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Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh THE HEART OF THIS TREATMENT IS THE NEW DIET FOR ARTHRITIS by Charles de Coti-Marsh
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The general causes of Arthritis
starting points upon the road to recovery
Stages of recovery
Control of the gland that governs ageing
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The address of The Arthritic Association is: First Floor Suite, 2 Hyde Gardens, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 4PN. NOTE TO READER: Whilst the author has made every effort to ensure that the contents of this book are accurate in every particular, it is not intended to be regarded as a substitute for professional medical advice under treatment. The reader is urged to give careful consideration to any difficulties which he or she is experiencing with their own health and to consult their General Practitioner if uncertain as to its cause or nature. Neither the author nor the publisher can accept any legal responsibility for any health problem which results from use of the self-help methods described.
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Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh Foreward At the time this Guide is written (August 1966) the Arthritic disorders are still a complete medical mystery throughout the world. The authority for the foregoing paragraph is contained in the case-histories of patients who during the last twenty-five years have come to Britain from every country in the world to take this treatment. Arthritis is a killing and crippling disease which attacks young and old alike. The disorder may take any one of 420 various and seemingly disassociated forms. The basic causes of arthritis published here are not generally known, therefore medical treatment generally is confined to drugs which lull the patient into false security by lessening pain but allowing the arthritic activity to continue until the limbs become crippled and distorted. Surgery is then recommended. Can arthritis be successfully treated at home by Home Treatment alone? The answer, YES. It would be better still with the help and guidance of a qualified practitioner. Approximately 30,000 former arthritics have regained full freedom of limbs, have returned to work with the fine health they enjoy today by putting the methods recommended in this guide to work at home. Success records of home treatments cover the past 25 years. The results are permanent ­ freedom of limbs for life. The object of this book is to extend the opportunity of renewed health to as many arthritic victims as possible. In order to accomplish this object brevity and simplicity are necessary enabling any practitioner to give this book to a patient and supervise their recovery from arthritis. Hospitals and clinics can, with a simple guide for patients, put the system into use. "Home Treatment for Arthritis" is a practical guide for those who have read "Rheumatism and Arthritis The Conquest" and who cannot come for a consultation. It is most strongly emphasised that this Guide is not intended to replace personal consultation. The Guide is intended as a Home Handbook before and after consultation. There are hundreds of various and, apparently, unrelated forms of calcification, or arthritic disorders, each with its own different approach towards recovery. Only a very experienced Specialist can differentiate between these various disorders in a practical manner which will lead towards success. The basic causes in every case must be found in order that they can be cancelled. Should the causes not be found and cancelled, the arthritic condition remains a progressive disorder. The Association will be grateful to anyone volunteering to distribute our information sheet to other sufferers, so assisting to end the suffering and helplessness caused by arthritis, and will be pleased to hear from all who regain health through the advice within these pages. CHARLES de COTI-MARSH 3 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh 1 The general causes of arthritis Why do you lose mobility with arthritis? There are 3 main reasons: SPINAL INJURIES The layman can detect spinal injuries by the blue veins which extend upon the skin or around the part of the spine which has been injured. If spinal injuries are present in the lumbar ­ the lower section of the spine ­ from whence the sciatic nerves emerge to control the hips and legs, these particular limbs will become calcified in the joints. Arthritis, to use the correct current terminology, is called calcification. If, for example, the neck portion of the spine has been injured, the arms or hands will be affected, because the nerves controlling the arms or hands emerge from that part of the spine. Even a slight spinal injury of some years standing can produce sufficient deviation-from-normal nerve signals to cause calcification of the joints ­ with pain, swelling and loss of mobility. FAULTY DIET In every case or type of arthritis, the diet of the patient has to be altered from a poor sub-nutritive diet to a rich energy-producing diet and a diet particularly rich in potassium. Potassium deficiency can produce rapid calcification of the arteries, teeth, muscles and joints. green leafy vegetables, root vegetables and many fruits are rich in potassium. These have, therefore, to be a substantial portion of a potassium rich diet. The discovery that potassium elements were deficient in the bloodstream of an arthritic sufferer and were normal in a person who had had similar spinal injuries but did not contract arthritis, was the original basis of this system, which eventually