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Content: Mariaemma Willis, M.S. & Victoria Kindle Hodson, M.A. Discover Your Child's learning style Children Learn in Unique Ways-- Here's the Key to Every Child's Learning Success Downloadable Appendix "Everyone has his/her own learning style. This book helps you master your learning style so you can grow, develop, release and manifest your, and your child's, full potential." ­Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®
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Dear Readers, We have updated the Self-PortraitTM assessment (the foundation of this book) with a name change and a few other changes, to make it even more userfriendly and relevant. The corresponding changes have not yet been made to this book, but you will see them if you choose to purchase the online version of the assessment. So to avoid confusion we are highlighting the changes here: New assessment title: Self-PortraitTM Power Traits Assessment New Disposition names: Spontaneous (previously Performing) Organized (previously Producing) Curious (previously Inventing) Supportive (previously Relating-Inspiring) Imaginative (previously Thinking-Creating) Changes to a few Talent names: 3-D Talent (previously Spatial) Self-Care Talent (previously Interactive-Self) People Talent (previously Interactive-Others) Animal Talent (previously Interactive Animals) Nature Talent (previously Interactive-Nature) These minor changes do not alter the meaning of the book's content nor the nature or results of the assessment and accompanying recommendations. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us: 805-648-1739, [email protected] Thank you for purchasing Discover Your Child's Learning Style. We hope it will bring many benefits to you and your family. Sincerely, Victoria & Mariaemma
Self-PortraitTM Parent/Teacher Observation Profile for Preschool to 2nd Grade, page 1 Section A: Disposition Read through each column and check the items that best describe the child most of the time. Count the total number of checks in each column and record totals. Circle the 2 highest scores and record their Disposition names in the Summary Section.
Performing Active Moves from thing to thing
Producing Organized Plays quietly for a long time
Inventing Focused Engages in "experiments"
Relating / Inspiring Sensitive to others' feelings Thrives on group interaction
Thinking / Creating Pensive / Reflective Watches others play / work
Likes to be the center of attention
Likes to be a helper, wants to get things done
Likes to be with others who like to "invent" / "explore"
Likes to be friends
Likes to be quiet and alone
Likes to be "fun"
Likes to do things "right"
Likes to ask questions
Likes to talk and be social
Likes to daydrem / create
"Charges" into a group
Observes a group to be able to fit in
Shies away from groups
Looks for "warm" friendships
Warms slowly to a group or stays on the edge
"Rule Keeper"
"Little Scientist"
"Diplomat" / "Mediator"
"Creator" / "Dreamer"
Likes games / competition
Likes to color and look at books
Likes to collect / tinker
Likes cooperative projects
Likes to observe, imagine, wonder
Takes things apart for fun
Puts things away, is neat and orderly
Takes things apart to discover
Shares activities and belongings
Gets involved in arts, crafts, music, or dancing
Likes to laugh and joke Takes risks / puts on a show Totals
Likes schedules and routines Careful, purposeful, sometimes bossy
Gets lost in projects Has difficulty relating to other children
Likes to be read to / cuddle Expresses feelings and is hurt easily
Notices beauty in nature Often seen as withdrawn or shy
SELF-PAOSRELTFR-PAOIRTTTMRAPITaTMrenPtar/eTnte/aTcehaechreOr ObsbeserrvvaattiioonnP©ro1fi9le9©3 1-929031-620M04.PM. .WP. Williillsisaanndd VV..KK. .HHodosdonson / RLeeafrlneicntgiSvueccEedssuTMcaItnisotintuatle·P3e5r3spSeacntjiovneRso, aLdL, VCen·tuVrae,nCtAur9a3,0C01A· ·80850·654-86·41873-197·3w9w· UUnnlalawwfuful ltotodudpulpicliactaetaenaynpyaprtarotfothf itshwisowrkorwkitwhoituhtopuetrpmeirsmsiiosns.ion.
Self-PortraitTM Parent/Teacher Observation Profile for Preschool to 2nd Grade, page 2
Section B: Modality Total the check marks in each column. Note highest score and record Modality name in Summary Section.
Tactile / Kinesthetic
Likes picture books, puzzles
Likes tapes and music
Likes running, climbing, jumping
Summary A. Disposition 1.
