Important Notice

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TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. No buyer's premium charged on goods purchased. (See note 4) 2. Crowther & Brayley Ltd. will accept and execute left bids on your behalf. 3. All items to be paid for on the day of sale. 4. Payment may be made by cheque, money order, cash or debit card. Visa and Mastercard are also accepted and are subject to a 2.25% buyer's premium. 5. All transactions are made in Canadian dollars at prevailing foreign exchange rates. 6. Crowther & Brayley Ltd. reserves the right to hold any lot until such time as business or personal cheques clear its bank account. 7. This catalogue serves only to describe the items for sale and does not carry any warranties. 8. Buyers must satisfy themselves as to the condition and quality of the items they intend to bid on or buy. 9. As much as possible, Crowther & Brayley Ltd. will point out damage where evident. However, it is incumbent upon buyers to establish for themselves the condition of the item which they intend to bid on or buy. 10. For the purposes of this catalogue 'circa' means plus or minus 10 years of the date indicated. 11. Shipping to all points is available. Shipping from Nova Scotia can be more expensive than shipping within the United States. Crowther & Brayley Ltd. can arrange packaging and shipping. Liability for loss or damage must be covered by insurance provided by the buyer of any item shipped. All liability for loss or damage while in transit rests with the buyer of the item.
Citizens of the UNITED STATES and other out of country individuals should be aware of the laws governing the importation of ivory, marine mammal, reptile and bird products into their own country. Crowther & Brayley Ltd. strongly recommends that items containing these materials, regardless of age, not be purchased if the buyer's intention is to import them into the United States or elsewhere without the required government issued certifications and approvals under CITES. This applies particularly to sea mammal ivory and African and Indian elephant ivory. Please consult your local authorities for further information and consultation.
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1 A Gibbard mahogany bedroom suite 2 Dining room suite 3 Wardrobe 4 Old stereo 5 Pine bookcase 6 Wicker chair 7 Kitchen set 8 A modern wing chair 9 No Item 10 "Sick Bay, Lunenburg" by Gigcotia, oil on canvas, 16 x 20" 11 A MacAskill photo of a group of boys, c.1924, 8 x 10" 12 A limited edition print of Barrington St., Halifax, by Dusan Kadlec, 8 x 10" 13 A limited edition print of the Halifax waterfront by Dusan Kadlec, 8 x 10" 14 "Flowers" by Edwards, oil on canvas, 8 x 10" 15 "Sad Lady" by Morrow, oil on board, 5 x 7" 16 "Happy Monk", initialled MG, oil on canvas, 9 x 9" 17 "Raccoon" by Melanson, oil on board, 8 x 8" 18 Boats by Essie, watercolour, dated 1876, 10 x 14" 19 "The Way we Were" by Sylvia Ireland, oil on board, 9 x 7" 20 A map of Nova Scotia & Newfoundland, Tallis, published c.1850, 11 x 14" 21 River Scene with river tender, unsigned, oil on board, 16 x 12" 22 "Taking of Christ", a print on canvas of a work by Caravaggio, 15 x 20" 23 An oil & acrylic painting on paper by Croft, 14 x 20" 24 A Bartlett print of Halifax Harbour, 6 x 8 3/4"
25 "South Hollis Street, Halifax", a limited edition print by Dusan Kadlec, 8 x 10" 26 A print of Boston Harbour 1755 by Fitzlane, 15 x 23" 27 A copy of map of Ireland 1779, 11 x 14 28 A photogravure (The last Embrace of the Couple ) Published 1905, 9 1/2 x 6 1/2" 29 A photogravure (Russian Troika) Published 1905, 7 x 9 1/2" 30 A photogravure (Russian Sled) Published 1906, 7 x 9" 31 A photogravure (Battle at Well) Published 1905, 7 x 10" 32 A photograph of the Halifax Citadel, c.1925, 5 x 7" 33 Framed Pewter medallions of Halifax Buildings 34 A five piece washbasin set, white with pink flowers 35 Twenty four volumes of Picturesque Canada Published 1881-90 36 A Sony digital camera with charger 37 A gentleman's chair 38 A Mid Eastern rug with red field, 8 x 9'6" 39 A library table with red leatherette insert on top, 24 x 36" 40 A box of wax record cylinders 41 Three books of post cards, 1903 on 42 Two scrap books, 1900-1905 43 A bundle of music and photogravure 44 A bundle of music and photogravure 45 A fireplace screen 46 A Franklin Mint Book of Impressionist Painters, gold plated medallions with second book of descriptions 47 A brass fireplace log box
48 Two Windsor chairs 49 A six foot wooden schooner model of the Bluenose in full sail, cased 50 - 60 Box lots 61 A Mi'Kmaq quill box, late 19th or early 20th century, inscribed on base in pencil "Replace of the two sent Princess Eleanor, Rue Marie". 7" long, 3 3/4" high 62 An Inuit soapstone carving of a family group, 8" h., 10" w. 63 An Inuit soapstone carving of a walrus & ptarmigan 64 An Inuit soapstone carving of a Polar Bear playing with an Inuit man 65 A soapstone carving of an Inuit with pack, Davider Etuluk, 7" high 66 An Inuit carved soapstone of a musk ox, Nurhuall Island, David Kusowyuk, 7" long, 3 1/2" high 67 An Inuit soapstone carving of a walrus with ivory tusks, Willia, 9227, 4" high 68 An Inuit soapstone carving of a group of spirit figures, 6" high, 9" wide 69 An Inuit soapstone carving of a family group, 6" h., 11" w. 70 An Inuit serpentine carving of an Inuit with a slain bear, 3" high, 6" long 71 An Inuit soapstone carving of a spirit figure, 4" high 72 An Inuit soapstone carving of an Inuit woman with blubber 73 An Inuit soapstone carving of an Inuit with a seal, K-1619, 5" high, 8" long 74 An Inuit soapstone carving of an Inuit with a seal, 7 1/2" h. 75 An Inuit soapstone carving of a hunter and kayak, 12" long 76 An Inuit soapstone carving of a dog sled with dog team and driver carrying a kayak 77 An Inuit soapstone carving of Inuit figures, bone knife & ulu 78 An abstract Inuit soapstone carving, 9" high. Needs repair 79 An Inuit soapstone carving of a father with child, 15 1/2" h.
