Marketing planning and strategy

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Content: AMBERTON UNIVERSITY e-Course Syllabus **This course will be administered via an alternative learning management system** MKT6210.E1 Marketing Management Fall 2014 PROFESSOR INFORMATION: Name: Dr. Jason Geesey Phone Number: 972-279-6511 ext. 162 Email Address: [email protected] This is a closed email system. Emails from accounts outside of the eCmail system will not be delivered. Refer to "Course Communications" below. COURSE INFORMATION: MKT6210.E1 Marketing Management Level: Graduate Beginning Date of Session: Saturday, September 13, 2014 Ending Date of Session: Thursday, November 20, 2014 Student access available to the Student Portal: Saturday, September 13, 2014. Students enrolled in distance learning courses are not assessed any additional fees for security or identity verification. TEXTBOOK(S) AND REQUIRED MATERIALS: Title: Marketing: Planning and Strategy, 8th Edition Authors: Jain, Subash C., Haley, G. T. Publisher: Cengage Year Published: 2010 Edition: 8th ISBN-10: 1426639074 Amberton University has an agreement with to provide a full-service online bookstore to students. The Amberton University Virtual Bookstore is accessible through the University's website, Just look for the "Bookstore" tab across the top of the home page. There is also a bookstore link in the Student Portal. The AU Virtual Bookstore provides an easy to use interface, online buyback of books, and same day shipment of most titles with an average delivery time of 2-3 days depending on the student's location. Textbook options include new, used, rental, and electronic media as available. Since no books are sold on campus, students should plan accordingly and purchase their books in advance of the first day of class, allowing time for shipping. Be certain you are enrolled in the course before purchasing your book(s). All textbook information (Title, Author, ISBN, etc.) is available in course syllabi so students can shop
competitively. Students should be careful to obtain the exact resource(s) required for the course. COURSE PREREQUISITES: BUS3305, BUS3310, or MKT3151 COURSE COMPETENCIES: The following represents the course competencies for this class. Competencies are equivalent for all lecture and distance learning courses. Following each competency is the assignment used to gain mastery of this area of study. (Key: CR = Course Readings, RA = Research Assignments, CT= Critical Thinking Assignment, MP = marketing plan) UPON COMPLETION OF THE COURSE, THE STUDENT WILL BE COMPETENT IN: Developing a marketing plan. (CR, RA, MP) Discussing the relationship of corporate mission, goals, and objectives to marketing management. (CR & MP) Describing the organization/environment fit and its influence on the marketing management process. (CR, CT, RA, MP) Analyzing and researching marketing opportunities. (CR, CT, RA, MP) Measuring and forecasting market demand. Unit #2 (CR, & MP) Evaluating market segments, selecting target markets, and developing market positions. (CR, RA, MP) Designing marketing strategies for different stages of the product life cycle. (CR, RA, MP) Evaluating marketing strategies used by selected companies. (CR, CT, RA, MP) Understanding the new product planning process and applying the process to a proposed new product. (CR & MP) Developing pricing strategies and tactics in a variety of economic and competitive situations. (CR & MP) Selecting and managing marketing distribution channels. (CR & MP) Designing promotional programs that effectively integrate the functions of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and publicity. (CR & MP) Discussing the impact of the Internet and the Work Wide Web on marketing strategies. (CR & MP) Assessing marketing strategies for the global marketplace. (CR & MP) Developing marketing control systems for an organization. (CR, CT, RA, MP) Evaluating the concept, structure, and use of marketing information systems. (CR & MP) Identifying ethical issues in marketing management and formulating responses to those issues. (CR & MP) COURSE POLICIES: 1. Read and complete all assignments by the scheduled due date. An assignment submitted after the due date will be assessed a penalty of 5% for each day it is late.
Work submitted more than one week after the scheduled due date will NOT be accepted. 2. All assignments are due by 11:59 pm CST by the scheduled due date through the course email address listed above. 3. When submitting an assignment, please include your name, MKT6210.E1, and the assignment title on the first page of the assignment. 4. When you email your assignment, it must be emailed to the email address in the syllabus and I must be able to open it in order for it to be considered on time. 5. There are no extra credit assignments available in this course. 6. Do not plagiarize. Please read the section on Academic Honesty/Plagiarism. 7. Please communicate problems you may be experiencing with your professor prior to going to department chair or dean. Follow the chain of command and follow basic business practices before `jumping the gun' and going above the professor. 8. Go to professor to address issues such as assignment due dates via e-mail. As a general rule, incomplete grades are not offered in the course. Students are responsible for acquiring the correct text in order to complete the first exercise assignment by date due. 9. Student's Responsibilities ­ This syllabus contains information, policies and procedures for a specific course. By enrolling, the student agrees to read, understand and abide by the policies, rules, regulations, and ethical standards of Amberton University as contained in the current university catalog and schedule of classes.
