McDonald's: Behind the arches

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Content: REBOOTING INDIA By NANDAN NILEKANI Recommended for Classes 9 to 12 ,,Nandan Nilekani and Viral Shah lay out a lofty vision and a practical blueprint for a technology-enabled social transformation of India. This is not just a must-read book for the public , it is a must-do charter for current and future governments, who would be unconscionably remiss if they did not strive to realize this vison. BANKING ON WORDS By Arjun Appadurai Recommended for Classes 9 to 12 ,,In Banking on Words, Professor Appadurai applies the tools of anthropology and points out that THE MODERN WORLD of financial derivatives, and for that matter all modern contracts, operate in a "marketplace, of promises." Each promise leverages on an earlier one and invites us to look at the rich stock of narratives, scripts and stories that creates and legitimizes this market. This book would be useful for Business Analysts and economists who seek to understand the underpinnings of our modern, financialized world.
McDONALD'S BEHIND THE ARCHES By John F. Love Recommended for Classes 9 to 12 McDonalds is the story of an American business success, a company that proved the value of hard work, ingenuity, trial and error, and gut instincts. In McDonalds : Behind the Arches, business writer John F. Love tells the astonishing story of the people and the strategies, the innovation and the brilliance that turned a single hamburger stand into a multibillion-dollar corporation that has influenced the very culture of American ­ and now the world.
CHILLIES AND PORRIDGE : WRITNG FOOD By Mita Kapur (ed.) Recommended for Classes 9 to 12 Essential. Evocative.Addictive. The experience of food can mean many things to many people. Whether its carrying a chilli around to dinner parties in the UK or finding out what it really means to be a vegetarian in a carnivorous world, whether its exploring the junk food revolution in India or discovering the art of slow cooking, this fullbodied collection of food writing will take you back to the kitchens of your childhood, and far out to realms of imagined flavours and sensory excitement. A joyous mix of the familiar and the unfamiliar, the homegrown and the streetborn, Chillies and Porridge is a celebration of that most vital ingredient of life : food.
AFRICA'S PEACEMAKERS By Adekeye Adebajo (ed.) Recommended for Classes 9 to 12 ,,This is a superbly documented and elegantly written book full of rich nuggets as well as profound insights into the lives, motivations, accomplishments, and disappointments of African Nobel Peace Laureates and those of African descent. The book demonstrates that Africa was not just a passive beneficiary of, but active contributors to, global peacemaking and peace building. LOOT AND OTHER STORIES By Nadine Gordimer Recommended for Classes 9 to 12 A starling new York : ten stories, each a revelation of our interior lives, each entering unforeseen contexts of our contemporary world. An earthquake exposes both an ocean bed strewn with treasure among the dead and the avarice of the towns survivors. A woman remembers her first, passionately erotic experience with a soldier who may not be alive to remember her. One of Europes aliens visits the grave of the politician he was paid to assassinate. Gordimers inventiveness knows no bounds.
North Africa TO NORTH MALABAR :AN ANCESTRAL JOURNEY By N.C.Shyamalan M.D. Recommended for Classes 9 to 12 The origin of humans from Africa and the amazing journey of ancestors migrating to different regions of the world are illustrated. Study of archaeology and genealogy made possible to trace the path of migration. How various groups came to India and specific migrants to Kerala, India are stressed. Evolution of authors community and the role it played locally and nationally are emphasized. The book is unique, as it explains the genesis, migration, evolution and civilization of humans who are in search of social equality.
WHO KNOWS TOMORROW By Lisa Lovatt-Smith Recommended for Classes 9 to 12 "Lisas adventures in West Africa are a powerful testimony to what we could all achieve if we truly became change makers. The work she does is so inspiring to me, and her book tells a fascinating story of struggle over adversity few of us could imagine." - Rachel Roy, fashion designer
INTO AFRICA :THE EPIC ADVENTURES OF STANLEY & LIVINGSTONE By Martin Dugard Recommended for Classes 9 to 12 With the utterance of a single line ­ ,,Doctor Livingstone, I presume ? ­ a remote meeting in the heArt of Africa was transformed into one of the most famous encounters in exploration history. But the true story behind the legendary explorer Dr. David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley, the journalist who set off to look for Livingstone when he went missing in treacherous African terrain, populated by fearsome man-eating tribes, is one that has escaped telling. Told with all the power and drama of a novel, Into Africa is an extraordinary account of pulse-pounding adventure defined by alarming foolishness, intense courage, and raw human achievement. "Dugards skillful writing manages to build the suspense so that the moment of that famous meeting is fraught with emotion... his narrative is lively and fascinating, full of details that render the adventures of Livingstone and Stanley as exciting today as they were to the avid readers of Victorian England. This book is a tribute to the human spirit, and to the courage of two very dissimilar men."

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