Paintings from Mughal India

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TITLE : Paintings from Mughal India AUTHOR : Topsfield, Andrew PUB : CHICAGO U PRESS $55.00 ­ Cloth 2007 - 184 p ISBN: 978-1-85124-331-0
One of the great kingdoms of human history, the Mughal empire is now lost to the relentless sweep of time. But the wealth of art treasures the Mughals left behind is nonetheless a lasting testament to the sumptuousness of their culture. Among the most notable vestiges of their art are the lush miniature paintings of Mughal imperial life, and Andrew Topsfield explores a rich array of these painted works in Paintings from Mughal India. Between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, the Mughal emperors presided over a flourishing cultural renaissance, and these miniature paintings vividly depict the splendor of this period. Topsfield examines the paintings' unique blend of Indian, Islamic, and Persian styles and analyzes their varied subjects-- ranging from hunting, royal banquets, and other scenes of imperial life to legendary tales, mythic deities, and battles. Among the paintings featured in the book's vibrant reproductions are works created between the reign of Akbar and the fall of Shah Jehanan--an era considered to be the height of Mughal painting-- and illustrations from the celebrated Baharistan manuscript of 1595. A fascinating and gorgeously illustrated study, Paintings from Mughal India will be an invaluable resource for all art scholars and anyone interested in the legacy of the Mughal Empire TITLE : Making Memory Matter: Strategies of Remembrance in Contemporary Art AUTHOR : Saltzman, Lisa Paper $20.00sp Fall 2006 ISBN: 978-0-226-73408-8 In an ancient account of painting's origins, a woman traces the shadow of her departing lover on the wall in an act that anticipates future grief and commemoration. Lisa Saltzman shows here that nearly two thousand years after this story was first told, contemporary artists are returning to similar strategies of remembrance, ranging from vaudevillian silhouettes and sepulchral casts to incinerated architectures and ghostly processions. Exploring these artists' work, Saltzman demonstrates that their methods have now eclipsed painting and traditional sculpture as preeminent forms of visual representation. She pays particular attention to the groundbreaking art of Krzysztof Wodiczko, who is known for his projections of historical subjects; Kara Walker, who creates powerful silhouetted images of racial violence in American History; and Rachel Whiteread, whose work centers on making casts of empty interior spaces. Each of the artists Saltzman discusses is struggling with the roles that history and memory have come to play in an age when any historical statement is subject to question and doubt. In identifying this new and powerful movement, she provides a framework for understanding the art of our time.
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TITLE : Painting Indiana II: The Changing Face of Agriculture AUTHOR : $39.95 ­ cloth Publication date: 9/26/2006 ISBN: 0-253-34819-6 Over the past hundred years, Indiana agriculture has evolved from family farming to a global industry using biotechnology and satellite positioning. This magnificent collection of more than 100 works of art by ten outstanding Indiana plein air painters tells the story of that transformation, the forces that brought it about, and the impact it has had on the people, the culture, and the economy of the state. These gifted artists, selected through a competition, painted subjects as diverse as livestock farms, lumber harvesting, meat packing, farmers' markets, and huge automated dairy operations. An introduction by Rachel Berenson Perry discusses the tradition of plein air painting in Indiana. Profiles of the artists and their work conclude this visually stunning book. TITLE : Impossible Histories : Historic Avant-Gardes, Neo-Avant-Gardes, and Post-Avant-Gardes in Yugoslavia, 1918-1991 AUTHOR : Edited by Dubravka Djuric & Misko Suvakovic PUB : M I T PRESS April 2006 $22.95/Ј14.95 (PAPER) ISBN-10: 0-262-54189-0 Impossible Histories is the first critical survey of the extraordinary experiments in the arts that took place in the former Yugoslavia from the country's founding in 1918 to its breakup in 1991. The combination of Austro-Hungarian, French, German, Italian, and Turkish influences gave Yugoslavia's avant-gardes a distinct character unlike those of other Eastern and Central European avant-gardes. Censorship and suppression kept much of the work far from the eyes and ears of the Yugoslav people, while language barriers and the inaccessibility of archives caused it to remain largely unknown to Western scholars. Even at this late stage in the scholarly investigation of the avant-garde, few Westerners have heard of the movements Belgrade surrealism, signalism, Yugo-Dada, and zenitism; the groups Alfa, Exat 51, Gorgona, OHO, and Scipion Nasice Sisters Theater; or the magazines Danas, Red Pilot, Tank, Vecnost, and Zvrk. The pieces in this collection offer comparative and interpretive accounts of the avant-gardes in the former Yugoslavian countries of Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia. The book is divided into four sections: Art and Politics; Literature; Visual Art and Architecture; and Art in Motion (covering theater, dance, music, film, and video). All of the contributors live in the region and many of them participated in the movements discussed. The book also reprints a selection of the most important manifestos generated by all phases of Yugoslav avant-garde activity.
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TITLE : The Pivot of the World : Photography and Its Nation AUTHOR : Blake Stimson PUB : M I T PRESS February 2006 $19.95/Ј12.95 (PAPER) ISBN-10:0-262-69333-X The Pivot of the World looks at an exceptional effort to work out that geopolitical tension by cultural means as developed in three hugely ambitious photographic projects: The Family of Man exhibition that opened in 1955 and traveled the world for the next decade; Robert Frank's influential book The Americans, photographed in 1955-1956 and first published in 1958; and Bernd and Hilla Becher's typological record of ndustrial architecture, begun in 1957 and continuing today. Each of these projects worked to release the dream of nation--of belonging and sovereignty--from its old civic trappings through the medium of photography's serial form, in the experience of one photograph followed by another and another and another, so that all seem at once intimately connected and at the same time autonomous and distinct. Innovations in the serial composition of photographic form could open new possibilities for social form while the modern desire for political belonging could be made cosmopolitan, could be globalized--but in the most human of ways. This epic sense of purpose lasted only for a moment--it had already passed by the beginning of the 1960s--but it bears particular interest for any historical understanding of the contest over globalization that continues to hold such great consequence for us now. TITLE : Writings on Art AUTHOR : Mark Rothko Mar 13, 2006 PUB : YALE U PRESS ISBN-10: 0300114400 Cloth: $25.00 While the collected writings of many major 20th-century artists, including Barnett Newman, Robert Motherwell, and Ad Reinhardt, have been published, Mark Rothko's writings have only recently come to light, beginning with the critically acclaimed The Artist's Reality: Philosophies of Art. Rothko's other written works have yet to be brought together into a major publication. Writings on Art fills this significant void; it includes some 90 documents--including short essays, letters, statements, and lectures--written by Rothko over the course of his career. The texts are fully annotated, and a chronology of the artist's life and work is also included TITLE : Olmec Art and Archaeology in Mesoamerica AUTHOR : Edited by John E. Clark & Mary E. Pye PUB : YALE U PRESS Mar 20, 2006 ISBN-10: 030011446X PB-with Flaps: $40.00 This handsome volume presents the creations of Mesoamerica's most ancient societies in their archaeological contexts. The Olmec--best known for a unique style of monumental stone head and jade Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
were-jaguar--were based along the Gulf of Mexico but have also been linked to other Mesoamerican civilizations such as the Maya and Aztec. This book discusses recent spectacular finds and provides a framework for understanding the history, art, and archaeology of the Olmec TITLE : Mexico and Modern Printmaking : A Revolution in the Graphic Arts, 1920 to 1950 AUTHOR : Edited by John Ittmann PUB : YALE U PRESS Nov 06, 2006 Cloth: $65.00 ISBN-10: 0300120044 Mexico witnessed an exciting revival of printmaking alongside its better-known public mural program in the decades after the 1910­20 revolution. Major artists such as Josй Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera, David lfaro Siqueiros, and Rufino Tamayo produced numbers of prints that furthered the social and political reforms of the revolution and helped develop a uniquely Mexican cultural identity. This groundbreaking book is the first to undertake an in-depth examination of these prints, the vital contributions Mexico's printmakers made to modern art, and their influence on coming generations of foreign artists. Along with a thorough discussion of the printmaking practices of Orozco, Rivera, Siqueiros, Tamayo, and others, the book features some 300 handsomely illustrated prints­­many previously unpublished. Essays by distinguished scholars investigate the dynamic cultural exchange between Mexico and other countries at this time. They analyze the work of such Mexican artists as Emilio Amero and Jesъs Escobedo, who traveled abroad, and such international artists as Elizabeth Catlett and Jean Charlot, who came to Mexico. They also discuss the important roles of the Taller de Grбfica Popular, a flourishing print workshop founded in Mexico City in 1937, and the Weyhe Gallery in New York, which published and distributed prints by many of these artists during the 1920s and 1930s. Together, the prints and essays tell the fascinating history of Mexico's graphic-arts movement in the first half of the 20th century TITLE : The Sight of Death : An Experiment in Art Writing AUTHOR : T. J. Clark PUB : YALE U PRESS Jul 31, 2006 Cloth: $30.00 ISBN-10: 0300117264 Why do we find ourselves returning to certain pictures time and again? What is it we are looking for? How does our understanding of an image change over time? In his latest book T. J. Clark addresses these questions--and many more--in ways that steer art writing into new territory. In early 2000 two extraordinary paintings by Poussin hung in the Getty Museum in a single room, Landscape with a Man Killed by a Snake (National Gallery, London) and the Getty's own Landscape with a Calm. Clark found himself returning to the gallery to look at these paintings morning after morning, and almost involuntarily he began to record his shifting responses in a notebook. The result is a riveting analysis of the two landscapes and their different views of life and death, but more, a chronicle of an investigation into the very nature of visual complexity. Clark's meditations--sometimes directly personal, sometimes speaking to the wider politics of our present image-world--track the experience of viewing art through all its real-life twists and turns Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
TITLE : The Arts in Latin America, 14921820 AUTHOR : Joseph J. Rishel PUB : YALE U PRESS Nov 13, 2006 Cloth: $75.00 ISBN-10: 0300120036
Selected for Honorary Mention in the competition for the Association for Latin American Art Book for 2005-2006 Essays by Gauvin Alexander Bailey, Clara Bargellini, Dilys E. Blum, Elizabeth Hill Boone, Marcus Burke, Mitchell A. Codding, Thomas B. F. Cummins, Cristina Esteras Martнn, M. Concepciуn Garcнa Sбiz, Ilona Katzew, Adrian Locke, Gridley McKim-Smith, Alfonso Ortiz Crespo, Jorge F. Rivas P., Nuno Senos, Edward J. Sullivan, and Marjorie Trusted. By the end of the 16th century, Europe, Africa, and Asia were connected to North and South America via a vast network of complex trade routes. This led, in turn, to dynamic cultural exchanges between these continents and a proliferation of diverse art forms in Latin America. This monumental book transcends geographic boundaries and explores the history of the confluence of styles, materials, and techniques among Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas through the end of the colonial era­­a period marked by the independence movements, the formation of national states, and the rise of academic art.