80 A 'Saturday Evening Girls' rare facetted tea caddy decorated with a natural scene, complete with lid, signed on base, with Owl Shop label, 4 1/2" high, 3 1/2" wide 81 A Lorenzen art pottery vase, signed, 5 1/2" high 82 An Art Pottery vase 83 A Studio Ceramics vase 84 A Chinese Art Pottery bowl 85 A 19th century Wedgwood style covered cheese dish 86 An Orrefors glass vase 87 A San Polo Venezia Italian vase, 15 1/2" high (863) 88 Two Jane Shaw Law pottery pieces and another 89 A coffee mug with an "R" incuse maker's mark 90 A spelter figure of a girl, c.1900, 13 1/2" high 91 A gilt spelter figure of a Grace with a ram, 19th century 92 A pair silver plate candelabra, early 20th century 93 An early 19th century rosewood tea caddy 94 No Item 95 An American 19th century sword presented to Lieutenant Charles N. Brumm, with cord and tassel. Blade with corrosion. Formerly the property of either the father or grandfather of Jane Shaw Law 96 A late 17th or early 18th century flintlock pistol with screw off barrel, silver mounts, the rosewood handle with a silver grotesque mask butt plate, c.1700. Maker Robert Harvey, 16901722, London 97 A William Menzies powder horn scrimshanded with a sailing vessel, 19th century, 11 1/2" long 98 A Danish rosewood one drawer wall shelf with a Danish Furniture control mark 99 A room size Persian rug, the garden scene highlighted with wild animals, mid 20th cent 100 A Wedgwood Dolphin pattern china dinnerware set
101 Decorative Italian plates in a yellow glaze 102 A part set of Copeland Spode china dinnerware pattern #801 103 Misc. Coalport and Johnson Bros. Indian Tree dishes 104 A set of Copeland cups and saucers in Blue Bonnet pattern 105 Five box lots misc. China, glasses, wooden ware, etc. 106 David Dicks Studio footed wooden bowl 107 Six graduated copper pots and a copper kettle 108 A set of soup bowls, casseroles, plates - pottery 109 Set of Three Pyrex bowls and another 110 Misc. late 19th and early 20th century cranberry glass 111 Two covered casserole dishes 112 Covered ceramic casserole dish with stand 113 Three pots with lids - cast, ceramic 114 Lot of misc. Blue and white Chinese pottery plates 115 Five misc. box lots china, glasses, wooden ware, etc. 116 Misc. Pottery pieces 117 Kitchen lot - enamel ware, mortar, pestle, etc. 118 Five misc. box lots china, glasses, wooden ware, etc. 119 Two crystal decanters 120 A 19th century copper bed warmer with tapered and balustered handle 121 A blue kitchen stool 122 Five misc. box lots china, glasses, etc. 123 Six cups and saucers - Winkle - Pheasant 124 Misc. China cups and saucers
125 Five graduated cast iron frying pans 126 Lantern 127 Misc. Pewter pieces - butter dish, covered dish, creamer, etc. 128 A hat box with assorted fur hats 129 A three bottle tantalus, damage to one decanter 130 Misc. silver plate candlesticks, bowls, platters, etc. 131 Lot of small jars, enamel pieces 132 A miniature Singer Sewing machine in black case 133 An early 19th century butler's tray with stand 134 Twenty misc. horse brasses, various ages 135 A 19th century tea table with oval top 136 A Victorian rocking chair 137 A pine drop-leaf gate legged table with drawer, c.1840 139 Two Chinese bowls, late 19th or early 20th century 140 A Poole Pottery dish 141 A large blue glass pitcher 142 A miniature of woman in case, c.1910 143 Misc. daguerreotypes and tin types, 19th century 144 Blue bowl 145 Seven brass candlesticks 146 Two pewter tankards 147 Five misc. canes 148 Box of misc. CD's and DVD's 149 A Danish style coffee table
150 A wing Back chair 151 A 1960's Danish style sofa 152 An easy chair 153 T.V. Stand 154 A Sony colour TV and a Sony VHS player 155 A Wm. IV two drawer sofa table with fluted column on a platform base with four reeded legs, on brass capped feet 156 A Viking humidifier 157 A 19th century clerk's desk, the cupboard with bird's eye maple door panels and lift top desk 158 Misc. Metal TV tables and stand 159 A Hoover vacuum 160 Three round top tables on metal legs 161 No Item 162 Five Empire style chairs, c.1845 163 Two Danish teak end tables, with manufacturer's labels and control brands 164 Pottery - jug, two bowls 165 Lot of misc. Brassware 166 A three tier cake stand, mahogany, damaged 167 Large copper pot 168 A Victorian side chair 169 Lot of misc. bells 170 A hardwood stool c.1910 171 A side chair with rush seat 172 Two glass plates
173 Painted tray and tin 174 An upholstered open arm chair with spool legs 175 Green wing back chair 176 A drafting table 177 A Victorian cameo back sofa, the back carved with pears and grapes 178 A gentleman's chair 179 A pine blanket box, late 19th century 180 A plywood table 181 A Trinitron colour TV 182 A stereo cabinet, records, Discman, etc. 183 A long copper planter 184 Metal log carrier 185 Dory boat model 186 Lobster trap 187 A small 19th century drop-leaf table 188 A two gallon crock with violet floral motif, American, c.1840 189 Bag of Bargello pillows 190 A pair of bellows 191 Two bolts of woven fabric 192 Six new frames 193 New metal frames in packages 194 Basket of art supplies - brushes, paints, etc. 195 Art glass paper weight 196 A dresser mirror, three panel
