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Content: PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE DIFFUSION INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION YEONGCHEON HORSE PARK IN KOREA PARIS ­ 21 March­ Now Architects, Grimshaw Architects, Group Han Associates Dohwa Engineering and DE Partners won the international competition for the Yeongcheon Horse Park in Korea The Korean Racing Authority (KRA) organized a single stage project competition for the design of a Horse Park in Yeongcheon, Korea. The competition was organized in accordance with the UNESCOUIA Regulations and was approved by the UIA. "Lets Run Park Yeongcheon," a theme park about horses and racetrack, will be developed on a 1,474,883-m2 site and is intended to become a local attraction that will benefit the local economy. It will improve the overall image of Horse Racing and contribute to the horse industry, in addition to becoming exemplary model for theme park development. The jury of seven members, three Koreans and 4 international design professionals, met from 24 to 25 February 2016 in Yeongcheon. Swiss Architect Stefan Rotzler represented the UIA. Australian architect and UIA Council Member, Peter Mould, acted alongside a legal representative as an official witness to the jury proceedings. The jury awarded three prizes and eight honourable mentions for projects that successfully integrated the themes of horses and nature with the Local History and culture. First Prize, The Park EverYoung Now Architects (Republic of Korea), Grimshaw Architects (UK), Group Han Associates (Republic of Korea), Dohwa Engineering (Republic of Korea), and DE Partners (Republic of Korea) won the firs prize entitile `The Park EverYoung'. According to the jury, `The Park EverYoung', provides "a strong, recognizable masterplan that cohesively brings together the major components of the brief requirements in a coherent landscape." The jury praised the "unique and extraordinary racetrack" situated with a "sound consideration of the topography", "an undulating and flowing landscape approach" and a "fresh and memorable use of water." Second Prize, `Journey of a Horse' · Dongsimwon landscape design (Republic of Korea), Wilmotte & Associйs SAS d'Architecture (France), PRAUD (USA), Supermass Studio (USA). Third Prize, `Tracing Nature' · Designcamp Moonpark dmp (Republic of Korea), Studio m.o.b. Architect (Republic of Korea), Korea Engineering Consultants (Republic of Korea), Studio L (Republic of Korea), NOW & HERE (Republic of Korea). The awards ceremony will be take place on 18 March 2016 and all projects will be exhibited from 18 March to 1 April 2016. Information contact: [email protected]

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Title: Horse Park Press Release - Results
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