TITLE : Art and Revolution in Latin America, 1910-1990 AUTHOR : David Craven PUB : YALE U PRESS Sep 25, 2006 Paper: $35.00 ISBN-10: 030012046X In this uniquely wide-ranging book, David Craven investigates the extraordinary impact of three Latin American revolutions on the visual arts and on cultural policy. He discusses the upheavals in Mexico (1910-1940), in Cuba (1959-1989), and in Nicaragua (1979-1990) and assesses their legacies, demonstrating how the revolutions' consequences reverberated in arts and cultures far beyond their own borders.
TITLE : Francis Bacon in the 1950s AUTHOR : Michael Peppiatt PUB : YALE U PRESS Dec 18, 2006 Cloth: $50.00 ISBN-10: 030012192X
From the screaming heads and snarling chimpanzees of the late 1940s to the anonymous figures trapped in tortured isolation some ten years later, during one crucial decade British artist Francis Bacon created many of the most central and memorable images of his entire career. The artist enters the decade of the 1950s in search of himself and his true subject; he finishes ten years later having completed some of his great masterpieces and having acquired technical mastery over one of the most disturbing and revealing visions of the 20th century. Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
This book brings both Bacon the man and Bacon the painter vividly to life, focusing for the first time on this key period in his development. Michael Peppiatt, the leading authority on Bacon and a close friend of the artist for thirty years, reveals essential keys to understanding Bacon's mysterious and subversive art. The book presents and assesses a wide range of paintings (many of them rarely seen before) representing all of Bacon's major themes during the 1950s. Also included is an account of the artist's life in the 1950s.
TITLE : From a High Place : A Life of Arshile Gorky AUTHOR : Matthew Spender PUB : CALIFORNIA U PRESS $ 21.95, paperback 978-0-520-22548-0 An immigrant from a small Armenian village in eastern Turkey, Arshile Gorky (c. 1900-1948) made his way to the U.S. to become a painter in 1920. Having grown up haunted by memories of his alternately idyllic and terrifying childhood--his family fled the Turks' genocide of Armenians in 1915--he changed his name and created a new identity for himself in America. As an artist, Gorky bridged the generation of the surrealists and that of the abstract expressionists and was a very influential figure among the latter. His work was an inspiration to Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko, among others. Matthew Spender illuminates this world as he tells the story of Gorky's life and career TITLE : Modern Chinese Artists : A Biographical Dictionary AUTHOR : Michael Sullivan PUB : CALIFORNIA U PRESS $34.95, Ј19.95 hardcover 978-0-520-24449-8 Published April 2006 The first biographical dictionary of its kind in any Western language, this pioneering work provides short, information-packed entries for approximately 1,800 Chinese artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In recent years interest in modern Chinese art has spread across the globe. Public and private collections are being formed; courses in modern Chinese art are offered in many universities and museums. At the same time, the number of practicing artists in China and the amount of published material have greatly increased. Michael Sullivan's pathbreaking book Art and Artists of Twentieth-Century China, published in 1996, included a biographical index of some eight hundred artists. This volume includes more than twice that number, with entries that have been revised, expanded, and brought up to date. Illustrated with portraits and photographs of more than seventy leading artists, this comprehensive, convenient reference will be an essential tool for anyone interested in the study or collection of modern Chinese art. TITLE : Pieter Bruegel and the Art of Laughter AUTHOR : Walter S. Gibson PUB : CALIFORNIA U PRESS $49.95, Ј29.95 hardcover Published February 2006 978-0-520-24521-1 Pieter Bruegel (ca. 1525-1569), generally considered the greatest Flemish painter of the sixteenth century, was described in 1604 by his earliest biographer as a supremely comic artist, few of whose works failed to elicit laughter. Today, however, we approach Bruegel's art as anything but a laughing matter. His paintings and drawings are thought to conceal profound allegories best illuminated with scholarly erudition. In this delightfully engaging book, Walter S. Gibson takes a new look at Bruegel, arguing that the artist was no erudite philosopher, but a man very much in the world, and that a significant part of his art is best Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
appreciated in the context of humor. In his illuminating examination of the witty and amusing elements in Bruegel's paintings, prints, and drawings in relation to the sixteenth century European culture of laughter, Gibson reminds us exactly why Bruegel was one of the most original artists of his time. In a series of engrossing chapters, Gibson explores the function and production of laughter in the sixteenth century, examines the ways in which Bruegel exploited the comic potential of Hieronymus Bosch, and traces how the artist developed his remarkable gift for physiognomy in his work, culminating in three paintings of festive peasants he produced during the 1560s: the Wedding Dance, the Kermis, and the Wedding Banquet. Gibson also takes a detailed look at the Dulle Griet, Bruegel's most complex evocation of Bosch.
TITLE : The New Typography AUTHOR : Jan Tschichold PUB : CALIFORNIA U PRESS $32.50, Ј19.95 paperback Published September 2006 978-0-520-25012-3
Since its initial publication in Berlin in 1928, Jan Tschichold's The New Typography has been recognized as the definitive treatise on book and graphic design in the machine age. First published in English in 1995, with an excellent introduction by Robin Kinross, this new edition includes a foreword by Rich Hendel, who considers current thinking about Tschichold's life and work TITLE : Francis Bacon : The Papal Portraits of 1953 AUTHOR : Hugh M. Davies PUB : LUND HUMPHRIES Ј27.50 - Hardback January 2002 - 80 pages ISBN: 0 85331 846 8 British artist Francis Bacon (1909­1992), one of the foremost artists of the twentieth century, is known for his expressive figurative paintings. Perhaps Bacon's most famous image - the so-called 'screaming pope' in Study after Velбzquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953) - became the touchstone for the longest series of paintings in his career, the Papal Portraits of 1953. In 1953 'haunted and obsessed by the its perfection,' Bacon sought to reinvent Velбzquez's seventeenth-century Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1650) in the paintings that are the focus of this book. Francis Bacon replaced the grand, official state portrait with an intimate, spontaneous 'candid camera' glimpse behind the well-ordered exterior. While the Spanish master Velбzquez portayed the pope ex cathedra, Bacon captured him in camera, as if behind a closed door or through a one-way mirror. This series of eight papal portraits, painted during a period of just a few weeks in the summer of 1953, was brought together for the first time by noted Bacon scholar Hugh M. Davies for a 1999 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, along with several other works from the same period, including Sphinx I and two recently found Study after Velбzquez paintings from 1950. This book includes a new essay by Davies, discussing the artist's influences and sources of imagery for the series, and a previously unpublished interview that Davies conducted with Bacon in 1973.
