Development of an intelligent system for detection of brain tumor using mr images, AV Patil

Tags: IEEE Trans, Image Processing, Medical Imaging, pp, Neural Network, C. Sidney Burrus, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Classification, IEEE Transactions, Automatic Segmentation, Robert M Haralick, Texture Features, Image Texture analysis, Rafael C. Gonzaiez, John C. Russ, Morphological Image Processing, Vikram Chalana, Mark A Sheppard, Computer Engineering, Ingrid Daubechies, Probabilistic Neural Network, M. Sasikala, Ramesh A. Gopinath, wavelet transformation, Tumor Segmentation, image segmentation techniques, Taylor & Francis Group, Yongmin Kim, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Boundary Detection, Yong Fan, Multispectral analysis, Filter Bank, Rutger L. C. van Spaendonck, Felix C. A. Fernandes, Robert Kozma, Academic Radiology, magnetic resonance imaging, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Mita D. Desai, neural networks, Theoretical comparison, Parallel Genetic Algorithms, MRI Segmentation, magnetic resonance, Alain Pitiot, David J. Evans, Carlos A. Parra, Magnetic Resonance Images, Segmentation
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