Principles of economics

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Content: Diploma in Accounting 2017 Reading List
Author Ferrell, O. C.; Hirt, G. & Ferrell, L. McDaniel, C. & Gitman, L. J. Sangster, Alan Wood, F. & Robinson, S.
Title Business: A Changing World The Essentials of the Future of Business Frank Wood's Business Accounting Volume 1 Book-keeping and Accounts
LCCI Passport to Success Level 1 Book keeping
Taylor, S. Pearson, J. et al.
Communications for Business: a practical approach human communication
Locker, K. O. & Business Communication: Kacmarek, S. K. building critical skills
Bovee, C. L. & Business Communication
Thill, J. V.
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Year/Edition 2014/9th ed. 2009/4th ed. 2015/13th ed. 2013/8th ed. 2009 2005/4th ed. 2017/6th ed. 2016/6th ed. 2016/13th Global ed. 2007/Silver ed.
Publisher McGraw-Hill Cengage Learning Pearson Pearson EDI Pearson Longman McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill Pearson McGraw-Hill
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Mosaic 1: Listening/Speaking Mosaic 1 Writing: paragraph review and essay development
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Clementson, T.
Natural English: Reading writing skills
Barnard, R, & Zemach, D. E.
Writing for the Real World: an introduction to general writing
Lucey, T.
2009/7th ed.
McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill Oxford University Press Oxford University Press Cengage Learning
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Diploma in Accounting 2017 Reading List
Author Drury, C. Horngren, C. T. et al. Case, K. E., Fair, R. C. & Oster, S. M. Sloman, J.
Title Cost and Management Accounting Introduction to Management accounting principles of Economics Economics
Year/Edition 2015/8th ed. 2013/16th ed. 2014/11th Global ed. 2015/9th ed.
Mankiw Varberg, D., Purcell, E. & Rigdon, S. Barnett, R. A., Ziegler, M. R. & Byleen, K. E. McLaney, E. Hass, J.
Principles of Economics Calculus College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and social sciences Business Finance: Theory and Practice University Calculus: early transcendentals
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et al.
Accounting Concepts.
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Principles of Marketing
2016/16th Global ed.
ACCA Preparing Financial Statements: the complete text
Vermaat, M. E. et al.
Discovering Computers 2016: tools, apps, devices, and the impact of technology
Publisher Cengage Learning Pearson Pearson Pearson Cengage Learning Pearson Pearson Pearson Pearson Oxford University Press McGraw-Hill Pearson Kaplan Publishing Cengage Learning
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Computer Basics: Absolute Beginner's Guide: Windows 2016/8th ed. QUE 10 edition
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information technology in Theory.
Book No. & DDC No. B 12 267 657.42 DRU B 11 944 658.15 INT
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Diploma in Accounting 2017 Reading List
Year/Edition Publisher
Book No. & DDC No.
Pike, R. & Neale, B.
Corporate Finance and Investment: Decisions and Strategies
Gitman, L. J. & Principles of Managerial
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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
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The New Era of Management
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Business Mathematics and Statistics
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Schaum's Outline of Business Statistics
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Principles of Macroeconomics
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Macroeconomics: Theories of Policies.
Deviga Vengedasalam, Karunagaran Madhavan
Principles of Economics
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Company Accounts & Reporting. ACCA Paper 2 Corporate Reporting (International) study text. The Commercial Law of Malaysia. general principles of Malaysian Law
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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
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2000/Updated 2nd ed.
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Diploma in Accounting 2017 Reading List
Werner, P. K. & Nelson, J. P. Wegmann, B. & Knezevic, M. Handreddy, J. & Whalley, E.
Mosaic 2: Grammar Mosaic 2: Reading Mosaic 2 Listening
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Mosaic 2 Writing: academic essay development Wiley IFRS: Practical Implementation Guide and Workbook A Practical Guide to Financial Reporting Standards (MFRS Framework) Financial Accounting and Reporting. Person Education Wiley 2010 Interpretation and Application of International Financial Reporting Standards How to design and evaluate research in education Educational Research: Planning, conducting and evaluating quantitative and qualitative research. Research Methods in Education Auditing and Assurance Services in Malaysia Auditing and Assurance Services in Malaysia: An Integrated Approach Malaysian Taxation: Principles and Practice. A Guide to Malaysian Taxation Malaysia Master Tax Guide 2016.
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Publisher McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill John Wiley & Sons CCH Asia Pearson John Wiley & Sons McGraw-Hill Pearson Routledge McGraw-Hill Prentice Hall Infoworld McGraw-Hill CCH Asia
Book No. & DDC No. B 08449 428.2 WER B 11 937 428.64 WEG B 11 938 428.34 HAN B 08493 808.042 BLA B 11 377 657.30218 ABB B 11398 657.2 NG B 12 579 657.32 ELL B 09985 657.02 EPS B 12 592 370.72 FRA B 12 632 370.70 CRE B 11 447 370.7 COH B 11 376 657.4509595 AUD B 09914 657.45 AUD B 12 510 336.209595 CHO B 12 467 336.209595 KAS B 12 653 343.59504 MAL

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