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Eider ducklingsin Rhode Island all but confirmedthe breedingof this speciesin the Ocean State and extended southward theedgeof itsbreedingrangeontheAtlantic Coast.Althoughthere were no otheR Newstatebreedingrecordst,he periodwas hardlylacklusterT. he bird of the season and the onlyspeciespositivelynewto the Regionwasa MongolianPloverin Rhode Island; but Yellow-nosed Albatross in Maine, Wood Stork in Connecticut, and Red-necked Stint in Massachusetts were not too shabby,either! Among aberrant recordsof note, see especiallythe com- ments under Red-tailed Hawk, Great Black- backedGull,andGrasshoppeSrparrow.
A aOn adn."Ylesyllotw-unosnedcnAaildbnnatergosss?cribe presenot ff MatinicusRock,KnoxM, E, 6 Jul(ph.A. Hill, L.BenedicAt,. Lightcap, C. Maranto, S. Schubel).The bird was carefullyobservedforover2 hoursb, oth flyingandrestingontheoceana, ndwas frequenfiyaccompanieidn flightbyseveralGreatBlack-backeGdulls.Anthony Hill's photos(seethe PictorialHighlights)clearlyreveatlhelightgrayhead characteristic of the nominate race chlororhynchforosm the SouthAtlantic. Among the remarkable number of appearancesof this speciesduring springandsummerin then.w.Atlantic
Abbre·tio·l·: AppledorIe. (Islesof Shoals,
ncharacNteerEwisntgiclfaansdhion, M.DE. W.(MassachusetDtsivisionofFisherie&s June'sweatherwascompletelyopposite WildlifeM),o' nomoI.y(MonomoNy.W.R.C, hat-
thatof lastyear.Thisseasonwassunnyd, ry, ham,BarnstablCeo.,MA);PlumI. (ParkerRiver
arereportsfrom e.Canadianwaters,the Gulf of Maine,Cox'sLedget,hewaters off Long I., NY, and the Mid-Atlantic CoastRegionT. hisrecordrepresentast least the 3rd occurrence for Maine.
andthehottestin overa centuryof recordkeepingat Blue Hill ObservatoryM, ilton, MassachusettBs.ostontemperaturesaveraged71шFw, hichwas3.3шFabovenormal, andon 7 Junthemercurysoaredto 97шFA. totalof only0.29 inchesof rain madethe monththedrieston recordJ. ulycontinued to be hot, with temperaturesaveraging 75.6шF in Boston--2.1шF above normal. Unlike that of June,howeverJ, ulysBean Town rainfall of 3.5 inches was close to nor- mal A violentanddamagingBostonthunderstormon 24 Jul was accompaniedby wind gustsof over70 mph. Despitethe extremeheatand drought,therewereno clear indications of how these conditions mayhaveaffectedNewEnglandbirdlife. Regionaltern populationshad out- standingnestingsuccessa,trendmirrored byever-burgeoninPgipingPlovernumbers. In Massachusetts,more than a decade of intensepoliticaleffort, public education, andimprovedbarrierbeachmanagemenits
N.W.R.,Newburyport/NewbuErsys, exCo., MA);SeaveIy. (IslesofShoalsN,H);StrattoIn. (CumberlanCdo.,ME).