led to the introduction of the `K' Compound. `K' is the elemental symbol of the potassium atom. `K' Compound and the development of a potassium-rich diet has revolutionized the treatment of arthritis, a condition which was formerly incurable. It replaces daily the potassium elements necessary to disperse and disintegrate the calcium formation in the arteries, muscles and joints. The potassium-rich diet provides the natural elements and reinforcement to the `K' Compound, together with the iron and vitamins to restore extra energy. Arthritis absorbs energy rapidly, yet energy is needed to overcome the disorder. The arthritis sufferer, therefore, must live upon better foods than the average person in order to create more energy. Energy wanes at the rate of one per cent per year, ten per cent per ten years of life with the person eating conventional food. This results in ageing, i.e., gradually becoming calcified. The diet of the arthritic person must be free of foods containing lime and chalk (inorganic calcium) and, at the same time, rich in energy-forming foods. A diet low in potassium causes types of arthritis which are preceded by rheumatic disorders ­ aching muscles first and fixed joints afterwards. 4 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh THE GENERAL CAUSES OF ARTHRITIS AUTO-INTOXICATION Auto-intoxication is self-poisoning by foods which do not agree with the person, or incomplete elimination of poisons created by foods which are not digested ­ of which constipation is an example. In constipation, the bowel becomes overloaded with poisonous residue, the watery matter of which enters the bloodstream, poisoning the body. Children are main victims of auto-intoxication when fed upon unnatural or poor quality foods which include tinned foods, bread, fats, fried and cooked foods in excess. The children become catarrhal. Catarrh is caused by Bacillus Coli ­ a parasite which breeds in the bowel under conditions of auto-intoxication. Catarrh is an early symptom of certain arthritic disorders. Auto-intoxication always shortens life as it is the cause of heart failure, thrombosis and many kidney disorders. Auto-intoxication is also a direct cause of arthritis especially rheumatoid arthritis. Red meats, which are in fact dead bodies, the fats of animal origin and breads and pastries, which create acid conditions, are the main causes of this type of autointoxication. These foods have to be replaced with food which have a clean, non-toxic but higher energy-producing value. SUMMING UP Two people of similar age can have a similar spinal injury, or "slipped disc", one of whom will contract arthritis, the other will not. The reasons for the difference are dependent upon the types of foods eaten. 5 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh
Starting points upon the road to recovery
Imagine a man who is confined to bed with arthritis, who is unable to dress, to whom every movement is pain. Can that man expect to recover his health enough to go back to work? The answer is illustrated by the many thousands of people who were completely immobilized by arthritic disorders and who are now back at work. A person who is neither mobile, nor yet completely crippled, has a better chance of a faster recovery than the immobilized or bed-ridden victim. If the hip joints are completely collapsed, the arthritis can be cleared constitutionally, although one leg may remain shorter than the other, but the leg will become strong again and new muscles will build. The average case of arthritis, with stiffened joints and painful limbs has a 90 per cent chance of regaining full freedom of limbs and renewed strength according to the statistics and records of those who have followed this treatment. In this system, the period of time taken from start to finish varies according to how each person applies it. Some people approach the regaining of new health eagerly considering it the prime essential of life. These are the people who will recover more quickly than others. Those who approach the system faint-heartedly or apply the recommendations only partially will take longer to recover. DRUGS Extreme caution must be exercised when drugs are prescribed. Effective treatment of arthritis is an easy and routine matter, but there is no easy treatment for the side-effects caused by drugs. Where drugs have been taken, advice should be sought. In cases where only a few drugs have been taken, discontinue the drug by "tailing off the dose", do not give up drugs suddenly ­ to do so may result in a worsening of symptoms which, in some cases, has been known to partially paralyse the patient. Cut down all drugs slowly. Where drugs have been used, the potassium in the body is eliminated too quickly via the urine and the patient is getting worse, but may have a false feeling of well-being caused by the drugs. Drugs cause a sulphur reaction in the bloodstream. When drugs are tailed off and eventually stopped, it is symptomatic that the hands and feet become hot; the patient sleeps lightly, awakening at four or five in the morning; the memory becomes poor; the muscles stiffen and ache and bowel movements often become urgent, explosive and watery. Should these symptoms appear, stop eating eggs. Drugs ease pain and give an illusion of well being but do not cure arthritis. Drugs - aspirin, for example ­ will be easy to give up. Arnica tablets ease the pain and contain no chemical drugs. Because drugs are contra-indicated, special preparations have to be used in this particular system. None of these contain toxic substances, but by their use, the patient is often out of pain and enjoys increasing freedom of stronger limbs within a few weeks of commencement.
