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Fall/Winter 1998 Volume 24 Number 3
Steiner demonstrates the multimedia capabilities of the new simulation lab.
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Dr. James Steiner Selected as First Washington Dental Service Endowed Chair
Dr. James Steiner, clinical professor of endodontics at the UW School of Dentistry, has been named the Washington Dental Service Endowed Chair in Dentistry. Recognized for his outstanding career in academia and private practice, Steiner received a unanimous recommendation from the School's department chairs, who served as the selection committee. The chair will support Steiner as a senior faculty member in providing education and conducting clinical research in the delivery of oral health care, including efficient and effective business practices. The WDS chair was established last year with a $2 million gift from Washington Dental Service - the largest single gift to the School. It is the School's first endowed chair. An American Dental Association survey of dental students who graduated in 1997 showed that 38.1% felt their training in practice administration was inadequate. In addition, ADA accreditation guidelines for dental schools place an additional focus on the amount and quality of education provided in practice management for the
first time. Because of this gift from WDS and the School's preparation for the upcoming accreditation process, the School is taking a leadership position in Dr. James Steiner developing a curriculum for undergraduates and continuing education that responds to these issues of the dental delivery system. "It takes more than common sense to build and maintain a successful dental practice," Steiner said. "Unlike the business world, a dentist's capacity is limited because he is the sole producer." Steiner supports the idea proposed by Dr. Dan Cook that there are three distinct phases to a dental practice: the survival continued on page 6
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Upcoming Events Please mark the following upcoming events on your calendar: Beginning A Practice Wednesday, January 27, 1999 6:30 - 9 p.m. Edmond Meany Hotel Ernest Jones Memorial Lecture Friday, March 26, 1999 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Hogness Auditorium, UW Dental Alumni Golf Tournament May, 1999 To be determined To be announced Pacific NW Dental Conference Wednesday-Friday, July 14-16, 1999 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Washington State Convention Center Alumni All-Class Reunion Dinner Friday, July 16, 1999 6:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. To be announced
President's Message
The fiftieth anniversary of the UW School of Dentistry's first graduating class is almost upon us. This was the target date for reaching the goal of one million dollars to purchase dental patient simulators for the Pre-clinical Simulation Laboratory. Three years ago, the Dental Alumni Association decided that the new technology provided by the dental simulators would be a more realistic and superior way to teach clinical dentistry. We have come a long way. The technique of carving teeth out of bovine bone in my father's era was replaced by dentiform teeth in my era, and now, with the new simulators, the UW School of Dentistry will remain one of the premier dental schools in the world. We have one and a half years to meet our goal; at present, we have $560,000. Each of us needs to encourage fellow classmates to be active dental alumni members and to donate to this important project. Only in this way can each class meet their goal of $20,000. The dental education we received has opened many wonderful doors for all of us. Should not we pass what we received on to others? We, in the Dental Alumni Association, should be proud of our dental school and the fine job that Dean Paul Robertson is doing. He has a very dedicated staff, both in
the dental school and in the alumni office. They support the faculty, the students, the production of the Dental Alumni News, the Continuing Dental Education Department, and many other day-to-day operations of the dental school. As always, budgetary constraints affect the dental school. We, the alumni, must do more to help maintain the high quality of education at our dental school. In turn, this will insure that the quality of dentists in the Pacific Northwest remains high as we enter the golden years of our practices. The time is coming for all of us in the Dental Alumni Association to renew our memberships. These membership dollars are critical to the Alumni Association, for they provide scholarships and programs that assist students with the problems they will face when they leave the hallowed halls. Your dues also provide us, the alumni, with fellowship opportunities, such as the annual Dental Homecoming brunch and football game; education opportunities at the Ernest M. Jones Memorial Lecture; and communication through the publication and mailing of this newsletter.
Patrick A. Fleege "The dental education we received has opened many wonderful doors for all of us. Should not we pass what we received on to others?"
1998-99 OFFICERS
1998-99 Dental Alumni Association Officers PRESIDENT: PATRICK A. FLEEGE Class of 1970; pedodontics practice in Seattle; class representative to Alumni Board; member of American Dental Association; Washington State Dental Association; Seattle-King County Dental Society; Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry; American Academy of Dental Practice Administration; Fellow, Pierre Fauchard Academy; Washington Society of Dentistry for Children; Seattle Pedodontic Society; Washington State Academy of Pediatric Dentists. PRESIDENT-ELECT: CARRIE K. YORK Class of 1991; general practice in Seattle; part-time faculty, University of Washington School of Dentistry Department of Prosthodontics; member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon; member of Seattle-King County Dental Society and Washington State Dental Association; Seattle King County Dental Society Executive Council member. SECRETARY: ROSS FRAKER Class of 1980; Dr. Fraker left a position as a math professor in Utah to attend the UW School of Dentistry. After practicing in the University District for three years, he moved to the north Green Lake area in 1983, where he practices today. He has been active on both local- and state-level committees as a representative to the Seattle-King County Executive Council and a Washington State Dental Association Delegate. His daughter, Dr. Sarah Fraker (Class of 1998), will join his practice after completing her General Practice Residency at the UW. They plan to expand the practice. TREASURER: DONALD N. LEDERMAN Class of 1961; Board Treasurer 1991-98; class representative since 1988; started general practice in Bellevue in 1963; member and past chair of the Overlake Dental Seminar; member of the SeattleKing County Dental Society and the Washington State Dental Association since 1963. Dr. Lederman is a valued advisor to the UW Office of Dental Alumni Services. 4
Dean's Column
Each year, I review with the President and Provost the accomplishments of the UW School of Dentistry in the areas of academic mission, teaching, research, patient care and professional service as well as strategic goals for the forthcoming biennium. The School's most successful year made the meeting especially notable and I will share some of it with you. I observed that the School of Dentistry continues to share the University's overall mission to generate, disseminate, and preserve knowledge, and serve the community. The School remains an integral part of the Health Sciences Center. Our educational, research and service programs clearly prepare students to be competent oral health care professionals and it's research programs continue to contribute to the understanding of basic biologic processes and behavioral, biomedical and clinical aspects of oral health. I noted the breadth of educational programs offered by the School including those leading to degrees of Bachelor of Science with a major in Dental Hygiene, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy with emphasis both on the biomedical and biobehavioral sciences. Moreover, we offer postgraduate and residency programs in dental public health, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral medicine, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics and general dentistry. Finally, we remain the primary provider of continuing dental education programs for the State and Pacific region. Our patient care activities are also far ranging and provide many unique diagnostic and treatment resources for the State of Washington through facilities at the Health Center as well as affiliations with Harborview Veteran's Administration, and Children's Hospitals and the Fred Hutchinson cancer research Center. Of particular interest to the citizens of the State of Washington is that many patients seen in our clinics are children and adults who have special treatment needs or who would not otherwise have access to dental care because of economic, physical or cultural disadvantages. In research, we lead the nation in the number of grants and total grant support
funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Dental Research. The educational and clinical aspects of our program are further enriched by our Dental Clinical Research Center, Research Center in Oral Biology, fellowship research training program for predoctoral students, Dentist-Scientist and research training grants and Summer Research Institute for faculty. In the following table, I have included some outcome measurements of our year compared to the previous two years. It is clear that we continue to improve in our missions of teaching, research and patient care.
National Dental
Board - I
1st Quintile 1st Quintile 1st Quintile
National Dental
Board - II
1st Quintile 1st Quintile 1st Quintile
National Institutes
of Health
National Institute
Dental Research 1st
Western Regional
Dental Board
The next year will be at least as busy as last. It seems like yesterday that we were fully accredited by the ADA Commission on Accreditation but we are beginning to plan for the next accreditation process, which is scheduled for early 2001. Our usual alumni surveys are on their way out and if you are included in the selection, I hope you will fill it out. We will continue to implement our continuous assessment model for teaching programs as well as make our clinics more like the real world private practice of dentistry. The simulation laboratory continues to evolve and we have requested State funds to renovate the facilities in Bwing. We remain well behind our peer dental schools in faculty and staff salaries and we are joining the University as a whole in pleading with the legislature to keep UW competitive, so that we can continue to be among the best Schools of Dentistry in the United States.
Paul B. Robertson "Our educational, research and service programs clearly prepare students to be competent oral health care professionals..."
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phase in which there is limited demand and a large capacity; the growth phase where there is a large demand and a fixed capacity; and the fulfillment phase where demand and capacity are equal. Because of these and other unique characteristics found only in a dental practice, Steiner says the cookie cutter approach emphasized by so many business consultants doesn't work. As a result, Steiner will be looking for creative solutions that will help dentists become better business managers. He compiled a list of questions that will serve to guide his journey: Why are some practices more successful than others? What skills do these dentists have that others don't, and how were they gained? Are the business skills required in a dental practice different from those in the corporate world? What can be learned from other successful small business practices in other industries? What specific needs does a recent graduate have when making the transition from dental school to successful practice of dentistry? What management skills and essential competencies must a dentist possess in order to have a productive and fulfilling practice? "We are pleased with the selection of Dr. Steiner," said Jim Garrison, Washington Dental Service President and CEO. "His research into everyday business realities in dental delivery will help practicing dentists and dental students manage their businesses." One of Steiner's goals is to create a theoretical model of an independent dental practice, which would then be used to develop creative instructional programs designed to increase productivity and evaluate the long-term effectiveness of changes incorporated into the practice. In the long term, this information will be provided to the practicing public via traditional methods of instruction as well as innovative uses of information technology. Steiner first came to the UW School of Dentistry in 1966 as assistant professor and director of graduate training in the Department of Endodontics. He then left in 1971 to serve as associate professor and chair of the
Steiner reviews the work of 2nd year student, Jason Bourne. Department of Endodontics at Louisiana State University. After serving in private practice for 12 years, Steiner served as chair of the endodontics section at the UCLA School of Dentistry. Steiner's four main areas of clinical research include preparation of students for the private practice environment, new computer approaches to teaching, endodontic instrumentation, and the biology of pulp tissue. "Dr. Steiner's exceptional accomplishments in teaching, patient care and service make him well deserving of this appointment," said Dr. Paul Robertson, dean of the UW School of Dentistry. "We are thankful for the support from Washington Dental Service to help our school continue its excellence in dental education." Washington Dental Service, a non profit organization, is the state's oldest and largest provider of prepaid dental benefits. It now serves more than 1.2 million people throughout Washington State through a network of more than 2,800 member dentists. The organization pioneered dental coverage in 1954, at a time when most people considered tooth decay inevitable and private insurers considered dental coverage too risky. It is a founding member of Delta Dental Plans Association, a nationwide network of non profit dental plans in all states.
