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Content: May/June 2015 Vol. 8 No. 5
SIKHONA ... We are here now because of you.
A Message from the Principal
Escobedo Student Council The Student Council has been busy with end of the year activities. In March, students raised $1,678.23 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This money will be used to help patients diagnosed with blood cancers. Students donated spare change to their classroom collection boxes to try and earn a Popsicle party, popcorn party, and pizza party. They also donated to teachers' buckets to choose which teacher received a pie in the face. Mrs. Newman was the lucky recipient of the pie. For the last few months, we have been planning the 8th Grade Dance Party in the Neon Lights. If enough tickets are sold, the dance will be held on May 29th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Only 8th graders may attend. The theme is a glow in the dark party. There will be a professional DJ, a photo booth, and food. We will also have snack food items for sale and body glow-painting station. Tickets are only $5 and can be purchased in room 208. Most recently, Escobedo's Student Council has been awarded the Nevada Association of Student Council's Spirit of Nevada Award! This award is giving to middle school Student Councils around Clark County that have met very specific criteria in regards to community service, school spirit activities, and meeting requirements.
Dear Parents, It's amazing how fast the time passes! Can you believe another year has come and gone already? Now it is time to start thinking about the next school year! We have completed preregistration for the 2015-2016 school year. On May 14th, we invited all our incoming sixth grade students and their parents to visit the campus. We have students coming to us from six schools next year! During this visit, our Performing Arts department provided guests with a performance that demonstrated the wonderful musical opportunities Escobedo has to offer. Following the performance, the students and parents were given a tour of the campus by our National Junior Honor Society students. Prior to this event, our counselors visited the students at their elementary schools to answer questions and assisted the fifth graders with completing their middle school preregistration. Additionally, Centennial High School and Arbor View High School visited our campus to speak with our eighth grade students about high school and the many electives available at each site. If you or your eighth grade students have any questions regarding preregistration for high school next year, please contact the counseling office at your zone. Have a happy and safe summer break. I look forward to seeing our sixth graders become seventh graders and our seventh graders become eighth graders in the coming school year. To our rising 9th graders, I wish you all the best in high school. Respectfully, Stefanie Machin, Principal
Library News The end of the year is quickly approaching, and there is a lot going on in the library. The CCSD Poetry Jam was held on April 30th at the Clark County Library. Ashley Wallace, Isabelle Patrick, Minh Minh Lopez, Sydney Cantry and Zachary Powell did an amazing job representing Escobedo! On May 19th, the CCSD Bristlecone Storytelling Festival will take place at the Clark County Library on West Charleston at 5:30 p.m. Dominic Weiman and Allyson Yeager will be representing Escobedo with their versions of The Three Little Pigs and Cinderella. The last Scholastic Book Fair took place during the week of May 7th-15th in the library from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. each day. All library books were due May 15th because inventory started at that time. Please return all books and pay any library fees before the end of the school year. The Clark County will hold its annual Summer Reading Program. Go to to sign up and get more details. Happy Summer Reading! Escobedo Middle School telephone directory 799-4560 (Then dial "11" and the extension as noted.) Stefanie Machin, Principal.............................................................................................. 4100 Sharon Sanchez, Assistant Principal............................................................................ 4200 Mark Romonoski, Dean of Students.............................................................................. 4500 Antwan McKenzie, Office Manager............................................................................... 4100 Amber Press, Dean's Secretary...................................................................................... 4500 Michelle Gex, Counselor (M-Z: All Grades)....................................................................4301 Elizabeth Coop, Counselor (A-L: All Grades)................................................................ 4302 Rebeca Molitor, Registrar............................................................................................... 4065 Cindy Baca, Librarian...................................................................................................... 4025 Jeanene Fernandez, Health Office................................................................................. 4022 Have a safe and enjoyable summer. For our returning students, we will see you in August!
