Arizona interstate highway, all he wants is to relax with his autistic brother Shepherd. But within the hour he is bound, gagged and injected with mysterious fluid by a lunatic doctor who claims Dylan will be the carrier for his life's work. (American) Suzann LEDBETTER In Hot Pursuit 375pp Pb 17.95 After the brutal murder of her husband, police officer Liz Rivas entered the witness protection programme to save her young son. 20 years later, she is Jenna MacArthur, shop owner in Pfister, Missouri. Jenna and her son, Sam, have built new lives in a small town. Then, a stranger arrives in Pfister, a man who remembers Liz Rivas. He is a fellow cop from her past. There are memories here, sure. And a fierce attraction. (American)
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Hector MacDONALD The Hummingbird Saint 369pp Tp 29.95 Benjamin Sword Hoppner, philanthropist and visionary, has created his own utopia in the Central American cloud forests, governed by a strict moral code. He has promised financial support to anyone who can satisfy him of his or her good character. And Mark Weston is determined to do exactly that. Journeying through country still devastated by war, Mark reaches Hoppner's isolated perfect society, only to discover that his generosity comes with terrible strings attached... (English)
Black Water
411pp Pb 17.95
For years children have been
disappearing without a trace in the
Florida Keys and no one, not even the
FBI, has suspected that it could be the
work of a single twisted psychopath!
Now, one mother will do whatever it
takes to find her child... (American)
Charlotte MacLEOD The Convivial Codfish (1984) 204pp Pb 16.95 A Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn mystery. After years of toiling upward through the ranks, Jeremy Kelling has finally attained his goal: to preside as Exalted Chowderhead over the Annual Scrooge Day revels of the Comrades of the Convivial Codfish. Suddenly, at the height of the ceremonies, Jeremy discovers that he has been robbed of his extremely valuable emblem of office. The Great Chain of the Convivial Cod is gone! He calls his new nephew-in-law, Max Bittersohn, who is not inclined to take the Codfish seriously - until Jeremy falls victim to what may, or may not, be a particularly vicious practical joke. From then on, it is champagne, caviar, and cold-blooded mass mayhem in high society as Max puts his life on the line to find a killer. (American)
Shane MALONEY Stiff (1994) 275pp Pb 22.00 A Murray Whelan thriller. Whelan is a minder, fixer and general dogsbody for the Minister for Industry. Between playing off party factions and pursuing the kohl-eyed Ayisha, it is all in a day's work for him to hose down the situation (a dead body in the refrigerator) at Pacific Pastoral meatpacking works. (Australian)
Shane MALONEY The Big Ask (2000) 292pp Pb 22.00 A Murray Whelan thriller. Red Whelan has gone missing, on the run in Sydney. So what is Murray doing in a greasy spoon, nursing facial bruising and talking to Donny Maitland about a grass-roots takeover of the truckies' union? (Australian)
Richard MARCINKO Violence of Action 291pp Pb 19.95 Back from self-imposed exile, the Rogue Warrior enters a whole new phase of his amazing career. The threat this time is from domestic terrorists intent on a holy war (military insiders gone bad) and they possess suitcase-sized nuclear weapons. (American)
Studio 69
430pp Pb 18.95
Fledgling reporter Annika Bengtzon
has just started a summer job at a
Swedish tabloid. Before she can even
begin to get her bearings in the gritty,
fast-paced world of journalism, Annika
learns that the body of a young woman
has been discovered abandoned in a
cemetery. (Swedish)
Icing Ivy
284pp Pb 15.95
A Jane Stuart and Winky mystery.
Because her daughter was murdered
after taking a job as nanny to literary
agent Jane Stuart's son, Ivy Benson and
Jane are no longer best friends. Ivy
subsequently attends a writers' retreat
arranged by Jane, but before they can
repair their friendship, someone kills Ivy.
