Annual Report 2012

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Content: St. Mark's 2016 Annual Report
ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2016 Saint Mark's mission statement: Grow in Faith to Love and Serve
Church Council Members Angie Bedor Jason Blank Maria Golden Bruce Grundman Donna Joachim Diane Jacob Betty Linna Patrick Marsicek Sam Mayo Keith Niemuth Nicole Reitzner Linda Rose Phyllis Ziemke
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Annual Meeting Agenda February 5, 2017 1. Devotions 2. Call to Order & Count of Members Present 3. Jeff Lee Video Review of 2016 4. Approval of Minutes from February 7, 2016 Annual Meeting 5. Elections a. Church Council Members (four 3-year, one youth rep.) b. Endowment Fund Board Member (one 3-year) c. Nominating Committee (6) d. Fox Valley Lutheran Homes Delegates (2) Annual Meeting April 29 e. Synod Assembly Delegates (2) May 19-20 f. Crossways Camp Delegates (2)--Annual Meeting February 4, 2018 6. Reports (see written reports) 7. Approval of 2017 Budget 8. Motion for Adjournment Closing prayer 2
ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING ST. MARK'S LUTHERAN CHURCH FEBRUARY 7, 2016 Jeff Lee started us out with a slide show of St. Mark's Memories of 2015. This was followed with a special Thank You presentation to Jeff for all the things he does for St. Mark's. Devotions were led by Pastor Jim Wilson. Annual Meeting called to order by Pat Marsicek, Church Council President at 11:37 A.M. It was confirmed that with 62 voting members in attendance the quorum was met. Review of 2015 Annual Congregation Meeting Minutes. MSC by Tom Wenzel/Sherri Denney. Elections: {Four 3-year terms and one 1-year. term need to be filled} Pat Marsicek introduced the Council Candidates: Angie Bedor, Maria Golden, Bruce Grundman, Bob Lieber, Linda Rose, Phyllis Ziemke. With no other names from the floor, nominations were closed. MSC by Tom Wenzel/Sam Mayo. Endowment Committee: {One 3-year term} Floor was open for nominations. Emil Leppiaho's and Tammie Kersten's names were presented. Nominations were closed. MSC by Kay Marsicek/Tom Wenzel. Nominating Committee for 2017: Betty Linna, Diane Jacob, Jane Arps, Sherri Denney, Mason Jones Van Eyck, Noah Kersten. MSC by Jeff Lee/Ardys Seelow. Fox Valley Lutheran Home Delegates: Bob and Wilma Lieber volunteered. MSC by Sherri Denney/Kay Marsicek. Synod Assembly Delegate: Sherri Denney, Sharyn Gawlick volunteered. MSC by Kay Marsicek/Jeff Lee. Crossways Delegates for 2017: Donna Joachim, Linda Rose volunteered. MSC by Sherri Denney/Jason Blank Mission of the Month: Ballots were handed out with directions to check one from each of the three categories: St. Mark's Missions, Community Missions and World Missions. Committee Reports: Pat Marsicek updated everyone on where the Call Committee process was at. They have received another Pastor's name from the Synod. They will set up an interview in the coming week. All committee reports were accepted as written. MSC by Tom Wenzel/Kay Marsicek. Church Audit: This needs to be set up. Adoption of 2016 Budget: Opened for discussion. Please note the following changes: Leaven was added {$100 per month} under Benevolence Cleaning Services ­ Contractors moved from Staff to Property. Organist/Musician ­ Contractor's moved from Staff to Worship & Music. MSC by Jeff Lee/Judy Hellman to accept the budget in the amount of $187,310. New Council Members: {3 year terms} Angie Bedor, Maria Golden, Bruce Grundman and Phyllis Ziemke. {1 year term} Linda Rose. New Endowment Member: {3 year term} Emil Leppiaho. Twelve Chosen Missions: St. Mark's Missions: Bible Campers, Christmas Light Show, Community Table, Food Pantry, Spruce-up Fund. Community Missions: Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Center, Homeless Connections of the Fox Valley, Fox Valley Lutheran Homes, Leaven. World Missions: ELCA Good Gifts, Lutheran World Relief Disaster Response, World Hunger {Lutheran World Relief.} Motion for Adjournment MSC by Jenny Blank and Mason Jones Van Eyck to adjourn the Annual Meeting. Pastor Jim closed the Annual Meeting with a prayer at 12:17 P.M. 3
Special Thank You to Pastor Jim for his guidance this past year. Thank You to outgoing Council Member for their dedication: Jane Arps, Jane Hartley, and Joe VanVeghel. Meeting was followed with a potluck. Submitted by Donna Joachim