9501 Echelon Point Drive · Las Vegas, Nevada 89149-3276 · Phone: 702.799.4560 · Fax: 702.799.4568
Edmundo Escobedo, Sr. Middle School
Special Recognitions
Spelling Bee Award Evelyn Rumph Justin Kelly Kimberly Sedono Do the Write Thing Award Sydnee Chinery Coby Oskilanec Bristlecone Storytelling Award Dominic Weiman Poetry Jam Award Sydney Johnson Minh Minh Lopez Isabelle Patrick Zachary Powell Ashley Wallace Geography Bee Award Brianna Brown Straight A Students: One Year Shae Alejo Maycee Allred Katelyn Anderson Nicole Anderson Jessica Arias Leilani Bentley Carli Boger Quincy Bonds Jaden Bowerman Gracey Brady Olivia Breaz Thea Bulaglag Emily Carleton Jacob Cecil Viviana Cera Monica Cortes Andreea Cretu Kaitlyn Dobis Matthew Duffin McCall Durkin Angelina Gallardo
Megan Gilgallon Alissa Godsby Gunnar Greenwald Emma Guzman Avery Hall Breanna Hammond Makayla Harvey Stella Ibrahim Kaylee Jamison Katelyn Jiron Arabelle Kison Olivia LaBruzzo Nicole Laskowski Robert Lau Lauren Lovato Ethan May Hayden McGillivray Alyssa McKamey Canon Moreno Rania Mudassar Saeed Nicholas Nelson Rylee Noble Isabelle Patrick Zoe Powell Juliana Rasak Viktoria Schaeffer Mackenzie Schmutz Gianna Sette Nola Smith Alexis Stokes Tiffany Trujillo Valerie Valdivia Alana Von Mohr Kurt Wagner Maelis Wahl Anne Wirthlin Straight A Students: Three Years Seth Adkins Emily Bodak Cameron Kornock Lyndsay Reeves Kritsopher Steelmon Genesis Villar The Best You Can Be To Be Announced
Dean's Corner HANDS OFF POLICY/ "Respect My Space" Escobedo Middle School maintains a "hands off" policy. Students are required to keep their hands to themselves; this applies to horseplay as well as other situations. If someone tells you to "respect my space," it will be your reminder to keep your hands to yourself. This rule ensures a safer and happier school. HORSEPLAY THE TIME & PLACE IS NOT AT SCHOOL Horseplay at school (or anywhere for that matter) can lead to more serious actions or consequences. Many accounts of horseplay have led to fights, serious injury and in some cases are considered a form of bullying or harassment. Some of the victims had absolutely nothing to do with the incident. A student trying to walk past others who are involved in horseplay is just as likely to be injured as those participating physically. As educators, we can only enforce the rules; we cannot force the students to obey the rules. Student safety is just as important to us as our students' education. A child cannot learn in an unsafe environment. We are asking parents to please discuss with their child that school is not a place for any type of horseplay or any games that may include any type physical contact. Top Ten Internet Safety Rules That Every Middle School Student Should Follow 1. You should never give out personal information like your name, phone number, or address. 2. Never talk to anyone who has made you feel scared or uncomfortable. 3. Never agree to meet someone in person you have never met in person. People online aren't always who they say they are. 4. Always tell your parents if a person online makes you feel threatened or uncomfortable. 5. Never go to any websites that could be inappropriate or contain non-age appropriate content. 6. Don't fall for ad traps. If an ad says you can win a free iPad it is probably a trick to get personal info or install a virus into your computer. 7. Don't put anything on the internet you aren't ok with everyone who ever uses the internet seeing. 8. Never give out a password over the internet. People can use it, change things, and gain your personal information you don't want anybody to know. 9. Be careful of what you put on the internet. Once you put it up people can copy it, read it and even alter it. People can even use what you said to find out where you are and even break into your house when they know you're not home. 10. Always ask your parents before downloading an application. It could be a virus. Retrieved from:
Escobedo MS Motto "Sikhona" We are here now because of you. This word comes from the tribes of Northern Natal in South Africa. A typical greeting, "Zawau Bona," means, "I see you." If you were a member of this tribe, your answer would be, "Sikhona," which means, "I am here now because of you." In the same way, our staff at Escobedo is here because of you, our students, parents, and community. That is why we feel that this motto is fitting; it is because of you that we are here. 2
Edmundo Escobedo, Sr. Middle School
Counselors' Corner
We strongly encourage you to visit our Web site:
End of the Road As Summer Appoaches! As the 2014-2015 school year comes to an end onThursday, June 4th for students there are still things to consider such as... · Will I need to attend summer school? · Will I promote to the next grade level? · How do I create an Infinite Campus Portal account? · When will I receive my final report card for the year? · What summer school classes can I take online/in building, as an incoming 9th grader? All can be answered and addressed by your trusted counselor! Please stop by the counseling office today and complete a "Request To See a Counselor" form. Your counselor will see you as quickly as possible to address your academic concerns! Dates To Keep In Mind... · Second Semester final exam Tuesday, June 2nd - Periods 1 & 2 · Second Semester Final Exam Wednesday, June 3rd - Periods 3 &4 · Second Semester Final Exam Thursday, June 4th - Periods 5 & 6 · Friday, June 12th - Final Report cards mailed to parents · Tuesday, May 26th - Last Student of the Month Breakfast · Wednesday, May 27th - Yearbook Distribution in the Cafeteria · Thursday, May 28th - Awards Night Please read the important information below regarding promotion! Clark County School District Curriculum and Professional development Division Guidance and Counseling Department MIDDLE/JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL PROMOTION REGULATION Throughout the middle school years, a well-balanced educational program including mathematics, English, reading, science, social studies, career and technical education, fine arts or exploratory classes, health, and physical education is emphasized. The importance of all coursework cannot be underestimated for students to be" Ready By Exit". Students who successfully complete all middle school coursework are prepared for the rigors of high school and the Nevada High School Proficiency Exam. The Nevada state board of education and the Clark County School District have