Is drawn to colors, shapes, patterns Likes to color and draw Remembers what has been "seen"
Tunes in to sounds and noises Likes to be read to Remembers what has been "heard"
Touches everything Likes to play with sand Remembers what has been "done"
2. B. Modality
"Watches" to learn things
"Listens" to learn
"Mimics" to learn
Keeps things neat and clean Prefers table games to outside play
Talks to self when playing Prefers talk to motor activities
Doesn't mind getting dirty
C. Environment
Prefers outside play to table games
D. Interests
Section C: Environment Section E: Talents
Record items checked in
Record items checked in
Summary Section.
Summary Section.
When doing chores or at play (s)he likes: quiet having others around noise being alone music Section D: Interests Record in Summary Section. Favorite Toys: Favorite Colors:
Check talent areas: Language/Verbal Artistic/Visual Music Number Mechanical Logic/Reasoning Coordination Social Humor Life skills
Section F: Inner Clock Record times in Summary Section. Time of day when most: active cooperative productive tired Comments:
E. Talents F. Inner Clock active ("play time") cooperative ("teaching /task time") productive ("teaching /task time") tired ("rest/break time")
SELF-PORTRAITTM Parent / Teacher Observation ©1993 - 2016 M.P. Willis and V.K. Hodson / Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC · Ventura, CA · 805-648-1739 · A SELF-PORTRAITTM Parent / Teacher Observation Profile © 1993 - 2004 M.P. Willis anUd nVl.aKw. fHuol dtosodnuplicatLeeaanrnyinpgaSrtuocfcethssiTMs wIonrsktitwutieth·, Ventura, CA 93001 · 805·648·1739 · Unlawful to duplicate any part of this work without permission.
Quick learning styles Assessment for 3rd grade - adult Disposition: Identify your learning personality. Read the items in each line. Choose the line that describes you best - the one that says "This is me!" Then choose a second line so that you end up with your top 2 choices. 1. frisbee, jump rope, juggling, bean bags, games, short, move, spontaneous, fun 2. outline, 6-year planner, to-do list, organizers, on time, get things done 3. Legos, light switch, labs, computer parts, field trips, experiment, tinker 4. friends, thank you cards, pot lucks, group projects, telephone, caring, fair 5. pipe cleaners, paint, crafts, music, daydream, doodle, create, think, wonder 1 = Performing Disposition 2 = Producing Disposition 3 = Inventing Disposition 4 = Relating/Inspiring Disposition 5 = Thinking/Creating Disposition
Modality: Identify your best ways of processing information.
1. I prefer to: (A) hear a story (B) see a movie (C) play outside
5. I understand instructions better when: (A) someone explains them to me (B) I can read them or see pictures (C) someone shows me how
2. I prefer to: (A) listen to music (B) read a book (C) walk or run
6. When I am thinking, I: (A) talk to myself (B) see pictures in my head (C) need to move around
3. I prefer to: (A) listen to the radio (B) watch television (C) play a game 4. The best way for me to remember is to: (A) "say it over and over" to myself (B) "make a picture" in my head (C) "just do it" TOTAL ITEMS CIRCLED: A= AUDITORY B= VISUAL C= TACTILE-KINESTHETIC
7. I often: (A) remember what people say (B) notice how things look; I like colors and designs (C) often play with coins and keys in my pocket or objects on the table 8. I am a: (A) listener, not a watcher or doer. (B) watcher, not a listener or doer. (C) doer, not a watcher or listener
© 1998-2016 Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC/LearningSuccessTM Institute · Ventura, CA ·
Quick Learning Styles Assessment for 3rd grade ­ adult, page 2
Environment: Choose the surroundings that help you study or do work. Sound: noise, quiet, music Body Position: standing, sitting at desk, sitting on floor, lying on couch or bed Interaction: alone, with others, with pet Lighting: low, bright, sunlight from window Temperature: warm, cool Preferred colors: Best time of day (have most energy):
Interests: List what you love to do or learn about. Favorite subjects and activities in or out of school - in order of preference, 10 = most interested
Interests: Involvement Issues ­ what do you really care about? in your town __________________________________________________ in the world __________________________________________________ in school __________________________________________________
Talents: Circle the Talent that comes easy to you. Language/Verbal: thinking in words, reading, writing, word games, talking Artistic/Visual: drawing, designing, thinking in pictures, jigsaw puzzles, directions Music: playing instrument, singing, composing, keeping beat or rhythm Number: logic puzzles, math problems, games like Chess, working with numbers Mechanical: fixing things, taking things apart, building, figuring out how things work Coordination: sports, dancing, biking, working out, hammering or sawing Social: making friends, group games or projects, leading groups or meetings, being fair Self: being alone, taking care of myself, looking my best, making plans for what I want Animals: protecting animals, calming down animals, training pets, grooming pets Nature: hiking, exploring nature, camping, protecting environment, observing wildlife Humor: laughing, doing funny things, telling jokes, making things fun, mimicking Life skills: cooking, decorating, gardening, coordinating clothes/fashion, cleaning _____________________________________________________________________________