As usualthere was a scatteringof RedthroatedLoonreportst,helatestbeingone at EastportM, E, 24 Jul(BS).In Vermont,25 of 32 Corn.Loonnestssuccessfulfllyedged 39 of 41 hatchlingfsor a recordhighcount (fideJP).Resultsin Massachusewttesreless favorablew, heredespitea newhighof 20 territorial pairs,five of ten nestingpairs raisedonlysevenchicksI.n dramaticcontrastto lastyear'slossesof loonsto high waterconditionsin New Englandd, rought and low waterconditionswereapparently responsiblfeor thisyear'slow productivity in theBayState--anexplanationreinforced by thefactthatthreeof thesuccessfuplairs nested on rafts. Since Pied-billed Grebes continueto be scarcein s. New England, noteworthywerecallingbirdsin Connecti-
Shearwaters10 Jul (fide Newburyport Whale Watch) and 20 Manx Shearwaters and 350 Wilson's Storm-Petrels 17 Jul (Gd'E).Morenotablewasashoretallyof 29 Manx Shearwaters and 223 N. Gannets at Rockport,MA, 9 Jun (RH). Althougha count of 50+ Leach's Storm-Petrels 100 mi s. of Martha'sVineyard23-24 Jun(VL) isnot espedallyunusual,summertotalsof this magnitudeareinfrequentlryeportedfroms. NewEnglandwaters. In Connecticutw, herethe speciesis a rarebreederA, m. Bitternsweresuspecteodf nesting at Simsbury, Litchfield, and Sharon--allin thec.andw.partsofthestate (fide GH). The elusiveLeastBittern was reportedfroma handfulof traditionanl estinglocalitiesin Maine,Massachusettasn,d Connecticuta,longwith earlyJunereports of singles at Moonstone Beach and NarragansetRt,I (fideM. Tucker) theonly known Ocean State breedinglocalities. KettleI., Manchester,MA (SP,J.Bleiler)had
payingmajordividendsfor thevariouspri- cutat Lyme8 Jun(PC) andCoventry14Jul a record-highnestingcountof 90 pairsof vate,state,and federalagenciesthat have (MS) anda singlebird atWaylandM, A (K. GreatEgretsa, longwith 185SnowyEgret,
workedtogetheri,n somecaseswithcoastal Hamilton),an historicnestinglocality.A 17 Little Blue Heron,and 93 GlossyIbis
communitygovernmentsto, achievemuch Horned Grebe at Stamford,CT, 1 Jun-5 Jul pairs.Otherinterestingheronreportswere
ofthesuccesSs.imilarlyg, rasslanbdirdcon- (PD) and a Red-neckedGrebeat Schoodic asmanyasnineSnowyEgretsat Longmea-
servationm, uch of it spearheadebdy the Pt.,HancockM, E, 8 Jul(WT) wereespecial- dow,HampdenM, A, 21Jul(HA) andoneat
MassachusetAtsudubonSocietyc, ontinues ly tardylingerers.
ShelburneBay, ChittendenV, T, 11 Jun
to providenew insightsinto the status,
Theexpectedtubenosespecieasppeared (TM); a maximum of five TricoloredHer-
managementa,nd futureof severalgrass- on schedule over inshore waters--as indi-
ons at Stratton I., ME, 5 Jul (LB); a Cattle
landbird species.
catedby StellwagenBankcountsof 1000 Egret at MoosehornN.W.R., Edmunds,
The presenceof a broodof Common GreaterShearwatersand 500-600 Sooty WashingtonM, E, 20 Jun (fide WT); and
VOLUHE$3 (1999), ISSUE4
Yellow-crownedNight-Herons at ScarboroughM, E, 5 Jul(LB)andinlandatWorcesterM, A, 26-27 Jun (JL). A wandering Wood Stork at Cornwall,LitchfieldC, T, 21-22 Jul( ph. M. Root)representeodnly the 4th or 5th record for the state and the firstsince1955(fideGH). PreviouRs egion- al occurrences were in Maine and Massa- chusettsm, ostrecentlyin 1994at Cotuit, BarnstableM, A. Followinglastyear'sfirst Regionabl reedingconfirmationof Black Vulturein e.Massachusettthse, speciewsent unconfirmed this year. Despite regular sightingsof up to threebirdsat Beacon Falls,Fairfield,CT, and in the Housatonic Valleyto thewest(GH, v.o.),thisspeciehsas yetto be definitivelcyonfirmedasa breeder in Connecticut.In neighboringMassachusettsa, s many as four were seen at SheffieldB, erkshire1,7Jul(ML), but no furtherevidenceof nestingwasindicated.