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Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh STARTING POINTS UPON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY In this system foods and food extracts are used only. YOUR DIET Before changing from your present diet to "Diet for Arthritis" make sure you start with internal cleanliness; remove the poisons in the bowel and body which contribute to your present affliction ­ in other words, detoxicate. Detoxication means that you must take a dose of Epsom Salts or Detox tablets in order to clear the bowel and then, for a period, take no solid food. During this period the body takes the opportunity of ridding itself of its foul poisonous products, which it cannot do if more solid food is put into the stomach. The poisons are passed out through the urine and bowel. After this period take another small dose to ensure that the poison has been completely removed and then begin the potassium-rich diet. Do you feel weak if you take no solid food? Try it and see. The first effect is to experience a brilliant clear mind, easier limbs and an amazing feeling of well-being. Fasting is not recommended, but short periods of detoxication are, do not go to extremes. When detoxicating for the first time, beginning in the morning, on that day a severe headache could be experienced. Do not take an aspirin - it will not cure this particular headache which is caused by poisons, rejected and thrown out by the body and collecting in the digestive system. Take a cup of weak tea with neither sugar nor milk ­ the acid from the tea will neutralize the acids of the poisons causing the headache, and the headache will vanish in eight to ten minutes. The greater the headache, the greater the need for detoxication. How long should the period of detoxication be? The period of detoxication varies - from 12-24 hours. The length of time to be determined by the blood pressure, together with personal factors taken into consideration at consultation. DURING THE DETOXICATION PERIOD If you are feeling well enough to go about your ordinary business, do so. You will not feel weak. No solid food should be taken. Instead, take the juices of fresh orange, grapefruit, lemons or limes as they are ­ no sugar added ­ with or without spa water. Read, write, plan and work but do not swim or over-exert. Take the preparations listed during the detoxication period. Remember that drugs have three to five times the effect during a detoxication period. Only take warm baths, never hot Repeat this detoxication period every seventh day for twelve hours. Now your body is clean; fuel, in the form of food, will convert to energy quickly and you must change to a very high nutritional diet. Foods rich in potassium, rich in hormone creation, foods five times richer in iron and protein and yielding five times more basic energy than the average person. 7 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh HOME TREATMENT FOR ARTHRITIS BREAKFAST FRESH FRUIT JUICES. Freshly milled wheat germ with honey and skimmed milk, or powdered milk, chopped apples, raisins and porridge. LUNCH Salad - A salad should consist of not less than eight various fresh fruits and vegetables. Orange quarters Nuts ­ freshly shelled Carrots ­ grated Green cabbage - hearts Celery Apple slices Garlic or onion rings White cabbage ­ sliced Salads should vary from season to season and day to day. TOASTED CHEESE On rusks, wholemeal toast, or a baked jacket potato. Wholemeal bread, spread with bananas instead of butter with generous fillings of dates, cheese, onion, honey, apple or minced raisins. Drink white wine, fresh fruit juices or water. EVENING MEAL In the winter begin with soup ­ for example, pecan nut soup. This is made with pecan nuts, shelled and milled with potato or vegetable stock. Soups can be seasoned with the usual condiments, with the exception of salt. Minestrone soup ­ this is made with many diced and sliced vegetables, slowly and tenderly cooked. When the soup is being served add ample grated parmesan cheese. The menu for lunch or evening meal can be reversed CONDIMENTS For those people who like it garlic (not garlic salt), red peppers, black peppercorns (freshly milled), Tabasco sauce, cayenne pepper and as many herbs as possible. DRINKS Fresh citrus juices, beers, light ale, Guinness. Decaffeinated or Dandelion coffee, Barleycup, Caro or herb teas. WINES Sweet white or Rosй, sherry. SPIRITS Restricted to Brandy only ­ one ounce before eating. 