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TITLE : A Separate Sphere: Dressmakers in Cincinnati's Golden Age, 1877-1922 AUTHOR : Cynthia Amneus PUB : TEXAS TECH U PRESS $32.50 paper 09/2003 - 216 pages 0896725154 One gets a rare glimpse into the business of fashion in this stunning publication. . . . Amneus uses dressmaking as a central theme to merge key issues in the areas of social and labor history during a time of cultural transformation in America. The result is a scholarly work that documents gender roles, equal rights, artisanship, and entrepreneurship."--Michigan Historical Review Dressmaking, considered a natural extension of women's proper work in the home, was a common and lucrative employment for women in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It afforded creative expression, prestige in the community, and even the possibility of financial independence. Yet as entrepreneurs, dressmakers faced unique business pressures, and with the advent of department stores and widespread mass production of women's clothing, most were forced out of business. Coinciding with the exhibition Cynthia Amnйus organized for the Cincinnati Art Museum, this work examines the nineteenth-century ideology of women's separate sphere, the early feminist movement, women in the workplace, and dressmakers as artisans and professionals. More than 140 stunning custommade garments, historical photographs, and dressmakers' labels document the superb artistic and technical skill of the women who produced fashionable dress in Cincinnati from 1877 to 1922. Bracketing Amnйus's incisive study are essays by Anne Bissonnette on the eccentric tea gown, Marla Miller on the pitfalls of researching women's cultural work, and Shirley Teresa Wajda on the dressmakers' wealthy clientele. In all, A Separate Sphere offers a careful look into the lives of women struggling with ideological boundaries. Chronicling choices made by and imposed on both working-class women and their affluent counterparts, it reveals how these women managed to enhance their prescribed sphere for themselves and for the community at large. TITLE : ART : Histories, Theories and Exceptions AUTHOR : Adam Geczy Ј12.99 - Paperback ISBN 9781845203207 Our understanding of art has undergone several major upheavals in the last thirty years: postmodernism and mass media began the process of disruption in the 1980s; the explosion in the use and presence of digital technologies since the 1990s has radically altered the way art is created, perceived and made available; the recent reconceptualising of art as part of 'visual culture' has torn art theory from its roots in Art History and placed it in the context of anthropological, cultural and media theory. Art: Histories, Theories and Exceptions confronts these different ideas by examining a range of different approaches to art - as ritual, as a form of diagrammatic writing, as a symptom of a cultural moment, as a commodity, and as an agent of change. Art: Histories, Theories and Exceptions explores what art ­ in its broadest sense, from Aboriginal work to the Western art market, from the role of museums to new media interactivity, from art as mainstream production and consumption to radical work which challenges our beliefs - means today. Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
TITLE : The Latin American Fashion Reader AUTHOR : Regina A. Root PUB : BERG Ј17.99 - Paperback March 2005 - 320pp ISBN 9781859738931 Latin American fashion's recent gain in popularity can be seen most obviously in mass-market ranges throughout the industrialized West. From the tango-inspired dress of Argentina and guerrilla chic in downtown Buenos Aires to swimwear on Copacabana Beach and the rainbow that adorns Mayan women, Latin America has long been a source of inspiration for designers throughout the world. Until now, however, the pivotal role played by dress in this region has surprisingly been overlooked. This book is a long overdue assessment of Latin America's influence on global fashion. The authors examine the significance of textiles and dress to Latin American culture and the reasons behind it from fashion history to popular culture and the (re)making of traditional garments, such as the poncho, the guayabera and maguey-fiber sandals. This book also considers fashion icons such as Frida Kahlo and Eva Peron, women who have been worshipped and transformed into marketable symbols of exoticism and passion, as well as the key role that dress played in their rise to celebrity on the international stage. Providing a first and definitive overview of Latin American fashion, this book is Essential Reading for anyone interested in Latin American cultural studies or fashion history. Winner of the 2006 Arthur P. Whitaker Prize, awarded by the Middle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies TITLE : Monet AUTHOR : Matthias Arnold PUB : HAUS PUB Ј10.99 ­ PB Feburary 2006 1-904950-35-3 Claude Monet (1840-1926) gave the title of Impressionism to the school of art he created together with Manet, Renoir, Pissaro, Caillebotte and Sisley. Despite the fact that he left numerous autobiographical notes about himself, which together with other contemporary sources, paint the picture of a strong yet contradictory character, Monet the man has remained hidden behind the work of the artist. . TITLE : The French Collection : French Nineteenth-Century Paintings in Dutch Public Collections AUTHOR : Aukje Vergeest PUB : AMSTERDAM U PRESS 24,50 ­ paperback 2000 - 384 pages 978 90 5356 452 3 'What's happening right now in Paris?' This must have been the question that preoccupied many a 19thcentury art dealer and artist. For the modern artist who wanted to make it in that period, Paris was no doubt Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
the place to be. And it's from here that considerable amounts of French art managed to find its way, via art dealers and other means, into the private homes of Dutch collectors. Some of them assembled renowned collections. And, eventually, a part of these art treasures ended up in national museums, by gift or bequest. The museums, for their part, supplemented these collections with their own acquisitions. Now for the first time, the total sum of 19th-century French paintings held in Dutch public collections is brought into coherent focus. The French Collection opens with an essay which vividly sketches the art world in Holland during this period. In the catalogue section of The French Collection we find all of the over 1000 paintings listed alphabetically by the artist's name. Clear and comprehensive entries of every work include the technical data, the provenance of the work, the literature and the exhibitions. Furthermore, each painting is represented with a black and white photo. This reference book will certainly help open up the Dutch collections nationwide and worldwide; therefore it earns a permanent place in the libraries of art institutions, museum, art historians, collectors and art lovers.
TITLE : Building the New World: Studies in the Modern Architecture of Latin America, 1930-1960 AUTHOR : Valerie Fraser PUB : VERSO Ј17.00 - Paper Feb ­ 2001 - 256 pages 1 85984 307 7 Brasнlia, Caracas, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro ... cities synonymous with some of the most innovative and progressive architecture of the past century. The period between 1930 and 1960 in particular saw a dramatic upsurge in Latin American modern architecture as the various governments strove to make public their modernising intentions. After 1960, however, the year in which Brasнlia was inaugurated, economic growth in the region slowed and the modernist project faltered. The English-speaking world, which had previously admired Latin American buildings, began to write them out of the history of twentieth-century architecture. Building the New World attempts to redress the balance. It surveys the most important examples of state-funded modernism in Latin America during a period of almost unimaginable optimism, when politicians and architects such as Pani, Costa, Reidy and Niemeyer sought ways, literally, to build their societies out of underdevelopment TITLE : Fashion Foundations : Early Writings on Fashion and Dress AUTHOR : Kim K. P. Johnson & Susan J. Torntore & Joanne B. Eicher PUB : BERG Ј15.99 - Paperback June 2003 - 176pp ISBN 9781859736197 Although it can be difficult to think of fashion in anything other than a contemporary context, as a concept it is hardly new. Costume historians trace the birth of fashion back to the thirteenth century and writings on fashion date back as early as the sixteenth century when Michel de Montaigne pondered its origins, thereby setting in motion a chain of inquiry that has continued to intrigue writers for centuries. This key text reprints classic fashion writings, all of which have had a profound if perhaps untrumpeted impact on our understanding and approach to modern day dress - from the psychology of clothes through to collective fashion trends. Why do we wear clothes? What do they say about our self-awareness and body image? How can we 'fashion' new identities through what we wear? Seminal fashion statements by Montaigne, William Hazlitt, Herbert Spencer, Thorstein B. Veblen, Adam Smith, Herbert Blumer, and Georg Simmel answer these questions and many more. Full of vital fashion treasures that have often been ignored, this book fills a major gap in the history of the discipline and will serve as an essential teaching text for years to come Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
TITLE : Cloth, Dress and Art Patronage in Africa AUTHOR : Judith Perani & Norma H. Wolff PUB : BERG Ј16.99 - Paperback March 1999 - 224pp ISBN 9781859732953 Drawing examples from a wide range of African cultures, this ground-breaking book expands the continuing discourse on the aesthetic and cultural significance of cloth, body and dress in Africa and moves beyond contextual analysis to consider the broader application of cloth and dress to art forms in other media. In blending the concerns of Art History and Anthropology, the authors focus on the art patronage systems that stimulate production, consumption, commodification and cultural meaning, and emphasize the overriding importance of cloth to aesthetic and cultural expression in African societies. Through this approach they reveal complex processes that involve a series of actors, including textile artists, commissioning-patrons and consumer-patrons, all of whom shape cloth and dress traditions. These individuals not only influence production, but are a key to understanding the cultural meaning of cloth and dress and, by extension, the body in Africa
TITLE : Trench Art : Materialities and Memories of War AUTHOR : Nicholas J. Saunders PUB : BERG Ј16.99 - Paperback August 2003 - 288pp ISBN 9781859736081 Trench art is the evocative name given to a dazzling array of objects made from the waste of industrialized war. Each object, whether an engraved shell case, cigarette lighter or a pen made from shrapnel, tells a unique and moving story about its maker. For the first time, this book explores in-depth the history and cultural importance behind these ambiguous art forms. Not only do they symbolize human responses to the atrocities of war, but they also act as mediators between soldiers and civilians, individuals and Industrial Society, and, most importantly, between the living and the dead. Trench art resonates most obviously with the terror of endless bombardment, night raids, gas attacks and the bestial nature of trench life. It grew in popularity between 1919 and 1939 when the bereaved embarked on battlefield pilgrimages and returned with objects intended to keep alive the memory of loved ones. The term trench art is, however, misleading, as it does not simply refer to materials found in the trenches. It describes a diverse range of objects that have in some way emerged from the experience of war all over the world. Many distinctive objects, for example, were made during conflicts in Bosnia, Vietnam, Northern Ireland and Korea. Surprisingly, trench art predates World War I and it can be made in a number of earlier wars such as the Crimean War, the American Civil War, and the Boer War. Saunders looks at the broader issues of what is meant by trench art, what it was before the trenches and how it fits in with other art movements, as well as the specific materials used in making it. He suggests that it can be seen as a bridge between the nineteenth century certainties and the fragmented industrialized values and ideals of the modern world. This long overdue study offers an original and informative look at one of the most arresting forms of art. Spanning from 1800 to the present day, its analysis of art, human experience, and warfare will pave the way for new research and will be of great interest to cultural and military historians, anthropologists, art historians and collectors.
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TITLE : The Fashion of Architecture AUTHOR : Bradley Quinn PUB : BERG Ј19.99 - Paperback Dec - 2003 - 288pp ISBN 9781859737576 Architecture is making its presence felt in cutting-edge fashion. The pliable metals, membrane structures, lightweight glasses and plastics used in building construction are creeping onto the catwalk. As they do so, their impact on recent textile developments has produced fabrics that enable clothing to act as individual climate-controlled environments that can exchange information with embedded sensors, resulting in wearable dwellings that act as both shelter and clothing. At the same time, architects are borrowing the techniques of pleating, stapling, cutting and draping from traditional tailoring to design buildings that are flexible, interactive, inflatable and even portable. Although the relationship between architecture and fashion was recognized more than a century ago, the connection between them has rarely been explored by historians, designers or practicing architects. The Fashion of Architecture is the first attempt to investigate the contemporary relationship between architecture and fashion in considerable depth, by examining the ideas, imagery, techniques and materials used by visionaries such as Martin Margiela, Issey Miyake, Alexander McQueen, Tadao Ando and Daniel Libeskind. As mavericks ranging from Hussein Chalayan and Rei Kawakubo to Rem Koolhaas and Zaha Hadid describe architectures role in the formation of fashion identities, new readings of both areas emerge. Probing and far-reaching in its content, The Fashion of Architecture is the most comprehensive study of this exciting area to date. TITLE : Making Art History: A Changing Discipline and its Institutions AUTHOR : Editor(s) ­ Elizabeth Mansfield Publisher: Routledge Ј 22.99 - Paperback 05/16/2007 - Pages: 288 ISBN-10: 0415372356 Making Art History is a collection of essays by contemporary scholars on the practice and theory of art history as it responds to institutions as diverse as art galleries and museums, publishing houses and universities, school boards and Professional Organizations, political parties and multinational corporations. The text is split into four thematic sections, each of which begins with a short introduction from the editor, the sections include: Border Patrols, addresses the artistic canon and its relationship to the ongoing 'war on terror', globalization, and the rise of the Belgian nationalist party. The Subjects of Art History, questions whether 'art' and 'history' are really what the discipline seeks to understand. Instituting Art History, concerns art history and its relation to the university and raises questions about the mission, habits, ethics and limits of university today. Old Master, New Institutions, shows how art history and the museum respond to nationalism, corporate management models and the 'culture wars'.