Research Day The UW School of Dentistry is recognized throughout the country for its commitment to research. That commitment was seen in full force on September 24, 1998 when the School held its annual Research Day, showcasing faculty and student research alike. Centered around the theme "Focus on the Child as a Means of Achieving Lifelong Oral Health," poster and oral presentations by faculty and students covered topics ranging from the prospects of a vaccine to prevent periodontitis to the predictors of dentists' participation in an access program for low income children. The highlight of the day was the keynote address by UW's own Dr. Leroy Hood, titled "The Human Genome Project: A Rosetta Stone for Biology and Medicine." His laboratory has played a major role in developing automated microchemical instrumentation for the sequence analysis of proteins and DNA and the synthesis of peptides and gene fragments. He is applying his lab's expertise in largescale DNA mapping and sequencing as a major part of the Human Genome project. Hood, the William Gates III Professor of Biomedical Sciences, believes biotechnology and information technology will dominate the 21st Century. He described the sequencing of DNA as creating the "periodic table of life." In addition to defining the ratio between genetic controls and environmental controls over human development, the information could result in new ways to treat disease from a systems standpoint, allowing the repair of a "malfunction". 7
The UW Dept. of Pediatric Dentistry 50 Years of Leadership by Suzanne M. Corbett, M.Ed., Ph.D.
The University of Washington Department of Pediatric Dentistry can be proud of its many accomplishments. Especially notable is the progress that has been made through the years in improving the oral health of the State's children. A goal that the department has worked steadfastly toward throughout its history is providing access to dental care to the children of lowincome families, for they are the ones who have the highest risk for dental disease. David B. Law Chair, 1948-1972 Approximately one year after the UW School of Dentistry opened the doors to its first class in 1946, Dean Ernest M. Jones recruited David Law from Northwestern University where he was a member of the pedodontic faculty. In 1948, Jones appointed Law the first Chairman of the newly established UW Department of Pedodontics. In those early years, Law was responsible for all the predoctoral and post-doctoral courses in children's dentistry, which he taught with the help of some part time faculty. In the early 50's, he established a post-graduate training program in pediatric dentistry. Also a scientist, he made significant contributions to research and to scientific literature. Law, with Thompson M. Lewis and John M. Davis, authored An Atlas of Pedodontics, a highly respected textbook which was ultimately translated into more than five languages. Law was a pioneer pediatric specialist, serving seven years on the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and as Chairman of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. He was a quiet, intelligent, kind man who loved children. David B. Law passed away in 1986. Drs. David Law and Thompson Lewis circa 1960
Dr. Thompson M. Lewis Thompson M. Lewis Acting Chair, 1961-1962; 1986-1987 Dr. Thompson Lewis was appointed acting chair of Pedodontics for eight months when Law, an Army reservist, was called to active duty in the winter of 1961. Lewis first came to the department as one of its first graduate students in 1954. After earning his M.S.D. in 1955, he remained as a full-time faculty member in the department. Starting as an instructor, he was appointed assistant professor in 1956, and was subsequently promoted to associate professor in 1963, and full professor in 1970. Early in its history, the Department established a close relationship with Children's (Orthopedic) Hospital and Regional Medical Center. In 1963, he was appointed director of their Dental Department, and continued in that capacity for more than 25 years. Under his direction, the Department expanded services for disabled and medically compromised children. Lewis embodied the philosophy of Pediatric Dentistry at the UW. He believed excellence in children's dentistry required treating the whole child, taking into consideration the child's personality along with the family's circumstances. He believed that effective behavioral management of children was essential for successful clinical dentistry, that early intervention was key, and that fluoride and good nutrition greatly enhanced dental health. John C. Peterson, Jr. Chair, 1972-1975 John Peterson took over the leadership of the Department from his mentor and friend, David Law, in 1972. A graduate of WSU, he earned his D.D.S. degree from the University of Oregon School of Dentistry in 1951. After serving briefly in the Navy, he turned to his real interest, pediatric dentistry, earning his M.S.D. degree from the UW in 1961. During this period, the Department benefited from a powerhouse of teaching talent. In addition to Law, Lewis, and Peterson, they learned from John Davis, Pete Domoto, and Bertha Barriga. Mike Sauve ('71) recalls his "favorite instructor and mentor,"
John C. Peterson. He was a "friend of the student, affable, liked by everyone and a great clinician." John C. was so well liked that he was one of five professors invited to the 25th reunion of the Class of 1971, held in Seattle in July three months before his death. Sauve remembers Peterson as a kind man with a great sense of humor. These characteristics are typical of the faculty of Pediatric Dentistry. John M. Davis Acting Chair, 1975-76 When John Peterson left the UW to assist with the establishment of a new dental school at the University of Colorado, John Davis continued the tradition of his mentors, ably managing the department while a search for a permanent Chair was conducted. Davis received his D.D.S. from the UW in 1961 and his M.S.D. in pediatric dentistry in 1967. As assistant professor, and then associate, and later full professor, he continued the tradition of excellence in the teaching program to which he made major contributions. Davis was in demand as an instructor for continuing dental education courses. His knowledge and his skill as a lecturer guaranteed that his courses were always well attended. He personifies the best qualities of a teacher, bringing his cheerful sense of humor to the classroom, and always encouraging and respecting students' questions. Davis has authored a number of excellent teaching materials. Recently, he has been working with his colleague, Dr. Devereaux Peterson, to develop innovative, self-instructional materials on CD-ROM.
Enjoying a fishing outing with friends are David Law, Thompson Lewis & Alton Moore. his Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry, he continued as a clinical assistant professor and also as Dental Director of the Odessa Brown Children's Clinic. This clinic was established with funding for "Model Cities" that came out of the War on Poverty. With the help of Warren G. Magnuson, Domoto obtained a grant to establish a dental service at Odessa Brown. He was also an attending pediatric dentist at Children's Hospital. In 1973, Peter Domoto began working on a Master's Degree in Public Health, completing his degree in 1975. Shortly afterwards, he was appointed Acting Chair of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry. After a national search, Domoto was asked to assume the responsibilities of Chair permanently, and he continues as the department's chair today. Domoto was promoted through the ranks until he reached full professor in 1996. Among his many accomplishments, he restored the graduate program in pediatric dentistry, which had been discontinued. Pete Domoto is recognized for his untiring efforts on behalf of oral health for children. He was pivotal in establishing a dental clinic at the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic. He has also led the way in the training of dentists to treat children at high risk for dental disease. In recognition of his contributions to public health, he received the University of Washington Outstanding Public Service Award for 1995. This award honors a faculty for improving the quality of life locally, nationally, or internationally through public service.
Dr. John C. Peterson, Jr.
Peter K. Domoto Chair, 1977 to Present Acting Chair, 1976-77 Peter Domoto earned his D.D.S. degree from the University of California at San Francisco in 1964. After graduation, he established a general dentistry practice across from Union Square. He quickly discovered that he wanted to work exclusively on children because he believed that pediatric dentistry, with its emphasis on prevention, was the way to have the greatest impact on individuals' future oral health and, therefore, their lives. Thus, Domoto headed for the University of Washington to enroll in the graduate program in Pediatric Dentistry. After earning
Dr. Peter K. Domoto
1998 WSDA Citizens of the Year The Washington State Dental Association has named Dr. Theresa Cheng (Perio 1985) of Issaquah and Dr. Robert N. Nau (Class of 1982) of Tonasket as its 1998 WSDA Citizens of the Year. The award recognizes member dentists who have made significant contributions to the community through volunteer work and have promoted the image of dentistry.
Dr. Theresa Cheng Dr. Cheng is a member of the Board of Directors of Washington Women in Need (WWIN), a non-profit organization that helps low-income women by providing financial assistance for health care and education. Many of the agency's clients suffer from domestic violence. Dr. Cheng, who lost a sister to domestic violence, was attracted to WWIN because it helps women help themselves. She hopes that her involvement with WWIN will help improve the lives of women and their families and contribute to breaking the cycle of abuse.