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Plan Disposition
Areas for Growth
Life Goals
©1998-2016 Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC /LearningSuccessTM Institute · Victoria Kindle Hodson · Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis · Ventura · CA 93001 · 805-648-1739
CHART OF DISPOSITIONS -- Future Possibilities
Topics Self-Image Learning Work Style Info Processing Use of Space Schedules Rules Use of Time Planning Objective Best Learning/ Working Situations Needs Acknowledgment For Will Work For Appropriate Rewards Contributions
TM PERFORMING fun, make people laugh has to be fun/entertaining things that last short time games with winners/losers free to walk around don't like them, impulsive relax, let things happen take things apart/put back think only about now to be spontaneous no lecture, immediate relevance, short, variety, action, challenge, games, manipulatives, competition, audio-visuals, hands-on being entertaining, fun, playful fun, something new
logical, practical memorize/good study habits plan/projects with due date workbook drill quiet, listen, follow rules do things by rules/schedules rule keeper, clear consequences reading or writing be responsible, plan ahead
ask questions, discover experiment/invent have all the time needed learning centers, labs, field trips do research, talking is waste get lost in projects shouldn't interfere with projects solving complicated problems goal is discovery/invention
sensitive to others' feelings involve people/feel special have fair time schedules small group projects/plays form friendships should be fair to everyone shouldn't hurt anyone talking/discussing people are more important
to have order
to be smart and competent
to be caring/feel special
organized lecture/presentation, outline, memorize facts, take notes, know what's expected, prepare ahead, study spaces, quiet, routine
debate, question sessions, indep. projects, no writing, brainstorm with "sharp" people, field trips, labs scientific e ploring
personalize, small groups, discuss feelings/values/ social issues/future, cooperative assignments, harmonious atmosphere
creative, open think quietly by self time for thinking/wondering collages/drawings, poetry observe/think can't schedule creativity wonder about meaning thinking about world wondering is more important to contribute new ideas artistic/creative assignments, performing arts, writing, drawing, time to daydream/doodle, dialogue, integrate work with music/drama
doing good job, being organized, neat, productive
being clever, smart, making discoveries
noticing others, being kind, fair, thoughtful
being creative, artistic, dreamer
approval, goals
acquiring intelligence/knowledge chance to talk, harmony
time to self, creative project
free time, choice of activities, being allowed to entertain verbal appreciation of and encouragement for Performing Qualities
"good job" notes, acknowledgement for neatness/punctuality verbal appreciation of and encouragement for Producing Qualities
acknowledge intelligence, use their contributions verbal appreciation of and encouragement for Inventing Qualities
personal note, pat on back, lots of personal attention verbal appreciation of and encouragement for Relating/Inspiring Qualities
acknowledge uniqueness/ creativity, display work verbal appreciation of and encouragement for Thinking/Creating Qualities
brings fun, laughter, sense of excitement, adventure, playfulness, drama, fle ibility, cleverness, wittiness, joking, willingness to risk, sense of energy, outspokenness
brings sense of structure, rules, tradition, custom, continuity, social responsibility, facts, routine, order, procedures, methods, regularity, focus, thoroughness , diligence
brings interest in sciences, technical know-how, sense of discovery, efficiency, enthusiasm for learning, independence, problem-solving, speaking directly to the point
brings ability to create warm
brings creativity, sense of
atmosphere, emotional sup-
openness and wonderment,
port, people-centered point
appreciation for dreaming/
of view, "class spirit," harmony, designing/creating, need for
cooperation, team working, sense quiet/alone time, importance
of social mission
of beauty/nature/aesthetics
This chart is meant to be a useful tool to help facilitate learning and communication. It is not the intent of this chart to rigidly categorize people: 1. There will probably be some overlap across categories. 3. The descriptions are not meant to be used as excuses for behaviors or problems. 2. Changes in preferences may occur as a person develops. 4. Vocational choices or individual potential should not be limited.
