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Content: Spanish
Animo 2nd Edition
A 2-part advanced
course containing
nine teaching units
with comprehensive
grammatical coverage.
The course is designed
to help students fully
develop all areas of
their language skills
including pronunciation and the Grammar
Workbook and Self-Study Guide provide the
opportunity for independent study.
Level 1 AS AQA
Student Book
Grammar Workbook & CD-ROM
Self-Study Guide & Audio CD
Teacher's Book
Audio CDs
- Level 2 A2 AQA
Student Book
Grammar Workbook & CD-ROM
Self Study Guide & Audio CD
Teacher's Book
Audio CDs
ЎA Que Sн!
This is the third edition of the provocative post-
intermediate to advanced Spanish conversation
book. The 16 topics from Spanish speaking
cultures improve reading and comprehension
skills, while developing vocabulary. But above
all, the material is designed to help students
practice fluency and challenge them to express
themselves in debates, presentations or
conversations. In the process, they understand
and appreciate Hispanic society, sampling the
authentic material used throughout. Chapters
consist of various sections for teachers to choose
with each thematic unit supported by creative
activities and engaging authentic materials,
including dozens of new selections in literature,
journalism, films, songs, and cartoons. The
workbook provides extra writing and grammar
practice and the Atajo 4.0 CD-ROM is integrated
with the writing activities in the text and
Workbook/Lab Manual
Workbook/Lab Manual Audio CD
Workbook/Lab Manual
Answer Key & Transcript
Atajo 4.0 CD-ROM:
Writing Assistant for Spanish
net 109.95
Asн Me Gusta Filled with visually stimulating pages and contents with chapters like "introducing yourself in an internet chat" to appeal to tech-savvy
teenagers. There
are plenty of great
exercises which are
much more relevant
to the modern
student than most
of the outdated texts
still in use. Asн Me
Gusta comes in two
levels and is suitable
for lower secondary classes. Instructions are in
Level 1
Teachers Book
Audio CD
net 58.95
Level 2
Teachers Book
Audio CD
net 58.95
Aventura Nueva
This colourful and clearly structured course will
please both teachers and students. It features
clear objectives for each lesson, comprehensive
contextualised grammar coverage, and topics of
interest to teenagers.
Level 1
Pupil's Book
Audio CDs
net 351.50
Teacher's Resource File
net 76.95
Level 2
Pupil's Book
Audio CDs
net 336.95
Teacher's Resource File
net 276.95
Aula Amigos
This course is by the same publishers as the
popular adult course ELE. This time it's the 12-
16 age group that gets the benefits of their
practical cutting-edge approach. Together the
three levels meet the A1 and A2 exam criteria.
Keeping students this age motivated enough
to reach that level is no mean feat! So enter lots
of colourful comic-style graphics, vivid photos,
games, talking activities, music, film and IT
information and projects. The textbook pack
contains an audio CD and a portfolio for students
to keep track of progress. The separate workbook
provides extra practice and homework. The
Teacher's Books contain tests and answer keys,
teaching suggestions and ideas for games and
class activities.
Level 1
Student's Book & Audio CD
Teacher's Book
Level 2
Student's Book & Audio CD Workbook Teacher's Book Level 3 Student's Book & Audio CD Workbook Teacher's Book
79.95 36.50 71.95 79.95 36.50 71.95
Camino al Espaсol:
A Comprehensive Course in Spanish
This intensive
course is designed
specifically to lead
the adult beginner
to a comprehensive
knowledge of
Spanish. It features a
clear, attractive layout
with lively illustrations,
authentic materials,
an abundance of pair and group work activities,
extensive grammar and vocabulary reference
sections, and teachers' guidelines in the back of
the book. Both European and Latin American
usage are covered, with clear explanations of the
differences between the two.
Audio CDs (3)
Club Prisma:
Mйtodo de Espaсol para Jуvenes
This course has been produced to satisfy the
needs of teachers and teenage students alike
for a communicative course that is appealing
and age appropriate, yet still practical in content
and layout. Topics covered in the 10 units of
each level include music, sports, fashion, friends
and the internet. The exercises offer plenty of
opportunities for class interaction. The Teacher's
Resource Pack contains a copy of the Student
Book, Workbook with key, Teacher's Book, maps
and worksheets.
Level 1 A1 Inicial
Student Book & Audio CD
Workbook without Key
Teacher's Book & Audio CD
Teachers Resource Pack
net 118.95
Level 2 A2 Elemental
Student Book & Audio CD
Workbook without Key
Teacher's Book & Audio CD
Teacher's Resource Pack
net 118.95
ELE Inicial, Intermedio y Avanzado Aimed at adolescents and adult beginners and providing a wealth of communicative activities to practice the four skills. It also offers a new feature at the end of each unit which explores the different cultures of Spain and Latin America. Special attention has been given to Latin
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
American Spanish with audio recordings using a
variety of different voices and accents.
ELE Inicial 1
Libro del Alumno & CD
Cuaderno de Ejercicios & CD
Guнa Didбctica
ELE Inicial 2
Libro del Alumno & CD
Cuaderno de Ejercicios & CD
Guнa Didбctica
ea 43.90
ELE Intermedio
Libro del Alumno & CD
Cuaderno de Ejercicios
Guнa Didбctica
ELE Avanzado
Libro del Alumno & CD
Cuaderno de Ejercicios
Guнa Didбctica
En Directo
The updated and
revised version of the
very popular adult
course Espaсol en
Directo is a bright and
enthusiastic language
learning kit that is
ideal for beginners.
Spanish grammar is
taught methodically
and comprehensively; dialogue and grammar
boxes make this course easy to follow for
teachers and students, with plenty of illustrations
to reinforce the understanding of new concepts.
The text also includes self-evaluation exercises,
revision activities and handy hints on spelling
and pronunciation. All dialogues are recorded
on the audio CD that accompanies the student's
book. Because En Directo pays special attention
to the lexical and cultural variations in different
Spanish-speaking countries, it can be used as
an introduction to both European and South
American Spanish.
Nivel Elemental
Student's Book & Audio CD
Cuaderno de Ejercicos
Guнa Didбctica
Nivel Medio
Student's Book & Audio CD
Cuaderno de Ejercicos
Guнa Didбctica
Espaсa Viva (BBC)
An introduction to everyday Spanish suitable for
high school and adult classes as well as self-study.
Activity Book
Audio CDs (3)
Language Pack (Book & 3 CDs)
Espaсol de Primero Euro Edition
A versatile, single-volume course for beginners
of Spanish (years 7-10). It is ideal for students
coming to a foreign language for the first time,
but is equally suitable for older students with
some experience of languages.
Student Book
Teacher's Book
net 99.95
Audio CDs (4)
net 220.00
Copymaster Book
net 260.00
Espaсol en Marcha
The teaching units are organised around skill
areas, with sections on vocabulary, grammar and
pronunciation, along with a series of tasks for the
students. There are also sections on pair work
activities, a grammar appendix, verb tables and
the transcripts of the audio CDs.
Level 1
Libro del Alumno with CDs (2)
Cuaderno de Ejercicios with CD
Guнa Didбctica
Level 2
Libro del Alumno with CDs (2)
Cuaderno de Ejercicios with CD
Guнa Didбctica
Level 3
Libro del Alumno with CDs (2)
Cuaderno de Ejercicios with CD
Guнa Didбctica
Espaсol Lengua Viva
Aimed at teenagers and adult learners this new
series is firmly based on the recommendations
of the Common European Framework for
Languages and the new Plan Curricular of the
Cervantes Institute. Students are kept interested
with the appealing layout and up-to-date,
current and relevant information. Plenty of
practice is provided for all four skills areas and
the audio CD contains dialogues spoken in both
Iberian and Latin American accents.
Level 1
Text book with CD
Workbook with CD & CD-ROM
Teacher's Manual
Level 2
Text book with CD
Workbook with CD & CD-ROM
Teacher's Manual
Level 3
Text book with CD
Workbook with CD & CD-ROM
Teacher's Manual
Level 4
- Text book with CD
- Workbook with CD & CD-ROM
- Teacher's Manual
- Exploring Spanish 3rd Edition
The text is comprised of 20 thematic units which
expose young beginner students to a variety of
words, expressions, and structures. It provides
students a taste of the art, music, and literature
of Spanish-speaking countries through realia-
based activities and the fun activities and puzzles
keep learners entertained while building skills
in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The
Teacher's Guide includes lesson plans, teaching
suggestions, audio scripts, blackline masters
of student worksheets for check-up written
activities and check-up listening activities and
answer keys for all activities.
Teacher's Guide
Audio CDs
Espaсol Mundial 3rd Edition
Designed especially for high school students,
the cultural content is interesting and relevant,
offering a stimulating, motivating approach to
language-learning. Teaching units are organised
around skill areas, with sections on vocabulary,
grammar and pronunciation, along with a
series of tasks for the students in an uncluttered
layout. There are also sections on pair work
activities, a grammar appendix and verb tables.
The photocopiable Teacher's Resource books
contain audio transcripts, answers to all exercises
and suggestions for teachers on how to best to
utilise the course. This series provides lively and
up-to-date materials for use over two or three
years and will provide students with the ability to
understand and produce authentic Spanish with
confidence and accuracy.
Level 1
Student's Book
CD Set
net 185.95
Teacher's Resource Book
net 165.50
Level 2
Student's Book
CD Set
net 185.95
Teacher's Resource Book
net 133.50 A new publication from Edelsa for high school beginners aged 13 onwards. The two levels build proficiency towards the European Framework levels A1 and A2 respectively. Characters are drawn from all Spanish-speaking countries and students are shown the differences in the varieties of spoken Spanish. Communicative tasks and discussions are based on comparisons of culture, tradition, history, geographical aspects, flora and fauna of a number of these countries, and the contrasts in the characters'
10% DISCOUNT o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except items marked `net')
lives. Student books and workbooks include
their own separate audio CDs. The teacher's
books include an annotated combination of
the student books and workbooks along with
audio CDs and extra material and teaching
Level 1
Student Book & Audio CD
Workbook & Audio CD
Teacher's Book & 2 Audio CDs
Level 2
Student Book & Audio CD
Workbook & Audio CD
Teacher's Book & 2 Audio CDs
The first level of this new series covers the Year 7
objectives of the Framework for Modern Foreign
Languages and the third level is available in
two editions for Year 9 students with the `Verde'
designed to cater for lower level students and
the `Rojo' for higher ability students. Photo stories
and songs capture and maintain pupils' interest
in learning and the strategies and hints help
students with memorisation. Pronunciation and
grammar boxes in each unit provide refreshers at
a quick glance and regular self-assessment keeps
the students' focus on their goals.
Level 1
Workbook A (Pack of 8)
Workbook B (Pack of 8)
Audio CDs (3)
net 280.00
Teacher's Guide & CD-ROM
net 160.00
net 290.00
Resource & Assessment Pack
net 292.95
Level 2
Workbook A (Pack of 8)
Workbook B (Pack of 8)
Audio CDs (3)
net 280.00
Teacher's Guide & CD-ROM
net 160.00
net 289.95
Resource & Assessment Pack
net 384.95
Level 3 Verde
Workbook (Pack of 8)
Audio CDs (3)
net 280.00
Teacher's Guide & CD-ROM
net 160.00
Level 3 Rojo
Workbook (Pack of 8)
Audio CDs (3)
net 280.00
Teacher's Guide & CD-ROM
net 160.00
- ЎMola! GCSE Spanish Written by two highly experienced teachers of GCSE Spanish, ЎMola! aims to give Years 10 and 11 students the confidence, fluency and linguistic
competence required for success at a higher
level. Carefully developed activities exploit the
topics fully and provide a balanced approach
to the skills of listening, speaking, reading and
writing with a thorough approach to Spanish
grammar, with clear explanations and extensive
practice. Culture topics on Spanish-speaking
countries are integrated into listening and
reading texts and the teacher's guide provides
answers, worksheets and audio CDs with all the
listening material to support the course book.
Course Book
Teacher's Guide & Audio CDs
Nuevo Ven
A dynamic communicative program for
secondary or adult students. Each chapter opens
with a clear statement of the communicative,
linguistic and cultural competencies that
students will learn in that chapter, allowing both
students and teachers to gain a clear idea of the
students' progress. Language is predominantly
Castilian Spanish, but extensive coverage of Latin
American culture is given. The Teacher's Book
for Level 1 is now accompanied by an audio CD
entitled Voces y Diбlogos de Hispanoamйrica,
which contains dialogues spoken with
different accents, giving students an excellent
opportunity to discover some of the regional
differences and expressions throughout the
Spanish-speaking world.
Level 1
Libro del Alumno & CDs (2)
English Workbook & CD
Libro del Profesor & CD
Level 2
Libro del Alumno & CDs (2)
Libro de Ejercicios & CD
Libro del Profesor
Level 3
Libro del Alumno & CD
Libro de Ejercicios & CD
Libro del Profesor & CD
On Course Spanish A classroom text for post-secondary beginners or revisers. The course uses communicative methods with lots of pair and group work to encourage fluency. Yet there is a healthy focus on traditional grammar too. The ten units include topics such as daily life, work, weekends and leisure and speaking about self, and always refer to learners' own interests to keep motivation up. The instructions and cultural notes in the first units are in both English and Spanish, but change to Spanish alone as language skills are developed. The book itself is lively with enough colour photos and illustrations among the clearly-spaced text to maintain interest. Materials from a number of Spanish-speaking countries showcase the variety that is present in the same language. The audio CDs contain all the dialogues and listening exercises and are accompanied by a booklet containing a full
transcript and answers to the exercises. Student Book Audio CDs & Booklet (2)
67.99 230.00
- ЎSigue! 3rd Edition
A fully updated
advanced course for
upper secondary or
adult classes which
develops high level
skills in the context
of a broadening
knowledge of
life and culture.