LingeringSnow Geeseincludedone at BiddefordM, E, 8 Jun(fideKG)andanother at E. ProvidenceR,I, in lateJune(fideRF). More unusual was a late Brant inland at PondicherryW.M.A., JeffersonC, oosN, H, 26 Jun (A&BD). Noteworthy breeding waterfowl records included a Gadwall with sixyoungatMarshfieldM, A,26Jul(DF) for possiblythe first nestingfor Plymoutha; brood of Green-wingedTeal at Stratford, CT,29Jul(DV) confirmingforthe2ndconsecutiveyearthe nestingof thisrareCon- necticut breeder; and two female Com. Eiderswith 10 young at SakonnetPt., Newport,RI, 17-30 Jun (E Norton, DE) apparentlryepresentintghemostsolidnestingevidenceon recordfor theOceanState. Seeminglydisplacewd aterfowsl pendingall or partof theseasonin NewEnglandwere Gadwallat L. UmbagogN, H, 1 Jun(RQ); Am. Wigeon at Stamford,CT (PD); N. Shoveler at Plum I. 29 Jun (RH) and W. Hartford, CT (DR); Greater Scaup at MarshfieldM, A, 28 Jun-31Jul(DF); King Eider at S. Dartmouth, Bristo· MA, 4 Jul (ph.C. Russell)B; uffieheadatStamfordC, T (PD),NewburyportM, A, 6 Jun-13Jul(DF), andAcoaxetB, risto·MA, 31 Jul(ML); Com. Goldeneyeat TurnersFalls,Franklin,MA, 19-31Jul(fideSK)andAcoaxetM, A, 31Jul (ML); and RuddyDuck at ExeterN, H, (a pair) 4 Jun(SM), New Haven,CT, 22 Jun (DV), and NantucketI., 20 Jul(SP). In RhodeIsland63 Ospreynestsproduced109 young(fide L. Suprock)--the bestnestingsuccesssincepre-DDT daysin the 1960s.Three new nestingpairs in Vermont--bringingthe statetotal to 28
(fide JP)--and the discoveryof the first inlandConnecticunt estingpair at Coventry, Tolland1, 4 Jul(MS) addedto theencouragingtrend. The now annual"Cape Cod Kite Show" starred two sub-ad. Miss- issippKi itesatN. Truro,MA, 5 Jun(TC) followedbya Swallow-taileKditethenextday (TC). Another (or the same?) SwallowtailedKitewasseenatMarshfield,MA, 4 Jun (D. Ludlowet al.). The seasonabl ox scores for nesting New England Bald Eagles included 8 active nests in Massachusetts that produced 15 young (TF), 2 nests in Connecticutht atproducedoneyoung(fide GH), andapparently4-5 nestsconstructed in New Hampshire--possibtlhye highest numberin recordehdistory--withtheoverall succesusnknownat thetime of writing (fideRQ). In a statewhereit hasbeenconfirmed nestingonly twicethis decadeN, . Harrier made news for the 2nd consecutive yearin Connecticuwt henapairfledgedtwo youngat Stratford(CB, DV) andwhena juvenileseenat BarnI., Stoningtonin, late Julywassuspecteodf beingfledgedlocally (GH). A nestingpair of Sharp-shinned Hawks in w. Rhode Island was the first in thatstateformanyyears(fideR.Ferren)A. t NantucketI., Cooper'sHawksraisedtwo youngfor a first islandbreedingrecord (ER).An almosttotallywhite,malnourished Red-tailedHawk that hadbeenpresenitn the vicinityof BurlingtonM, iddlesexM, A, for nearly2 yearswasreceivebdya wildlife rehabilitatoarndlaterphotographe1d8Jun (WP).Merlinss, lowlyincreasinagsbreeders in the Region,successfulnlyestedfor the 2ndyearatErrol,CoosN, H (fideRQ),andat Northeast Harbor, Hancock, ME (C. Crofoot,fide WT). In Massachusetftosur pairs of PeregrineFalconsfledgedeight youngb, ut fiveof thesewerekilledduring fiedgingand threewere injured(TF)! In Vermont,17successtnifef stingpairsfledged 40young(fideJP),andin Connecticuatsinglepairfledgedtwoyoungfrombeneatha bridgein Fairfield(DV).