As a member of the WWIN board, Dr. Cheng has been involved with fundraising, strategic planning, and program evaluation for the agency. WWIN's longest waiting list is for dental care, and the dentist has worked to expand the agency's resources in that area. She has solicited monetary donations and recruited volunteer dentists. Dr. Cheng was featured as a "Success Story" in the 1998 Washington State Public Health Report. The City of Issaquah proclaimed January 20, 1998 as Dr. Theresa Cheng Day in honor of her volunteer work. Dr. Cheng maintains a practice in periodontics and is active in the Issaquah business community. She volunteers at the local food bank as well as at her children's schools. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Seattle-King County Dental Society Foundation. Raised in Malaysia, Dr. Cheng completed her dental degree in Taiwan and her periodontics residency at the University of Washington. She and her husband, Don, have three sons.
Dr. Theresa Cheng 10
Dr. Robert N. Nau Dr. Nau, who holds both a dental degree and a Masters in Business Administration, has put his unusual combination of skills to work for Tonasket and the surrounding area. When he moved to Tonasket to go into practice 16 years ago, the town had a population of 900 and a stagnant economy. Dr. Nau saw possibilities for improving the situation and became the founding director of the North Okanogan County economic development Corporation. Comprised of about 30 individuals from the towns of Oroville, Tonasket and nearby rural areas, the group spent four years working on stimulating growth and expanding employment opportunities. Dr. Nau has also chaired the Tonasket Economic Development Council and was instrumental in drawing up the Tonasket Economic Development Plan, which was adopted in 1995 by the Tonasket Town Council into its Comprehensive Town Plan. Dr. Nau led a group from the Chamber of Commerce in developing the Tonasket Visitor Information and Recreational Vehicle Center and continues to serve on its board. He is a past president of both the Tonasket Chamber of Commerce and the Tonasket Kiwanis club and is active in the Tonasket Foursquare Church. He was named Tonasket Citizen of the Year in 1991 and received a Head Start Volunteer Certificate in 1995 in recognition for his work for the program.
Dr. Robert N. Nau Dr. Nau also serves as the volunteer dentist for the North Valley Nursing Home. He maintains dental offices in Tonasket and in Okanogan. Dr. Nau is a graduate of the UW School of Dentistry. He is presidentelect of the North Central District Dental Society and is a fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry. He and his wife, Rosalind, have two children. The WSDA Citizen of the Year Awards were presented September 25 during the WSDA House of Delegates meeting at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington.
Honor Roll of Donors July 1, 1997 to June 30, 1998 The faculty, staff and students of the University of Washington School of Dentistry wish to thank our alumni and friends for the financial support they provided over the 1997-98 school year. The donations that we received were used to support activities and expenditures for which federal and state funding was either non-existent or inadequate. For example, funds were used for student scholarships and loans, faculty and student research, faculty and staff development and minor renovations. This list is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We sincerely regret any omissions that may have occurred.
The President's Club ($2,000 and above) J. Martin & Arlene Anderson Douglas S. & Connie Cameron Christopher Daniel & Joyce Clarke Richard A. & Debra Crinzi Mick R. & Mary Dragoo Bryan C. Edgar & Linda Johansen Edgar Fred I. & Kumiko Hasegawa Dennis G. & Denise Hopkins Tao Woo Kim & Ji Sun Yang Kim Paul E. Lovdahl Charles Lee & Judith Maier Bruce Maston & Dorothy Weathers Maston June H. Maston Gregory G. Miner Sarah Agnes Morell David R. & Kim Nakanishi Wesley I. & Mae Odani Walter F. Pitts John W. & Shirley M. Ricketts Dan Shaw & Jana K. Slezak Tsutomu Shimono Kenyu & Midori Takamoto Richard V. Tucker Norma Jane Wells Rodney Brian Wentworth & R. Jill DeMarco John D. & Christine West The Dean's Club ($500 to $1,999) Harmon F. & Patricia Adams Todd H. & Yaroslavia Adams Kenneth John Agronin Robert D. & Judy Allen Donald J. Arima Jon Artun Donald Courtney & Frances Ausink Ann T. Azama Gary Alan & Cathy Backlund David J. & Darlyne Bales Ronald Loyd Barclay Ernest E. & Deanna Barrett Peter James Barwick Marshall L. & Lynda Batchelor William & Joyce Becker Bradley J. Bemis Neil E. & Rebecca Bergstrom Barbara Lee Billings & Ernest Vogel Gordon J. & Cheryl Block Dale S. Bloomquist & Heidi Horwitz Dale Bobb Wayne A. & Joanna Bolton Ralph W. & Margaret Boyden Charles R. & Ilona Brown Frederick R. & Margaret Brown W. Paul Brown Wallace B. & Patricia Brown Jeffrey Alen & Mary Hull Burgess Falconer E. & Virginia Campbell Gale Charles Campbell John E. Carssow Quinn & Mae Mar Chin Eugene & Young Choy Edward H. Christopherson Terrance Paul Cliney & Pearl Baker-Cliney Michael Cohen Kenneth M. & Sharman Collins Gary Kieth Cowart
David Lee & Lea Crouch Danny E. Davidson Ellwood Ward & Cristina Davidson Thomas G. & Sarma Davidson D. Briar & Heidi Diggs Mark L. DiRe Peter K. & Sylvia Domoto Robert Louis & Linda Donaldson T. Michael & Roberta Doyle Timothy Allan & Linda Drumhiller Richard James & Gabriele Duringer Homer J. & Jean Dyer Fred Ebsworth Daryl Bruce Eckland Mark Allen & Lisa Egbert James C. & Tekla Ellingsen Charles O. & J.M. Evans Marcus Allen & Catherine Fairbanks Donald Dean & Lois Fate Michael Robert & Donna Lee Fey Brett C. & Susan Fidler Patrick A. Fleege & Stephanie Marvin Douglas Jay Fogle Carol Ann & Thomas Friedel Joseph Gabany Donald Eugene Gardner George G. Ghosn Burton H. & Edna Goodman L. C. Gregerson Mickaella V. Griffith Joseph Carmello & Jerrilou Grillo Richard T. & Sharen Grubb George & Diana Gundersen Gregory W. & Katherine Guyman James D. Haberman Robert A. & Lynn Hall Stanton H. & Sharon Hall Enborg Becker & Nora Halle Don M. Hallum Robert E. & Barbara Hampson James H. Harken Gerald W. & Madeline Harrington Phil Bryner & Joan Hayes Wayne G. & Laurel Hill Leland J.& Beverly Hoepfinger Edward J. & Nanette Hoffman Tomas E. Holbrook John Quincy & Cynthia Holcomb Lars G. & Sheridan Hollender John B. & Bette West Holmes Kregg A. & Kim Hoover Robert W. & Carol Hortin Greg J. Huang Alan Watson Irvin Kerry Susumu & Joni Ishihara Louis & Claudia Isquith Kenneth T. Izutsu & Colleen McKay Thomas Eugene & Kristen Jacka R. Duncan & Marjory Janson Howard Thome Johnson Michael D. & Sherry Johnson James Eldon & Julie Jones Peter A. & Diane Joss Robert W. & Jacqueline Juhl Eugene Dell Kato Kevin M. Keane Gregory & Molly Breen Kledzik Carol Ann & Stephen Knaup Gregory Warren & Vicki Knutson
Larry B. & Joan Knutson Vincent G. & Marilyn Kokich Jon H. Kvinsland William L. & Anna Kydd Samuel L. & Lori Lake Michael G. LaMarche Steven J. Larsen Michael Wayne & Vi Niels Lawr Donald N. & Gerry Lederman Penelope J. Leggott Christine Louise Lentz Albert C. & Pauline Leonard Richard D. & Joan Leshgold John R. Liu James Lorin & Sandra Lord Michael L. & Carol Maki Matthew Arthur Mandel Lawrence E. & Carol Mast Robert G. & Lois Rathvon McCarter Richard B. & Erlys McCoy Patrick Lindquist & Elke McKenzie Robert G. & Jean McLaughlin Karen Anne McNeill James W. & Ruth Menzies Dan G. & Mical Middaugh Dan K. Middaugh Daryl W. & Kathleen Miller David M. & Susan Minahan Dennis Michimoto & Janet Miya Allen T. & Georgianna Moffitt Donald Ray Montano John W. & Laura Moore Don Morgan Thomas H. Morton & Kyoko Awamura George Frederick & Ellen Naden Roger Wayne & Teresa Yagi Nakanishi Thomas Murray Natale Desmond G. & Beverly Neff Eric G. Nelson Martin Joseph Nigrelle Norman Hitoshi & Anita Nishikawa Gary G. & Mary Nordquist Karl-Еke H. & M. Lena Omnell Robert B. & Emelia O'Neal Kenneth J. O'Neill Clarence L. & Carol Ann Osborne Gary L. & Dana Ostenson Daniel O. Page Ernest E. & Joyce Patricelli Sidney R. & Irene Patten David G. & Patti Petersen Devereaux S. & Carol Peterson Khayat & Anne Philippe Gregory Plancich Rebecca Bell Poling Thomas Walter Popp Frederick William Prael James A. & Marilyn Pulliam Richard S. & Susann Quinn Richard Elmer & Karen Raisler Donald Herbert & Alda Raleigh Douglas S. & Michelle Brot Ramsay De Witt S. Randall Ted J. & Skipper Rasor James Lloyd & Linda Ribary Michael Anthony & Vicki Miller Rivera Paul B. & Marjorie Robertson Murray R. Robinovitch Donald W. & Shirley Robinson