adopted promotion standards and regulations to ensure students are academically prepared. STATE OF NEVADA REGULATION FOR PROMOTION TO high school students enrolled in the 8th grade for the 2012-2013 School Year: According to NevadaAdministrative Code (NAC) 389.445, students must complete one and one-half units of credit in mathematics, one and one-half units of credit in English or reading, one unit of credit in science, and one unit of credit in social studies with a passing grade during seventh and eighth grade for promotion to high school. Onehalf unit of credit is the equivalent of one semester. CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL district policy AND REGULATION 5123 Clark County School District Policy and Regulation 5123 ­ Promotion, Retention, and Demotion of Students ­ sets the standard for promotion from sixth to seventh grade, from seventh to eighth grade, and from eighth grade to high school. Pupils enrolled in Grade 6 during the 2012-2013 school year must complete one semester with a passing grade in mathematics, one semester with a passing grade in English or reading, and one semester with a passing grade in science for promotion to Grade 7. Pupils enrolled in Grade 7 during the 2012-2013 school year must complete one semester with a passing grade in mathematics, one semester with a passing grade in English or reading, one semester with a passing grade in science, and one semester with a passing grade in social studies for promotion to Grade 8. Pupils enrolled in Grade 8 during the 2012-2013 school year must complete three semesters with a passing grade in mathematics, three semesters with a passing grade in English or reading, two semesters with a passing grade in science, and two semesters with a passing grade in social studies during the seventh and eighth grade years for promotion to high school. An eighth grade student who does not meet promotion requirements may be promoted to high school on academic probation provided the student meets the criteria. A parent or guardian may elect not to place his/her child on academic probation but to remain in Grade 8.
High School Academic Probation Although a student may be promoted to high school on academic probation, summer school credit retrieval is recommended to improve academic skills and to prepare for success in high school. successful completion of required summer school courses may remove a student from academic probation. An eighth grade student who has not met the promotion requirements may be promoted to the ninth grade on academic probation provided at least one of the following criteria has been met: 1) criterion-referenced test (CRT) scores meet or exceed standards in the area(s) of credit deficiency; or 2) Credits have been earned in the core area(s): English or reading, mathematics, science, and social studies; however, the student is deficient in one semester of the five total credits required for promotion; or 3) A student reaches the age of sixteen before, on, or after the first day of school. High School Academic Probation will consist of the appropriate remediation in the subject area(s) in which the student failed to pass in middle school. Remediation may include, but is not limited to a minimum of one semester of remedial instruction in the deficient subject area(s) during the ninth grade year. The student must earn a passing grade in the remediation course(s) in order to be removed from academic probation. A student may be placed on academic probation for more than one semester. An eighth grade student not meeting criteria for promotion to ninth grade and not meeting the criteria for academic probation may be retained in the eighth grade for the following school year. A retained eighth grade student may not be promoted mid-year. Finish the School Year Strong Boxers!! Whether you are finishing your first year of middle school or your last year of high school, the end of the school year is always the most difficult. Students contract "Summer Fever" as the end of the year approaches and begin to slack off and lose interest in school work. It is extremely important to finish the school year strong. Congratulations to our 8th grade Boxers who were accepted to attend either a Magnet or Career & Technical Academy next year. Great job!
Follow the Escobedo Counselors on their own website: http:// escobedocounseling. Ms. Gex is the counselor for all grades, last name M-Z (702) 799-4560 ext 4301 Mrs. Coop is the counselor for all grades, last name A-L (702) 799-4560 ext. 4302 Congratulations to our 8th grade Boxers who were accepted to attend either a Magnet or Career & Technical Academy next year. Great job!!
GAC 5760.3
Edmundo Escobedo, Sr. Middle School Parent Newsletter is published bi-monthly. Clark County School District Edmundo Escobedo, Sr. Middle School 9501 Echelon Point Dr. Las Vegas, Nevada 89149-3276 Phone (702) 799-4560 Fax 799-4568

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