Baptisms Theodore Sopata Graham Drews* Neil Cameron II* Transfers Marilyn Jacobson to Our Savior's, Neenah Paul Gorecki to Green Valley, Henderson, NV *Non-member
New Members Chase Golden Rich & Joani Sczerzen Wanda Webster Adam & Andrea Svetnicka Vivian, Walter and Iona Bob & Laurie Wilkinson Confirmands--None Weddings--None
Funerals Susan Witzke* Leona Borofka Frank Borofka Lucille Christianson Jack Travis Elizabeth Wohlers* Edward Masak Jr.* Virginia Beattie Carol Birling Shirley Falck
Pastor's Annual Report to the Congregation for 2016 Our mission statement: "Grow in Faith to Love and Serve" May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13) I was abounding in hope in 2016, as I was ordained at my home church, Zion Lutheran of Shawano, on July, 16th. The following Tuesday I began my first week as your pastor. My installation service was also a time of great joy and hope, thanks to all who planned, coordinated and served that day and all who helped to celebrate that special occasion. My time at St. Mark's has felt a little like trying to catch a moving bus. I say this with great appreciation for the commitment and energy of the members here that have continued to do the work of the church despite changes in pastoral leadership. This is as it should be, because it is you, the members of St. Mark's, who are the ever-present body of Christ made visible in our community. My early days were focused on learning more about St. Mark's, including names, weekly patterns of ministry, the way committees function, and learning more about the community. Thanks to all of you for your continued patience and your willingness to look at everything we do with new eyes and an openness to try new things. Living out our mission statement has served as a guide to direct one of the first tasks I undertook, a review of our confirmation program. Both our youth and adult education programs are vital to our ability to grow in faith as a congregation. I worked with the education committee reviewing the current confirmation program and explored the expectations our church leaders have for our young adults. These expectations helped to shape the program, as we help our confirmands grow in their faith and affirm their baptism. We have made some significant changes to the program and are encouraged, but will continue to fine-tune in 2017. I look forward to working with our youth leaders and Christian education teachers in 2017 to continue to review our programs in an effort to engage more people and focus on growing in faith to love and serve. I learned quickly that one of the many ways in which St Mark's seeks to love and serve is through offering its building as a resource to others. Many groups that use our building have commented how much they appreciate our hospitality and what a blessing it is to them. Being good stewards of the gifts that God has entrusted to us, including our church building, means we need to focus on keeping it safe, clean and in good working order. Thank you to all who work hard to make sure this is carried out, the property committee, the "spruce-up" committee, and a group of very dedicated volunteers who have done much of the weekly cleaning and maintenance. In regards to our building, we have identified some specific concerns which need to be addressed in a timely manner as we look toward future needs. An area that I also want to continue to challenge myself and our worship and music committee is in providing new worship experiences. Providing a variety of lively, relevant, joyful worship opportunities is listed as the number one goal on St. Mark's Ministry Site Profile. I assure you that as a committee we will continue to work toward fulfilling that goal. One of the great assets at St. Mark's is our gift of hospitality. Whether it is making our building accessible to the different organizations, our Sunday fellowship time, or welcoming the stranger (including Laurie and me), hospitality is a hallmark of St. Mark's ministry. As we continue in this tradition in the coming year, let us look outside of ourselves to the needs of others asking not what do we want, but what God wants for us. Abounding in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit, God will richly bless us to be the people of God in this place. God's blessing be with you all in this new year. I am glad to be on the St. Mark's bus! Servants together, Pastor Bob 5