8 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh STARTING POINTS UPON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY For the first twenty-eight days, cooked food is restricted to 10 per cent of each meal for four days in each week. This means very little bread; a large potato, baked, split with toasted cheese in it about twice a week, and no soups. Four days are mentioned because there may be, of necessity, social reasons to eat in restaurants, or with friends. During the second period of twenty-eight days, cooked foods can increase up to 20 per cent of each meal, allowing the occasional welsh rarebit, soups, spaghetti Napolitaine (which is with cheese and tomato sauce), but not spaghetti Bolognaise which is made with meat. Thereafter, 25 per cent of foods may be cooked, ie, one quarter of any meal is cooked and three-quarters of the meal is made up of salads and fresh foods. Please refer to the Dietary Guidance chart for permitted foods. SPECIAL BATHS Special Bath No. 1 is a limb liberator for those who cannot avail themselves of special clinical treatment and is also an excellent muscle loosener for athletes. To each bath add one pound of common block or sea salt, one pound of commercial Epsom Salts and one tablespoon of iodine. The bath should be comfortably warm, not hot, and for a duration of about twenty minutes, or until perspiration begins. Leave the bath, do not dry, wrap in a hot blanket and lay on a bed for twenty to thirty minutes. Take hot lemon drinks to induce perspiration HOT AND COLD FOOTBATHS Two bowls, or buckets of about two gallons capacity. Into each bowl or bucket place one pound of common block or sea salt, one pound of commercial Epsom Salts and one tablespoon of iodine. Fill one bowl three-quarters full with water, as hot as can be borne, to cover the ankles. The other bowl should be filled three-quarters full with cold water. Procedure Place both feet into hot bath for two minutes and then alternate plunges into the cold and hot baths for durations of thirty seconds each. Repeat for twenty or more such alternate plunges. 9 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh 3 Stages of recovery There are three stages of recovery. These apply to all types of people or all types of arthritic disorder. First Stage. During the first six to eight weeks the limbs loosen, energy increases, tasks are easier, digestion and elimination improve and progress is satisfactory. Following the first stage there appears to be, in nearly every case, a sudden worsening of progress. Joints begin to grate and crackle when they are moved. This is Stage II and during this period there is an increase of pain. There can be no prediction of the period time between Stages I and II. It would depend upon many factors applicable to each particular person. In some cases there is the usual stage of six weeks; in other cases, especially when beginning with a severe physical condition, the time between the two may be as much as twelve weeks. To understand Stage II is to realize that the lime and chalk calcification around the joints has been loosened but not completely cleared. This is why the joints grate more in this period. Usually this period does not last long. The pain is possibly due to the fact that joints have been partly fixed or limited in movement up to Stage II, but now this stage has been reached with the initial liberation of the joints, there is more movement and therefore more pain. As a fixed joint does not move, it does not hurt. In Stage II, extra movement causes extra pain for the short period entailed. Stage II is, nevertheless, a stage of progress. It is the beginning of the liberation of formerly fixed or arthritic joints. Stage III is the continuing period after Stage II has cleared. It has no fixed time limit, usually lasting only a month or so in some people, or several months in severe cases. Stage III constitutes the final rebuilding of muscular tissue, increasing freedom in joints which should now be exercised by walking, swimming, tennis, isometric exercises, or, for the younger people, judo. In older people Stage III has an unusual aspect. The grey hair at the nape of the neck resumes a normal natural colour, which begins to spread upwards over the scalp. Those who wear spectacles often find themselves in trouble with reading at this stage. The vision has actually strengthened and an optician's re-assessment of the prescription for spectacles is usually necessary. During Stage III, the patient rapidly resumes the maximum of recovery possible to that particular person. The routine system of Home Treatment should not at any time be stopped ­ it should continue. In certain cases there is a point when progress has been routine until the patient feels halted. 10 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh STAGES OF RECOVERY
The explanation for this is that there are cases where there have been old calcified spinal injuries, now being de-calcified, yet pressure remains upon the spinal nerves the sciatic nerve, for example. Sufficient pressure may remain upon this nerve centre to prevent the leg or legs regaining full strength and mobility. Manipulation of the spine by an expert will now liberate the nerves, allowing full development of the legs whenever possible. Manipulation before the end of Stage II is contra-indicated. It can do more harm than good to attempt manipulation before decalcification is complete, but at the right time, which is at the end of Stage II, the effects of manipulative treatment in releasing these nerves is both immediate and magnificent. Manipulative surgery is not painful. In most cases the patient is not aware that a liberation has taken place. Manipulative treatment should never be given under anaesthesia. Only the parts of the spine from which emerge the nerves which control the limbs in question are manipulated in this particular system of treatment, never the joints of the limbs.
