Industrial organization

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Content: Industrial Organization Econ 317, Fall 2008 Instructor: Shreemoy Mishra Office: Rice 31 (In the basement) Phone: (440) 775 ­ 8927 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Mon, Wed: 3-5pm and by appointment class meetings: Tue, Thu: 9-10:15am, Rice 217 Text (Required): Industrial Organization, Contemporary Theory and Empirical Applications. Authors: Pepall, Richards and Norman. Publisher: Blackwell Publishing, 4th edition. Note: The third edition may be available from the bookstore. You can use that as well. It is my understanding that the newer edition (new publishers too) involved a price DROP! Prerequisites: This course assumes that students have background in intermediate microeconomics, College Algebra and calculus. Course Objectives: Course will cover the basic principles economists frequently use in their study of competitive (or anticompetitive) behavior of firms. This class in industrial organization will have a strong anti-trust flavor to it. After completing this course you will be able to · Explain the basic purpose of competition and anti trust policy · Compare and contrast different types of competition · Compare and contrast different types of mergers · Analyze the impact of a merger on competition · Compare and contrast the different measures of firm concentration · Analyze the impact of market power, market structure and competition on efficiency · Compare and contrast different types of price discrimination · Analyze the anti-trust implications of tying and bundling · Analyze the impact of Research and Development on competition · Compare different types of auctions and bidding strategies Blackboard: Course documents can be accessed through blackboard. I may use the email feature on blackboard to communicate course information and announcements. Make sure that the email listed in blackboard is one you check frequently. Grade Determination: 2 Midterm exams: 25% each, Final Exam: 35%, Assignments 15%. Exam Dates: First Midterm Exam: Thursday, October 2nd Second Midterm Exam: Thursday, November 13th Final Exam: Thursday, December 18th, 9-11am (As per registrar's web site). Please verify this before finals week. Exam policies: All exams will be open book, open notes (including notes on a computer). However, no external references will be allowed during the exam. For instance, you cannot use a laptop to access LIVE online sources such as Wikipedia or Google. Failure to follow this rule will void your exam score. There will be no make up exams. If you miss one of the midterm exams, I
will use `a' (my choice) combination of the scores from the other mid-term exam and the final. If you miss both mid-term exams or the final exam, you will fail the class. Honor Code: Please remember that Oberlin students are bound by the honor code which can be reviewed at All exams are to be completed individually. Assignments may be worked in collaboration with one other student. In case of collaborative assignments, the two-member team should only hand in one copy of the assignment with both names. Each member will receive the same score. When using information other than the book, always cite the source. Students with disabilities: If you have a documented disability and will require accommodations in this course, please register with the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities. Hope you enjoy the course. Have a great semester.

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