From our Council President Fellow members of St. Mark's, 2016 has been a very exciting year for St. Mark's. Through much hard work and time commitment from many members of St. Mark's, we have stepped into a new chapter at St. Mark's where as we have a new Pastor. Pastor Bob Wilkinson was installed as our new Pastor in October and we are very happy to have him. Pastor Bob and Laurie have been a great addition to our church family and we are very fortunate to have them here. Pastor Bob has "dug in" and we are in good hands. We had another very exciting event in 2016. On December 11th it was announce to our church community at the Sunday worship service that our mortgage has been paid in full. I believe this mortgage (which was for the improvements that included the fellowship hall) started out at $550,000.00 in 1998. With all of your commitments to the church though your time, talents, and monetary contributions we have paid this large mortgage off in less than 20 years. "God is good" and you all are very good also, and I Thank You!!!!!! I ask that your commitment to St. Mark's continues, because while having the mortgage to focus on, we have put off other projects in our church that will need to be addressed. So, please continue to give what you can in your weekly offerings towards the church budget and also to the "church improvements fund" which will fund the improvements that need to be done to "our" church to keep it a safe and enjoyable place to worship our Lord and Savior. We will be looking for volunteers to be involved with a synod-led visioning team from St. Mark's and other churches in the area. We are also bringing in a "Church Building Consultant" to help us as we plan our Next Steps, as we try to stay focused on our mission as a church. We will be looking for five or six individuals to lead the visioning group and attend the meetings and then also share this information or projects with our congregation. If you have an interest to be a part of this group, please let myself or Pastor Bob know. Let's make 2017 even better than 2016, by staying involved or becoming more involved. We have so many wonderful people here at St. Mark's, so be involved with them and together we can make St. Mark's known in our community for the work that we do. Many hands makes work light. Thank You all for another wonderful year. We have a great leader in Pastor Bob, so I look forward to working together with all of you to continue to make St. Mark's a great place to gather together in worship, in mission, in community, and in fun. May God Bless each and every one of you, The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, Pat Marsicek 6
2016 Treasurer's Report
Thank you to all of our congregation for helping us pay off our mortgage in 2016. We at St. Mark's are a very giving church. We do this in may ways in our community like the Filthy Kids Runs, God's Work Our Hands, International Children's Fund, and LEAVEN. Our Light Show shines bright in our community saying come and join us.
In 2016, St. Marks received a total of $260,982.31 for all purposes. This amount included: offering for current, Thrivent Choice Dollars, Designated fund donations, Building Fund, and memorial funds on account.
Total Budget for 2016 Giving to Budget 2016 Budget Spending 2016
$187,311.00 $143,083.64 $147,515.91
We ended the year under budget by $44,227.36, but budgeted spending exceeded giving by $4,432.27.
In 2016, we had a special mortgage pay-off drive and received $12,825 towards our loan balance of $41,802.56. Building fund received: $31,037.80. I am glad to report that the mortgage is paid. The balance at Anchor Bank in the money market account was $2,523.20, we closed our account and deposited the remainder in our Building Improvement account.
I wish to thank Jeff and Jenny for all their support, and help, getting reports, and our tax business, taken care of.
With God's blessings St. Mark's will continue to be strong in our community service and our commitment to our church. We all have an interest in this church, and with faith and prayer we will grow in our faith.