Jane and her cat, Winky, must solve the
case. (American)
Archer MAYOR The Sniper's Wife 339pp Pb 17.95 Leaving the relative calm of Vermont, Detective Willy Kunkle must confront his past as he seeks revenge for the death of his ex-wife in the back alleys of New York City. Labelled an accidental overdose by the NYPD, Willy's investigation points to foul play. (American)
Neil McMAHON Blood Double 320pp Pb 17.95 The well-dressed gentleman dumped from a limousine into the parking lot of San Francisco's Mercy Hospital was not your typical junkie hovering near death from a heroin overdose. Attending physician Dr Carroll Monks knows something is very strange, and very wrong, even before a phalanx of lawyers and doctors appears out of nowhere to whisk his recovering patient away, while a suspicious fire destroys all evidence the man was ever there. (American)
Dirty Fire
371pp Pb 17.95
Police officer John Davey, once
set-up on bribery charges, has been given
a chance to save his career by
investigating the baffling murder of two
of Chicago's most prominent art
collectors. But in the charred ruins of
their North Shore mansion are clues to
something more sinister than
premeditated arson. (American)
Kyle MILLS Smoke Screen 349pp Tp 32.95 Trevor Barnett is the scion of an old tobacco family. Trevor is 31 and will come into a $10 million trust fund when he turns 60. The proviso: so long as he has been in continuous employment with the cigarette company from graduation until his 60th birthday. Trevor is consequently not the most motivated person in the world but with the tobacco industry facing a multi-billion dollar lawsuit, the industry decides to fight back, using Trevor to do it. And Trevor may or may not have his own agenda, which may or may not include the woman he loves from afar, who is a lawyer for one of the anti-smoking campaigner groups. (American)
Denise MINA
362pp Pb 19.95
Lachlan Harriot is in a state of shock.
His wife Susie has been convicted of the
murder of serial killer Andrew Gow, a
prisoner in her care. Unless Harriot can
come up with grounds for an appeal in
two weeks' time, Susie will be given a life
sentence, depriving her of her home, her
family and her two year old daughter.
Man Trap
207pp Hb 42.95
Beauty and savagery co-exist in a
remote Highland glen. Ruth Ogilvy, a
single mother, is losing the battle to keep
her daughter focused on schoolwork
rather than the laird's student son.
Meanwhile, the laird himself is set on
outshining Balmoral when he opens the
castle and grounds to the public. But the
run up to the event is marred by a series
of accidents, the young lovers disappear
and the day itself ends on a spectacular
note of horror, played out to the strains of
Handel's Water Music. (English)
Deborah MORGAN The Marriage Casket 239pp Pb 15.95 An Antique Lover's mystery. Collector Jeff Abbot is back in a new mystery, attempting to track down a killer with the help of an antique marriage casket... (American)
Tim MYERS Room for Murder 181pp Pb 15.95 A Lighthouse Inn mystery #4. The Agatha Award nominated series continues when two of Alex Winston's friends announce that they are finally tying the knot. Alex will have to tie up a few loose ends after the fiancйe's ex-partner shows up, dead, on the inn's property. (American)
No Escape
392pp Tp 32.95
People say that Lizzie Wade is a lucky
woman. She has a career she adores as a
cookery writer, is married to an eminent
doctor and has three lovely children.
Most people assume that Christopher
Wade heads Lizzie's list of blessings. He
is a gifted plastic surgeon who has
dedicated himself to the National Health
Scheme and the needy around the world.
But no one really knows what goes on
inside a marriage. Or what can happen
behind closed doors... (English)
Robert PARKER Shrink Rap #3 340pp Pb 19.95 Sunny Randall is hired to protect a bestselling novelist from her ex-husband. He is not only a stalker, he is a shrink. And when Sunny becomes his patient, she discovers as much about herself as she does about the criminal mind... (American)
James PATTERSON The Big Bad Wolf 314pp Tp 32.95 Alex Cross's family is in terrible danger, at the same time that his new job with the FBI brings him the scariest case of his career. A team of kidnappers has been snatching upstanding men and women right before their families' eyes, possibly to sell them into slavery. Alex's knowledge of the DC streets, together with his unique insights into criminal psychology, make this mind bending case one that only he can solve (if he can just get his colleagues to set aside their staid and outdated methods). With unexpected twists and whiplash surprises, this is a brilliantly irresistible novel. (American)
Empire State
402pp Tp 29.95
The quest to find the link between a
large number of violent, but apparently
random, events is pursued by Robert
Harland. He is performing a dual role for
the UN and MI6 in a remarkable thriller
that explores our frightening post-9/11
world. A world that inspires paranoia on a
grand scale, where international agencies
such as the CIA give no quarter and show
no scruple in hunting down supposed
terrorists; and where democratic societies,
who use defence as the justification for
their acts, torture supposedly suspicious
individuals. Many of the elements of this
book are true. (English)
Ann PURSER Murder on Monday 280pp Pb 15.95 A Lois Meade mystery. A devoted wife and mother of three, Lois cleans houses in the quaint village of Long Farnden. When a local spinster is murdered, Lois finds herself poking around her clients' houses for clues and uncovers some surprising secrets about this seemingly peaceful village, while putting her family in mortal danger. (American)
Robert RANDISI (editor) High Stakes 261pp Pb 15.95 Eight sure-bet stories of gambling and crime. High-rolling intrigue from today's best authors make up this unique collection that looks at the chances we take, the laws we break and the fortunes we hope to make. (American)
Buck Fever
274pp Pb 17.95
A Blanco County, Texas, novel. It is the
week before deer hunting season, and the
locals are getting restless. Game Warden
John Marlin has his hands full, with
poaching complaints coming in faster
than he can write out-of-season tickets.