The preparations mentioned here contain no drugs, and can produce no harmful reaction.
These preparations are necessary to speed recovery and overcome symptoms of pain, muscular stiffness, loss of sound sleep through physical discomfort, the effects of auto-intoxication or other symptoms which are likely to appear, or which we hope will disappear during the period of recovery from arthritis. They have, therefore, been devised for this system of treatment alone.
The preparations, which are bio-chemic in nature, bear the formulae and instructions.
In many countries, homeopathic chemists keep these preparations in stock. Should patients experience difficulty in obtaining supplies, they should write to the Arthritic Association, First Floor Suite, 2 Hyde Gardens, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 4PN.
Preparations needed for Stage I:
`K' Compound Tablets Energy Plus Tablets Arnica Tablets
Oil of Garlic tablets Rhus. Tox. tablets Detox. tablets
`K' Compound This preparation was the outcome following the initial researches aimed at the basic cause of arthritis in any of its forms. `K' is the symbol for potassium. The tablets are black in colour and appear to be made of charcoal, but have the elements of potassium amalgamated with them. Potassium is needed by the bloodstream by every person who has a tendency to rheumatic or arthritic disorders. `K' compound has been in clinical use for over 50 years, the universal result being the liberation of inorganic calcium.
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Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh HOME TREATMENT FOR ARTHRITIS The dosage recommended is "One to two tablets daily." To explain this: during Stage I, the practitioner who may be supervising the patient in the course of recovery from arthritis may decide that two tablets, i.e., one tablet night and morning may rapidize the case and upon Stage II being reached, decide to reduce the dose to one tablet in the morning only. In cases where drugs have reduced the potassium content of the bloodstream, two tablets daily will be required. For ordinary cases of osteo-arthritis, one tablet each morning is advised. In each container there are sufficient `K' Compound tablets for three months treatment at the rate of one tablet daily. This container is the standard pack, lasting the average patient from Stage I to Stage II and beyond. Patients are warned against spurious imitations which have been marketed in various countries, and to use only the genuine preparations made for this particular system of arthritic recovery. Energy Plus Tablets Detailed in the book "Prescription for Energy" ­ the source of human energy in food form is in relation to the energy as the main opposition factor to arthritis or any disorder. The Two important points made in this book are a new look at energy, and the discovery of Vitamin E plus and instructions Up until how to prepare this vitamin in fresh living form as a breakfast food (freshly milled wheat). Also outlined is the introduction of the Energy Plus formula, which is known as E.P. E.P. tablets reinforce natural energy, assisting recovery from arthritis by cutting down the time between the stages of recovery. The introduction of E.P. has proven beneficial in cutting down the time of recovery from 50 to 70 per cent in some cases. For those who have no practitioner available ­ two E.P. Tablets should be taken night and morning up to the end of Stage II, thereafter one tablet night and morning Arnica Tablets Arnica tablets are a transformation of the old homeopathic remedy brought up to date by modern research and adapted for this particular system of treatment. The tablets are brown in colour, coated with a casing which keeps the content of the tablet fully fresh and active. Arnica Tablets reduce pain and produce a general relief by lessening the cycle of muscular tension causing further pain. One tablet daily for a considerable time should be taken if there are any Varicose veins whatever and this dosage should be continued until the varicose veins are no longer visible. Arnica in this special form works well with `K' Compound and E.P. Tablets, these three preparations supplementing the potassium-rich diet in a balanced combination. Oil of Garlic Tablets The Author is of the strong opinion that garlic is the most beneficial and natural medicine for both man and animal. Oil of Garlic Tablets have manifold and total constitutional benefits which would take a whole book to enumerate, especially the benefits particular to arthritis and recovery from arthritis. 