Thank you and God Bless, Mary Jane Hartley, Treasurer Jenny Blank
Christian Education January to September In January, the students studied Proverbs 14:12, Genesis 37:17b-35, James 3:3-10 and 1 Corinthians12:12-27 through the theme of board games. February, we studied Mary and Martha. March, we studied Easter. Kayla Kersten and Mitchell Krueger had their First Communion on Maundy Thursday. April involved learning about Paul's missions while learning about children around the world such as Haiti, Philippines, Iraq, and Kenya. In May, we learned about the Church year. Kindergarteners and Third Graders were given their Bibles. We chose to try a different approach to VBS by running it throughout the summer rather than one week. We had three sessions one in June, one in July and one in August. We had between 8 to 10 children in each session. In September, the reigns were handed over to Gwen Hoehne and Sherri Denney. I would like to thank St. Mark's for allowing me to teach your children about Christ. I loved watching them grow in their faith over the 10 years that I served. Pennie Linna 7
Christian Education September to December Our first day of Sunday School was on September 11. We had a cluster event--filling shoeboxes for International Children's Fund for Liberia. We filled over one hundred shoeboxes with help from the congregation who donated items to put in the boxes, and Sunday School parents brought in items for one, two, or several boxes. We wrapped the boxes in Christmas wrap. It was a wonderful turn-out from everyone. Our first rotation was "The Good Samaritan," then "David and Goliath," "Zaccaheus," and Advent. The children sang in church on November 6. They sang "Zaccaheus" and "The B-I-B-L-E" songs. For Advent we made ornaments for the Christmas tree in the Fellowship Hall. Our Christmas Program was presented on December 18 in the Fellowship Hall. The name of the program was "T'was the Night Before Christmas." The kids did an excellent job and it was well received by everyone. A special thank you to Jeff Lee and Judy Hellman for playing music. Also a special thanks to all the parents that helped with costumes and setting-up cookies after church; and to all the people who donated candy and other items for the goodie bags the kids received. On December 11, the third and fourth graders received their new Bibles. They now have the same Bibles as the fifth graders. It has been a joy working with the teachers, and the students as co-superintendent. Everything is going quite well. We look forward to 2017 and what it will bring us. Gwen Hoehne, Co-Superintendent Connections Committee Members: Maria Golden, Kay Marsicek, Mary Jane Hartley, Joy Case, Jane Arps, Betty Linna, Ellen LaMarche 2016 was a busy time for Connections. Making sure we have fellowship covered for Sundays. We fill in when needed and thank our congre- gation for all their support, and fellowship that happens after service. Connections fills in when no one signs up, and are willing to help when someone has fellowship that has not done it before. The committee will also host fellowship if someone is not able to, but wants to sign up and do the setup and clean up for the day. The April 30, Women's Spa Retreat was well attended. Thank you to all who attended and we hope in 2017 to have a co-ed retreat in March the subject will possibly be prayer. We received information about Thrivent Action Teams and used that to help with God's Work Our Hands and the International Children's Fund. This helps with seed money to put on these events. We cleaned up and restocked the Children's Bags that are used by children during services. We served a Lenten meal and will do this again during lent. We held a coloring contest for Easter and had three winners, and we hope to do this again. We discussed ways to help the public become more aware St. Marks. We had an Easter announcement in the Post Crescent, but high cost is an issue. By becoming part of community events like the Filthy Kids Fun Run, 4th of July parade, and Christmas Light Show (many on the committee helped), this is a way to see St. Mark people in our community. We helped with the welcoming of Pastor Bob Wilkinson and Laurie lunch and Installation service. Pastor Bob is helping our committee to grow with ideas and support. Would like to invite you to come and join us on the 4th Monday of the month at 6:30 pm. Submitted by the Connections Committee 8
Members: Emil Leppiaho, Dawn Jones, Keith Niemuth, and Diane Jacob.
Beginning balance January 1, 2016 Endowment Gifts Bible Campers
$128,684.14 4,000.00*
Beginning Balance January 1, 2016 The Endowment Principle is $125,539
Remaining funds carried over from 2015
The amount available in 2016
Total Grant Funds available for 2016
$ 7,212.63
Amount spent
Remaining going back into Endowment fund $3,212.63
Meetings are scheduled for Sundays, after worship services, on an as-needed-basis.