Brian C. Rubens David N. & Joanne Rudo Gordon Alan & Marcia Sako Karen D. Sakuma & Gary Ikeda Ernesto Ricardo Schwedhelm James R. & Susanne Seather M. H. Sebastian Bradley Gordon Seto Peter A. & Gail Shapiro Leonard A. & Betty Siebert James N. & Sally Smith Sledge Connie L. Small Curtis F. & Ruby Smith Hugh C. & Joan Sobottka Denny W. & Laurie Southard James W. & Patricia Stoddard Stephen L. Stroh Zeenat Teja Keith R. & Patricia Timberlake Ralph W. & La Verne Tjarnberg Mahmoud & Ashi Torabinejad Neil Edwin & Meg Torvik Edmond L. & Karen Truelove Richard D. & Joy Ulrey Steven John & Mary Urback LaRae Van Der Schelden R. L. Van Der Schelden Frank Westley & Mary Vawter Mark V. & Barbara Walker Rosemary & Lloyd Warren Tracy Maurice Wayman Hans U. & Sharon Wehl Bryan J. & Ellen Williams John Rutledge & Dierdre Winters Chester W. & Elizabeth Woodside Philip & Ruth Worthington J. Dennis & Nancy Yavorsky Robert Joseph Zech School Mentor ($250 to $499.99) Robert K. Andelin Elizabeth Anderson Robert M. Anderson & Gretchen Gustshol-Anderson Robert John & Pamela Andrew Anonymous Gifts-Friends Clyde L. & Irene Archer Timothy R. Avedovech William J. Barrett Bertha Barriga Russell Allen & Cheryl Barron Bruce L. Barron Thomas C. Beffa Michael D. Benner Bill N. & Debbie Bethards William D. & Dayna Bloomquist Marie-Jeanne Bonser Matthew & Vicki Breaker Jacqueline Elaine Bunce Patricia A. & Joe Callihan Gerald Joseph & Madelon Pomeroy Campo Kenneth Y. Chang Richard Elliot & Susan Chodroff Lynn J. Clifford Sherman L. & Sheryle Cloward Dennis G. Cooley Alan & Jean Daysmith
Andres & Maripaz de la Cruz Robert C. & Kathleen Dearborn Darrel Duane Dreke Dean A. & Irene Dyson Paul Robert & Debby Elsberry Kai Hong Eng Ronald Walter & Carolyn Fabrick Robert L. & Bernice Flennaugh Ross McKee & Deanna Fraker Gordon S. & Mary Froese Kirk Gardner Gary Steven & Ann Gilbert Fred M. Grimm Arild R. & Ilona Hammer Roger Wayne Hansen Ronald E. & Lea Harmon Kenneth W. Heaton Paul J. Heins Michael R. & Judith Higashi George W. & Ekelyn Hodgson Thomas H. Hohl Johnny N. & Patricia Johnson Robert E. & Linda Johnson Robert H. & Barbara Johnson Gerald E. Kauth Gary D. & Ardelle Lange Robert J. Lee Steven R. & Gay Lee Francine Lo Kenneth Kwok G. Lo Stephen M. & Lisa MacGeorge Raymond E. & Jan Manke Richard L. & Jane Mariani Michael D. & Anita Martin William G. McDonald R. Graham McEntire James McHugh R. Glenn & Annette McMinn Michael Ray & Margaret McRory Michael B. & Pamela Melugin Osmond & Eunice Merrill Philip P. & Marilyn Mihelich Dale E. & Ann Miller Thomas Mitchell & Linda Caldwell-Mitchell David L. & Gail Movius Richard W. & Ann Nash Eugene & Marylee Natkin Kenneth A. & Lisa Norwick Eldon H. & Sherrile O'Bryant William B. Parker Eugene H. Peeples Thomas J. & Catherine Proteau Rich S. Radmall James C. & Cheryl Rice Robert B. & Linda Robinson Donald C. & Marian K. Rose T.A. & Marian S. Rose Bruce & Patricia E. & Rothwell Robert Bruce & Joan Rutherford Richard D. & Leane Seims Ronald Keith Snyder Joseph S. & Carole Spinola Rhys Damon Spoor David & Diana Stearns David Robert & Patricia Steiner Marvin E. & Midge Swainson Lavern H. & Anne Swenson Amanda Lee Tavoularis Andrew & Carolyn Tolas Russell Jun Sung Tom Melvin & Deborah Trenor Robert E. & Virginia Tracy Douglas L. & Nancy Trippel Allan T. & Patricia Tronset Robert & Nancy Uhlmansiek John F. & Patricia Vaughn Wallace C. & Pamela Volz John S. & Marcia Weaver Fred C. & Cristel Wemer Melvin & Miriam Wilenzick Cardon W. Willis H. Bruce Willis
Karl Edwin Winter Raymond C. & Shanna Winters David A. & Janice Witzel George W. & Grace Wood Peter Win & Linda Wylie Gregory George Zimmer Jeffrey Lee & Lori Zygar Friends of Dentistry ($100 to $249.99) Jeff & Margie Abolofia Charles Dean Alexander Richard M. & Jacklyn Alexander Maxwell H. & Suzanne Anderson Anonymous - Friends Michael J. & Kay Bartoletti Steven H. & M.L. Beard O. Ross & Sheryl M. Beirne Gary E. Berner Robert W. & Elizabeth Bowman Dante Bresolin F. Chester Burrell Burl Bert & Judith Buskirk Janet R. Istas Butler Roy W. Carlson Dave & Margaret E. Carver Robert T. & Christina Caskey Linda Mae Cirtaut Lynn Charles Cockburn Francis J. Collins David A. Covell Donald J. & Marilyn Covey William H. & Helen Dahlberg Fred & Beverly Dale-Crunk Lewis V. & Gayle Davis James K. & Louise Day Maurice J. & Darlene DeCabooter Jay David Deiglmeier Sara Devine-Beyerle Jane Dieveney-Hinkle Geoffrey & Diane Doppel David W. & Janet Downey Patricia E. Doyle Melvin J. & Mari Jo Drescher Arthur & Katherine Dugoni Richard A. & Helen Ellingson Sherman Ely Robert & Mary P. Faine Gary R. & Linda Feldman Will S. & Lynda Fernyhough James E. Fitzgerald Larry J. & Susan Forsythe Craig Fostvedt Charles E. Friedman Sidney R. Gallegos Beatrice K. & Jeffery Gandara Richard W. & Bonnie Gehring Stacy Skopelitis Gilmore Richard Grace & Kristine Lazar Frank B. & Kay Guthrie Gregory A. & Elizabeth Hanson Henry L. Harbert Robert W. & Michelle Hardwick John M. & Ann Hardy Creed & Teresa Haymond Thomas J. Herrick Jurgen H. & Suzanne Huck John C. Ive Douglass L. Jackson Kenneth R. James Mark P. & Diane Jankowski Patti Ann Chiyo Kashiwa William C. & Mary Kenner Lisa Kinney James F. Kinoshita Rory Armond Knapp Douglas J. Knight Douglas Leen Steve M. Leighty Linda Le Resche David G. Logan Gregg & Randi Longmeier James A. & Colleen Magelsen
Laurene Alyse Marks-Wolf Gary R. Marshall Donna L. Massoth Mitchell G. & Ann Maughan Shawn Roger & Diane McDevitt James McGoldrick Jerry & Gayle McKellar Michael McNall & Page Wilding Anthony Milan Robert M. Monsen Jack & K. Ann Moore Robert & Lynne Myall Paul A. & Julie Nelson Michael A. Mieder Ikuko Nibu Ording Nilsen & Deanna Butler Arden & Jan B. Norvold Robert A. Osborne Kent G. & Pheobe Palcanis Normond & Ann Passmore Harold A. Peebles Jr. Evan L. Perry Celon A. & Echo Peterson Martin A. & Diane Rabin Frank A. & Laura Roberts J. Richard & Colleen Roos Richard J. Rotter Dale R. Ruemping Anthony A. & Julie Santorsola Ravi Sawhney Steven & Ann Schwager Les Seelye Geralyn Dell & David Senft Jerry & Beverly J. Sheller Richard W. & Linda Shepherd Dennis & Mary Sipher Thane W. & June Smith Steven D. & Gloria Smutka George M. & Marianna Stephens Ernest & Doris J. Stiefel Robert I. & Shawnna Stockton Greg W. & Raelene Sutherland Carl R. Tate Daniel M. & Cynthia Taylor Douglas R. & Margaret Verhoef Michael Vermette Gina Wambolt Timothy E. & Catherine Wandell James D. & Betsy Weaver Patricia J. Weiss Edwin P. & Pauline Werlich Prscilla Wig William J. & Ruthanne Wise Jay F. & Pam Worden Keith K. Yamakawa & Arlene Caballe-Yamakawa Michael H. & Roni Ziegler Donors (Below $100) Leigh Anderson Anonymous - Friends Bernard C. & Suzanne Awenenti James & Rebecca Bagley Eldon G. & Terese Barrowes Barry & Gloria Barrus Thomas Boriotti Pamela H. Braham Trevor & Joanne Bryant Daniel R. & Rilla Burne Michael S. Campbell R. D. & Ann Carlyon Philip W. & Charlotte Cartwright Kari D. Chellis James W. Cherberg William B. & Louise Christensen Betty Jane & Stephen Cole Donald & Vicky Compaan Alan R. Cooper James & Janita D. Cope Richard M. Coyner Ben Crusan Raleigh M. & Carol Curtis