12 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh STAGES OF RECOVERY The action of Oil of Garlic is mainly upon the bloodstream ­ purifying the blood and destroying agents which destroy health. The benefits are found in decreased blood pressure, a reduction of tension throughout the body and increased mental output. In particular, for this system of treatment, Garlic destroys the Bacillus Coli, which is the cause of catarrh and the early rheumatic disorders which arise from this complaint. It is advised that two or three tablets should be taken each morning upon rising, or at bedtime. Rhus. Tox. These tablets are the result of the final standardization of the contents. Rhus. Toxicondron, the outcome of ten years bio-chemical research in Europe and Canada where the plant is prolific in the Lake Districts. For at least one hundred and twenty years, Rhus. Tox. has been a well-known homeopathic remedy for muscle pains. The research was aimed at finding out why Rhus. Tox. relieved these pains. The findings confirmed that Rhus. Tox. in either homeopathic or any other form, does not act upon the muscles in any soothing manner but upon the digestive tract and antidotes the auto-toxaedia which causes the painful stiffened muscles. This illustrates the wisdom of taking a dose of one to two Rhus. Tox. tablets to clear the bowel of poisons when afflicted with aching muscles. The tablets are coated to preserve the contents and coloured red. This is the colour of the plant when it is gathered in the autumn. Detox. Tablets These tablets are advised in cases of sluggish bowel actions, or as a weekly corrective cleanse against internal pollution. Detox. tablets are herbal in character, the formula was developed in order to produce a remedy giving a gentle bowel movement, with no known habit-forming effects. The dosage can be regulated person to person quite safely ­ one may begin with three tablets before the evening meal and, based on experience decide that, in future, two would be sufficient. In cases of constipation, three to four Detox. tablets are advisable. After a week or so reduce the number of tablets, until the bowel once again acts in a natural manner. Detox. tablets are always taken before the evening meal to allow for a gentle overnight action. If constipation persists, incorrect diet is the cause and dietary guidance should be requested from a practitioner. In Stage II preparations may need adjustment and Decalcine tablets will be required to assist final removal of decalcification. 13 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh 4 Control of the gland that governs ageing During the early days of a professional career as a child psychologist, the thyroid glands of these children attracted considerable attention. The thyroid glands are situated in each side of the throat. The normal function of the glands controls Emotional Stability, the normal rhythm of sex life, the skin (whether wrinkled or wrinkle-free), the hair growth and the rate at which a person ages. Since those days, scientific interest in these glands has never waned, in fact research has intensified for it was discovered that every case of rheumatoid arthritis is founded upon an imbalance of the thyroid glands. Following these interests, in 1948 visits were made to the Canadian specialist who, at that time, had a clinic and specialized in the treatment of thyroid gland disorders. If the glands were low or under-active, with all the wretched symptoms attending a low thyroid activity, he would stimulate the glands with thyroid tablets or injections, and would treat an over-activity by surgically snipping portions off the glands. This seemed to be a constructive treatment of the symptoms. The more important factor would be contained in the question "What would keep the thyroid in normal balanced activity?" The average child, for example, has a balanced thyroid, but at the age of twenty-five the thyroid begins to wane. At thirty-five years of age the thyroid is usually deficient in activity in the normal person. This causes the distressing middle-age tendency to overweight which cannot be controlled by diet; vision disorders, which result in spectacles having to be worn; the hair changes nature and, tragedy for the woman, the skin loses its youthful texture and appearance. About ten years was spent in probing the maze of mysteries relating to the thyroid glands, and the type of hormone which the glands produce and preparing to ask the question, "Why do thyroid glands go out of balance?" and from the information gained find the answer. When the time arrived to be able to ask this question and to prove the answer, the problem was solved, not through the hormone, or biochemistry, but by a new approach ­ nutrition. The thyroid glands can operate fully and normally only if the person is able to eat foods which contain the chemicals which the gland needs to create the hormone. The gland will become inactive or over-active but in either case the answer will be a disorder caused by deficiency. There is a well-known part of England ­ Derbyshire - where, until a few years ago, there was a typical condition known as "Derbyshire neck". In every case the thyroid gland of the many thousands of people who lived in that particular district was grossly enlarged. The soil and water in Derbyshire is deficient in iodine and the other trace elements which are necessary for good health. Our scientific attention was turned eventually to the sea, to a species of seaweed, and with this research we were able to turn back to the 1931 research and results by Professor George W. Cavanagh, Head of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry of Cornell University. Cornell University and the Government Chemists from