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Content: Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 128 2008 BRIEF NOTES ON THE CONTRIBUTORS Peter Allen, m.a., econ: is a retired teacher who has for over a decade co-edited the `Cranbrook Journal' of Local History and acted as archivist for Cranbrook School, on the history of which he has written several articles. Peter Bagwell Purefoy, b.a.: is an amateur numismatist. He served for seventeen years in the Royal Artillery and then became a solicitor and practised in Tunbridge Wells until retiring. After this he studied ancient and medieval history at UCL and is the author, with Andrew Meadows, of the British Museum's catalogue of ancient Spanish coins ­ Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum Volume IX Part 2: Spain. Family connections in Kent have made him especially interested in the medieval coinage of the county and he hopes to see this developed in the Kent Numismatic Society in the future. Chris Baker: has been a member of Dartford District Archaeological Group since 1973 and its Director since 1983. While attending evening classes in local archaeology run by the late Roger Walsh, the founder and first Director of DDAG, he put the theory of field walking into practice and single-handedly relocated the medieval site of Littlebrook. He is also Manager of Dartford Borough Museum where he has worked since 1974. Vaughan Birbeck: has been a professional archaeologist for over 20 years, practising with a number of organisations throughout the UK. Vaughan has particular experience in directing and reporting on major fieldwork projects. He has particular expertise in deeply stratified urban excavations, having worked in London, and also experience of a number of major infrastructure projects on behalf of Wessex Archaeology for whom he currently works. Andrew Breeze, ph.d., f.r.hist.s., f.s.a.: was educated at Sir Roger Manwood's Grammar School, Sandwich, where he was taught history by Brian Kennett and Frank Andrews. He is the author of the controversial study Medieval Welsh Literature (1997) and co-author of Celtic Voices, English Places (2000), and has also published over 400 research papers, mainly on English and Celtic philology. Christopher Chalklin, b.litt, litt.d.: has studied and written on Kentish history for 50 years; he is also an expert on the financing of Georgian urban houses and public buildings in England. He has been a member of the KAS since 1956 and taken an interest in the business if the Society for over 20 years. He was an archivist at Maidstone for a short time and was a teacher at Reading University between 1965 and 1993. 427
CONTRIBUTORS Clive D. Field, o.b.e., m.a., d.phil., d.litt., f.r.hist.s.: is Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Modern History, University of Birmingham. He was formerly Director of Scholarship and Collections at the British Library. He has researched and published widely in the social history of English religion in the eighteenth to twentieth centuries. His works include Church and Chapel in Early Victorian Shropshire (Shropshire Record Series 8, 2004). He is President of the Religious Archives Group. Paul Hart: despite a long-time interest in all things Prehistoric it was not until 1998 that Paul first wielded a trowel for the Trust for Thanet Archaeology. Since that time he has worked on numerous evaluations, excavations and watching briefs, while pursuing personal research on lithics, ceramics and Prehistoric matters in general. He is currently engaged in ongoing research to compile and maintain comprehensive gazetteers of Thanet's Prehistoric past, published on the Trust's website ( Adrian Herbert: joined Dartford District Archaeological Group in 1980, becoming Site Photographer and later Site Director. He studied Romano-British and medieval ceramics with the late Christopher St John Breen of DDAG. He gives guided walks and talks on local matters and contributes numerous articles to local history publications. His interest in local history has also led him to restore a Hallford omnibus (originally built in Dartford in 1912) to full working order. Patricia Knowlden: has Kentish ancestry and has lived in Kent since childhood. With a Diploma in (Local) History from London University she taught local and Kentish history for the WEA (Kent) and London University Extra-Mural Department. Her published works include: The Long Alert (Bromley ARP) 1988; Bromley: a Pictorial History, Phillimore, 1990; West Wickham: Past into Present (with Joyce Walker) 1986; also `Oglander Letters from Kent', in KAS Records New Series, vol. I, 1994. `Bromley and the Great Rebellion' is due to be published in Local Historian in May 2008. A founder member of the British Association for Local History, she has served time on Council and has been a member of the KAS since 1977. She is currently working on the history of farms in West Wickham. Sarah Palmer, b.a., m.a., ph.d., f.r.his.s., f.r.s.a.: is Professor of MARITIME HISTORY and Director of the Greenwich Maritime Institute, University of Greenwich. An economic historian, she has published on a variety of aspects of Britain's maritime activities from the eighteenth century to the present day, but has particular interests in shipping, port history and maritime policy. She is a Kent resident and former County Councillor. Kristopher Poole, b.a., m.a.: read Archaeology at the University of Southampton, where he also completed a Masters degree in osteoarchaeology. Having worked as a zooarchaeologist at Oxford Archaeology, he is currently undertaking his doctoral thesis at the University of Nottingham, with an emphasis on zooarchaeological assemblages from Saxon sites in the south and east of England. 428
CONTRIBUTORS John Sygrave, is a Project Manager with Archaeology South-East. He has supervised and managed sites across London and the South-East and worked and been involved with projects across the UK, Turkey and Australia. He is currently part of the team helping to grow and promote ASE. Leo Webley, m.a., ph.d., a.i.f.a.: is a Senior Project Manager at Oxford Archaeology. He has a particular interest in the later prehistory of Britain and northern Europe, and carried out ph.d. research on Iron Age Denmark at the University of Cambridge. He is currently engaged in post-excavation work on two large multi-period sites in west Kent, at Darenth and on the A2 Pepperhill to Cobham road scheme. Kent Archaeological Society is a registered charity number 223382 © Kent Archaeological Society 28th February 2014 429

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