197 An 18th century mahogany slant front desk with fitted interior on a four drawer base with bracket legs, c.1780 198 Two metal filing cabinets 199 An upholstered arm chair 200 A four drawer dresser 201 Luggage rack 202 A leather bound and close nailed 19th century document box, initialled 'S.H.' 203 A gunstock side chair, c.1815 204 An office chair 205 A china plate quilt 206 An oil lamp with beaded font 207 An oil lamp with fluted font, electrified 208 An oil lamp 209 A three piece Scandinavian style bedroom suite 210 A Victorian side chair 211 A mid-Victorian mahogany frame child's open armchair 212 An Edwardian dressing table with tri-foil mirror 213 Two night tables 214 An Edwardian dresser mirror 215 A metal frame walker chair 216 White stool 217 Two fur jackets, leather coat 218 Tray lot of misc. good linens 219 A piece of weaving
220 Piano shawl 221 Beadwork piece 222 Toys - child's Domino, Pick Up Sticks, etc. 223 A box of small wooden ornaments 224 An oil lamp with cross hatching and bull's eye 225 An oil lamp with bull's eye pattern 226 Silver plate dish with roll top 227 A large brass samovar, late 19 the century 228 A pair of ship's mast lights, late 19th century 229 Figurine 230 A Boston style rocker, mid 19th century 231 Box lot - five - misc. Office supplies, hardware, etc. 232 Table 233 A modern stand with round top 234 Five thumb back Windsor chairs, c.1840 235 A hardwood frame chair with caned seat and back, c.1900 236 Two wooden boxes 237 Woven blanket 238 Two small picture frames 239 Braided mat 240 A hand knotted oriental rug with garden pattern c. 1940, 10 x14" 241 A small pine cupboard 242 An 18th century four drawer chest on bracket feet, c.1780, possibly American 243 A plaster figural group
244 Bowl 245 An oil lamp with starflower font 246 An oil lamp with white opalescent font - cracked 247 A maple chest, modern 248 A regency style desk with fitted interior, vintage. 249 A side chair with needlepoint seat and back 250 A wrought iron candle stand 251 An easy chair ensuite 252 A two drawer drop leaf stand with rope turned legs, c.1845 253 A hooked mat, decorated with roses 254 A hooked mat, tree of life pattern 255 Two chairs and a footstool 256 A mahogany folding stand 257 Two chops with ink 258 Beige chair 259 An Edwardian parasol with sterling silver handle monogrammed 'MA', c.1900 260 No item 261 A pine table with pegged construction, c.1850 262 Three modern pine chairs with woven rush seats 263 One drawer pine desk with gallery, c.1840 264 A Hugo walker 265 Braided rug 266 Braided rug 267 A pine drop leaf gate legged table, pegged construction, c.1825
268 An Asian style coffee table with glass top 269 Box of misc. miniatures - frogs, dishes, figurines, etc. 270 A hand knotted antique mat, worn 271 A hand knotted mat with two geometric medallions 272 An Oriental mat, the field, filled with flowers, enclosed by a border of palmettos, c.1920 273 A late 19th/early 20th century hand knotted Persian runner, the field filled with botehs 274 A guitar 275 A marionette 276 A tole painted box, modern 277 Clock 278 Pieces of Imari porcelain - plate and 3 bowls 279 Four pieces of Japanese china 280 A Worcester sugar shaker with silver plate top 281 Set of enamel bowls 282 Four pieces of art glass 283 Four pieces of pottery 284 A dough bowl in wood 285 A square table 286 Papier mache horse on stand 287 Sewing supplies, scissors, threads, etc. 288 Lot of carved and pottery birds 289 A Marblehead pottery vase, with label and incuse marks - 6 1/2" 290 Three pieces - Wedgwood (damaged), pitcher 291 "Mermaid with sail" a wrought iron coffee table with painted tiles by Jane Shaw Law
291a A glazed ceramic vase with flared lip by Jane Shaw, 8 3/4" high 291b A glazed ceramic pottery vase as three joined forms by Jane Shaw Law, 8 1/2" high 291c A glazed ceramic cylindrical form vase with decorated rim by Jane Shaw, 7 1/2" high 291d A glazed ceramic vase by Jane Shaw Law, 6 1/4" high 291e An azure blue ceramic vase by Jane Shaw Law, 6 1/4" high 291f An azure blue ceramic pitcher by Jane Shaw Law, 6 3/4" high 292 Two art glass vases and mushroom candlestick 293 Lot of miniatures, vase, decanter, etc. 294 A micro mosaic inlaid cross, Roma, 1900 295 Misc. Tiles 296 Brass miniatures, school bell 297 A Geo III mahogany hanging wall shelf 298 Small table 299 Lot of rug hooks 300 Box, two enamel dishes, bear 301 Four baskets 302 Seven baskets 303 Carved stone bowl 304 Miniature paint set, Group of Seven stamps 305 Bag of misc. paint supplies 306 Lot of misc. painted tray 307 Lot of misc. painted tray 308 art paper supplies 309 Flower pot