Some of the features
of the new Sigue! are grammar exercises at
the end of every unit plus a full Grammar
Reference section, vocabulary boxes containing
essential vocabulary for understanding the
texts in each unit, plus a full glossary and a
comprehensive irregular verb list. The їComo se
dice? boxes provide guidance on pronunciation,
the ЎInformate! boxes contain background
information on the Spanish-speaking world
while the study skills section, offers guidance on
developing the four skills needed for success at
AS & A2 level Spanish.
Level AS
Student's Book
Audio CDs (4)
net 198.95
Teacher's Resource Book
net 195.95
Level A2
Student's Book
Audio CDs (4)
net 198.95
Teacher's Resource Book
net 195.95
Spanish 1 (Palgrave Foundations)
2nd Edition
This up-to-date, intensive course is designed
for university or adult education courses. It is
filled with relevant examples, and moves away
from the tourist-based approach often found
in language courses. It features integrated pair
work and group work activities, scripted and
unscripted dialogues, a comprehensive self-
study section, and focus on both Spain and Latin
America. It is accompanied by two audio CDs.
Sueсos: World Spanish (BBC) This comprehensive language course designed to meet the varying needs of adult learners has now been revised and updated. Level 1 Student Book 49.95 Activity Book 19.95 Audio CDs (4) 69.95 Student Book & CDs Pack 119.95 Level 2
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
Student Book Audio CDs (4) Student Book & CDs Pack For DVDs see DVDS section.
49.95 148.50 119.95
ЎYa! Nuevo
This is a revision of the popular two-part Spanish
course that makes it relevant to learners' needs
in the 21st century. Suitable for high school
and adult classes. This edition contains new
illustrations and updated texts, while retaining all
the key strengths of the original.
Level 1
Student's Book
Activity Book
CDs (2)
net 89.95
Level 2
Student's Book
Activity Book
CDs (2)
net 150.95
Manual de Preparaciуn del D.E.L.E
Each manual approaches the exam from
three perspectives: information, advice and
tips; common difficulties encountered; and
improvement of specific skills. A complete
practice exam is provided in each book.
Nival Inicial with CD
Nivel Intermedio with CD
Nivel Superior with CD
Preparaciуn al D.E.L.E Provides seven complete practice tests that are based closely on the real exam, with tips and advice given at the end. Answer keys with audio script are available separately. Inicial B1 with CD Inicial B1 Answer Key Intermedio B2 with CD Intermedio B2 Answer Key Superior C2 with CD Superior C2 Answer Key
58.95 9.95 51.95 9.95 58.95 9.95
geographical names, four-colour maps and a concise grammar guide.
- Spanish English
Pocket Dictionary
This new bilingual dictionary is an abridged
version of the above in a pocket-size containing
approximately 70,000 words. Features of this title
are headwords listed with translation, part of
speech, and pronunciation; phrases that follow
each definition using headwords in standard
contexts; and, separate bilingual lists that present
abbreviations, numerals, and more.
Concise Spanish Dictionary
Two-way dictionary with 50,000 entries and all
headwords in blue for quick reference with a
handy verb list at the back. Also includes a 48-
page activity section.
Compact Spanish Dictionary
A portable version of the Concise Spanish
Dictionary excluding the activity section.
Pocket Spanish Dictionary
This mini-sized dictionary with 32,000 entries
and blue headwords is ideal for carrying around.
Diccionario Cambridge Klett
Compact S-E & E-S
Features 110,000 words, phrases and examples,
and 170,000 translations, including new Spanish
words from computing, the internet and
Diccionario Cambridge Klett Mini
S-E & E-S
33,000 words, phrases and examples. Includes a
mini travel guide.
CHAMBERS - Spanish Pocket Dictionary 21.99 Lists 60,000 words and phrases and 90,000 translations with comprehensive treatment of Latin American Spanish words.
to include thousands of the newest words. Included is vocabulary from a wide range of fields, including the internet, computing and business. Further help is provided by lexical and grammatical notes tackling common problems. To make navigation easier, long and complex entries benefit from a clearly structured layout and all the key phrases, idioms and set grammatical patterns are highlighted to speed up consultation.
- Spanish Concise Dictionary
7th Edition
hb 49.99
This updated and revised edition with the
latest vocabulary from a wide range of fields is
designed for intermediate to advanced learners
and suitable for professionals using Spanish in
the course of their work or study.
Spanish Dictionary & Grammar 28.99 Intended for intermediate students it contains over 80,000 references and 110,000 translations and a full step-by-step guide to Spanish grammar.
- Spanish Compact Dictionary 2nd Edition Updated with natural, idiomatic example phrases and in-depth treatment of the most important core vocabulary. The clear layout and handy alphabet tabs make it even easier to find exactly the word you want.
Spanish Pocket Dictionary
The colour layout and clear presentation of
information makes this the ideal text for anyone
who needs a wealth of reliable information in a
portable format.
Gem Spanish Dictionary
A mini version of the Spanish Pocket Dictionary.
Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary 22.99 An easy-reference dictionary with practical and fun supplements, ideal for learners of Spanish of any age who have just begun learning.
BARRON'S Foreign Language Guides S-E & E-S Dictionary 34.00 Contains 100,000 words, phrases and examples with colour headwords for easy reference. Also provided are bilingual lists of numerals, phonetic symbols, abbreviations,
- Spanish School Dictionary
Easy to use colour layout designed for younger
learners but suitable also as an easy introduction
for complete beginners of any age. Grammar,
pronunciation and verb notes and tips are
provided throughout.
- Spanish Dictionary
(Ninth Edition)
hb 79.99
Ideal for advanced learners now updated
Spanish School Dictionary
A clear, easy-to-use layout with a listing of
verb tables makes this a handy and practical
classroom companion for beginners.
Gem Spanish School Dictionary 12.95 A compact version of the Spanish School Dictionary.
10% DISCOUNT o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except items marked `net')
DK Spanish-English Bilingual Visual
Features over 6,000 words and phrases,
thematically arranged into a complete range of
scenes and objects from everyday life. Easy to
use, with a detailed index for instant reference.
Spanish Dictionary
hb 105.95
Thousands of words and up-to-date translations
covering subjects from politics and industry to
technology and ecology with a clear layout for
maximum accessibility in an easy-access colour
design with over 300,000 words and phrases.
School Spanish Dictionary
Written specifically for students in the first years
of learning Spanish with an additional section on
everyday life and culture. The alphabet down the
side of each page and the large print will help
pupils navigate around the dictionary with an
essential verb table list in the centre.
FIREFLY Spanish-English Visual Dictionary Features 28,000 terms in Spanish and English, illustrated with 4,800 colour illustrations. Each key word and phrase is connected to a detailed illustration, making identification quick and accurate.
hb 58.00
- Mini Spanish-English
Visual Dictionary
Over 600 subjects are covered which are
organized into 17 colour-coded sections which
includes 20,000 terms and 3,600 illustrations.
Diccionario Concise S-E & E-S
with CD-ROM
hb 99.00
The dictionary contains 260,000 entries with a
handy guide on Spanish and Latin American
culture, while the CD-ROM contains more than
250,000 words and expressions.
Compact Plus S-E & E-S
with CD-ROM
The dictionary lists 200,000 entries and the
CD-ROM provides 120,000. The book is also
supplemented with a 64-page section with
advice on communication skills such as emails,
SMS and letter writing.
McGraw Hill
McGraw Hill's Spanish
Student Dictionary
Ideal for complete beginners features 3,500
essential words with grammatical information,
easy-to-use pronunciation guide and an example
sentence. The helpful appendices include useful
information such as maps, numbers, weights and
measures, and common mistakes to avoid.
McGraw Hill's Spanish Student
Dictionary for Your iPod
Containing an MP3 CD and an eight page
booklet, this product will allow you to access a
bilingual dictionary anywhere. For each of the
4,000 entries you will hear Spanish and English
pronunciation, you have the chance to master
800 basic words grouped by 30 common themes
and you can you can even create your own play-
- Concise Spanish Dictionary
4th Edition
hb 69.95
Coverage of over 175,000 words and phrases,
and over 240,000 translations along with
cultural notes and a correspondence guide, with
sample letters, emails, CVs, telephoning and text
messaging. Also new to this edition is an internet
supplement, covering, banking, online shopping
and booking tickets, plus social networking.
- Pocket Spanish Dictionary Plus Grammar + Culture + Guide 4th Edition This thoroughly updated edition covers 90,000 words and phrases, and 130,000 translations. Includes supplements of grammar, correspondence and a section on text messages, plus a lifestyle and culture guide.
Spanish Dictionary and Grammar 34.95 This book contains a dictionary, with 100,000 entries, covering all the essential vocabulary to take you from beginner to intermediate level, and an easy to use guide to Spanish grammar.
Beginner's Spanish Dictionary
This dictionary has a fresh approach for first-time
learners, so the right meaning and translation is
found easily. Lists 15,000 words and phrases.
Colour Spanish Dictionary Plus 29.95 Over 100,000 words, phrases, and translations providing all the latest vocabulary from everyday life.
Learner's Spanish Dictionary
This clear, comprehensive colour dictionary is
ideal for complete beginner students.
Paperback Spanish Dictionary
Over 100,000 words, phrases and translations
with usage notes throughout offering help with
frequently-used words.
Spanish Minidictionary
This edition offers up-to-date coverage of all the
essential day-to-day vocabulary with over 40,000
words and phrases and 60,000 translations.
Ideal for travel and quick reference now in an
attractive two-colour design.
Mini School Spanish Dictionary 18.95 A mini format of the Oxford School Spanish Dictionary, with a vinyl cover.
New World S-E & E-S
With clear translations and 70,000 entries this is
one of the most comprehensive mass-market
Spanish dictionaries available.
Vox New College Spanish & English
Vox Compact Spanish & English Dictionary
Vox Super-Mini Spanish & English
New World International E-S & S-E
hb 82.95
This large dictionary is truly international,
with labels to identify 21 different Spanish
Spanish English / English Spanish
Dictionary 5th Edition
This compact sized dictionary has been
completely updated and revised with thousands
of new entries and improved with more
grammatical information and guidance on
accurate word choice.
Diccionario General de la Lengua
hb 65.00
Clear and easy to use, with coloured headwords,
over 70,000 definitions for more than 30,000
entries, specialist vocabulary, neologisms, over
3,000 notes about spelling, phonetics and syntax,
and verb conjugation models for regular and
irregular verbs.
Diccionario de la Lengua Espaсola
Edicion Actualizada
hb 110.00
Features over 50,000 entries; more than 150,000
definitions and current examples of usage; over
70,000 grammatical notes about irregularities
and doubtful usages; over 5,000 words and
meanings from Latin American Spanish;
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
specialist terms and appendices with regular and irregular verb tables.
- Pequeсo Larousse Ilustrado 2009
with CD-ROM
hb 105.00
This beautifully
dictionary is an
excellent reference
tool for any home or
school library. The
CD-ROM contains
more than 500
interactive features
such as videos, maps
and photographs.
Larousse Diccionario Esencial
This compact pocket dictionary of Latin
American Spanish is packed with clear and
simple definitions. Includes 30,000 entries and
54,000 meanings. Ideal for students.
- Larousse Esencial Diccionario de
Sinуnimos y Antуnimos de la Lengua
Espaсola 2nd Edition
Lists over 71,000 synonyms and antonyms with
thousands of notes for guidance and a clear
presentation making it ideal for personal or
academic use.
Larousse Diccionario General de la
Lengua Espaola
hb 85.00
53,000 entries with 11,000 examples of usage
and 35 grammatical tables.
Diccionario de la Lengua Espaсola
2-volume set
hb 185.00
Diccionario Esencial de la Lengua
hb 95.00
An invaluable resource for Spanish speakers,
this lexicon of the Spanish language contains
vocabulary approved by the Real Academia
Espaсola and the Asociaciуn de Academias
de la Lengua Espaсola. The coverage includes
technical vocabulary, colloquialisms, and the
definitions are enriched by sample sentences,
etymologies, and commentary regarding usage
and contexts. In addition, four appendixes cover
conjugations, foreign words, prefixes, suffixes
and spelling.
Diccionario Panhispбnico de Dudas hb 75.00 Designed to serve as a tool for all those wishing to improve and perfect their usage of the Spanish language.
Diccionario Practico del Estudiante hb 24.95
Designed for both native speakers and advanced students this compact dictionary offers 30,000 entries, a selection of the most commonly used and extended Anglicisms, conjugation rules, the cardinal rules of spelling, most frequently used synonyms, abbreviations and acronyms, families of words, as well as practical examples of use. It is a work conceived from all the Hispanic countries, which maintains a fundamental balance between the varieties in the language spoken in so many different regions.
Clave: Diccionario de Uso del Espaсol
Actual with CD-ROM
hb 115.95
Offers numerous notes on orthography,
pronunciation and grammar and contains more
than 75,000 definitions and an appendix with
verb tables and other practical information.
With the CD-ROM, information can be obtained
via different search options and can be used
in conjunction with most word processing
Diccionario de Espaсol
para Extranjeros
hb 74.95
With more than 150,000 definitions, examples
and notes, this is an excellent first monolingual
dictionary. The definitions are clear, with sample
sentences for most entries and practical notes on
pronunciation, orthography, grammar and usage.
Contains a conversation guide which provides
sample conversations for over 40 situations, as
well as a comprehensive verb conjugation guide
covering all conjugation models.
VOX Diccionario Escolar de Lengua Espaсola 49.95 With 19,000 entries with 10,500 giving synonyms and antonyms plus grammar notes makes this ideal for younger students.
Diccionario Manual de Sinуnimos y
Antуnimos de la
Lengua Espaсola
hb 49.95
Contains 128,000 synonyms and antonyms with
a clear layout.
Advanced Spanish Grammar: A Self-
Teaching Guide
Following on from Practical Spanish Grammar:
A Self-Teaching
Guide, this book uses
practical situational
dialogues to teach
some of the more
difficult points of
Spanish grammar. All
points are reinforced
by clear explanations
and exercises, with a full answer key provided.