Ronald L. & Gail Danforth John S. & Kathleen Davis Dennis H. Di Julio Anthony & Nisha J. D'Silva Robert J. & Connie Dunnington Charles V. & Maryanna Farrell Philip Fleckman & Star LeonardFleckman Jerrie Fliflet Charles A. & Judi Gilmore John L. & Sally Glancy Robert B. & Jeanne Greener Lane Griffin Carolyn Beecher Hager Charles V. & Ann Hall Oddrun Hansen Joan W. Hawkins Todd D. Haworth Sarah Hill Rose M. Homan Laura S. Houston Stephen & Kerry L. Jacobson Jane Ketner Johnson Mark F. Kadoshima Miachel A. Kay Patricia Keller Graham & Dorothy W. Kent Jin Young Kim Janet & Hugh Kimball William F. & Dorothy Kipple Dennis & Sharon Lanigan Mark Laviola Robert P. Lewis Kevin & Mary Jane Lungren Neil & Jean Allen Martin Raymond M. Maxwell Kenneth J. & Muriel McLean Jay A. & Janet Morrow Ronald P. Morse Sohrab Moshiri Robert & Alice D. Muncy Mary Neyhart Jim Odegard & Astrid N. Hoydal Daniel L. Oliveira Katherine Ane Olson Sabrina M. Ott Dimitrios A. & Anastasia Pappas Andrew J. Pardoe Keith M. & Lisa Phillips Barbara P. Posner Sommers Mark Pratt & Annette Smith Richard B. & Anna Presland Rodrick D. & Marilyn Robinson Gregory Sauer & Barbara Panetta Erich S. & Jennifer Schmidt John P. & Angena Skibiel Robert M. Smith Harvey A. Strand Gerald S. Summerhays Stephen M. & Pamela Talbot Priscilla A. Thurber Robert B. & Marlene Tomberg Tina & Eugenio Trejo Eugene Tynes David & Doreen M. G. Vague Roger & Marlene Wambach Roger A. & Judith West Arthur & Leanne Wheless Margaret G. Wilhyde Jeremy F. & Nancy Worden Wayne Tetsuo Yoda Corporations, Foundations and Associations The Dean's Club ($1,000 and above) A-DEC American Dental Association Arnold Dental Supply Co. Inc. Astra pain control AB
Block Drug Company, Inc. Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals Colgate-Palmolive Company Dental Alumni Association Dental Class of 1990 ESPE America, Inc. G. Hartzell & Son, Inc. J. F. Jelenko & Co. Kaiser Permanente Kodak Nakanishi Dental Lab Inc. New-Conn Orthodontic Study Group Nobel Biocare USA, Inc. Northwest Dentists Insurance Optiva Corporation Pharmascience Laboratories Inc Procter & Gamble Co. Washington State Dental Assoc. Yakima Valley Dental Society Donors ($999.99 and below) 3M Pharmaceuticals Academy of R.V. Tucker Study B & H Dental Laboratory, LLC Ballard Oral and Maxillofacial Becker & Becker PC Bellingham Pediatric Dentistry Burkhart Dental Supply Company Clark Dental Group Columbia Basin Pediatric Dent. Columbia Dentoform DEN-TAL-EZ, Inc. Dentsply International Edgewood Dental Lab Ellingsen Paxton Orthodontics Harrison Dental Laboratory Hartland Dental Group Howmedica Leibinger, Inc. Intl. College of Dentists Kincaid McClary & Zysset, DDS Lewis & Gibson LLP Maple Grove Dentistry Martin & Roseta, DDS P.S. Mt. Baker Dist Dental Society North Valley Dental Care Olympic Dental Hygiene Seminar Opportunity Professional Group Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. Pierre Fauchard Academy Pike Place Dental Rory Dental & Technical Art Seattle Dental Associates Sedro-Woolley Family Dental Center Teledyne Water Pik Third Street Family Dental Ctr Ultradent Products, Inc. United States Navy Valley Dental Center Dental Alumni Anniversary Class Challenge Update (as of October 21, 1998) Champion $2,000 and up Star $500-$1,999 Winner $150-$499 Team Player $1-$149 Class of 1950 ($10,605) Champion Robert E. Hampson
Jr. Robert McLaughlin Star Wayne Bolton Alan Daysmith Celon Peterson Fred Pomeroy Don Raleigh Robert Zech Winner Melvin Drescher George F. Pollock Robert L. Thompson Team Player Charles H. Hill Jack Hornibrook John Parrish Class of 1951 ($26,925) Champion Doug Burton Star H. Sam Anderson Robert Canfield Lynn C. Cockburn Clair Hanks H.A. Nordeng T.A. Rose John Vaughn George Wood Winner Roland F. Hoar Team Player Theodore Christensen Donald C. Rose Class of 1952 ($2160) Star Robert McCarter Keith R. Timberlake Winner F. Chester Burrell Team Player C. Larry Crabtree Frank Endzell Richard P. Harrison Charles Hodson Dean E. Largent Kenneth E. McVey John C. Rhoades Class of 1953 ($3400) Star Burton H. Goodman Theodore Lund Dean Sullivan Winner John Perrodin Team Player John Codd John C. Gould Edwin P. Werlich Class of 1954 ($8100) Champion Eldon H. O'Bryant Star Donald Compaan Leif C. Gregerson Robert Gross John B. Holmes Eldon H. O'Bryant Gordon Raisler
Arthur F. Stamey Winner Robert Gross David E. Snyder Friend James M. Luzzi Wayne Olson W. Stephen Teel Class of 1955 ($14,960) Champion Leonard Siebert Richard Ulrey Star Ronald L. Barclay Charles Evans C. Merle Hanley Edward J. Hoffman Johnny Johnson Richard D. Prince Hugh Sobottka Larry Stone James Takano Robert Willey B.D. Wilson Richard M. Young Winner W. Eugene Duffin Karl A. Hampton Team Player Howard Clark Clifford Dally Robert Dean David Downey Robert Hawkins Class of 1956 ($16,600) Champion Victor I. Moriyasu Star Frederick R. Brown James Calahan Richard Crow Joseph Grillo Donald Hayes James H. Hunt Jr Keith O. Karren Leonard Loflin Jack Martin Reed M. Merrill Stanford D. Prince Melvin Rugg Joe Spinola John Winters Winner Lynn R. White Team Player Donald W. Wilson Class of 1957 ($7375) Champion David J. Bales John Wilbur Ricketts Star R. Duncan Janson Tom Hayashi Joseph Sim Winner Gordon Hungar Donald C. Pierce Team Player Robert Hoffman Richard Johnson
John T. Mirante Jeremy Worden Class of 1958 ($1510) Winner Clyde L. Archer, Jr. Class of 1958 Reunion E. Contreras Jr. George D. Mohoric Team Player J. Trevor Bryant, Jr. Collen C. Cruikshank Frank B. Guthrie Roland Kumasaka T.E. Ramage Ronald E. Tracy Class of 1959 ($10,950) Champion Fred I. Hasegawa Star William J. Barrett Arild Hammer James Harken Ronald P. Morse Desmond G. Neff James A. Pulliam Nicholas J. Skalabrin Winner Robert C. Beaulieu Armand DeFelice Team Player Raymond E. Hansen Patrick D. Kennar James Stobie Class of 1960 ($10,350) Star Harmon F. Adams Ralph W. Boyden, Jr. Art Carlson Ken Eickerman James Haberman Don Hallum James Jones Thomas Proteau Jay Roeter Curtis Smith Silvan Strandwold, Jr. Winner Lawrence J. Breum William H. Cleaver Jim George Team Player Jay D. Decker Samuel Hunter Irwin Parker Class of 1961 ($8925) Champion Donald N. Lederman Star Richard Alexander Falconer E. Campbell James Ellingsen Monte Merrell Dale E. Miller Walter R. Patterson Wallace D. Robertson Darrell L. Ruef James Stoddard Winner Kai Hong Eng Richard B. McCoy Walter Patterson
Team Player Robert P. Campbell Philip G. Gallaher John B. McCollum Larry J. Schwartz Class of 1962 ($9125) Star James D. Eshelman Paul Heins Donald Landeen James L. Lee John T. McGwire Peter Riley John R. Sahr Darrell Schafer Denis VanLoan Winner Albert C. Leonard, III Carl Tate Team Player Fred Christen Jules T. Frere Daniel Morasch Donald Welk Class of 1963 ($12,200) Champion Wallace Brown Peter Joss Star Ronald E. Harmon Thomas R. Jones Robert Knapp Richard D. Leshgold Glenn B. McKay Jack Moore Stephen L. Stroh J.T. Vento Wallace C. Volz Team Player Aaron Lloyd David E. Savage Class of 1964 ($14,800) Champion George Ghosn Star George M. Chatalas Fred Grimm George Gundersen James Lord James W. Menzies Harold Pebbles Richard Raisler Don Smith Frank W. Vawter Thomas D. Ware C. Dennis Wohlford Winner Alan Brooks Robert L. Flennaugh Jurgen Huck Fred Quarnstrom Team Player Donald D. Arstein Ronald K. Miller Class of 1965 ($14,000) Champion J. Martin Anderson Ernest Patricelli Star Leland C. Ballard Douglas Cameron Charles Hall
David W. Hanson Warren Johnson Anthony Milan Charles Miller Richard Ottosen David Swan Cardon W. Willis Dennis Wohlford Class of 1966 ($13,939) Star Kent Arbuckle William Baker Sherman Cloward Gary Dodobara Jon Kvinsland Leonard Nixon Thomas Page Bruce Rutherford George Stephens Henry Surbeck Neil Torvik Melvin L. Wilenzick Winner Robert D. Allen Stephen Kurumada Michael R. McRory Class Reunion Donation Paul K. Smits Team Player Fredrick Bache Col. John J. Bodner II Wayne Kauth (in memory of Wayne Ono) Evron W. Knorr Wayne Ono Charles Taba Class of 1967 ($20,325) Champion Richard T. Grubb Star Joseph Bigas Class of 1967 Reunion James G. Daley Kenneth L. Drewel, Jr Dennis L. Hoofnagle Gary Lange Stephen MacKey Raymond Manke Daryl W. Miller John Obde F. Robert O'Donnell Daniel Page Richard Seims J. Vincent Smith Marvin Swainson L. Brian Toolson Edward C. Wall Chester Woodside Peter Wylie Winner George C. Brain George MacFarlane Team Player John Carpenter Gary E. Dunham Richard Johnson Robert S. Sumner Class of 1968 ($16,635) Champion James Seather Star Robert J. Andrew Bruce Barrow William Bloomquist