310 Tile tray 311 Sextant box, picnic basket 312 Bag of misc. fans and Decorative items, mostly Asian 313 Lee Valley watering can and compost bucket 314 A glass sculpture by V. Lindstrand for Kosta, 7" high 315 A box of misc. costume jewellery 316 A box of misc. costume jewellery 317 A silver plate fish set 318 Buttons 319 A Roycroft letter opener, 9 1/2" long 320 A Gorham sterling silver tea pot, 16 oz. 321 A sterling silver cream and sugar, 5 oz. 322 A sterling silver rose bowl, modern, 12 oz. 323 A sterling silver porringer, modern, 2 oz. 324 A pair of low standing sterling silver candlesticks, loaded, dents; together with a sterling silver vase-form matchstick holder, loaded 325 A Birks sterling silver cigarette box, crested with a rooster 326 A Birks sterling silver dresser set 328 A sterling silver repousse work rose bowl, London, 1901, 10 oz. 329 A sterling silver rose bowl, Ryrie Bros., 3 oz. 330 A French .900 silver sugar shaker, 2 oz, and a European silver beaker .900?, 1.5 oz. 331 A sterling silver waiter crested with a rooster on ball and talon feet with gadroon border, Birmingham 1910, 12 oz 332 A sterling silver cream jug, London, 1880, 4 oz. Dented
333 A Geo. III sterling silver cream jug on 3 hoof feet, London, marks rubbed, 1.77 oz 334 A pair of sterling silver salts with cranberry glass liners, London, 1883 335 A pair of antique silver plate wine coasters, early19th century 336 A pair of 20th century wine coasters 337 Three misc. sterling silver napkin rings, 2 sterling silver salt spoons and four small sterling silver dishes, Birks, 2 oz. 338 An American sterling silver trifle spoon with gilt fluted bowl, 3 oz. 339 A Towle sterling silver ladle, 3 oz. 340 Eighteen misc. American coin silver spoons, 10 oz. 341 Six sterling silver grapefruit spoons and 6 sterling silver soup spoons by Stieff, cast floral handles, 16 oz. 342 Ten sterling silver pickle forks by Stieff and thirteen misc. sterling silver spoons, 12 oz. Four misc. serving pieces with sterling silver handles 343 A pair of large silver (unmarked) apostle spoons, the bowls with boats 344 A Geo. III sterling silver tea strainer, London 1786 345 A set of American sterling silver flatware, the handles monogrammed, the set including 8 tablespoons, 8 grapefruit spoons, 7 teaspoons, 8 dessert spoons, 8 dessert forks, 8 luncheon forks, 8 dinner forks, 64 oz. weighable silver 346 A silver plate cigarette case, presented 1955 to C.A. Law; together with a pewter box 347 An album of Canadian stamps including .20 cent Queen Victoria diamond Jubilee 348 Misc. postal history 349 Misc. albums postal items etc 350 Misc. foreign coinage and bills 351 Five 1964 Kennedy .50 cent pieces, silver, 1908 "O", 1941 352 Eight American nickels, c.1906, 1 - 1867, 8 quarters, c.1895, 11 mercury dimes 353 Three 1922 American silver dollars 354 Misc. Canadian large cents
355 Four misc. Canadian silver five cent pieces, two dimes, 1942 Tombac nickel, 1966 silver dollar and a 1913 25 cent piece 356 Misc. costume jewellery 357 Misc. costume jewellery 358 Royal Albert - Old Country Rose - bone china table ware set 359 Canon XL 2 - 366 D digital camcorder and access. 360 Canon E53 - Canovision camcorder 361 Canon Video lens - 20 x 200MXL 5.4 -108mm 362 Canon Wide Converter WD-H72 0.8x lens 363 Canon FTB camera, lens 364 Panasonic Video Cassette recorder 365 Panasonic Color Video Camera WV3240 Pro Line 366 Lot of microphones 367 Canon EOS - Elan II camera - needs repair 368 Box of projectors (2), reels 369 Box of misc. Camera supplies and accessories 370 Pair of ring neck Georgian decanters with original stoppers, c.1810-20 371 Pair of Regency silver plate wine coasters, c.1830-40 372 Pair of Georgian bright-cut sterling serving spoons London, c.1787 373 An M.S. Brown sterling case with 14k gold inlay, c. 1890-1900 374 Sterling silver match safe Birmingham, c.1879 375 Set of 9 Julius Cornelius sterling silver teaspoons 376 Watercolour miniatures of Maude (Moir) wife of nephew of Adam Archibald one of the Father's of Confederation and niece of Charles Moir, in gilt frame 377 Sterling silver ladle