Advanced Spanish Grammar
(Practice Makes Perfect)
For those who have mastered the fundamentals
and need to work towards fluency. 12 units
present more sophisticated structures
in pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, modal
constructions, problematic prepositions and
idiomatic expressions. Each unit opens with
reference instructions, followed by pages of
short questions and grammar-translation work.
The language is current and a specific aim of the
book is to give learners new practical vocabulary
as they perfect their grammar.
Basic Spanish: A Grammar and Workbook
This workbook presents 20 individual grammar
points in realistic contexts, and is an excellent
reference and practice book for beginners and
for those with some knowledge of the language.
It features authentic reading texts to encourage
an understanding of Spain and Spanish-speaking
countries, reference to Latin American usage
where appropriate, a full answer key for the
exercises and a glossary of grammatical terms.
Can be followed by Intermediate Spanish.
BBC Spanish Grammar
A handy pocket reference guide with a clear
user-friendly layout, placing emphasis on
explanations of the core structures of the
Berlitz Language Handbook
Spanish Grammar
A comprehensive, accessible coverage of
the essentials of Spanish grammar. Includes
explanations of grammatical terms and lively
- Chambers Spanish Grammar 20.00 Designed for learners at any level, this compact reference grammar includes everything from articles to verbs. Essential rules are explained in clear English and points are illustrated with exemplary sentences in everyday Spanish with English translations. Includes a glossary of grammatical terms featured in the book to make instructions comprehensible.
Collins Easy Learning Spanish Grammar This easy-to-use guide takes students through all the basics of Spanish grammar. It features a helpful glossary of grammatical terms, lots of simple, useful examples, helpful tips on using Spanish correctly, and full verb tables with examples
10% DISCOUNT o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except items marked `net')
for all key Spanish verbs. Highly recommended for beginners or students having difficulty with grammatical concepts.
Collins Gem Spanish Grammar
A handy, mini-sized reference, now with
colour to make the layout clearer and more
accessible. Includes verb tables and spelling and
pronunciation tips.
Competencia Gramatical en Uso:
Ejercicios de Gramбtica Forma y Uso
Learn grammar effectively through aural, writing
and spoken practice. Corresponding to the
Common European Framework of Reference for
Languages levels A1-B2 and those standards set
by the Cervantes Institute these exercise books
are ideal for classroom or home use. The answer
keys are sold separately.
Level A1 Book with CD
Level A2 Book with CD
Level B1 Book with CD
Level B2 Book with CD
Correct Your Spanish Blunders
This fun, yet comprehensive, guide helps
students to avoid common pitfalls such as
mispronunciation and misspelling, applying
English grammar patterns to Spanish, putting
verbs in the wrong tense, using incorrect
prepositions, forgetting agreements in gender
and number, and using false cognates. It
contains examples of correct usage for each type
of error, exercises in each chapter and a final
review test.
Diccionario Prбctico de Gramбtica
The text is arranged as a dictionary of
grammatical terms and rules with examples
and is an excellent student's handbook. The
optional accompanying workbook contains
more than 800 exercises and allows for practice
and reinforcement to improve understanding of
grammatical rules.
Workbook Answer Key
Easy Spanish Step-By-Step
This book is based on the idea that the quickest
route to learning Spanish is through a solid
grounding in grammar basics. It features a
unique building block approach to mastering
essential grammar, verbs and vocabulary; down-
to-earth explanations of important rules and
concepts; 300 verbs and hundreds of key terms
introduced on the basis of frequency; exercises
to help students test what they've learned and
measure progress; and engaging readings that
help hone skills in everyday contexts.
English Grammar for Students of
Explains Spanish grammar in terms of its English
equivalents. This is the perfect book for students who are having trouble grappling with the grammatical terms themselves.
Gramбtica Bбsica del Estudiante de
This full-colour title is an excellent tool for
beginners and intermediate students. It offers
thorough descriptions and straightforward
explanations accompanied by illustrations and
exercises. It includes an answer key, verb tables
and a complete thematic index.
Gramбtica de Uso del Espaсol:
Teorнa y Prбctica
These excellent
resources follow the
successful recipe
of many current
grammars ­ the
left page provides
examples and rules
and the right-hand
page provides the
exercises and practice
for the student. Numerous examples are given
with boxes highlighting the most important
grammar points and illustrations that help in the
understanding of the grammar explanations. An
answer key is included in each volume.
Book A1 ­ B2
- Book A1 ­ A2
- Book B1 ­ B2
- Book C1 ­ C2
Gramбtica en Diбlogo
Grammar is introduced in a fun way through real
contexts integrated in day-to-day conversations.
For adolescent or adult beginners.
Gramбtica para la Composiciуn 116.00 Refined by years of classroom testing and analysis of the problems students encounter, this substantially rewritten edition guides advanced students through progressively more complex types of writing by organising the grammar lessons on a functionalist basis around the needs of composition. It focuses on work in six levelappropriate types of composition: description, synopsis, personal narrative, creative narrative, exposition, and argumentation. Each lesson has been clearly divided into two distinct parts: `Presentaciуn' (material that students prepare before class) and `Aplicaciуn' (the activities they do in class or as homework). This innovative approach to teaching Spanish grammar and composition promotes systematic
Language Development and enables students to strengthen their expressive and editing skills with the language in order to write more effectively and more confidently.
Intermediate Spanish:
A Grammar and Workbook
This text follows Basic Spanish from the same
series and is designed for learners who have
basic proficiency and wish to progress to
more complex language. Each unit combines
concise grammar explanations with examples
and exercises to help build confidence and
fluency. Features include: clear explanations
of the similarities and differences in English
and Spanish grammar, authentic language
examples from contemporary media,
comprehension questions at the end of each
unit, cross-referencing throughout, extra tips on
language learning and learning specific grammar
points, and insights into contemporary Spanish
and Latin American cultures. An answer key at
the back makes this suitable for independent
study as well as class work.
Just Enough Spanish Grammar
This little beginner-level reference book uses
colourful illustrations throughout to drive the
grammar points home. Nouns, adjectives,
pronouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions,
conjunctions and interjections are drawn and
explained with bite-sized English. A short answer
key for the few practice questions scattered
throughout appears at the back. Good for self-
study or to supplement mainstream textbooks.
Suitable for older teens to adults.
Live Spanish Grammar for English
Each lesson is divided into separate beginner
and intermediate sections and formatted
around a double-page structure: on the left a
presentation of grammar in context containing
visual supports as well as clear and simple
explanations; on the right, various exercises
developing the grammatical concepts.
Answer Key
Modern Spanish Grammar:
A Practical Guide
This innovative
reference guide to
Spanish combines
traditional and function-
based grammar in
a single volume.
The accompanying
workbook features
exercises and activities which link directly to the
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
Nice `n' Easy Spanish Grammar
Pocket-sized reference with exercises for
beginners and intermediate students.
Practical Spanish Grammar:
A Self-Teaching Guide
Teaches grammatical forms through practical
situational dialogues, reinforced by clear
explanations and lots of exercises. See also
Advanced Spanish Grammar: A Self-Teaching
Practica Tu Espaсol
ea 33.95
Each of these workbooks with abundant
examples and a variety of exercises with
solutions tackles some of the most difficult
aspects of Spanish grammar.
Practica la Conjugaciуn
Las Preposiciones
El Subjuntivo
Ser y Estar
Los Tiempos del Pasado
Side-by-Side Spanish and
English Grammar
Compare and contrast at a glance essential
elements of Spanish and English grammar.
Spanish: An Essential Grammar
A concise and user-friendly reference guide to
the most important aspects of Spanish, with
simple explanations, authentic examples and a
detailed contents list and index.
Spanish Demysti ed
Using everyday Spanish expressions, the book
covers key grammar fundamentals such as verb
tenses, nouns, pronouns, and gender in a clear,
efficient way. Essential words and phrases quickly
build vocabulary, and quizzes at the end of every
chapter reinforce new skills. An introductory
chapter reviews correct pronunciation, although
transliterations are given for irregular words
throughout. Good for beginners or as review for
intermediate readers. Answers appear at the end.
Spanish (Schaum's Easy Outlines) 20.96 Major grammatical points set out in a clear, concise format. Great for revision and exam preparation. Contains full answer key.
Spanish Grammar (Barron's)
A small size book packed with helpful and
practical instruction make this a handy
quick-reference tool. Topics covered include
punctuation, idioms, parts of speech, sentence
structure, and pronunciation advice.
Spanish Grammar (Schaum's Outline) 32.95 A comprehensive self-study workbook with numerous examples, exercises, drills and verb charts.
Spanish Grammar in Context:
Analysis and Practice
This unique book uses
lively and varied authentic
texts from newspapers
and magazines from
across the Spanish-
speaking world as starting
points for illustrating and
explaining key points
of Spanish grammar.
Grammar points are
explained clearly, with plenty of exercises to
practise key points and build vocabulary. An
answer key is provided in the back of the book.
Spanish Grammar in Review
More than just a grammar text, this language
resource uses a workbook approach to help
students develop communication skills and
express themselves in Spanish with confidence.
Each chapter has a clearly stated learning
goal, clear, concrete examples to illustrate the
grammatical points, and plenty of write-in
exercises to practice the structures. Also includes
a vocabulary list and glossary of grammatical
Spanish Grammar the Easy Way
This grammar reference and workbook helps
give students a clearer understanding of the
structure of Spanish, as well as assisting them to
develop their comprehension and vocabulary
skills. It is divided into 18 chapters that cover
pronunciation, parts of speech, and aspects
of Spanish grammar that learners often find
confusing. Every topic is followed by a wealth
of exercises, with a complete answer key at the
Spanish Grammar Workbook
This workbook is ideal for home-study or
revision, consolidating work done in the
classroom. Features clear grammatical
explanations, answers to all questions so
students can self-mark, and practice activities for
every topic.
Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions
Divided into two sections, Part one deals with
pronouns in all their manifestations. Units begin
with an outline of the rules and give short
sentence exercises that put the new information
in context. Part two presents the most common
and important prepositions in a similar format.
Here, comparisons between Spanish and the
equivalent English expressions drive home
the gist of preposition use with each section
followed by a review quiz. All answers appear at
the back of the book. An English-Spanish list of
the used vocabulary is also included.
- Spanish Pronouns Up Close
(Practice Makes Perfect)
This volume pinpoints
the pronouns:
reflexive object,
direct object, indirect
object, demonstrative,
interrogative, relative
and indefinite, and
the uses of `se'. Nine
chapters concentrate
on advancing skills towards fluency and
comprehension. Clear English explanations are
followed by practical tasks that concurrently
increase vocabulary. Answers appear at the back.
Good for both self-study and supplementary
class work.
Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions
(Practice Makes Perfect)
Contains concise, user-friendly explanations with
generous and varied practice helping students
to develop their knowledge of how and why
pronouns and prepositions are used.
- Spanish Sentence Builder
(Practice Makes Perfect)
Taking off where other grammar books leave,
this smart book devotes a chapter on each of
the major structures in daily use. The declarative,
interrogative, questions and answers, sentences
with conjunctions, those using adjectives
and adverbs, word order in each, idioms, the
subjunctive and many others all make an
appearance. As usual, there are lots of short,
relevant exercises that provide practice as well
as extend vocabulary. Includes answer key at the
back of the book.
- The Spanish Subjunctive Up Close
(Practice Makes Perfect)
Seven detailed units outline exactly when this
often difficult tense is used, how to form its four
tenses, its role in adverbial expressions and in
adjective clauses among others. Instructions are
in clear English, with plenty of practice in each
unit. Answers appear at the back. Good for
both self-study and supplementary class work.
Spanish Verbs and Essentials of Grammar See VERBS section.
- Speed Up Your Spanish: Strategies to Avoid Common Errors 64.00 A unique and innovative resource that identifies and explains such errors, thereby enabling students of Spanish to learn from their mistakes while enhancing their
10% DISCOUNT o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except items marked `net')
understanding of the Spanish language. Each of the nine chapters focuses on a grammatical category where English speakers typically make mistakes and each chapter is divided into sections that classify the concepts and errors into subcategories. Full explanations are provided throughout with clear, comprehensive examples and exercises to help the learner gain an indepth understanding of Spanish grammar and usage.
A Student Grammar of Spanish 59.95 Assuming no prior knowledge of grammatical terminology, each aspect of Spanish grammar is explained in clear and simple terms, with a wealth of examples to illustrate them. Clearly organised into 30 units, each covering a different aspect of grammar, the book functions both as an essential reference guide and a comprehensive workbook. The range of fun and engaging exercises, which include pair and group activities, are suitable for both classroom use and self-study. Each unit is split into two levels, basic and intermediate, making this grammar the perfect accompaniment to any first or second year undergraduate course.
- Talk Spanish Grammar:
A Clear New Approach
Using the tried-and-
tested principles
of the bestselling
Talk Spanish and
Talk Spanish 2, it de-
mystifies grammar
and guides the
learner through key
structures of Spanish
in a manner that
is easy to follow
even with little or
no experience of grammar and grammatical
terminology. With its straightforward approach
and attractive layout, it contains clear
explanations, useful examples, learning tips and
strategies, and plenty of practice activities to
reinforce the language patterns.
The Ultimate Spanish Review and
For intermediate and advanced students with
answer key included. On the CD-ROM an
innovative program of audio exercises that re-
create authentic situations and develop listening
skills provides learners with diagnostic and
review tests with 180 exercises to determine
their skills and monitor their progress.
Book with Win CD-ROM
The Ultimate Spanish Review and
Practice CD Edition
These two 75-minute audio CDs contain 45
interactive exercises designed to help students
build confidence in accurate communication by building their skills in Spanish grammar. Also includes 12 dictation exercises and a 48-page booklet containing all the exercises and answers in written form.
Uso de la Gramбtica Espгnola
A series of graded exercises to help students
prepare for the E.L.E. exams, or for use as a
general grammatical workbook. A separate
answer key is available for each level to facilitate
independent study. See also Para Conjugar in
VERBS section.