A copulatingpairof ClapperRailsatPluml. 12 Jul (JB) providedcompellingbreeding evidencfeora specieasttheextremen. terminusof its breedingrange.Similarevidenceofbreedingcamefromapairof King Railsat Stratford,CT, 25 Jun(PC, CB), and a territorialKingpair presentfor the 3rd consecutivyeearat WestMeadowsW.M.A., Plymouth,MA (SA), providedthe only otherprobableevidenceof breedingM. ost unusualwas a Sorawith five youngat NashawenaI., Dukes,MA, 21 Jun (AJ);the
lastcountybreedingrecordwasin 1900at Marthas Vineyard(cf. 1926,Bent'sLife Histories).The increasinglyscarceCom. Moorhen went unrecorded in Massachu- settsa, ndtheonlysolidevidenceof breedingin theRegioncamefromS.Kent,Litchfield,CT, 22 Jun(J.Johnsona) nd Bangor, ME (PL,v.o.).A SandhillCranethatspent the summer on the Connecticut R. between Monroe,NH, andMclndoeFalls,VT (v.o.), wasenjoyedby birdersfrom both states; other reportsincludedone at Ashland, AroostookM, E, 8 Jun (BS) and Greenwich, CT, 17Jul(F.Purnell). Three-hundredsummeringBlack-bellied Ploversat N. MonomoyI. 3 Jul(HF) wereaccompaniebdy a considerablmyore unusualAm. Golden-Plover3-27 Jul (HF, BN). Nearthen. terminusof theirrangein theUnitedStatesfi,veAm.Oystercatchearts Phippsburg,SagadahocM, E, 25 Jun (J. Wells)wereinterestinga;t the now-establishedStrattonI. nestinglocalityt,hisyear's S Ar· MreacahesdasnaewPchihigphutPoitnsalleogoftvtesrs 515 nestingpairs this year (a 4% increasferom 1998),andproductivity wascalculatetdo be 1.5chicksperpair (fide TF). At SeabrookN, H, these ploversfledged17youngc, omparedto only threein 1998(fideRQ). Counts of UplandSandpiperfsroma handful of primarybreedingsiteshighlighthe veryspecifichabitatandarearequirementsof thisquintessentigalrassland species. In Vermont's Champlain Valley,28 Uplandsin 22 townsrepre- sents a dramatic decline from 130 in 1991and45 in 1998(JP).Changesin localdairyfarm practicesa,swell as possibledisruptionson theArgentiNe Winteringgroundsh, avebeenimplicated.Todaym, anyVermontcowsare keptinbarnsa, ndthetraditionaol pen pasturesare insteadplantedin corn andhay,renderingthemlesssuitable for Upland SandpipersA. t Westover A.F.B., Hampden, MA, the most importantUpland Sandpipelrocality in the Bay State, 154 adults were counted14Jun(AJ),and8 pairswere tallied at 2 other Massachusetts locali- ties(fideAJ).At PeaseInt'l Tradeport in New Hampshire,12 UplandSandpiperswere counted9 Jul (PH, D. DeLuca)A. sgrasslanbdird conservation effortsgainmomentumin New Englandh, opefullyspeciepsopulation trendsalsowill improve.
North AmericaN BIRDS
new england
S A Withoquutest,i,oth"nBe, irodf · the SeasonAward' goesto a brilliantmaleMongolianPloverdiscov- ered at Rhode Island's Chariestown BreechwayW, ashington2,4-26 Jul (L. FerrarresoM, I Murray,m.ob.).Ogled, photographe(dseethe PictoricaHl ighlights),and enjoyedby hundredsof observerst,his fancyvisitor remained justlongenoughsothatmostwhowent to seeit wererewardedT. he ploverprovideda firstRegionarl ecordand representsonly the 2nd occurrenceon the Atlantic Coast of North America, the firstbeinga bird in Newlerseyin 1990 (BirdsofNewJersey1,999).Not surprisinglyt,heRhodeIslandbirdappearedto be of the race stegmannfirom n.e. Siberia.
lingeredat Nahant,MA, 27 Jun-24Jul(L. Pivacekv,.o.),andat Newburyporta,smany asthreewererecorded15-27 lul (RH). Two Bonaparte'Gs ullsat LongmeadowH,ampden,MA, 22 Jul(SK) representeudnusual inland summeroccurrencesT.he only Lesser Black-backed Gulls noted were sin- glesat ManchesteCr,T,3 Jul(PC) andProvincetownM, A, 8-9 Jul (P. Champlin).A GlaucousGullat Provincetow3n0 Jun(ph. A.Strausss)ignificantplyushedtheseasonal envelope.A large, black-backedy, ellowleggedlarid bearingfeaturesresemblinga Kelp Gull was carefullyobservedat the ChariestowBnreechwaIyL,l,27-29 Jul(WP et aL); however,on 29 Julbirdersheardit producea call characteristiocf a Great Black-backedGull (P. Buckley).Let this exampleserveasa cautionarynoteto future
AlthoughArcticTerusnestiu verysmall numbersalougthe coastin Hassachusotttsh, is first-summerhird photographedat SouthHadley on Z6 Junewas unprecedentedinlaud in the ConuecticuRtiverValley. Photograph/ScoSttumer
KelpGullwatchersw, hereveyroumaybe!
An earlySabine'sGull wasreportedfrom Mt. Desert Rock in the Gulf of Maine 21 Jul
predation(KG).An Am. Avoceat t PlumI.