378 Pink satin glass ewer on black glass stand 379 Royal Doulton jug 'Simon the Cellarer', c.1935 380 A pair of Nova Scotia merganser decoys John Sawler, Western Shore, N.S., c. 1890-1900 381 Regency coromandel wood tea caddy c.1800-1810 382 Noritake landscape bowl 383 Set of 14 kt. yellow & white gold diamond wedding rings 384 A Marion Pratt decorated vase, signed on base, c.1927 385 Victorian stereoscope with 30 cards, c.1860-70 386 No item 387 Pair of Sheffield candlesticks with pink globe whale oil burners, c.1820 -30 388 British Victorian haystack copper gallon jug, c.1830-40 389 Victorian Spelter bronze 'Amazon fighting a Tiger' 390 Rosenthal figurine - Germany U.S. Zone 391 Lord Nelson Tankard - 'Silent Night' 392 A Beswick figurine 'Girl on Skewbald Pony' 393 Sterling silver and glass condiment dish 394 Victorian double-end sterling silver crystal perfume bottle with original wick, c.1840 395 Victorian brass & cast iron globe oil lamp (electrified) 396 Sterling silver cup with gold wash interior 397 Two Canadian World War II service medals 398 American sterling silver fish slice by Baldwin Gardner, c.1814 399 Moorcroft pansy bowl (restored) 400 Lovers in a wood, a painted porcelain brooch in gilt frame, c.1900 401 A lady's Art Deco style platinum ring set with diamonds and two sapphires
402 A lady's 14k gold yellow ring set with a large pearl flanked by shoulder mounted diamonds 403 A yellow gold brooch pin set with large amethyst and seed pearls, c.1900 404 A white gold brooch in the form of the crest of the Royal Navy, pave set with diamonds and sapphires 405 A lady's yellow gold ring set with a centre diamond, approx. 25 pts, flanked by two shoulder mounted diamonds 406 A lady's yellow gold Art Deco ring set with a two carat sapphire flanked by two brown diamonds within a diamond surround, the largest diamonds approx 25 pts. With appraisal 407 A 14k yellow gold ring set with a cabochon cut blue stone 408 A lady's 18k white gold filigree bar brooch set with three diamonds 409 A 14k yellow gold amethyst brooch within a diamond border 410 A lady's sterling silver bracelet, the panels with 18k yellow gold mounts 411 Misc. antique coral jewellery 412 A lady's 14k yellow gold bracelet set with semi precious stones 413 A 14k yellow gold cross and chain, 9.5 gms 414 Misc. gold ring, 9ct naval brooch, 14k round brooch, 14k thimble ring, ring with bud holder 415 A painted porcelain brooch of two children in gilt frame 416 A cameo of a grace playing a harp in a 10k gold frame 417 A string of graduated pearls with 14k gold clasp, 20" long 418 A string of graduated pearls with 10k gold clasp, 17" long 419 A string of small pearls, 18" long 420 Misc. sterling brooches 421 A Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso design hematite necklace with large hammered sterling silver bead, marked 'Tiffany & Co.'
422 A Tiffany & Co. sterling silver chain necklace 423 A 14k diamond engagement ring, approx 20 pts. 424 A gold Art Nouveau pendant on box chain 425 A 14k gold pearl & diamond ring, and another 426 A string of pearls with 10k gold clasp 427 A 10k gold and pearl pin 428 A 10k gold rope chain, 26" long, 18.5 gms 429 A 14k gold & pearl pin with two earrings 430 A grouping of sterling silver jewellery 431 A sting of amber beads 432 A string of tiger's eye beads 433 A lady's 14k yellow gold ring set with a 1.33 ct. solitaire diamond. Note: The girdle of the diamond with rim chips, grazes & inclusions. Appraisal available 434 A lady's yellow gold ring set with a centre emerald, approx. half carat, flanked by two diamonds, each .75 carats. Emerald with chips. Appraisal available 435 A lady's 14k yellow gold engagement ring set with five diamonds, approx. 20 pts each 436 A lady's 14k gold ring set with a centre diamond flanked by three small shoulder diamonds on either side, approx. 40 pts 437 A lady's 14k yellow gold floral motif brooch set with a centre diamond, approx. 35 pts, and 8 surrounding diamonds, approx. 20 pts. each 438 A lady's yellow gold necklace, the filigree panels set with diamond, approx. 10 pts each, 12.4 gms (gold estimate at 14k) 439 A lady's white gold engagement band set with five point diamonds (worn) 440 A lady's white gold ring, the centre diamond enclosed by a square of set diamonds 441 A 14k white gold ring set with a diamond, together with matching pendant 443 A 10k white gold eternity ring set with emerald cut diamonds 444 A14k yellow gold ring set with a large Brazilian amethyst Flanked by four diamonds
445 A pair of 14k gold Mabe pearl earrings set with diamonds 446 A sterling silver Tiffany style bracelet 447 A 10k gold box link chain with gold nugget pendant 448 A 14k gold and citrine ring 449 A 14k gold ring set with diamond and emerald 451 A yellow gold ring set with bands of pearls, diamonds, emeralds 452 A 14k yellow gold & platinum brooch, the navy crest set with diamonds 453 A lady's basket design pendant set with a heart shaped moonstone and small diamonds, one missing 454 A lady's yellow and white gold Art Deco style circular pendant in chain, the pendant set with central diamond 455 A lady's yellow gold marquise-shaped ring set with many small rough cut diamonds 456 A gentleman's gold plate watch chain with 14 kt gold fob, c.1890 457 Misc. antique gold earrings, some set with gemstones, etc. 458 A gentleman's Longines wristwatch in 14k yellow gold case inscribed 'A. Law' with Law family crest, together with framed pictures of Anthony Law 459 A Longines 17 jewel pocket watch in a 14k yellow gold case, the case dated '18 Xmas 1874' 460 An Avalon gold plated pocket watch, and a gentleman's Benrus wristwatch with alarm feature, gold plated case 461 A 14k gold diamond and emerald ring 462 A 10k gold and blue topaz ring 463 A 10k yellow gold and blue topaz ring 464 A pair of Angela Cummings 18k gold and hematite earrings 465 A sterling silver and turquoise bracelet, Mexico
