Restoring the balance

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The Barn Owl Trust - Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment
5.7m FRONT ELEVATION gravel filled pit paving slabs or stepping stones, giving access to feeding table access door fitted with clasp and padlock externally and sliding bolt internally timber threshold to avoid rodent entry PLAN
3m 1.8m
10cm x 10cm timber corner posts water bowl 15cm x 2cm timber planks to min height of 35 cm above ground 9cm x 4cm intermediate timber uprights feeding table
25mm plastic coated wire netting or 25 x 75mm galvanised weldmesh
Fig. 1
Restoring the Balance We've lived side-by-siDe With Barn Owls for centuries. But in modern times wild Barn Owls have become increasingly rare - and the reasons are all man-made.The Barn Owl is a symbol of our relationship with the countryside: the decline of this beautiful bird reflects our attitude towards the environment. No species can prosper in isolation - not even human beings. All things are connected and if we lived in balance with nature then Barn Owls, and so much other wildlife, could thrive.
Becoming a Friend UK Friends: Individual Ј15; Family (same address) Ј20 Overseas Friends: Individual Ј20 (sterling); Family (same address) Ј25 (sterling) Owlets: UK Ј15; Overseas Ј20. Owlets are Junior Friends (under 16, please state ages, one or more children from the same family at one address). They receive a personal ID card, Feedback and goody bag
I would like to become a Friend of the Trust and receive my Friend's pack -
I enclose Ј
* (see above)
I am pleased to enclose a donation of Ј
UK taxpayers please complete Gift Aid declaratio n below. Sorry, donations of under Ј5 are not acknowledged without an SAE. --------------------------------------------------------
Gift Aid declaration If you are a UK tax payer completing this Gift Aid form will enable the Trust to reclaim the tax paid on your donation, thereby increasing the value of your gift at no extra cost to yourself.
full name Address Postcode I want the Barn Owl Trust to treat all donations I make on or after the date of this declaration as Gift Aid donations until I notify you otherwise.
Note: do remember to tell us if you no longer pay an amount of income or Capital gains tax equal to the tax we reclaim on your donations. Please contact our office if you have any queries.
How you can help You can help to conserve the Barn Owl by Becoming a Friend of the Trust and making an annual or monthly donation to support our work. If you are a tax payer and complete a simple Gift Aid declaration the Trust can reclaim the tax paid on your donation and significantly increase the value of your gift at no extra cost to you. Standing order and Gift Aid forms are provided below. Please consider paying by standing order as this reduces our administration time and costs.
Please pay Ј
on the first day of each month*/year*
(* delete one) starting in the month of
and a like sum on the same date each month*/
year* until further notice to the account of the Barn Owl Trust (a/c no. 1027812) at
Lloyds Bank (sort code 30-98-69) 31 Fore Street, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5HH
My signature
Account Number
To the manager
THIS STANDING ORDER REPLACES ANY EXISTING STANDING ORDERS FROM THIS ACCOUNT TO THE BARN OWL TRUST The CONTACT DETAILS that you submit on this form will be held by the Barn Owl Trust on a secure computer system and will not be passed on to any Third Party but may be used by the Trust in pursuit of its aims. Please let us know if you object to this Please fill in and sign the appropriate parts of this form and post it to: The Barn Owl Trust, Waterleat, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7HU If you'd like to know more about the Barn Owl Trust please tick the boxes and enclose a large stamped addressed envelope: (most of our information leaflets can be downloaded from q Barn Owl adoption (see our website) q Barn Owl Trust publications (see our website) q Barn Owl Trust sales goods (see our website) q Sample of Feedback (our bi-annual newsletter) q Free information service q Fund-raising for the Barn Owl Trust q Corporate sponsorship q Give As You Earn q Consultancy/Site Assessment Service q Leaving a legacy to the Barn Owl Trust

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