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TITLE : New Museums and the Making of Culture AUTHOR : Kylie Message PUB : BERG Ј19.99 - Paperback Dec 2006 - 256pp ISBN 9781845204549 In the last decade, museums all around the world have been reinventing themselves. They are now much more than scholarly, cultural archives. A remit to reach out to a broader public, the increasing politicization of the ownership and curation of objects, the architectural expectations of new buildings, the requirements of the "event exhibit"...all have changed the way any new museum is built, operates and serves its public purpose. Museums now reflect global economics and local politics. New museums now shape our public culture. Illustrated with a very wide range of museums and museum spaces - from MOMA in New York to the reconstruction of Ground Zero, from the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC to the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, from the planned renewal of the Crystal Palace site in London to the Sendai Mediatheque in Japan - the book reveals how the new museum is evolving as a cross-disciplinary, self-consciously political, and often avowedly self-reflexive institution TITLE : The Fashion Reader AUTHOR : Linda Welters & Abby Lillethun PUB : BERG Ј19.99 - Paperback February 2007 - 480pp ISBN 9781845204860 Fashion today is produced and consumed globally. It is dependent on a rapidly changing infrastructure influenced by art, popular culture, technological innovation, politics, and trade regulations. Moreover, fashion constantly references ideas and cultures from around the world, both past and present. The Fashion Reader is designed for students, scholars, and anyone interested in contemporary fashion. The book brings together the key writings on the subject, covering the history, culture, and business of fashion. The extracts are drawn from a wide range of sources - books, professional and academic journals, magazines, interviews and exhibition catalogues. Each section is specially introduced and concludes with guides to further reading. A Brief History of Modern Fashion - Fashion Theory - Fashion & Identity - The Geography of Dress -. Politics of Fashion - Fashion & the Body - Fashion & Art - Fashion in the Media - High/Low: From Haute Couture to the Street - The Fashion Business - Future of Fashion
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TITLE : A Cultural History of Fashion in the 20th Century : From the Catwalk to the Sidewalk AUTHOR : Bonnie English PUB : BERG Ј14.99 - Paperback July 2007 - 224pp ISBN 9781845203429 The twentieth century saw the effective end of haute couture, the rise of prкt a porter and, finally, the triumph of street fashion. A Cultural History of Fashion in the 20th Century unravels the complexities and contradictions behind these changes to chart the history of modern fashion. What caused the demise of haute couture in the twentieth century? What does the 'democratization' of fashion actually mean? Which key designers bridged the gap between 'couture', with its associations of elite class and taste, and 'street style', a product of tribalism and of popular culture and protest? If fashion imitates art and art imitates life, does life imitate fashion - do we wear the clothes or do the clothes wear us? Setting fashion within its social, cultural and artistic context, A Cultural History of Fashion in the 20th Century presents an engaging history of the interplay between commerce and culture, technology and aesthetics, popular culture and pastiche, and fashion and anti-fashion TITLE : Fashioning the Body Politic : Dress, Gender, Citizenship AUTHOR : Wendy Parkins PUB : BERG Ј16.99 - Paperback May 2002 -224pp ISBN 9781859735879 Fashion is often thought of as a matter of personal taste, completely unconnected with the public domain of political life and citizenship. Overturning this perspective, this absorbing book reveals that, from the French Revolution to post-Revolutionary China, fashion has played a significant role in political participation and protest. Fashioning the Body Politic challenges the perception of helpless fashion victims, subject to manipulation by consumerism and the fashion industry, and shows how, in a range of historical and national contexts, certain styles of dress and display were significant for both men and women's political participation and the formation of their identities as citizens. How did 'dressing up' in a variety of ways allow suffragette women to perform unconventional forms of political protest? In what ways did the uniforms of scouts and guides function to erect gender, racial and religious boundaries? Following the ban on traditional clothing in Imperial Russia, how did Russians appropriate European fashions and ethnic costumes to fashion new identities for themselves? Using these and a wealth of other case studies, Fashioning the Body Politic offers a fresh perspective on the relationship between men, women and fashion and shows that the political domain has always been permeated with the cultural practices of dress, display and bodily performance
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Art/Archi./Photo. 100 TITLE : Fashioning the Frame : Boundaries, Dress and the Body AUTHOR : Alexandra Warwick & Dani Cavallaro PUB : BERG Ј16.99 - Paperback October 1998 - 256pp ISBN 9781859739860 The body has been the focus of much recent critical attention, but the clothed body less so. In answering the need to theorize dress, this book provides an overview of recent scholarship and presents an original theory of what dress means in relation to the body. Identity relies on boundaries to individuate the self. Dress challenges boundaries: it frames the body and serves both to distinguish and connect self and `Other'. The authors argue that clothing is, then, both a boundary and not a boundary, that it is ambiguous and produces a complex relation between self and `not self'. In examining the role of dress in social structures, the authors argue that clothing can be seen as both restricting and liberating individual and collective identity. In proposing that dress represents `a deep surface,' a manifestation of the unconscious at work through apparently superficial phenomena, the book also questions the relationship between surface and depth and counters the notion of dress as disguise or concealment. The concept of the gaze and the role of gender are approached through a discussion of masks and veils. The authors argue that masks and veils paradoxically combine concealment and revelation, `truth' and `deception'. Here the body and dress are both seen as forms of absence, with dress concealing not the body, but the absence of the physical body. This provocative book is certain to become a landmark text for anyone interested in the intersection of dress, the body and critical theory. TITLE : ILLUSTRATED ATLAS OF THE HIMALAYA AUTHOR : David Zurick & Julsun Pacheco PUB : KENTUCKY U PRESS $50.00 ­ cloth 2006 - Pages: 228 ISBN: 978-0-8131-2388-2 A sweeping overview of the geography, economics, politics, and culture of this spectacular region, the Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya is the first full-color, comprehensive atlas of contemporary land and life in the Earth's highest mountains. Drawing from the authors' twenty-five years of scholarship and personal experience in the region, the volume contains a stunning and unique collection of informative maps based on state-of-the-art cartography, exquisite photography, and compelling text to give accurate coverage of the Himalaya. The entire 2,700-kilometer length of the range is covered, from the Indus Valley in northern Pakistan and India, across Nepal and Bhutan, to the hidden realms of northeast India. With over 300 artfully produced four-color maps and photographs, the Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya is an indispensable reference and a superb collector's volume for anyone interested in the vast mountain panorama that is the Himalaya. Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 101 TITLE : Postmodernism and the Postsocialist Condition : Politicized Art under Late Socialism AUTHOR : Edited - Ales Erjavec PUB : CALIFORNIA U PRESS $49.95 ­ hardcover 2003 - 316 pages 978-0-520-23334-8 This crucial study presents an epic narrative of how postmodernism gave the artists of Eastern and Central Europe the expressive means to work their way out from the ruins of state socialism into the global art world in which their compatriots in the West are themselves struggling to find their identity. The authors bring to consciousness the art history of the present from important and unsuspected perspectives. This is not just a book for specialists-it is for everyone who lives the life of art in unprecedented times."--Arthur C. Danto, author of After the End of Art: Contemporary Art and the Pale of History "A fascinating document in the understanding of one of the decisive cultural moments in the postmodern world. The book's diversity of approaches illuminates both postmodern art and politics from a distinctive angle. Postmodernism and the Postsocialist Condition is likely to become a significant primary source for future cultural historians."--Paul Crowther, author of The Transhistorical Image: Philosophizing Art and Its History TITLE : Art in Crisis : W. E. B. Du Bois and the Struggle for African American Identity and Memory AUTHOR : Amy Helene Kirschke PUB : INDIANA U PRESS $24.95 ­ Paperback 2007 - 296 pages ISBN: 0-253-21813-6 The Crisis was an integral element of the struggle to combat racism in America. As editor of the magazine (1910­1934), W. E. B. Du Bois addressed the important issues facing African Americans. He used the journal as a means of racial uplift, celebrating the joys and hopes of African American culture and life, and as a tool to address the injustices black Americans experienced--the sorrows of persistent discrimination and racial terror, and especially the crime of lynching. The written word was not sufficient. Visual imagery was central to bringing his message to the homes of readers and emphasizing the importance of the cause. Art was integral to his political program. Art in Crisis: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Struggle for African American Identity and Memory reveals how W. E. B. Du Bois created a "visual vocabulary" to define a new collective memory and historical identity for African Americans TITLE : Art of the Court of Bijapur AUTHOR : Deborah Hutton PUB : INDIANA U PRESS $65.00 ­ cloth 2006 - 216 pages ISBN: 0-253-34784-X The patrons and artists of Bijapur, an Islamic kingdom that flourished in the Deccan region of India in the 16th and 17th centuries, produced lush paintings and elaborately carved architecture, evidence of a highly cosmopolitan Indo-Islamic culture. Bijapur's most celebrated monument, the Ibrahim Rauza tomb complex, is carved with elegant calligraphy and lotus flowers and was once dubbed "the Taj Mahal of the South." This stunningly illustrated study traces the development of Bijapuri art and courtly identity through detailed Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 102 examination of selected paintings and architecture, many of which have never before been published. They deserve our attention for their aesthetic qualities as well as for the ways they expand our understanding of the rich synthesis of cultures and religions in South Asian and Islamic art. TITLE : Indian Ink: Script and Print in the Making of the English East India Company AUTHOR : Ogborn, Miles PUB : CHICAGO U PRESS $40.00 ­ Cloth 2007 - 288 p ISBN: 978-0-226-62041-1 A commercial company established in 1600 to monopolize trade between England and the Far East, the East India