Danny and the Dinosaur

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Content: Royal Tots Preschool lesson plan
Name: MarandaAnn, Candace, Jerika, Aleesa
Date of Lesson: May, 3-4 2012
Theme: Herbivores
10 Concepts
1 Plants
6 Big
2 Vegetarians
7 Green
3 Dinosaurs
8 Astrodomes
4 Grass
9 Stegosaurs
5 Leaves
10 Abrosaurus
Objectives: The Children Will
1 Identify dinosaurs are not the only Herbivores 2 Identify what dinosaurs eat to keep healthy 3 Recognize dinosaurs are not living anymore Large Group Transition Creative Name: Dinosaur Egg Description: This portion of the day is ideal for getting children up and moving. Tell them, "You are inside a
dinosaur egg." (Children curl up as tightly as they can). "You are moving around to crack the egg." (Children
wiggle around but remain curled up). "Poke your head out of the egg." (Children raise their heads and upper
bodies). "The dinosaur is growing." (Children stretch and return to standing positions). Ask children what kind
of dinosaur they were mimicking. After they can crack
Title: Danny and the dinosaur Author: Syd Hoff
Large Group Book:
ISBN: Large Group Song: Title Song: Dinosaurs DINOSAURS ARE IN THEIR EGGS Words:
Tune: "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
Dinosaurs are in their eggs, In their eggs, in their eggs. Dinosaurs are in their eggs, Waiting to break out. Dinosaurs are hatching now, Hatching now, hatching now. Dinosaurs are hatching now, See them move about.
(Curl up on floor inside your shells) (Break out of pretend shells and stretch) (Crawl and hop around)
Creative Name Description Supplies 2|Page
Large group activity Dinosaur Matching Print our templates. If possible print them out onto heavier quality paper. If not, glue the print outs onto poster board and then cut out the dinosaur cards and color cards. This will give the cards some added stability and make digging for them easier so they don't rip. Fill a shallow pan (we used a roasting pan) with uncooked rice. Bury the dinosaur cards in the rice pan. Lay the color cards out so they are all visible. Have your child dig through the rice and go on a dinosaur hunt! Once they find a dinosaur they need to match the dinosaur card with its color card Dinosaur Matching Template, poser board, scissors, glue, shallow pan, uncooked rice
Creative Name Dinosaur Matching
Snack Group
Creative Name Dino dinner
Description: (Include a description of what the child will be doing to prepare their snack.) Supplies
Snack is twigs(mini pretzels), leaves(coconut shreds died green) & berries( blue berries, raspberry's and black berries) put them on a plate for the kids to eat there dino dinner. Blue berries, raspberry's and black berries, coconut shreds died green & mini pretzels and
paper plates.
Gross Motor
Six Self Selected Activities
SSA #1
Task: Math
Creative Name Floating Dinosaurs
Fill a water table and give the kids "islands" to float. Cut foam meat trays into different
shapes for the islands. Give the kids plastic dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. They then
had to place the dinosaurs on the islands until they sank the island.
Foam meat trays, plastic dinosaurs, water, sensory table.
SSA #2
Task: Art
Creative Name Macaroni Skeletons
After reading about your favorite prehistoric dino, provide papers with dinos drawn on
them. The children can create the skeleton bones from the pasta.
Materials Needed: (uncooked) pasta- thin spaghetti, elbow macaroni, rigatoni, etc.
SSA #3
Task: Science
Creative Name Dino eggs
Make a paste of dry Ivory Snow detergent and water. Form it into an egg shape around a
plastic dinosaur. When they're dry, send them home. The eggs will "hatch" during bath
Supplies SSA #4 Creative Name Description Supplies SSA #5 Creative Name Description Supplies SSA #6 Creative Name Description 4|Page
time Dry Ivory snow detergent, water and plastic dino toy Task: Language Find the Dino Letter Place these cards at the writing table with the markers. These can be used in many different ways. 1. The children can use the markers to trace the letters of each word. Ask them to name the letters they are tracing. 2. Ask the children to trace or circle a specific letter or to trace or circle the letters in the dinos name that are also in their name. 3. Sort the cards by the ones that have a specific letter in the word. Materials needed: Papers with dinosaur names and pictures on them. Laminate them; Dry erase markers. Task: Art Stegosaurus Hats Fold 3 of the 4 plates in half and staple. These will be the plates of the stegosaurus. String the yarn through the last plate make a hat which will tie under the chin. Staple the 3 folded plates together (vertically), one on top of the other. Attach the line of stegosaurus "plates" to the top hat plate. Decorate with bingo dotters or anything colorful. The children look so cute leavinG School with these on!! 4 paper plates per students, a stapler, yarn or string and bingo dotters. Task: dramatic play Dino land Decorate the dramatic play area like an old forest. Have them dress up as Herbivores. Let
Supplies OA #1 Creative Name Description Supplies OA #2 Creative Name Description Supplies
the children pretend they eat strictly plants and love all animals. Old forest stuff, Dinosaur dress up, Different animals. Outdoor Self Selected Activities Task: Science What does it eat? Take an empty egg carton to the backyard or park. Search for items that your creature might like to eat. Some of them might not have existed during the time your creature was alive. That's okay---maybe your creature will be willing to try something new. Take a small sample of each discovered food type and store it in the egg carton. Items for collection might include broad leaves, grass blades, berries, conifer needles, nuts, and flower petals. And don't forget pebbles! Egg Carton, nature Task: Science Paleontologist Hunt Hide theme related items outside: mini dinos, stuffed dinos, dino bones cut out from cardboard, plastic eggs with mini-dinos, give each child a paint brush so they can pretend to brush the item off Dino items to hide: mini, large, and etc. paint brush

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