A SELF-PORTRAITTM Chart of Dispositions
805-648-1739 · © 1989 - 2009 by Reflective Educational Perspectives
Careers that Combine Dispositions and Talents
Music Musician Vocalist
Trouble-Shooter Scientist in the field
Engineer Mechanic
ReWaosordn-iLnagng. Politician Lawyer Orator Actor Sales
Spatial Pilot Carpenter Construction worker
CoBoorddyination Athlete Stunt Person Dancer Gymnast Skater Ski/Skateboard competitor
Actor Speaker
Humane Officer
law enforcement Animal Rights
Fire Fighter
Forest Ranger
Trial Attorney Veterinarian
Real Estate
Sky Diver Forest Ranger Fore Fighter Environmental Career Build outdoor equipment
Music Publisher Finance Attorney
Record Producer
Tool & Die worker Maintenancemechanic Auto/Airplanemechanic
Publisher Graphic Designer
Technical Writer Illustrator
Ad Writer
Construction worker Carpenter Tailor Seamstress Set Builder
Write Self-Help
books/articles Insurance Agent
Writer Publisher Researcher Teacher
Editor of nature magazine Writer Researcher Teacher
Humor Clown Comic Mime Publisher Writer
EnLhifaencement TV Chef Gardener Landscaper Maintenance Construction Remodeling Painter House Husband House Wife House Cleaner Gardener Publisher House Painter Chef
Instrument designer Instrument repair Musical aids Designer/Maker
Engineer Chemist Physicist Computerprogrammer
Develop Gadgets Troubleshooter Scientist Engineer
Develop Codes Architect, Decora- Design
Design Relaxation
Oceanographer Design outdoor
Computer tor, Set Designer, Sport/Dance
Computer Shoes/Clothing equipment devices/systems Biologist
Wizard, Design/ Contractor/
make artists'
Design Outdoor Oceanographer
Develop Gags, Tricks, Magic
Develop recipes, tools, gadgets Chef
Relates/ Inspires
Teacher Conductor
Doctor Lawyer Philosophy Prof. Math Teacher/ Professor science teacher
Teachmechanics, engineering
Clergy Lawyer Leader/Activist Journalist
Teach Art Art Therapist Cartoonist
Coach Teacher Wait person
Clergy Teacher
Priest/Minister Philanthropist Anthropologist Nurse/Therapist Teacher/Activist Doctor Family Law Real Estate
Guide Teacher Activist EPA Agent Zoo Worker Trainer Veterinarian
Nature Guide Teacher
Teacher Clown
Teach cooking, home econ., budgeting, decorating Personal Chef Caterer
Thinks/ Creates
Playwright Composer Lyricist
Philosopher Mathematician Scientist
Engineer Scientist
Theorist Linguist Poet Philosopher
Studio Artist Choreographer Decorator Architect Painter Pilot
Writer Playwright Clergy Choreographer
Nature Artist Writer Photographer
Photographer Painter Pilot
Mime Greeting Card creator
Interior Designer Chef Decorator
PLEASE NOTE: This chart is for the purpose of giving examples and ideas for how Dispositions can combine with Talents in choosing a career. It is not the intent of this chart to limit career choices. An individual can also choose based on Interests and other aspects of learning styles. ©1998-2016 Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC /LearningSuccessTM Institute · Victoria Kindle Hodson · Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis · Ventura · CA 93001 · 805-648-1739
Greg's Portrait Interests science history Computer Games
Disposition Needs: time to think alone, tinker, discover, experiment bounce ideas off of others, discuss Modality Visual - Picture T/K - Hands-on
Check top 2 or enter score from online profile Performs
Environment quiet alone sometimes able to move around discussion groupings color: green bright, natural light
Talents mechanical reasoning spatial
Goals To increase learning retention
Strategies Charts, graphs, posters, videos, building, interactive computer programs
To increase organization & writing skill
Visual strategies & information mapping with topics of interest
To spell better
Computer games, visualization "tricks", interactive computer programs
©1998-2016 Re ective Educational Perspectives, LLC /LearningSuccessTM Institute · Victoria Kindle Hodson · Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis · Ventura · CA 93001 · 805-648-1739
Ann's Portrait