Then comes a call of a different sort. A
man dressed up in some sort of deer
costume has been shot at the Circle S
ranch, and witnesses are reporting a
massive wild-eyed buck deer prancing
about the pasture in a lovesick frenzy.
Edgar Award finalist. (American)
Christopher REICH
The Devil's Banker
340pp Tp 32.95
Reich returns to the
world he knows so
well, the dangerous,
dazzling world of
high finance and
international intrigue.
In this ingeniously
crafted thriller, he
introduces his most
engaging hero yet:
forensic accountant Adam Chapel, and
paints a frightening scenario where
terrorism is big business and money is the
ultimate weapon of war... (American)
Ruth RENDELL The Rottweiler 342pp Tp 32.95 The first girl had a bite mark on her neck, but the police traced the DNA to her boyfriend. Nevertheless, when the tabloids got hold of the story, they immediately called the killer `The Rottweiler', and the name stuck. Rendell returns to darkly atmospheric London to explore how the lives of a small group of people, from very mixed backgrounds, are affected dramatically by a series of apparently motiveless murders. (English)
Ann RIPLEY The Christmas Garden Affair 302pp Pb 15.95 A Gardening mystery. The country's First Lady invites PBS gardening icon and series sleuth (Harvest of Murder Pb 17.95), Louise Eldridge and her garden TV rival, sexy Bunny Bainfield, to an exclusive conference on native plants. Bunny falls victim to murder, though, and Louise begins investigating a handy abundance of suspects. (American)
7 Nora Roberts & JD ROBB Remember When 458pp Tp 32.95 This thrill-ride of a novel blends presentday romance and futuristic suspense in a tale of deceit and secrets, of strong women and fascinating men. It is a brilliant combination of the incomparable talents of the two sides of Nora Roberts. Laine Tavish is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life in the small town of Angel's Gap, Maryland, as the proprietor of Remember When, an antique treasures and gift shop. At least, that is what everyone in Angel's Gap thinks. They have no idea that she used to be Elaine O'Hara, daughter of the notorious con man Big Jack O'Hara. (American)
Jonathan SANTLOFER The Death Artist 434pp Pb 19.95 Kate McKinnon traded her NYPD badge 10 years ago for a lucrative career in the arts. But when a string of exquisitely ritualistic murders begins plaguing the New York art scene, she finds herself drawn back into the dark world of her past. (American)
Hard Freeze
311pp Pb 17.95
There is a bitter wind brewing in
Buffalo, New York, and it is blowing in
more than just snow. Little Skag Farino,
the last don of the local crime family,
wants Kurtz dead and is sending in
platoons of hit men, starting with the
Attica Three Stooges and working up
through more competent killers. Little
Skag's beautiful sister, Angelina Farino
Ferrara, is back from seven years in Sicily
and has her own deadly agenda for
Kurtz. (American)
Susan SLOAN Act of God 471pp Pb 19.95 A bomb destroys a medical centre in Seattle, killing over 100 staff and patients. While no one claims responsibility, the centre has been the target of anti-abortionists and the authorities are sure that pro-life campaigners are behind the attack. With her personal and professional life on the line, as well as trying to keep an innocent man from the electric chair, Dana McAuliffe has to find the real perpetrator of the bombing outrage. (American)
Carol SMITH Darkening Echoes (1995) 489pp Pb 19.95 Five women meet in a hospital ward in West London. Five strangers from widely differing backgrounds, forced by cramped conditions into a passing intimacy that will spark off rivalries as well as set the foundations of enduring friendship. Five apples in a barrel, but one is bad. (English)
PH 9264 3111 FAX 9264 8993
John SMOLENS The Invisible World 297pp Pb 20.95 The Invisible World is a place locked in the subconscious mind where dreams and memories act as windows to the outside. And it harbours the deepest pain. It is where Samuel Xavier Adams sees his sister who died from heroin addiction, and where he glimpses his recently deceased mother. It is also the place where the memories of his father are locked away. Now that man is back, and has been seen in the Chapel of Rest taking Samuel's mother's ashes. Why has his father returned again and after such a long time, and what did he do that keeps him in constant hiding? Samuel wants answers. But time is running out because Samuel is not the only one seeking out his father! (English)
Annie SOLOMON Dead Ringer 372pp Pb 15.95 Angelina Mercer is Federal Agent Finn Carver's last, best hope. The hunt for a dangerous weapon has led him to her door with a proposition that could be her salvation or destruction. It is her best chance to learn the truth about the birth mother she has been searching for. In exchange, she must infiltrate the inner sanctum of a tycoon's Montana ranch, where she will walk a treacherous line between deception and discovery. (American)