Ed Bowman Kenneth G. Conn Roger W. Hansen Phil Hayes Myron E. Kawakami Steven J. Larsen Gary K. Morita Byron Nakagawa Jan B. Norvold Clarence Osborne Thane W. Smith Lloyd W. White David Witzel Winner Kirk Gardner Douglas E. Hille Roger L. Mayfield James Rosenwald James R. Shoe Team Player Terry L. Gustavel Phil B. Hayes Stephen J. Henderson Marvin F. Marston Dean L. Molen Class of 1969 ($13,200) Champion Dexter Barnes Louis Isquith Star Ernest E. Barrett Philip Coleman Kenneth M. Collins David A. Cotant Paul Elsberry Roy Gunsolus Robert W. Hancheroff Larry Knutson David L. Movius Richard Weide Team Player Ronald D. Larson Richard Mitchell Lon W. Riggs James M. Slack Paul Zosel Class of 1970 ($15,300) Star Tim Avedovech David Baird Russell Barron Richard Duringer James Fitzgerald Patrick A. Fleege Gary Gilbert Gregory Hanson Ronald C. Heilman John M. Henrickson Wayne G. Hill George Hodgson Mike Hoffman James Kinoshita Alan D. Kitchel Edwin Mitchell Sidney R. Patten Eugene Richardson Donald W. Robinson Winner Stephen W. Brooks John Little Team Player Peter G. Ashbaugh Roy D. Brewster Richard W. Shepherd Robert H. Stark, Jr
Ronald E. Tracy David H. Wands Class of 1971 ($18,385) Champion Dennis M. Miya Star John Barney Thomas C. Beffa Doug Cameron Paul A. Didonato Michael Doyle Fred Ebsworth Brett C. Fidler F. Joseph Harthorne Gary Lincicome Richard Mariani Michael E. Martin Patrick L. McKenzie R. Glenn McMinn William Parker David G. Petersen Daniel H. Ryning Michael J. Sauvй John D. Walsh John D. West Winner Larry Forsyth Kenneth R. James James Magelson Mitchell G. Maughan Raymond Winters Team Player Carl N. Collier Frank V. Peters Harry L. Yaskus Class of 1972 ($13,145) Champion Richard Crinzi Star Gale Campbell Dennis Cooley Dean Dyson Wyman Johnson Thomas W. Mitchell Eric G. Nelson Karl S. Rydbom Winner George Deitrick Robert Greener Gerald C. Greenfield William T. Hilliard Gregg R. Longmeier Michael Nieder Melvyn Trenor Team Player Robert W. Bowman R.M. Curtis Dennis B. Dyson Sherman Ely John P. Ford Jr Clarence Freeman Gary Halko Michael R. Hauer Von W. Kuehn Gordon W. Langston David S. Larson John R. Lythgoe Alan A. Mackenzie Tim O'Connor Jeff Phillips Richard D. Stickney Mac M. Woolf Class of 1973 ($17,434) Star
William Allen Michael D. Benner Jeffrey Burgess Thomas R. Curtis Glyn Fleury Michael Gage Charles O. Holmes Michael D. Johnson Eldon Larson Dennis Litowitz Robert McCulloch Gary Ostenson Steven R. Pope Danny Warner Fred Wemer Jeffrey L. Zygar Winner Burl B. Buskirk Class of 1973 Reunion Merle Herbison John T. Linvog James McHugh William H. Raleigh Herbert Selipsky Gerald Summerhays Douglas Verhoef Kirk Williams H. Chris Yurk Team Player David Branch F. Mike Farley Frederick L. Gonzales John P. Loney Craig Webster David L. Zweifel Class of 1974 ($13,375) Champion Richard S. Quinn Star D.Michael Buehler Don Fate Dennis Gale Stanley Gile Bruce Nixon Dean H. Pierce Frederick Prael Sherwin Shinn Allan L. Tronset Winner Colin Craig Robert C. Drumhiller John T. Dykstra G. William Godfrey Norman P. Goodwin John Moore Kenneth Perino Scott Phillips Dean Pierce Larry Quesnell David Sulkosky Gary M. Tetrick Team Player Thomas E. Carns Craig A. Chilton Richard Harris Patrick Hogan Perry J. Jones, III Robert Kiefner Gerald F. McCann James M. Mulkey A.S. Pearson, Jr. Harley Reckord Class of 1975 ($29,200) Champion Jeff Abolofia Scott Kanemori
David Minahan Gregory G. Miner Star Brad Bemis John E. Carssow Mark Dire Michael Fey Brett Fidler Galen Haas Kenneth Heaton John Helms James C. Hoppe Robert Lee Michael L. Maki Philip Mihelich Don Morgan Dearl P. Olsen James L. Ribary Robert Smith Robert Uhlmansiek Jack Veltkamp Winner Lester Cannon Bruce Hanson Don Morgan Thomas S. Morton Mike Nelsen Team Player Douglas L. Beaudry Harold R. Holm Donald M. Jayne Alan M. Munk Donald R. Perry Mitchell Stern Class of 1976 ($27,775) Champion Robert L. Donaldson Star Marshall L. Batchelor Steve Beard Bill N. Bethards Russ Borneman Ed Christopherson Terrance P. Cliney Jack Cox Richard E. Davies Bryan Edgar Ola Englund Effol L. Fife Robert Giswold Jeffrey D. Hamilton A. James Harris Richard R. Imholte Karen Kant Richard L. Lowell Steve Marinkovich Gerald Miya Rick Nash Sharon Nelson James W. Reid R. Bruce Robinson, Jr. Vern Swenson Richard D. Tucker R. Scott Williams Bruce Willis Terry Wong Winner Michael W. Bailey Rick Bienenfeld Ken Chang Robert J. Dunnington Greg Sutherland Team Player R. Scott Cahoon Donald Jordan Dennis W. Peterson
Robert Walker Class of 1977 ($15,700) Star Dale C. Bobb Charles Brown Gary Cowart Timothy Drumhiller Gordon Froese John Ive Greg Gresset James Meadows Thomas Natale Richard A. Rydman Robert E. Tracy Karl Winter Robert Woo Gordon Yamaguchi Winner Michael E. Kondo Randolph C. Pearson Richard Schrader Team Player Steven G. Banich Ellwood W. Davidson David N. Hunt R. Marlin Kay Keith Leonard J. Patrick Moore Kathrine Olson Kenneth E. Patterson Gary H. Proctor Megan L. Richards Ward M. Smalley Tracey L. Williams Class of 1978 ($23,300) Champion John Snedden Star Jack W. Anderson Bradley Brown David L. Crouch Patrick E. Farrell Marcus A. Fairbanks Carol Friedel Reuben Gutierrez Ted Haines J. Michael Hardy Stephen D. Henager Mike Higashi Susan Hollinsworth Michael C. Johnson Brent N. Kellogg William C. Kenner Akiko Kitada Stephanie Marvin John C. Murphy Michael Rivera Gordon Sako John Weaver Ernest Yamane Winner Karen Bloomquist Richard R. Busto Joseph M. Gossler Rob Hardwick Team Player Steve Bliss Douglas A. Clarke David E. Hansen Glen H. Johnson Janine K. Johnson George T. McIntyre Class of 1979 ($17,805) Champion Robert Juhl
Sue R. Megenity George F. Naden Karen Sakuma Star Robert Andelin David M. Hagel Douglas V. Leen James R. Oates Eugene H. Peeples Steven G. Schwager Glenn Short James N. Sledge Gregory Zimmer Winner Stacy Kanda Randolph Lake Diane McIntyre Robert Nieman Susan K. Robins-Parker Team Player Linda Cirtaut Steven R. Earnest Miles F. Neff Richard D. Nourse Robert Parker David F. Spooner Howard Skavdahl Dennis B. Welch Class of 1980 ($20,500) Champion Denise Hopkins Dennis Hopkins Steven J. Urback Star Scott T. Andrews Ronald Danforth Robert D. Dean Darrel D. Dreke Daryl Eckland Greg Fieran Ross Fraker Ty Galvin David Hannula Gary Heyamoto Kregg Hoover Steven R. Lee Patrick J. McCoy Mark C. Paxton Tom Safely Carol Shpak Douglas R. Wood Winner Rose Homan James Hutchinson Lucinda Lowell Lorin D. Peterson Pollene Speed-McIntyre Team Player Joseph M. Albert Sebra S. Fawcett Terry J. Preece Phillips B. Trautman Class of 1981 ($23,525) Champion Donald Ausink Thomas Jacka Christopher LeCuyer Mark Walker Star Donald Arima R. Jill Demarco Charles Gilmore Howard P. Jensen
James Jones Eugene Kato Robert King Stephen MacGregor Rebecca B. Poling T.R. Reiner James Christopher Rice Anthony A. Santorsola Terrance K. Tajima Lyle Tenjoma Rodney Wentworth Winner Stacy Gilmore Craig D. Smith John R. Starley Team Player Sidney Gallegos Stacy Gilmore Neil A. Hansen Kevin Harrison Gary Kelly Scott Martin Carol L. Ross Robert Scarr Class of 1982 ($15,225) Star Robert Anderson Mike J. Bartoletti Raymond Chan Lynn J. Clifford Danny E. Davidson Jane Dieveney-Hinkle Lawrence R. Ladowski Michael Lawr Norman Nishikawa Alan Orsborn Michael Spektor Wendy Spektor Dorothy Stewart Robert Stockton Thomas Strother Tracy Wayman Winner Michael W. Johnson Darcie L. Morris Richard M. Nii Normond Passmore Stanley R. Strankman Thomas N. Tjarnberg Team Player Larry J. Adatto Eldon Barrowes Scott Clough Edward V. Conzatti Ronald J. Hammond Terry A. Hickey Douglas Johnson N. Summer Lerch Kim McGinnis Robert Nau Joseph P. Thomas Class of 1983 ($9190) Star David J. Abdo Gerald J. Campo Robert E. Johnson Jr Wayne Penttila Stephen C. Price Rhys Spoor Russell Tom Richard Washut Winner Gary Berner James L. Culbertson Lewis V. Davis Stacy Skopelitis Gilmore