Interests playing drums Sign Language crafts
legos dancing dogs
Disposition Needs: to move to do games variety of activities quiet, alone time Time for "day dreaming" Modality Visual - Picture T/K - Hands-on Auditory - Verbal
Check top 2 or enter score from online profile
Environment other people around able to move around frequent snacks dim lights music
Talents spatial body coordination interactive-others interactive-animals humor
Goals To improve math skills To memorize facts
Strategies Touch Math, Can Do Exercise, Math Videos Make silly rhymes, sing, dance
To do homework To spell better
Study with music in background, provide breaks & snacks Make humorous/silly drawings, visualize, act out or "dance" the letters
Sit at desk at school
Get a timer - How long can she stay quiet? make a game out of it
©1998-2016 Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC /LearningSuccessTM Institute · Victoria Kindle Hodson · Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis · Ventura · CA 93001 · 805-648-1739
`s Portrait Interests
Disposition Needs: Modality
Check top 2 or enter score from online profile Performs Produces Invents Relates/Inspires Thinks/Creates
©1998-2016 Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC /LearningSuccessTM Institute · Victoria Kindle Hodson · Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis · Ventura · CA 93001 · 805-648-1739
Another Way To Look At Your Scores! Find isposition totals on Profile result forms for each person in your family or group. raph them here. Use ifferent colors for each person. Compare your scores for new insights.
Performs 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8
Invents Comparing Dispositions
Relates / Inspires
Thinks / Creates 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15
10 5 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8
©1989-2009 Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC
Music 100
Talents Graph
Mech. Reason
Wd.-Lang. Reasoning
Body Coord.
Interact Interact
Interact Animals
Interact Nature
Life Enhance 100
©1998-2016 Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC /LearningSuccessTM Institute · Victoria Kindle Hodson · Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis · Ventura · CA 93001 · 805-648-1739
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Pledge for Creating LearningSuccessTM For ea ers I am someone who C. A. R. E. S. I Celebrate the student I have! I Accept my role as my student's coach! I Respond to my student rather than react! I Expand my views of how and where learning takes place! I Stop supporting bell-curve definitions of intelligence! I stay F. I. T. T. T. I Focus on solutions! I Identify my student's goals! I Take the pressure off when needed! I Track successes rather than failures! I Teach to my student's learning styles! ©1999-2006 by VK Hodson & MP Willis ·
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RESOURCES Teaching materials listed in the book are listed here in alphabetical order. Books on learning styles, teaching, homeschooling, parenting, and health follow below. TEACHING MATERIALS Adventure Tales of America, A Journey Through Grammar Land,, 626-821-0025 Abacus Math Program, Activities for Learning, About Teaching Math ­ A K-8 Resource, by Marilyn Burns, search online Adventure Collection, Steck Vaughn,, 626-821-0025 Alternatives to Worksheets, Creative Teaching Press, available at book stores Art Lessons for Kids On Video, Drawing With Children, by Mona Brookes, available at book stores,, 626-821-0025 Audio Memory Publishing: Grammar, Geography, Math set to music,, 626-821-0025 Backyard Scientist,, 626-821-0025 Barron's Painless series (American History, American Government, etc),, 626-821-0025 Baseball Math,, 626-821-0025 Basketball Math,, 626-821-0025 Beakman's Book of Dead Guys & Gals in Science, available online used Beautiful Feet Books, or, 626-821-0025 Blackstone Audio Books, Blood & Guts, available at bookstores,, 626-821-0025 Boomerang, audio magazine, Bornstein Memorizer Cards,, 