466 A 14k gold mabe pearl and diamond suite of jewellery including a ring, pr. Earrings & pendant with chain 467 A 14k white gold ring set with seven Asscher cut diamonds 468 A 14k gold and diamond ring together with a 10k gold wedding band 469 A pair of Birks 14k gold earrings 470 A lady's 14k yellow gold bangle 471 A lady's 18k yellow gold modern design ring, 7.5 gms 472 A lady's yellow gold Etruscan style ring with ram's heads 473 Misc. 10 and 14k gold medals, chains, crosses, pins, etc., gold bits & pieces 474 A gentleman's 14k gold stud set with a half ct. diamond 475 A pair of 18k gold cufflinks set with garnets, initialled 'A', 12 gms 476 A Birks 10k gold navy crest brooch. 6.5 gms 477 A bag containing misc. commander's ribbons, buttons, D.S.C. medal box, calling cards, etc. 478 A string of graduated pearls, 17" long 479 A 14k gold pendant and chain, the pendant set with an amethyst 480 A lady's 14k gold ring set with a 10 pt. diamond 481 A 10k gold and smoky topaz ring 482 A 14k gold and citrine and diamond ring 483 A 10k gold and white diamond ring 484 A 10k gold and amethyst ring 485 An 18k gold and platinum diamond cluster ring 486 A 10k gold ring with pear shaped amethyst 487 An 18k gold and opal ring 488 A 14k yellow gold and diamond cluster ring
489 A 9ct. Gold brooch and a sterling cameo pin 491 A pair of gold and diamond earrings, wing design 492 An 18k yellow gold ring set with semi precious stones 493 A pair of lady's 10k gold earrings 494 A bag of misc. antique jewellery 495 A bag of misc. beads 496 A Lorenzen pottery flambй pendant 497 An 18k yellow gold basket set amethyst 498 Misc. blue beads, etc. 499 Five Georg Jensen sterling silver brooches, fish and two floral motif 500 No item 501 A La Vista sterling silver and lapis pendant 502 Miniatures of three children, on porcelain 19th century 503 Misc. sterling bangles 504 Misc. sterling brooches 505 Misc. sterling belts, etc. 506 An antique ivory-like necklace 507 A 14ct gold ring set with a cameo 508 A 14ct gold ring set with a pear shaped aquamarine together with a sterling ring set with an amethyst 509 A diamond earring and a hematite necklace with gold decoration 507a A ship's sextant in original mahogany case with platinum arc and vernier signed B.R. Cousens, Swansea, England originally commissioned to the S.S. Cornerbrook c. 1920-24 508a A Vernon Rhodenizer half model of the bluenose 36" long
509a "Sugar Shack, Petite Riviere", oil on board, Group of 7 style with possible attribution to J.E.H. MacDonald 8" x 10", c.1920-30 510 Magazine watercolour illustration 'The Carol', c. 1907, signed with initials R.H. 511 "Mountain Stream" by Gracia Mader, Mahone Bay c.1916 14" x 20" 512 Engraving of 'Great St. James Street, Montreal' by Adolphe Bourne, c.1850 513 "Tuesday Race Week", a Silkscreen by Robert Rutherford, #20/35, c.1983 514 "Afternoon Outing", by Tom Seymour, oil on canvas board (British 1844-1904), 18" x 24" 515 "Fall Landscape" by Gracia Mader, Mahone Bay, c.1916, 16" x 24" 516 "Bourne in Winter" by Adolf Arnegger (Austrian 1879-1963), 24" x 36" 517 "Stormy Afternoon" oil on board by Joseph Purcell, c.1972-73, 18" x 24" 518 Floral Bouquet' oil on board by Beatrice Robertson (CDN 1879-1958) 25" x 18" 519 An Arts & Crafts Jacobean style oak trestle table 520 A high back Victorian wicker chair, c.1880 521 A high back Victorian wicker chair, c.1880 522 French Louis XIV slipper chair c.1840 523 Set of 6 oak hand-carved Jacobean style dining chairs, c.1870-80 524 Victorian copper bed warmer, c.1830-40 525 Victorian oak hanging corner cupboard, c.1880-90 526 Edwardian mahogany three tier cake stand 527 Four Scottish Regency mahogany dining chairs with signed needlepoint thistle pattern seats c.1820 528 Regency mahogany Pembroke table with ring turned legs, c.1850-60 529 Diorama 530 An early painting of a building with columns by Arthur Lloy, signed and dated, 1953, oil on canvas, 5 x 7" 531 "Lone Wolf" by Brent Homans, signed, oil on canvas