Lisa Green Richard T. Jones Carol J. McCutcheon Pamela Nomura Wayne N. Pederson Patricia Shigihara Kenneth M. Stinchfield Team Player Ronald Dahl David A. Gutzman Wells Labberton Wayne Lemley Frank Pietromonaco Tom Roberts Stephen Talbot Richard B. Troyer Class of 1984 ($9335) Champion Kerry S. Ishihara Star Ann Azama Vicki Breaker Irene Hunter Carl L. Knox Dayton Q. Lum Cliff Park Patricia Rothwell Ronald Snyder Winner Dennis Brender Will Fernyhough Sabrina M. Mandich Evan Perry Farrell D. Prete Stephen O. Wright Team Player David W. Cutler Lane A. Griffin Tony Hewlett Capt. Chas. A. Holtorf Page McNall Thomas R. Quickstad Guy Roberts Robert K. Sekijima
Class of 1985 ($5700) Star Richard L. Blackhurst Shirley Locke Connie Small LaRae Vanderschelden Winner Laurel T. Brion Alan R. Cooper Jeff Huleatt Patty Kashiwa Team Player Paul K. Hamamoto Douglas Howe Kenneth Lagergren Mark I. Masunaga Eric J. Opsvig James H. Phillips Lawrence R. Rehn Robert T. Smith Robert West Richard Witter Class of 1986 ($2250) Star Gail A. Alef Rich S. Radmall Winner Bradley J. Harken David Haymore Thuha Vuong Team Player Kim E. Brain David Haymore Joseph R. Zimmer Class of 1987 ($4500) Star Richard D. Christensen Deb C. Crowfoot Dan Taggart Rosemary Warren John J. Yae Winner A.J. Gollofon
$20,000 + 1951 1978 1967 1980 1975 1981 1976
$15,000-$19,999 1956 1973 1964 1977 1968 1979 1970 1982 1971
$10,000-$14,999 1950 1963 1972 1955 1965 1974 1959 1966 1977 1960 1969
$5,000-$9,999 1954 1962 1985 1957 1983 1990 1961 1984 1991
1952 1953 1958 1986
$0-$4,999 1987 1993 1988 1994 1989 1995
1996 1997 1998
as of October 21, 1998
Team Player Jerry Giddings Kari J. Hunt Mark P. Smith Class of 1988 ($3800) Star S. David Buck Gary Marshall Rob Merrill Winner David Hanson Kevin Kay Doreen Roseto Team Player Caron L. Nelson Donald R. Young Class of 1989 ($4300) Star Rick Ellingsen Craig Fostvedt Robert L. Odegard Nancy J. Teel Binh Tran Team Player Bruce P. Clement Michael K. Gazori Michael J. Koczarski David Logan Joseph F. Sepe Todd Yoshino Class of 1990 ($6097) Champion Class of 1990 Gift Star Beth O'Connor Robert Weber Winner Dale E. Miller, Jr. Vaughn Teuscher Victoria Wang-Miller Jay F. Worden Team Player Diane Brighton-Giles Vicky C. LeClair Jay F. Worden Class of 1991 ($6425) Star Eric Carlson Louis K. Cheung Katherine M. Hakes Karen McNeill Doug Milner Gregory Wetterhus Carrie York Winner Geralyn Senft Team Player Carol A. Knaup Brent Nash Class of 1992 ($5200) Star Ross Drangsholt Linda Edgar R. Graham McEntire Byron Nakagawa Paul A. Nelson Team Player Chan K. Bae W. Michael Hairfield
Kathy Marvin Class of 1993 ($3625) Star George Bourekis Jay Deiglmeier Susan Mahan Kohls Marie P. Menard Winner Thomas J. Herrick Team Player Diane Brighton-Giles Lyle Fisher Stephen S. Luddington David C. Mace Mary Jean Oropesa Class of 1994 ($2750) Star Mark Grace
Lisa Kajimura Warner Lambert Contribution Team Player Greg Birch Jesse J. Boyett Alvin Thien Class of 1995 ($3525) Star Paul H. Barton Jacqueline Bunce Kenneth Lo Warner Lambert Contribution Winner Amanda Tavoularis Class of 1996 ($2550) Star Todd Adams
Jacqueline Juhl Warner Lambert Contribution Winner Kristine Grace Team Player Rose Bailey David Killen Shawn McDevitt Eric Moldver Les Seelye Class of 1997 ($1800) Star Gregory Knutson Warner Lambert Contribution Team Player Evan Baker Ben Crusan
UW School of Dentistry Alumni Anniversary Pledge Campaign as of 10/21/98
James McGoldrick Dale Scott Stayner Class of 1998 ($1000) Star Warner Lambert Contribution Non-Alumni ($4115) Champion Thomas A. Dwyer Richard Tucker Star International College of Dentists James A. Harper Warner Lambert (Listerine) Team Player JoAnne Nichols Barbara Posner-Sommer
Dr. Yuodelis honored by the University of Alberta UW Professor Emeritus Ralph A. Yuodelis, D.D.S., M.S.D., was recently honored by the University of Alberta, his alma mater, where the Dental Alumni Association presented him with the "Outstanding Achievement Award for 1998." Dr. Yuodelis is also a graduate of the University of Washington, where he received his Masters of Science in Dentistry degree as well as certification in the specialties of Prosthodontics and Periodontics. Prior to his emeritus status, he was the director of the graduate training program in fixed prosthodontics for over 25 years and, later, the combined prosthodontics program. During this period, he was also appointed as the adjunct professor in periodontics. Dr. Yuodelis is highly recognized nationally and internationally as a leading dental educator, clinician, author and lecturer. Currently, he teaches in the graduate programs of prosthodontics and periodontics at the UW School of Dentistry and is actively engaged in private practice. 18
Dr. Page's work in Periodontology earns him Norton M. Ross Award
What stands out for Dr. Roy Page about those early days is how periodontics "was such an enigma to me. I really didn't know how to deal with it." Neither was he alone. In the 1950s, periodontal disease was a puzzle for many professionals; little was understood of its etiology and pathogenesis. Many scientists, in fact, held to the hypothesis that periodontitis was a single disease. The lack of answers and the growing number of questions provided a spur for Dr. Page. "I made up my mind that I wanted to go into periodontics and get [a doctoral degree] in pathology." During the next 30 years, Dr. Page published some 300 articles, Book Chapters and books on periodontal disease. Each of his contributions helped increase understanding of the condition and, collectively, provided a foundation for more effective treatments. For those achievements and others, the ADA named Dr. Page the 1998 recipient of the Norton M. Ross Award for Excellence in Clinical Research. The award, which recognizes outstanding research that has contributed to the prevention and treatment of oral diseases, is sponsored by the Association through the ADA Health Foundation with the support of Warner-Lambert Co. ADA Executive Director John S. Zapp, who chaired the award selection committee, said, "Dr. Roy Page was a perfect fit for what the Norton M. Ross Award is designed to honor: exemplary dental research that has clinical applications." According to Dr. Paul Robertson, president of the American Association for Dental Research, "Dr. Page
really made some fundamental advances in our understanding of the etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal disease." For one, he continued, Dr. Page advanced the notion that there are many different kinds of periodontal disease, not just one. Also, "he was among the first to recognize and publish characteristics of prepubertal and rapidly progressive periodontitis, both of which are now universally recognized," noted Dr. Robertson, who also serves as dean of the University of Washington dental school. Dr. Page's work helped clinicians understand that periodontal disease should be treated as an inflammatory condition caused by bacteria. In addition to his clinical investigations, Dr. Page is past president of both the International Association for Dental Research and the AADR. He has traveled the world providing seminars for clinicians to help them better serve their patients. Dr. Page also is editor of the Journal of Periodontal Research and, since 1967, has served as professor of periodontics at the UW dental school, where he was honored as the WDSF Foundation Distinguished Professor in Dentistry from 1995-98. Reprinted with permission of the ADA News. ©1998 American Dental Association.