626-821-0025 Build-A-Doodle books, The Learning Works,, 626-821-0025 Cable in the Classroom, contact your local cable company, Can Do Videos, exercise and learn math facts, Cartoon Guide series: Cartoon History of U.S., Cartoon Guide to Physics, Genetics, etc., in bookstores or, 626-821-0025 creative writing Game,, 626-821-0025 Color the Classics,, 626-821-0025 Coloring Book series: anatomy, botany, zoology, geography, etc.,, 626-821-0025 Critical Thinking materials, Critical Thinking Press Daily Grams,, 626-821-0025 David Macauley's The Way Things Work books, bookstores Draw Write Now, drawing/writing course,,, 626-821-0025 Edcon Publishers Shakespeare books,, 626-821-0025 Equate math game,, 626-821-0025 Family History Project, Family Math, K ­ 8th, available at book stores or check online Game Curriculum, Games for Math, Games for Reading, Games for Writing, Peggy Kaye, bookstores Geography games and card games,, 626-821-0025 GeoSafari, kits and games,, 626-821-0025 Grammar Songs, Geography Songs, etc.,, 626-821-0025 Greatthall Productions - history & literature on CD,
Grocery Cart Math,, 626-821-0025 Guides to History Plus,, 626-821-0025 High Noon Books, Academic Therapy Publications, History Through Literature, tapes/videos/activities/music,, 626-821-0025 Historical TimeLine Figures, other Time Lines,,, 626-821-0025 Hooda Math, Illustrated Classics,, 626-821-0025 Inspiration & Kidspiration software programs, It's Alive & Kicking, bookstores or, 626-821-0025 Jean Fritz's American History series,, 626-821-0025 Key Curriculum: Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Algebra I, Geometry,, 626-821-0025 Kidspiration & Inspiration software programs, Konos Character Curriculum, LearningSuccessTM Writing Program,, click on Products Link-UpTM to Math: Multiplication Facts,, click on Products Link-UpTM to Spelling,, click on Products Lyrical Life Science, The Prairie Primer, grades 3 - 6 unit studies,, 626-821-0025 Major Punctuation,, 626-821-0025 Marilyn Burns math books, search online Mastering Mathematics, by topics not "grade level", Math Card Games, educational supply stores,, 626-821-0025 Math Facts Fun Packet,, 626-821-0025 Math for Smarty Pants, by Marilyn Burns,, 626-821-0025 Math for The real world, sosftware, Math Mosaics and other Mindware books,, 626-821-0025 Math Mystery Theater, Math Trivial Pursuit, Good Apple Inc., search online Math-U-See, manipulative math program supplemented with text, Meet the Masters, Model Kits for great buildings, e.g. Coliseum, Alamo, etc.,, 626-821-0025 Montessori Reading Programs, search online Multiplication Rock,, 626-821-0025 National Geographic videos/software, New Practice Reader, Prairie Primer, grades 3 - 6 unit studies,, 626-821-0025 Portfolio Assessments, Getting Started, Alan De Fina, available at book stores Presidential Card Game,, 626-821-0025 ReaLifeTM Courses: The Life Success Formula & The Money Formula, Mariaemma Willis, (may be used for High School Economics plus Money Management & Life Skills electives for Jr. & Sr. High) Real Life Math Mysteries, Prufrock Press, Real World Algebra, Zaccaro, Prufrock Press, Science Fiction Collection, Steck Vaughn,, 626-821-0025 Science Trivial Pursuit, search online Short Classics, Steck Vaughn,, 626-821-0025 S'Math, board game like Scrabble but with numbers, available in toy stores Sonday Reading System,
Spotlight, Steck Vaughn,, 626-821-0025 Starfall phonics program, free online, Steck Vaughn books,, 626-821-0025 Stories & Plays Without Endings, Globe Fearon,, 626-821-0025 StudentreasuresTM, "publish" own book, Super Workbooks, at bookstores or, 626-821-0025 Switch On Electronic Circuit Kit, search online Teach With Movies, The Great Editing Adventure Series,, 626-821-0025 The Great Series, Steck Vaughn,, 626-821-0025 The Story of the World, on CD, elem-high school,, 626-821-0025 Think It By Hand, Touch Math, Innovative Learning Concepts, Inc., 800-888-9191 Ultimate Phonics, Spencer Learning, Unsolved Mysteries Series, Steck Vaughn,, 626-821-0025 US Kids