Food safety regulatory system in India: A critical study, V Kotwal

Tags: Codex Alimentarius Commission, India, CFTRI-Central Food Technological Research Institute, Food Laboratory Network, AFCWG-Advisory Forum Communications Working Group, safety agency, Standards Council of India 13, Validation Laboratories, CFIA-Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Pesticide Residues, IITR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, ICMR-Indian Council of Medical Research, Laboratory Network, Calibration Laboratories, Food Adulteration, Accreditation Board, Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives, Ministry of Health, Disease Surveillance, Health Regulation, PHAC-Public Health Agency of Canada, AFSSA -French Food Safety Agency 3, Environmental and Occupational Health, FSCD-Food Surveillance and Control Division, Safety Officers, Health and Consumer Protection, Reference Laboratories, EPA-Environmental Protection Agency, Center for Disease Prevention, Food and Agriculture Organisation, EC-European Commission, Environmental Hygiene Department, FSIS-Food Safety Inspection Service, Nutrition Service, FSKAN-Food Safety Knowledge & Assimilation Network, Analytical Research, Food Safety, List of Abbreviations, AGRC-Advisory Group, AINPPR-All India Network Project, APHIS-Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, FSMS-Food Safety and Management System, FSSAI-Food Safety and Standards Authority, ANSES-French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety, EFSA-European Food Safety Authority
Content: List of abbreviations 1. AFCWG-Advisory Forum Communications Working Group 2. AFSSA -French Food Safety Agency 3. AFSSET- French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety 4. AGRC-Advisory Group on Risk Communications 5. AINPPR-All India Network Project on Pesticide Residues 6. AMR-Anti-Microbial Resistance 7. ANSM -Drug and health products safety agency (France) 8. ANSES-French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety 9. AOs-Adjudicating Officers (AO) 10. APHIS-Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service 11. Analytical Research and Validation Laboratories (ARVL) 12. ASCI-Advertising and Standards Council of India 13. BHOG-Blissful Hygienic Offering to God 14. CAC -Codex Alimentarius Commission 15. CAD-Centre Administration Division 16. CDC-Centre for Disease Control 17. CDSS-clinical decision support System 18. CE0-Chief Executive Officer 19. CFIA-Canadian Food Inspection Agency 20. CFS-Centre for Food Safety 21. CFSQ-Centre for Food Safety and Quality 22. CFTRI-Central Food Technological Research Institute 23. CIB-Central Insecticide Board (India) 24. CIHR- Canadian Institutes of Health Research 25. CNPP-Centre for Nutrition Policy & Promotion 26. CSIR-Council of Scientific & Industrial Research 27. DALYs-Disability Adjusted Life Years v
28. DG SANCO -The Director General for Health and Consumer Protection 29. DOs-Designated Officers 30. EC-European Commission 31. ECDC-European Center for Disease Prevention and Control 32. EFSA-European Food Safety Authority 33. EG-Expert Group 34. EPA-Environmental Protection Agency (USA) 35. EURLs-EU Reference Laboratories 36. FAO: Food and Agriculture Organisation 37. FBOs-Food Business Operators 38. FBDs-Food borne diseases 39. FEHD-Food and EnvironMental Hygiene Department 40. FNS-Food and Nutrition Service 41. FoSTAC-Food safety training & Certification 42. FSCs-Food Safety Commissioners 43. FSCD-Food Surveillance and Control Division 44. FSIS-Food Safety Inspection Service 45. FSKAN-Food Safety Knowledge & Assimilation Network 46. FSMS-Food Safety and Management System 47. FSOs-Food Safety Officers 48. FSSA, 2006-Food Safety & Standards Act,2006 49. FSSAI-Food Safety and Standards Authority of India 50. FSS-Food Safety System 51. FSW-Food Safety on Wheels 52. FVO-Food and Veterinary Office 53. GLP-Good Laboratory Practices 54. HC-Health Canada 55. HHS-Department of Health & Human Services of USA 56. HKSAR-Hong Kong Special Administration Region 57. HMIS-Health Management information system 58. ICAR-Indian Council of Agricultural Research vi
59. ICMR-Indian Council of Medical Research 60. IDSP-Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme 61. IHR-International Health Regulation 62. INFoLNET-Indian Food Laboratory Network 63. InVS-Institute of Public Health 64. IITR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research 65. JECFA- Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives 66. JEMRA- Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meeting on Microbiological Risk Assessment 67. JMPR- Joint Meeting on pesticide residues 68. LMS-Laboratory Management System 69. PFA- The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954 70. PFGE-Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis 71. PHAC-Public Health Agency of Canada 72. PT-Proficiency Testing 73. MH&FW- Ministry of Health & Family Welfare 74. MOA-Ministry of Agriculture 75. MOE-Ministry of Economy 76. MOEn- Ministry of Environment 77. MOH-Ministry of Health 78. MOL-Ministry of Labor 79. MRLs-Maximum Residue Levels 80. NABL-National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories 81. NCDs-Non-Communicable Diseases 82. NCDC-National Centre for Disease Control 83. NFSRAC-National Food Safety Risk Assessment Centre 84. NGCMA-National Good Laboratory Practice Compliance Monitoring Authority 85. NFCS-National Food Control Systems 86. NIN-National Institute of Nutrition 87. NRLN-National Reference Laboratory Network 88. ORA-Office of Regulatory Affairs of USFDA 89. RA-Risk Assessment vii
90. RACD-Risk Assessment and Communication Division 91. RASFF-Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed 92. RBIS-Risk Based Inspection Service 93. RC-Risk Communication 94. RM-risk management 95. RMS-Risk Management System 96. RRTs-rapid response Teams 97. SNF-Safe and Nutritious Food 98. SPS-Sanitary Phytosanitary Measures 99. SDGs-Sustainable Development Goals 100.SWIFT-Single Window Clearance for Facilitating Trade 101.SWOT-Strength- Weakness-Opportunity-Threat 102. TA-Technical Assessors 103.TDS-Total Diet Study 104.USDA-United States Department of Agriculture 105.USFDA-United States Food & Drug Authority 106.UTL-Upper Tolerance Limit 107.WHO-World Health Organisation viii

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