L. Champlainfledged90 young(fideJP), andat SeaveyI., NH, therewere145pairs
9-11 Jul(W. Drew et al.) wasnot too unex- (Z. Klyverf,ideWT).
comparedto only45in 1998(fideRQ).For
pectedb, ut oneat L. LamoilleM, orrisville, Lainollie,21-31 Jul (G. Damon, TM et al.)
A Gull-billed Tern at Plum I. 31 Jul (C. Holzapfefli,deB.O.)wasuniqueforthesea-
onlythe3rdtimeeverin ConnecticuBt,lack Skimmerfsledgedeightchicksat SandyPt.,
wasmostunusualin Vermont.Earlymigrantshorebirdarrivalsincluded55 Lesser Yellowlegsa, Whimbrel,95 LeastSandpi-
son,anda CaspianTernat PittsburgC, oos, NH, 7 Jun(T. Maloneyf,ideRQ) wasinterestingin itsdateandlocationA. countof 10 RoyaTl ernsat BirdI., offMarion,Plymouth,
W. Haven(D. Sosenskvy.,o.).Out-of-place alcids included 20+ Thick-billed Murres at EastportM, E, 24 Jul (BS) and four Black Guillemots and two Atlantic Puffins at
pers,and 15 Short-billedDowitchersat Plum I. 29 Jun (RH, JB) and a Marbled
MA, 30 Jun (I. Nisbet)was considerably RockportM, A, 9 Jun(RH). higherthannormalfor suchearlysummer
GodwitatN. MonomoyI. 4 Jul(BN).A Stilt wanderersD. espiteRedFoxpredationand DOVES THROUGH INRENS
Sandpipeart ScarborougMh,E, 9 Jun(LB) mayhavebetterqualifiedasanunusuala, te springmigrant.Of the shorebirdmaxima reportedin July,theonlystandoutfigures were250Whimbrelsat N. MonomoyI. 20 Jul(BN) and 10,500SemipalmateSdand-
consequenatbandonmenot f a majortern A reportof a Eur.Collared-Dovaet Northcolony at Plymouth in early June, boro, WorcesteMr,A, 29 Jun (AB, fide B. Massachusettesrnshad a verysuccessful Blodget)p, endingdetailsw, ouldbe a first nestingseasonf;ortunatelythe disruption BayStaterecordif bona fide. A 14/biteoccurredearly enough that most of wingedDoveat BlockI. 6-12 Jun(ph.K. Plymouth'sternssettledin othercolonies. Gaffett) wasa first recordfor RhodeIsland;
pipersat NewburyportM, A, 27 Jul(RH)-a numberin line with countsof 25 years
Scott Hecker (M.A.S) and Tom French a 2nd individual appeared briefly at (M.D.EW.)provideddataonMassachusetts Marshfield, MA, 16 Jul (DF). Unusual in
ago,but seldomrecordedin Massachusetts terns.A statetotalof 13,973pairsof Com. today.A Red-neckedStint in alternate Ternswasan increaseof 6%, the largest
Connecticutthesedaysa, pairof BarnOwls fledgedtwo youngat Stratford(v.o.,fide
plumageatPlumI. 26Jun-2Jul(D.Sandee, colony being 5478 pairs located at S. GH). If correctlyidentifieda, N. HawkOwl
v.o.) constitutedthe 4th recordfor Massa- MonomoyI.--the siteof an aggressivgeull at Ft. Kent,Aroostook1,Jul(G. Flaggf,ide
chusetttsh, elastreportoccurringasrecent- removapl rograminitiatedbythe U.S.Fish KG,JD) wasmostintriguingin n. Mainein
ly aslastsummerO. therunusuasl horebird & Wildlife Service in 1995. A total of 1819
summer. Two Short-eared Owls at Nan-
reportswerean earlyBaird'sSandpipear t RoseatTeernpairs,principalb/aBt irdI. and tucketI. 24 Jun(ER) furnishedthe only
Turner's Falls, Franklin, MA, 31 Jul (R. Ram I. in BuzzardsBay,representetdhe reportsreceivefdorthisbeleaguerecdoastal
Packardf,ideSK) andat leastfiveRegional highesttotalsince1984,andLeasTt ernsset heathlanndesterM. ildlyencouraginrgesults
Ruff reportsfrom Maine, Massachusetts, anall-timeRegionarlecordwith3409pairs, of JuneWhip-poor-wilsl urveysin Massa-
Rhode Island, and Connecticut29 Jun-10 the largestcolonycontaining1420 pairs chusetts included totals of 30 at M.S.S.E,
Jul (v.o.).
