Human resource management

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Content: Course Title Course Code Credit Prerequisites Duration
Bachelor of Business Administration Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management BUS410B 3 None 15 weeks
Course Type Contact Hours Co-Requisites Class Type
Management Specializations 45 None Lecture
SolBridge GACCS Objectives
% Learning Objectives
1. Global Perspective 2. Asian Expertise 3. Creative Management Mind 4. Cross Cultural Communication 5. social responsibility Course Description
30 1. Analyze the concept of labor or human capital of the organization viewed as an investment versus an
30 operational expense.
10 2. Assess the major challenges of human resources in the 21st century business and government
20 organizations.
3. Understand the importance of diversity and the business case for the fair treatment of all people, regardless of protected class status (e.g., race, religion, gender, age and so forth).
4. Review the role of human resources management in the development of leadership.
5. Develop ways in which human resources management might diagnose a business strategy and then facilitate the internal change necessary to accomplish the strategy.
6. Analyze the correlation of human resources management and line management as it relates to developing an organizational business partnership
This course examines the evolving human resource function within today's organizations. Students will examine the changing roles and responsibilities of human resources managers, the acceptance and integration of the human resources function as a full business partner, and the higher expectations placed on human resources leadership to make a significant contribution to the successful management of the organization. Students will explore the role managers and supervisors play in the successful management of the organization's human resources. Topics to be examined include: the functions of Human Resource Management, relationships within the organization, policies and procedures, workplace diversity, and the role of human resources in a global environment. Learning and Teaching Structure
The methodology includes a mix of lectures, exercises, case discussions, student presentations, and group projects. Students have to take responsibility for their own learning. Students must do all the reading and homework preparation before class and be present and participate actively in the classroom.
% Text and Materials
Class Participation/Attendance Midterm Examination Assignments Final Exam
20 Title(s): Principles of Human Resources Management 30 Edition(s): 16th Edition 20 Authors: George W. Bohlander and Scott A. Snell 30 Publisher(s): South-Western (ISBN: 978-1-111-82462-4)
Course Content by Week
1 2-3 4-5 6 7-8 9 10-1112 13 14 15
Overview of HRM including `Leadership' Human Resources: Strategic Planning and Legal Environment/Work Analysis HR Planning and Recruitment, Selection and Placement Training Employees Review and Midterm Examination, Performance Evaluation Developing a Compensation Plan Rewarding Performance/Benefits, Employee Health and Safety Discipline/Labor Relations Managing HRM on a Global Scale/ Integrating Human Resources Final Examination Final Exam review and Group Presentation
Concise Syllabus

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