*22 kids went to camp for a week at $435 per child.
2 kids went half a week at $225 per child
Total required for camp is
Amount in account $3,500
Fundraising estimate $2,500
Amount requested $4,000
Camper Volunteer Work: Ton of Food, VBS, God's Work Our Hands, Community Table Christmas,
Crossways Annual Meeting and more.
Emil Leppiaho
Worship & Music Hooray, We have a New Pastor! And we appreciate the fact that we had two Pastors to help find this one. We seemed to have had some very well received services during both Christmas and Lent. The Christ- mas Eve Service's Conversation with Isaiah, people have said that it was one of the best services they have had here at St. Mark's. The Rob Bell Nema Service for Lent brought around a whole new way to worship. People really like the group discussions. Lastly, we are very happy to have a Choir sing during the past year and thank Judy Hellman for being so great about organizing the Choir. This new choir has been very well received! Respectfully submitted, Jane Hartley 9
Social Ministry Members: Jane Arps, Gwen Hoehne, Karen Jordan, Perry Lou Stolla, Pat Thompson, Phyllis Ziemke The Social Ministry Committee has had another busy year, trying to help members of our congregation and our neighbors. In June, we honored our 2016 graduates during the service and then with cake during the fellowship hour. This year we had four high school graduates, and four from post high school education. Congratulations to all. We are very proud of your achievements. During the summer, we collected school supplies to help local children get off to a good start at school. We filled 50 school bags, which were given to the Community Clothes Closet and the Christine Ann Center. Both agencies were very happy to get the supplies. In December, as part of our offering we had 83 hats, two scarves, many pairs of mittens and gloves, and five afghans. The hats, scarves, and mittens were given to the Community Clothes Closet, and the Christmas Giving at the Brigade. The afghans were given to shut-ins from our congregation, and were delivered with the cookie tins. Those receiving the afghans and cookies were very happy. It's nice that they know we are thinking of them even when they don't get to church very often. Thanks to all who knit and crocheted items, as well as those delicious cookies. At Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas we were able to help some families with food and gift cards to help them have a happy holiday. We also give a monthly gift card to someone with a very low income to help stretch their food budget. All year, we have continued with our Sunshine Ministry, by sending our college students greetings for some holidays and their birthdays. We want them to know they have a church family thinking of them and wishing them well. At Easter we send greeting cards to our seniors to let them know we are thinking of them also. The first Sunday of the month is Food Pantry Sunday, and we have had very generous donations of food and cash. We have a membership at Feeding America and receive some grants from very supportive foundations, so we get very low cost supplies without much cash outlay. We have had enough supplies to have our Food Pantry open every Wednesday morning. We have a few regulars, but most people come once or twice a month. We need to keep track of how many people we have helped. In 2016 we helped 681 adults and 630 children get some food to stretch their budget and make them feel that St. Mark's cares for our fellow man. Anyone can take advantage of our help. All thank us for the help received. Most patrons walk, take the bus, or find someone to drive them. Our mission is to try to help members of St. Mark's and our neighbors stay warm and get enough to eat. Our Food Pantry is not able to fully feed families, but can supplement enough to stretch their budget by one or two meals. That's what churches should be about--feeding our souls and well as our bodies. We feel that we had a successful year and helped many people in 2016. We are a small group and will try to continue these projects, as well as, find new ways to help with the Lord's work. We meet on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 pm. We welcome new members. Karen Jordan 10