ENROLLMENT ASSIGNMENT TO BE SUBMITTED FIRST! The following assignment should be submitted first to verify that students have read all the course materials and are able to submit readable attached files, access the FTP site, and post information in the Discussion Forum.
Enrollment Assignment: Send the following information, including the statements, AS AN ATTACHMENT, to: [email protected]
Your Name Your Occupation Your Field of Study
I have been to MKT6210.E1 homepage and have downloaded AND READ the Syllabus, Study Guide, and Assignments. I understand that all Assignments are due by 11:59 pm CST on the due dates.
Introduction & Orientation Marketing Strategy Proposal (Research Assignment)
due September 21st due September 29th
Marketing Strategy peer review (Critical Thinking Assignment) Market Segmentation (Research Assignment) Implementation, Evaluation, & Controls (Research Assignment) Implementation, Evaluation, & Controls Peer Review (Critical Thinking Assignment) Marketing Plan
due October 5th due October 12th due October 26th due November 2nd due November 16th
Introduction & Orientation This assignment is a basic meet & greet amongst peers in the discussion board. It also includes an enrollment assignment that has students navigate and review eCourse materials.
Marketing Strategy Proposal This is a short 3 ­ 5 page paper that requires students to present a marketing strategy that will be used in the final marketing plan
Marketing Strategy Peer Review This is a short 2 ­ 3 page peer review assignment of students marketing strategy assignment
Market Segmentation This is a 3 ­ 5 page paper that requires students to describe and explain the Market Segmentation in the final marketing plan
Implementation, Evaluation, & Controls This is a 4 - 6 page paper where students examine, predict, and produce action and contingency plans to the recommendations they make for the marketing plan
Implementation, Evaluation, & Controls Peer Review This is a short 2 ­ 3 page peer review assignment of students Implementation, Evaluation, & Controls assignment
Marketing Plan This is a 15 ­ 20 page paper that is a culmination of the assignments mentioned above with several examples provided to help students produce a serviceable marketing plan.
GRADING CRITERIA: Introduction & Orientation Marketing Strategy Proposal Marketing Strategy Peer Review Market Segmentation Implementation, Evaluation, & Controls Implementation, Evaluation, & Controls Peer Review Marketing Plan
20 points 50 points 50 points 100 points 50 points 50 points 100 points
4.78% 11.90% 11.90% 23.81% 11.90% 11.90% 23.81%
Total Points 420 points 100.00%
Graduate 92 ­ 100 A 82 ­ 91 B 72 ­ 81 C 62 ­ 71 D Below 62 F
386 ­ 420 points 344 ­ 385 points 302 ­ 343 points 260 ­ 301 points 259 ­ 0 points
GRADE NOTIFICATION AND INSTRUCTOR FEEDBACK: A successful distance learning experience requires a flow of communication between instructor and student throughout the session. Instructor comments are considered essential to the learning process. Therefore, each assignment/exam submitted will be reviewed, graded and returned to the student in a timely manner along with the appropriate commentary. Students should carefully review all comments.
final grades are mailed approximately one week after the last day of the session to the student's address of record. Amberton University staff will not post or release grades over the phone. University instructors will not leave a message with comments or grades in any type of media that is not secure.
For questions regarding grades after the semester has ended, students should use their eCmail account and contact the instructor at [email protected] or phone extension 162. Do not use the COURSE NUMBER e-mail as it is no longer operational.
Incomplete Grades
An "I" (incomplete grade) is given at the discretion of the professor and may be given only when an emergency or illness prevents the student from completing course requirements. Should an "I" be granted, the student has 30 days from the end of the session to complete the conditions of the incomplete. An "I" which is not properly removed within 30 days following the session enrolled will become an "F" grade.
How To Withdraw From a Course
To be official, the class withdrawal must be in writing and signed by the student requesting the withdrawal; no withdrawal is accepted verbally. Please review the "Schedule of Classes" (online or in-print) for procedures for class changes or withdrawals and the refund policy and schedule.