Steve J SPEARS Murder at the Fortnight 195pp Pb 22.95 This is the first in Spears' forthcoming 13part series of darkly comic whodunit novels under the collective title of The Pentangeli Papers. It introduces Stella Pentangeli (lady showbiz detective) and her sidekick Investigator Ng (the last honest cop). When celebrities drop like flies at the The Playwrights' Fortnight, Stella and Ng must battle media hysteria and political backstabbing in their search for a killer who just keeps killing! This book is highly admired by AbFab star Joanna Lumley. (Australian)
Who Let That Killer in the
260pp Pb 15.95
Southern mystery. A
black cloud covers the
town of Hopemore,
Georgia, when a
favourite high school
chemistry teacher is
found dead. But if this
is murder, darkness
may be lurking in
places where even
sharp-eyed magistrate MacLaren
Yarbrough would never think to look...
Susan SQUIRES No More Lies 406pp Pb 17.95 Dr Holland Banks is head of the Century Psychiatric Hospital and president of the Schizophrenia Research Foundation, but is she going insane? There is a sniper on the loose, her father is conducting deadly experiments and she has begun to hear voices: other peoples' thoughts. But a man was just admitted to her hospital; one who searched her out, whose touch can make her voices subside. A labyrinth of conspiracy is rising around them and Holland's life is about to change forever. (American)
Dana STABENOW Better to Rest 293pp Pb 17.95 A Liam Campbell mystery #4. Just when his personal life starts to heat up, Liam Campbell must put it on hold after the discovery of a dismembered hand leads him to a crashed WWII army plane, frozen precariously in a glacier. Stretching back more than 60 years, the case will pit Liam against his Air Force colonel father, whose very presence makes Liam question what secrets the glacier holds and who exactly was on that ill-fated flight. (American)
360pp Tp 29.95
Gideon Blake, artist and animal
behaviourist, is used to dealing with
distressed and unpredictable animals.
But on one cold February night he is
faced with the challenge of his life.
Abducted from his home, handcuffed
and blindfolded, Gideon is forced by his
violent captors to catch a dangerous and
highly-strung stallion. This adroit piece
has a more sophisticated level of
characterisation than even Dick Francis
himself ever attempted. (English)
Lyndon STACEY Cut Throat 600pp Pb 18.95 Ross Wakelin, a talented American rider with a chequered past, has come to England hoping for a fresh start. But soon after he arrives at Oakley Manor, he learns that Bellboy, a winner of the Hickstead Derby, was recently found in his stable with a cutthroat. Unwittingly, Ross is drawn into a deadly spiral of threatening events and finds himself at the heart of a terrifying campaign. (English)
William TAPPLY Scar Tissue 288pp Pb 17.95 Brady Coyne is an attorney with a select clientele and a small practice. A call from Jacob Gold, an old friend and client, on a cold February day, however, shatters the slow pace of Brady's life. Gold's 15-year-old son Brian and his girlfriend Jenny were involved in a tragic accident. Their car went off the road and into a river; Jenny was DOA and Brian is missing, his body probably swept away by the river's current. (American)
Peter TEMPLE Bad Debts (1996) 314pp Pb 22.00 A Jack Irish thriller #1. This won the Ned Kelly award for Crime fiction and introduces one of Temple's best-loved characters. (Australian)
Brad THOR Path of the Assassin 511pp Pb 14.95 After rescuing the President from kidnappers, Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath, shifts his attentions to rooting out, capturing or killing all those responsible for the plot. As he prepares to close out his list, a bloody and twisted trail of clues points toward one man, the world's most feared, most ruthless terrorist, Hashim Nidal. (American)
Robert TRAVER Anatomy of a Murder (1958) 498pp Pb 19.95 Crime Masterworks #31. Jon L Breen in Novel Verdicts describes this novel as, "Universally regarded as one of the classic courtroom novels." (American)
Robert WALKER Unnatural Instinct 295pp Pb 19.95 A Jessica Coran novel. Medical examiner Dr Coran faces the most terrifying challenge of her career, when a deranged man, with an unnatural instinct for revenge, kidnaps her professional adversary, a criminal court judge. (American)
Fox Evil
415pp Pb 17.95
When elderly
Ailsa Lockyer-Fox is
found dead in her
garden, the finger of
suspicion points at
her wealthy, land-
owning husband,
coroner's inquest
gives a verdict of
`natural causes' but the gossip
surrounding him refuses to go away.
