Commodities and commodity derivatives

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Content: University of Lugano PhD Programme Commodities and Commodity Derivatives Helyette Geman Director, Commodity Finance Centre University of London & ESCP Europe Member of the Board of the UBS ­ Bloomberg Commodity Index
General goals The tentative aims of the course are the following: - learn the fundamental economic results, e.g., theory of storage, established on commodities since Keynes and Kaldor - recognize the properties of energy, metals, agriculturals and Shipping - discuss the forward curve and its stochastic modeling, with or without seasonality - discuss the pricing and hedging of options mostly traded in commodity markets, as well as the valuation of physical assets
Course Contents
Session 1
О Commodities as a New Asset Class О Commodities as a Multi- Asset Class: Agriculturals, Metals and Energy О Shipping, Shipping Indexes and Freight Derivatives О Supply, Demand and Commodity Spot Price formation О Inventory and Spot price Volatility: evidence from Metals and Agriculturals О Forwards and Futures as linear Derivatives; similarities and differences.
Session 2
О Theory of Storage (Keynes, Working), Convenience Yield and Commodity Forward Curves О Base Metals: Copper, aluminum, tin, lead, zinc and nickel О The London Metal Exchange and delivery rules О precious metals: silver, platinum, palladium О The London Bullion Market and the particular role of gold as a numйraire currency О Coal as a key commodity in the US, China, India, Australia О natural gas markets: contrasting the case of the US and the UK О Oil and Oil Refined Products О Stochastic Modeling of the Forward Curve: the example of Crude Oil
Session 3 models
О More on Metals: Uranium, Rare earths. О Electricity as a non- storable commodity; discussion of some О Agriculturals and the unique difficulties of their forward curves О Options on Commodity Spot Prices О Options on Commodity Futures О Crush Spread Options in Agricultural Markets; Sparkspreads and Crackspreads in energy markets
Section 4 О Asian Options in Oil and Shipping Markets: the Valuation and Hedging Challenges О Swing Options in Electricity, Natural Gas and Shipping О Valuation of Physical Assets in the world of Commodities: Real Options versus Project Finance О Investing in Commodities: from Futures to ETFs and structured notes О The challenges in building and managing a commodity index
Section 5 Review of some founding papers on Commodities by the students Discussion Bibliography A. Eydeland and K. Wolyniec Energy & Power risk management. Wiley Finance 2002 C. Harris Electricity Markets: Pricing Structures and the Economics. Wiley Finance, 2006 H.Geman Commodities and Commodity Derivatives: Energy, Agriculturals and Shipping. Wiley Finance, 2005 H. Geman Risk Management in Commodity Markets: From Shipping to Agriculturals and Energy; Wiley Finance, 2008 research papers

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