Elemental Text
Elemental Answer Key
Intermedio Text
Intermedio Answer Key
Avanzado Text
Avanzado Answer Key
Uso de la Gramбtica Espaсola Junior
These full-colour
grammar exercise
and activity books are
excellent for upper
primary and junior
secondary students, or
for Saturday schools
for young speakers
of Spanish needing
grammar and writing
assistance. Each book
is based on 24 themes, with each section
containing a summary and examples of the
grammar before launching into dozens of
exercises. A section of communicative activities
at the back of the book will help students put
what they have learned into action.
Elemental Text
Elemental Guнa Didбctica
Intermedio Text
Intermedio Guнa Didбctica
Avanzado Text
Avanzado Guнa Didбctica
VERBS 501 Spanish Verbs with CD-ROM 29.95 This up-to-date edition with added words and expressions and a twocolour design for easy reference is now also accompanied with a CD-ROM giving students practice exercises in verb conjugation plus a concise grammar review. This comprehensive guide to Spanish verb usage provides a wealth of reference material and language tips, including a bilingual list of more than 1,250 additional Spanish verbs and helpful expressions and idioms for travellers.
750 Spanish Verbs and their Uses 32.95 An easy-to-use, alphabetised guide to correct verb usage, with fully translated common phrases and idiomatic expressions.
2000+ Essential Spanish Verbs with
As well as having over 2,000 verbs in alphabetical
order and full conjugation charts for 250 verbs,
this innovative book also includes an extensive
Verbs in Action section with sample sentences,
full dialogues and practice exercises with
answers. Appendices include the uses of ser and
estar, verbs that change meaning in the reflexive
form, idiomatic expressions, and regional
differences in the use of verbs.
The Big Red Book of Spanish Verbs
with CD-ROM
With 555 fully conjugated verbs, and over 2,700
verbs cross-referenced to the conjugation
models, this is one of the best value verb books
on the market. Its unique and useful features
include a handy alphabetical index to help
decipher irregular verb forms, usage examples
for every verb, including extended usage
examples for verbs. The CD-ROM contains over
200 interactive exercises. These will help students
to form verb tenses and choose the right
tenses, master common idioms and everyday
expressions, and track and evaluate their
progress with a pre-test and a comprehensive
review test.
- Chambers Spanish Verbs
This pocket-sized paperback with its two-colour
design for easy searching is an ideal revision
tool. The book opens with detailed explanations
of verb categories, tenses and constructions,
followed by over 200 fully conjugated regular
and irregular verbs. A further 2,400 indexed
Spanish verbs refer to these tables. A second
index contains 1,500 common English verbs
corresponding to their Spanish equivalents in
the tables.
Collins Easy Learning Spanish Verbs 19.95 This book gives the complete beginner all they need to know to grasp Spanish verbs. It starts with a glossary of the necessary grammatical terms, followed by sections on each tense explaining clearly when to use that tense and how to form it, as well as sections on various verb combinations. It has verb tables for over 100 verbs with all tenses clearly presented and helpful sample phrases. The accessible colour layout makes it very easy to use.
Conjugar es Fбcil en Espaсol
de Espaсa y de Amйrica
A book of tables and examples of the current
use of verbs in European and Latin American
Spanish. See also Para Conjugar.
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
Langenscheidt's Pocket Bescherelle
Spanish Verbs
This handy sized flexi-cover guide provides clear
and useful examples illustrating the correct use
of Spanish prepositions. Contains 12,000 Spanish
The Red Pocket Book of Spanish Verbs:
333 Fully Conjugated Verbs
This pocket version of the excellent Big Red
Book of Spanish Verbs has most of the same
features as the larger book, with 333 verbs fully
conjugated and an index of 2,300 verbs. Special
features include an index of irregular verb
forms to help track down those tricky verbs, full
pages of examples for the top 30 verbs, and an
extensive introduction explaining the various
- Spanish Past-Tense Verbs Up Close
(Practice Makes Perfect)
The focus here is the
past-tense: imperfect,
preterite, present
perfect, pluperfect,
conditional and
conditional perfect.
Eight units tweak
the intermediate
learner's skills
closer to the native
speaker's level. Clear English explanations are
followed by practical tasks that concurrently
increase vocabulary. Answers at the back render
the book good for self-study. Also suitable as
supplementary classroom work for older teens
and adults.
Spanish Verb Drills
Can be used as a textbook supplement in a
Spanish-language course or as a self-study text
for learning and review.
Spanish Verbs
Approximately 300 of the most frequently used
Spanish verbs are presented, one verb per page,
in this pocket-sized reference guide.
Spanish Verb Tenses
(Practice Makes Perfect)
A workbook with a wealth of varied exercises
and concise explanations divided into three
main parts. Part 1 deals with the present tense-
including the conjugation of regular verbs,
formation of questions, essential differences
between ser and estar, use of the personal a,
reflexive verbs, and the present progressive
mood. Part 2 covers the other six tenses of the
indicative mood: preterite, imperfect, future,
conditional, present perfect, and past perfect
while Part 3 presents the imperative and the
subjunctive, as well as the future perfect,
conditional perfect, and the passive voice.
Spanish Verb Workbook
With practice in all verb tenses, this
comprehensive book will help students
improve their fluency in speaking, writing and
understanding Spanish. It features tips and notes
on correct usage, illustrative dialogues, and a
wealth of exercises including crossword puzzles
in Spanish. A full answer key is included at the
Spanish Verbs and Essentials of
In addition to providing essential concepts
regarding Spanish verbs and grammar, this
book includes an index of the 300 most popular
verbs, which can be cross-referenced with the
numerous verb tables appearing throughout
the book. This comprehensive Spanish tutorial
contains plenty of examples using contemporary
language to give you a taste of real-life
situations. Each unit focuses on a single verbal
or grammatical concept, providing concise yet
comprehensive explanations.
Verb Wheel Spanish Irregular Verbs 9.95 Shows 60 irregular Spanish verbs. This monolingual verb wheel has all six conjugations for five verb tenses: presente, indefinido, futuro, condicional and perfecto. Irregular conjugations are indicated by a bold font.
The Ultimate Spanish Verb Review and
This resource helps intermediate to advanced
learners to quickly build their mastery of the
Spanish sentence by comparing and contrasting
Spanish and English verb tenses and sentence
structures. It features examples of Spanish verb
and sentence structures in everyday language;
exercises including sentence completion,
sentence building, dialogue writing, translation
and verb-form replacement; hundreds of verbs
listed in both structural and semantic groupings;
and coverage of contemporary Spanish
including computer and technology verbs.
IDIOMS, SLANG & PROVERBS - 101 Spanish Idioms with MP3 CD 19.95 Humorous volume of colourful Spanish idioms with cartoon illustrations to help explain what these common phrases truly mean. This enhanced edition contains a 90-minute MP3 disc with 101 dialogues, spoken by native speakers.
101 Spanish Riddles
This wonderful collection of Spanish riddles
and puzzles, illustrated with quirky cartoons, gives insight into Spanish language and humour. Explanations are given of wordplays, idioms and culture, and where helpful, there are also dialogues or narratives to show how the language in the riddle is used in everyday Spanish. These colourful riddles, dialogues and narratives are sure to help students increase their grasp of the language.
2001 Spanish & English Idioms
Features two separate alphabetical listings
(English-Spanish /Spanish-English), with each
idiom defined and followed by an illustrative
The Big Red Book of Spanish Idioms 25.99 12,000 Spanish and English expressions for intermediate and advanced learners.
Chamber's Pardon my Spanish! 22.99 This bilingual pocket slang dictionary has been extensively updated with hundreds of new words and expressions. It an unabashed, non-prudish collection of non-standard language, from the colloquial to the vulgar. An ideal companion for Hispanophiles and Hispanophobes alike!
- Dictionary of Spanish Slang and Colloquial Expressions 2nd Edition (Barron's) Up-to-date dictionary of 4,500 Spanish slang and colloquial expressions. Grammatical information and sentence examples are given, as well as indications of the origins of words according to social groups or geographical areas.
Larousse Diccionario de Slang: El Lengua de la Calle Mбs Actual 29.95 This two-way dictionary aims to provide indepth coverage of the most common informal terms used in spoken and written English and Spanish. With abundant example sentences the words included may range from colloquial to vulgar but clearly great efforts have been made to ensure that the translations come as close as possible to conveying the nuances of the term being translated which is normally lacking in a standard dictionary.
Spanish Idioms (Barron's)
Handy pocket guide with more than 2,000
commonly used idioms illustrated in simple
sentences with English translations.
10% DISCOUNT o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except items marked `net')
Street Spanish All the Spanish you never learn at school! Book 1: The Best of Spanish Slang Book 2: The Best of Spanish Idioms Book 3: The Best of Naughty Spanish
27.95 27.95 27.95
Streetwise Spanish with Audio CD 32.95 The audio edition of this popular guide to everyday Spanish helps clue the reader in on the idioms, colloquialisms, slang and vulgarisms currently used by Spanish speakers from all regions and walks of life. It features an overview of `signature' words differentiating speakers across the Spanish-speaking world, engaging exercises to test comprehension and fine-tune skills, vocabulary lists and a mini-dictionary. The CD features 30 dialogues spoken by Spanish speakers from more than 15 countries to give exposure to authentic regional accents.
Streetwise Spanish Dictionary /
The user-friendly guide to Spanish slang and
- Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder hb 72.00 An excellent reference book for those studying Spanish. Over 37000 common phrases and idioms in Spanish and English help learners find equivalents of expressions that go a long way in making one sound like a native. How would you say `take a break' in Spanish without puzzling interlocutors? The lexical approach is one of the best ways to boost confidence and enable fluency even in beginners. Includes both Castilian and Latin American Spanish phrases.
Advanced Spanish Vocabulary
Vocabulary is divided into topic-based sections
with activities that encourage the use of new
language. Also contains useful additional
materials such as verb tables and tips on study
The Big Red Book of Spanish
This complete reference for vocabulary building
contains 14,000 thematically arranged Spanish
cognates, over 14,000 terms grouped by word
root, a guide to 130 Spanish suffixes with 4,600
examples, a frequency table of 5,000 most
commonly used words and a cross-referenced
alphabetical index.
El Bloc: Espaсol en Imбgenes net 37.95 This is an A5-sized, spiral-bound cross between a picture dictionary and a vocabulary book. The first half consists of colourful illustrations of Spanish words in the usual categories such as food, body, colour and jobs. The second half tests and strengthens memory with pictures for learners to label, gap-fill exercises and short questions. Instructions are in Spanish and an answer key and a glossary are at the end. Good for learners of any age, independent or in groups . Collins Easy Learning Spanish Words18.99 Suitable for learners of Spanish of various ages, whether learning at school, in an evening class or for business.
- Chambers Spanish Vocabulary 19.99 This pocket-sized tool serves well as revision and for homework and essay writing preparation. Thousands of words and phrases are thematically grouped, with subjects ranging from the human body to topical issues. Easily confused words, false friends and common errors are pointed out, as are differences in Castilian and Latin American Spanish usage.
A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish 64.00 This invaluable tool allows students of all levels to maximise their study of Spanish vocabulary in an efficient and engaging way. It lists the 5,000 most frequently used words in the language, with a detailed list in order of frequency as well as cross-referenced alphabetical and part of speech indexes. All entries in the frequency list are accompanied by the English translation and a sample sentence.
Oxford Spanish Cartoon Strip
Vocabulary Builder
These hilarious, true-to-life cartoons illustrate
how to speak Spanish as the Spanish do.
Cartoons by famous French cartoonist Claire
Bretйcher cover all the contemporary issues
that you really want to talk about, with the
spoken language that is often so different to the
standard language taught in class. Differences
between European and Latin American Spanish
are also indicated.
Palabra por Palabra: New Advanced Spanish Vocabulary 24.50 This highly practical resource provides full support for those following topic-based syllabuses. Its invaluable bank of relevant vocabulary makes it great as a means of revision.
Spanish by Association (Link Word) 16.94 Written by the internationally-respected expert on memory improvement ­ Dr Michael Gruneberg ­ this book works with association and memory by providing easy-to-remember word-pictures to help recall words in Spanish.
Spanish Vocabulary:
An Etymological Approach
hb 25.00
Unlike other vocabulary guides that require the
rote memorisation of hundreds of words, this
book starts from the premise that using the
etymological connections between Spanish
and English words--their common derivations
from Latin, Greek and other languages--is the
most effective way to acquire and remember
vocabulary. This approach is suitable for
beginners as well as for advanced students.
Teachers of the language will also find much
material that can be used to help motivate
their students to acquire, and retain, Spanish
Spanish Vocabulary (Barron's)
Handy pocket reference with over 5,000 words
divided into useful categories.
Spanish Vocabulary
(Practice Makes Perfect)
Aimed at the beginner to advanced beginner
learner, teenagers to adults. Over 150
entertaining and compelling activities and
readings are spread across 11 chapters. These
exercises revise and reinforce basic grammar
and language structures even as they teach new
vocabulary in the context of practical everyday
scenarios. Suitable for classroom and self-study.
Spanish Vocabulary
(Schaum's Outline)
This workbook provides plenty of exercises for
beginner and intermediate students and covers
both European and Latin American Spanish.
Using Spanish Synonyms
This second edition has been thoroughly revised
and updated, and includes new material on
Argentinian and Mexican varieties, including
a useful comparison of Mexican and Iberian
Spanish. It will continue to be an essential
reference for college and undergraduate
students, their teachers, and language
professionals seeking a clear, user-friendly guide
to Spanish synonyms and their usage.
Using Spanish Vocabulary 99.00 Provides a comprehensive and structured vocabulary for all levels of undergraduate Spanish courses. It offers a broad coverage of the
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
concrete and abstract vocabulary relating to the physical, cultural, social, commercial and political environment, as well as exposure to commonly encountered technical vocabulary. The accompanying exercises for private study and classroom use are designed to promote precision and awareness of nuance and register, develop good dictionary use, and encourage effective learning. The book includes both Iberian and Latin American vocabulary, and clearly identifies differences between the two varieties.