In Memoriam
Gene I. Campbell, Class of 1957, passed away July 26, 1998. He maintained an orthodontic practice in Seattle until his retirement in 1990. During the 1960's and 1970's he served on a number of committees of the Seattle-King County Dental Society, including Membership, Seattle Public School Advisory, Insurance and Ethics. He also served as the component's fund drive and co-chair in 1969-72. John Wilbur Ricketts, Class of 1957, passed away August 25, 1998. While at the University of Washington, he joined the Air Force R.O.T.C. After graduating, he served as a 2nd Lieutenant for three years in Tokyo. After a brief stay in Seattle, he returned to Tokyo for his graduate orthodontic training. In 1962, he opened an office in Seattle and remained there until retiring in 1987. Beginning in 1972 and for the next 10 years, he divided his time between Seattle and Fairbanks, AK. He married his high school sweetheart, Shirley, in 1984. Both are members of the Dean's Club at the UW School of Dentistry, President's Club and Don James Center. According to Dean Paul Robertson, "He was a beloved and respected friend who cared deeply about his profession and his school. We will miss him."
Dr. Ricketts was an avid supporter of Husky football. He enjoyed travelling extensively. In spite of having myotonic dystrophy, he endeavored to live a normal life and never lost his sense of humor, joking about his "fatal health." He is survived by his wife, Shirley; stepsons Jeff Wergeland and his wife, Lori, and their son, Johann, and Terry Wergeland; two sisters, Dorothy Byron and husband, Roger, and Barbara Reid; brother Kenneth Ricketts. His sister, Arlene Wells, and brother, George Ricketts, preceded him in death. Memorial donations may be made to the Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Ricketts Dental Student Loan Fund, School of Dentistry, Box 357137, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195-7137. Bernard Simonsma, Class of 1958, passed away. He practiced in Alaska and Mukilteo, Washington before moving to Wenatchee.
Faculty, Staff and Students Bid Farewell to "Ol' Tom" Thompson McClung Lewis, D.D.S., M.S.D. 1924 - 1998
Tom Lewis grew up in Illinois where he earned his D.D.S. degree from Northwestern University in 1950. He decided to become a dentist because he was interested in health and he wanted to do "something different" from others he knew who were planning to be doctors, attorneys, or teachers. At Northwestern, Tom met Beej, and the two married in 1945. After graduation, they moved to Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, where he was the only dentist in the area. The State of Idaho paid for Lewis to take a continuing education course on children's dentistry from Dr. Charles Sweet in Portland, Oregon. According to Beej, Tom was "really turned on" to pedodontics by that course. Tom and Beej moved to Seattle where Tom enrolled as the first graduate student in Pediatric Dentistry at the UW. He earned his M.S.D. in 1955. His thesis focused on dental fear in children. David Law, Chair of Pediatric Dentistry, convinced Lewis to join the faculty. Thus began a long and productive academic career. Lewis was promoted from assistant to associate professor in 1963, and then to full professor in 1970. He co-authored, with David Law and John Davis, The Atlas of Pedodontics which was first published in 1969. Other areas of Lewis' research included dental trauma, pulpal treatment of primary teeth, treatment of medically compromised children, and the effect of calcium hydroxide on deep carious lesions. During the early days of the School, the faculty was a very close-knit group. One of the most popular activities was Opening Day of yachting season. Beej recalls the fun Tom had helping Dave Law decorate his boat. "Tugboat Annie," "Kon Tiki," "Wreck of the Hesperus" were among the many themes they came up with. In 1966, Lewis was appointed assistant dean with responsibility for Continuing Dental Education and Dental Admissions. His innovative CDE programs included a series of seminars held around the State to make it easier for rural dentists to attend. When the World's Fair was held
in Spokane in 1974, Lewis assisted the Spokane District Dental Society with planning a major program for dentists. Their efforts were enormously successful. In appreciation, they made him an honorary member. Lewis was always concerned about providing a safe and anxiety-free environment in the School's Pedo clinic. Halloween was a major event every year, with Tom "dressing to the max" for the kids. Starting as an instructor in the Department of Pedodontics in 1955, Tom Lewis had a long and impressive academic career in the School. He was promoted through the ranks of assistant professor (1956), associate professor (1963), and professor (1970). As professor emeritus, he continued to contribute to the School's academic program until shortly before his death. Among his many accomplishments, he was a Fellow of the American College of Dentists and a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon. He was named the School of Dentistry Dean's Club Honorary Lifetime Member for 1995 for his outstanding service. In 1992, faculty, students, and friends established the Law/ Lewis Endowed Lectureship in Pediatric Dentistry to honor the two men for their decades of outstanding contributions to pediatric dentistry, clinical research and private practice. Its purpose is to enhance the profession of pediatric dentistry by providing an accessible forum for presenting current clinical techniques, research and product developments. Directed toward the family dentist, this annual lectureship will promote the continued education of all individuals who are involved with the oral health care of children and Young Adults. Each year, Tom worked very hard with the planning committee to develop a first-class, low-cost Law/Lewis Lecture. Ol' Tom passed away on July 13, 1998. Memorials may be made to the Law/Lewis Endowed Lectureship, UW School of Dentistry, Box 357137, Seattle, WA 98195; Sand Point Methodist Memorial Fund; or Swedish Medical Center Foundation Tumor Institute, 747 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122.
Class Notes
CLASS OF 1954 Donald Compaan: 12630 Renton Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98178. Compaan was inducted as the president of the International College of Dentists on October 23, 1998. CLASS OF 1962 Paul Heins, P. O. Box 13247: Gainesville, FL 32604. "After 33 years of full-time teaching, I have retired from academic life, taking with me more wonderful memories than any one person seems entitled to have. It has been a privilege to work with the bestof-the-best of America's youth. Almost 3000 students by my count. During all those years, that special interpersonal quality found in dental education and best experienced in the one-to-one atmosphere of clinical learning has energized me. What a privilege to have been a part of the learning process of so many dentists. After all these years, I still value the experiences I had with teachers like Lyle Ostlund, Bob Guild, Bob Canfield, Arnold Tamarin, Gerald Stibbs, Jack Bell, John Ingle, Saul Schluger and many others at the University of Washington. And just as much, I value the clinical periods spent working with you, the students of those years. You were all part of my professional education and my development as a person. After earning my D.D.S. in 1962, I joined the U. S. Public Health Service, returning a year later to UW for specialty training in Periodontics. In 1965, I was appointed to the UW faculty. In 1975, I was torn between my love for the NW and the opportunity to be a part of the development of a new dental school, the University of Florida. I couldn't pass it up so I left sailing and the mountains to be the chair of the Periodontology Department where I remained until I retired. I have not really retired though. Instead, I have made a career change that allows me to devote more time to my interests: creative writing, creative cooking and being a bluecollar worker for Habitat for Humanity. My wife and I have plans to move back to the northwest in the near future. But in the meantime, I would enjoy a note from any of you who would care to say "hi''." Dr. Heins' e-mail address is: [email protected]
CLASS OF 1963 Arthur A. Dugoni: 7 Woodridge Ct., Redwood City, CA 94061. The Fиdиration Dentaire Internationale (FDI) World Dental Federation elected Dr. Dugoni, dean and professor at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, to the prestigious List of Honour at the world dental parliament meeting on October 8, 1998 in Barcelona, Spain. The List of Honour is the highest award the FDI World Dental Federation can bestow upon a member and is limited to 30 living members throughout the world who have made distinguished contributions to international dentistry and the federation. A member of the FDI World Dental Federation since 1988, Dugoni served six years as treasurer and member of the executive committee and three years as a member of the organization's council. His contributions to the federation over the past 10 years have resulted in many innovative and important changes in the structure of the federation, including the creation of four subsidiary companies, an internationally recognized world dental congress and an increase in revenue tenfold over the decade, including the establishment of substantial reserves for future expansion of programs and facilities. Dugoni's international accomplishments were also recognized by Douglas R. Smith, Counsel General of the United States in Barcelona. Smith, in cooperation with Dr.
Arthur A. Dugoni 22
David A. Whitson, president of the American Dental Association, hosted a special reception in honor of Dugoni at the U. S. Consulate in Barcelona on October 7. FDI dignitaries, Barcelona civic leaders and prominent dental leaders representing 130 nations were in attendance. Dugoni will continue as a member of the FDI World Dental Federation but has completed his service as a member of the council, executive committee and treasurer. Dugoni is also past president of the American Dental Association, American Association of Dental Schools, California Dental Association and the American Board of Orthodontics. Alumni Honored at WIN Environmental Achievement Award Ceremony In perusing the WSDA News and the Seattle-King County Dental Society Journal, we've noted that a number of UW School of Dentistry alumni are receiving kudos for their efforts to prevent pollution. Two alumni were recognized at the WIN Environmental Achievement Awards ceremony this past September: Stephanie Marvin (Class of 1978), chair of the SKCDS Community Dental Health Committee, and Ross Fraker (Class of 1980). Both are recognized through Metro/ King County's EnviroStars program, which recognizes businesses that properly manage and/or reduce hazardous waste. Other alumni recognized through the EnviroStars program include: Paul Rubin (Class of 1973) Steven J. Olson (Class of 1974) Daniel Friedman (Class of 1976) Susan Hollinsworth (Class of 1978) Patricia Shigihara (Class of 1983) Rhys Spoor (Class of 1983) Eric Hagman (Class of 1986) Scott Schwalm (Class of 1989) Carrie York (Class of 1992) Gerrarda O'Beirne (Class of 1995) Les Seelye (Class of 1996)
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