Company grew to govern an Indian empire. Exploring the relationship between power and knowledge in European engagement with Asia, Indian Ink examines the Company at work and reveals how writing and print shaped authority on a global scale in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Tracing the history of the Company from its first tentative trading voyages in the early seventeenth century to the foundation of an empire in Bengal in the late eighteenth century, Miles Ogborn takes readers into the scriptoria, ships, offices, print shops, coffeehouses, and palaces to investigate the forms of writing needed to exert power and extract profit in the mercantile and imperial worlds. Interpreting the making and use of a variety of forms of writing in script and print, Ogborn argues that material and political circumstances always undermined attempts at domination through the power of the written word. TITLE : The Abu Ghraib Effect AUTHOR : Eisenman, Stephen F PUB : CHICAGO U PRESS $19.95 ­ Cloth 2007 - 142 p ISBN: 978-1-86189-309-3 The line between punishment and torture can be razor-thin--yet the entire world agreed that it was definitively crossed at Abu Ghraib. Or perhaps not. George W. Bush won a second term in office only months after the Abu Ghraib scandal was uncovered, and only the lowest-ranking U.S. soldiers involved in the scandal have been prosecuted. Where was the public outcry? Stephen Eisenman offers here an unsettling explanation that exposes our darkest inclinations in the face of all-too-human brutality. Eisenman characterizes Americans' willful dismissal of the images as "the Abu Ghraib effect," rooted in the ways that the images of tortured Abu Ghraib prisoners tapped into a reactionary sentiment of imperialist self-justification and power. The complex elements in the images fit the "pathos formula," he argues, an enduring artistic motif in which victims are depicted as taking pleasure in their own extreme pain. Meanwhile, the explicitly sexual nature of the Abu Ghraib tortures allowed Americans to rationalize the deeds away as voluntary pleasure acts by the prisoners--a delusional reaction, but, The Abu Ghraib Effect reveals, one with historical precedence. From Greek sculptures to Goya paintings, Eisenman deftly connects such works and their disturbing pathos motif to the Abu Ghraib images Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 103 TITLE : The Triumph of Modernism: India's Artists and the Avant-garde AUTHOR : Mitter, Partha PUB : CHICAGO U PRESS $45.00 ­ Paper 2007 - 256 p ISBN: 978-1-86189-318-5 The tumultuous last decades of British colonialism in India were catalyzed by more than the work of Mahatma Gandhi and violent conflicts. The concurrent upheavals in Western art driven by the advent of modernism provided Indian artists in post-1920 India a powerful tool of colonial resistance. Distinguished art historian Partha Mitter now explores in this brilliantly illustrated study a lesser known facet of Indian art and history. The tumultuous last decades of British colonialism in India were catalyzed by more than the work of Mahatma Gandhi and violent conflicts. The concurrent upheavals in Western art driven by the advent of modernism provided Indian artists in post-1920 India a powerful tool of colonial resistance. Distinguished art historian Partha Mitter now explores in this brilliantly illustrated study this lesser known facet of Indian art and history. Taking the 1922 Bauhaus exhibition in Calcutta as the debut of European modernism in India, The Triumph of Modernism probes the intricate interplay of Western modernism and Indian nationalism in the evolution of colonial-era Indian art. Mitter casts his gaze across a myriad of issues, including the emergence of a feminine voice in Indian art, the decline of "oriental art," and the rise of naturalism and modernism in the 1920s. Nationalist politics also played a large role, from the struggle of artists in reconciling Indian nationalism with imperial patronage of the arts to the relationship between primitivism and modernism in Indian art. An engagingly written study anchored by 150 lush reproductions, The Triumph of Modernism will be essential reading for scholars of art, British studies, and Indian history TITLE : Medieval Dress and Fashion AUTHOR : Scott, Margaret PUB : CHICAGO U PRESS $55.00 ­ Cloth 2007 - 208 p ISBN: 978-0-7123-0675-1 From Renaissance fairs to countless retellings of the legend of Robin Hood to the popular restaurant Medieval Times, people remain fascinated by the medieval era--and in particular the clothing of the time. The richly varied dress of medieval days meant more than just fashion and style, and Margaret Scott offers here an insightful chronicle of the layered meanings of the garb worn by queens, kings, courtiers, and peasants. Scott draws upon the vibrant illuminated manuscripts of the era to analyze the beautiful design and functionality of medieval clothing. Fascinating changes mark the development of medieval fashion, such as the transition in men's grooming from wearing beards and long hair to being clean-shaven with short hair; the rise in women's fashion in the fourteenth century as a method of securing a husband; and the various types of jewelry, fabric, and subtle garment fittings that managed to convey the important distinctions between the upper class and the peasantry. Such distinctions, Scott reveals, were enforced by intricate and strict laws passed in countries throughout Europe that governed the color, styles, and number of a citizen's garments according to their career, social class, and even the times of year. Political and religious history were also critical factors, Medieval Dress and Fashion shows, as the book draws from first-hand accounts to analyze how pivotal historical moments such as the Crusades and the fall of the Roman Empire resulted in an unexpected blending of cultures and clothing styles. Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
104 TITLE : The Prints of Roger Shimomura : A Catalogue Raisonnй, 1968-2005 AUTHOR : Emily Stamey PUB : WASHINGTON U PRESS $28.95 ­ Paper 2007 - 152 pp 9780295986722
I have consistently turned to printmaking when I needed a fresh direction or a recharge of my creative batteries." - Roger Shimomura Best known as a painter and theater artist, Roger Shimomura explores his Japanese American identity through a vibrant and provocative stylistic combination of twentieth-century American pop art and traditional eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Japanese woodblock prints. In his printed works, one discovers a number of firsts, among them the artist's first examination of place; his first attempt to combat stereotypes by appropriating racist caricatures; and his first use of explicitly sexual imagery. This catalogue raisonnй is also a first. Featuring color reproductions of all the artist's 122 extant prints to date, along with notes by Shimomura about the creative and personal history behind particular images, this is the first publication to systematically examine a specific body of work within Shimomura's larger oeuvre. It is also the first to begin critically examining the importance of the Midwest to his work. TITLE : Samuel Beckett: A Passion for Painting AUTHOR : CROKE PUB : WASHINGTON U PRESS $ 50.00 ­ PB 2007 - 128 pages 1904288162 The National Gallery of Ireland was one of Samuel Beckett's favorite Dublin haunts. He whiled away many hours there and was particularly drawn to works by Perugino, Poussin, Rembrandt, and Rubeens. Encouraged by his friend Thomas MacGreevy, who later became director of the Gallery, Beckett developed a life-long passion for art. Essays trace Beckett's interest in art from its origins in the National Gallery, through his admiration for the work of Jack B. Yeats, to his art criticism and associations with contemporary artists including Bram van Velde, Alberto Giacometti, and Avigdor Arikha. The book concludes with the proceedings of the round table discussion "Samuel Beckett and the Visual Arts." Contributors include Nicholas Allen, John Banville, Riann Coulter, Dellas Henke, Charles Klabunde, James Knowlson, Rйmi Labrusse, David Lloyd, Breon Mitchell, Lois Oppenheim, Peggy Phelan, and Susan Schreibman TITLE : Rembrandt Face to Face AUTHOR : Stephanie S. Dickey PUB : WASHINGTON U PRESS $ - 20.00 ­ PB 2007 ­ 76 pages 0936260831 TITLE : The Persistence of Geometry: Form, Content, and Culture in the Collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art AUTHOR : Lowery Stokes Sims PUB : WASHINGTON U PRESS $ 22.50 ­ PB 2007 - 128 pages 0940717867 Geometry can be found all around us. The Persistence of Geometry is an exploration of the visualization of geometry and geometrical forms through history with a special emphasis on modern and contemporary art. It is a highly personal visual journey that records not only the commonalities of human perception throughout the ages and in different cultures, but also the continuing dialogue of vanguard art from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries with traditional and historical art. The Persistence of Geometry provides an Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 105 opportunity to understand forms and shapes as carriers of meaning that are both specific to a particular cultural context and universal in their immediate appeal. It presents works of art that date from the Neolithic and Predynastic periods in China and Egypt to the contemporary period in New York City TITLE : Fresh!: Contemporary Takes on Nature and Allegory AUTHOR : Juli Cho Bailer PUB : WASHINGTON U PRESS $ 24.95 ­ PB 2007 - 64 pages 0972664920 The need to describe the world around us is an impulse as old as the earliest cave-wall depictions of running horses and wounded bison. In this descriptive enterprise we have consistently found nature to be a valuable and inspiring companion, and over the centuries, as we moved beyond simple narrative to the complex, exhortative inventions of allegory, nature has reciprocally grown with us, giving us a crucial and familiar framework to help us to know our place in the universe. As a consequence of this evolution, the human imagination can claim innumerable--often epic--accounts built on the marriage of nature and allegory. Fresh! Contemporary Takes on Nature and Allegory features the works of fifteen artists from the United States, Europe, and Asia, encompassing pieces that vary tremendously in medium, technique, and scale--not to mention subject matter. It does not pretend to cover all of the allegorical tendencies in contemporary art, but nevertheless does represent several significant strains in the use of this mode in examining our relationship to nature TITLE : COMMUNITIES WITHOUT BORDERS : Images and Voices from the World of Migration AUTHOR : David Bacon; Carlos Muсoz Jr. PUB : CORNELL U PRESS $29.95 ­ paper 2006, 248 pages ISBN: 978-0-8014-7307-4 When we finally arrived at my brother's house in the United States, I thought about how far I was from home in Mexico. I looked back, saw the sun setting, and thought about my father and what he might be doing. I thought, 'Why did I come so far, and how am I going to return?' Before I left my father asked me why I wanted to leave. He said he thought we would never see each other again. My brother told him not to worry and that he would return me in a year. . . . He was right, because we never did."