Vocabulario en Diбlogo
Book & CD
Vocabulary is introduced in a fun way through
brief contextualised dialogues and activities. For
adolescent or adult beginners.
Aires de Fiesta Latina:
Un Recorrido por Latinoamйrica a Traves
de 12 Lecturas
Join Amy Randall, an
English journalist, as
she travels though
different Latin American
countries and recounts
her experiences through
12 stories. Suitable
for intermediate
level readers, they
will be exposed to
the traditions, culture and foods of the Latin
American people. Explanatory notes with
vocabulary and socio-cultural references have
been provided as well as activities to test
understanding and practice accentuation.
Album: Cuentos del Mundo Hispбnico
Book with 2 CDs
This reader is designed to transition students
from reading controlled elementary-level
materials to appreciating authentic literature. The
29 short stories, written by authors from Spain,
Latin America, and the United States, appear
in order of increasing difficulty. Many features,
including generous notes and a range of varied
activities, including pair and group activities
and writing assignments, aid comprehension
and encourage oral and written self-expression,
as well as Critical thinking about the selections.
The audio CDs ­ recorded by native speakers ­
feature readings from each selection and testing
students' listening comprehension via a series of
true/false questions.
Better Reading Spanish: A Reader & Guide to Improving Your Understanding of Written Spanish 26.95 The fascinating range of materials in this book is an excellent way for advanced beginner or intermediate students to practice and sharpen
their Spanish. With sections on cooking, music, sport, cinema, art, family, lifestyles, history and politics, the short passages reflect a huge range of Spanish and Latin American life and language. Each article is followed by a set of exercises to help comprehension and develop skills.
Colecciуn Prбctica
These workbooks
offer a large range of
diverse exercises and
activities to practise and
comprehend written
Spanish at a basic level.
The practice pages
include grammar as well
as useful vocabulary and
are suitable for adults and teenagers. Instructions
are in simple Spanish and an answer key is
provided at the end.
Expresiуn Escrita
Comprensiуn Escrita
Colecciуn Prбcticos ELE: Ortografнa
Esencial con el Espaсol que se Habla Hoy
en Espaсa y en Amйrica Latina
This easy to understand reference lists all the
basic rules of Spanish orthography with clear
explanations and examples and also includes
over 45 pages of exercises with answers provided.
Graded Spanish Reader:
Primera Etapa
Developed for beginning and intermediate-
level students this reader features selections of
fiction, poetry, and drama by renowned Spanish
and Latin American literary figures with a brief
biography of each author, cultural and historical
background. The brief grammar reviews reinforce
basic vocabulary, offering succinct explanations
of the grammar used in the selections, and
facilitating accuracy in oral and written
activities through charts and tables. Reading
comprehension support includes a variety of
exercises in multiple-choice, true-false or short-
answer format to verify students' understanding
of the essential details of the selection's content.
How to Write in Spanish: Spanish
Correspondence Made Easy
Combining the features of a reference and
workbook, this clear and concise book helps
non-native speakers to communicate effectively
in writing in a range of different situations. Types
of writing covered include applications and
cover letters, CVs, business and bank documents,
personal and business emails, and personal
letters, greeting cards and postcards.
Imбgenes de Amйrica Latina
Imбgenes de Espaсa See SPANISH & LATIN AMERICAN CULTURE section.
Leer en Espaсol
The 20 lessons in this
intermediate reading
text are divided into
four broad categories ­
Cultura, Vida, Relaciones
and Mundo. The reading
materials cover a variety
of interesting and
relevant contemporary
topics in a range of different formats. Various
activities are provided including comprehension
and grammatical exercises, and group, oral and
written extension exercises. An answer key is also
Manual de Estilo: Guнa Prбctica para Escribir Mejor 34.00 This handy, spiral-bound book helps the writer to resolve the many doubts and uncertainties encountered when writing in Spanish. It covers problems frequently encountered with aspects such as punctuation, capitalisation and parts of speech, and includes appendices covering words often used incorrectly, Latin and foreign words, abbreviations, etc.
Mбs Que Palabras Book and Audio CD:
Literatura por Tareas
This very attractively presented title is a selection
of excerpts accompanied by task-based exercises
to examine Spanish and Latin-American
literature from the end of the 19th century to the
present day. Suitable for intermediate students,
the book covers poetry, narrative and theatre,
with the carefully selected texts chosen as
most amenable to students of Spanish, with
each embodying a particular time or style. A
glossary of related words, information about
literary movements, small author biographies,
a chronology of Hispanic literature and a notes
and solutions guide are also included. The
accompanying CD contains a selection of the
texts read-a-loud.
Ortografнa Lengua Espaсola: Respuestas en Cuestiуn de Segundos 29.95 This handy-sized easy to use reference tool is ideal for those moments whether at school, work or at home by offering recommendations, suggestions and examples to questions regarding common orthography doubts.
Read and Think Spanish Features over 100 articles in Spanish that bring the language and culture alive, hands-on exercises to test comprehension and reinforce new vocabulary, and a bilingual glossary on each page that highlights and defines key words and
10% DISCOUNT o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except items marked `net')
phrases in that article. Answer key is provided at
the back.
Book & Audio CD
Spanish for Reading:
A Self- Instructional Course
This unusual approach to reading
comprehension is suitable for classroom or self-
study. It begins by demonstrating similarities
between words and structures in English and
Spanish, and works through passages of graded
difficulty through to selections by well-known
Textos Literarios y Ejercicios
These are excellent materials for classroom or
independent study. Each book contains a range
of original and entertaining readings, with a brief
note about the author, lexical and grammatical
exercises, and oral and written activities. Full
answer keys are provided.
Nivel Medio 1
Nivel Medio 2
Nivel Avanzado
Nivel Superior
ЎBien Dicho! Ejercicios de Expresiуn Oral
with Audio CD
This book presents
a wide range of fun
and imaginative
oral activities for
intermediate students.
The exercises are
organised into two
main categories: types
of oral interaction
(such as conversations, interviews, debates and
stories), and situational contexts (such as social,
professional, or everyday situations). An answer
key is included in the book.
Conversaciones Creadores with
Audio CD
This text provides a dynamic, learner-centred
approach that challenges students to become
active participants in the learning process and
fosters creative expression. The grammatical
review sections, correlating to the conversations
in each chapter, promote the resourceful use
of language whilst the audio CD supports
pronunciation, reinforces speech patterns and
promotes cultural and linguistic awareness
through unscripted interviews with native
Escucha y Aprende
The 20 units in this book will help beginning
students to improve their listening
comprehension to intermediate level. The topics
covered avoid tourist Spanish, instead covering
a broad range of topics common in everyday life and conversation. The two accompanying audio CDs contain 100 recordings, both monologues and dialogues, and there are ample exercises in each chapter. The transcripts and answers are provided at the back of the book.
Hablemos en Clase Conversation practice for advanced students. This text proposes ideas and material for 30-40 hours of conversation.
Sonido y Sentido:
Teoria y Prбctica de
la Pronunciaciуn del
Espaсol with Audio CD
Written in Spanish, this introduction to Spanish
phonetics and phonology will improve both the
pronunciation and understanding of spoken
Spanish by demonstrating the specific ways in
which the sound pattern of Spanish differs from
English. Together, the book and CD emphasise
the sounds and sound combinations that are
most problematic for learners and also highlights
the most important differences among varieties
within the Spanish-speaking world. In addition to
a clear theoretical analysis of Spanish phonology,
this text introduces the Fundamental Concepts
of language, Spanish language, and the teaching
and learning of phonetics. Also provided are
exercises, pronunciation drills, and each chapter
concludes with a Para pensar section, which tests
comprehension of the concepts presented.
The Sounds of Spanish
with Audio CD
Designed particularly
for speakers of English
and assuming no prior
study of linguistics,
it both defines and
describes the phonetic
and phonological
characteristics of
Spanish as it is spoken
in both Spain and
Latin America. With excellent explanations of
consonants, vowels, acoustics, stress, syllables,
intonation and variations within Spanish, this
text also makes clear comparisons between
the sounds of Spanish and English. Moreover,
theory becomes practical with over 50 exercises
that are graded according to difficulty. Divided
into 14 chapters, including four comprehensive
appendices, this fascinating reference guide will
be of great value to intermediate and advanced
students of Spanish.
Spanish Among Amigos: Conversational Spanish Beyond the Classroom 26.95 The 21 short, readable units introduce the reader to everyday Spanish in a conversational
context, with realistic, spontaneous-sounding conversations on everything from love and gossip to shopping and work. Using this book will help students to gain insight into the nuances of verbal exchanges between Spanish speakers, determine meaning through context rather than direct translation, and correct common beginners' mistakes. There are short quizzes and exercises to test comprehension, and a full glossary that differentiates Spanish and Latin American usage.
Spanish Among Amigos Phrasebook:
Conversations for the Socially
Pepa and Pili are back again in this phrasebook,
unlike any other, that will help you to dive into
conversation and experience the rhythm and the
excitement of everyday Spanish. With not too
much effort and with lots of fun, you can learn
hundreds of expressions (with formal, informal
and downtown variations) as well as when and
how to use them.
Talk Spanish (BBC)
Short beginners' course for senior secondary
level and adult beginners. Ideal for TAFE and
other short courses. Now updated with Euro.
Book & 2 Audio CDs Pack
Talk Spanish 2 (BBC)
This is the second level of the above course,
suitable for those fairly confident with the
basics. The language is geared towards practical
issues like visiting the doctor, buying property,
working with computers, weekend outings, and
daily life in France. Specialised vocabulary and
more complex grammar points are presented
in small doses, with short exercises leading
towards fluency. 140 minutes (two audio CDs)
of recorded dialogues by native speakers
and listening exercises accompany the book.
Transcripts, answers, a reference grammar and
glossary appear at the back of the book. Ideal for
self-study or small, informal classes.
Book only
Book and CD Pack
- Tune Up Your Spanish with MP3 CD 32.95 This fun, informative and highly effective guide is structured around eight `tune-ups', covering areas such as non-verbal communication, the reductions and linking that occur in Spanish when spoken at natural speed, essential phrases for emotion, enthusiasm and irony, cultural guidance for rules of courtesy, and an overview of regional variations. The accompanying MP3
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
CD contains 800 essential expressions and a 60-minute refresher course.
BUSINESS Larrousse Diccionario de Marketing: Mas de 6,500 Palabras y Expresiones 32.00 Developed from the databases used for the Harrap's Business Dictionary, and with the assistance of experts in business, this two-way dictionary brings together terms from all areas of sales and marketing, including advertising, distribution, import/export, market research and retailing.
Manual of Business Spanish
A comprehensive language guide. The
essential one-stop reference for students and
professionals studying or working in business
and management where Spanish is used.
Suitable for self-study and class use at all levels.
Pocket Business Spanish Dictionary 23.95 This handy dictionary contains over 5,000 terms translated to and from Spanish, covering all aspects of business including office practice, the stock market, international trading, accounting and marketing terminology. It also includes a supplement of sample business correspondence in Spanish and English.
Talk Business Spanish
Mac/Win CD-ROM
Aimed at people who already know the basics,
it gives the specialised language you need for
doing business abroad. Must-know language
ranges from basics like `what is your website
address?' to more advanced discussion of
exchange rates, product guarantees and
marketing budgets. Covers European Spanish.
Websters New World English Spanish / Spanish English Business Dictionary 57.95 This comprehensive reference, with a userfriendly format designed for quick reference, helps bridge the language gap for conducting business in both Spanish and English with more than 80,000 entries. Business terms covered include accounting, advertising, commerce, economics, e-commerce, finance, international trade, tax, securities, banking, real estate, management and insurance.
100% Espaсol
ea 60.00
These two collections of photocopiable activity
worksheets will complement any intermediate
level class. The level of difficulty is provided
for each activity with clear explanations given.
Aimed at adolescents, but also suitable for adults.
ЎA Leer!
ЎA Aprender Gramбtica!
Actividades Lъdicas para la Clase de
net 50.55
Included in this activity collection are
suggestions for the classroom and photo-
copiable materials in 30 units, with focus on
grammar practice, vocabulary and speaking.
- AQA Spanish
ea 45.95
Designed as study guides for the AQA AS and
A2 exams, these books can also be used as
supplementary material in advanced-level
courses. The 12 chapters in each level deal with
contemporary social issues and topics such as
the media, the arts, immigration, politics and
health. Authentic articles and further links to
written and audio material online add social
relevance to the course. A grammar reference
section and glossary appear at the back.
AQA Spanish AS Student Book
AQA Spanish A2 Student Book
- Argentina Manual de Civilizaciуn
An excellent resource
for background
information and
activities on Argentina
with selected texts
spoken on the
accompanying CD.
Modules include
geography, flora and
fauna of Argentina,
politics, health and education, food, arts, sports,
and the media. This text is particularly good
for high school students and is extremely well
presented with excellent balance with text and
Answer Key
Art of Teaching Spanish:
Second Language Acquisition from
Research to Praxis
A comprehensive and up-to-date overview of
the field of Spanish second-language acquisition.
Covering key theoretical and practical
questions, this is ideal for teacher-training and
graduate programs in Spanish linguistics. It also
investigates the types of challenges that follow
from initiatives to transfer findings from research
to teaching and how to overcome practical
problems associated with the implementation of
new approaches to teaching.
Cinema for Spanish Conversation 95.00 This text utilises outstanding films from the Spanish-speaking world as springboards for conversation, reading, writing and language study. Students are presented with a variety of themes, genres, and cultural experiences as well as natural language context. Films covered include The Motorcycle Diaries, All About my Mother, and Maria Full of Grace.
Daydream Education Modern Languages Charts These exciting and informative laminated charts are designed for students aged 9-16. They are colourful and large (59.4cm x 84cm), explaining points of grammar, vocabulary and style in a clear and concise manner. Los Pronombres Las Preguntas Los Nombres El Pretйrito Perfecto, el Pretйrito El Plural Los Nъmeros
ea net 19.95
Dual: Pretextos para Hablar
Photocopy masters which are easy and flexible
to use in class for oral activities, from beginner to
advanced levels.