COURSE DELIVERY METHODOLOGY: This course is offered as a distance-learning course. Amberton's distance learning courses, called e-Courses, are identical to classroom courses in terms of learning outcomes, competencies, and instructor expectations. A student choosing to take an eCourse must have the following skills and technical capabilities:
1. Access to the Internet 2. General knowledge in: Internet browser settings and configuration e-mail and file attachments Uploading and downloading files Using a Word Processing package 3. Ability to conduct on-line research Students who have not mastered these skills should not enroll for this course, but should consider enrolling in MIS2110 Computer Concepts and Internet technologies for instruction in these areas. HOW TO ACCESS YOUR COURSE: Students enrolled in distance learning courses use the resources contained in Amberton's Student Portal. The site may be accessed through the University's main page ( After selecting the "Student Portal" link, you will be prompted for a Username and Password. Use your assigned username and password (AUID) as described below: Username = your capitalized firstname initial+lastname+last 3 digits of your SSN. * Use your name exactly as it is listed on the University's records, including any suffixes or hyphenations, such as Jr, Sr, or II, as a part of your username. For example: James Jones, Jr. SSN: 123-45-6789 Username: JJonesJr789 Password = your Amberton University ID# (AUID) including the dashes For example: 04-999-999 Once your login has been validated, you may select from a variety of menu options, including your individual E-Course, eCmail access, Discussion Forum, Chat Room, Remote Research, General Tools, all Syllabi, QEP Tutorials and Electronic Instructor Folders (FTP). If you are accessing the Student Portal from a public or shared computer, close the browser completely when finished, or click on the Logout button. For security purposes, no other person should have access to your Username or Password. If you feel your information has been compromised or if you experience technical difficulties, contact the e-course system administrator at: [email protected] If you have lost or do not know your Amberton ID#, please contact the Student Services Office 972/279-6511 or [email protected] for a replacement AUID card. You must know your Amberton ID# to gain access to the course and to send email to your professor.
COURSE COMMUNICATIONS: Students will communicate with faculty using any of three methods: eCmail, Discussion Forum and Chat Room. Each student enrolled in this course is assigned an Amberton eCmail account, Discussion Forum and Chat Room, with access through the Student Portal. You must use Amberton's eCmail system to send emails, do not use outside email accounts (ie. Yahoo, msn, Hotmail), as email from outside the University will be rejected. Each student enrolled is assigned an Amberton email account, which gives the student access to the Amberton student eCmail system ( Students are encouraged to check their email regularly for University news and notices. Students are responsible for reviewing the "Communication Guidelines" provided on the individual E-Course for specific instructor requirements. FORMAT AND SUBMISSION OF ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments are to be submitted as an attachment to an email. Specific directions and guidelines for submission of assignments are located on-line in the "Communication Guidelines" of the e-course. Due to compatibility issues, Office 2007 files cannot be read by earlier versions of Microsoft Office. Before submitting an exercise file, confirm the file is in the proper format for grading by the instructor. COURSE EVALUATION: Each session, all Amberton students are requested to evaluate their courses. The evaluation process is an important one and provides students with an anonymous and confidential way to give meaningful feedback to the University. Summary information and comments are provided to faculty after the close of the session. Students' identities are not disclosed. Students will be notified through the Amberton eCmail system of the Course Evaluation procedures. Usually, the evaluations take place during the last two weeks of the session. Please take advantage of this opportunity and participate in the evaluation process. ACADEMIC HONESTY/PLAGIARISM: Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else's information as though it were your own. If you use another person's words, ideas or information, or if you use material from a source ­ whether a book, magazine, newspaper, business publication, broadcast, speech, or electronic media ­ you must acknowledge the source. Failure to do so violates Amberton University's ethics policy. RESEARCH RESOURCES: The student is encouraged to use the Amberton Electronic Library as a research resource for this course. The Electronic Library provides access to full-text and abstract
articles as well as links to a variety of remote research tools. Students can search Amberton Library Resource Center holdings through the on-line public access circulation system. The physical library contains a specialized collection of Research Materials specifically chosen to support the degrees and courses offered at Amberton. Interlibrary loan and document delivery services are available. The TexShare Card offers borrowing privileges in libraries all across the state of Texas. Students with Research Questions or questions about Library services are encouraged to visit the "Ask-A-Librarian" section of the discussion forum or email their questions to [email protected] QUALITY ENHANCEMENT PLAN ­ QEP TOOLKITS: Online research resources are available through "Research Tools Database", accessible through the Student Portal. (For additional assistance, students may access the "QEP Tutorials" link located in the General Tools area on the Student Portal.) Access the Portal by clicking "Student Portal" from the University's website. You must know your Amberton ID to access the Portal.

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