History, Brown Paper School Pub., stories/plays/poems/songs/crafts/cooking/more, available at book stores Usborne books, Van Cleave's Spectacular Science Projects,, 626-821-0025 Video Tutor, basic math through algebra/geometry, 800-445-8334 Vocabulary Cartoons,, 626-821-0025 What About Series, Steck Vaughn,, 626-821-0025 Winners, Steck Vaughn,, 626-821-0025 Wonder Number Learning System, Interactive Dimensions,, 626-821-0025 Yo Millard Fillmore, presidents, Scholastic,, 626-821-0025 Your Story Hour, historical stories on CD,, 626-821-0025 LEARNING STYLES / EDUCATION Awakening Your Child's Natural Genius, Thomas Armstrong Awareness Through Movement, Moshe Feldenkrais Circles of Learning, Johnson, Johnson, Holubec Discover Your Child's Learning Style, Willis & Hodson, available in bookstores or Dumbing Us Down, The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling, John Taylor Gatto emotional intelligences, by Daniel Goleman How To Talk So Kids Will Learn, Faber & Mazlish In Their Own Way, Thomas Armstrong Midlife Crisis Begins in Kindergarten, Willis & Hodson Nurturing Intelligences, Brian A. Haggerty Portfolio Assessments, Getting Started, Allan De Fina Reading By The Colors, Helen Irlen (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome), available in bookstores Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids, Hart & Hodson Schools Without Failure, William Glasser Switching On, Paul Dennison The Compassionate Classroom, Hart & Hodson The Exhausted School, John Taylor Gatto The Case Against Homework, Bennett & Kalish The Homework Myth, Alfie Kohn The Gift of Dyslexia, Ronald D. Davis The Myth of ADD, by Thomas Armstrong
HOME SCHOOLING Discover Your Child's Learning Style, Willis & Hodson, available in bookstores or Books by Raymond & Dorothy Moore: Better Late Than Early, The Homschool Family Handbook, School Can Wait, Home Grown Kids Family Matters: Why Homeschooling Makes Sense, David Guterson The Big Book of Home Learning, Mary Pride PARENTING / COMMUNICATION Beyond Discipline, Alfie Kohn Different Children, Different Needs, Charles E. Boyd Discover Your Child's Learning Style, Willis & Hodson, available in bookstores or Emotional Intelligences, by Daniel Goleman How To Talk So Kids Will Learn, Faber & Mazlish How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, Faber & Mazlish Liberated Parents, Liberated Children, Your Guide to a Happier Family, Faber & Mazlish Logical Consequences, Dreikurs & Grey No Fault ZoneTM Game, Positive Discipline, Jane Nelsen Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids, Hart & Hodson Siblings Without Rivalry, Faber & Mazlish Teaching Children Values, 3 Steps to a Strong Family, Linda & Richard Eyre HEALTH / NUTRITION Cooking with the Right Side of the Brain, Vicki Rae Chelf Eat to Live, Dr. Joe Fuhrman Feed Your Kids Right, Lendon Smith, M.D Hungry for Change, Sugar Blues, William Duffy. The Self-Healing Cookbook, Kristina Turner SUCCESS IN THE REAL WORLD Celebrity Setbacks, Ed Lucaire Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (also Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul and Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul) Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow, Marsha Sinetar How To Find Your Mission in Life, Richard Bolles I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, Barbara Sher Life Launch, Frederic M. Hudson and Pamela D. McLean Nonviolent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg Refuse to Choose: A Revolutionary Program for Doing Everything You Love, Barbara Sher Rich Dad, Poor Dad (also versions for kids and for teens), Robert Kiyosaki Seven Strategies to Wealth and Happiness, Jim Rohn Straight A's Never Made Anybody Rich, Wess Roberts The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (also version for teens), Stephen Covey The Aladdin Factor, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill What Color Is Your Parachute?, Richard Bolles

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