-Irma Luna recalls her experience of migration, from Communities without Borders In his stunning work of photojournalism and oral history, David Bacon documents the new reality of migrant experience: the creation of transnational communities. Today's indigenous migrants don't simply move from one point to another but create new communities all along the northern road from Guatemala through Mexico into the United States, connected by common culture and history. Drawing on his experience as a photographer and a journalist and also as a former labor organizer, Bacon portrays the lives of the people who migrate between Guatemala and Mexico and the United States. He takes us inside these communities and illuminates the ties that bind them together, the influence of their working conditions on their families and health, and their struggle for better lives Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 106 TITLE : Silk AUTHOR : Mary Schoeser PUB : YALE U PRESS $50.00 - Cloth: 2007 - 256 p. ISBN-10: 0300117418 This gorgeously illustrated volume not only offers a tour through the fascinating history of silk but also a glimpse into the future, when imaginative designers and textile producers will be changing the boundaries of what is possible with this extraordinary material. Textile expert Mary Schoeser presents an authoritative account of the development of silk, its properties and practical uses, and its role in some of the greatest achievements in the history of fashion design. Silk is magical. Made by worms, it is able to absorb up to thirty times its weight in water, it is warmer than wool, and it is unsurpassed for beauty and touch. Schoeser focuses keen attention on silk's evolution as a symbol of status and substance, then traces its central function in 19th- and 20th-century glamour, expressed through the work of designers from Christian Dior to Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga to Emmanuel Ungaro. Schoeser also examines the innovative use of silk by today's cutting-edge designers, among them Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake, and John Galliano of Dior. She concludes with a detailed investigation of new silk technologies and how they continue to extend both the physical properties of silk and the possibilities for creative design. TITLE : Salvador Dalн : The Construction of the Image, 1925-1930 AUTHRO : Fиlix Fanйs PUB : YALE U PRESS $55.00 - Cloth: 2007 - 242 p. ISBN-10: 0300091796 As a very young artist in training at the academy in Madrid, Salvador Dalн worked in two distinct modes-- a highly detailed naturalism (under the influence of the "return to order") and a more avant-garde, cubistderived style that owed much to Picasso (whom Dalн visited in Paris in 1926). Then, in 1927, the twentythree-year-old artist, influenced by Andrй Breton's Surrealist Manifesto of 1924 and the paintings of such artists as Joan Mirу and Yves Tanguy, began to move towards Surrealism. In the spring of 1929, to coincide with the shooting of Buсuel's Un Chien andalou, Dalн organized his first Paris exhibition, thereby gaining acclaim as a full member of the surrealist movement. This book offers a wealth of new material about Dalн's formative years as a young artist in Spain and first years in Paris. Fиlix Fanйs, one of the most knowledgeable Dalн scholars in the world, transforms perceptions of the artist and shows how the stage was set for the emergence of Dalн's mature artistic personality. With a fresh and detailed assessment of Dalн's truly revolutionary work, Fanйs reveals the central role of the artist not only in the development of the Surrealist movement but also the course of 20thcentury art Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 107 TITLE : The Great Wall of China : Photographs by Chen Changfen AUTHOR : Anne Wilkes Tucker PUB : YALE U PRESS $45.00 - Cloth: 2007 - 168 p. ISBN-10: 0300122470 Chen Changfen (b. 1941) began to photograph the Great Wall twenty years before the Chinese government officially adopted it as the national symbol in 1984. This fascinating book presents a small fraction of his decades-long study of the monumental form and conveys the fertile range of themes and ideas that Chen has investigated, each informed by traditional Chinese art, history, and philosophy. Combining a unique blend of traditional and contemporary technical processes, Chen's richly evocative photographs at once celebrate the remarkable series of building campaigns that produced the Wall and memorialize the thousands of conscripted laborers whose lives were sacrificed to its construction. One of the most striking features of Chen's photographs is their unexpected variety of perspectives and moods, capturing the vicissitudes of weather, time, and human history that have acted upon it. By excluding the people, highways, factories, and modern buildings that encroach on and daily destroy sections of the Wall, however, Chen eliminates major aspects of the Wall's present reality from his pictures. In a thoughtful essay and interview with the artist, Anne Wilkes Tucker probes the meanings of such omissions and guides the reader through Chen's extraordinary images. The Great Wall of China is essential reading for photographers, historians, and travelers TITLE : Viewing Renaissance Art AUTHOR : Edited by Kim W. Woods PUB : YALE U PRESS $35.00 ­ Paper 2007 - 352 p. ISBN-10: 0300123434 This book focuses on the values, priorities, and motives of patrons and the purposes and functions of art works produced north and south of the Alps and in post-Byzantine Crete. It begins by considering the social range and character of Renaissance patronage and ends with a study of Hans Holbein the Younger and the reform of religious images in Basle and England. Viewing Renaissance Art considers a wide range of audiences and patrons from the rulers of France to the poorest confraternities in Florence. The overriding premise is that art was not a neutral matter of stylistic taste but an aspect of material production in which values were invested--whether religious, cultural, social, or political TITLE : Lola Montez : A Life AUTHOR : Bruce Seymour PUB : YALE U PRESS $45.00 ­ Paper 1998 - 480 p. ISBN-10: 0300074395 The exploits of Lola Montez--onstage as a dancer and an actress, in politics as a power behind thrones, and in bedrooms around the world--made her one of the best-known women of the Victorian era. Born Eliza Gilbert, daughter of British and Irish parents, she transformed herself into an aristocratic Spanish dancer, carrying on an audacious masquerade that took her to Europe, America, and Australia and attracting admirers and scandal wherever she went. When she died in 1861 at age forty, her obituary appeared in papers around the world. Yet her true story has always been obscured by the web of lies she constructed Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 108 about herself. This absorbing and entertaining biography of Lola Montez is the first to reveal the facts of her incredible life. Drawing on unpublished archives from four continents, Bruce Seymour describes Lola's disastrous early marriage to her mother's admirer, her many romantic liaisons after she left her husband, her disappearance to Spain when she was about to be sued for divorce, her reappearance as a Spanish noblewoman and dancer, and her love affairs with, among others, Franz Liszt. Seymour has been able to use the recently discovered intimate correspondence between Lola and King Ludwig I of Bavaria to recount how she won the heart of the aging king, how she was driven from the kingdom by an enraged mob, and how Ludwig ultimately abdicated because of her. Seymour presents an unretouched portrait of a woman of contradictory parts--a woman who was beautiful, intelligent, and courageous but was also monstrously egocentric and manipulative, and who was above all an independent woman ahead of her time. TITLE : Warriors of the Himalayas : Rediscovering the Arms and Armor of Tibet AUTHOR : Donald J. LaRocca PUB : YALE U PRESS $75.00 ­ Cloth 2006 - 320 p. ISBN-10: 0300111533 This is the first in-depth examination of the fascinating subject of the armor and weapons of Tibet, a country that throughout the centuries was the scene of dramatic artistic, cultural, and political developments involving Tibetan, Mongol, Chinese, Nepalese, and other Himalayan states. Many of these cultures left behind helmets, armor for men and horses, saddles, swords, archery equipment, and other arms, some of which are unique examples of previously unknown types. Dating from the 13th to the 19th century, they include masterly examples of pierced ironwork embellished with gold and silver, skillfully crafted swords and sword blades, and extremely rare examples of decorated leatherwork. This richly illustrated book explores each type in turn and features essays by leading scholars. Also included is the first glossary of Tibetan arms and armor terms as well as a selection of excerpts from some of the few surviving Tibetan texts relating to this subject. TITLE : Cйzanne in Provence AUTHOR : Philip Conisbee and Denis Coutagne PUB : YALE U PRESS $60.00 - Cloth: 2006 - 350 p. ISBN-10: 0300113382 Published on the centenary of the death of Paul Cйzanne (1839­1906), this stunning book celebrates the artist's depictions of his native Provence. While Cйzanne is recognized as one of the fathers of the modern movement, this publication focuses on his own sense of achievement, especially as a painter exploring the landscape in and around his hometown of Aix-en- Provence. Although he spent time elsewhere in France, especially Paris, Cйzanne repeatedly returned to Provence, where he lived nearly all of the last twenty years of his life. In studios at the Jas de Bouffan and at Les Lauves, and on painting expeditions into the surrounding countryside, Cйzanne created some of his most original and compelling works, not only landscapes but also portraits of local characters, friends, and family; still lifes, and imaginative figure paintings, such as the monumental bathers painted in the last decade of his life. Beautifully illustrated with some 160 paintings and watercolors, Cйzanne in Provence offers fascinating insights into a true genius in the history of art and his beloved native countryside Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 109 TITLE : Plutarch AUTHOR : Robert Lamberton PUB : YALE U PRESS $22.00 - Paper: 2002 - 240 p., ISBN-10: 0300088116 Written around the year 100, Plutarch's Lives have shaped perceptions of the accomplishments of the ancient Greeks and Romans for nearly two thousand years. This engaging and stimulating book introduces both general readers and students to Plutarch's own life and work. Robert Lamberton sketches the cultural context in which Plutarch worked--Greece under Roman rule-- and discusses his family relationships, background, education, and political career. There are two sides to Plutarch: the most widely read source on Greek and Roman history and the educator whose philosophical and pedagogical concerns are preserved in the vast collection of essays and dialogues known as the Moralia. Lamberton analyzes these neglected writings, arguing that we must look here for Plutarch's deepest commitment as a writer and for the heart of his accomplishment. Lamberton also explores the connection between biography and historiography and shows how Plutarch's parallel biographies served the continuing process of cultural accommodation between Greeks and Romans in the Roman Empire. He concludes by discussing Plutarch's influence and reputation through the ages. TITLE : The Production of a Female Pen": Anna Larpent's Account of the Duchess of Kingston's Bigamy Trial of 1776 AUTHOR : Anna Porter & Matthew J. Kinservik $ 25.00 ­ HB 2004 ­ 120 pages 0845731548 TITLE : Roman Eyes : Visuality and Subjectivity in Art and Text AUTHOR : Jas Elsner PUB : PRINCETON U PRES $49.50 - Cloth 2007 - 376 pp ISBN13: 978-0-691-09677-3 In Roman Eyes, Jas Elsner seeks to understand the multiple ways that art in ancient Rome formulated the very conditions for its own viewing, and as a result was complicit in the construction of subjectivity in the Roman Empire. Elsner draws upon a wide variety of visual material, from sculpture and wall paintings to coins and terracotta statuettes. He examines the different contexts in which images were used, from the religious to the voyeuristic, from the domestic to the subversive. He reads images alongside and against the rich literary tradition of the Greco-Roman world, including travel writing, prose fiction, satire, poetry, mythology, and pilgrimage accounts. The astonishing picture that emerges reveals the mindsets Romans had when they viewed art--their preoccupations and theories, their cultural biases and loosely held beliefs. Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 110 TITLE : German Modernism : Music and the Arts AUTHOR : Walter Frisch PUB : CALIFORNIA U PRESS $24.95 ­ paperback 2005 - 332 pages 978-0-520-25148-9 In this pioneering, erudite study of a pivotal era in the arts, Walter Frisch examines music and its relationship to early modernism in the Austro-German sphere. Seeking to explore the period on its own terms, Frisch questions the common assumption that works created from the later 1870s through World War I were transitional between late romanticism and high modernism. Drawing on a wide range of examples across different media, he establishes a cultural and intellectual context for late Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler, and Arnold Schoenberg, as well as their less familiar contemporaries Eugen d'Albert, Hans Pfitzner, Max Reger, Max von Schillings, and Franz Schreker. Frisch explores "ambivalent" modernism in the last quarter of the nineteenth century as reflected in the attitudes of, and relationship between, Nietzsche and Wagner. He goes on to examine how naturalism, the first self-conscious movement of German modernism, intersected with musical values and practices of the day. He proposes convergences between music and the visual arts in the works of Brahms, Max Klinger, Schoenberg, and Kandinsky. Frisch also explains how, near the turn of the century, composers drew inspiration and techniques from music of the past--the Renaissance, Bach, Mozart, and Wagner. Finally, he demonstrates how irony became a key strategy in the novels and novellas of Thomas Mann, the symphonies of Mahler, and the operas of Strauss and Hofmannsthal. TITLE : Pontormo: Portrait of a Halberdier AUTHOR : Elizabeth Cropper PUB : J. Paul Getty Museum $19.95 - paper, 1997 - 132 pages, ISBN 978-0-89236-366-7 Much has been written about the identity of the sitter in this portrait by Pontormo. In 1568 the most famous contemporary recorder of artists' lives, the painter Giorgio Vasari, noted that Pontormo painted a beautiful work, a portrait of Francesco Guardi depicted as a soldier during the 1528 siege of Florence. However, in 1612 the name of Cosimo de'Medici was attached to a description of the portrait. In this volume, Elizabeth Cropper argues that the subject of the painting--widely considered to be Pontormo's masterpiece--is Francesco Guardi. The book discusses not only the specific determination of the sitter, but the tools and methods used in general for establishing the people and places portrayed in works of art. Elizabeth Cropper is professor of the history of art at Johns Hopkins University. Among her publications are The Idea of Painting: Pietro Testa's Dьsseldorf Notebook, Pietro Testa: 1612-1650 (a catalogue), and Nicolas Poussin: Friendship and the Love of Painting (with Charles Dempsey Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 111 TITLE : Jean-Baptiste Greuze: The Laundress AUTHOR : Colin B. Bailey PUB : J. Paul Getty Museum $19.95 - paper, 1999 - 90 pages ISBN 978-0-89236-564-7 Denis Diderot said of The Laundress, "[She] . . . is charming; but she's a rascal I wouldn't trust an inch." Jean-Baptiste Greuze's diminutive picture of a rosy-cheeked girl wringing out her linen was one of fourteen works that he exhibited at the Salon of 1761 in Paris. Despite its small size, it commanded tremendous attention from critics who responded to the painting's vivid color and handling, and especially to the flirtatious attitude of the laundress, with her provocative glance and disheveled appearance. This lively and engrossing book traces the history of the Getty Museum's painting, compares the work to other laundresses painted by Greuze, and explores social mores and the role of artist's model in the eighteenth century. It provides an enlightening account of Greuze's life and times and the influences on his work. TITLE : Making a Prince's Museum : Drawings for the Late-Eighteenth-Century. Redecoration of the Villa Borghese AUTHOR : Carole Paul, with an essay by Alberta Campitelli AUTHOR : Getty Research Institute $24.95 - paper, 2000 - 180 pages ISBN 978-0-89236-539-5 exemplary scenes for the education of the ideal Borghese prince. Her wide-ranging essay also situates the Villa Borghese among the sumptuous palaces and suburban villas of Rome's collectors of antiquities and outlines the renovated Casino's pivotal role in the historic transition from the semiprivate princely collection to the modern public museum. Rounding out this volume are a catalog of the Getty Research Institute's fifty-nine drawings for the refurbishing of the Villa Borghese and Alberta Campitelli's discussion of sketches for the short-lived Museo di Gabii, the villa's other antiquities museum. Making a Prince's Museum was published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Getty Research Institute in 2000.Carol Paul is a lecturer in the history of art and architecture at the University of California, Santa BarbaraAlberta Campitelli is director of the Unitб Organizzativa di Ville e Parchi Storici, Sovraintendenza Beni Culturali, Comune di Roma TITLE : A Passion for Performance : Sarah Siddons and Her Portraitists AUTHOR : Edited by Robyn Asleson PUB : J. Paul Getty Museum $39.95 - hardcover, 1999 - 144 pages ISBN 978-0-89236-556-2 A Passion for Performance features three lively essays--by Robyn Asleson, Shelley Bennett, Mark Leonard, and Shearer West--that explore Siddons's life and career, as well as her relationships with a number of artists. Most notable among them was Sir Joshua Reynolds, whose masterpiece, Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse--now in the Huntington Art Collections--became an indelible icon of this great actress at the peak of her career. This lavish volume brings together fifty-five other portraits of Siddons including works by Thomas Gainsborough, George Romney, Thomas Lawrence, and Gilbert Stuart, along with a chronology of the actress' life. Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 112 Robyn Asleson is research associate at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Her most recent book is Albert Moore: The Analysis of Beauty. Shelley Bennett is curator of British and European art at the Huntington, and the author of Thomas Stothard: The Mechanisms of Art Patronage in England circa 1800. Mark Leonard is conservator of paintings at the Getty Museum, and coauthor of Looking at Paintings. Shearer West is senior lecturer and head of the Department of History of Art at the University of Birmingham. She is the author of Image of the Actor: Verbal and Visual Representation in the Age of Garrick and Kemble TITLE : The Show To End All Shows AUTHOR : Edited by Peter Reed & William Kaizen PUB : Museum of Modern Art $25.00 - (PB) 2004 ­ 240pp 0870700553 In 1940, The Museum of Modern Art staged a retrospective of the work of the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Then in his 70s, Wright was a full collaborator in the organization of the project, which he intended, he said, to be "the show to end all shows." To accompany the exhibition, the Museum planned a publication including essays from many of the best-known architectural figures of the day--Alvar Aalto, Henry-Russell Hitchcock, Richard Neutra, Mies van der Rohe, and others. Wright, however, took issue with certain parts of the book, and after an incendiary exchange of correspondence, including the architect's threat to cancel the entire exhibition, the show went forward but the book did not. In the 64 years since, the essays that MoMA commissioned have remained in its files. Now, for the first time in one volume, MoMA has published the entire surviving group, along with a full selection of the letters and telegrams between Wright, MoMA staff, and others. Includes 89 black & white illustrations TITLE : Picasso : The Real Family Story AUTHOR : Olivier Widmaier Picasso PUB : PRESTEL Ј 19.99 ­ Hardcover 2004 - 344 pages ISBN 978-3-7913-3149-2 Already published in France, Spain, and Germany to wide acclaim, this book presents an insider's portrait of Pablo Picasso, the women in his life, and the Picasso family. The author, Picasso's grandson Olivier Widmaier Picasso, spoke extensively with relatives, friends, and contemporaries of the artist, and discovered unknown information about Picasso's life. Correcting previous portrayals of the artist which have been highly critical of his personal relationships and treatment of women, this book offers a balanced and sensitive account of his life. Olivier Widmaier Picasso-whose grandmother was the artist's muse and lover Marie-Thйrиse-answers allegations about everything from the artist's sexuality and relation to money and politics, to the feuding over his estate, and the author's own handling of the artist's legacy. This compassionate, penetrating biography, which includes never before published family photographs, offers a unique perspective as it explores both sides of the coin that is fame and talent Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 113 TITLE : Critical Regionalism : Architecture and Identity in a Globalised World AUTHOR : Liane Lefaivre & Alexander Tzonis PUB : PRESTEL Ј 42.00 ­ Hardcover 2003 - 160 pages ISBN 978-3-7913-2972-7 The latest book in the Architecture in Focus series, this richly illustrated and designed book reconsiders critical regionalism and brilliantly demonstrates the global viability of one of the most visible trends in contemporary architecture. As globalization increasingly enters every facet of our lives, its homogenizing effects on architecture, urban spaces, and the landscape have compelled architects to embrace the principles of critical regionalism, an alternative theory that respects local culture, geography and climate. In this important reexamination of critical regionalism, two prominent architectural critics argue for a truce between the seemingly antithetical philosophies of critical regionalism and globalization. The authors trace the genesis of critical regionalism to its ancient historical and political roots, and focus on its modern expression in the works of Alvar Aalto, Richard Neutra, Oscar Niemeyer and others. They point to the increasing use of the theory in the recent works of a truly global selection of visionary architects ­ including Santiago Calatrava in Spain, Renzo Piano in the South Pacific, and Berger & Parkkinen in Germany. Discussions of Tropical Architecture and contemporary work in Asia round out this important contribution to a topical debate about architecture's role in the world TITLE : Impressionism Transformed : The Paintings of Edmund C. Tarbell AUTHOR : Susan Strickler PUB : U P N E $29.95 ­ Paper 2001 - 176 pp 0-929710-25-8 Edmund C. Tarbell (1862­1938) was renowned for his refined and distinctly New England interiors as well as vibrant outdoor paintings of his family. His work and his mentorship of two generations of artists came to define the Boston School. A member of Boston's Tavern and St. Botolph's clubs, he was also known to join a game of scrub baseball with workers from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Although he led two of the most prestigious art schools in the Northeast, he got himself expelled from high school to avoid college so he could paint full-time. Growing up in Boston, and living for 30 years in New Castle, New Hampshire, Tarbell was a quintessential cultured and unpretentious Yankee, and his art reflected his character. He remained committed to time-honored techniques and craftsmanship while creating his own innovations in depicting light and modern life on canvas. Impressionism Transformed addresses the cultural context in which Tarbell developed as a leading painter of his day. Written by noted historians of American art and based in part on newly-available family papers, it features a select group of 42 paintings, including several recently-rediscovered works, which reflect the breadth of Tarbell's artistic achievements. Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 114 TITLE : Victorian Figurative Painting : Domestic Life and the Contemporary Social Scene AUTHOR : Mary Cowling PUB : PAPADAKIS Ј35.00 ­ HB 2000 - 208 pages ISBN 9781901092325 TITLE : The Museum of the Mind : Art and Memory in World Cultures AUTHRO : John Mack PUB : British Museum Ј 15.99 ­ PB 2003 - 160 pages ISBN-10: 0714126373 This thought-provoking book accompanies an exhibition which will draw together some of the Museum's most important objects in the context of its 250th anniversary. It addresses questions such as how, when and why people or events are commemorated, at the same time examining how the British Museum itself is celebrated and remembered.Institutions such as the BM, devoted to collections of cultural objects, provide extensive insight into the ways in which memory operates in a wide variety of different social and historical circumstances. Commemorative items of many sorts are their stock in trade, as illustrated widely here: painted or sculpted portraits, medals, coins and banknotes, sepulchres, reliquaries, inscriptions, souvenirs and memorabilia, photographs and archives, and diaries. Beyond its collection, the Museum itself has necessarily become a place of memory, from its architecture to the naming of its parts.This catalogue addresses fundamental questions concerning the linkage between the creation of objects and the creation of memory as an aspect of human culture in general. Ultimately, memory is tied up with the complex question of identity, personal identity and social or cultural identity. As the surrealist film-maker Luis Bunuel wrote: 'You have to begin to lose your memory, if only in bits and pieces, to realise that memory is what makesour lives. Life without memory is no life at all'. 140 color illustrations. TITLE : GLOBAL INTERESTS : Renaissance Art between East and West AUTHOR : Lisa Jardine; Jerry Brotton PUB : CORNELL U PRESS $47.50 ­ cloth 2000 - 224 pages ISBN: 978-0-8014-3808-0 Global Interests explores the trade in portrait medals, tapestries, and equestrian art, all items that Brotton and Jardine demonstrate were markers of power and influence in both the West and the East. The authors reveal that this trade represented a remarkably equal exchange between Renaissance Europe and the Ottoman East. Their findings lead them to argue that the East, and in particular the Ottoman Empire of Mehmet the Conqueror and Suleiman the Magnificent, was not the antithetical "other" to the emergence of a Western European identity in the sixteenth century. Instead, Paris, Venice, and London were linked with Istanbul and the East through networks of shared political and commercial interests. By showing that the traditional view of Renaissance culture is misleading, the authors offer a more truly global understanding of historical experience. Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 115 TITLE : Heaven on Earth: Art from Islamic Lands AUTHOR : PIOTRAVSKY, M. B & J.M. ROGERS (EDS.) PUB : PRESTEL Ј - 39.99 ­ HB 2004 - 192 pages ISBN-10: 3791330551 From the exhibition rooms of The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg and the Khalili Collection in London comes this dazzling display of art from the Islamic world. The exhibits, which are of great cultural, religious and aesthetic importance, include Qur'ans, textiles, jewelled objects and hardstones, metalwork, ceramics and paintings, and offer a superb introduction to the fine and decorative arts of the Islamic world. Ranging in date from the ninth to the nineteenth century and covering an area from Spain and the Arab world to Persia and the Indian subcontinent, they are a vivid demonstration of the well-know Muslim tradition: "Verily, God is beautiful and loves all beauty." Authoritative essays by distinguished Islamic scholars, maps, and more than 150 colour photographs make this exhibition catalogue an indispensable addition to the library of all who are interested in Islamic art and culture TITLE : Reiner Leist : American Portraits 1910-2001 AUTHOR : Reiner Leist PUB : PRESTEL Ј 42.00 ­ Hardcover 2001 - 176 pages ISBN 978-3-7913-2484-5 Reiner Leist's most ambitious photographic project to date, New World provides a unique look at America through portraits of its people. What makes this collection so unusual is its highly original biographical dimension --for each of Leist's portraits is juxtaposed with a childhood portrait of the same person. The sense of poignancy created by the correspondences between childhood photograph and Leist's portrait is further enhanced by autobiographical essays which shed light on the individuals' often colorful lives. Over a period of seven years Leist traveled across America, photographing people from Rochester to Key West and from New York City to Los Angeles. Before making a portrait the photographer asked each person to provide him with a childhood photograph. This childhood image often supplied the initial visual framework for Leist's portrait. The essays which accompany each pair of portraits reveal the subjects' own views on their lives and what it means to be an American. Like America itself, the book presents a diverse tableau of race and background, youth and experience, native born and immigrant, capturing the complex mix of America's contemporary society. TITLE : Lost Architectures AUTHOR : Neil Spiller PUB : WILEY ACADEMY $65.00 - Paperback March 2001 - 128 pages ISBN: 978-0-471-49535-2 This book stands in opposition to the popular notion that the best architecture is built on compromise. Rather, Neil Spiller argues, the most original and brave products of the architectural mind are often to be found in those projects which, for whatever reason, never came to fruition. Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 116 Lost Architectures presents an array of such projects from the last decades of the twentieth century, consituting the unrealised dreams of some of the most inspirational architects working in the period. Most of the projects featured here have seldom, if ever, been published before, and some represent the last handdrawn work of their creators before the age of the computer finally came into full force. Whilst they do not follow any specific style, these projects embody a spirit defined by Spiller as New Romanticism - a spirit which combines elements of aesthetic decadence and a certain camp mannerism with a love of angularity and mechanised ritual. Some of the architects in question are still in practice, with a great deal of high-profile built work behind them; others have never been recognised as they perhaps should have been. In both cases, this book is an invaluable resource of information and inspiration for students of architecture, as well as for theorists, historians and lay readers. It provides essential exposure for a range of work of great vitality which might otherwise risk being lost in the course of time. TITLE : The Genesis of a Painting : Picasso's Guernica AUTHOR : Rudolf Arnheim PUB : CALIFORNIA U PRESS $24.95 ­ paperback 2006 - 139 pages 978-0-520-25007-9 Rudolf Arnheim explores the creative process through the sketches executed by Picasso for his mural Guernica. The drawings and paintings shown herein, as well as the photographs of the stages of the final painting, represent the complete visual record of the creative stages of a major work of art TITLE : Matisse : Painter as Sculptor AUTHOR : Dorothy Kosinski PUB : YALE U PRESS $60.00 ­ Cloth 2007 - 312 p ISBN-10: 0300115415 Widely known for his vibrant and innovative modernist paintings and works on paper, Henri Matisse (1869­1954) also produced a large number of sculptures that were equally groundbreaking. This original and lavishly illustrated book examines more than forty of Matisse's sculptures and joins them with his paintings, drawings, prints, and collages to investigate the relationship between his two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. Essays present an overview of Matisse's creative invention in sculpture and address his sculptural process from beginning to end. The volume presents the results of exciting new technical studies on Matisse's working and casting methods. A selection of works on paper, paintings, and photographs unveils the evolution of his sculptural ideas­­highlighting the importance of drawings to his process­­and explores the fascinating issue of why he often painted images of his sculptures into many of his major works. Archival and installation photographs reveal how Matisse originally intended his works to be viewed. Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]
Art/Archi./Photo. 117 TITLE : Built upon Love : Architectural Longing after Ethics and Aesthetics AUTHOR : Alberto Pйrez-Gуmez PUB : M I T PRESS $27.95 ­ CLOTH 2006 - 259 pp. ISBN-13: 978-0-262-16238-8 The forced polarity between form and function in considerations of architecture--opposing art to social interests, ethics to poetic expression--obscures the deep connections between ethical and poetical values in architectural tradition. Architecture has been, and must continue to be, writes Alberto Pйrez-Gуmez, built upon love. Modernity has rightly rejected past architectural excesses, but, Pйrez-Gуmez argues, the materialistic and technological alternatives it proposes do not answer satisfactorily the complex desire that defines humanity. True architecture is concerned with far more than fashionable form, affordable homes, and Sustainable Development; it responds to a desire for an eloquent place to dwell--one that lovingly provides a sense of order resonant with our dreams. In Built upon Love Pйrez-Gуmez uncovers the relationship between love and architecture in order to find the points of contact between poetics and ethics-between the architect's wish to design a beautiful world and architecture's imperative to provide a better place for society. Eros, as first imagined by the early lyric poets of classical Greece, is the invisible force at the root of our capacity to create and comprehend the poetic image. Pйrez-Gуmez examines the nature of architectural form in the light of eros, seduction, and the tradition of the poetic image in Western architecture. He charts the ethical dimension of architecture, tracing the connections between philia--the love of friends that entails mutual responsibility among equals--and architectural program. He explores the position of architecture at the limits of language and discusses the analogical language of philia in modernist architectural theory. Finally, he uncovers connections between ethics and poetics, describing a contemporary practice of architecture under the sign of love, incorporating both eros and philia. Seagull Bookstore Pvt. Ltd. 31A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 025 ­ (033) 2476 5865 or 69 email ­ [email protected]

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