Stewardship/Finance Committee Special thank you to all the members of St. Mark's church. St. Mark's always seems to be able to accomplish great things despite our small congregation and limited budget. God is here in our little church and he has shown our congregation what faith and love can accomplish! Mortgage Payoff - In the spring of this year, Stewardship and Finance held an event to let the congregation know that we were very close to paying off the church mortgage. At that time, we asked the congregation to pitch-in with special gifts to help us achieve that goal. Due to the continued faith and generosity of St. Mark's members, we were able to accomplish that goal in just a few short months. Our mortgage was paid in full by October 2016! Thanks be to God! Other Giving ­ This fall, we invited a special group into the church to present on the needs of children in Guatemala. This group specifically raises funds to build and deliver bunk beds to the children in that region, as well as to provide support for families and the elderly of those villages. The event was a success and the group received a check of over $1,000 from St. Mark's to use towards this charity. They have agreed to come again in the future to report in on how those funds were specifically used and to provide more stories and pictures. Stewardship Pledges Received for 2017 ­ This fall, we ran our first Stewardship drive with Pastor Bob. He taught us about living simply and sharing the gifts that God grants to us. Approximately 150 Individuals and/or families were sent pledge cards. 46 cards were returned with a pledge, 4 were returned without a pledge. Pledges totaled $92,552.00 for Current (budgeted) expenses. Overall, pledges were down slightly from last year. For 2016, we received 56 pledge cards for a total of $106,640 pledged towards Current. Even if you did not fill-out a pledge card, please consider making a personal, private commitment to give back weekly a portion of what God has first given to you to support the missions and ministries of our church. The collection of Time and Talent Sheets is currently underway. Please fill one out to let us know how we can help you get involved at St. Mark's in 2017. Mission of the Month Benevolence Giving. One thing we never have in short demand at St. Mark's is a willingness to support good works, local charities, and global missions. We have made it a tradition at the St. Mark's Annual Meeting to select 12 missions (one for each month) to support as a church in the year ahead. We vote as a congregation to select 4 missions within our church, 4 local missions in the community, and 4 global missions that St. Mark's will support. The Mission of the Month program has been an excellent vehicle for our congregation to provide substantial benevolence gifts to many organizations and support mission work within our own congregation. THANK YOU to Fern Fuhrmann for tracking Mission of the Month funds! ~ Finance/Stewardship Committee Jenny Blank, Mary Jane Hartley, Fern Fuhrmann, Eve Peterson, Bob Lieber, Pastor Bob, Sam Mayo, Keith Niemuth 11
March April May June July August September October November December January February
Mission of the Month 2015-2016
2015 Spruce-Up Fund
$ 1,196.00
2015 ChildFund International
$ 460.00
2015 Ebola Project (+$75 for Nepal)
$ 522.00
2015 Bible Campers
$ 523.20
2015 Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Shelter
$ 488.00
2015 Heifer International
$ 869.00
2015 Food Pantry
$ 945.00
2015 Emergency Shelter (Homeless Connections)
$ 609.00
2015 Lutheran World Relief Disaster Fund (+$60 for Nepal) $ 1,040.00
2015 Community Table
$ 437.00
2016 Leaven ($161.70 Lightshow)
$ 937.95
2016 Lutheran World Relief - World Hunger
$ 403.00
Total Mission of the Month Funds Received: $ 8,430.15
March April May June July August September October November December January February
Mission of the Month 2016-2017
2016 Bible Campers
$ 565.00
2016 Lutheran World Relief Disaster Response (+$20 for Nepa$l) 480.00
2016 Spruce-Up Fund
$ 836.00
2016 Leaven
$ 476.00
2016 Community Table
$ 605.25
2016 Lutheran World Relief - World Hunger
$ 420.00
2016 Christmas Light Show
$ 635.00
2016 Emergency Shelter (Homeless Connections)
$ 655.00
2016 St. Mark's Food Pantry
$ 715.00
2016 Fox Valley Lutheran Homes
$ 393.00
2017 Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Shelter
$ - Pending
2017 ELCA Good Gifts
$ - Pending
Total Mission of the Month Funds Received To Date: $ 5,780.25