Why? Because he is guilty, or because
resentful women in the isolated Dorset
village rule the roost? Friendless and
alone, his reclusive behaviour begins to
alarm his London-based solicitor, Mark
Ankerton, whose concern deepens when
he discovers that James has become the
victim of a relentless campaign, which
accuses him of far worse than the death of
his wife. (English)
Francesca WEISMAN Nowhere's Child 246pp Tp 35.00 1980. A model is found brutally murdered. Months of detective work lead nowhere. Then an unknown youth steps forward and confesses to the killing. Meanwhile, in a deserted house far from the city, a young autistic boy called Kit is growing up with his mother. The pair is outcast from society, but Kit has no idea why and searches for clues to help him understand himself and his history. 2001. Now a young man, Kit comes to London desperate for a resolution in his quest for identity. And in so doing reopens the murder investigation... (English)
388pp Tp 29.95
A deadly game of cat and mouse is
played in the bone chilling waters of the
Arctic Ocean between an American
submarine and a Russian Typhoon, the
largest submersible ever built. The two
are locked in a struggle that pits
American technology against a wily
Russian captain. Neither side can afford
to lose; yet only one ship can win.
Stuart WOODS Dirty Work 360pp Pb 19.95 A Stone Barrington novel. Hired to prove infidelity in an heiress's marriage, Stone goes undercover. But the work turns dirty, and catastrophic, when the errant husband is found dead and the other woman disappears without a trace. Now, Stone must clear his own good name and find a killer hiding among the glitterati of New York's high society. (American)
Simon WHITECHAPEL The Slaughter King (1992) 165pp Tp 24.95 A sadistic serial killer is leaving a seemingly random trail of butchered corpses, both male and female, across Europe. He kills and mutilates with the skill and anatomical precision of a surgeon, the flair of a surrealist painter and the insatiable ferocity of a beast. The author has drawn inspiration for his story from the Greek Myth of the Calydonian Boar; transposing an ancient tale of hunting, betrayal and fatal consequences into the bleak urban landscape of the serial killer. (English)
Sheila YORK Star Struck Dead 341pp Pb 17.95 A Lauren Atwell mystery #1. In 1946 Hollywood, the stars were always shining, the streets were paved with possibilities, and the most dangerous thing a man could do was to uncover the grime behind the glitz and glamour.... But a woman might just get away with it! (American)
CRIME AUDIO Michael Connelly Lost Light 5 x CDs 5 hours 40 minutes 49.95 Read by David Soul. Abridged. J A JANCE Exit Wounds 5 x CDs 6 hours 44.95 Performed by Debra Monk. Abridged version approved by the author. HISTORICAL CRIME
Michelle BLACK
Solomon Spring
270pp Pb 17.95
Kansas, 1878. A
sacred for centuries, is
about to be profaned,
but not if Eden
Murdoch can prevent
it. She and her young
returned to the
mystical Solomon
Spring to seek solace
after the death of
Eden's Cheyenne husband. But when the
owner of the Solomon Spring Company
decides to bottle its mystical waters, Eden
decides she must stop this travesty.
Inspired by Thoreau's essays on civil
disobedience, she enjoys some early
success, but makes deadly enemies in the
process. (American)
Paul DOHERTY An Evil Spirit out of the West 436pp Tp 32.95 A story of ambition, politics and assassination set in Ancient Egypt. 1330 BC. #1 in a new trilogy. Known as the Veiled One, Akenhaten is a shadowy figure. When he is thrust into the political limelight upon the death of his elder brother, the ambitious and ruthless Mahu watches the young prince carve his own path to power and becomes his protector and confidant through a turbulent reign. (English)
The Plague Lord
341pp Pb 18.95
Bloody murder at the court of Kublai Khan.