Easy Spanish Crossword Puzzles Vocabulary Puzzles
14.95 12.95
Espaсa Manual de Civilizaciуn
A text and audio CD to study contemporary
Spain. Modules include festivals, education, the
legal system and Spain's position in the world.
This text is particularly good for high school
students and is extremely well presented with
excellent balance with text and illustrations.
Answer Key
El Espaсol en Crucigramas
Photocopiable Resource
ea net 67.95
A popular collection
of topic-based
crossword puzzles
available in an A4
photocopiable format.
Suitable for primary
and junior secondary
Book 1 (Primary/Junior Secondary)
Book 2 (Intermediate)
Espaсol en Pareja
Contains photo-copiable pair-work activities for
all levels. The teacher's task is made easier by
an excellent synoptic chart of the grammar and
lexical items suggested at each level.
- Espaсol con Pelнculas See DVDs section.
net 52.95
Espaсol en Vivo Book & DVD. See DVDs section.
10% DISCOUNT o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except items marked `net')
Jugamos: Juegos de Siempre Para la
Clase de Espaсol
This book contains 20
fun and interactive
games for the lower
secondary classroom,
including games that
can be played in pairs,
in groups, or by the
whole class together.
Each game has
detailed instructions
for the teacher on how to prepare for the game,
how to play it and how to decide who wins.
Jugando en Espaсol
net 65.75
A collection of 30 photocopiable communicative
games for group and/or pair work for elementary
and intermediate levels.
Juegos de Tablero y Tarjetas Folder: Para el Aprendizaje del Espaсol net 105.95 28 innovative board and card games involving a variety of language skills including vocabulary, grammar and syntax to develop communicative and linguistic competency. Extensive instructions and photo-copiable/cut-out material are all held together in a colourful and durable ring binder.
Juguemos en Clase: Materials para Dinamizar la Clase de Espaсol net 48.95 Designed for students of a range of abilities, from beginners to advanced level, this resource offers the instructions and materials necessary to play a variety of language games in Spanish. The materials can all be created from the photocopiable sheets included and each instruction sheet clearly indicates the number of players needed to play the game, the ability level, material needed and the aim of the game which range from practicing vocabulary, adjectives, and verb conjugations to spelling, phonetics and sentence structures.
Leer para Escribir
net 133.95
An invaluable photo-copiable resource designed
to develop and improve students' reading and
writing skills. The skills of skimming, picking
out key facts, understanding the gist, coping
with unknown words and using a dictionary
are practiced throughout. Answer key provided.
Suitable for junior secondary and intermediate
Lights, Camera, Spanish! See DVDs section.
Mбs Allб de la Pantalla: El Mundo Hispano a Travйs del Cine 84.95 This flexible text, suitable for an intermediate to advanced course in Spanish conversation or as supporting material for a mixed-ability language class, successfully unites language and culture through the study of film. Each
chapter reflects a topic of cultural or political significance to Spanish-speaking cultures and contains suggestions for four films from different regions of the Spanish-speaking world ideal for presenting a rich array of backgrounds and points of view. Some of the films covered are Nine Queens, Amores Perros and All About my Mother.
McGraw-Hill's Spanish for Educators 37.95 This excellent publication from McGraw Hill is designed to enable instant communication in Spanish. It includes 3,000 Spanish words and phrases, as well as grammatical explanations that allow them to be used properly and with confidence. It is organised into seven chapters which introduce new vocabulary, teach and explain simple sentences and offer plenty of practice exercises. New vocabulary is designed to cover every aspect and stage of a student's schooling, from kindergarten to Year 12, and words that relate to listening and speaking skills are emphasised to facilitate instant communication. Other features include an English-Spanish mini-dictionary, a Spanish grammar primer, hundreds of practical exercises and a 60-minute audio CD. A clear, spacious layout further adds to the clarity and the appeal of this text. All in all, this is a fantastic reference and workbook that would enhance the fluency of language students at every level.
Sonidos, Sabores y Palabras with Nuevo Latino Music CD See MUSIC section.
Uso de Internet en el Aula
ea 23.95
This series presents activities created from
internet websites with the objective to teach
linguistic and cultural knowledge.
De Viaje por Amйrica Latina
De Viaje por Espaсa
STAMPS & STICKERS Language Stickers Spanish Bueno (Spanish Flag) Excelente (Gold Metallic) LOTE Stamp Spanish (Bueno) Durable self-inking stamp with red ink. Reward Stickers A huge range of bright, colourful stickers are available. Most have a number of different slogans in each pack. Cintas de Premios (100) Excelente (60) Fabuloso (100) Happy Birthday (60)
net 5.55 net 6.85 net 29.95 net 5.95 net 5.95 net 5.95 net 4.95
Muchas Gracias (100) Praise Words (60) Que Bien (120) Winning Words (60)
net 5.95 net 4.95 net 6.95 net 4.95
Sonidos, Sabores y Palabras
with Nuevo Latino Music CD
This culturally rich program uses music to
increase understanding of not only the Spanish
language, but also the cultures and messages
music conveys. Teachers are given the flexibility
of song or music choice with a wide variety of
activities for each song, expansion lesson ideas,
web-based student research feature, and key
suggestions on the timing and use of different
types of music in the class. The song selections
and artists represented are varied and diverse
so that students and instructors can see and
hear the variety of Spanish-speaking music,
understand the multicultural influences on this
music, and recognise the music as more than a
vehicle for a grammatical exercise.
Music in the Andes
Book & CD
Provides a series of
case studies offering
a comprehensive
overview of the
uniquely rich and
diverse indigenous
music of southern
Peru and Bolivia
covering historical
information, traditions
and the way in which
the music continues
to evolve. Drawing on the author's extensive
fieldwork in the region, Music in the Andes is
enhanced by interviews with key performers,
eyewitness accounts of local performances, vivid
illustrations, and hands-on listening activities.
It is packaged with a 70-minute CD containing
examples of music discussed in the text.
De Cine
This innovative course uses films such as Trueba's
Belle Йpoque, Leуn's Barrio and Almуdovar's
Todo Sobre Mi Madre to stimulate discussion on
a range of issues of contemporary relevance.
For each of the 10 films, the workbook contains
information about the director and main
actors, comprehension questions, a review
of grammatical structures and expressions
encountered in the scene, transcripts of parts of
the scenes for students to act out, and discussion
exercises about the film and about related social
Cuaderno de Actividades
net 71.25
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
- Espaсol con Pelнculas
ea net 52.95
A series of original
films on DVD with
subtitles in Spanish
and accompanied
by a teacher's guide
with comprehensive
film notes, varied
exercises and activities
aimed to assess and
develop listening
comprehension. Suitable for intermediate to
upper-intermediate level adult students.
En Ninguna Parte In the middle of nowhere, widowed gas station owner Jose, with his daughter and young son, are tired of the monotony and sadness that shadows their lives. One afternoon, a luxurious car pulls in. Could this encounter be what finally awakens and releases them from their secluded world?
Flores De Otro Mundo Due to a lack of women in their small village of Santa Eulalia in rural present-day Spain, the men organise a party and invite all the single women from the surrounding areas due to the lack of women in the village. This film delves into the human need for companionship.
Samy Y Yo Samy, a comedy writer for television in Argentina for nearly 40 years, realises that life hasn't turned out as planned. So before his next birthday he decides to quit this job, abandon his responsibilities and go back to writing literature. But then he meets Mary who changes his life around completely.
Espaсol en Vivo
Book & DVD
Emphasises the richness of Hispanic culture
and the variations of authentic spoken Spanish.
Through filmed interviews with more than
20 native Spanish-speakers, students are
introduced to a variety of dialects that derive
from differences in geographical area and other
factors such as age, sex, ethnicity, and social
status. The DVD contains 47 segments filmed
in locations in Spain, Central America, and Latin
America. Unrehearsed interviews with Spanish
speakers deal with aspects of life such as culture,
housing, family, the immigrant experience,
cultural traditions, and politics. Each of the book's
20 chapters focuses on an aspect of the life and
culture of people from one of seven countries
in the Spanish-speaking world. Transcripts of
interviews from the DVD are included in the
book, as are notes on vocabulary, pronunciation,
idioms, and cultural issues. Questions are
provided to guide students' comprehension
of the DVD segments and direct their oral and
written practice.
Lights, Camera, Spanish!
Using entertainment to learn a language is
always the desired method for any student. But
unfortunately it is not always as effective as one
wishes it to be. This new program introduces
students to the Latin-American Spanish
language, via a purpose-made film featuring
romance, intrigue, drama, and lots of very
deliberately spoken Spanish! The movie is broken
down into nine episodes and the workbook
contains numerous exercises which test students
on what they've just seen. It's a truly effective
method in drawing your students into the
language. The book comes with an answer key,
and the DVD is rated E.
Lonely Planet Six Degrees DVDs ea 9.95 Join jet setting presenters Toby Amies and Asha Gill on a radical urban adventure as they plug into these cities with the help of its quirky, colourful and clued-in residents. Buenos Aires Havana
Pilot Guides DVDs Adventure travel entertainment at its best from the internationally successful television travel series franchise Pilot Guides. This series has a global audience of over 30 million viewers in over 50 countries and has won more than 20 international awards. Argentina Central America Chile & Easter Islands Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Mexico Peru Spain
15.95 15.95 14.95 15.95 15.95 14.95 14.95
Un Paseo por Espaсa
Designed especially for the class, these DVDs
portray the richness and variety of 14 Spanish
communities, presenting cultural aspects such
as history, geography, art, food and festivals. The
two teacher's guides provide full transcripts,
further information of each region and activities.
The first DVD covers Canarias, Cantabria, Castilla
& Leуn, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia, Navarra and the
second DVD covers Andalucнa, Baleares, Castilla-
La Mancha, Catalua, Extremadura, La Roja, and
Paнs Vasco.
DVD 1 (49 mins)
net 76.95
Guнa Didбctica 1
DVD 2 (61 mins)
net 76.95
Guнa Didбctica 2
Un Paseo por Latinoamйrica The images and culture of six South American
countries are presented here, providing students
with a unique cultural experience and the
opportunity to hear a variety of regional accents.
Each country has its own teacher's guide, which
offer a variety of activities, further information on
each country such as maps, facts and glossaries,
and full transcripts. Countries shown are
Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and
DVD (168 mins)
net 100.95
Guнa Didбcticas Pack (6 Books)
Revista DVD Pack (BBC)
net 242.00
From Colombia to Madrid, the young Revista
team of reporters present ten 15-minute
episodes featuring music, competitions
and consumer items in a clearly structured
magazine-style programme illustrating the ways
in which young Spanish speakers live and really
speak. The pack is comprised of one 150 minute
DVD, and teacher's notes, transcripts and student
worksheets all in PDF format on a CD-ROM.
Spain Inside Out DVDs (BBC) net 198.00 Take a fresh look at Spain from the interior to the coast through the eyes of a British journalist and a top Spanish TV presenter. Locations visited include Madrid, Sevilla, Toledo, Cуrdoba and the southern coast from Granada through to Mбlaga, and Cбdiz and on to the magnificent Costa de Luz. The presenter's pieces before the camera are in English, but all interviews are in Spanish. DVD comprises five 30-minute programs on two DVDs.
Sueсos World Spanish
Full DVD Pack (BBC)
net 548.90
The course book, activity book and student's CDs
have been updated for the Euro. The full DVD
pack is comprised of six 45-minute DVDs, one
30-minute DVD, one course book, one activity
book, four Audio CDs, a teacher's guide in PDF
format on CD-ROM, and two teacher's audio CDs.
Talk Spanish DVD Pack (BBC) net 198.00 This beginner's or refresher course in Spanish is a lively, fast-track series covering all the practical essentials of everyday Spanish, ideal for those who want a kick-start or a quick refresher course. Filmed in the fascinating and lesser known city of Valencia, with its beaches, lush plains and hills, Talk Spanish uses a mix of location shooting, presenters and graphics, prompting viewers to have a go at simple language and make the most of their travels and encounters. The DVD pack is comprised of one 90 minute DVD, a course book and two audio CDs.
Voces de Amйrica Divided into five large regional blocks: Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, the Andes region and the Southern Cone region, this DVD portrays the cultural and linguistic world of Latin America. Intended for intermediate to advanced level
10% DISCOUNT o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except items marked `net')
students the accompanying workbook contains
exercises and transcriptions of the video texts. Its
duration is 45 minute.
net 113.80
En una Palabra: A Mac/Win CD-ROM for
Exploring Culture in Spanish
These two unique interactive tools help
students learn about Spanish culture while
increasing vocabulary and listening skills.
Students experience the program through a
series of video segments in which 15 residents
of Cordoba or Sevilla, of varying ages and
backgrounds, define the same ten concepts:
friends, family, work, country, freedom, success,
pride, ambition, individualism, and happiness.
A transcript of each video, selective glossary,
information of each region and the local dialect
and easy navigation makes these flexible enough
to fit into almost any curriculum. A Mexican
edition is planned for release mid-2010.
En una Palabra Cуrdoba, Argentina net 58.95
En una Palabra Sevilla, Espaсa
net 58.95
Talk Business Spanish Mac/Win CD-ROM See BUSINESS section.
Talk More Spanish
Mac/Win CD-ROM
Talk More is the next step up from TALK NOW!
It provides the opportunity to increase basic
knowledge and prepares the learner to move on
to the intermediate level WORLD TALK. Thorough
70 minutes of broadcast quality video material
and interactive techniques such as quizzes and
speech recording students will learn phrases and
dialogues covering topics such as greetings, the
restaurant, business, and on the phone. Mexican-
Spanish edition also available.
the Talk really gets them talking! Aimed at people who are beginning to get to grips with the language or preparing for school exams, it teaches more than 200 phrases for a wide range of topics including travelling, computers, sport, hobbies and school. Knowledge testing quizzes, pronunciation practice and a printable phrasebook makes this an ideal supplement for any class. Covers European-Spanish.