532 "Cliffs of Dover" by Brent Homans, signed, oil on canvas 533 Sea wall picture by Brent Homans, signed, oil on canvas 534 "St. Luke's Church, Hubbards" by Brent Homans, signed, oil on canvas 535 Roger Savage print 536 A mid 19th century lap desk box brass bound, c.1840 537 A pair of English watercolors 538 A set of seven graduated haystack copper measures, c.1860 539 Oscar Bluemner - Landscape, pencil, 8" x 5" 540 Joseph Stella - Brooklyn Bridge, 9" x 4 1/4" 541 Joseph Stella - Future, Still Life, 7 5/8" x 10" 542 Kuniyoshi - Western landscape, drawing, 15 1/2" x 15" 543 Peggy Bacon, portrait of Stuart Davis, 10" x 7 1/2" 544 Kuniyoshi - Western landscape, litho #6, 11.5" x 16.5" 545 Leon Kroll - Portrait of Nita, oil on masonite, 18" x 15 1/2" 546 Morgan Russell Symchoromy, 6" x 4" 547 Oscar Bluemner - Landscape, coloured pencil, 4 1/4" x 6 1/2" 548 Oil on canvas - Rooster with chickens - modern 8" x 10" 549 Willard Mitchell, Indian Church, Tadoussac 2" x 2 1/4" 550 Oil on panel - Rural landscape with road, Continental 5" x 6" 550a Four oil paintings, Group of Seven style, c.1920, each 8 1/2 x 10 1/2" 550b An oil painting by Masson, 10 x 8" 550c An oil painting by Joseph Purcell, 9 x 12" 550d An oil painting by George G. Redding, California, 14 x 18" 550e Yachts, oil on canvas, unsigned, 16 x 20"
550f An oil painting by M. Grant, 10 x 8" 550g A Paris fashion print, hand-tinted, 1870, 8 x 10 3/4" 550h A pair of Earl Horter prints, each 9 x 7" 551 "Pieta" by Jane Shaw Law, oil on board, 31 1/2" x 23 1/2" 552 "Old Mill" by James Keirstead, oil on board, 20" x 36" 553 "Blue Rocks" by James Keirstead, oil on board, 16" x 24" 554 "The Old Mill" by Marguerite Porter (Zwicker), oil on canvas, 20" x 24", with exhibition label, Exhibition Art Assoc. of Montreal, 50th Spring Exhibition 1933 555 A rare Nova Scotia sampler by Ruth Neily from Annapolis Royal, c. 1850 17" x 16"; together with a copy of the book "History of the County of Annapolis Nova Scotia (1897) 556 "Old Stone House, Chambly, Quebec", an etching by Robert Pilot, signed and titled in pencil, 3 1/2" x 5" 557 "Courtyard and Well", an etching by Robert Pilot signed and titled in pencil, 5 1/2" x 4 1/2" 558 Church - initialled by Robert Pilot - 5" x 5", lithograph 559 Cathedral at Chartres - by Robert Pilot an etching signed and titled in pencil with" Watson Art Galleries" and "Fifth Annual Exhibition, Toronto 1928" labels - 12" x 9 1/2" 560 "Blacksmith Shop" oil on board by Maud Lewis - 11 3/4" x 16 1/8" sold together with the current edition of Arabella magazine which features an extensive article on Maud Lewis 561 "The Blueberry Picker, Lunenburg" by Anthony Law, 1994, oil on board, 13 1/2" x 15 3/4" 562 "Narni, Italy" by Anthony Law, oil on board, 15 3/4" x 11 3/4", 1992 563 "Looking of Towers, Narni, Castle" by Anthony Law, 1992, oil on board, 15 3/4" x 11 3/4" 564 "Walrus Island" by Anthony Law, watercolour, 10 x 14" 564a "Wood Interior" Antigonish area, Nova Scotia by Anthony Law, oil on panel, 13 1/4 x 15 3/4" 564b "Arouk Fjord, Inuctut, Greenland" by Anthony Law, watercolour on paper. Painted during the 1988 M.S. Polaris expedition
564c "Ak Patok Island, Hudson Straights" Labrador Coast 1988 by Anthony Law, watercolour on paper. Painted during the 1988 M.S. Polaris expedition 565 "Bermuda Wharf" by Jane Shaw Law, watercolour, 10" x 14" 566 "Bermuda Homes" by Jane Shaw Law, watercolour, 10" x 14" 567 "The Green Boat" by Jane Shaw Law, watercolour, 10" x 14" 568 "White House" by Jane Shaw Law, watercolour, 14" x 17" 569 "Low Tide, Brixham Evening" by Chas. Hannaford, watercolour, 11" x 18" 570 "Big Pond" by Lola Mould, watercolour, 14" x 21 1/2" 571 "Geese in Flight" by Lola Mould, watercolour, 7" x 9 3/4" 572 "Dresden Vase" by Lola Mould, watercolour, 22" x 21 1/2" 573 Four Ladder Back chairs, no seats 574 An Inuit Soapstone carving of a fish, 2" high, 7" long 575 "NS Farmers, Peggy's Cove", by Otto Rothburgh 19639, charcoal, 10" x 13" 576 Desert Scene, camels by Giovanni Barbaro, watercolour, 8 1/4" x 15" 577 Eighteen Waterford crystal glasses The following late 19th century chocolate moulds are from the George Yeaton & Sons Candy Company of Hantsport, N.S. active from 1890 thru 1971 578 Five chocolate moulds, Santa marked 76, tin plated, 6 1/2", 2 roosters, 2 rabbits 579 Five chocolate moulds, rabbit, duck, 2 bunnies, rooster 580 Five chocolate moulds, Santa, 3 rabbits, chick 581 Five chocolate moulds, 2 chickens, rooster, 2 bunnies 582 A Wm.IV mahogany desk, c.1830 583 A Geo.III mahogany kettle stand, c.1810. 17" high 584 A pair of Spanish chairs, 19th century 585 A Nova Scotia pine tea table, c.1830
586 A Hitchcock chair, c.1840 587 A Leitz microscope, c.1920 588 A 19th century Nova Scotia yellow ware bowl 589 A Nova Scotia child's Windsor rocking chair, c.1830 590 A 19th century mahogany stool 591 Elbert Hubbard's scrapbook 592 A Newfoundland hooked mat 593 A Heubach doll, 23" tall 594 Misc. butter presses, paddle and bowl 595 An enamelled copper plaque, windmill, sgd. Lott 596 A Venetian canal scene with notation "Glenn MacNutt from F. Brangwyn" 597 Cathedral, a 19th century etching 598 Musketeers playing cards, a 19th century etching 599 Gentlemen with decanter and wine coaster, an etching, 1908 600 A Peruvian clay pot 601 A Nova Scotia pine lift top desk in old finish, c.1840 602 A set of Minton bone china dinnerware in Ancestral pattern, approx. 100 pces. 603 A sterling silver Art Nouveau design dish, American 604 A small sterling silver footed dish with fish scale design, Elkington & Co. 605 A sterling silver porringer by A & J Zimmerman, Birmingham, 1908 606 "Pickford & Black Wharves, Halifax Harbour, c.1880" by Dusan Kadlec, oil on canvas, 12 x 16" 607 "Spring, Young Ave. Bridge, Halifax, NS, by Al Chaddock, signed, oil on canvas, 24 x 36" 608 A Nova Scotia Windsor side chair in old black paint, c.1830 609 A set of six Wm.IV mahogany chairs with reeded legs