the Department of Agriculture had been experimenting with the feeding of cattle with seaweed in order to obtain the same 14 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh CONTROL OF THE GLAND THAT GOVERNS AGEING health with inland cattle as with cattle who lived near the sea and were able to have sea moss or seaweed in their daily diet. These animals were in wonderful condition, but the inland animals were very poor in comparison with a high incidence of infertility. The happy answer today for all interested in this problem is in deep seaweed which not only contains the normal iodine but also the 92 supporting trace-elements which the gland needs, also all the other minerals of which the body consumes about one ounce a day. Deep ocean seaweed of the arctic type is the richest and best in these minerals and is not polluted by diesel oil, sewage or detergents, as the shore type of weed may be. This is one reason why you feel better after you have had a holiday by the sea; your body, your skin and your lungs have taken in a certain amount of the iodine and the elements from the sea water. Deep Seaweed Tablets are strongly recommended as a part of the treatment for arthritis; they are used to maintain extra bodily health and, of course, to regulate that all important gland ­ the thyroid. 15 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh 5 Preparations in General Research to find and standardize the preparation suited to this system was undertaken in order to simplify the system. Fifty years ago, only those who could consult personally could be assured of recovery from arthritis. In those days the routine had to be strictly carried out by the patient; attendance for further consultations or treatment was necessary at least twice a week. The treatment was, therefore, restricted to a few people. The main factor was the length of time between the patient's first consultation and the final outcome ­ the freedom of limbs and fitness to work. The development of standard preparations has now altered the clinical picture. Patients now attend two or three times a year ­ not twice a week. The length of time undergoing treatment has been halved. Further research remains to be established, since all results are time tested for ten years prior to any announcements. Certain new preparations may not be announced for two years from the time of writing. De Coti-Marsh Preparations ­ Suggested Dosage STAGE I (or for first 8 weeks) 1 `K' Compound night and morning 2 Energy Plus night and morning Arnica, Rhus. Tox., Detox., Garlic and Seaweed as required STAGE II (or from 9th week) 1 `K' Compound in the morning 2 Energy Plus night and morning 1 Decalcine on alternate days Garlic and Seaweed Arnica, Rhus. Tox., and Detox., as required STAGE III (Maintenance dosage) 1 `K' Compound in the morning 2 Energy Plus in the morning Seaweed and Garlic Arnica, Rhus. Tox., and Detox., as required DETOXICATION 1 `K' Compound 2 or 3 Detox. taken before evening meal No food allowed on following day but plenty of hot or cold spa water and fruit juices. Advice may be required on period without food. 16 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh 6 Mills for extracting wheat germ In "Prescription for Energy" the method of preparing fresh untreated wheat, in order to obtain the valuable and vital wheat germ in fresh form as a breakfast food, is strongly advised. There were some difficulties in this method which had to be resolved, for it was one thing to recommend that readers of "Prescription for Energy" should take specially milled wheat germ for breakfast, and quite another to find the type of mill which would liberate the active wheat germ from the fat cells of the wheat. Many mills would half-grind the wheat, leaving sharp particles instead of a fine foamy cream. The sharp particles would cause irritation of the stomach and other complaints. Electric mills, and those who made electric mills all over the world, were invited to send a mill to us for testing. We bought and tested each one of these mills, finalizing on the present Moulinex Grinder which we have found thoroughly satisfactory ­ one having been in use for many years without breakdown. We recommend these grinders as being possibly the best obtainable, and the manufacturers carry out the guarantee, and we have found them extremely honest in this matter. These can be obtained at most electrical and departmental stores. Publishers Note: Since the above was written many other manufacturers make similar grinders which are normally used for grinding coffee beans. 