nestingon dredgespoilat KalmusPark, Plymouth(Gd'E),29at LancasterW, orcester
HyannisA. mongninepairsof ArcticTerns (RL), and 23 at Easton,Bristol(SA). In late nestingin Massachusetatsb,andedindivid- Julya, nad.maleRufousHummingbirdwas
MassachusettLsaughingGull numbers ual at PenikeseI. in BuzzardsBaywas18 identifiedat a feederat ScarboroughM,E
increased13%thisyear,climbingfrom706 yearsold. An ArcticTern in first-summer (KG, JW), and anotherbird apparently
pairsin 1998to803pairsthisseasonO. neto (i.e., "portlandica"p) lumageinland at S. returnedto feedersat GrandIsle,VT (fide
two Little Gulls were present in the HadleyH, ampdenM, A, 17Jun-10Jul(HA, JP), for the 6th consecutivyeear.An ad.
Newburyport-PlumI. areaduringlateJune D. Spectorp,h.S.Surner)wasunprecedent- Three-toedWoodpeckefreedinga young
andJuly(v.o.),andanotherwasat Eastport, ed in the ConnecticuVt alleyof Massachu- birdatBlakeGore,SomerseMt,E, 13Jul(fide
ME, 24 Jul (BS). Four Black-headedGulls setts.In Vermont,140nestingCom.Ternsat KG)wasonly 100yardsfromtheCanadian
VOLUHE53 (1999), ISSUE4
border, and a 2nd individual of this coloredSparrowreportedin Mayat Grand
species--arguabtlyhe rarestbreed- IsleV, T,wasstillpresenint June(D. Hoag,
ing bird in New England--was fideJP),andin Mainesingleasppearedat
recorded at Mr. Blue, Avon, Kennebun2k-3 Jun(R.Eakinf,ideKG)and
Franklin,ME, 16 Jul(E. Gileset al., Bango1r 4Jul(D.Mairsf,ideKG).Grassland
sparrowsurveysin s. New Hampshire
A peweegivingthe distinctive revealedencouragintgotalsof 20 Vesper
burry call of a W. Wood-Peweeat Sparrowsand 13 GrasshoppeSr parrows
Upper S. BranchPond,BaxterS.P., (PH). In Massachusesttism, ilareffortsby
PiscataquiMs,E, 26 Jun(PV. ickery) Jones revealed a minimum of 316 ad.
couldunfortunatelnyeverbevisual- GrasshoppSerparrowast7topstatesitesA. t
ly confirmed. Ten Yellow-bellied ScarboroughM, E, sharp-tailedsparrows
FlycatchebrsandedatAppledorIe., singingbothSaltmarsahndNelson'song
ME, 2 Jun(DH) underscortehelate- types--andapparentlypairedin assorted
nessof thisspecies'pringpassage. combinations--continue to cloud the taxo-
AcadianFlycatchernsestedfor the nomicstatusofthesetwosaltmarshspecies
2nd consecutiveyear at Paw- intheareaof sympatry(GS,v.o.).
tuckawayS.P.N, ottinghamN, H, 12
A Fox Sparrowat BaxterS.P.,Piscata-
Jun-5Jul(A&BD).The onlyReg- quis,ME, 6-22 Jun(JW)wasin a region
ional reportof Scissor-taileFdly- wherethisspeciehsaspreviousblyeensus-
catcherwasone at Houlton,Aroos- pectedof nestingW. hite-throateSdparrows
Aftereludingcapturefortenweeks, this"mysterysparrowa"t DelaneWy .H.A., Hassachusettws,asfinallymist-netted on 25 July,the dateof the photo.
took,ME, 30 Jun (D. Dietrich).A PhiladelphiVaireoat OxbowN.W.R.,Harvard, WorcesteMr,A, 1-30 Jun(RL, v.o.)was bothout-of-placaendpeculiairn singinga
apparentlnyestedatNorwellP, lymouthM,A (DF), and otherssomewhaot ut-of-place weresingleisn MiddleseM· A,atArlington 4 Jul (JS)andWatertown10 Jul (RS).A
Testyourskillsin identifyingit before
songreminiscenotf a WarblingVireo.At countof 500-1000Red-wingeBdlackbirds
readingthe accompanyinSgA!