China, 13th century. The legendary Kublai
Khan rules over Cathay and the Middle
Kingdom. Of his many ministers, his
favourite is Marco Polo. When the leaders
of a demonic sect disappear from the
desert to which they were banished and
threaten to wreak havoc, Kublai Khan
turns to Marco for help. (English)
Carole Nelson DOUGLAS
Castle Rouge
471pp Pb 17.95
A novel of suspense
featuring Irene Adler
and Sherlock Holmes.
Paris, 1889. With the
help of an unreliable
prostitute named
Pink, and theatrical
manager Bram Stoker,
who would later pen
Dracula, Irene follows
the clues that lead
back to Bohemia, and
on to new and bloodier atrocities. When
pursuers and prey reunite at a remote
castle in Transylvania, the Ripper is
cornered and fully unveiled at last!
"Douglas's vivid descriptions of people,
places and events weaves a splendidly
crafted tale of mystery and murder,
horror and humour." - Anne Perry.
Roberta GELLIS
Lucretia Borgia and the Mother of
333pp Hb 59.95
April 1502. Castel Vecchio Ferrara. #1 in a
new series. Lucretia has fled Rome to a
loveless marriage with Alfonso, to escape
the rumours that she is utterly depraved,
incestuous, a lecher and a poisoner. To
her delight everyone warmly welcomes
her, except her husband. And then, after
only six weeks, Alfonso accuses her of
poisoning Bianca Tedaldo, his mistress.
Immediately, she sees the nightmare of
her life in Rome recurring. To deny the
charge is useless. The only way for her to
retrieve her reputation is to discover who
committed the crime and expose the true
murderer. (American)
Lauren HANEY
A Path of Shadows 300pp Pb 17.95
A mystery of Ancient
Egypt. The Gods
blessed Lieutenant
Bak, head of the
Medjay police, with a
rare brilliance, which
is why he is the one to
commander turns in a
time of need. The
explorer Minnakht
has vanished into the
vast and merciless Egyptian desert, or
perhaps has strayed perilously close to
Queen Maatkare Hatshepsut's well-
guarded turquoise mines, and before Bak
sails north on a new assignment he is to
seek out the missing man. A
straightforward search becomes a twisted
knot of treachery and blood, one that
threatens to strangle the life from Bak and
his men and leave them buried for all
eternity beneath the blistering sands.
PH 9264 3111 FAX 9264 8993
Karen HARPER The Thorne Maze 308pp Pb 17.95 An Elizabeth I mystery #5. 1564, London. The queen calls upon her small, select band of advisors to help her ferret out the identity of the maze murderer. When the court must flee the encroaching Black Death, even the royal haven of Hatfield House with its charming knot garden holds terror. Undaunted, the queen and her chief advisor, William Cecil, set a trap in the flooded thorn maze at Cecil's nearby estate. But even if they snare the ghostly murderer before he or she strikes again, will they unmask not only the villain but also the person they love best in the entire realm? (American)
Son of Holmes
243pp Tp 34.00
France, 1940s. Lescroart takes us to a small
French town in the dark days of WWI,
where the rumour is that Auguste Lupa is
the son of the greatest detective of all
time. And his mysterious legacy may
come to light as he attempts to solve the
baffling murder of an intelligence agent.
Andrew MARTIN The Necropolis Railway 231pp Pb 22.95 A novel of murder, mystery and steam. London, 1903. A chance encounter leads young Jim Stringer, a railway porter, to move from Yorkshire to Waterloo, and a better job. Jim finds that his duties are mysteriously confined to the strangest corner of the South Western's business: a railway line that runs to an enormous cemetery. Still more perplexingly, the men he works alongside have formed an instant loathing for him. And his predecessor has disappeared under suspicious circumstances. (English)
The Disappearance of Sherlock
436pp Pb 17.95
A Penguin mystery featuring Shadwell
Rafferty. 1900, New York. An evil
adversary has risen from the dead. A
letter, written in a secret cipher, tells
Holmes that Abe Slaney has performed
another dastardly deed by kidnapping
the beautiful widow of a man he
murdered years earlier. Soon, Holmes
discovers that someone is attempting to
frame him for the crime. Non-stop
suspense, vivid historical atmosphere,
and seamless storytelling make this a
thrilling addition to this popular series.