17 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh 7 Usual questions and answers How long will it take me to lead a normal life? This question is often put by those who are beginning treatment. The answer varies from person to person. First take energy. You are advised to read "Prescription for Energy", which is devoted to an unusual aspect of energy ­ where this basic life force comes from, and how to prolong useful life by increasing natural energy. Some people have natural energy and although sixty years of age, give the appearance and abilities of a person of only thirty years old. Most people may accurately deduct a 10 per cent basic loss of energy for every ten years of age. However, the greater the energy available to the person, the faster the recovery from any form of disorder. The next important factor is that the body cells reconstruct the entire physique every six weeks; this is the life-process of mitosis. This process can, by the system recommended here, be controlled to prevent the cells deteriorating at each change as they do in all cases of arthritic disorder. By this system at the period of each cell change, stronger cells are born. Your progress, therefore, is always measured in periods of six weeks. A person feeble in energy, generally toxic, may take as many as three to six periods of six weeks to reach Stage II, although a more clean-living and energetic person may take only one of these periods. Is arthritis more prevalent in some parts of the world? The answer is yes. In fact, the original research behind this system began by looking into the soils, waters and foods of the areas where arthritis was most prevalent. In Britain, these areas are found on the east coast and in certain areas of the south coast, and in the U.S.A. and Canada, the Great Lakes areas. Holland also has large areas. With the exception of Turkey and the U.S.S.R. all the high incidence areas in the world have been investigated. All have the same factor in common which is: a low potassium content of the soil and water. Records show, however, that it does not matter which part of the world you live in for the purposes of recovery from arthritis by this system. Clothing - is special clothing necessary? The answer may take several forms. Warmth? As the patient embarks upon this system, the circulation of the blood improves so much that, like a child with bare legs in the winter, they do not feel cold unduly or need special clothing for warmth. We have discovered certain types of material to be harmful to arthritics ­ these are the nylon, terylene and man-made fibres. The reason for this is that pain causes nerves to emit an electronic discharge, which is held around the body by the fibres. Wool contributes comfort, however, as it allows earthing of the electrical static. 18 of 19
Home Treatment for Arthritis by Charles de Coti-Marsh USUAL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS In the United Kingdom there are several firms who make lambswool shirts for men and women, together with other clothing of an attractive nature. For the same reason that man-made fibres prevent electrical static earthing, rubber and micro-cell soles on footwear are not advised. Leather allows earthing of electrical discharges caused both by arthritis and by pain which adds to the constitutional comfort. The answer to this is ­ wear natural clothing. Are there any stores where special foods for this system are stocked? Generally no. The Health Food Stores all over the world assist and in London, Switzerland and Germany there are restaurants modelled on this system of potassium rich foods. "Cranks" in London is one such establishment. By and large you can get all you need from a good garden, fruit store or health food store. There are firms throughout Europe and other countries who produce special foods. Marmalade from oranges, honey or dark sugar, or sugar-free preserves to a very high standard. Preserves can also be obtained which contain no salt. Must one stay on the diet ­ is it not possible to eat out? Certainly, the patient can eat out - but not every day. The diet, as you call it, has more variation than any other conventional meal, varying from day to day and season to season, and for that reason cannot be termed a fixed diet. When eating out, avoid cream, fats, salt or salty foods: eat more cheese than meat. Choose chicken rather than meat or smoked fish. Never embarrass your host or friend by mentioning diet ­ your own way of life is your own concern. THE AUTHOR The late Charles de Coti-Marsh carried out the original research into the causes of rheumatism and arthritis; clinically demonstrating that the primary cause in every case was a breakdown of potassium in the bloodstream (Hypomineralization `K'). Further research enabled a replacement of potassium in the bloodstream by means of diet and food extracts, enabling arthritics to become normal healthy people. Founder of the Arthritic Recovery Association, which is now a registered charity called The Arthritic Association, highly qualified Rheumatologist and Medical Scientist, Mr. Charles de Coti-Marsh was honoured by the French government with the Cross of Chevalier Ordre Courtoise Francaise for his work in aiding arthritic victims back to health ­ Paris, April 1967. His books on Food For Health won the international honour for him of Honorary Conseil Association Culinaire Francaise. Also in medical science he gained the International Gold Medal Award for Britain at Brussels for researches into the mechanics of pain with a device cancelling pain, operated by body electricity. BOOKS BY THE SAME AUTHOR "Rheumatism and Arthritis The Conquest" "Prescription for Energy" "Diet for Arthritis" 19 of 19

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