leastone pair of Red-breasteNduthatches per hour passingLighthousePt., New
nestedat Block I., RI, this season(C. Haven,CT, 20 Jul(GH) demonstratedhow
Raithel)--a most unlikely location; a earlysomeof theseicteridsapparently
healthyscatterinogfreportsin Connecticut undertakesouthwarmd igrationA. White-
SA ^l·eaasmstystaisfyoimnge of thesparrowsin theMaine
couldpresagaenautumnirruption(GH).A wingedCrossbilaltAshburnhamW, orcester, Julycountof 150ad.andyoungCliffSwal- MA,31Jul(BN,RH)wasslightlsy.ofwhere
saltmarsheswasan apparenht ybrid lowsatSouthburyF,airfield(DR),wasnota- it belongedatthisdate,butaflushofs.New
sparrowat theDelaneyW.M.A.,Stow,
ble for this generallyrare Connecticut Englandreportsof EveningGrosbeakisn
MiddlesexM, A. Initially discovered and photographed15 May (B. Van Dusenetal.),thestrangesparrowcontinuedsingingintoJulyT. hebirdmost
breederT. he only SedgeWrensreported weresinglesat S.LondonderryV,T, 19 Jul (W. Norsef,ideJP)andBangorM, E, 13Jul (DA).
lateJuneandearlyJulyseemedconsistent withthepatternof thelastfewsummers. Subregioneadlitors(boldfacec),ontributors (italics), nnd cited obsnrversD: ennis
doselyresembleadn oversizedlo,ngtailed,large-billedGrasshoppeSrparrow, showingdistinctstreakson the mid-breast, a white median crown stripe,andyellowabovethe eyeand on thebendof thewing.Howeverits song,recorded16 Jul,doselyresembledthat of a SongSparrow(AJ,GS, WP)! Effortsto capturethebird were unsuccessfuunl til 25 Jul;afterbeing mist-netted,it wasbanded,and blood samplews eretaken(AJ,ph.SPet al.). Althoughresultsof the blood DNA
WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES Golden-wingeWd arblersnowseemto be presentin Massachusetitns suchlow numbersthat onlyhybridsarebeingreported! This season'srecords included a Brewster's Warblerat W. Brookfield,Worceste2r0, Jun (ML) and Lawrence'sWarblersat Groton, Middlesex2, Jun (TP), Williamsburg, Hampshire8,Jun(JY),andCarlisleM, iddlesex,2 lul (CF). Three TennesseWe arblersat Hingham,PlymouthM, A, 3 Jun(DP) were certainlylatemigrantsa,ndthreeKentucky Warblersin the samecommunity1 Jun
Abbott,HarveyAllen,SteveArena,Charles Barnard,Jim Berry,Bird Observer,Ann BooverL, ysleBrinkerT, omCarrolanP, atrick Cornins,Alan · BarbaraDeloreyG, lenn d'EntremonJt,odyI)epres,PatrickDugan, David Emerson,RachelFarrell,Hugh FergusonC, hris Floyd,TomFrenchD, an Furbish,Kay Gammons,Greg I-Ianisek, ScottHecker,RickHeil, David Holmes,Pam Hunt, AndreaJonesS, ethKellogg,Vern Laux, Paul Lehman,Ron Lockwood,Mark Lynch, Steve Mirick, Ted Murin, Blair Nikula, Dennis Peacock,Simon Perkins, JudyPetersonT, omPirro,RobertQuinn:
analysisare pending,all indications (DP)representeadnotablesingle-dacyount Marj Rines,David RosgenB, ill Sheehan,
suggestthat the strangesparrowwas probably a previouslyunrecorded GrasshoppexrSonghybridA. lmostas
at any season in Massachusetts.Two KentuckWy arblersingingthroughoutht e summerat Lyme(PC) wereintriguingin
GregShriverJ, aneStein,RobertStymeist, William TownsendD,ennisVarza, Judy WalkerJ, ohnYoung.
remarkable is the fact that there appearedto be a seconds, imilar-looking individualin the samemeadow! Staytuned.
lightoftherarenestinsgtatuosfthisspedes in ConnecticutU. nfortunatelyn,o proofof nestingcouldbe obtainedfor a singing Yellow-breasted Chat at Westboro, WorcesteMrA, , 5-24 Jun(AB,v.o.).A Clay-
Wayne R. Petersen,CentefrorBiological ConservatiMona,ssachusAetutsduboSnociety, LincolnM, A 01773

WR Petersen

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