Paula PAUL Half a Mind to Murder 201pp Pb 15.95 A Dr Alexandra Gladstone mystery. Victorian times. When an epidemic befalls the country town of Newton-on-Sea, Dr Gladstone finds what seems to be a cure. But there is no cure for murder... This is a lively mixture of ruling class murder, Victorian morals and love. (American)
Anne PERRY (editor) Much Ado About Murder 351pp Pb 17.95 This anthology contains all-new, Shakespeare-inspired mystery stories by Jeffrey Deaver, Carole Nelson Douglas, Margaret Frazer, Edward Hoch, Simon Brett, Edward Marston, PC Doherty and others. (International)
The Oriental Casebook of Sherlock
303pp Hb 55.00
Nine adventures from
the lost years. Asia,
1891-1894. The
recounted in here
range from Lhasa to
Katmandu, from
the East Indies to
the deserts of
Rajasthan. In Tibet
and throughout the
Orient, Holmes is
caught up in the diplomatic machinations
of British imperialism. He confronts the
tsarist agent Dorjiloff, the great art thief
Anton Furer and the mysterious Captain
Fantфme. And here, written in Holmes's
own words, is the account of "The Giant
Rat of Sumatra," for which, he so
famously thought, the world was
unprepared. (American)
Rosemary ROWE The Legatus Mystery 270pp Pb 20.95 A Libertus mystery of Roman Britain #5. AD 187, Glevum. The murdered body of a visiting ambassador from Rome is discovered in the temple of the Imperial Cult and once again Libertus is called upon to investigate. Events take a bizarre and chilling turn when the body disappears, and then unearthly wails are heard coming from the temple and mysterious bloodstains start to appear from nowhere. But Libertus is sure there is a more human explanation for the murder but he uncovers more unsettling events before the truth is finally revealed. (English)
A Deadly Secret
291pp Pb 17.95
disappearance of Kathie
Durst. In 2001, Robert
Durst, heir to a two-
billion-dollar fortune,
was arrested for
shoplifting. He was
also on the run from a
murder indictment
and suspected in the
disappearance of his
wife, Kathie. What
disappearance and the routine arrest) was
a 19-year, cross-country mystery of
multiple identities, which raised some
baffling questions about one of America's
most prominent men. (American)
John CLARKE & Andy SHEA Touched by the Devil 177pp Tp 26.95 Inside the mind of the Australian psychopath. Extensive research and case studies bring to light the ever-present threat to ordinary people by psychopathic personalities, especially white collar psychopaths ­ the con men, tricksters, thieves and power hungry individuals who make working life a living hell, turning corporate offices into their killing grounds. This book shows how to identify THE DEVILS and avoid becoming a victim. (Australian)
Martin FIDO A History of British Serial Killing 224pp Tp 30.00 How Britain's most famous serial killers were identified, caught and convicted. This begins in the East End of London in 1888, with the Whitechapel Murders by Jack the Ripper, and goes on to record five other cases of British multiple killers, bringing us up to the present day. In addition, linking sections cover other serial killers to build up a complete history of these horrific crimes. (English)
Anna GEKOWSKI Murder by Numbers 388pp Pb 25.00 British serial sex killers since 1950: their childhoods, their lives, their crimes. Included here are John Christie, Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, Peter Sutcliffe, Dennis Nilsen, Robert Black, Colin Ireland, Fred and Rosemary West. This study is the first to Compare and contrast the backgrounds of these individuals. (English)
Laurie GUNST
Born Fi' Dead
260pp Pb 19.95
A journey through the yardie posse
underworld. Among the ethnic gangs that
rule America's Inner Cities, none has had
the impact of the Jamaican posses.
Spawned in the ghettos of Kingston as
mercenary street fighters for the island's
politicians, the posses began migrating to
the USA in the early 1980s, just in time to
catch and ride the crack wave as it
engulfed the country. Gunst's
provocative expose of the Jamaican
politicians' role in creating this problem is
also a moving and compelling tale of
suffering and exploitation. (American)
A Brief History of Crime
315pp Hb 45.00
The decline of order,
justice and liberty in
England. Crime is
a political football
- both left and
right are terrified
of seeming "soft"
on the issue, but
for all their efforts,
efforts, crime rates
continue to soar.
Clearly something needs to be done. But
what? Hitchens argues that it is time to
re-examine the criminal justice system,
from root to branch, to restore public faith
in society's ability to defend itself.