610 An Imperial Optical Company red leather upholstered optician's chair 611 A ceramic pot 612 A folk art carved swan by Doug Selig, 25" high 613 A folk art carved eagle by Walter Cross, Tancook Island, 18 1/2" high 614 A shell and floral decoration on stand, dome damaged 615 A carved wooden African head 616 "Remembering Mexico" by Eileen Meagher, dated 1935, watercolour on paper, 20 x 25" 617 "Olympic", a folk art painting, 10 1/2 x 12 1/2" 618 A tramp art mirror 619 A cane with ceramic bull dog handle 620 A carriage lantern, c.1890 621 "Spirit Within", an Inuit soapstone carving by Joe Obed 622 "Mystic Spirit", an Inuit soapstone carving by Joe Obed, Labrador 2007 623 A baseball catcher's glove c.1940 and an autographed stuffed toy dog 624 A Gammon Windsor side chair, branded, probably converted from a rocking chair c 1820 626 A mahogany bottle box, c. 1780 627 One drawer stand 628 Pitcher and basin set 629 Enamel basins, etc. 630 Oak commode stand, c.1900 631 Oak commode stand, c.1900 632 Edwardian chair 633 Rocking chair, c.1910 634 Two MacAskill's - Peggy's Cove
635 Cows watering, signed Corkum 1932, oil on board 636 Realistic Stereo set and speakers 637 A wooden drafting table 638 Misc. Chairs 639 Lunenburg county two drawer stand, c. 1840 640 A footed Carnival glass bowl with elk, 10" diam. 641 Dining room table and four chairs 642 A modern four piece bedroom suite 643 A Birks sterling three piece dresser set 644 Sewing cabinet 645 Honderich Cedar Chest 646 Royal Doulton - HN 3303 - Tender Moment 647 Royal Doulton - HN 3878 - Julie 648 A Beswick figurine of a white horse 649 Bavaria china tea set 650 Five misc. china cups and saucers 651 Five misc. china cups and saucers 652 Five misc. china cups and saucers 653 Five misc. china cups and saucers 654 A set of Burslem dishes 655 Pickle castor with silver plate frame 656 Four crystal candle holders - two Swarovski 657 Misc. Glasses 658 Wade - Butter dish, condiment set
659 Misc. Christmas china - mugs, cup/saucers, plates, salt and pepper 660 Misc. Glass plates, dishes, etc. 661 Misc. China plates, marmalade jar 662 Silver plate cutlery with canteen 663 Five box lots dishes, etc. 664 Five box lots - books, stationary, etc. 665 A MacAskill photo, the North West Arm 666 "Morning Glow", a limited edition print # 52/380, by Keirstead 667 Lot of china flowers, horse, rabbit, miniature vases 668 Two coloured glass baskets, vases - six items 669 Forestville mantle clock 670 Two Swarovski figurines, rooster and owl 671 Misc. Plates, two jugs, demi tasse 672 Misc. Porcelain pieces - small plates, vase, cruets, etc. 673 Table lamp 674 Plywood cabinet 675 Corner cabinet - glass door 676 Table lamp 677 Three crystal base table lamps 678 Table lamp 679 Two tables 680 Kroehler hide-a-bed 681 Three paintings - signed 682 Four pieces of green glass - butter dish, cream, sugar, etc.
683 Small footstool 684 Misc. Costume jewellery 685 Stool 686 Five box lots misc. Items 687 Hooked mat - two - one with damage 688 Kitchen lot - tea pot, painted glasses, butter dish, etc. 689 Lot of coloured glass - plates, ashtrays, vase, glasses 690 Lot of misc. Silver plate - tray, cutlery, vase, cream and sugar 691 Two sterling silver napkins rings & a carved wine stopper 692 Bluenose photo, book ends, barometer, tins, music box, toby 693 Wade figurines, Carleton ware, USA Planter, plate 694 Hall tree, shoe shine box, two folding chairs 695 Step ladder 696 Tool box of items 697 Red boots, two shells, basket and three purses 698 Two Clear Glass vases 699 Two boxes plus others of large glass Christmas balls 700 Bugles, tree top, ornaments for Christmas 701 Six sided stand 702 Table 703 Brass floor lamp 704 Sofa and chair 705 Two suitcases 706 Two large Keirstead prints
707 Four medium Keirstead prints 708 Three medium Keirstead prints 709 Four small Keirstead prints 710 Quilt 711 A hand knotted oriental mat 712 A hand knotted oriental mat 713 A hand knotted oriental mat 714 A hand knotted oriental mat 715 A hand knotted oriental mat 716 A room size hand knotted oriental carpet 717 A room size hand knotted oriental carpet 718 A room size hand knotted oriental carpet

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