Memorial Committee Once again, this year our congregation has been blessed by the generosity of the families who have established memorials for their loved ones. The following gifts have been gratefully received: Candles for our Advent Wreath--from Leona Borofka and Frank Borofka Security system--Jack Travis Undesignated memorial funds were used for landscaping, youth activities, and the purchase of a lawn mower. St. Mark's Memorial Committee Wednesday Workshop Group The Wednesday Workshop Group is always very busy. While we were socializing, we constructed 73 quilts which were delivered to the truck for Lutheran World Relief by Pat Thompson and Phyllis Ziemke for the tenth year. Thanks for your help ladies! The quilts made in 2015 went to Peru. We also made seven quilts for the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse shelter. They were very happy to get them. We packed and delivered about 20 cookie tins to shut-ins who were very happy to get them. Thanks to all who contributed cookies to help fill those tins. They were a nice variety and looked very tasty. We are still working on quilts for next year. Thank you for all the donations of fabric, yarn, and cash to buy needed supplies. We continue our work year round. Come join us on Wednesday mornings for fellowship, while working on worthwhile projects to help others. Karen Jordan Youth The youth have been busy raising money for our trip in June of 2018 to Houston Texas for the National Youth Gathering. Those fundraisers have been Flamingo Flocking, Flower sale, Car Wash, and Poinsettia sale. We have also had several movie nights and a bingo night. The youth also hosted a Halloween Party for the St. Mark's community. We having been spending time planning for the next year. The youth have shared that they would like to have a dance, game day, go to trampoline park, and many more. The youth are also interested in assisting the community when able. The youth are taking over running this committee. It will give them an opportunity to learn about the different roles on committees and allow them to have more say in the activities being planned for them. In February 2017, some youth will be attending the Junior High Youth Gathering led by the East Central Youth board. The youth board is made up of youth from the congregations in the East Central Synod. The gathering is planned and lead by the elected Sophomore, Junior and Seniors of the congregations of the East Central Synod. Pennie Linna 13
2017 Congregational Budget Review January 29, 2017 The meeting was called to order by Pat Marsicek, Council President at 11:20 am. Pastor Bob opened with prayer. There were about 70 people present. At this time we went over the proposed 2017 Budget. Below are the proposed changes. Administration: Machine Contracts increased $250 to cover any extra cost for more copies. Benevolences: Added $500 under Crossways to help support a very worthy Youth/Adult program. Committees: Stewardship budget decreased by $300. Connections budget increased by $300 to enable them to do more mission projects. Education: Sunday School/VBS budget decreased by $200. Adult Education is now by themselves with a $200 budget. Pastoral: Base salary, FICA these amounts are lower because they are based on the Pastor's number of years of experience per the Synod recommendation. Health/Disability/Pension--Portico increased their premium. Under Auto/Travel, Continuing Education, Books and Publications these are also based on Synod guide- lines. As a new Pastor there are certain workshops, gatherings, conferences, etc., he is required to attend. Moving Expense of $5,000 to stay in case Pastor & Laurie would chose to move this coming year. Property: Cleaning Services-Contractors was increased $500. If the janitor works 12 Ѕ a week @ $10 per hour this needed to be increased. Staff: Marcia to receive a 3% salary increase. Added a line for Office Contractor with a $1000 budget to cover the cost for a fill-in when Marcia is on vacation. Worship & Music: Increased Pulpit Supplies $300 to cover the cost for a supply pastor when Pastor Bob is on vacation. Worship & Music budget was decreased by $300. Organist/Musician contractors has been increased $500 because of increased playing time. Special Projects/Music--this is used for copy right license. Floor was open for questions/discussion. With none MSC by Tom Wenzel/Sherri Denney to present the 2017 Proposed Budget at the Annual Meeting on April 5th in the amount of $185,534. Pat reminded anyone that is interested in running for council to give their informational sheet to Marcia so their name can be added to the ballot. There are four council positions and one youth position to fill. The Annual Meeting is February 5 following worship, followed by a Potluck. Please bring a dish to pass. Meat and buns to be provided. Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 am. Submitted by Donna Joachim 14

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