World Talk Spanish Mac/Win CD-ROM World Talk is aimed at intermediate-level learners who have already built up some confidence listening to and speaking their target language. The interactive games and quizzes will help to further develop fluency and understanding of the language. Covers European-Spanish.
SPANISH & LATIN AMERICAN CULTURE A Brief History of the Spanish Language 45.95 Clearly and concisely charts the evolution of Spanish from its Indo-European roots to its present. Focusing on the most important facets of the language's evolution, this compact work makes the history of Spanish accessible to anyone with a knowledge of Spanish and a readiness to grasp basic linguistic concepts.
Aires de Fiesta Latina:
Un Recorrido por Latinoamerica a Traves
de 12 Lecturas
leisure, development level, environment and future outlook. Each book includes in-depth case studies, statistics and specially commissioned up-to-date photographs. Argentina Chile Mexico Spain
Culture Shock...
ea 32.00
Takes the reader through the `mindscapes' of the
country's psyche, explaining customs, etiquette,
traditions and food.
- Bolivia
Costa Rica
- Ecuador
- Spain
Culture Smart:
A Quick Guide to Customs and Etiquette
These handy guides offer
illuminating insights into
each countries culture and
society. Sections on topics
such as body language,
giving and receiving gifts,
taboos and life at home
will help the traveller avoid
social gaffes, and give
students a real insight into
the culture they are studying.
- Bolivia
Costa Rica
Talk Now! Spanish
Mac/Win CD-ROM
This European-Spanish vocabulary builder
CD-ROM for complete beginners is ideal for
schoolchildren and students. There are nine
topics: first words, food, colours, phrases, parts
of the body, numbers, time, shopping and
countries. The games and quizzes included
on the disc ensure that users have fun whilst
using the product, without realising that they're
learning. After completing this course, learners
can move onto TALK MORE. Mexican-Spanish
edition also available.
Talk the Talk Spanish
Mac/Win CD-ROM
This CD ROM, ideal for those under 18, will
teach words and phrases that really matter to
teenagers. From "I'll send you a text message
later" to "we won the game on penalties", Talk
- Argentina: Manual de Civilazaciуn See TEACHER'S RESOURCES section.
Contemporary Spain
Up-to-date and packed with essential
information on politics, economy and society,
and comprehensive enough to be used as
a serious reference tool. This new edition
includes recent events such as the Madrid
bombings and the subsequent election of a
socialist government, ETA's ceasefire and its later
revocation, and the country's recent economic
success. Each chapter contains a Spanish-
English glossary offering guidance on the use of
specialist terms in context.
Countries of the World
(Evans Brothers)
ea hb 39.95
This highly informative series covers each
country's physical geography, resources, work,
- Descubre: Un Viaje Cultural al Mundo
ea 29.95
See READERS (SERIES) section.
Descubrir Espaсa y Latinoamйrica
This attractive book is full of wonderful
information about Spanish and Latin American
`civilizaciуn'. The authentic documents used
include photos, maps, paintings and drawings.
The book is accompanied by audio CDs with
listening exercises, and the teacher's notes are
sold separately. It refers to the levels B1-B2 of the
Common European Framework.
Text and 2 Audio CDs
Teacher's Guide
Destination Detectives
ea hb 37.50
These books help to discover what it is like to
live in a particular country. They contain lots of
facts, figures and photos that describe what the
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
countryside looks like, what people do for fun, what the cities are like and what the people's food habits are. Mexico Spain
En una Palabra: A Mac/Win CD-ROM for
Exploring Culture in Spanish
See SOFTWARE section.
Espaсa Contemporбnea: Historia Economia Socieded Suitable for intermediate to advanced students interested in contemporary Spain, providing an overview of the social economic and historical aspects of present-day Spain. Also included are activities for the internet and written texts.
Espaсa: Manual de Civilazaciуn See TEACHER'S RESOURCES section.
Espaсol en Vivo Book & DVD See TEACHER'S RESOURCES section.
Imбgenes de Amйrica Latina
This text offers a historical and cultural overview
of the Hispanic world, from the cultures of the
Americas before Columbus to the contemporary
cultures of each country.
Material de Prбcticas
Imбgenes de Espaсa
Suitable for medium to high-level students, this
text combines Spanish history and culture from
its beginnings to the present day.
Material de Prбcticas
Lonely Planet Six Degrees DVDs ea 9.95 See DVDs section.
Mбs Allб de la Pantalla: El Mundo Hispano a Travйs del Cine 84.95 See TEACHER'S RESOURCES section.
Latin America Since 1780
Written in an accessible style, assuming no prior
knowledge, this text is designed specifically
to address the needs of students in language
courses. It approaches the study of history with
a focus on contemporary politics and society,
providing a clear historical narrative and setting
the country or region into a wider context.
Also includes topics for discussion, original
documents, a glossary and suggestions for further reading.
Un Paseo por Espaсa See DVDs section.
Un Paseo por Latinoamйrica See DVDs section.
Pilot Guides See DVDs Section.
Sonidos, Sabores y Palabras with Nuevo Latino Music CD See MUSIC section.
Spain (World in Focus)
hb 45.99
A comprehensive and up-to-date outlook on
Spain, including the major challenges it faces in
both the present and the future. Topics covered
include education and health, landscape and
climate, culture and religion, environment, and
conversation. The layout is clear and visually
appealing, but is filled with information and
images. Suitable for upper-primary and lower-
secondary students.
Spain Live:
Country, Culture, People
Intended for school
students, the 18
chapters are packed
with relevant
and interesting
cultural and factual
information. This can
be used alongside
any course book
or as a stand alone
resource. The lively and attractive layout will
appeal to students of all abilities.
Teens in...
ea 17.95
These titles present short overviews of the
everyday lives of adolescents with each title
containing a chapter on education, lifestyle,
family life, career aspirations, and festivals and
holidays. They provide an accurate and up-to-
date perspective on teens, with many references
to current slang and popular culture. Each
compact volume includes a chart of quick facts,
historical timeline, glossary, bibliography and
attractive colour photographs.
Writing Toward Hope: The Literature of Human Rights in Latin America 99.95 See READERS- ADVANCED section.
Artemis Fowl The Eoin Colfer children's fantasy series in Spanish. Mundo Subterraneo Encuentro en el Бrtico El Cubo B
22.95 22.95 24.95
Asterix Asterix el Galo Asterix en Hispania Asterix en los Juegos Olнmpicos Asterix Gladiador Asterix Legionario Asterix y Cleopatra Asterix y Latraviata Asterix y lo Nunca Visto La Gran Travesнa ЎEl Cielo se nos cae encima! Other titles available to order.
ea hb 34.00
Cartas a mi Mamб
hb 32.00
The narrator is a
young Afro-Cuban
girl who, when
her mother passes
away, must live
with her aunt and
cousins. Her life is
often miserable
as she endures
racial prejudice
and mistreatment
from those around
her. To keep her mother's memory alive, and to
remember that she was once unconditionally
loved, she composes letters to her "Mami",
confiding her personal suffering and emotions;
the novel is composed of these letters. While
the narrator is only 10 years old at the start of the
story, the thematic elements and non-explicit
descriptions of sexual encounters make this story
better suited to an older audience. This novel
was attacked in some quarters for exposing the
issue of racism within contemporary Cuban
society, but it went on to win major awards.
Las Crуnicas de Narnia The Chronicles of Narnia by C S Lewis. El Sobrino del Mago El Leon, la Bruja y el Ropera El Caballo y el Muchacho Le Prнncipe Caspian La Travesнa del Viajero del Alba La Silla de Plata La Ъltima Batalla Obra Completa
19.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 39.95
E B White Stuart Little Telaraсa de Carlotta (Charlotte's Web)
19.95 16.95
10% DISCOUNT o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except items marked `net')
Harry Potter
Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal
Harry Potter y la Cбmara Secreta
Harry Potter y el Prisionero de Azkaban 24.95
Harry Potter y el Cбliz de Fuego
Harry Potter y la Orden del Fйnix
Harry Potter y el Misterio del Princнpe
- Harry Potter y las Reliquias de la Muerte 39.95
Las Igeniosas Travesuras de Pequeсo
Quijote y Sus Amigos
Don Quijote as a
child was called
Alonso Quijano and
had his own gang
of friends: Sancho,
Pedro, Nicolбs,
Teresa, Aldonza,
and a pig. Living in
the same area in
La Mancha, Alonso
and his friends were
always out and
about, stirring mischief and havoc...
Isabel Allende
15-year-old Alexander Cold is about to join
his fearless journalist-grandmother Kate, and
his friend Nadia on the trip of a lifetime. The
trilogy begins with an expedition headed to the
dangerous, remote wilds of South America on
a mission to document a legendary creature of
the Amazon. But there are many secrets hidden
in the unexplored wilderness. Drawing on the
strength of their spirit guides, they are led on
a thrilling and unforgettable journey to the
ultimate discovery.
La Ciudad de las Bestias
El Reino del Dragуn de Oro
El Bosque de los Pigmeos
Antes de ser Libres (Julia Alvarez) 13.95 Set during the 1960-1961 attempt to overthrow the Dominican Republic dictator Trujillo, this story begins with 12-year-old narrator Anita watching her extended family abruptly leaving for the US. Anita's parents protect her from the knowledge of their involvement in the planned coup d',tat, but when the revolution fails, Anita's father and uncle are immediately arrested. Anita and her mother must go underground, living in secret in a friend's bedroom closet...
En Busca de Milagros (Julia Alvarez) 13.95 Adopted from a war-torn country, Milly is a typical teenager, but her life in Vermont suddenly seems foreign when a new boy arrives from her native country. As the story unfolds, significant changes in her life culminate with a trip to her country of birth. The meanings of friendship, family, romance, heritage, and the cruelty of war are all brought together as Milly finds her true home.
Stardust (Neil Gaiman)
hb 28.95
In the tranquil fields and meadows of long ago,
young Tristran Thorn has lost his heart to the
hauntingly beautiful Victoria Forester. And there,
one crisp October eve, Tristran makes his love a
promise: an impetuous vow that will send him
into the most exhilarating adventure of his life.
This utterly charming fairy tale is in the tradition
of The Princess Bride and The Neverending Story.
The thrillingly scary and very funny adventures in
the magical land will keep you turning pages as
fast as you can!
- El Libro del Cementerio
(Neil Gaiman)
hb 41.00
Nobody Owens,
known to his friends
as Bod, is a normal
boy. Well, he would
be considered
normal if he wasn't
living in a graveyard,
wasn't being raised
and educated by
ghosts, and didn't
have a solitary
guardian who
belongs to neither the world of the living nor of
the dead. There are dangers and adventures in
the graveyard but if Bod was to leave he could
fall into far worse danger... Magical, terrifying
and filled with breathtaking adventures, The
Graveyard Book is sure to entertain readers of
all ages!
Pequeсo Nicholбs
The much loved and always enjoyable Rene
Goscinny and Sempe classic translated into
El Principito (Saint-Exupery)
The enduring classic for both children and adults
with the original drawings
Quinteto edition
Harvest Book edition
Bilingual edition
hb 36.00
Roald Dahl Charlie y la Fбbrica de Chocolate El Gran Gigante Bonachуn (The BFG)
ea 34.00
Spiderwick Chronicles
ea hb 29.95
The books chronicle the adventures of the
Grace children, twins Simon and Jared and their
older sister Mallory, after they move into the
eponymous Spiderwick Estate and discover a
world of faeries that they never knew existed.
Libro Fantбstico
El Anteojo Asombroso
El Mapa Perdido
El Бrbol Metбlico
El Ogro Malvado
- Twilight Saga Stephenie Meyer's hugely successful paranormal romance series. 1. Crepuscula (Twilight) 32.00 Movie Tie-in Edition 22.95 2. Luna Nueva (New Moon) Movie Tie-in Edition 3. Eclipse 4. Amanecer (Breaking Dawn) Tintin El Asunto Tornasol Aterrizaje en la Luna El Cangrejo de las Pinzas de Oro El Cetro de Ottokar Los Cigarros del Faraon La Estrella Misteriosa La Isla Negra Las Joyas de la Castafiore El Loto Azul Objetivo: La Luna La Oreja Rota El Secreto del Unicornio Las Siete Bolas de Cristal Stock de Coque El Templo del Sol El Tesoro de Rackham el Rojo Tintin en Amйrica Tintin en el Congo Tintin en el Paнs del Oro Negro Tintin en el Tibet Tintin y el Lago de los Tiburones Tintin y los Pнcaros
32.00 22.95 32.00 39.95 ea 34.00
Easy Spanish Reader Second Edition
A three-part text for beginning students. Part
one follows two high-school students involved
with their school's Spanish club. Part two
contains a colourful history of Mexico, while Part
three is an abridged adaptation of the classic tale
Lazarillo de Tormes. New vocabulary is glossed
in the margin, and activities follow each reading.
The CD/CD-ROM contains recordings of most
of the 50 passages featured in the book, which
can be used with a CD player, downloaded to an
iPod or other MP3 player, or heard via computer
where the text can simultaneously be viewed on
Book Only
Book and CD/CD-ROM
- Colecciуn Aventuras para 3 ea 24.95 Aimed at beginner level teenagers, this series following the adventures of three youngsters, Rocнo, Andrйs and Juan through which the reader will discover various cities, customs and cultures throughout the Hispanic world. Any title can be read independently but it is
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
recommended commencing with Book 1. Book 1. El Secreto de la Cueva Book 2. La Isla del Diablo Book 3. El Enigma de la Carta Book 4. Misterio en Chichйn Itzб
Aires de Fiesta Latina:
Un Recorrido por Latinoamйrica a Traves
de 12 Lecturas
Album: Cuentos del Mundo Hispбnico
Book with 2 CDs
Better Reading Spanish See READING & WRITING Skills section.
Classic Spanish Stories and Plays 39.94 The Great Works of Spanish Literature for Intermediate Students. Spanning El Cid to El Burlador de Sevilla, this book contains eight Spanish classics including Don Quixote. Expertly abridged and adapted for learners, each tale or play includes cultural notes, comprehension questions and translations of difficult words. An extensive glossary is included at the back of the book.