Whatever you think of his suggestions,
you can be sure they will excite
controversy. (English)
true crimes
80pp Lp 14.95
Chilling accounts of evil in our time. An
examination of the facts behind some of
the most sensational crimes of the
century, drawing on police files and other
authentic documentation to provide a
complete picture. (English)
Angels of Death
242pp Pb 17.95
A true story of murder and innocence lost.
This is the story behind the 26 November
2001 slaying of Terry King by his sons,
Derek (13) and Alex (12). (American)
Kate KRAY The Black Widow 279pp Pb 19.95 The life and crimes of Linda Calvey. Known as `The Black Widow' (because every man she has ever been involved with is either dead or in prison), Linda Calvey is the stuff of East End legend. Calvey tells her story from behind bars to her friend and confidante Kate Kray, widow of gangland legend Ronnie Kray. Calvey is reputed to be the inspiration behind the TV series, Widows, written by Lynda La Plante. (English)
Nigel LATTA Into the Darklands 228pp Tp 27.95 Unveiling the predators among us. Would you recognise a sex offender standing in a supermarket queue? In this groundbreaking book, forensic psychologist Latta takes us inside the minds of some of the most chilling characters to walk the streets. This is as close to inside information as it gets... (New Zealand) Suzanne LEBSOCK A Murder in Virginia 441pp Hb 50.95 Southern justice on trial. 1895, Virginia. A white woman lies in her farmyard, murdered with an axe. Suspicion soon falls on a young black sawmill hand, who tries to flee the county. Captured, he implicates three women, accusing them of plotting the murder and wielding the axe. In vivid courtroom scenes, Bancroft Prize-winning historian Lebsock recounts their dramatic trials, bringing us close to women we would never otherwise know: a devout (and pregnant) mother of nine; another hard-working mother (also of nine); and her plucky, quick-tempered daughter. All claim to be innocent. With the danger of lynching high, can they get justice? (American) Clifford LINEDECKER The Man who Killed Boys 250pp Pb 17.95 The John Wayne Gacy, Jr story. A successful businessman, community benefactor, good friend and neighbour, JWC was also a perverted mass murderer. This Jekyll and Hyde personality-type led an outwardly normal life, but secretly brutalised dozens of young men in his secret lair. (American) Dary MATERA FBI's Ten Most Wanted 321pp Pb 17.95 From James Earl Ray to Osama bin Laden, here are the chilling stories behind the FBI's historic list of notorious criminals. It gives the history, the hunts, and the captures and lists those who are still at large. (American) Corey MITCHELL Dead and Buried 383pp Pb 17.95 A shocking account of rape, torture, and murder on the California Coast. The story of Rex Allan Krebs, who had served only 10 years of a 20-year sentence, when his parole officer discovered two female bodies on his property. (American) Jack SARGEANT (editor) Bad Cop, Bad Cop 242pp Pb 19.95 A badge, a gun and no mercy. The book digs out the truth from the controversy surrounding the beating of Rodney King and looks at the current state of play in the LAPD. Ultimately, the book poses the question: Would you be any better when faced with a job dealing with an increasingly lawless society? (American)
Carlton SMITH
Love Daddy
278pp Pb 17.95
The true story of accused conman and
family killer, Christian Longo. He was a
reputed master of manipulation, accused
in the slaughter of his family. (American)
Candace SUTTON The Needle in the Heart Murder 260pp Tp 29.95 The mysterious death of Dr Yeates. Forensic scientists believed only a doctor could have murdered Yeates, who died from a puncture wound to the heart and an overdose of adrenalin. The overwhelming suspicion fell on Dr Eric Hedberg, who was infatuated with Diana, the murder victim's wife. The inquest was sensational but no one was charged. Eric and Diana were married in 1964, only four years after both their spouses died in suspicious circumstances. (Australian)
Simon WORRALL The Poet and the Murderer 319pp Pb 21.95 A true story of verse, violence and the art of forgery. Mark Hofmann is no ordinary murderer. Until he was incarcerated, he was the world's greatest literary forger, a man who combined meticulous historical research with craftsmanship and forensic science. In 1997, one of his most accomplished forgeries, a poem by the much-loved 19th-century poet Emily Dickinson, turned up at a Sotheby's and was sold for $21,000 to the library in Dickinson's home town of Amherst. As Worrall untangles the truth from the lies, he grapples with the history of literary forgery, the science of forensic testing and the glamour of the auction houses. (English)
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