Espaсa Siglo XXI: Curso Monogrб co
Sobre Espaсa Contemporбnea
A cultural reader designed for upper-
intermediate level students. It is well
illustrated and covers the difference aspects
of contemporary Spanish culture such as the
country's economy, politics, art, literature, and
current issues and concerns.
Graded Spanish Reader: Primera Etapa See READING & WRITING SKILLS section.
Leyendas Latinoamericanas
This is a collection of 18 legends gathered from
11 South American countries written with the
language learner in mind. Although the stories
are written in Spanish, the language and style are
accessible. Each legend is followed by a series
of comprehension questions and activities, as
well as exercises that highlight the grammar and
vocabulary used in the story.
READERS ADVANCED Contemporary Latin American Literature 36.95 This anthology offers intermediate to advanced learners the opportunity of reading works by many of the greatest contemporary authors in their original form with extensive footnotes which not only define difficult words but also explain those persons, places, things, events, and literary references that will make the readings more accessible. Cuentos Hispanoamericanos del Siglo XX 24.95 A selection of 14 stories by authors such as Garcнa Mбrquez, Bryce Echenique, Benedetti, Rulfo, Cortбzar, Borges and Quiroga. Vocabulary notes in Spanish are provided in sidebars on each page, and footnotes are also in Spanish. Also includes a brief overview of Hispanoamerican literature, notes on each of the authors, and activities for comprehension and essay proposals. Writing Toward Hope: The Literature of Human Rights in Latin America 99.95 An anthology of contemporary literature-- fiction, essays, plays, poems--by some of the most prominent and well-known Latin American writers of the 20th century. Each chapter is devoted to a particular theme, such as torture, exile, and women's roles in Latin America. The selections capture the creativity and expression borne out of the various social and political struggles that took place in Latin America during the 20th century. Writers such as Pablo Neruda, Isabel Allende, Nancy Morejуn, Jacobo Timerman, Reinaldo Arenas, Elena Poniatowska, and Ariel Dorfman weigh in on issues of human rights and social justice in Latin America today.
Aires de Fiesta
ea 22.15
This series explores the seasonal festivals of Spain
from the point of view of an English journalist
experiencing them for the first time.
Level A2
De Fiesta en Invierno
De Fiesta en Otoсo
De Fiesta en Primavera
De Fiesta en Verano
America Latina
ea 31.95
Each book is accompanied by a CD which
contains the story read aloud by native speakers
of each particular country. An excellent way to expose students to a variety of regional accents of Latin America. Level A1 - A 2 Con Frida en el Altiplano (Bolivia) - Dos Semanas con los Ticos (Costa Rica) Guantanameras (Cuba) Pisco Significa Pбjaro (Perъ) Level B1 Mбs Conchas Que un Galбpago (Ecuador) Mirta y el Viejo Seсor (Chile) Taxi a Coyoacбn (Mйxico) La Vida es un Tango (Argentina)
Aventura Joven
A series of readers
addressed to
students aged 11-
15. Each book tells
the adventures of
a group of teenage
friends whose
adventures will
reveal many aspects
of modern Spain
and Latin America.
Footnotes, activities and answers assist with
Level A1
Misterio en las Alpujarras Book Only
Misterio en las Alpujarras Book & CD
Persecuciуn en Madrid Book & CD
- Perdidos en el Caminos del Inca
Book & CD
Level A2
- La Chica de Mar de Plata Book & CD 31.95
El Fantasma del Instituto Book Only
El Fantasma del Instituto Book & CD
El Monstruo del Rock Book Only
El Monstruo del Rock Book & CD
- Descubre: Un Viaje Cultural al Mundo Hispano ea 29.95 A series of cultural readers that contain abundant information on each country or region. Details provided include dates, statistics, geography, climate, history and interesting facts with explanatory notes and comprehension activities. Each volume is accompanied by a DVD showing images related to the specific title. Level A1 Descubre Espaсa Level B1 Descubre el Caribe Level B2 Descubre Argentina Descubre los Andes
10% DISCOUNT o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except items marked `net')
Lecturas de Espaсol
These attractive, graded readers feature brief,
interesting stories and a range of notes, cultural
commentaries and activities to engage the
Elemental 1
Carnaval Book & CD
Historia de una Distancia
La Peсa
Elemental 2
El Ascensor
Manuela Book & CD
Paisaje de Otoсo
- El Paraguas Blanco
- El Paraguas Blanco Book & CD
- El Secreto de Diana
Intermedio 1
La Biblioteca
Memorias de Septiembre
Muerte entre Muсecos
Intermedio 2
Las Aventuras de Tron
Destino a Bogotб
En Agosto del 77 Nacias Tщ
En Agosto del 77 Nacias Tщ Book & CD 29.95
Llegу Tarde a la Cita Superior 1 A los Muertos no les Gusta la Fotografнa A los Muertos no les Gusta la Fotografнa Book & CD La Cucaracha El Encuentro Los Labios de Bбrbara Superior 2 Una Mъsica tan Triste La Ъltima Novela La Ultima Novela Book & CD
16.95 29.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 29.95
Lecturas de Espaсol Serie
Part of the above series, but with Latin American
Elemental 1
Presente Perpetuo (Mйxico)
Presente Perpetuo (Mexico) Book & CD 29.95
Elemental 2
Con Amor y con Palabras (Mйxico)
Con Amor y con Palabras (Mexico)
Book & CD Regreso a las Raнces (Colombia) Regreso a las Raнces (Colombia) Book & CD Intermedio 1 - El Cuento de mi Vida - Volver (Argentina) - Volver (Argentina) Book & CD
29.95 16.95 29.95 16.95 16.95 29.95
Leer en Espaсol
A collection of simplified modern and classical
literature with activities. Many titles are now
accompanied by an audio CD with the story read
Level 1 (up to 400 words)
ЎAdiуs, Papб! (Tosal)
Mala Suerte (Moreno)
Una Mano en la Arena (Urнa)
- El Misterio de la Llave Book & CD
La Sombra de un Fotуgrafo (Acquaroni) 17.95
- Sonar un Crimen Book & CD
- El Sueсo de Otto Book & CD
Level 2 (up to 700 words)
Asesinato en el Barrio Gуtico Book & CD
La Chica de los Zapatos Verdes (Suris Jorda) 17.95
La Corza Blanca (Bйcquer)
La Ciudad de los Dioses Book & CD
(Carrero Pйrez)
- El Desorden de tu Nombre Book & CD
- De Viaje (Buitrago)
Lazarillo de Tormes Book & CD
El Libro Secreto de Daniel Torres
En Piragua por el Sella (Ortiz)
El Hombre del Bar (Surнs y Rialp)
- Rinconete y Cortadillo Book & CD
El Seсor de Alfoz (Rodrнguez Sordo)
Level 3 (up to 1,000 words)
La Casa de la Troya Book & CD (Pйrez Lugнn) 36.95
La Cruz del Diablo (Bйcquer)
Don Juan Tenorio (Zorrilla)
Marianela (Pйrez Galdуs)
Pбnico en la Discoteca (Urнa)
El Secreto de Cristуbal Colуn (Carrero) 17.95
Level 4 (up to 1,500 words)
Carnaval en Canarias (Urнa)
La Lбgrimas del Sol (Merino)
Letra Muerte (Millбs)
La Muerte y Otras Sorpresas (Benedetti) 34.95
El Oro de los Sueсos (Merino)
Sangre y Arena (Blasco Ibбсez)
La Tierra del Tiempo Perdido
Level 5 (up to 2,000 words)
Aire de Mar en Gбdor (Sorela)
Pepita Jimйnez (Valera)
Los Santos Inocentes (Delibes)
Level 6 (up to 2,500 words)
La Celestina (Rojas) Pazos de Ulloa (Prado Bazбn) El Seсor Presidente (Asturias)
26.95 26.95 26.95
Leer y Aprender An attractively presented series of book and CD kits. Stories are simplified from the original texts, and are accompanied by full-colour illustrations, vocabulary notes and creative and fun exercises. Suitable for classroom or individual use. Level A2 La Cajita de Hueso - El Conde Lucanor: Nueve Cuentos - Cuentos de la Selva: Cuatro Relatos Dos Leyendas (Becquer) - Una Estrella en Peligro - Huellas en la Nieve - Indagaciones por Madrid Lazarillo de Tormes El Secreto de Romina El Zorro Level B1 Carmen: De la Novela al Libreto La Gitanilla Marianela (Pйrez Galdos) - El Sombrero de Tres Picos Level B2 - Casa de Bernarda Alba La Celestina Don Quijote de la Mancha La Espaсola Inglesa Level C1 Don Juan Tenorio Naufragios
29.95 31.95 31.95 31.45 29.95 29.95 31.95 30.30 29.20 31.95 31.95 32.95 32.95 31.95 31.95 28.95 34.95 28.95 32.95 31.95
Lola Lago, Detective
Join Lola as she tries running a Private Detective
agency in this male dominated industry.
ea 26.15
Book & Audio CD
ea 31.95
Level A1
Lejos de Casa
Una Nota Falsa
Vacaciones al Sol
Level A2
Poderoso Caballero
Por Amor al Arte
La Llamada de la Habana
Level B1
їEres Tъ Marнa?
Nuevas Narraciones Espaсolas ea 32.55 Each of these books contains 50 short, entertaining stories with a number of comprehension questions and themes for class discussion. Brief and manageable in size, they are excellent for giving students a bit of light relief,
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
for filling in extra time, or to keep the quicker students occupied while the rest of the class catches up. While they are deceptively simple, the vocabulary and concepts they introduce are often fairly complex, and they give an amusing insight into the daily life and everyday speech of the Spanish people. Nivel 1 Elemental Nivel 2 Medio Nivel 3 Avanzado Nivel 4 Superior
- Pepa Villa, Taxista en
ea 27.95
A new series of
readers designed
especially for those
over the age of 18,
filled with modern
Readers follow Pepa,
a young taxi driver
as she manages to
always find herself in
odd situations and
funny predicaments.
Each book is accompanied by an audio CD
containing the story in full.
Level A1
Fantasmas en la Escalera
Level A2
Apartamento en la Costa Brava
Level B2
Cenizas Calientes
Una Operaciуn Arriesgada
Plaza Mayor 1 Series
ea 22.15
Read about the dramas of the tenants of portal 1
of Plaza Mayor in Madrid.
Level A1
Los Reyes Magos
Level A2
El Vecino del Quinto
Reuniуn de Vecinos
Level B1
El Cartel no Siempre Llama Dos Veces
Dover Dual-Language Books
With a
introduction in
English, and the
Spanish and English
texts presented in
parallel, this series
is one of the best
ways to introduce
students to Spanish
and Latin American
Aunt Tula/La Tнa Tula (Unamuno)
Book of Poems (Selection)/
Libro de Poemas (Selecciуn) (Garcнa Lorca) 22.95
Fields of Castile/
Campos de Castilla (Machado)
First Spanish Reader
Introduction to Spanish Poetry Book only 16.95
Book & CD Pack
(Listen and Enjoy Spanish Poetry)
Lazarillo de Tormes
Life is a Dream/Vida es Sueсo
(Calderon de la Barca)
Mexican Short Stories/Cuentos Mexicanos 29.95
Nine Centuries of Spanish Literature
Platero and I/Platero y Yo (Jimйnez)
Poem of My Cid (Selections) /
Poema de Mio Cid (Selecciуn)
Selections from Don Quixote/
Selecciones de Don Quijote de la Mancha 22.95
Short Stories by the Generation of 1898/
Cuentos de la Generaciуn de 1898
Spanish-American Short Stories/
Cuentos Hispanoamericanos
Spanish Poetry/Poesнa Espaсola
Spanish Stories/Cuentos Espaсoles
Spanish Stories of the Late 19th Century/
Cuentos Espaсoles de Fines del Siglo XIX 25.95
Spanish Traditional Ballads/
Romanceros Viejos Espaсoles
Spring Sonata/
Sonata de Primavera (Valle-Inclan)
Stories and Poems/
Cuentos y Poesнas (Rubйn Darнo)
The Three-Cornered Hat & Captain Poison/
El Sombrero de Tres Picos & El Capitбn Veneno
Torquemada at the Stake/
Torquemada en la Hoguera (Perez Galdos) 19.95
Federico Garcнa Lorca
House of Bernarda Alba/
La Casa de Bernarda Alba
The last, and possibly finest play, of Federico
Garcia Lorca. Inspired by real-life characters, it is
a tragic tale of frustration and explosive passions
in a household of women ruled by a tyrannical
mother. Also includes commentary and notes.
- Selected Poems
(Oxford University Press)
This unique bilingual
edition balances poems
from Lorca's early
collections with his
better-known later work,
providing a clear vision of
his poetic development
and drawing attention
to the brilliance and
originality of some of
the earlier work. Key poems from all Lorca's
collections appear here, including the recently
discovered Sonnets of Dark Love. This edition
also includes helpful notes, a bibliography, a
chronology, and an index of titles.
Pablo Neruda
Bilingual Editions of the most well-known
collections of the Chilean poet.
The Captain's Verses (Norton)
Residence on Earth (New Directions)
Twenty Loves Songs and a Song of Despair
Penguin Parallel Texts Spanish Short Stories 1 Spanish Short Stories 2
22.95 19.95
Short Stories in Spanish: New Penguin Parallel Texts
El Principito /The Little Prince hb 36.00 This attractive edition has the full Spanish version followed by the full English version. Both versions are annotated and complemented by dozens of colour illustrations.
Stories from...
ea 25.95
These parallel texts each contain 18 well-known
legends from ancient times to the 20th century.
A vocabulary list is at the back of each book.
Stories from Spain /Historias de Espaсa
Stories from Puerto Rico /Historias de Puerto Rico
10% discount o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except for items marked `net')
10% DISCOUNT o listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions (except items marked `net')

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